Allison Mack Prison Sentence Extended 3 Months, Nancy Shaves 2 Months Off

Allison Mack

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Allison Mack to 36 months in federal prison. She pleaded guilty to two felonies: racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

Mack reported to the Federal Correctional Institute, Dublin, on Monday, September 13, 2021. Initially, the BOP gave her a release date of March 27, 2024 – 30 months and two weeks.

This date came with an assumed six months off for good behavior. 

The BOP gave her a register number: 90838-053. She was 39 when she entered. She is 40 now. 

Dublin is a low-security prison. It appears Allison took educational programs there for more time off credit. Several months ago, she got a new release date. The BOP took three and one-half months off, amending her release date to December 15, 2023. 

But now she seems to have lost the time. The BOP currently lists her release date as March 29, 2024.

A source familiar with the system said, “She must have violated something, broke a rule or failed to follow one. She took courses and earned additional time off and then she fucked up and lost good time.” 

Nancy Salzman

By the way, Nancy will get out earlier than expected. Her release date was February 12, 2025. The BOP modified her release date to December 4, 2024.

She has 25 months to go in FCI Hazelton. But because she is 68, she may qualify for compassionate release or get time off for old age and taking courses. 

She shaved off more than two months.

Pervy Sex

In Episode 1 of Season 2 of the Vow, Nancy Salzman said:

“I had a conversation with my daughter recently who explained to me that the only time that Keith Raniere ever enjoyed any kind of sexual relationship was when there was something a little bit depraved about it. She said to me, like, when you went away on vacation, he used to love to have sex all over your house. And you wouldn’t know. He would love that sort of thing—or it had to be a threesome, or it had to be some kind of off thing.”

The daughter referenced is Lauren Salzman. How did Lauren know about having sex all over her mother’s house? How come she did not tell her mother?

Nancy Salzman’s house in Half Moon NY.

Nancy admitted in her sentencing memorandum that she had sex with Raniere. Did she admit that to the filmmakers for the Vow?

Did she corroborate that when Raniere had sex with her, it had to be a threesome or some kind of “off thing.” 

Or did she act as if she had never had sex with him, and this perverted side of Raniere was a surprise to her?

Her sentencing memorandum reads, “Like many others, she was forced to diet to meet his ideal of a perfect woman and, and no matter how thin she became, she was never thin enough. In the beginning, after meeting all of Raniere’s demands, she was told without explanation that he would not continue a physical relationship with her. That, however, was not enough for him. Although he refused her a physical relationship, he did not want her to have intimate relationships with others, claiming that doing so ‘was not in her best interest.'”

Ratings Down on the Vow

The Vow episode one of season 2 had lower viewership than any episode of the Vow season 1. 

In fact, the first season 2 episode, ‘Test of Loyalty,’ had less than half of most of the nine episodes of season 1.

According to ShowBuzz, Test of Loyalty, which premiered on October 17, 2022, had 143,000 viewers. 

Title Air date Rating
1 The Science of Joy August 23, 2020 0.07 0.342[30]
2 Viscera August 30, 2020 0.09 0.338[31]
3 At Cause September 6, 2020 0.06 0.341[33]
4 Building Character September 13, 2020 0.05 0.304[34]
5 Class 1 Data September 20, 2020 0.08 0.362[35]
6 Honesty & Disclosure September 27, 2020 0.09 0.318[36]
7 The Dossier October 4, 2020 0.06 0.257[37]
8 The Wound October 11, 2020 0.05 0.266[38]
9 The Fall October 18, 2020 0.07 0.360[39]

Season 2

Viewership and ratings per episode of The Vow
No. Title Air date Rating
1 Tests of Loyalty October 17, 2022 0.03 0.143[41]

Dropping Defendants

Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Attorney Neil Glazer represents about 70 plaintiffs in his NXIVM lawsuit.

They are suing NXIVM leaders.

Glazer dropped Nancy and Lauren Salzman, and Karen Unterreiner as defendants. There has been speculation about why he let the two Salzman’s go.

Nancy was the president of NXIVM, and Lauren was one of DOS’s first-line slave masters.

DOS First-Line Masters with their Master in the middle.

I do not know the exact reason Glazer dropped these defendants, though I can take a guess.

#1 They do not have any money and they are willing to testify against defendants Clare and Sara Bronfman who do have money.

Still, it is peculiar. Two of the lead plaintiffs, Daniela and Camila, have more serious claims against the Salzmans than the Bronfmans.

For instance, Lauren was the point person for Daniela’s confinement of almost two years.

Camila accuses Nancy of grooming her when she was 13. She alleges Nancy worked to cut her off from her family to put her in the predatory path of Raniere.

The Bronfman sisters between them have more than $500 million and are the reason for the lawsuit. And cause enough to drop the lawsuit against three women who might help the plaintiffs get some of it.

Raniere Still in SHU

Last we heard Keith Raniere is still in the SHU and has been cut off from directly contacting almost all of his old NXIVM followers.

This looks like a lead up to his transfer to another facility, which I predict will occur after the first of the year.

Changing Documents

Allegations have been made that the documentaries play fast and loose with the truth. All documentaries everywhere.

We have been reporting on Marc Elliot’s lawsuit against Lionsgate, producers of Seduced.

But when is a little fudging OK? In the world of documentary making, the show must go on.

This is the actual government exhibit of the inner circle in USA v Raniere.

Below is how the Vow presented the inner circle.

You’ll note they took out all last names and blurred out several individuals. But curiously, they did not blur out the exhibit number. Some might think this was the original government exhibit when they saw it on air.

This altering of a document and presenting it as real seems perfectly acceptable in documentary making. In journalism, this would be a serious breach and could get a reporter fired.

In a court of law, the alteration of an exhibit or evidence and presenting it as untouched would be a criminal offense.

So it is all situational.

For Marc Elliot, though the producers of seduced took some nasty liberties, I doubt he has much of a leg to stand on.  That’s show biz.



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  • Frank,
    Do you think that Allison Mack violated the terms of her sentence by having contact with someone from Nxvim? Wasn’t that part of the terms of her plea deal?

  • SFist

    27 OCTOBER 2022
    Third Employee of Dublin Federal Women’s Prison Pleads Guilty to Sex Abuse Crimes

    The third of five officers and employees of the federal women’s correctional facility in Dublin to be charged with sex abuse crimes, former prison cook Enrique Chavez, pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of groping an inmate.

    Chavez, who lives in Manteca, was charged with two instances of “abusive sexual contact” with one particular inmate, and according to court documents, both instances occurred in October 2020. Chavez is now the third officer or employee at the Federal Correctional Institute in Dublin (FCI-Dublin) to plead guilty to similar crimes.

    Prosecutors say that Chavez, on at least two occasions, touched or fondled the inmate “with an intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, degrade, or arouse or gratify the sexual desire” of himself or the inmate. On one occasion he intentionally touched the victim’s breasts and buttocks, and on the other occasion he touched the woman’s genitals as well.

    As KTVU reports, Chavez’s plea today before U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, is the third to come from five men who worked at the prison who have been charged. Chavez faces up to two years in prison for each count.

    Former prison chaplain James Highhouse pleaded guilty to sex abuse crimes and has been sentenced to seven years, which he’s expected to begin serving next week.

    Another former correctional officer at FCI Dublin, Ross Klinger, pleaded guilty to having abusive sexual contact with three inmates at the prison — and they further accuse him of psychological abuse using their personal files as fodder against them. One of those inmates, identified only as M.R. in court documents, has separately filed a sexual assault and battery case against Klinger — and it’s the first such federal civil lawsuit alleging sexual assault in at least 25 years. He is still awaiting sentencing in the federal criminal case. M.R. further alleges that Klinger threatened to kill her if she told anyone about their sexual contact, and she says she was retaliated against by other officers at FCI-Dublin when she landed back there for violating her parole, after being released to a halfway house and continuing to be in contact with Klinger.

    The prison’s former warden, Ray J. Garcia, 55, of Merced, was charged in August of this year with seven counts of sexually abusive conduct towards three women and one count of making false statements to government agents. Garcia has pleaded not guilty, and as KTVU reports, he will be headed to trial next year.

    Also pleading not guilty is former correctional officer John Bellhouse, who is also headed to trial.

    FCI-Dublin has frequently been portrayed in the media as a “country club” due to its minimum security and a few of its high-profile recent inmates, like Varsity Blues scandal figures Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Checking in to FCI-Dublin last year was NXIVM cult figure Allison Mack — featured in HBO’s The Vow — who has about two years left on her sentence.

    Previously: Former Warden at Dublin Women’s Prison Indicted on More Sexual Abuse Charges, Victim List Continues to Grow

  • The nxivm case is an example of how biased our legal system is and that justice is all very much a game. You have people as guilty as those behind bars suing others as victims of an enterprise from which they profited. Lives and truth hold little value; it’s all about power and dominance. Rules and laws don’t apply.

  • Our society is all about punishment. How do you break one rule and lose 3 months of your life? Sociopaths in positions of power are ruling our government. The courts are out of control and there is no due process.

    • Do you know what rule she broke? Gonna bet you don’t. Way to assume it’s not an important rule. How dare she be told to follow rules while in prison! Total madness! What is it with people trying to minimize how vacuous this woman is.

  • “It must of been strange for Lauren swallowing the same load her mom swallowed. I know it was awkward for my grandma and myself sharing my dad’s goo.”


    • You should talk… The fleeting chimera of the airbrushed centerfold, always receding before you, keeps you destabilized in pursuit, unable to focus on the beauty of the one woman–known, marked, lined, familiar—-the only woman ever willing to be with you – your own mother.

  • Interesting updates Frank!

    “…she fucked up and lost good time”

    Like master, like disciple. Mack truly seems to be cut from the same cloth as Raniere. Both defiant, both consider themselves exceptional and refuse to play by the rules. Both of them losers.

    All we hear about these two felons is their fuckups. That and complaints about how lousy poor Keith gets treated.

    What we never hear from his loyal minions is the wonders Raniere ought to be accomplishing behind bars. You’d think a genius of his caliber would’ve written his manifesto by now. Taught himself Italian and Japanese. Taught his entire cell block advanced calculus. Published his memoirs. I mean, even Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison.

    No, the only word from that loser is his self-pitying complaints and venting his impotent rage.

    And his student seems still following her Master. Seems like she’d be following dear Master right down into the SHU, if Dublin had an SHU.

  • “In Episode 1 of Season 2 of the Vow, Nancy Salzman said:”

    “I had a conversation with my daughter recently who explained to me that the only time that Keith Raniere ever enjoyed any kind of sexual relationship was when there was something a little bit depraved about it. She said to me, like, when you went away on vacation, he used to love to have sex all over your house. And you wouldn’t know. He would love that sort of thing—or it had to be a threesome, or it had to be some kind of off thing.”

    I watched both episode 1 and 2 and I have not seen this said anywhere.

    Can you please provide a time stamp of this?

    Otherwise this is an error that you need to correct.

  • Frank, when in episode 1 did Nancy talk about this phone call with her daughter about Keith? I must’ve missed this?

      • Dude,

        This is something that hasn’t been shown in the show yet!

        I’ve watched both episodes thoroughly and this is bullshit! There have been several news articles giving away shit like this and I’ve thought to myself, “are these people getting some kind of early access to the entire season?”

        Just like they’ve predicted that there will be only 9 episodes and even provided each of the episode’s titles. So I really think that certain people in media have gotten early access to it to review it and that’s what’s going on!

        Nancy Salzman *DID NOT* talk about all that threesome or sex shit in her house in “Episode 1 of Season 2 of the Vow”, like Frank claims not did that article link post that he posted up say that either. It didn’t tell what episode it was, it only told you that it occurred.

        There are several other revelations in that article that was brought up that hasn’t been shown in the show yet.

        Such as,

        “Salzman’s recollection of the time Raniere let NXIVM exec Pam Cafritz, who was dying of cancer, *lay in her own feces while he finished his morning breakfast*.”

        [Thats pretty fucked up and discussing!]

        The discussion of specific sex toys such as the “Good Boy Wireless Vibrating Remote Puppy Plug.”

        [Yes I know this has been discussed and known about on FR but not on the show!]

        Daniella’s entire story of her relationship with Keith that is allegedly going to be told from her own mouth in the series as the article seemingly implies,

        As well as,

        ‘“At one point in The Vow Part II, Daniela is seen filming Raniere, who turned to the camera and says, “So in other words, every time you start filming you can suck my cock?”’

        [Notice how they don’t give you an episode but say, “AT ONE POINT IN THE VOW PART II. So this means that they are seeing the episodes in advance!]

        None of these things have happened yet. So somehow they know about this before us. So no. None of this has happened yet and they should put up a “Spoiler Alert:” before doing that!


  • Nicki Clyne
    A candid conversation about last night’s episode of HBO’s ‘The Vow’ from women who were part of NXIVM and DOS for years.

    • So, Im confused Dossier Project:

      You’re all there, together, not in jail.

      You’re all behind the Women’s movement or aspect part of the Dossier Project.

      So why not just continue it?

      If you ” moved on”, you’d have more credibility.

      By being stuck in the rut of Vanguard, you sound like his harem.

      Which is it?

      My humble opinion.

      • Totally agree, “anonymous 4:40 am!” Why can’t they be a bad-ass women’s group without Keith Raniere? Why do they need to continue to uphold this man? He has clearly hurt a lot of people. If he’s totally innocent, and did nothing wrong, how is that so many people think he’s bad??? Obviously, he fucked up somewhere!

        Nicki Clyne has minimized his behavior by saying he was maybe a “bad boyfriend,” but she won’t even say what made him a bad boyfriend! The way they defend him is pathological and sad.

        Also, if DOS was so great, it would not have imploded the way it did. It’s obvious that there was something fundamentally wrong with the program.

  • Do her bad acts actually come back to Allison? So far, considering her criminal acts so far, Allison has been spoiled in terms of the sentence and gotten off record leniently.

  • Re “Mack reported to the Federal Correctional Institute, Dublin, on Monday, September 13, 2021. Initially, the BOP gave her a release date of March 27, 2024 – 30 months and two weeks.”

    Apparently the date has been corrected again, however, because now the release date is March 29, 2024.

    Retrieved on 10/26/2022
    Federal Bureau of Prisons

    Register Number: 90838-053
    Age: 40
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Dublin FCI
    Release Date: 03/29/2024

  • So knowing that Allison had nothing to do with child exploitation, whether real or manufactured, and knowing that one of the hit pieces targeting her has been exposed as “show biz,” the prison’s response is to tighten her shackles and make her suffer some more? Sure, why not?

    This, while the company president is removed from the civil suit, because one of the lead plaintiffs who herself was an executive in the organization is friends with the president’s daughter. You know, the one accused of imprisoning an underage girl in a room for two years.

    But Allison and two rank and file members are still targets, meaning that this lawsuit is based on who is friends with who, and who isn’t, and not on what people actually did or what their roles were.

    Did the other plaintiffs agree to this? Did they even have a say?

    This is why you don’t break bread with carnys. Because they’re really, really carny, and can’t help themselves.

  • —I had a conversation with my daughter recently who explained to me that the only time that Keith Raniere ever enjoyed any kind of sexual….

    Nancy would know! She gave her daughters to Kieth Raniere after Nancy banged him.
    This is fact as reported here in the Frank Report!

      • Practicing for a documentary, you say Nut job? I wish someone would get one right. A movie perhaps 🤔? With dark music and sadistic planning. DOS rituals, cold showers, naked, thin, hungry bodies. And the branding. Where is the real drama?
        Frank, I demand a grand visual of the drama that is Nxivm!

    • If they’ll upgrade his booking to the Colorado Marriott, I think his communication with the apostles will be unaffected. I imagine it will be the same as now, exchange as many messages as he feels like through the lawyers.

      Wouldn’t that be the case?

  • Very disappointed in season 2 so far. Definitely not as raw as season 1. Everything seems staged. And the worst part is the cheesy court re-enactments,which are almost cartoon like. Not sure what the thinking was on that. Frank, what’s your thoughts so far after the first 2 episodes?

  • Frank
    Release dates ? Why? Why is it that the control freaks and killers should have a release date @ all ? What is wrong with this picture ? Why NOT question therm while they are in prison about Kris Snyder ? Why NOT place them under oath & make them answer that way ?
    Nancy shouldn’t be OUT EVER – seducer, killer !!!!!!!!!

      • Federal Register
        The Daily Journal of the United States Goverment

        Good Conduct Time Credit Under the First Step Act
        A Rule by the Prisons Bureau on 02/11/2022


        Bureau of Prisons, Justice.


        Final rule.


        The Bureau of Prisons (Bureau or BOP) modifies regulations on Good Conduct Time (GCT) credit to conform with legislative changes under the First Step Act (FSA). The changes made by the FSA to the process for awarding GCT credit have resulted in recalculation of the release date of most inmates. This final rule adopts the same calculation method set forth in the proposed rule published on this subject, and finalizes that proposed rule with the following minor change(s) described below.


        This rule is effective March 14, 2022.


        Sarah N. Qureshi, Rules Administrator, Office of General Counsel, Bureau of Prisons, phone (202) 353-8248.


        I. Overview

        In this document, the Bureau modifies regulations on GCT credit to conform with changes made in the First Step Act of 2018 (FSA), Public Law 115-391, December 21, 2018, 132 Stat 5194. The Bureau published a proposed rule on this subject on December 31, 2019 (84 FR 72274) with a comment deadline of March 2, 2020. Seventy-four comments were received during the comment period. Six of those 74 comments supported the proposed rule without qualification. The remaining 68 comments raised some common issues, which we address below.

        II. Background.

        Section 102(b) of the FSA amended 18 U.S.C. 3624(b) to provide that inmates may receive up to 54 days of GCT credit for each year of the sentence imposed by the court, instead of for each year of actual time served.


        18 U.S.C. 3624(b)(1) (“[A] prisoner who is serving a term of imprisonment of more than 1 year other than a term of imprisonment for the duration of the prisoner’s life, may receive credit toward the service of the prisoner’s sentence of up to 54 days for each year of the prisoner’s sentence imposed by the court . . . .”). As a practical matter, prior to this change, awarding GCT credit for each year of actual time served had routinely resulted in a de facto cap of roughly 47 days per year of GCT credit.

        See Barber



        560 U.S. 474, 479 (2010). This final rule supports the FSA’s modification of the GCT credit determination, which will result in recalculation of the release date of most current inmates (with the exception of those serving sentences for offenses committed before November 1, 1987, sentences of one year or less, and sentences of life imprisonment).

        Under section 102(b)(2) of the FSA, this change to the manner in which GCT credit is applied could not be made effective until the Attorney General completed and released a recidivism risk and needs assessment system, which was done on July 19, 2019. A total of 3,163 inmates were released from Bureau custody on July 19, 2019, after the Bureau recalculated release dates under the amended GCT credit scheme in the FSA.

        The Bureau has completed the process of recalculations for the remainder of the inmate population, prioritizing recalculations by proximity of projected release dates, and releasing inmates as appropriate. This rule focuses primarily on the proper calculation of GCT credit for the last chronological year of an inmate’s term of imprisonment, implementing the statutory instruction that “credit for the last year of a term of imprisonment shall be credited on the first day of the last year of the term of imprisonment.” 18 U.S.C. 3624(b)(1). The Bureau has applied this calculation method since July 19, 2019, and the calculation method is the same one set forth in the Bureau’s proposed rule.

        [ … ]

  • You can tell Nancy is only concerned about how this all impacted her, not the wider implications Keith and Nancy caused. Worse still, she doesn’t seem to have any kind of remorse for what Keith did to her own daughter. The fact she’s more angry with Sarah than Keith speaks volumes about her.

  • People aren’t stuck at home looking for something to watch.

    There’s no surprise that a TV show might see a dip as a result.

    People watched a lot more shows andl shows they maybe wouldn’t have watched, if they weren’t stuck at home with nothing else to do and nowhere to go.

    Nancy thinks she is a lot more charming and likable than reality bears out.

    That’s what happens when you’re in a bubble and people are forced to respect and worship you. You start thinking your stories are great and your jokes are funny and you look like a million bucks. But to the average person you look like a very bitter old lady with terrible taste who isn’t particularly interesting in any regard.

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