Fight: Bangkok and Nutjob’s Tribalism War of Words, With 5 Dishes Served Cold

In this appetizing debate between Bangkok and Nutjob, I saw opportunities to insert a few menu items and a cooking tip. Whenever either of these two combatants mentioned an animal to describe the other’s behavior, I thought of a dish I liked to prepare for the more discriminating connoisseurs.

Like revenge, these dishes are best served cold.

The context of the debate is that Nutjob had faith that I would never plead guilty to the false charges piled high against me. He commented accordingly on the story Buffalo News: Frank Parlato Speaks Out on Plea Deal Outside the Courthouse


Nutjob also called to Bangkok and Bangkok responded.

I’d apologize to Frank, but I never doubted him. As for the rest of you….have you tried the crow? Yummy….

Anyone seen that POS Bangkok? That chick better not turtle when it’s time to man up.

Recipe #1

Char-broiled Turtle Gremolata topped with Fire-Roasted Chick Chutney

Bangkok Replies to Nutjob

Mr. Nutjob, I already told Frank that I support Frank 100% on his plea deal —– and that he deserves probation only.

Who are you calling a POS?

You want me to eat crow?

If I recall correctly, you’re the dude who turtled-up (like a pussy) and slithered away after being humiliated during the Nickola Cunha debacle —- when you FALSELY predicted the national media was gonna jump on her ‘unjustified’ arrest story, where you claimed her arrest warrant was cooked-up as part of a Jewish, judge-led conspiracy, LOL.

Apologize for that, asshole.

Recipe #2

This delicious treat is not a cooked-up Jewish conspiracy, but it is Kosher.

Roman Crow and Garlic Turtle alongside Artisinal Vegan Mock Pussy Cat Confit

[As ethicists here at Frank Report, we never use cat meat, and condemn all cat-eating people. Our soy and mushroom vegan cat alternative however tastes as great as the real thing.]

Recipe #3

Baby Rosa Snake with Psychotropic Fontina and a crown of organic Caracas carrots.

Bangkok continues

I’m waiting, Mr. Nutjob, to hear you apologize and eat crow.

If I recall correctly, you’re also the SAME PUSSY who groveled before J. J. O’hara and Kristin Keeffe —— by saying that you’d actually substitute their opinions for your own on ANY topic (basically admitting that you’re an INADEQUATE MAN who can’t even think for himself).

Recipe #4

Try our vegan cat meat as a substitute for your family’s favorite recipe for catloaf.

Bangkok continues

You hurt ALL REAL MEN, Nutjob, when you grovel like that.

It’s just not very ‘manly’ to do shit like that.

Frank would not approve of such public displays of unmanliness.

You fucken hyena.

Recipe #5

Barbecued Hyena Sous-vide alongside Paleo-friendly Cambozola and Lemon Flatbread

Bangkok Continues

I know Frank agrees with me on that, even though he’ll never say it out loud (cuz he seems to like you).

Show some self-respect, sir. Stop doing that shit. Man the fuck up.

Here’s my therapeutic advice to get you back on the right track:

Find a very high place. Take 2 steps forward. Let gravity cure you.

Have a good day. 🙂


NutJob responds

You lie. Keeffe knows better than me about NXIVM, and I trust her voice. That I said.

You lie.

By, “If I recall correctly”, you really mean “Screw my weekend. I’m rereading every FR comment section till I can manufacture a comeback against this dude who just blew me up.”

You want to talk CT with me? Figures.

NXIVM is over your fucked-up head. But you’re right – you’ve always had Frank’s back on the charges against him….uh… you a pathetic POS liar.


Let’s explore Mr. Nutjob’s history of postings about me.

Mr. Nutjob keeps telling others things he WANTS to believe are true ——- but which are demonstrably NOT true.

For example, he’s always telling others that I’m just a TROLL or a wannabee SHOCK JOCK looking for a reaction, with no regard for the truth

But, what he’s likely not even admitting to himself is that the REASON he truly hates me (the reason my posts make his blood boil) is that there’s always plenty of LOGIC & TRUTHFUL ELEMENTS to my posts which go against his rabidly liberal ideology.

Recipe #6

When boiling blood, make sure you simmer for 20 minutes after reaching a boil, to get that burnt blood taste that gourmands adore.

Below: Scott Johnson [inside car] looking for Heidi.

Bangkok continues

A troll just wants to piss people off. They usually make short posts and lots of them (similar to Scott Johnson).

Whereas my posts always contain things that I truly believe — such as when I recently PROVED that Frank’s true goal of insulting Ambrose is not to help Karen regain partial custody. I proved my points using basic logic —- and Frank knows that I wiped the floor with his butt.

Sure, I usually choose to throw in a few extra insults —— but that’s just an added bonus.

My goal is to piss people off VIA THE TRUTH.

Rabid liberals cannot tolerate the truth.

If you notice, the only people being kicked off social media are people with conservative viewpoints.

It’s always liberals who are screaming to shut people up. It’s never the other way around. Liberals are the only people who hate free speech.

Here’s how idiotic most liberals are…

When Donald Trump was caught on audio tape saying “grab the pussy” ——— every liberal idiot in America, including Mr. Nutjob and Mr. Claviger, were screaming that he’s not fit to be elected president based on that comment (even though it was just a private comment, and no woman was physically harmed or harassed).

Yet, these same liberal idiots fully support Bill Clinton’s presidency — even though 6 or 7 different women claim he either raped, groped, or sexually harassed them FOR REAL.

What is worse? Saying to a friend “grab the pussy”…OR… physically groping, raping, or sexually harassing women in real life?

Liberals cannot tolerate these questions because they have no logical answer, except to claim EVERY WOMAN IS LYING about Bill Clinton.

But, when conservatives claim even ONE woman is lying (like when Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser was shown to be LYING after her own best friend admitted she never witnessed anything) —- the liberal mob calls it ‘misogyny’ and attempts to silence anybody repeating that claim by having them kicked off social media.

I can promise you that Mr. Nutjob and Mr. Claviger were BOTH people who wanted to silence anybody who questioned Kavanaugh’s accuser — even AFTER she was caught lying by claiming her best friend witnessed the act (but her best friend said she made that part up). LOL.

My point is that Nutjob is not the truth-teller he purports to be.

He’s a liberal tribalist. He believes in tribalism.

I also question why Nutjob wasn’t manly enough to get inside Lauren’s panties.

Have a good day. 🙂

The End.
Bangkok went low on that last insult. Nutjob was around during the early days of NXIVM. I am not sure Lauren had joined NXIVM by then.

To say he failed to develop a romantic relationship with her is unfounded and unfair.

The truth is that many have noticed Bangkok showed a curious sense of chivalry toward Lauren, which was not seen toward other NXIVM defendants. I wonder if Bangkok displays a little projection here. What would he have done to get his dream woman back then?

This concludes our debate for our regular readers.

The following is not worth the time for casual readers but is a bit of specialized discourse for art lovers only.

Art Critic

This painting is entitled “Bangkok’s Fantasy.”

As an art critic, here are my thoughts on this work.

The painting conceptually activates an ethereal sense of a bygone era. The iconicity of the beautiful, silvery woman attracts a kind of splendid metaphorical resonance.

Add to that the spatial relationship within the aura of the facture, and it makes resonant a remarkable handling of light, as the virile athlete, Nutjob, cannot but capture your eye with his subaqueous qualities of the figurative-narrative line-space matrix.

It is obvious, there is a glowing resonant of the larger carcass, invoking a sense of silence, which verges on codifying the entire accessibility of the work.

It is disturbed, if you will, only by the rapturous sound of beating hearts, twain, young, in love, causing an internal dynamic of the biomorphic forms.

One can go on and on. But I would only add that the devious simplicity of the eloquence of the landscape of the painting, associated, of course, with the manly sport of volleyball, which the viewer wants so much to spend time playing, on its hazel fields and pearl-gray nets, far from the cacophony and clangor of anxious uncertainty outside the arena, while codifying the inherent over-specificity just as one bats a spherical orb into the air leaping against a world of zero gravity.

Finally, the natural elements of the artist’s strokes plunge the viewer into a disjunctive perturbation, as it evokes both tranquility and hushed stillness, as it toys with hinting at the amorous propensities of hormonal overreach.

The optical suggestions of the facture make clear the mechanical mark-making of the purity of line, and bring within the realm of discourse a remarkable handling of light.

As we all agree, modern creativity overcame postmodernism and expressiveness, returning connoisseurs to the real world of reality, and the distinctive formal juxtapositions of young artists and their work, which has opened the entire brink of creative potential that had previously been inaccessible and gave us an essentially transitional quality that shone with new colors.

I reject that Bangkok will claim this painting has none of these elements. He will say it is only a Photoshop of Nutjob’s head on Keith Raniere’s body, figuratively absconding with Lauren.

Even if true, we are left to imagine two Sabine men, Vanguard and Bangkok, who watch astonished and bereft at the impudence and daring of this lust engorged Nutjob taking their woman clean away from them.

Recipe #5

Wilamette Valley Crow with Delicately Seasoned Walnut and Squash Cubes 


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1 year ago

Looking forward to future animal references!

Has there been a “data” collection by nxivm members with pre- and post weight of women involved with nxivm?

1 year ago

I hate to say it, because believe it or not, I like Frank, but I think he is another victim, along with Nickola, Karen, Michelle, etc, of the family court circus clown. I can only guess that guy must sound more intelligent/charming over the phone than he does on his blog. Somehow he convinces these people that there is zero law to support anything that is happening to them in Family Court and all they have to do is refuse to cooperate, sign their name to insane motions he files on their behalf, and somehow, magically, despite engaging in what appears what to be the worst possible behavior for parents in a custody dispute. they will get their children back. These people have been suckered, and I think they should sue that guy at the Family Court circus. Beware unsuspecting parents…He is poison!

1 year ago
Reply to  WTF

Sure you like him Ambrose

1 year ago

God this story made me hungry.

Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee
1 year ago

I had some San Fernando Valley crow with heirloom avocado and delicately seasoned rutabaga. It was outstanding.

1 year ago

Just finished Season 1 of “The Mayor of Kingstown” starring Jeremy Renner, written by the best screenwriter working today – Taylor Sheridan. They’re working on Season 2 now. Highly recommended.

The series is about human tribalism. One major theme is how some individuals are manipulated and controlled by our inherent tribal tendencies.

You can see Bangcock being controlled and manipulated here in these same ways.

Some people are just doomed.

“Life is hard. It’s harder when you’re stupid.”


1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

Nice first scene. Did Keith ever get an answer to his tennis questions? Is there a difference between sex and tennis? Is there a difference between a smooth forehand stroke and someone stroking my arm, or stroking my PENIS???

1 year ago
Reply to  Nutjob


You ever want to “Dutch Rudder” pickup the phone and call me.

I don’t have a forehand, but I got a foreskin. Mmmh?!?

Anita Chitz Onyuz
Anita Chitz Onyuz
1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

—You can see Bangcock being controlled and manipulated here in these same ways.

Don’t project on Bangkok. Bangkok is a little dickhead and tardo independent thinker. He’s very special. You on the other hand are not. There’s nothing special about you — a pathetic toolbag ain’t special.

BTW: You’re the tribalistic one. You’re a cult junky. Always attempting to join something and never being accepted. Plus the only person forced out of Scientology. Why’d you think you didn’t get the promo? Tell the truth! They wanted you to leave, dummy.

Rumor has Suneel and the others won’t respond to you. You poor, poor Baby Huey.


Poor Alonzo even the whacky
Michelle Hatchette won’t converse with you no more. LMFAO @ you!

Truth hurts don’t it?!? Ouch! 😉

Christopher's Hungry Butthole
Christopher's Hungry Butthole
1 year ago

Emily pegs Christopher’s hungry butthole, every single night.

How is Peggy, by the way?

1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

Hey Aloonzo!

—You can see Bangcock being controlled and manipulated here in these same ways.

You got it ass backwards! Nobody manipulates Bangkok.

Bangkok pulled us all down to his level.

1 year ago

The Guardian

Vegetarian women more likely to fracture hips in later life, study shows
Research suggests some vegetarians may not get sufficient nutrients for good bone and muscle health

Ian Sample Science editor@iansample, Thu 11 Aug 2022

Women who are vegetarian are more likely to experience hip fractures in later life than those who frequently eat meat, a UK study has found.

Researchers analysed health and diet records from more than 26,000 women and found that over a roughly 22-year period, vegetarians were a third more likely to break a hip than those who regularly ate meat.
Scientists estimate that food production causes 35% of greenhouse gas emissions, and meat is responsible for more than twice the pollution of plants.

The reasons for the greater risk are unclear but researchers suspect some vegetarians may not get sufficient nutrients for good bone and muscle health, leaving them prone to falls and fractures.

“The message for vegetarians is don’t give up your diet, because it is healthy for other things and environmentally friendly, but do take care to plan well and don’t miss out on nutrients that you exclude when you don’t eat meat or fish,” said Dr James Webster, a researcher at the University of Leeds.

Vegetarian diets are often considered healthier than meat-containing diets and they can reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and certain cancers. But the study published in BMC Medicine highlights the importance of a balanced diet whatever people eat.

[ … ]

Slim Good Body
Slim Good Body
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Dearie Guardian,

It’s the Vitamin B that vegetarians are lacking – causing the porous bones. Vitamin B is as important as D.

Vegetarian diets lack Vitamin B!!!!!!

“ More recently, researchers have found that another dietary nutrient—vitamin B—might play an important role in keeping our bones strong. In fact, increasing evidence is linking low bone density, or osteoporosis, and increased risk of fracture with vitamin B deficiency.”

The Guardian article should’ve EXPLAINED the WHY!!!!

Slim Good Body

Harmony Chisum
Harmony Chisum
1 year ago

Nutjob got Lauren. How cool. What a happy ending. She deserves happiness. This is a fairy tale ending.

I’m thrilled.

1 year ago

Mr. Plato how long do you cook the crow? And do you gut it ?

1 year ago

Bangkok and Nutjob: two cocky aliases.

1 year ago

Whatever. I’ll take the bait. Unfounded – yes. But not an unfair dart throw (that’s what Bangcock does – throws blind darts and screeches loudly about his guesses)

I’ll say this – Everything Bangcock typed about me and assumed about me is incorrect. I’ll give him partial credit for saying I “FALSELY predicted the national media was gonna jump on her ‘unjustified’ arrest story.” Only partial because the rest of the sentence was made up. I’d also argue that I didn’t FALSELY predict. I (at least so far) INCORRECTLY predicted.

Anyways, does poor Bangcock need a tissue? Don’t hate the player…

In all seriousness, I hope my man doesn’t underestimate the simplistic livestyle benefits of living in his mama’s basement. Just keep my past out of your fantasies. I’m already in your head enough. Let’s not make this weirder.

Knuz Succi Miahballz
Knuz Succi Miahballz
1 year ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Hey Butt Job-


There are actually a few people [redacted] Im actually not a shithead – you shithead. [redacted] jealous of me. [redacted] dickhead [redacted] A simpleton Pious/hypocritical cocksucker – sucking on your own cock. Maybe you should move to [redacted] and partake in mutual pleasure.

Knuz Succi Miahballz
Knuz Succi Miahballz
1 year ago

And to think – at one time I thought you were a good man boy was I wrong.

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