Bronfman Appeal of Sentence Denied; Must Serve Full Sentence

Clare Bronfman said, "NXIVM has very unique tools that help people become more successful and success [as] defined by them. Whether becoming more successful as a parent, as a business person, as an athlete, it helps people become more successful."

The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit today rejected Clare Bronfman’s appeal seeking to reduce her 81-month sentence.

Bronfman, 43, claimed her sentence, which was 54 months above the high end of the applicable Guidelines range. was procedurally unreasonable.

She will not get out of prison early, as she hoped. Her current release date is June 14, 2026.  She will be 47.

Bronfman is currently assigned to FCI Danbury, a low security prison. She recently settled a lawsuit with the Bureau of Prisons to remove her public safety factor designation, and is eligible for assignment to a federal prison camp.

In April 2019, Bronfman pleaded guilty to two felony counts before her codefendant Keith Raniere’s trial. Bronfman pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to conceal, harbor, and shield from detection one or more aliens for financial gain, in violation of 8  U.S.C. and unlawful transfer and use of a means of identification of another person with the intent to commit and in connection with attempted tax evasion

The advisory Guidelines sentencing range was 21 to 27 months imprisonment.

Bronfman argued Judge Garaufis erred by relying on a “clearly erroneous finding”—that Bronfman was aware of, or willfully blind to, Raniere’s abuses in DOS.

The three judge appeals’ court panel ruled, “The District Court explicitly stated that it ‘agree[d] with Ms. Bronfman that the available evidence does not establish that she was aware of DOS prior to June 2017 or that she directly or knowingly funded DOS or other sex trafficking activities.’  It acknowledged, however, that her ‘crimes were not committed in a vacuum.’  And it found ‘ most troubling’ that when, in 2017, Bronfman was ‘confronted with information about DOS . . . she doubled down on her support of Raniere and pursued her now familiar practice of attacking his critics.’

After Bronfman learned about DOS in 2017, Bronfman issued a public statement in which “she falsely characterized DOS as a ‘sorority’ that ‘truly benefited the lives of its members.’”

Judge Garuafis stated Bronfman had a “pattern of willful blindness when it comes to Raniere.”

The judge acknowledge before sentencing her that Bronfman may not have known of DOS before 2017, [when Frank Report broke the news to the public] but, as Judge Garaufis said, “she did not want to know either.”

Bronfman argued the judge ignored disparities between her sentence and
the sentences imposed on her co-defendants—Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell—in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 3553(a)( which requires a district court to consider “the need to avoid unwarranted sentence disparities among defendants with similar records who have been found guilty of similar conduct.”

Mack got 3 years, Slazman and Russell got probation.

The 2nd Circuit wrote: “Bronfman’s conduct—before and after her indictment—readily distinguishes her from Mack, Salzman, and Russell, two of whom cooperated with the Government and received sentencing reductions.”

Bronfman argued that her 81-month sentence was excessive, because of statistics that showed that of 27 defendants convicted of the same crimes she committed, none received an above-Guidelines sentence.

Judge Garaufis said at her sentencing, “the context of Ms. Bronfman’s criminal conduct places her in an[] altogether different category from other defendants convicted of the same offenses.”

The 2nd Circuit ruled “we find that the District Court acted well within its discretion in arriving at its conclusion.”

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    • You deserve credit for your lifestyle choices. Even though you are staunchly opposed to homosexuality that never stopped you and Scott from being Night Riders.

      • Frank-

        I merrily follow the trail blazed by the greatest man of all time
        Roger Stone. Roger famously said, “I’ll try anything once.”
        I’m emulating my hero.

        Doing DP with Scott’s lady, we mistakenly did the Illinois Hi-Five before performing DP. It happens. We ain’t pecker checkers.

        • I like the fact that you are moving away from feeling guilty about sleeping with 50 different people a week to feeling guilty when you do not.

  • Keep your ears open for her sudden onset of asthma, or other health condition to crowbar an early release from jail. These things happen everyday.

    I am glad she will serve the full sentence. Idont say this out of vindictiveness or rancour. As a Buddhist the manipulation of one of the Lamas monks to get him in front of Raniere makes me angry. I will admit that. But this woman needs to spend as much time in prison and away from the mesmerising influence of the other deluded souls who still thinks the second coming of the Christ, Baby Jesus Keith, was one of histories most important events. In time, when she is confronted with herself in a prison cell, maybe she will turn into something or someone useful in life. I don’t believe that she gave Keith 100 million dollars, and he squandered it. 100 million dollars in good hands in the world could change lives, surely she would prefer to do that. She has time now. It’s hers. And it’s free.

  • I was watching a documentary on hippie guru Ira Einhorn who murdered his girlfriend and then fled the US. It turns out Claire Bronfman’s Aunt (Married to Edgar’s brother) was a huge supporter of Einhorn and helped him financially after he fled the US. Einhorn was so much like Keith – misogynist, sexist, sadist, narcissist, and bad hygiene. Also gave himself a stupid nickname ‘The Unicorn’, I’m surprised Claire didn’t learn from her Aunt’s mistake.

    • Thanks for this information. Unbelievable: another Bronfman woman bankrolling a criminal: a murderer no less. Thankfully there was justice in the end!

    • Super wealth destroys the personality. These people are defined by money, they don’t develop emotionally or socially, just frozen to their cheque books. People don’t see the person, they see the money. Everyone and everything is bought. From an education, a group of friends and the money greases every aspect of their lives. Clare is fucked. Her feeling of importance and meaning was predicated around Keith. She is in an empty husk. Prison could be the salvation of her. All that cash and she got heavy time.

      • People don’t see the person, they see the money Gee dont you think thats unfair of people. ?
        Maybe that’s part of why some people still care for Clare?

    • This is SO insane that Clare’s aunt bankrolled another cult leader and criminal and Ira Einhorn no less.


  • but HERSELF.

    The Court of Appeals got this one right: ‘she doubled down on her support of Raniere’


    She may have had a shot in hell if she still weren’t funding him and his frivolous lawsuits and the Dead Enders endless and nonsensical crusade. If she hadn’t continued to stand by her man in these ways while incarcerated and after pleading guilty, she may have found some empathy with the Justices.

    Perhaps by 2026 she’ll realize the truth about Raniere: he was a con man. Nothing more, nothing less. She was a great mark for him, her and her billions.

    Poor. Dumb. Rich. Clare.

  • Clare uses her money and power to target and destroy people. She is where she needs to be.

    No doubt when she gets out she’ll return to her ways. It’s who she is.

  • RE Clare Bronfman Appeal Denied:

    Hahaha! Hahahaha! Haha! Hah! Ha!

    Hey Nicki! Why don’t you care about Clare? Clare and Sarah are footing the bill for absolutely everything. Clare cares about you, She even mentioned you and the rest as “many in NXIVM amount to nothing more than ne’er-do-wells, whom I support.”

    Where’s your outrage and defense of Clare?

  • At least she’s in a facility that reflects accurate report. Taking someone’s liberty is enough. No need to pile on bs offenses that were never committed.

  • Frank, what about sister Sarah? Wasn’t she high ranking in NXIM too? Where does she live? Does she ever show support for Claire? Any chance she will ever show up in our country again? Or will she be arrested if she ever steps foot here?

  • Clare Bronfman’s appeal was uniquely unsuccessful and unsuccessful (as) defined by Clare. An unsuccessful appeal filed for Bronfman that’s unsuccessful in freeing Clare

    * written in the style of the unsuccessful quote about success achieved thru nxivm classes attributed to Clare in which she used “successful” 4x’s in 2 short sentences. Unsuccessfully.

  • A bad day for Clare…..a good day for justice…..
    In three years time she will fly in her private jet to her Fiji resort and – for the first time- will really, really appreciate and enjoy the freedom and luxury of that place

    After that, she will continue spending millions in litigation on Keith’s enemies.

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