Missing 4 Years, Was Ben Szemkus a Victim of Clinton or Biggest Liar?

Did Ben Szemkus fall prey to Hillary Clinton's witchcraft and wind up in a pickle?

Some smart, but not very nice guy wrote:

Ben Szemkus has been missing for over 3 to 4 years.
Why hasn’t Frank Report reported on this story? Frankly, Frank has some explaining to do.
The last time Ben was seen was at a party with Frank Parlato,
Roger Stone, Elliot Spitzer, Stormy Daniels and Loni Anderson.
A green light was clearly visible right before Ben disappeared.
Frank has a green light on his boat. As per regulation requirement by US Coast Guard. It’s no coincidence!
What is going on here?

According to edency.com Ben went missing four years ago.

Is Ben Szemkus Missing?

You may not recognize his name, but he’s the guy who came forward about attending a NVIXM recruiting party several tears back. He asserts that James Alefantis, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abidine, and Stormy Daniels. He also asserts that they had a snuff video that they watched.
James Alefantis in attendance only further strengthens the #pizzagate case against him in regards to being a child trafficker and molester.
Ben had taken a polygraph and it was determined he was being truthful about the facts he brought forth….

It could be darker than it appears…

GodsKingdom cast suspicion on the Clintons.

Quoting the WorldsTruth, [now defunct, possibly made so by the Clintons?] GodsKingdom wrote:

The whistleblower who exposed the Clinton’s ties to child sex cult NXIVM has gone missing and is feared dead, according to reports.

Ben Szemkus spent months exposing how people closely connected to the Clinton family, including Huma Abedin, Eric Schneiderman, Stormy Daniels and Anthony Weiner were all members of the infamous sex cult.

Dr. Stephen Jones of GodsKingdom has evidence that “Hillary was part of a witch’s coven that met in California.”

He wrote, “If there are any other whistleblowers out there, please understand that Hillary Clinton… will stop at nothing to prevent her exposure. Take serious steps to protect yourself.”

Dr. Jones explains “Satanists are well represented in every state government and in the federal government.. They are well motivated to seek to control the government and law enforcement in order to hide their crimes.”

What happened to poor Ben? Did Satanists get him for speaking about a party?

Ben said he attended a Nxivm “mixer” in Hamden, Connecticut, in February 2007. Ben revealed the people in attendance.

Ben Szemkus
  1. Stormy Daniels [with bodyguard].
  2. Keith Raniere
  3. Allison Mack
  4. Anthony Weiner, then a US Congressman
  5. Huma Abedin, Weiner’s girlfriend, later wife, and Hillary Clinton aide.
  6. Eric Schneiderman, then a NY State Senator.
  7. James Alefantis of “Pizzagate.” An internet conspiracy alleges Hillary Clinton and John Podesta ran a child-trafficking ring out of Alefantis’s DC restaurant, Comet Ping Pong.
  8. Clare Bronfman
  9. Sara Bronfman.
  10. Nancy Salzman
  11. A dozen women attending Yale.
  12. Catherine Oxenberg
  13. India Oxenberg [then aged 15]
  14. Michael Avenatti
  15. Elliot Spitzer
  16. Ashley Dupree,  the woman at the center of Spitzer’s prostitution scandal that forced his resignation as governor a year after the party.
  17. David Brock, political consultant who founded Media Matters for America.
  18. Frank Parlato
  19. Roger Stone.
  20. Brandon Porter [with a clipboard]
  21. Ben Szemkus, with an unnamed female friend.

 After Ben revealed the party, some questioned Ben’s honesty. Ben took a lie detector test and passed it. On March 1, 2018, 

Ben tweeted:, naming others at the party he had not mentioned before. 

“As I was leaving, Elliott Spitzer and Ashley Dupres were walking in like movie stars (those were the only pictures I saw that were taken at that event).” 

Ben’s Twitter account is now gone.

We have been unable to determine if Satanists at Twitter took it away or if Clinton used witchcraft. 

When I interviewed Ben, he said Stormy Daniels went into a bedroom with Raniere and got branded.

Image result for roger stone ashley dupre
Ellliot Spitzer went to the mixer in CT? At the time of the party, Spitzer was governor of New York.
Catherine Oxenberg, with daughter India in 2007. India was 15 at the time of Szemkus’ party.

Image result for david brock 2007

David Brock – a consigliere of the Clinton family.

Image result for michael avenatti

Michael Avenatti became Stormy Daniels lawyer years later. Ben said he was at the party in 2007.

Roger Stone  

Eric Schneiderman was an NYS state senator in 2007. He became NYS Attorney General in 2011. He resigned after women alleged Schneiderman beat them and called them slaves.

Is Allison Mack a man? Ben wondered.

Ben said that Allison Mack wore a green wool overcoat with black leather boots to the party. She had “chubby mechanic hands” and thick ankles. Underneath her coat, she wore a “dark colored corset and a mini skirt.”

Ben thought she might be a tranny.

At first, Raniere was walking about, looking at pictures on the walls.

“He had that air about him. The owner. He was very calm. Very aloof,” Ben remarked.

Keith Raniere around 2007
Keith spoke about recruiting college women to teach children languages, Ben said.

Ben said Stormy and her bodyguard turned down Ben’s offer of marijuana.

“Stormy may have been nervous because that might have been the night she got branded,” Ben recalled.

“A skinny baldish white dude” [later identified by Ben as Dr. Brandon Porter] took notes on a clipboard.

Clare had a white poster board on which she wrote in big letters.

The Mixer

The mixer began with low lights and party music. There was hard liquor, no food, and no drugs.

Schneiderman spoke to Ben about “the movement they were building” and asked if Ben had talked to Keith.

Something was going on in the bedrooms because the lights were off. Keith and Allison were in the main bedroom with Stormy at some point.

The Bronfmans were on the couch.

Nancy Salzman introduced Ben to the Bronfman sisters. He thought they were lesbian hippie chicks.

Image result for james alefantis
James Alefantis

Alefantis was wearing a tight, white designer shirt. “He was the classic gay man. Mr. Savy. He always had something witty to say,” Ben said.

Abedin and Wiener

An Arabian woman and a sweaty man entered the party while Raniere, Mack, and Stormy were in the bedroom.

They were Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin.

Wiener “mentioned the NXIVM movement. He had a very vested interest in being there and seeing what was going on,” Ben said.

“Huma had a mystical look. One point when I was looking at her across the room and she was staring right at me it looked like she was steaming; it just seemed like when you turn on a stove really hot.” Ben said.

Ashley Dupree arrived as Ben was leaving. He could not say if she got branded.

Before Ben left, Wiener said, ‘Hey Huma, have we got the info on everyone here?’

Huma got Ben’s signature on a sheet with the others. Ben’s signature was on the top of a printed sheet for taking names and phone numbers.

Now poor Ben is missing, and nobody can find him.

I was in Big Pine Key at the time of the party and had a boat with a green light. Keith Raniere used a blue light.

That suggests I’m innocent.

Did Satanists get Ben Szemkus. Or did he decide to lay low and stop making an ass of himself?

He may have been the last casualty of Executive Success Programs.





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  • Where does he ever say you were at that party or did you just invite yourself to try to stay relevant. This is as bad as how you edited what he actually says into a bunch of garbage he didn’t say at all. Post the actual links and let people decide for themselves.

    • On March 1, 2019, Ben tweeted:

      “To Clear Things Up….. this is the list of People I met at a NXIVM Recruitment Party over a decade ago. twitter.com/benszemkus/sta…
      “Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, Stormy Daniels, Eric Schneiderman, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Claire Bronfman, Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Michael Avenatti, James Alefantis, David Brock, Frank Parlato and Roger Stone.”

      His account is now deleted on Twitter. Probably because he made up this whole story.

  • Dont know about his testimony. It may be fake. But Cafritz link to James Alefantis is something to consider. Theres strong link between him and that family. No need to look further than his Facebook friends and archived Instagram. He is close friends even with Jane R Cafritz who was photographed with mother of child trafficker Pamela Cafritz.

    • No need to wait, because I may NOT go to prison – for a single failure to file an IRS form 8300 in 2010 – for $19,000. Especially since I paid taxes on the money years ago. That was the only charge I pleaded guilty to.

      But even if I go to prison, I will get out. But mental illness is not easily cured. It may hold you in captivity all of your life Scott.

      I hope Ben cures himself of his unfortunate lie by confessing he made the whole thing up.

      But can you cure your illness Scott – aa stupid and incessant need to be nasty to people – so much so that you attract hatred from people who do not even know you?

        • Scott Johnson is not just mentally ill. He has deep sadistic tendencies. We joke about it here, but it is not funny. This poor man deserves to be institutionalized for his own good.

          Prison is not the answer, though I heard he swindled quite a few through his Amway scamming. Much of his hatred toward Amway is his own projection I believe.

          His natural need to hate people smarter than he is, [99 percent of the population] gets out of control. So he trolls. But we have to have compassion. He is truly mentally ill.

          Nutjob, I know you to be a compassionate human being. We should try to stop mocking him on this website, and recognize mental illness during Mental Illness Week.

          It may be directly tied to some sexual misadventures he had. I heard Johnson was molested once by a man who is said to have looked not unlike Nice Guy.

          Scott reportedly said, “He crossed the line between accepted behavior and behavior most of the population would consider a lynching offense. It had been dirty and nasty but I wanted more.”

          • I will try to stop mocking poor Scooter. Instead, I’ll start mocking niceguy for the dirty, disgusting things he does with Scoot.

            I remember the time niceguy tried to organize the group masturbation with the male FR commenters. (He claimed it was so we could compare our junk to that of Vanguard and Robbie.) I think the only ones to show were niceguy, Amway boy, and a surprise appearance by a masked Claviger.

      • How do I deal with a passive aggressive person?

        How to best deal with the passive-aggressive behavior of others:
        – Most importantly, don’t be provoked.
        – Mirror the effect of your counterpart, point out consequences and
        set limits.
        – Pay attention to clear communication and – if necessary – turn away.

    • Hi Scott-

      I miss you so much!

      You sure are a’shit more interesting oddball character than I ever imagined.

      I find even more ponderous than when I thought you were a moronic, trailer park, piece of shit.

      Now, I believe you’re a—
      dorky, moronic, trailer park, piece of shit…..

      My buddy, from my college days makes a living the same way you do. I bet you know who he is.

      I’m stumped as to why you ever harassed Heidi. It’s out of character to who you purport to be as person.
      It’s totally mind boggling!

  • Consider the photo of Stormy Daniels:
    I found a clue that Stormy Daniels is one of the very wicked. Have you noticed that Stormy Daniels wears a necklace with a pendant that reflects the word “wicked”, where the initial “w” of “wicked” looks and is shaped like a tricorn, which in Christian iconography is an attribute of the devil holding it as a weapon. Stormy Daniels either unknowingly wears an attribute of the devil as a pendant on her neck or she does it consciously and reveals that she is a devil follower.

    • “…one of the very wicked.” LOL. Uhhhh she’s a porn star and works for Wicked Pictures dude (or lady). That was their logo. I’m not going to call you a conservative that will spread any nonsense, lie, or conspiracy to protect Donald Trump, but you sure come off that way.

      • Stormy Daniels has lost in court against Donald Trump. This clarifies the matter. Has Stormy Daniels already paid the $400,000 she is supposed to pay to Donald Trump?

  • Frank Parlato does not answer the question, “where is Ben Szemkus?”

    Instead Frank sides steps the issue.

    Where is Ben? It’s not a joke anymore.

      • Yo! Yo! Yo!
        What’s up my n’ [redacted]?

        “No glove, no love.”
        -MC Frank P.

        MC Frank needs to step-off!

        “I don’t glove it, cuz,
        I love spreading disease,
        like Jews spread cream cheese,
        Iov’en stank on my-hang-low!
        gettin stank on my-hang-low!”

        -Ice Nice G.

        • There’s talk going around about you and an Amway distributor’s wife. The talk is that she tried to get a distributorship out of him so she could put in with you but he wouldn’t give it to her. Anything to that?

          • The way I heard the story is she was here in San Francisco with a man by the name of Johnson, Scott Johnson. I don’t know where she met him. She’s never been as close to him as she ought to be. If they had, she would have told Scott she was running away with Nice Guy. Her parents are in Honolulu. I hope they find her before they return.

        • It’d pay Ben to play along with the truth a little. He got away with this and he got away with that — but he can’t keep it up forever.

  • QAnon conspiracy nonsense in action. They make it so complicated. Doubt was worth going down that rabbit hole for the article but each their own.

  • And yet, You entertained this asswhole, except you left out Catherine & Indias attendance @ the time on your blog!

  • — 21. Ben Szemkus, with an unnamed female friend —

    Her name is Kristin Kreuk, who was there to audition in the next snuff film.

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