Handcuffs Removed From Mother Whose Plea to See Children Led to Arrest and Handcuffing in Hospital; Will Face Judge Adelman When Released

Margaret Sullivan, a mother with a restraining order barring contact with her children, found herself at the center of a controversial arrest.

Despite no finding of abuse or neglect, Sullivan lost custody of her children to her ex husband Randall Hale of Hamden. Her ex-husband has had custody of the children since 2019.

CT Family Court has been criticized for allowing parents with money to buy exclusive custody.

On March 1, she texted her ex-husband while in the hospital because of a heart attack and waiting for surgery, asking to speak to her children.

Sullivan later said she was worried she might die and wanted to hear the voices of the children she brought into the world one last time.

Two weeks later, when it appeared Sullivan would live, Hale filed a criminal complaint, claiming he was a victim of contact from his ex-wife in violation of Judge Adelman’s no contact order.

CT Judge Neeta Vatti issued a warrant for Sullivan’s arrest.

On April 4, after Sullivan’s release from the hospital, CT State Troopers from F-Troop, led by LT. Alex Cintron and Trooper Julia Bickford, and local police – five armed officers – arrested the mother at her home.

At the scene of the arrest, Sullivan requested her heart medication.  The troopers accused her of faking the symptoms of a heart attack, handcuffed her and took her into custody.

The police eventually allowed her to take her medication, but as her condition worsened, Sullivan was taken to the hospital, where she was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit.

Sullivan was handcuffed to her bed in the ICU, and a trooper guarded the door.

She had had another heart attack, and as doctors and nurses treated her, and determined she needed another medical procedure, she remained handcuffed to the bed for hours.

As evening approached and overtime was not authorized, the troopers suddenly decided to fingerprint her in the hospital and release her – though she remained in ICU.

Margaret Sullivan in hospital faces jail time for texting her children

Initially, they claimed she would face a $20,000 bond and immediate jail time upon release from the hospital.

The officers refused to provide Margaret with an arrest warrant.

Police told Sullivan she was scheduled to appear in court the day after her hospital release.

At that time, Judge Adelman or one of his interchangeable judicial colleagues will decide if the woman who had a heart attack and texted her husband to see her children – perhaps for the last time – should go to jail.

She is scheduled to appear today in Middletown for arraignment.

Margaret Sullivan’s wrist is bruised from being handcuffed to her hospital bed.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Margaret to raise money for her bail and legal defense.





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    • Because CT family court acts to increase conflict and prolong litigation.

      The restraining order was nonsense to begin with. Adelman granted it which then allows for further abuse of power when Margaret called to see her children after her heart attack.

      There was no threat in this call. Most can understand why she made this request. But the husband used this opportunity to litigate further and fabricate more discord and drama.

      Stay out of family court.

  • The transcript shows Adelman actively working for the ex-husband and his counsel.

    Counsel objects to Margaret’s question, and instead of simply ruling in the objection, Adelman piles on and says, “We’re also talking about documents not in evidence.”

    The judge piles on against the pro-se defendant. It’s blatant bias by Adelman.

    • “The judge piles on against the pro-se defendant.”

      I saw it as Adelman taking time to explain things to a pro se defendant. *shrugs*

      • If Adelman was explaining the objection that opposing counsel made, I would agree.

        But Adelman volunteers valid reason for the objection that opposing counsel did not make.

      • I found him to be incredibly patient with her after I read the transcript. Coming to court to dispute custody pro se is just a recipe for disaster

        • Actually is has been extremely helpful for a significant amount of women in Connecticut. No one wants to get Nusbalmed. Many have.

        • Prior to family court she was a loving mom and tenured AP English teacher with money in the bank and source of income.

          As a result of litigation abuse her savings is gone, her children taken and alienated, and her career destroyed.

          How exactly do you think she can be represented by counsel in family court?

          This is part of the racket. They leave mothers penniless and then blame them.

          • Why can’t she teach any longer? I have a feeling there’s more to that story.

          • dear anon @4:32 – Why cant she teach any longer?

            The job of teaching is not a 9-5 gig. preparation and marking add at least another 20- 30 hours to a forty hour working week. These hours are met, generally, at home. One also requires a steady and focused mind-set to achieve at the very least – competency. If you are a good or excellent practioner you will be on it like a sonnet – approx. 80 hour week? – not unusual.

    • Adelman and the other lawyer in that courtroom: Two guys with two fishing poles connected to bait on one hook.

      Adelman was the nicest. “No problem.” He said a few times to the mother.

      The mother simply wanted to see her children.

      Both lawyers in that room knew that mother simply wanted to see her children. They both knew “family court” took her children from her. They both knew she was emotional. They both knew she was trying her best to be a mother for her children. Mothers will do everything they can to protect their children. Both lawyers knew that. Adelman thinks it’s funny.

      Mr. Adelman is sadistic. He has been for decades.

      Shame on Connecticut family court administrators for allowing him to harm so many parents and children for so long.

  • This chick knows what’s up

    Big d!$$ s in your a$$ aren’t good for your health

    That judge is a d!$$
    That’s réal talk

    • We are so indoctrinated to believe the court brings Justice, that even when faced with clear atrocities— when they virtually “kill” one parent- and subject children to trauma, shock and grief— most people look for cause to justify such outcomes.

      Despite two decades of abuse to parents and children – no CT outlets report on it and everyone looks to blame the victims.

      To accept the reality- that many family Court lawyers, gals, and judges are sadists and abuse children for profit – is too much to handle.

      Margaret Sullivan has been brutalized by the psychopathic ex-husband and his attorney and gal.

      They fabricate mental health issues, problems with alcohol, instability etc.

      They steal your children, your reputation and your hope. Everything you believed in has vanished. Those paid to protect, instead abuse.

      And now, after Margaret endures the trauma and brutality of the courts, police and her ex-husband— while being wrongly cast as a criminal and still denied the unalienable right to raise her children — now, a commenter suggests it’s a hoax by CPM.

      Just a glimpse of the suffering this mother has endured.

      And the courts own the police- NOT com. 👍🏽

      • Because most publicity stunts don’t succeed.
        Mainstream news does stringent fact-checking. Maureen’s story doesn’t hold up against the facts. Even CPM lied on their GoFundMe.

        All that aside, I wish her the best in her recovery from her heart attack. Stents help, and quitting drinking and smoking will also help.

        • She’s never been a drinker. It’s a publicity stunt of family court that clearly has worked on you.

          It’s character assassination by lawyers and judges.

      • How is it a publicty stunt? Did the help the woman have a heart attack to get out of going to jail? Women has heart attack, violates restraining order trying to speak to her children. As a result was arrested. Has second heart attack. Needs money for an attorney and bail. Looks like that’s what happened.

  • “Despite no finding of abuse or neglect”

    That’s a lie. She was found emotionally and psychologically abusive.

    • Only the state, meaning through the power of AG office, can bring an abuse/neglect petition. When did the state file a petition on this mother?

    • DCF is the agency that makes legal determinations of abuse or neglect. The opinion of family court– absent medical findings is NOT A FINDING, but a bullshit opinion of lawyers with NO license to make such a determination. This is exactly why the courts rarely if ever, make a referral to DCF— because they know the abuse will be unsubstantiated, and the family court needs their lies to “stick.”

      It’s a game to protect the parent with sole custody and destroy the other parent.

      The fact that sole legal and physical custody is given to one parent is the huge red flag. These parents are getting stripped of legal custody of their children on the whim of a judge.

      • Oh please. Margaret was delaying and delaying her daughter from getting braces as part of a pissing contest with her exhusband, and that’s just one example of her putting revenge on her ex above the needs of the children. (this is in a document posted at the familycourtcircus blog, which has many more examples of Margaret’s harmful behavior). The judge was right to take the decision-making away from her. She needs psych help.

        • Over braces? Really? Your position is that these kids needed a total motherecomy over braces?

          Is this you again, Chris?

          • She abused her joint legal custody to try to exert control over the ex, hurting the children in the process. Orthodontics are just one tiny example of a simple authorization she refused to give just to fuck with her ex. I absolutely don’t think that merits moms removal from their life, but I can understand why she lost joint legal custody, which was NOT taken away from her “on a whim.” Sorry.

          • You cited braces as her atrocity against the children. If you don’t have a better story then you just sound like a vindictive, petty asshole.

        • Really? A dispute over braces – considered a luxury by many— is reason to take legal custody of your child.

          Surely you’re an orthodontist. 😁

          • It was just one of many examples of a simple, straightforward authorization she refused to give just to fuck with her husband without regard to her child’s feelings. Also, I don’t know the details of the child’s issues, but many cases of orthodontics are not strictly cosmetic.

          • If there is something worse that she’s done why didn’t you say it? Not agreeing that a child should have braces at a certain time is hardly abuse. Just as you’re speculating that the braces might be a dire medical necessity, I can also speculate that maybe the child had migraines and the mother was acting in her interests not to create a debilitating problem. Shall we keep playing this retarded petty game?

          • So if you don’t run to the orthodontist your unfit? Hardly medical neglect. Try again

        • This is not always the case. There is evidence that substances abuse and neglect. If you follow along with what is happening with legislation you would understand. You need to educate yourself. The MOU is solely based on father’s. No mention of children or mothers. Children are being treated like property. This is happening all over the country. . The laws that were passed for fatherhood initiative. It is the states blanket statement that father’s rights that rule the system.
          These garduim ad litums do not have to weigh matters such as information pointing to neglect and abuse.. It’s written in the statue. Are ignoring things and not presenting them in court. . The state of Connecticut has determined by the MOU and laws that it’s best interest for father’s under any circumstances to be involved in the lives of the children. Has been determining their conduct. Seen in many cases. They are bias out of the gate. This is determined from the onset of the case and assignment of the GaL. Attorneys representing women in family law matters do not explain this to their clients. The GaL works for the court. There is policy’s being established. DCF has mandatory training from fatherhood initiative. Offenders of violence and abuse are sent through programs. There is a financial vested interest in making them work. Fatherhood is a blanket initiative for all father’s. There are no initiatives for mother’s or financial insensitive to assist motherhood. Creating an unbalanced family court system. Solely focused on fatherhood. Children are not being protected. DCF has been tanted because it is a state run organization. Family services is no better. There are huge financial insensitive. Every branch of the state agencies have been involved in the fatherhood initiative. Women who attempting to go to court and express concerns about the children are quickly labeled as alienators. An obstruction to the father’s rights. The focus is not on the individual case or children. These cases are dragged out for two years or reopened as soon as a period has elapsed so the prior abuse is not considered. The state has had significant hand in setting up the court system. It is not a secret. Women walking in to court have no idea that they are not protected. Only father’s are. If you don’t agree or go along. You are often just eliminated. Things like holding off on braces will be used against you.

  • Family court system is the biggest racket
    these sad suits literally make their money off of other peoples misery

    • Good times
      They want you to give it up smooth

      Family law is one big circle jerk

      If someone kept me from my kids I’d Bruce Lee that shit

      Who can blame her

      Anyone who doesn’t. Get that
      is limp

    • “Not agreeing that a child should have braces at a certain time is hardly abuse”

      she agreed the child needed the braces. But She refused to give her approval until the husband caved to her other demands. The only one being hurt by the delay was the child. It’s just One tiny example of why she lost _legal_ custody. Mom was using her power over the kids’ medical and educational access as a tool to try to control the dad, kids’ well-being be damned, apparently. This is just one of a shit ton of examples that showed the judge did not remove her legal custody on “a whim.”

      • But you can’t actually give any of this “shit ton” of examples. You’re just fine with children having their loving mother completely removed from their lives over dad not feeling 1000% in control of them at all times and in all way. Normal people realize that children experiencing a motherectomy is actual abuse. Not getting braces is not. When you fail that simple moral test it shows the world that you’re not normal.

        • I can give more examples, but honestly I don’t really feel like piling on to this woman any more. Suffice it to say, she lost legal custody for many many many good reasons.

          • How magnanimous of you. You took it upon yourself to post bullshit vague accusations you can’t back up, but you avert that problem out of your deep care for the well-being of the mother you initiated the slander about. Got it.

  • Business as usual per family court it’s like the DMV nuthin more
    NO ONE gives a rats tooth about children morality it’s all idiotic

  • THE POLICE REFUSED TO GIVE A WARRANT? Ok huh…whaaaa??? Rewind… um yeah that’s against the law more please

    • They refused to give her the warrant. She was locked to the hospital bed the entire day, and fingerprinted, but still refused the warrant– multiple requests were made.

      The police also denied her her heart medicine when they first arrived to arrest her. It was only when she experienced chest pain that they relented and allowed her to take her medicine.

      Seems they wanted her dead.

      Why else do you refuse prescribed medication to a person with a heart condition?

  • I hope that her kid understands that parents just loose it when they have no contact because it’s physically hardwired into them to freak out when separated under such dire circumstances.. it’s just a biological urge.. caveman stuff .. the kid probably doesn’t understand..might not until they have their own. Give it some time. She’s just this mammal who physiologically spazzed out..her wires are loose ..and as unnatural as they might seem, it’s actually completely natural. Life is messy. Shit just happens .

  • We need an investigation into the case. It would be something if honest individuals besides the players in the game to see what is going on. The situation is sad all around. If Dad is getting harassed and stalked then that’s a problem. If Mom is getting unfairly vilified then that’s a problem. The situation in Connecticut is a real mess.

    • Maybe they are both a little bit sketch (?)
      People and their behavior is not always black and white
      Where is the proof that she was emotionally unbalanced

      • Her own private therapist told the court she has paranoia that negatively impacts her behavior due to a traumatic childhood, but she refuses to get help for it. This is in a document linked to at the familycourtcircus.

        • It’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you, and this whole situation proves they are. Daddy of the Year’s response to her request to talk to the kids was “I hope you die.” Police literally prevented her from life-saving medicine, then medical intervention over the course of hours. Gonna be really hard for the mafia to make this go away now.

          • They are out to get a person just because they arrested them for violating a no contact order?? You sound like a bunch of narcissists who are incapable of taking responsibility for your own actions.

          • Everyone gets paranoid while in divorce procedsing. The court system is currupt. Completely twisted in Connecticut. The lawyers lie like hell

    • She has an attorney who stood up in court. That’s half the battle in CT- actually getting an attorney who is in your side and will do their job.

    • Usa is a mess what makes everyone think that CT is worse from every single state in USA
      It’s annoying

          • A few most certainly do make money off it. Desperate parents who lost custody will easily fork over cash to people who promise to help. It’s a cottage industry.

          • We should set up a survey of the 3 people who have covered CT child trafficking. You’re alleging that they make a lot of money doing so because wealthy people live in CT. If you’re right they’ll be rolling in the dough. I’m gonna go out on a limb, however, and point out that the people targeted by the mafia have their money tied up and stolen by the people we would like the reporters to cover. In fact, why don’t we just go ahead and agree that they’re the ones who are making the money from their own crimes?

            The cottage industry exists, but it’s the sniveling merchants sell validation to mothers who will spend their last bits of couch change on books and conferences for a bunch of useless emotional pandering that will never help. The 1A in action, doing what it’s supposed to do, is not that.

          • OK so where do you allege that the trafficking ring was hatched then?

            We already know that it began in CT in the 50s with Yale and the CIA in Stamford, then branched out to SoCal in the 60s, then WI and MN where the scam was trademarked, and with the TANF legislation in the 90s began to be franchised out to other jurisdictions around the country.

  • Attorney Neal Rogan agreed to represent Margaret Sullivan this morning in court and accompanied her for her meeting with family court services.

  • I believe they have. Margaret Sullivan was released from the hospital appeared in court before Judge Neeta Vatti.

    The judge put a criminal protective order against Margaret Sullivan and set a hearing for early June.

    However, the original warrant called for arrest, immediate incarceration and $20,000 bond.

    Today Judge Vatti directed Margaret Sullivan to go to family court and explain her position. Judge Vatti also said there would be no bond and no jail time.

    This was a significant turn of events. As usual, despite many calls placed, Connecticut media did not cover this horrifying story.

    Thank you FR.

  • And Adelman should be arrested as he wears his proven hate for motherhood on his inadequate sleeves. I wonder what his mother did to him as a child?

    • Yeah his mom probably spoiled him and his daddy was jealous he’s just a petty maniac trying to punish women because he never got phis approval but got away with murder with his mom he is out to lunch needs help but will never get it is probably a closet sucker for s and m loves to be abused
      Whatever it is no one truly knows but he definitely isn’t dealing with a full deck

  • Valentines Day, last year:

    “Feb 14, 2022 … My ex made a false application for an emergency ex parte order that was granted based solely on a digital test score. No claim of harm – because it never happened. The GAL in my matter, Victoria Lanier of Old Lyme CT, was entrusted to receive my alcohol testing results …”

    What numbskulls decided the notorious Connecticut family courts should handle all family cases involving alcohol addiction? The Connecticut governor wears Greatful Dead Bear belts. Legislators legalized recreational pot smoking. It’s party time in “The Constitution State”.

    State Rep. Robin Comey was driving drunk a few weeks ago. She hit a parked car and flipped her car.

    Will Connecticut taxpayers and legislators now force State Rep. Robin Comey through years of viciously for-profit, purposely adversarial mandatory hearings so sadistic judges such as Mr. Adelman can mock her, take her family from her and also take all that she owns?

    Connecticut family courts aren’t non-profit. Family court “evaluators” aren’t medical providers.

    Keith Roeder was the “evaluator” in Margaret’s case. Roeder is a long-time family court player.

    He and Gerard Adelman go way back — decades even. With so much experience, Margaret’s family’s case should have been resolved by now. How many years has it been so far? How much money have the attorneys stashed away?

    Connecticut’s purposely adversarial “family court” arena in which judges, “evaluators” and lawyers compete to push parents over the edge to “win” cases is a sick game. Shame on Connecticut for forcing so many vulnerable parents and children through that hell.

    If such viciously for-profit Connecticut “family courts” should never happen to state Rep. Robin Comey after she flipped her car, such viciously for-profit Connecticut “family courts” shouldn’t happen to any already compromised parents and children.


  • Oh no! The poor woman actually faced consequences for her actions! The horror!

    Don’t they know laws do not apply to women? We do as we please. Who are these cops and courts to try to tell her what to do?

    • What actions are you referring to? Texting to see her children after she had a heart attack and thought death could be imminent?

      If so, where was her intent to harm when she texted? Where was her malicious intent?

      I pray you don’t have kids. You sound like a psychopath. You lack humanity.

      • I read the transcript Frank linked to…and she is not a dummy. She knew the terms of her protective/no-contact order. She could have communicated through her ex’s lawyer. She was home from the hospital when she texted her demands, hardly about to be wheeled into the OR.

        I believe her health scare was a mitigating factor that clearly the judge considered, but it’s not an excuse to violate a no-contact order. This woman has been harassing her ex since about 2018/2019, according to the transcript Frank linked to.

        She pretended to be a New York Times reporter and called one of her husband’s associates to spread damaging lies about him, per that transcript. So she’s not above lies and deceit to achieve her aims, which appears to be revenge on her ex more than anything. That’s probably why the cops though she was faking her symptoms–she has a track record of lying to try to manipulate people. Also, her daughter doesn’t want to see her, according to that document. Just saying.

        “If so, where was her intent to harm when she texted? Where was her malicious intent?”

        If you have a stalker that you managed to get a no-contact order against, any contact from them shows malicious intent. You’ve made it clear as day that direct communication from them is NOT welcome. Plenty of stalkers who went on to murder women give them nice (unwelcome) gifts and love notes along the way. It doesn’t mean that getting those flowers and notes doesn’t scare the shit out of those women and make their lives a living hell. Would you say, “But aw shucks, giving flowers is nice, it doesn’t show malicious intent” from a stalker? Give me a break.

          • No excuse to text an ex against a no-contact restraining order. Also, She texted her ex 8 times in the month and a half before the alleged heart attack. A medical scare could be a mitigating factor as far as repurcussions, but the police had no choice but to arrest her. Also, she has lied and faked things in the past. I can’t blame the ex for doubting the truthfulness of her latest claims.

        • Kids might not want to see a parent ok but Jesus Mary and Joseph if my mum or dad just had a frackin heart attack, I’d surely want to talk. It’s just normal. Time and place mate, time and place.

        • Oh brother. Is this some sort of woke shite or what? Do you want to know how many men break court orders and the police do absolutely nothing? Pick yer slimy little millennial battles. She was not arrested for the previous texts ya bugger, she’s out in the cement box for textin during a health crisis.

          • One text is enough to justify an arrest, but the other 8 texts were listed on the arrest warrant. So they WERE part of the reason for her arrest. Sorry if facts hurt.

        • The problem is she’s not a stalker. There is not evidence of stalking.

          Alleged cigarette butts on his driveway (not collected by police for analysis- or any call to the police at all— if he was so threatened, why no call to the police?).

          Alleged citing of her car by his mother. Why no call to the police? They easily could have pulled roadway footage to see if her car was indeed parked there.

          These are lies of her ex-husband.

          These kids are traumatized and alienated from their mother. The daughter is trying to cope with punishing circumstances that no child should endure.

          Who is speaking for the daughter? The ex-husband. He wants her out of the kids lives forever.

          Why did he wait weeks to file violation of a restraining order if he was so terrified? Why no call to the police?

          He only filed for a violation of restraining order AFTER Margaret filed a motion for contempt.

          • It’s also a financial strategy. If you have a restraining order then you are not obligated to help with legal fees . Chess game

      • She posed as a NYT reporter and called an associate of her ex husbands. You don’t think that is kind of twisted?

        • And btw, the arrest warrant, linked to at the FamilyCourtCircus blog, shows that Maureen texted the dad eight times before the March 4th hospital visit and subsequent text from home: Feb 17th, Feb 28th, Mar 1st, Mar 2nd, for a total of 8 messages in violation of the no-contact restraining order. So it was NOT just one text, and that one text did not happen in the middle of a heart attack. I understand with a health scare she’d want to see her kids, but she knows better than to text the dad directly. Surely she has his lawyer’s number?

          Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

          • Who is Maureen? It’s interesting to really get the details. There are always people who claim one thing but another is going on. There are so many messed up cases it’s different to know what to believe.

          • If you want total security go to prison

            In my country we go to prison first then become president

            The White House is the finest prison in the world

            Two men look out same prison bars one sees mud the other sees stars

            A Sunday school is a prison in which children do penance for the evil conscience of their parents

            Stupidly is the same as evil if you judge by the results

          • I love it. Boom. Bang. She’s thinking “ I’m gonna die … it’s all gonna be over soon… let me just call a jerk off lawyer who gets paid to fuck with me…ooooooh yeah yeah yeah let me call someone who really cares if I m gonna die when I’m at my lowest -“
            Give the broad some slack
            These people are so uptight man

          • “Surely she has his lawyers number”

            What a pompous twit.

            And don’t call me SHIRLEY!!!

            Hahaha 🤣

          • The full story

            You seem invested in this. Like way over dramatic. Did you forget to pay your cable bill again? Having some Lifetime DTs are we?

          • Tyhjmfdewsdfujmoutewagppuytvbmotuioreeeeeu

            The above is my response to full story


          • And “ by the waaaay”…??? Haha you can take your ball sack out from the inside of your anal hole !!! Ha ha totally reminds me of that South Park episode where the dude wants free medical marijuana ? So he purposefully gives himself ball cancer lol 😂 stuck his sack in a microwave until they exploded with cancer ha ha ha ha and then he bounced on his balls all over town while smoking reefer thinking he was the shizzle !!
            What a clown

          • You do realize that courts of equity have no jurisdiction or authority to take away a litigant’s fundamental liberty interest like familial association, right?

        • She’s all KGB bad ass. Hell Yeah. And if my ma did all of that just to stay in touch with me and my brother, I’d call her a frickin super hero.

          As “ super” as you’ll ever be, is like wonder bread.

          • KGB bad ass? Faking that she was a NYT reporter had nothing to do with seeing her kids. It was to hurt her ex. She called people she knew well already, as per transcript. She was not gathering info. She was just spreading damaging lied against her ex. Really “badass” if you like to support stalkers and abusers.

          • “Haha you can take your ball sack out from the inside of your anal hole !!! “

            I was only sharing what’s on the arrest warrant. Apparently you all don’t like facts?

            These custody stories sure attract a high calibre of readers. 90% of you sound brain damaged.

          • And you who always miss the salient points all sound like perverts. And you never realize how hard you glow in the dark.

          • “I’m gonna die … it’s all gonna be over soon… let me just call a jerk off lawyer”

            Except it didn’t happen that way. She didn’t text ex during her heart attack. That is a lie that’s been disproven.

        • “And you who always miss the salient points all sound like perverts.”

          You who accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being a pervert need serious mental help. Sounds like you see your perverted self in everyone. Get help.

    • What the hell is your problem?

      Whoever you are, I feel sorry for your family if that’s how you judge this situation.

      • Yeah don’t feel sorry for that lame. Clearly knows the dad or is the dad . Just another dog breath troll

        • Nope. Don’t know anyone involved. I’m just a reader of the Frank Report for many years. Have a nice day!

      • What’s my problem?
        I don’t like to enable abusers. Margaret is the abusive one here, and she is a proven liar. Beware of buying her story hook, line, and sinker, unless you like to support liars, stalkers, and abusers. Save your pity for someone who isn’t just trying to manipulate you in order to hurt her ex —and any other person she sees as disagreeing with her.

        • Why do you wifebeater types always have the same boilerplate responses? You’re NPCs who never realize your scripted lines have been said thousands of times by every other narcissistic automaton NPC.

          • Nope, no personal issue with Margaret. I just have a personal issue with being fed lies.

            I found the story shocking at first, just as everyone else did/does. How awful this poor dying mother was arrested for texting her children from her deathbed. Then I actually looked at the documentation provided and discovered the truth about the situation. And yeah, it makes me a little angry to be mislead.

            What’s strange is that in the transcript Frank linked to here, it was Margaret who engaged in classic “wife beater” behavior. The second the judge granted her ex a restraining order against her, Margaret rushed to file a restraining order against her ex. Classic abuser move. Just saying.

          • Chris, you really need to stop sitting at your kitchen table obsessing that the internet exists. It’s not healthy. Go find a script to plagiarize some latino boys or something.

    • Don’t you think police should have something better to attend to than arresting a mom texting her children?

      • The police were laughing their asses off. What are ya talking about? Cops just follow orders and think they are demagogues . They don’t give a hootin hollerin assssssssssssssss

      • She didn’t text her children. She texted her ex-husband who has a no-contact restraining order against her.

    • Oh wow. You really gave it to ‘‘em tiger! Don’t fall off your soap box

    • Consequences? Like being deprived of your heart medication? Like being cuffed to a hospital bed when you were on any case incapacitated. Ever heard the expression ‘over the top’? So a mom just wants to see her kids? It’s a shit system that denies that unless she’s been violent or abusive to them.

      • Sounds like she was “deprived” of her medication for the time it took her to walk from her door to the police car. Then it was given to her. I’d like to see the police body cam footage to get the real story here.

        • Explain the denial by the cops to let the medics work on her. Explain why it was only when the medics said she had to sign a refusal of care that the cops angrily had to let them check her out. Explain why the cops refused to uncuff her hands from behind her back when the medics asked them to so that they could work on her. Explain why the $20k bail the cop made up and the restraints which were so important moments before, magically went away when the cops didn’t get approved for overtime.

          • I will be more interested in everything you’ve said when I see the evidence. so far it is all hearsay from a woman with a track record of making things up.

  • A free attorney presenting facts and evidence to the “family court” for that mom might help. says:

    Some of her court filings look more like informal letters to the court (and less like formal motions).

    Facts and evidence help most without opinions and emotional venting, but that kind of objectivity is extremely difficult for most moms who are hardwired to raise their children.

    The problem in Margaret’s case seems to be that Connecticut judges such as Adelman enjoy watching mothers suffer.

    That’s the reason the case needs to be out the purposefully adversarial — often purposely sadistic — for-profit family court ASAP. What’s the alternative, Connecticut family court administrators?

    Decide on an alternative and do that ASAP.

    • Be careful advocating against the adversarial process. It’s the only place we have where we can vigorously defend our rights and have due process protections, if we can enforce them. The alternative is no less vicious against a targeted parent, is populated with truly evil people including the judges who got too much heat and had to vanish into retirement, but there is no public right to scrutiny and you have no due process claims or redress of grievances. It’s what the worst offender judges and lawyers lobby for. If this is what they do in the light of day imagine the evil they do to mothers and children in the shadows… The only answer is to prosecute the mafia that is trafficking people under color of law.

      • Yup, these so called court professionals. Just remember that the state of Connecticut it’s self $$$$$ has decided “All Connecticut father’s to be engaged in their children’s lives”. These legislators are no dummies. There is tons of funding for the fathers. There is zero law written in the state for mother’s. There are no financial insensitive for motherhood. Mother’s are not valuable to the state or the court system. There is a significant bias in the state against women. The MOU clearly demonstrates it. The government in Connecticut is equally responsible for the family court system problems. It’s been 10 years and the situation is the same. The only way to get accoubilty is to hold it to our elected officials responsible. I don’t believe for a minute they don’t know what is happening. Complaints at the attorney general’s office and other agencies. Time to clean up Connecticut government. The courts will follow.

      • When you have real evidence of fraud and material misrepresentation these attorneys run the other way. I tried calling tons of Attorneys. Including the office of the attorney who sports a pony tail and comfortable footwear in the court. I called the office who represented the families of Sandy hook victims. Not because I am crazy or seeking revenge.
        I tried the complaint process. They don’t want to fix the system from what I can see. I would like it fixed before my child or someone else’s child possibly has to.use it. I called around in Washington, New York and Boston. ” Your case has merit but we don’t want to get involved. ” The state of Connecticut it’s self has created a significant layer of insolation to protect themselves. I even got directed to an Attorney GAL’s office in the Hartford area. . At which point I received a lecture on father’s rights in Connecticut. Cause, apparently as a mother I didn’t have any .
        This is a national problem. I just keep bitching about Connecticut because that’s the system I was forced to go to for my divorce . It’s a hell of a process and the system keeps dragging you along for $$$$. Check out the MOU and laws passed with gender bias language. Posted already in earlier comments in Frank’s report. Of course there are women and men manipulating the courts. The family court is a complete disaster. Get some of these judges off the bench. Get some of these elected officials out of office. For god sakes do something about these attorneys. Particularly the GALs . Your grievance committee dismissing legitimate complaints is part of the big problem. At least 29 GAL complaints no one taken off the list. What is considered a danger to the public? Look at Calvery. Do something about the psychologist. It’s been 10 years already. Stop labeling people as an excuse not to fix your broken system.

  • So familiar! Common to get rookies to do dirty work for attorneys in CT- doesn’t even have to resemble a crime- it will just be one. She will be released in her own recognizance. Always out to doom mothers and children there in CT
    Ask for franks hearing and bill or particulars, then sue for wrongful arrest and incarceration

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