Raniere Loses Motion for Preliminary Injunction, Denied Communication with Suneel

US District Judge Raner Collins has denied a motion for a preliminary injunction made by Keith Raniere, an inmate at USP-Tuscon.

The injunction would have required the prison to treat Raniere’s power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty, as a legal professional, permitting him the same privileges as a lawyer, permitting him confidential visits, unmonitored phone calls and correspondence.
Chakravotry, who the BOP currently bans from contacting Raniere, is not a licensed lawyer. According to Raniere, Chakravorty is a “paralegal and manager of the legal team,” working to overturn Raniere’s conviction.

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) allows licensed attorneys to employ paralegals, clerks, and assistants to carry out confidential legal tasks with inmates with legal visitation and correspondence privileges, provided an attorney listed on a BOP-approved visitation/correspondence roster consents to supervising the assistant, takes responsibility for their actions and certifies they are competent.

Raniere has nine approved attorneys on his approved contact list with the BOP.

Judge Raner Collins

In denying the injunction, Judge Collins ruled Raniere did not show proof that Chakravorty was certified by any of them.

Judge Collins wrote, “There is no evidence that attorney [Joseph] Tully or any other of Plaintiff’s attorneys has provided the Warden of USP-Tucson with a signed statement certifying Mr. Chakravorty’s ability, that the attorney has pledged to supervise Mr. Chakravorty’s activities, or that the attorney accepts personal and professional responsibility for Mr. Chakravorty’s activities that may affect the institution, prisoners, and staff.”

Raniere’s Request for Relief and Lawsuit

Raniere, who was convicted in 2019 on multiple charges, including sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering conspiracy, filed a lawsuit in May 2022 against United States Attorney General Merrick Garland, BOP Director Collette Peters, USP-Tucson Warden Gutierrez, and other BOP officials, claiming they interfered with his right to counsel, naming especially Chakravorty.

In addition to Raniere’s “robust access” to attorneys, the BOP argued that banning Chakravorty is for “legitimate penological interests,” claiming he poses a security risk.

Suneel Chakravorty, who the BOP deems a “security risk.”

Court’s Decision and Deferment to Prison Administrators

The BOP cited the reasons they chose to ban Chakravorty.

NXIVM Connection

At Raniere’s sentencing on October 27, 2020, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis ordered, as part of his probation upon release, that Raniere “shall not associate in person, through mail, electronic mail or telephone with any individual with an affiliation to Executive Success Programs, Nxivm, DOS or any other Nxivm-affiliated organizations.”

Chakravorty took courses and served as a coach for NXIVM and Executive Success Programs until the companies closed in May 2018.

A BOP official argued that “if it is dangerous for Raniere to have access to these individuals once released, it is also a security risk to allow access to these individuals while incarcerated.”

Judge Collins agreed.

He wrote: “It is undisputed that Chakravorty was involved in NXIVM and ESP, and as a condition of Plaintiff’s release, the New York District Court ordered that Plaintiff’ ‘shall not associate… with any individual with an affiliation to Executive Success Programs, Nxivm, DOS or any other Nxivm-affiliated organizations.'”

Raniere argued the BOP “not has the authority to decide who was or was not a member of the now-defunct NXIVM or DOS, nor to ban them on that basis.”

He also argued that the ban on his contact with NXIVM affiliates applies only to his post-release, scheduled to occur in 97 years, in June 2120.

Raniere argued the BOP does “not have the authority to re-interpret the terms of the sentencing order.”

Judge Collis wrote, “Plaintiff is correct that these judge-imposed restrictions only apply to Plaintiff’s conditions of release, but that does not prevent prison administrators from imposing similar restrictions during custody, where, as here, prison officials have relied on their own investigations at two different facilities to determine that a particular individual poses a security risk. The Supreme Court has long recognized that, in matters of prison security, courts must defer “to the informed discretion of prison administrators… to make the difficult judgments concerning institutional operations.”

Judge Collins recited Chakravorty’s relationship with Raniere while in custody at the Brooklyn MDC and USP-Tuscon.

Judge Collins listed:

A BOP Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) began reviewing Raniere’s phone communications with Chakravorty on July 15, 2020.

Raniere and Chakravorty discussed recording prison-initiated phone calls for use in podcasts and other media outlets.

They discussed organizing “a group of women to show up regularly and dance provocatively for inmates to view through their cell windows.”

Raniere followers dancing outside his cell at MDC Brooklyn Detention CenterRaniere informed Chakravorty about “the [MDC] staff work schedules and indicated his protesters should wait outside for the staff and offer donuts and coffee as they exit the facility, because “we are all in this together.”

The BOP determined “Raniere’s manipulative behavior continues to manifest from behind the prison through the help of Suneel Chakravorty. Inmate Raniere’s actions would place the safety and security of staff and the public at risk,” and recommended removing Chakravorty from Raniere’s approved contacts.

On July 2020, the BOP suspended calls between Raniere and Chakravorty.

Raniere entered “Issac Edwards” into his contact list. The BOP reported Raniere provided a fabricated address for Edwards, and the phone number was from a burner phone.

The BOP later alleged that Issac Edwards was Chakravorty.

Marc Elliot, Eduardo Asunsolo, Suneel Chakravorty speak to the press about their claim that the FBI framed Keith Raniere.

When the BOP transferred Raniere to USP Tuscon, he again succeeded in placing Chakravorty on his approved visitors and phone call list.

On May 2, 2021, the BOP denied Chakravorty visiting privileges at USP Tucson because he had previously represented, in a letter to the New York District Court, that he did not have a relationship with Raniere before his incarceration and that his first conversation with Raniere was while he was in prison after his criminal trial.

BOP’s policy permits only visitors who knew the inmate before his incarceration.

Raniere’s hopes to communicate with Chakravorty are not dead.

Though the judge denied his injunction, the lawsuit is ongoing. Raniere is entitled to discovery, depositions, and ultimately a jury trial, which could take place as early as 2024.

Raniere’s only pending motion, a Rule 33 Motion for a new trial, may be resolved this year.

If the judge grants a new trial, or an evidentiary hearing, to determine the merits of Raniere’s claims, his need for meetings and calls with Chakravorty will be heightened. On the other hand, if the judge denies the motion, the door may shut forever, with Raniere behind the tall barbed fences of USP-Tucson.

Chakrarvorty’s work as a paralegal may be done.

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  • Suneel prostrated himself along with Keith’s other “erotic dancers” outside the MDC to shake it for a pedophile.

    What else is there to know about this toady for a criminal cult leader?

    • Well, Suneel is a fantastic ballroom dancer, so it’s not that far out of his wheelhouse.

  • “Raniere Speaks”?

    “The reason I think the mansion was very cult-like looking back on it is because we were all kind of gaslit and expected to think of Hef as like this really good guy,” the 42-year-old alleged. “And you started to feel like, ‘Oh, he’s not what they say in the media, he’s just a nice man.'”

    “I didn’t really get to get into it very much in the episode, but, you know, [Hefner] was close with Sharon Tate,” Dean continued. “So it’s really weird that he held up Charles Manson on this sort of pedestal and was studying him because Manson had just killed his friend. It was really bizarre and chilling.”


  • For reference:

    You have you common garden Hybristophiliacs. They like the idea of their “men” tattooed, violent and poetic. People who send them cards other inmates draw when they need a little commissary care. At a push they will call you. Maybe even out you on the visitor list.
    If you are a foreigners, especially European, they may even marry you.
    It’s a real thriving phenomenon. I’ve been studying it since 2017. Some of the people I was in contact with are blocked from my cell phone. Scary and they weren’t the inmates.

    Then there is another phenomenon.
    The Hybristophiliac who like child sex offenders. Sexual predators. Your rapists, child molesters, park creeps, people who show up on Chris Hansen shows.
    Then you have your super predators. Like the one I’m currently studying at Mule Creek. Nearly 350 victims. He’s been in jail his whole adult life. Leaving briefly for 9 months, when he managed to fit 11 boys into that crammed time.
    He was caught in a car with a nine year old. And a book for the child, to show him how to do a blow job. The police just stopped him on a traffic violation. The kid told the policeman he didn’t know who the adult in the car was.
    This particular piece of human debris has quite the cheerleader section.
    He posts on prison forums.
    When I called him out I got accused of bullying and trolling him. Two of the outside people sent me some nasty mail. And printed it off and sent it to him.
    He wrote a 9 page repost to me. Trying to guess who I was. He thought I was British, so I continued that lie. He had in some manner tried to doxx me, and thankfully failed. But it was the Hybristophiliacs who helped him. He has no internet access, or a way of opening a Yellow Pages.
    I didn’t publish the stories about him that I collected. I could have seriously harmed him, in prison, I know members of the AB in that prison. He is in Protective custody. I could have messed with him.
    My conscience wouldn’t allow it. I won’t be responsible for another man’s demise. Not a stranger to me. Not a threat to me or others, he is NEVER getting out. I won’t push his suicide button. He has one. Everyone does.
    But Suneel.
    Suneel is THAT creep. The ones who get erect when someone else does something you don’t have the nerve to do.
    Suneel gets told he is literally the man who has Keith’s life in his hands. It feels special to be told that. I’ve been told that. It gave me the willies too.
    Suneel, like Edourdo should never be alone with girls. They don’t understand the implications of sexual assault. They lack empathy, conscience and borders. I hope Eduardo doesn’t have daughters. Because he lacks the ability to protect them from men like Keith. Nobel men who sexually assault children.
    Suneel is sexually attracted to either Keith or Keith’s actions. I can’t figure out quite what. I’m glad he is prevented from communicating with him. It’s good for both Suneeel himself, and Suneel family who would be open to the manipulation and machinations of Keith Raniere, sex trafficker, rapist, child sex offender, fraud, liar, Rico statute, and everything else he hasn’t been charged with yet.

  • How poor was Suneel’s wife before she met him? That’s the real question.

    I imagine she was barefoot in a bamboo hut, kinda poor. I’m
    thinking National Geographic poor!

    Maybe, dare I say, even late night tv commercial poor: “For 50 cents a day you can feed this chick so she doesn’t wind up having to bang an ugly-ass-loser—kind’a poor….

    Is that the case Suneel? Why else would she marry you. Wait a minute, is she blind?

    • Unfortunate People-

      I believe Suneel’s wife is one of Alonzo’s “blind retards”.

      It’s the only thing that makes any sense. Think about it!
      Only a blind retard could feel the face of Suneel and think “it” to be normal.

  • Regarding Suneel’s real picture vs digitized, embellishment, glam pic. above:

    Looks like the gay version of a gay-beer-goggles meme. 🤣

  • Loser Raniere loses another one. Quite the epic losing streak this idiot has going. What a zero! Haha!

    If his many lawsuits, writs, and motions weren’t quite so vacuous, so legally absurd and baseless, they might stand at least a snowball’s chance in Hell.

    His lawsuit against US Attorney General Garland, the head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the warden and the rest of the Western world will get tossed out of court for a dozen legal reasons, just like all his frivolous claims have been. They’re all baseless.

    Raniere had his chance before a jury in his six week trial. Guilty, guilty, guilty, on all seven counts. He appealed the verdict and lost. And that was that for Keith Raniere. Finished. Kaput.

    His legal problem is, simply put, that he’s guilty. Guilty as hell. All the writs, motions, and lawsuits in the world will never change that fact.

    Raniere thinks he has a legal right to associate with whoever he likes. He doesn’t. He thinks by naming Chakravorty his power of attorney, the BoP must allow the his visits. They don’t. USP Tucson is not his cult compound in Knox Woods and Raniere no longer makes the rules.

    Raniere’s silly Rule 33 motion is as good as lost. It’s a joke- there will be no hearing, it won’t get that far, it will be tossed for various perfectly valid legal reasons. Raniere had to shop around to even find a lawyer who would file such a nonsensical absurd motion.

    Raniere is filing all this crap because he’s got nothing else to do. He’s bitter and desperate and full of bile, just like he always was, the little toad. Difference is, he’s utterly powerless now.


  • Forget about law school… Do you know how easy it would be for him to get a paralegal certificate? I don’t get it.

    • Even if he became a paralegal it doesn’t mean the BOP would approve Suneel Chakravorty to have time alone with Raniere

      Their history is one of a security concern for the BOP.

      Raniere has shown he likes to break the rules & the law.

      Having one of his loyalists on his legal team would present a security risk.

      Would any attorney firm take on Chakravorty knowing that Raniere & him could be up to no good?

  • Suneel. Get the picture by now. Give up on keith already. You’re wasting your life away. Keith’s not getting out. Find a new cult to join. Landmark….scientology…jehovas….swami…fdls….plenty out there.

  • You know Suneel is actually quite a good looking young man. People always pick on him but he’s sharper than most people know. He wouldn’t do this FbI tampering thing if he didn’t believe. That’s my guess.

    He’s a bright young man with a future.

  • By now with 10 months in the SHU with no end in sight. His appeals shot down one by one. Nicki dumping him and Clare locked up in Philly, Keith must be a wreck. I would guess he hasn’t had a hair cut or shave. He’s lost weight and his pale.
    Now a normal person might realize his plan isn’t working. But not Keith.
    I’m hoping he goes full bore ahead. Next move hunger strike.

    Just maybe when they start force feeding him he may realize he has no control, none.

  • Suneel should get god law degree. He wants Justice blind snd would be in a better position to advocate for his causes if he were an attorney.

    Suneel could easily study snd pass the bar.

    But as soon as he takes on hot issues, the powers that be would disbar him immediately. As they did to Luthmann.

  • With 9 attorneys not one of them would put Suneel under their license?
    Why would Raniere risk filing something like this and give the judge an easy, legitimate “out”?
    Plus it makes a Suneel look foolish- Keith continues to damage Suneel. Horrible human.
    Hope this forces Suneel to distance himself.

    • Raniere leave in his path so many damage souls. Suneel is no different than the thousands who have come before him.

      It’s too bad. Suneel had a successful business he sold to focus on Raniere’s Rule 33 motion.

      Suneel most likely has burned through all the profits of the sale of that company.

      Now when people Google his name, they find he is loyal to Keith Raniere.


  • I DEMAND A PATERNITY TEST! Suneel looks like Raniere. You can’t keep father and son apart. The BOP should be held accountable!

  • If Suneel, Tully and others are Raniere’s helpers, have they encouraged him to enter therapy to address his offenses?

    “USP Tucson is one of several federal prisons that offers a Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP) and therefore has a higher proportion of sex offenders in its general population. Having a larger number of sex offenders at SOMP facilities ensures that inmates feel safe about participating in treatment. USP Tucson offers a Non-Residential Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP-NR), which is a moderate intensity program designed for low to moderate risk sexual offenders. Many of the inmates in the SOTP-NR are first-time offenders serving a sentence for an Internet sex crime. All SOMP institutions offer the SOTP-NR. Eligible inmates are transferred to a SOMP facility based on their treatment needs and security level. USP Tucson houses several high-profile sex offenders.”


  • Good coverage on this. Toward the end, you put 2004 as a potential trial start date. I imagine you meant 2024.

    I see a charismatic sociopath who knows he is guilty, trying to manipulate prison staff using outside access to cult members.

    Basically, he is committing more crimes, and trying to make his time in prison easier. The whole “dance provocatively” and provide snacks and contacting the employees, is borderline human trafficking.

    I have to wonder what these women saw in this guy. He’s not handsome, or extraordinarily intelligent. He is literally just good at manipulating and programming people.

    This story is a cautionary tale to lonely, vulnerable people. You don’t need some charismatic figure to make you happy. You need mental healthcare. People like this only care about you for what you can do for them, right at this moment.

    If you still think this guy is a good leader, seek mental healthcare. Seriously, you might not be able to acknowledge or address it now, but you have unaddressed and possibly untreated mental illness, and scum like this know how to easily identify and manipulate you.

  • None of Raniere’s nine lawyers accepts responsibility for Chakravorty’s activities? WTF???? Not one out of nine??
    How? This is not justice!

    Also, thank you Frank for alerting us about the impending jury trial in 2004. One of the reasons I open the door to your blog is due to being made to feel so much younger.

    Can we do a deal, you and I? I can tell you every single winning number for America’s largest lottery draw in 2005! What are you willing to pay me for that?? Actually I could get you every winning number for the second largest lottery draw too!! I’m serious.

    I look forward to receiving an appropriate monetary offer… (I wouldn’t blow this chance if I were you, Frank)

  • Seriously how long does it take to become a lawyer? Suneel, you slacker. For shit sake suneel Raniere needs you? You’re obviously not committed to your cause.

  • I don’t care what anyone says, that pic of Danielle and Michelle dancing, makes me want to bang Danielle more than ever. Nice tight abdomen, funky stylish attire.


    Suneel, go wipe an ass.

    • Pilgrim Michele got married just two weeks ago. She ain’t available. Go find yourself a nice woman and marry and stop going after other peoples wives. You’re better than that.

    • I strongly agree, though the likelihood of morning after craziness are way off the chart with Danielle. Hey, I’ll pay your cab fare home, you can even use my best cologne, just don’t be here in the morning when I get up.

      Chung would also crack the list, although NONE of the dead enders are aging well. Their coming years will not be kind.

  • Given that zero of nine attorneys are willing to certify Chakravorty’s competence as a paralegal and/or are willing to take professional responsibility for his actions serving in such a capacity, it would seem ill-advised for him to continue serving as “manager of the legal team.” Tully allegedly executed a “statement of sponsoring attorney” on June 17, 2022, but Collins apparently deemed this to be insufficient.

  • “At Raniere’s sentencing on October 27, 2020, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis ordered, as part of his probation upon release, that Raniere “shall not associate in person, through mail, electronic mail or telephone with any individual with an affiliation to Executive Success Programs, Nxivm, DOS or any other Nxivm-affiliated organizations.
    But can he communicate through a psychic or an Ouija board?

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