Judge Orders Nxivm No Contact for Bronfman for Three Years After She Gets out of Prison

Clare Bronfman with Keith Raniere

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis issued his judgment in the criminal case of Clare Webb Bronfman on October 6.

Frank Report calculates Bronfman could be eligible to complete her prison sentence in July 2026, with time off for good behavior. She will then be on supervised release [probation] for three years – until July 2029 – almost nine years from today.

After she is released, Clare will have to abide by standard probation conditions. She will have a probation officer and will have to report on a regular basis. She will not be able to leave the judicial district she lives in without getting her probation officer’s approval. The probation officer will also have to approve where she lives, which for Clare is not unusual. When she was in Nxivm, her Vanguard approved of where she lived and even what she ate. She certainly could not travel without Vanguard’s permission.

There are also some probation conditions specific to Clare: [My comments in bold and brackets]

From the judgment:



[By keeping an eye on her finances, the probation department may be able to prevent her from suing Nxivm enemies.]


[This is significant. After she gets out of prison, for three years afterward, she cannot meet, speak on the phone, mail, or email anyone connected with Nxivm. Bronfman, the former director of operations for Nxivm, will not be able to resume her old role until at least 2029.  This ought to afford a measure of relief to Nxivm defectors and enemies of Bronfman-Raniere. 

[Clare complained when she was on home confinement for more than two years that she was terribly lonely since all her friends, almost everyone she knows, is in Nxivm. The judge is forcing her to make new friends.] 


[There are five other Nxivm codefendants. If all of them go to prison –  Raniere, Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack and Kathy Russell, then Clare cannot put money in their commissary accounts after she is out of prison. But Clare got 81 months which is likely to be a longer sentence than her codefendants except for Raniere. So, once out, she will not be allowed to put money in Raniere’s commissary for three years. It is unclear whether she can put money in his commissary while both are in prison. It doesn’t matter much since her sister Sara can afford to make the $400 per month commissary deposit.]


Clare has to pay $96,605 in restitution to victim Jane Doe 12. She has to pay a fine of $500,000 and a forfeiture judgment of $6 million.

This is an example of how Clare was poorly represented. When attorney Mark Geragos cut her plea deal, it was believed that Clare would get two years in prison, [based on estimated sentencing guidelines] and a $6 million forfeiture,.

At the time, people said Clare bought off a longer sentence by paying the $6 million forfeiture.

She bought nothing. She is still paying the $6 million – and now she’s going to prison for 81 months.

There is a poetry in her having such a bad outcome. She abused the court system for years using dozens of high priced attorneys to overwhelm her enemies.

In her criminal case, she retained high-priced attorneys Mark Geragos and Michael Avenatti.

They both got into trouble during their representation of Clare. Avenatti was arrested for extorting Nike.

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman fainting in court – just when she was asked if Michael Avenatti represented her.

Clare Bronfman fainted in court when asked by the judge if he represented her.

Geragos was also in danger of being arrested for the Nike extortion and one suspects he could hardly focus on her plea deal since he may have been working on one for himself.

Her plea deal had loopholes. There was no guarantee of a maximum sentence – other than the maximum the law allows. No agreement from the feds on sentencing recommendations.  Nothing but an open-ended agreement where she paid $6 million and could be sentenced to up to 25 years.

The slick part was that they read into the record that the estimated sentencing guidelines for her crimes were 21-27 months. This gave the gullible heiress the false sense of security that she would get two years.

The estimated guidelines meant nothing at all. She got 81 months.

The replacement for Geragos was attorney Ronald Sullivan, who handled the sentencing hearing.

He blundered spectacularly it seems. By sending her letter to the judge wherein Clare said she would not disavow Keith Raniere, Sullivan sealed her fate.

Evidently, Sullivan did not know the case and does not know the judge. It is important to know the judge because you have an idea of what his temperament is like and you can better judge what is the right and wrong thing to do.

The judge presided over the trial of Keith Raniere. If Sullivan read the transcripts from that trial, he would have known the judge’s opinion of the case. If he knew the judge, if he had been before him in the past, he would understand the judge’s likely reaction to a letter from Clare saying she would not disavow Raniere.

In the end, Clare got what she deserved – a long prison sentence. But never think Clare is the loser here. She lucked out. She is only going to be in prison for six years or so. With Raniere she was serving a life sentence.

I wager that one day Clare will realize that the luckiest day of her life was when she was arrested and, hence, placed on the high road of being separated from Nxivm and her ruler Raniere.

That road is long, and perhaps she will never disavow Keith, but thanks to the judge, she will at least have to wait nine years before she can even hope to serve him again.

They may never meet again, which would be a good thing for Clare.




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  • We should NOT allow prisoners who are involved in the same crime ever to communicate again. Clare and Keith should be NO exception. The law should stop 🛑 this . Keith and Clare abused people- they need to be kept apart. This is so sickening.
    The victims are STILL being left behind- the criminals are always being discussed. How gross This is an outrage!

  • The communication ban would be easy to circumvent. It’s not much of a challenge; more a question of whether she’d be willing to take the risk.

  • I still fail to understand how she was allowed to have been in contact with Suneel who, it appears, is Keith’s right-hand man so how is that not a violation of her bail conditions?

    I am sure they will find creative ways of keeping in touch. Maybe she won’t knowingly do this out of fear of having her sentence increased but she seems so hapless that I can see her accidentally communicating with them in some ridiculous thought out scheme where she gets tricked into communication. I think it’s plausible someone has some control over her finances already and they want her away for longer hence the ridiculous statements in support of her and the publicity stunt on the eve of her sentencing.

    • As I recall, the bail condition concerning NXIVM only barred her from interacting with people who were on the Coaches List. As long as Suneel wasn’t on that list, she would not be doing anything wrong in interacting with him.

      Now that she’s in BOP custody, she has very few rights – which she’ll quickly find out. And given all the stupidity exhibited by Suneel and the other NXIVM-5 clowns, I expect the BOP will be monitoring everything she does for quite some time.

      We’ll know a whole lot more about Clare’s status with the BOP when we find out where she’ll be serving her time. And just for the record, I do not expect her to be assigned to the minimum security camp at the Danbury, CT complex.

      • ^^ What he said. She’s got millions and an island in Fiji, a country which does not have an extradition agreement with the US. No way she’s going into minimum security to start.

  • Keith is just an anti-Christ or a devil. An anti-Christ is a false messiah (so he tries to be one), and the devil is a slinking, sneaking whisperer, who will slowly deceive you into the ways of evil. You see, these type of people aren’t outwardly evil, otherwise most people would just run away from the right away. They appear outwardly good, or at least try to be until they slip up which they eventually do because they’re not true, but they have no care one way or another what they’re really talking about, whether it’s true or not, or moral or not, as long as it can be used or abused to get what they want, whatever it is. In Keith’s case, it’s things like control, sex, money, ego-tripping, and people to wait on him hand and foot and do whatever he wants. You have to feel a little bit sorry for the people who fell for him only because they are probably too trusting and bought the lie and now their cognitive dissonance won’t let them let go of him. The only way to rid yourself of people like him is just leave and never look back. That’s it.

    • Lots of people left and never looked back, and that’s the problem – until Frank came along, nobody was determined to take Raniere down. LOL

      • Are you really stupid? Have you not read the many comments by anonymous posters, or people like Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Susan Donnes, etc., who all spoke to the fact that many individuals tried to get law enforcement authorities to investigate the crimes of the cult for years in NDNY but their people just turned a blind eye to them year after year?

  • “ He blundered spectacularly it seems. By sending her letter to the judge wherein Clare said she would not disavow Keith Raniere, Sullivan sealed her fate.”

    Isn’t that what they do, hire people to give them advice that they ignore, because they think they know better? At this point, everyone knows that’s what this gravy train is all about: getting paid to give advice that will be ignored. They hire people to blame them.

  • I don’t buy any of it. Clare could survive without oxygen longer than she would survive without her gang. Not only will she find a way to maintain contact, but the money will keep flowing.

  • While it would be a nice thing (and definitely a smart thing) for Clare to swear off the Vanguard we must remember that Charles Manson is dead and years later Lynnette Fromme still thinks he was a great person. Some people’s programming is irreversible.

    • There is a Heaven’s Gate survivor who still believes they were right about the invisible UFO – it’s the path to be a God – and wants to join them.

    • Natashka-

      When there is money there is always a way too get whatever you want.

      I agree with you.

      Good thing the judge turned too be righteous.

  • It is interesting because it may be one of the first cult cases or religion cases where a defendant after release is not allowed to see or communicate with their only friends (and if it were some religions could be their entire family members) – it is almost a “shunning clause” imposed by the court which, of course, I can understand. Whether they can really stop money going from her to them will be interesting to see. Trusted members may already have control of some of the cash.

    • What will prevent her from doing those things – and from violating any of the other conditions of her release – is the knowledge that she could go back to prison for the remaining term of her probation if she does so. That’s basically the same situation for everyone on probation.

      As for traveling to another country, Clare won’t get her passport(s) back until she has finished her probation. Granted, she could rent a private jet and get away that way but that brings us back to the fact that she could end up back in prison for doing so.

      First-time violators get warnings or some new requirements (e.g., report to their probation officer every day for a month). Those who habitually violate end up back in prison.

      • “As for traveling to another country, Clare won’t get her passport(s) back until she has finished her probation.” KR Claviger

        One can be issued passports by a country without being a citizen of that country.
        Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg issued passports to Hungarian Jews who were not citizens of Sweden.

        “Sweden’s special envoy in Budapest between July and December 1944, Wallenberg issued protective passports ”

        Clare’s sister Sara is a member of NXIIVM.
        How will the government prevent Clare from communicating with her sister Sara?

      • I thought there’s no such thing as probation and federal court?

        I thought that’s what you said maybe I’m mistaken.

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