Was CT Judge O’Neill’s ‘Ambrose Decision’ Ordered By Racketeers to Cover Up Family Court Crimes?


By Gwen Cunninghman

Will brand-new CT Judge Thomas J. O’Neill’s insults thrown at the mother in the Ambrose case go unnoticed?

Honest judges are supposed to be neutral triers of fact.

Neutral observers know who Dr. Richard Gardner was.

The new judge’s insults during what should have been fair “Emergency TRO” hearings is the same tactic used in Gardner-style family court hearings since the 1980s.

Dr. Gerard Adelman’s April 26, 2022 memorandum in the Ambrose divorce and custody case says all court-ordered therapy with the mother is “to be more challenging than supportive in nature.”

Family Court Judge Gerard Adelman

Judge O”Neill must have read Dr. Adelman’s prescription.

His weird enthusiasm in his new role as judge, therapist, and political fixer isn’t a good sign for children and families in that state.

What happened in the Ambrose case means those complicit in CT AFCC, Inc. federal crimes are doubling down.

Add the brand new judge, O’Neill’s challenging insults to the mother combined with the mysterious removal of the prior judge, Gladys Nieves, who has years of experience in complex family law cases, is curious.

Where did she go?

Should she go into hiding?

Add to that the corporate lawyer O’Neill hopping on the bench a few months ago, just in time to take the focus off the CT AFCC Inc.’s federal crimes committed since 1984.

The Ambrose case isn’t only about CT AFCC, Inc. Director Gerard Adelman and CT AFCC, Inc. Treasurer Robert Horowitz steering lucrative Connecticut family court cases anymore.

It’s no longer about Judge Thomas Moukawsher disbarring attorney Nikola Cunha for noticing the corruption in Connecticut family courts.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

It won’t be about Connecticut parents, frustrated to extremes after the Connecticut DOJ offices covered up the racketeering and extortion in Connecticut family courts, destroying children and families since 1984.

If what just happened in the Ambrose case is a war game designed behind closed doors to sink the ship of the mother and her three teenagers, that theater to save the reputations of all who were complicit in the public-private racketeering in Connecticut family courts since 1984, is yet another crime.

Remember the “kids for cash” scandal a few years ago in Pennsylvania?

The DOJ investigated two Pennsylvania judges, successfully prosecuted the “kids for cash” cases, and jailed the Pennsylvania judges for the same kinds of crimes committed in Connecticut since 1984.

That’s what’s at stake in the Ambrose case now.

If the DOJ investigates, prosecutes, and convicts everyone complicit in CT AFCC, Inc. federal crimes in Connecticut: about a hundred judges, lawyers, evaluators, and state government employees will probably go to jail.

Happy, healthy, carefree teenage years for those three Ambrose teens aren’t on Judge O’Neill’s To Do List.

Attorney Alexander Cuda’s grandstanding for two days in a court supposed to be reserved for hearing life-threatening TRO cases did the following:

Served himself and those complicit in CT AFCC Inc. federal crimes, not the three teenagers;

          Served as a distraction from the AFCC, Inc. Director Gerard Adelman and AFCC, Inc Treasurer Robert Horwitz’s involvement in the Ambrose case — and thousands of cases before that;

Served as a distraction from Mr. Moukawsher disbarring Attorney Cunha for exposing Judge Adelman’s association with Dr. Horwitz in the Ambrose case — and hundreds of cases before that;

Served to promote the use of terms such as “parental alienation” and “coercive control” to churn lucrative child custody cases for profit in small networks of family court professionals throughout the state;

Served the profitable family court industry, those who assault children, and the deadly cultural/political wave consuming the state of Connecticut and the entire nation.

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  • Can I just say it is so refreshing to not have to see the disgusting anti Semitic comments that used to pollute this blog now that Boyne is locked up? The man is a scourge on society and on this blog’s comment section. It’s so nice to have a reprieve from his sick mind.

    • Is there no bias anywhere in family courts? Who had him arrested?

      As that old saying goes, “If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”

      • How often do opposing spiritual opinions create bias in New York and Connecticut family court cases? says:

        1. Judaism Conceives of God as an Absolute Unity.

        2. For Jews, the Belief That God Can Be Human Is the Ultimate Heresy.

        3. Jews Do Not Believe in Original Sin and the Fall of Man, a Cornerstone of Christian Faith.

        4. In Judaism, the Messiah Has a Political and Physical Role, Not a Spiritual One.

        5. To Christians, Jesus Was the Messiah, or Christ, Predicted by the Prophets of the Bible and Awaited by the Jews.

        6. Jews Believe the Covenant Between God and the People of Israel Embodied in the Hebrew Scriptures to Be Eternally Valid.

        7. Christianity is Oriented Toward the Next World, Judaism toward This World.

        8. In Contrast to Judaism, Christianity Advocates an Intermediary between God and Man.

        9. Historically, Jews have Been the Objects of Christian Missionary Activities.

        10. Judaism is based on God’s revelation to and Covenant with the People.

        Boteach, Shmuel. “Ten Essential Differences.” Judaism for Everyone, BasicBooks, New York, 2002, pp. 403–412.

        … Therefore Hashem Himself shall give you an ot; Hinei, HaAlmah shall conceive, and bear Ben, and shall call Shmo Immanu El …

        Isaiah 7:14

  • Just an observation, but do any of these (and I’m gonna use this word..criminal judges) and all the others involved in this tragic situation have children? If so how would they react to being in the same situation as Karen and all the others that have been raped by the CT system?

  • Don’t forget the CT AFCC Inc. PRESIDENT DR. LINDA SANTOS-SMITH. Linda Smith who plays multiple roles like custody evaluator, co-parenting therapist, and forensic expert. Linda Smith had a hand on cases where specifically mothers, like Sunny Kelly/Max Liberti case, Susan Skipp case, Robin Herzog case, and Cobie Jane case, have credible evidence of domestic abuse and abuse of their children and loose custody when they stand up for their children all due to these AFCC members.

  • Mr. Cuda took two days of the court’s time to present Mr. Ambrose’s take on “Jennifers Law”? 🧐 says:

    … “It’s been very much been a challenge for litigants, for lawyers, for the courts to be able to hear pending claims in a timely fashion,” said Cuda, “so in terms of protecting people with Jennifer’s Law, that’s a significant concern in terms of its implementation.”

    Cuda, who is also Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Family Law Section, said the Connecticut Bar and the CT Judicial Branch are working together to find ways to alleviate the log jam.

    “It’s a shame to see that law or any law not be able to protect people the way it’s intended just because somebody can’t get into court. For months and months and months, at this point, it’s dragging on into well over a year in some instances,” said Cuda. …


  • How can adelmans orders even stand? How do they have any validity when the judiciary determined Karen Riordan had an incompetent attorney throughout this years long ordeal?

    Cunha was disbarred for incompetency and her wrongful acts were identified throughout Riordan’s case to disbar her.

    Riordan was then denied a mistrial. The CT judiciary finds she was represented by incompetent counsel so there was no fair representation for two years under cunha- but then Adelman rules as if this mother had adequate, competent representation.

    So blatant. Feds need to step up.

    • 1. Ya gotta case in court.
      2. The attorney is disbarred for incompetency.
      3. Then the judge says, “Everything else was fine. We disbarred the attorney. No mistrial. Full steam ahead.”

      • Cunha wasn’t disbarred for incompetency. It was for knowingly telling provable egregious lies in one hearing.

        • What “provable egregious lies” did Attorney Cunha tell?

          “.. It was my ethical obligation to report what I believe were serious concerns. I found it hypocritical and a direct conflict that when I reported and directed the court to evidence to support my concerns, I was retaliated against. I was noticed for a hearing to show cause for my alleged conduct in front of the court.

          While trying to prepare for the hearing to show cause, I was denied access to the record to prepare. I was treated with the utmost disrespect. I was ambushed with allegations by disciplinary counsel with no advance notice, and denied the opportunity to offer any evidence …”


  • If you really want to go after the court system you must take a good look at health and human services. Gardner and Kinsley. These AFCC psychologist are legalizing pediphia. The health and human services departments are receiving billions of dollars through the fatherhood initiative welfare reform. This is beyond the judges. The politicians are not going to investigate or do anything about billions of dollars getting distributed to their state. Until you can get to the source of the problem your spitting in the wind. These outrageous cases are all over the United States. Welfare reform act has enabled rich powerful men to get away with abuse and pedophilia. They are going to continue to despise to make Karen out as the villain. Just like Sunny Kelly and Susan Skip. These brave women who have come forward to expose the family court system. The family court are a billion dollar industry not for just lawyers. The states are raking in millions and billions for family court. The entire system is built on it. Largest salary of state employees. A financial vested interest grant money 🤑. Stop looking for more legislation. Parenthood initiative. The government promotion of marriage is a bust. Responsible parenthood is measured by money. Years worth of cases. Defund the courts.

      • “As chairman of the legislature’s Insurance Committee, Sean wrote and passed legislation protecting people with pre-existing conditions from insurance discrimination, established the lowest monthly co-pay cap for insulin in the nation at $25, prevented insurance companies from covering mental health differently than physical health, required health insurance plans to cover ten “Essential Health Benefits,” and created Connecticut’s first prescription drug price transparency law.“

        • None of these court appointed psychologist are held to eithical standard. There allowed to change what ever the hell they want. Forcing them on cases. All leading to bogus parental alienation claims. Children can be at odds with a parent and not be brainwashed. People should be outraged. Can anyone document a case where the therapist accurately helped? Cause it looks like the just imploding the cases. Running off with the cash.

          • The same lack of ethical standards in “family courts”, public schools, mainstream news, politics and the entertainment industry must mean something.

      • Megan and Sean Scanlon worked for senitor Chris Murphy . Meagan tried to run for comptroller in 2019 unsuccessfully prior to being placed on the Ccadv. Replacing Karen Jarmoc. Who was relocated to the commission on women children and seniors by senitor Martin Looney. The Ccadv and the commission on women children and seniors are funded by the fatherhood initiative. Partnered with the fatherhood initiative federally funded welfare reform act. Sean Scanlon ran and won for comptroller in 2022. In 2022 Connecticut inacted laws stating all fathers be involved in the lives of their children with more grant money attached. A conference was held in June of 2023 by Sean Scanlon in Mystic CT about the funding. All these agencies have a bias and financial insensitive to making the fatherhood initiative s success. The fatherhood initiative on the surface has appeared to have positive program. Some are reaching out to the population it intended. However it has not prompted responsible fatherhood in family court. It’s promoted maternal gatekeeping/parental alienation. Follow the bouncing ball. Funding in every agency . The fatherhood initiative has given only a few states funding for access and visitation grants. The office of child support services is in charge of it. Run on policy and procedures. This bias funding is running the courts. That’s why these attorneys have been able to get away with these things. In particularly these discusting Gals. Protecting funding not the best interest of children. Connecticut acts above federal law. They don’t answer requests for information. The federal government should crack down on Connecticut. A complete investigation of family court system and related agencies. Uconn department of health and human services giant paychecks. Running conferences at most expensive places and living high on the hog with the money. Dianna Ditunno running the conference. Her husband Joseph Ditunno is head of family services and involved in the violent offender program. There is much conflict of interest. People being strategicly placed on agencies. Follow the billions of dollars of funding. The government funded welfare reform act. A strategic effort to make it work at the price of motherhood and children safety/wellbeing. As well as the punishment of reporting abuse and sexual assault in Connecticut for women. It’s all related. Karen Riordan and her children are victim of conspiracy and greed.

        • Comptroller Scanlon was on WICC this morning talking with Lisa Wexler.

          “The Office of the State Comptroller serves as the state’s chief fiscal guardian, and is one of six statewide elected positions. The state comptroller has a broad array of responsibilities that include providing accounting and financial services, to administer employee and retiree benefits, to develop accounting policy and exercise accounting oversight, and to prepare financial reports for state, federal and municipal governments and the public.”

          If you’re a state employee, the State Comptroller has you covered.

          If you have diabetes and want to use an app to help you take a drug and pair the drug taking with lifestyle changes such as dieting or exercise, the State Comptroller has your back. You’ll face no complications and no high barriers.

          You can try the app he recommends for ten months and see how it goes. The state won’t share the most private details of your life online the way they share bogus “family judge” opinions-magically-turned-fact online.

          If the app doesn’t work, the State Comptroller isn’t afraid to say, “Let’s scrap it.”

          He doesn’t believe in the saying, “My way or the highway.” like Jane Grossman, Gerard Adelman and Thomas O’Neill do. He looks at the data to know what’s working.

          If you’re a corrupt judge in family court cases, the Comptroller’s cost mitigation efforts will give you a full pension with benefits. Unfortunately, if your an infant, toddler, child, teen or parent in Connecticut “family courts” you’re probably out of luck. The Sate Comptroller probably hasn’t looked at the family court data might not plan to do so.

          There’s too much money and too much politics at stake.

          “… The Lisa Wexler Show
          8/16/23 Comptroller Sean Scanlon, Walter Schuppe & Wayne Winston
          Season 2023, Ep. 8.16
          Wednesday, August 16, 2023

          … Sean Scanlon joins Lisa Wexler to tell us how his new job as Comptroller is going, 8 months in, and answer questions about CT’s new cost mitigation efforts on weight loss drug use, and CT’s retirement program: MyCTSavings.


          • Sean how about looking into the funding for family court. Maybe the federal department of health and human services who is in charge of looking after the Americans and ad a whole should review family court. The psychologist you are allowing use parental alienation a non recognized diagnosis in family court. Maybe you should check into the profound emotion and psychological harm that is resulting from the AFCC and alienation industry. Are you ignoring the United nations? Maybe you should contact Sean Scanlon and see what is going on with the TANF funds? The department of health and human services at Uconn in Connecticut. Obviously your family court system is a mess in the United States. Connecticut the leader in welfare reform. Gatekeeper parental alienatior. Pedophilia and abuse. It’s affecting Americans.. Your future generations. Please check into it.

        • “The fatherhood initiative has given only a few states funding for access and visitation grants.“?

      • CT court employees face tough questions over conflicts of interest
        Monday, May 20, 2013 – Speaking of Family by Anne Stevenson

        WASHINGTON, May 20, 2013 – Several Connecticut state employees may soon find themselves in hot water for using their positions as judges and Judicial Branch managers to promote a Judicial Branch vendor that they personally founded and operate from their State offices.

        In April 2013, the Connecticut Commission on Judicial Ethics issued an informal opinion stating that it would be a violation of judicial canon for court officers and their staff to serve on the board of directors of nonprofit
        organizations that provide services to court-involved clients who appear before them and receive the majority of their funding from contracts with the Judicial Branch.

        The Connecticut Secretary of State’s office has confirmed that at least one such business was not properly registered and may face sanctions.

        Paul Boyne, a Connecticut father of four, says the CJE’s ruling comes too late for his children, who he says have not been allowed to visit him in years. Boyne says that since his divorce case opened in 2007, the custody case has remained open due to the fact that the judges who currently serve as corporate directors for the vendor refuse to establish a custody or visitation schedule.

        These same judges have ordered his family to patronize various vendor affiliated services from Dr. Sidney Horowitz, who does not have a State contract to provide therapeutic services on behalf of the Judicial Branch. Court transcripts show that in July 2012, Judge Holly Abery Wetstone recused herself from hearing the Boyne matter, then authorized payments from the Judicial Branch to an unnamed vendor, despite the fact that there were no motions for fees pending before her to rule on at that time.

        Judicial Branch billing records are kept separately from the court case filed in the Court’s administrative offices, and parties who wish to see the invoices submitted by professionals appointed to their cases are required to request them under the State’s open records laws. The heavily redacted records Boyne obtained from the Judicial Branch show that Horowitz had billed over $4,200 to the state on the Boyne case, however, Boyne and his ex-wife’s attorney confirm that Horowitz did not provide them with copies, nor did the Judicial Branch seek their approval for the charges Horowitz submitted.

        Boyne says that Horowitz failed to provide all the services and reports outlined in the court order, then recused himself from his appointment to the Boyne case in May 2012. Yet in fall 2012, Judge Lynda B. Munro and Judicial Branch Manager Mary Kay West administratively authorized payments to Horowitz at more than twice the state rate, even though no court order on record had approved the payments.

        Through an open records request, the Judicial Branch provided the same billing records on the Boyne case which were less redacted than the records the state provided to Boyne himself. The copy showed that Horowitz made calls to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families the day before he recused himself from the Boyne case.

        Both Boyne and his ex-wife’s attorney, Daniel Kennedy, confirmed in emails that prior to being contacted, they were unaware of any communications Horowitz may have had with DCF about the Boyne case. Boyne says that his correspondence with DCF show Horowitz had billed the State for a report the doctor made against his ex-wife,

        Ethics issued an informal opinion stating that it would be a violation of judicial canon for court officers and their staff to serve on the board of directors of nonprofit managers to promote a Judicial Branch vendor that they personally founded and operate from their State offices.

        In April 2013, the Connecticut Commission on Judicial which was rejected by DCF because Horowitz had never met the Boyne children. Is this really the best deal for the taxpayers?

        Established 1975, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) is now a Wisconsin based international trade organization for family court industry professionals founded by judges, court administrators, and the family court professionals who may appear before them. Documents obtained from the State and the AFCC show that the AFCC has been a vendor for the Connecticut Judicial Branch for over 30 years, and at one point even had a corporate office within the Hartford Superior Court.

        The articles of incorporation list Judicial Branch Manager Anthony Salius as a founding director. In addition to Salius, the list of former AFCC presidents also includes Judicial Branch managers Robert Tompkins and Stephen Grant. AFCC newsletters also show that for over a decade, Court support services managers Debra Kulak and Marilous Giovannucci have teamed up with AFCC affiliated Judicial Branch vendors like Dr. Phil Stahl and Dr. Marsha Kline Pruitt to assist with AFCC fundraising and policy initiatives.

        According to William Silk, a staff attorney for the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office explained that in most cases, the Connecticut Nonstock Corporations Act requires all nonprofit businesses to file registration documents with his office, the IRS, and the Attorney General’s Office before conducting business in the state. Documents obtained from Silk’s office show that Jessica Pearson, Ann Milne, and Frank Orlando (a Florida judge) first registered the AFCC with the Connecticut Secretary of State in 1982 while Pearson was under contract to set up the court’s mediation services.

        However, the AFCC has not been registered to do business in Connecticut because in 1985, its application was withdrawn by then AFCC president and Judicial Branch manager Anthony Salius. The IRS’s website does not list the Connecticut AFCC as an approved charity.

        But Judicial Branch employees may also be facing bigger problems from the CJE, who recently decided that it would also be a violation of canon for family court judges to join the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an organization similar to AFCC. Documents obtained from the State of Illinois and both these organizations show the AAML and AFCC are cross affiliated through founding officials and current members. The AFCC is also cross-affiliated with pedophile friendly militant fathers rights groups, such as the Children’s Rights Council

        According to their websites and newsletters, these organizations promote and operate various policy driven projects, such as crafting legislation and industry guidelines, lobbying, and training court industry
        officials. According to documents obtained from the IRS, various Secretary of State’s offices, and a 2002 report released by the California Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), the AFCC has a checkered past with authorities, and their right to do business in California, Florida, and Kansas has been revoked (and sometimes reinstates) at various times.

        AFCC newsletters state that a Judicial Branch vendor, Pearson and the AFCC set up several demonstration projects family courts around the country, including Connecticut, which were funded by the state, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Department of Justice. But Pearson was also a co-founder of another company called the Center for Policy Research, which Pearson admits writes reviews of these same projects for the funding federal agencies.

        Records obtained from the Judicial Branch show that the corporation continued to transact routine business in the State and serve as an often relied upon Judicial Branch vendor well after Salius withdrew their application in 1984. Vendor reports show that between 2007 and 2010, the Judicial Branch paid the AFCC over $70,000 for services provided to the family court by Dr. Klein Pruett, her assistants, and the Charter Oak Group.

        Various correspondence with the Connecticut Secretary of State’s offices confirmed they are aware that the AFCC remains unregistered and have begun to formally inquire as to whether the AFCC’s operations in Connecticut are in compliance with state laws. While Silk’s office says that they have no authority to prosecute the AFCC criminally, they are able to issue fines against unregistered foreign corporations illegally conducting business in the state.

        On March 14, 2013, Connecticut Judicial Branch Manager Marylou Giovannucci sent an email from her state work account to roughly 800 family court industry professionals soliciting business and donations for the First Annual Conference of the Connecticut Chapter of the AFCC being held on April 12, 2013 at Quinnipiac University in Hamden. Judge Munro, who is also a professor at Quinnipiac Law, was a featured speaker at the conference. Dr. Horowitz and several Judicial Branch managers and vendors were listed on the flyer as AFCC conference committee members.

        The problem according to attorneys from the Secretary of State’s office, was that neither the AFCC nor the Connecticut AFCC was registered to do business in the state at the time. The Connecticut AFCC’s incorporation documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office on March 26 show that founding board members include Judge Munro, Judge Wetstone, Judge Gerard Adelman, as well as Judicial Branch managers Kulak, Giovannucci, and Phyllis Cummings-Texiera.

        The addresses listed on the application as the Connecticut AFCC’s business offices matched the addresses of law firms affiliated with incorporator Robert Zaslow and Thomas Esposito, two attorneys who also serve as guardian ad litems in family court cases.

        According to Martin Libbin, attorney for the Connecticut Judicial Branch, states that Chief Administrative Judge Barbara Quinn and other Judicial Branch managers approved paid education days for employees to attend the conference, and federal funds from a Court Improvement Grant were used to cover their cost of attendance. The AFCC’s website shows those fees ranged from $120-$170 per person.

        Regardless of the Court’s actual reasons for withholding Paul Boyne’s access to his children, surely the entire family deserves a fair hearing on the matter before an impartial tribunal not affiliated with questionable Judicial Branch employee owned corporations.

        When contacted for comment, the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office did not respond to inquires as to whether they had opened an investigation into either corporation’s activities in the state. …”

        • Should someone send state offices that information to ask for official comments on the subject?

          Do state government employees do as they please with no public oversight?

      • The funding of CCADV comes from the judicial branch just like all other domestic violence services in CT. CCADV and Meghan knows about the problem and can’t do anything at risk of loosing funding and cutting off the hand that feeds them – the racket of the judicial branch and federal funding.

        • Same thing with Karen Jarmoc at the commission on women children and seniors. Parentners with the fatherhood initiative. Karen is absolutely aware for years. Crickets from this agency intended for women and children.

        • Can anyone provide sources of information regarding the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s misuse of federal funds?

          • The judicial branch is partnered with the fatherhood initiative. Signed the MOU as well as family services. Signed the MOU a discriniatiy documents and legislation passed priority for fathers in the state. They are running in the financial best interest of the state of Connecticut. They are working towards getting the funding in the state. Not in the best interest of children. There using parental alienation/gatekeeping and punishment for any mother making aligations dispite proff. These GALs are granted immunity. The access and visitation grant. Looks more like they are commiting fraud to receive the funding rather than misusing it. There screwing with the DV numbers. Making it look like mother’s are more dangerous than father’s. Using no scientific theories such as parental alienation. Using philosophy at the department of health and human services. Rather than evidence base practice of psychology. The insurance companies refuse to pay for it. Yet divorcing parents are court forced or ordered to do so. A typical therapist can diagnose narcissistic parenting. Yet apparently only AFCC psychologist are forced on cases. It’s commiting fraud. Appearing to commit fraud upon on our family court system for the state to receive federal funding. The amount of money passing through the system is unbelievable. They are using the freed up money from TANF block grant funds for lavish conferences and who knows what else. It is a massive under taking but the government should investigate. Obviously some things is wrong with family court. People and children safety are at risk.

  • What is so great about Cuda? He’s just the rat’s tail of the mob. He did what he was paid to do. The credit was O’Neill he do the hit on the mother and the kids and made it look like an accident.

    Not bad for an Irish kid.

  • Our business is like any other business. It serves our associates and like any business we have to take care of our customers.

    Since our business is not a delicate one naturally those who are not our customers will have to expect some harsh results. That’s not our problem. Our job is to take care of our associates. Then next comes the customer.

    In our business the customer is not king but he gets what he pays for.

    • Kind of like selling fentanyl, right? Nice way to try and explain away corruption. There’s something I could say that would have you going to do something to yourself, but I’ll leave that off here.

  • For being forced into genocide, (look up the word) we are owed reparations from Connecticut’s practices AND Bivens action (at minimum) compensation from US discttict courts, FBI and DOJ

  • Of course, with Jane heading it up! She created it and now won’t let it go! The black robes conspire and stick together!

  • The Kids for Cash PA scandal was an example of child-trafficking for monetary profit. Mark Ciavarelli is currently in Federal Prison: exactly where he belongs.

    When the CT Child-Trafficking (Family Court) Ring is exposed, I wonder what entanglements O’Neil, Adelman, etc will have to answer for?

    Any bets? What benefit are they getting for trafficking children? Monetary? Sex? Other?

      • Absolutely the biggest concern for Connecticut is unwed and divorce mother’s putting s strain the financial resources. They want to limit reproduction. Many women are choosing not to marry any more. With good reason. It’s of benefit to the state to have two incoming households. Divorce rates are down because women are choosing to have children unwed. That’s doesn’t fit with the healthy marriage and welfare reform. Mother’s are being punished for it. Women are staying in abusive relationship so they can protect their children and not have them taken away. As you can see from Karen’s case women throughout the country are being punished during divorce and in custody cases.

      • Absolutely the biggest concern for Connecticut is unwed and divorce mother’s putting a strain on financial resources. They want to limit reproduction. Many women are choosing not to marry any more. With good reason. It’s of benefit to the state to have two incoming households. Divorce rates are down because women are choosing to have children unwed. That’s doesn’t fit with the healthy marriage and welfare reform. Mother’s are being punished for it. Women are staying in abusive relationship so they can protect their children and not have them taken away. As you can see from Karen’s case women throughout the country are being punished during divorce and in custody cases.

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