Samantha Le Baron: FBI Agent Banged the Table; Penza Yelled at Me – ‘You’re a Victim’

Sam Le Baron

Samantha Le Baron was a DOS slave and a member of the Dossier Project. She is 33 and lives in Sarasota, Florida. Samantha was a DOS slave. Her master was Sylvie Lloyd. Lloyd, in turn, was Monica Duran’s slave. And lucky Monica was a direct slave to the leader of the all-female group, Keith Raniere.

In the parlance of DOS, Raniere was Monica’s master. He was Slyvie’s grandmaster and Samantha’s great grandmaster.

Great Grandmaster Raniere [US Government’s slave]

Grandmaster Monica Duran [Raniere’s slave]

Master Sylvie Lloyd [Monica’s slave]

Samantha Le Baron [Sylvie’s slave]

Samantha is a member of the polygamous Le Baron family in Chihuahua Mexico. The Church of the Firstborn (or the “LeBarón family”) is a Mormon fundamentalist group.
The LeBarons declared that God bestowed on them a special priesthood. God gave them the keys of authority.

This was in play even during the pre-millennial demi-messianic office. Once God restored the kingdom of God on Earth, the Le Barons knew that their role was to be its leader.

They waited on God. Meanwhile, the Le Baron’s accepted His Divine Will.

They adopted the Right of the Firstborn Le Baron male to special offices. One office was the One Mighty and Strong.

Another title was the Presiding Patriarch in All the World.

And you think the title of Vanguard is pretentious.

The men due to their exalted status needed to extend their lineage and to do that they needed multiple wives. For no one woman could bear all the children a Le Baron male would want to bring to the world to do God’s work. Because of this faith in polygamy, the Mormon church kicked them out and they started their own group.

Not everyone understood God’s will. And Ervil Le Baron had to take God’s Will into his own hands.

Ervil Morrell Le Baron was the leader of a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group.

He ordered the killings of his opponents in a religious fashion. He employed the religious doctrine of blood atonement to justify his murders.
The US government was not as religious. He went to trial, and an irreligious jury convicted him.
An impious judge sentenced him to life in prison for orchestrating the murder of an opponent.

Ervil died in prison in 1981.

The point of this is that Samantha grew up in a cult-like group whose men often resorted to violence – often over water rights.

NXIVM must have seemed like an Oasis. They were used to Raniere’s style of polygamy.

If I am not mistaken Samantha is married to NXIVM supporter  Justin Elliot [standing left], who is the brother of Marc and Brian.

DOS women: Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron, and Danielle Roberts. All of these DOS ladies, except for Mack, are happy about their experience with DOS.

Samantha’s Story of Penza and the FBI

By Samantha Le Baron

I grew up in Le Baron, Chihuahua in Mexico. I have a BA degree in Multidisciplinary Studies specializing in Language Acquisition, Language Development, and Social Sciences.

I am trilingual and have been dedicated professionally to the fields of human potential, women’s studies, education, and economic development. I am currently developing a new ceramic product line.

I started in ESP in July 2014; I became Nancy Salzman’s assistant in September that same year. I became a coach in ESP at the beginning of 2016 and joined DOS in September 2016.
In March 2018, FBI agents came to Clifton Park, NY, and served me with a Grand Jury subpoena when I was at Nancy Salzman’s house.

I had never gotten a subpoena before. I did not even know what it was or how to pronounce the word.

When the FBI agents were outside, I went to open the door, and as I tried to go outside, it seemed that one of the agents got scared and wanted to grab their gun.

I stayed inside, and through the cracked door, they asked, “Are you Samantha Le Baron?”

I identified myself, and they gave me the document and left.

The subpoena identified me as a “target” of the investigation.

I never ended up attending a Grand Jury.

I went to talk to the Government with my attorney on May 4th, 2018. The interview was attended by me, my attorney’s partner, the lead prosecutor, Moira Kim Penza, and at least four other individuals who I believe were FBI agents.

I believe, among those FBI agents were Michael Lever and Michael Weniger. I believe Lever was present at the interview. I don’t remember him asking questions. Only at the end they asked him if he had any other questions for me.

I believe the interview lasted for at least four hours.

As soon as I arrived, I was told I was not a target, and they thought I was a victim. I was surprised because the subpoena had indicated I was a target.

I remember, shortly after arriving, that AUSA Moira Kim Penza, in a quiet voice, asked the other agents, “Is she American? Does she have citizenship?”

The Government began asking me basic questions about my family and where I was from, and I remember feeling very scared and even shaking. They assured me that they were there to help me and they said they “knew I was a victim.”

I remember them asking me leading questions, to the effect of if I thought in DOS, they used fear to motivate me, and at one point, one of the interviewers remarked something to the effect of, “But we want her to answer [that they used fear].”

It seemed to me that the Government officials were confused, as they seemed to assume DOS had bad intentions. I gave them my perspective that even if I felt fearful at times, when my “Master” was trying to motivate me, it didn’t mean that she had bad intentions or wasn’t acting for the sake of my benefit or my growth.

Another leading question that I recall being asked by Ms. Penza was, “At V-Week [Vanguard Week], what was something that was going on that was bad?”

Dr.Danielle Roberts with Samantha Le Baron during V-Week 2017


Michelle Salzman and Samantha Le Baron at V-Week.

I remember thinking the question presupposed there was something bad happening, which I didn’t believe.

I remember responding, “I don’t understand the question,” and it seemed they were frustrated by my answer.

I remember sharing my opinion about Sarah Edmondson, where I expressed that I felt she was one of the people causing the trouble – disenrolling people in NXIVM – and at this point, I noticed Ms. Penza get defensive.

She started raising her voice at me. She interrupted me and did not allow me to say what I thought.

This gave me the further impression that the Government agents had made their minds up and did not want to hear my honest perspective, as it did not conform to their narrative.

Monica Duran a First Line DOS master

I remember that the Government asked me, among other things, if I had a relationship with Keith Raniere. They also asked me about Sylvie [Lloyd], Monica [Duran], and if I owed money to ESP.

They asked me why I thought Keith Raniere lied on the website and when I answered, Moira Penza told me that Keith Raniere was a liar, and she repeated this statement at least twice during the interview. She seemed to have a strong dislike for Keith.

I remember, when I was telling them about my future plans, they told me that I was a “smart woman” and I “should go and do something else.”

FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger

During the interview, I remember the Government agent, which I identify as Weniger, raising his voice and hitting the table at times; I felt scared, and I did not feel comfortable at all. It also felt inconsistent with what he was telling me. He kept saying, “I’m trying to help you,” but at the same time, he was being rough with me.

It seemed he was not content with my answers and that by yelling somehow, I would change my testimonial.

Whenever I qualified my answers with phrases like “in my opinion” or “in my experience,” Ms. Penza raised her voice and said in what I felt was a rude tone, “We know it’s your experience!”

I remember the Government agents telling my attorney and me, “We know you don’t think you are a victim, but we think you are a victim.”

They told me that, in psychology, it sometimes takes time to realize you are a victim. With this statement, I assumed they meant I would later come to realize that I was abused, which was not my experience.

AUSA Moira Kim Penza

Before I left, I recall Ms. Penza telling me, “I am glad you are here in Brooklyn so that we can call you whenever we need you.”

I was never called back for a second interview, nor was I called to testify. I left the interview scared of the Government for simply not agreeing with their narrative. They did not seem to like that I would not agree to take on their label of victim and that I had contrary viewpoints to theirs on ESP, DOS, and some of the so-called victims, who were, at one time, my close friends.

Regarding my relationship with Sylvie, she was a coach at the Albany Center; this is how I met her; she was my mentor in Mobius – an advanced training. I knew her but never interacted much. We were very different.

When she invited me to DOS, she asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I said yes because I wanted to make more friends. She asked me questions about what I wanted in my life, what I was looking for, and she said she thought she had something that might help me.

In DOS, I was never asked to diet or to count calories. I did do what was called “acts of care,” like running errands for Sylvie or walking her dog, she always told me I didn’t have to do them if I didn’t want to.

There were many times when Sylvie asked me to do things, and I didn’t do them. At some point, she even told me she was tired of telling me what to do because I wouldn’t follow through. The only consequence for me not doing as I was told was a simple conversation exploring why I had failed.

Because of the way I was treated during my interview, I would have been too scared to testify on behalf of the defendants. Nevertheless, I was never asked to testify.


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  • God, yet another of the Deadenders giving it welly. Has anyone noticed how they all say the same thing all the time? Not too difficult for her though – swapping one bullshit cult for another. Pass the puke bucket.

  • Sam, I dont know if you remember me….I wont use my name but from what I say i bet you know who I am. I stayed with you for 20 days while i did the 16 day program. I remember one night it was probably 10:30-11ish.

    You were exhausted and you were telling me about your persistency where you checked in with your “coach” every hour of every day.

    You had an alarm set to go off every hour even in the middle of the night. I told you that wasn’t healthy and you needed sleep.

    I remember you saying “you only actually need 3-4 hours of sleep”….like you were trying to convince me that was normal. Mornings were so rough for you…you were exhausted doing the programs, being Nancy’s assistant. you broke down crying to me at least twice. You were going on runs even though you were dead tired… were a victim….even if you can’t see if. the amount of times you were texting “M” and “checking in”…it wasnt healthy. I hope you are happy and doing well.

  • Le Baron. Le Baron. Le Baron. Last name says it all and she wears it proudly. Nothing more to add. Other comments pointed out Le Baron and their not so distant history. Not even Mitt Romney wants people to know he is a relation….because they are dangerous.

  • Ahhh…another article from yet another cult hopper. Very convincing. Also, strange how quiet the main harem has been. Where Nicki Slymes article? Hachette? Roberts? Interesting

    • These are some old ass pictures. Who knows what she looks like now? But she’s ugly inside if she supports a pedophile. And I think she’s a mother now too

  • So I am unsure wether to feel sorry for Samantha for her lack of reflection on her previous opinions and experiences once she became aware of what happened to women she knew ? Or her lack of intellect to ask questions of what Sylvie’s gain was for “training/effort” for her self improvement ???

    Or this is just a submissive woman’s dishonest testimony of “every thing was good”, nothing bad happened to me, and the unhappy women are lying.

    Like a battered wife, or a rape victim who can not accept it was not her fault.

    Stupid or playing, happy and stupid so her man KAR does not go to jail.

    Sure she will find another abuser. Sad…

    • Don’t feel sorry for her!

      The dead-ender women who still support the Master Slave ring have repeatedly stated that they don’t think women should be pitied or treated as victims. And they certainly do not feel sorry for the women who suffered under Keith. So based on their own description of how they want people to feel about them, respect their wishes and do not pity them whatsoever.

      There is enough information out there about Raniere that one would have to be willfully blind.

      It is my firm belief that none of these dead-end supporters of Keith actually don’t believe the women and they DO believe that Keith did every act he was found guilty. They know Keith did it all. Better than anyone else.

      They just do not care.

      They know Keith did the things he’s accused of and they think it’s okay.

      And that exceptions should be made for Keith because he is so exceptional.

      They also are steeped in so much misogyny. They’re always going to blame the women – look at how Samantha was raised in a polygamousvMormon sect.

      They totally believe in the subjugation of women and that young girls are to be married off to men who know better.

  • Gosh, I wonder how many times Moira Penza had to hear “in my experience” before she raised her voice?

    • You have to consider where Samantha comes from
      She grew up in a Mormon family that left the United States to Mexico because they couldn’t have more than one wife.

      That in itself is a Cult

      So she joins another Cult, where a man believes having more than one woman is a good thing

      From birth she was raised to believe men should be a certain way and women should just accept that

      End of story

  • The fbi brought down a cult. Doesn’t matter how they did….they helped society and freed those trapped in it. Thank you fbi.

  • Whenever the dead Ender supporters of Vanguard cry and whine about how scary it all was. -,it only highlights how truly brave the women who did go to trial really are!

    Sylvie sat and ipublicly identified photo after close up photo of her vagina.

    Sarah Edmondson showed the world her disgusting, humiliating and ugly brand.

    Mark Vicente copped to participating in crimes. As did others.

    Fuck these wussy Keith Raniere whores who lied and pimped and posed for poems but could not find the courage to stand up for their pedophile cult leader when it mattered.

    Too scared to go to court?! As an observer? Try doing what Lauren did on the stand.

    Fucking disingenuous lying cowardly dancing hookers for a con man

  • Ok. Let’s assume Samantha’s experience in DOS was not a bad one. But there is overwhelming evidence that others (Sylvie, Nicole, Jay, India) had a very bad experience, including sex assignments which involved Keith. Now, how can they ignore that? How can they not address that? Why do they stay on their small island and don’t look what’s happened to their DOS sisters? I cannot understand this.

  • Ah, the LeBaron cult is heard from.

    Read up on them and their patriarch Ervil LeBaron

    or better yet read the book The 4’O’Clock Murders, which goes into exquisite thoroughly researched detail on this murderous crazy religious cult:

    The 4 O’Clock Murders

    Texas residents are shocked when, at 4 P.M. an a June day in 1988, four people are slain in precisely timed attacks at three different locations in the state. Police know who the killers are, but cannot convict them. They also know who is giving the execution orders: a man buried in a Texas grave twelve years ago. Dubbed by the media as the “Mormon Manson”, Ervil LeBaron believed he was a prophet chosen by God to purify the Mormon faith.

    Resurrecting the nineteenth-century Mormon tenets of polygamy and blood atonement, he formed a fanatic religious cult – still in existence – which has left bodies scattered throughout the American Southwest. So strong is LeBaron’s hold that, even twelve years after his death, many of his thirteen wives and sixty children are still carrying out his orders. It is those orders that frighten law enforcement officials.

    Before he died, LeBaron penned a chilling last testament to his family, a death list called The Book of New Covenants. To date, five of those on the list have been murdered, and no one involved in the case believes the bloodshed is over yet. Investigative writer Scott Anderson presents an astonishing portrait of America’s most bizarre crime family. In a meticulously researched book, Anderson follows the bloody trail of the LeBaron cult over twenty years, and reveals how it has been served by the controversial and hidden history of the Mormon church.

    As compelling as the best fiction, The 4 O’Clock Murders is all the more terrifying because it is true.

  • Well, the article has one overarching revelation: the U.S. government is behind all this: “… Raniere [the US Government’s slave]”

    Enough said!

    • Because they were trained by Vanguard himself to become ‘badass’ women who are intimidated by a little bit of paper.

      The next module on their training was going to be: ‘When in trouble, find the nearest closet and hide’ (KR’s MO when confronted with something he can’t deal with). Viva Executive Success.

      • Locking yourself in the bathroom is another tried and true Raniere technique for escaping the consequences of one’s actions. That’s the advanced training for that module (cost ya an extra $1000 for that patented nugget).

  • Totally not credible. First of all there’s no real examples of misconduct by the prosecution or legal entities.

    But also they’re not sure who was in the room. In all of these guest’s views they think or believe or might have been a certain person.

    Imagine if that were reversed? It is just not credible to make claims and state that you remember certain things but then at the same time you’re completely unsure of the people that may or may not have been present and who may or may not have said certain things Etc.

    And then there’s the underlying fact that nothing is really inappropriate in any of these accounts talking to the prosecution. It’s just more proof that they have nothing. Because trust and believe if they had some really inflammatory experiences they would be recounting them because there is clearly a coordinated effort to put out all of these fake stories at the same time. Or repost them whatever the case may be. It’s not accidental. And there is just no there on any of it. But at least know who’s in the room. It would make you a little bit more credible

  • That does not sound like a rough interview. In fact it sounds like they went out of their way to reassure Samantha and try to make her comfortable. This woman starts her post here by talking about speaking multiple languages and being born in Mexico.

    Then she implies something nefarious about a government entity wanting to make sure she was a legal citizen. Which is for her own protection and to make sure her rights are easily understandable as it is for any other reason. It sounds like contrary to Keith’s slave ring developing strong women It in fact produced some of the absolutely the most pathetic weak humans on Earth. And not every person I interviewed ends up being called n a legal case. Duh. This attempt to garner support and sympathy sadly backfires and makes the prosecution look even better. How dare they tell Samantha she is smart! So evil! Ha ha ha

  • Mormons, now that is a deep cult hole to fall into. The main religion I do believe is the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints but they have lots of off shoots. Majority of those off-shoots, to no surprise, is around one man who claims to be the prophet of god that needs to bed lots of woman. Unlike many other cults, all the men in the cult are encourage to have many woman. The woman, again to no surprise, have little or no rights and strongly encouraged to just follow orders from their male “superiors”.

    Interestingly, the church also strongly encourages education, including college. This is counter to most religions and cults as the more knowledge someone gets, usually the more logic skills they develop, which leads to more questioning of the cult and/or religions as they start noticing all the contradictions, logic problems, and changing stories.

    The level of polygamy and other cult behavior depends on how that sect’s “prophet” runs things.

    An example of the crazy is Latter-Saints founder and one who is worshipped today, Joseph Smith. He “translated” the Book of Mormon around 1820 by listening to stones (called seer stones) that he placed in a hat to block out light. Yep, literal stones. Whether or not a member of the church is actually taught this can vary. This was the primary origin for 100ish so years but in an attempt to modernize they now teach, they now say he translated ancient golden plates found in New York after being told to go there by an angel named “Moroni” (not related to the word moron which was coined ~1910). If having a strange and weird origin story that changes to keep the flock in check sounds Scientology-like, well you wouldn’t be wrong to wonder if that other cult didn’t get its lessons from the Mormons.

    An interesting rabbit hole to go down is where read all kinds of interesting things, that once you google terms and the like, will send you down more rabbit holes.

    This is not really making a comment on Samantha. It sounds like the eye of Raniere never turned her way so Sylvie was never ordered to cultivate her accordingly. Once the investigation got a feel of how things worked and his pattern of behavior, they likely came to same conclusion and lost interest in her.

    This post is just pointing out another cult area worth exploring for those that are curious.

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