CT Judge Releases Mother Charged With Felony for Contacting Her Children

Margaret Sullivan, the mother arrested for texting her ex-husband to speak to her children before undergoing a life-threatening heart operation, appeared before CT Judge Neeta Vatti after being released from the hospital. In a surprising decision, Judge Vatti did not place Sullivan in custody and released her without bail.

Sullivan faces a felony charge for attempting to contact her children from her hospital bed, violating a restraining order issued by CT Family Court Judge Gerard Adelman. Her ex-husband, Randall Hale of Hamden, filed a complaint seeking her arrest once it was clear Sullivan would survive her heart attack, using her text message as evidence of the alleged crime.

After her arrest by five police officers who refused to let her take her heart medication, Sullivan suffered a second heart attack.

Rushed to the hospital, Sullivan was handcuffed to her bed as a state trooper guarded the door. After several days in the hospital, she was released from the hospital and appeared in court.

Judge Vatti, declining to remand Sullivan to custody, issued a criminal protective order against Sullivan during the court appearance, banning any further contact with her children and scheduling a hearing for early June.

Originally, the warrant demanded Sullivan’s arrest, immediate incarceration, and a $20,000 bond. However, Judge Vatti directed her to family court to explain her position, stating there would be no bond or jail time. Attorney Neal Rogan agreed to represent Sullivan in court and accompanied her to a meeting with family court services.

One commenter wrote that the shift from $20,000 bail to no bail was “a significant turn of events. As usual, despite many calls, Connecticut media did not cover this horrifying story. Thank you, Frank Rerport.”

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Transcript of hearing before Judge Adelman, where Randal Hale fights to take the mother, Margaret Sullivan, out of his children’s lives.

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  • This is messed up. My heart feels for this mother. I was banned from seeing my grandmother. I know how it feels to not be able to see immediate family members. What did she do to get the restraining order against her? How old are the kids? This is a good petition that I started that deals with family members need for contact. https://change.org/endbanishment

    • Serves interest of those who seek to destroy families, the State of Connecticut. Pretty obvious.

  • Family court Getting that money
    Lawyers Got to pay for that Tesla their mistress named Debra

    You cry
    they pop the Dom
    celebrate all night long

    Keep it real
    you are paying their water bill

    Keep it real
    History repeats itself and the only choice is to chill

    Get strong like a military deal

    Don’t give up
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    This is a WAR


    Never let these muthaphuckers see you sweat

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  • “After her arrest by five police officers who refused to let her take her heart medication, Sullivan suffered a second heart attack. Rushed to the hospital, Sullivan was handcuffed to her bed as a state trooper guarded the door.”

    What a sick world…

  • I often think these Moms need a criminal defense attorney in family court. Because of the relentless parental alienation claims. Thanks to Neal Rogan and people helping she had counsel. I don’t think anyone realizes how difficult it is for women in Connecticut to get legal counsel for family court related matters. Expense is only one of the reasons. Attorneys go into the court strongly advocating and get big push back by the system. Unfortunately Margaret will need assistance with family relations. There very much like the GALs. Glad an Attorney stepped up to represent her.

    • It goes both ways from mothers and fathers. It’s not about the parent or the gender. It’s about the money they can extract don’t be fooled they couldn’t give to shits who gets the kids It’s all about how they can steer the case to extract the most amount of dollars even if they got to give the kids to the sickest demented individual.

      • It does appear there is money involved including funding. However, there is definitely some father’s for what ever reason racked over the coals. Definitely a lot of Moms getting the shaft. Someone needs to get the family court shit show figured out.

        • Children need to be warned
          Marriage isn’t some romantically related bull sauce
          When you get married you marry the state

          Cinderella got glass in her foot
          The true story

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  • Thousands of protective mothers have been treated this way in Connecticut family courts- Adelman and Munro I am sure vie for winning the worst treatment of mothers and children – she’s kicked off the bench you may say- but she is still doing it where mothers are buried alive

    • Yeah the judges who get too much heat and have to retire just move to ADR practices where they continue to destroy people for fun and profit, but now with no record or pesky public scrutiny.

    • Why focuses only on Connecticut ? Is this blog meant just for Connecticut ? Do you actually think that it’s not happening in other states ? Ridiculously limited

      • CT is where the money is at. Median income is about 150k. Even “penniless” moms have secret stashes of 10-100k to fund attacks on exes.

      • Of course it happens in other states. CT is the origin where they perfected the child trafficking, which they then franchised out to other jurisdictions. It literally started in Yale and CIA hive in Stamford back in the 50s, then SoCal in the early 60s. They have such a lock on CT now that nothing can penetrate to save the kids.

          • 5:55,

            The worst judges, lawyers and vendors such as: Adelman, Munro, Horowitz, Horwitz, Gould and Caverly in states like: Connecticut, California, Georgia, Texas, Colorado and New Hampshire in countries like: United States, Canada, The UK, Netherlands, Australia and Argentina need the best judges, lawyers and vendors in the best states and provinces in the best countries to name and shame the worst judges, lawyers and vendors. Parents and children are easy prey when destructive family court players go rogue.

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