Disbarred Attorney Cunha Avoids Arrest Makes Statement About Corrupt CT Family Court Judges Adelman and Moukawsher

Nickola Cunha

Family Court Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher disbarred CT attorney Nickola Jean Cunha in January 2022. He disbarred her because she accused Family Court Judge Gerard I. Adelman of bias.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

She alleged Adelman’s bias favored Jewish lawyers, court-appointed therapists, and custody evaluators in Family Court. Adelman is Jewish.

Scores of victims have condemned Adelman for bias against women, terminating mothers’ parental rights in high conflict divorce and custody cases. 

Three elected representatives of CT, Senator Gary WinfieldRepresentative Edwin Vargas, and Representative Minnie Gonzalez, spoke about Adelman’s record of awarding sole legal and physical custody to fathers, and often forcing no-contact orders between children and their mothers, leaving mothers homeless and destitute.

CT Senator Gary Winfield
CT Representative Minnie Gonzalez
Representative Edwin Vargas says Ademan is the “posterboy for the worst of the worst” judge.
Representative Edwin Vargas voted against Judge Adelman’s reappointment, stating, “We have been around this many times with Family Court. I’ve been watching this for a long time. And I’ve expressed my feelings about this whole GAL system, the guardian ad litem system… How a person loses their home. I fail to see how the best interest of the child is protected by forcing someone to sell their home. Judge Adelman has become the poster boy of the worst of the worst… If we at least don’t reject Judge Adelman… I think we’re sending the wrong message that this whole reappointment process is just a rubber stamp.” 

Cunha provided five examples to Judge Moukawsher where Judge Adelman allegedly demonstrated bias against women: 
1. HHD FA07 4034225 S Thaner, Robert B. v. Thaner, Lori A.
2. FBT FA14 4045766 S Stvan, Thomas Beck v. Stvan Paige Taylor
3. FBT FA06 4015691 S Sorrentino, Saverio v. Sorrentino, Kathryn
4. FBT FA15 5031098 S Beall-Gomes, Tara v. Gomes, Daniel
5. FBT FA11 4054779 S, Lucia Cinotti v. Michael Divers, Cinotti v. Adelman, 16-1804 (2d Cir. 2017),
Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

In addition, she later disclosed numerous other cases, including the case of the notorious Chris Ambrose. He stole his wife’s inheritance and confiscated their marital assets to pay Adelman’s cronies. This ensured he got full custody and did not have to give his wife her share of the marital assets that amounted to more than $2 million.
Judge Adelman gave Chris Ambrose, determined to be a high risk abuser by CT courts, sole custody and all the money.

Cunha’s efforts to disqualify Adelman, which earned the wrath of the CT Family Court judiciary, were on behalf of Ambrose’s wife Karen Riordan and their three children.

Judge Gerard I Adelman

In giving all the money to Ambrose, Adelman also ordered no time with their mother, and denied the mother’s motions for the children, now 15, 15, and 11, to be appointed their own counsel (AMC’s advocate for what the children want). 

“What should be questioned is why I was targeted for going public with the truth,” Cunha said.

After disbarring her, Moukawsher ordered Cunha to turn over her clients’ contact information and active and pending files to a court-appointed trustee. Cunha did not turn over all her records. Some of her clients did not want their confidential attorney-client records turned over to what they believe is a corrupt Family Court judiciary.

Moukawsher seized her escrow account. He found Cunha had withdrawn $30,000 from the account. He suggested she might have stolen clients’ money.

Cunha freely admitted she withdrew $30,000 on February 2, 2022.

She said, “The funds belonged to me. I provided a complete accounting with three months of bank statements. The money was earned pursuant to valid written agreements with one client. I provided a complete list of all active files. I turned over all files to the Trustee that clients didn’t request directly or directed that I give to an attorney on their behalf.”

Mouskawsher was not satisfied. He ordered a CT State Marshal to arrest Cunha on Tuesday. She is not charged criminally. She has not yet been arrested. 

Nickola Cunha

On Friday, Cunha made the following statement:

I am reaching out to alert all to the grave, malicious prosecution, miscarriage of justice, and victimizing of myself by Judge Gerard Adelman, Judge Thomas Moukawsher, Judge Jane Grossman and Michael Kamp.

I am seeking immediate censoring of each of the above judicial members.

I have been retaliated against and stripped of my Basic Human Rights.

I am currently facing a Take Into Custody Order (Capias) issued by Judge Thomas Moukawsher in a fake, made-up docket.

There is no writ, summons, or complaint. I was never afforded notice of the alleged wrongdoings that Judge Moukawsher has falsely accused me of committing. I was never provided the ability to defend the false claims published by Judge Moukawsher.

Judge Moukawsher continues to issue false narratives solely to cause my family and me intentional harm.

1. I withdrew $30,000.00 on February 2, 2022. The funds belonged to me. I provided a complete accounting with three months of bank statements. The money was earned pursuant to valid written agreements with one client. I provided a complete list of all active files. I turned over all files to the Trustee that clients didn’t request directly or directed that I give to an attorney on their behalf.

2. I have been denied my right to practice law for doing what I was obligated to do pursuant to the Code of Conduct for Attorneys.

3. I have always been honest in all my interactions with the court.

4. I fully respect and support all religions.

5. I fully respect and support all people.

6. I have always vigorously represented litigants regardless of religion, race, color, creed, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

7. I have worked endless hours throughout my career ensuring to provide legal assistance to less fortunate individuals unable to access legal representation.

8. I have continued to represent clients regardless of their ability to honor our fee agreement, to ensure that they have representation to the end of their matters.

9. I have acted in good faith to maintain the integrity of the judicial system.

10. I have always reported acts that I believe amount to violations of laws to whom I believed to be the appropriate public officials for investigation.

11. I am being gaslighted, subjected to meritless blame for acts committed by others for which I have and had no part, are being projected onto me.

Due to the conduct of the above-named judges, I have lost my business, hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, I am suffering grave health consequences and have been put in a false light in the public eye.

I have been denied access to redress through the courts.

I ask each of you to imagine for just one minute, being me, subject to the above horrendous acts solely for doing your job.

There must be judicial accountability. I am seeking support to stop this nightmare for myself, other professionals also subjected to retaliation, and litigants in this state that are stripped of basic human rights.

Dianne Hart never saw her children again; Hart case appeal.

The late Dianne Hart, “A Mother with Endless Love for Her Children,” opposed Judge Adelman and Judge Klatt. 

Her obituary states: “She testified in front of the CT Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care and Custody of Minor Children, established by legislators to investigate corruption. Dianne along with other brave parents did so even under a credible fear of retaliation by the courts in their own cases for speaking out.”

It was said that Hart, who lost her children through the ruthless and corrupt machinations of Judge Adelman, died of a broken heart.

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  • The whole system is rigged all they do is look at who’s got the money and who is going to be compliant so they can rake in the money. It doesn’t matter, mother or father, they just look at how and what they can do to get the assets from the broken families.

    It happens to mothers it happens to fathers they get their assets and their children stolen from them from these corrupt scum bags pure leaches of society.

    The worst is the New Haven Court. Take a look at Judge Kennefick and his clan.

  • So many misrepresentations aka lies at FR these days. She didn’t “avoid” arrest, she evaded arrest by skipping town. Probably wasting away in Vanguardville with Karen and the rest of the loser nut jobs.

  • “i have always been honest before the court” “i have a list of cases!” Show us the list. “There is no list”….lol

  • literally all cunha needed to do was not be an antisemite but apparently that’s too tall an ask.

    adelman is a misogynist and there is plenty of evidence to show it.

    so close but so far.

    • Best rumours in Hartford are there are several lawyers, clerks and litigants feeding the blog. One is rumoured to be in ShipmanGoodwin, not a fan of Joette Katz, opinionated, but secretive and no fan of Katz’s control of the Law Trib opinion section.

      There are two clerks who regularly feed the blog with antics of judge infighting. Input from lawyers is fed through anonymous channels on the internal politics of fighting over families with money.

      Blog is protected in an ever-moving cloud structure to avoid host attacks made by Gestapo of Connecticut. On top of that is a small cadre of First Amendment gurus who ensure the protected speech nature of the posts. The blog is monitored regularly by Connecticut State Police, USDOJ, FBI, and is read on a daily basis by a number of state employees, up until 4.30 pm each weekday.

  • ‘ “What should be questioned is why I was targeted for going public with the truth,” Cunha said. ‘

    Of course, it was inevitable Cunha would be targeted. It’s a shame she made it easier by bringing religion into it – thereby allowing her critics to claim Cunha’s purported anti-Semitism is the whole story, rather than the rulings of Judge Adelman and the behavior of numerous other court insiders.

    To anyone who believes the Judge’s religious background is a major factor, whom he deals with is more likely to be related simply to whom he knows.

    In fact, I know an abusive, predatory NY psychiatrist who is Jewish and seems to have used his identification with his religion to increase his authority – to abuse members of his congregation and other Jews.

    Here in Ireland where I presently live, there are many accounts of Catholic priests having abused children – all from Catholic families.

    In my experience, a predator is a predator is a predator – religion has little to do with it, except perhaps where a religious affiliation and the predator’s associated status in the religious community is used to make an abuser more difficult to challenge.

    I’ve seen some ridiculous posts about Judge Adelman with obviously anti-Semitic comments included – what a great thing for Judge Adelman if he can convince the public these people are his only critics, while distracting the public from the reality of his appalling rulings and abhorrent behavior as a judge.

  • The proof of Adelman’s jurisprudence lies in all the cash in the pockets of Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Rich Callahan, Ed Nusbaum Jessica Caverly … the damage is measured in dollars, not best interests, note that the enriched players are all jewish, a fact, why Moukawsher shot the messenger is obvious. Jane Grossman and Gerard Adelman tag teamed the family bank … a jewish delicacy.

  • Keep going Frank the state of Connecticut needs you! The children in Connecticut need your help!!!!!!!

  • Re Cunha & Antisemitic Statements:

    If Cunha had said the same thing about Italians, Irish, or Christian attorneys, I do not think she would’ve been disbarred.

    I believe attacking someone’s ethnicity is abhorrent and wrong — I just want to highlight the double standard.

    • Only the jew mafia of Corrutpiticut holds the power to disbar on the spot for criticizing the jews. Irish, Italians, Poles, Germans, don’t have the power, which proves the jewish mafia….something Parlato cannot recognize.

  • Why is it that Frank tears up so many lawyers in the CT court system but rushes to the defense of Nickola? All the lawyers he hates so much are Jewish, and Cunha got disbarred in part because she also talked about the Jews all working together. It seems to be the only reason he is willing to fall on the sword of a lawyer who was literally caught stealing from her clients’ account after being told not to.

    • Is Nickola heterosexual and single? Maybe Frank has very extra-personal reasons for his support of Cunha.

  • How did Moukawsher determine that the allegations of Adelman being a racketeer were false? A hearing? A jury? Depositions? See how the judge club works to protect itself … pretty obvious.

  • I wish the family courts were more concerned about the physical and verbal abuse that women (and men) and children are going through at the hands of their abusers. Instead they would rather tried convict and lock up an attorney that is doing her job! All to silence her from exposing the truth. Attorney Cunha’s conviction happened faster than family courts can give out a court date. Crucify an attorney for standing up for her client and her children. The children that were bought by their father and court that allowed these children to be sold.

    There is a long list of racketeers, too many to list. Let’s not forget the one that helps all of then collect those big fat checks, Jessica Biren Calverly. Can’t wait to see how long she is going to sit in prison!

    To SHERIZY, WTF, FRANK AND NIKOLA SITTING IN A TREE don’t comment if you don’t know the facts. There are too many families dealing with these clowns. They all tell the same story. The true will come out!

    Frank please keep exposing all these disgusting souls until the truth comes out and they are all tried and convicted in a fair court of law!

    • Wow! Why don’t you tell us the facts then? Explain why Cunha isn’t a theif and a lie who is just as big a problem as all the other crooked lawyers? She stole her clients money and now Is holding up everyone else’s money! I can’t get my money back because she won’t do the bare minimum what they court asked her too. Why? Because she is afraid her thievery will come out.

    • Jessica Caverly is protected, she is a pet of the joooish cabal of family court, what ever she says is instantly accepted by her protectors, Albis, Heller, Grossman, Stewart, Truglia, just connect the dots, the game is obvious, poor old Parlato does not understand the workings of the world. He probably thinks war with Russia has nothing to do with Tel Aviv. Some folks just stupid.

      • There is little doubt in my mind that Caverly is protected but I am not convinced it is a Jewish conspiracy. I am also not sure what Russia and Connecticut Family Court have in common. I know what you will say it is all Jewish conspiracy. Everything evil in the world is caused by one group of people.

  • The Connecticut family courts have been labeled long before this. I have experience the court system first hand.

    The childrens welfare is not the focus of cases. She is correct. The Connecticut family court is a profit driven enterprise.

    People should be given a list of GALs. A list of mental health professionals. It’s not an accident people are placed on cases. The system has been broken for years.

    No body wants to fix it. The focus is to ramp up case. No body is fixing anything racking up bills. This discrimination is not religious. These judges are attacking her because they are being exposed. The courts need to be investigated and restructure.

    Judges need to be voted in by the residents in Connecticut.

    • Judges absolutely need to be voted in by the people. The confirmation hearings are a joke. They shut down Paige Styvan and had to hold to the rule of 3 minutes when no laws are followed in family court.

      The lack of empathy for these parents and families was evident.

  • How much $$$$ did Attorney Nancy Aldrich pocket for dragging out litigation for a simple, administrative, no fault divorce? See the racketeering? See the financial trickery of the court of Adelman and Grossman? See how the children suffer? See the common ideology?

    • Absolutely! Aldrich and her client, Chris Ambrose put on their case for 36 days!!! Then they blamed Cunha for dragging it out. Cunha didn’t make them speak for 36 days.

      The timing of her being disbarred was just when the mother was finally going to out in her case after kids taken for “temporary” two years.

      It’s all about money and making bs ex-parte “temporary orders” permanent.

    • Aldrich isn’t the one who dragged it out. Karen is the one who asked for about 15 continuances. I believe Aldrich requested one.

  • Cunha was ill-prepared and a blathering idiot, but she had plenty of evidence with material on the docket.

    She did apologize and tried to refocus herself but Mouk was having a field day, leading her from one pitfall to the next.

    It was a disaster and opportunity to get the abuse and bias on the record was squandered. However, she does not deserve to be disbarred.

  • No financial affidavit and no financial disclosure is the red flag. The public or wife has no way of telling how much was spent and to what “professionals” throughout years of litigation.

    The wives get no copies of Billings from the “therapists” or custody evaluator. They have no access to marital funds and the family bank is plundered for payment of custody – and a sudden flip of custody is made- usually an ex-parte order.

    No evidence.

    No finding that these parents are unfit!!!!
    Yet children are denied normal contact and relationship with the mother. This is child abuse.

  • “I have been denied access to redress through the courts.”

    Really? It looks like she skipped out on numerous opportunities to appear in court, hence the order for (non-criminal) arrest. Denied access? She failed to show! They’ll need to drag her in kicking and screaming! Hardly “denied access”. GET A GRIP ON REALITY NICKOLA

      • Hey Chris-

        Thanks for sharing that vital information with us!

        How was your asshole after this weekend?
        I bet you need some Preparation-H and a neck brace — rumor has it you’re a two input man — it can be rough.

    • Funny how you “Adelman” supporters attack women when your cash flow is involved. Did you even read the article or did your cabal just say “attack Frank Report” and “Nickola Cunha”.

      You Adelman followers are following Josef Goebbels philosophy “ If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.”

      There are 3 Connecticut Representatives who came out against Ademan and to you he is the good guy? Wow…

  • “Cunha freely admitted she withdrew $30,000 on February 2, 2022. She said, “The funds belonged to me.”

    Doesn’t matter. Per the publicly available Memorandam of Decision, Cunha was ordered not to withdraw ANY funds from her IOLTA client’s fund account. Five days after the order, she withdrew $30,000 for her own use. She supposedly still has not provided evidence of her right to those client funds. No statements, bills, or client acknowledgment that those funds belonged to Cunha and not to the client. Unless she provided this on Friday May 20th and the court docket has yet to be updated?

    She was supposed to provide the evidence by April 25th, but apparently never did. She’s also failed to show up in court repeatedly, just like her favorite client, Karen. Is Nickola hanging out with “friends out of state” and/or suffering from a bad case of Covid, like Karen?

    Nickola: Come back down to earth. Just like Karen, you are not above the law. Relax. There is no vast conspiracy against you. Just do what’s required by law, and everything’s gonna be alright.

    • The capias for her arrest was issued after Cunha failed to provide the documents/info ordered by the Court despite at least two extensions. I don’t think the public (including Frank) understands what it means to be an “officer of the Court” for attorneys practicing in Connecticut. We are held to a higher standard. If Cunha believed and could substantiate Judge Adelman favored Jews over non-Jews, she should have filed a judicial grievance against him. And really- five alleged cases of favoritism over 16 years? Bitch please- he heard hundreds of cases over the years and this is it? Cunha has gone down the QAnon rabbit hole and destroyed her career in the process. Tragic and all self-inflicted.

        • You agree with what? What someone who doesn’t know any real truth in this case? You probably have 9 Covid boosters as well.

          • I agree what happened to Nickola was her own damn fault. What in the hell do Covid boosters have anything to do with this? It looks like you’ve just out of yourself as a QAnon cult member. You do know that cults are dangerous, don’t you?

  • Adelman is ruthless and takes pleasure in destroying women. He is absolutely bias against women. Frank put the cases and testimony in this report–something Cunha failed to explain during the hearing.

    Adleman was featured by Keith Harmon Snow, “In the Worst Interest of the Child: Trafficking Children through Family Court System” along with Jocelyn Hurwitz, the GAL in this case.

    It is against state law to isolate children from any parent, for any amount of time, but Adelman endorses it — and uses known buddies like Dr. Robert Horwitz, to deliver sole custody to the father. It’s to keep the billings going. It is about PROFIT, not religion.

    Adelman and Robert Horwitz and their relationship within the AFCC–as it was a business run under the judiciary–was PROVEN in 2014, but the money made is too great for the cabal involved in child trafficking.

    It’s the secret known to all– and protected. PLEASE take the time to read the testimony and information by Anne Stevenson– It has testimony from men and women of all faiths, explaining what Judge Adelman and the family court scam of rackateering did to their family. It is undeniable.


  • Thank you for including Diane Hart- whom addleman stole her home and pension via court order. Anyone commenting negatively about The article or Cahuna is a misogynistic keep the graft going abuser. Attorney Cahuna was doing a job that No famiky court attorneys are willing to do- ethical and zealous advocacy for her clients. Connecticut is run by misogyny and profits from it via federal funding- it has laws that overtly discriminate against mothers and children. No family court attorney or judge has the intellect to be able to think- they rubber stamp what they are told.

  • She is not a lawyer so she does not have clients. Why won’t she release the files. She is absolutely hiding something and she knows Frank will never give her the same treatment he gave Chris. Amazing how Frank bends over backwards for this corrupt lawyer but does not mind destroying everyone else life. I bet Chuna is his source for all the other cases. Come clean Frank.

    • Now why would Moukawsher and or Sue Cousinesu want to see Nickola’s files? Maybe to see the entire breadth of proof she has of wrongdoing in the cases she has represented in Connecticut Family Court? Just wondering 🤷‍♂️

  • Cunha still amazingly refuses to admit that she accused a judge of serious wrongdoing based only upon speculation. Her claims of religious and ethnic tolerance simply lack truth.

    There are many reasons why one might see the same players in courts, especially smaller county courts. There are referral lists and also the basic fact that attorneys who respect the work of other attorneys will usually recommend them to their client. There is nothing wrong with that. Only an anti-Semite would conclude it is based upon the religion of the lawyers and judge.

    Instead of providing evidence of money exchanging hands and out of court discussions, Cunha irresponsibly chalks this up to their shared faith. I wonder how often Protestant or Catholic judges work with those of the same faith. Did Cunha even look into the religious breakdown of all the court players? Of course not!

    Instead, good anti-Semite that she is, she immediately ran to a Jewish conspiracy. Her actions were irresponsible at best. They were also violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct. She deserved to be disbarred.

    She also deserved to be arrested, which from what the Times Union reports, she was. I believe they also said there were other potential financial improprieties being investigated.

    Once again, Cunha wants to play according to her own rules. She was ordered to produce her case files and did not follow the court’s order. She consistently shows how unfit she is for this profession.

    We simply do not need any anti-Semitic QAnon conspiracy theory crazies on the bar. They are a disgrace to our Country and in the instances where they managed to get an education and law degree, a stain upon our courts.

    I cannot wait until she is permanently disbarred.Since Cunha cannot control herself and is blind to her own wrongdoing, it is most definitely coming. Good riddance!

    • All potential bias must be investigated. Jews discriminate, too.He may be bias against non Jews. No one knows until an evaluation is completed.

    • Bravo.

      This is the exact type of logical comment that Frank never bothers responding to, because he knows that Sherizzy just upended his entire NARRATIVE about this particular lawyer.

      When Frank comes across a comment that he can’t refute, especially if it contradicts his entire NARRATIVE, he just ignores it and won’t respond.

      That’s propaganda 101.

      Frank’s problem is that his reputation is now heavily invested in trashing this particular CT family court judge.

      Frank only sees ‘red’ when he thinks about this judge.

      If this particular judge were to invent a cure for cancer next week, Frank would not be able to give him credit for that.

      If evidence is shown that this lawyer acted without ‘proof’ and violated her duty to the court — and that the judge was acting within his authority in disbarring her — Frank will not report that to us.

      Frank is emotionally incapable of giving us a truly neutral report.

      Frank is a person full of both hate & adulation, but never ‘neutrality’.

      He’s got no middle gear. He’s got no ‘halfway’.

      Frank either LOVES people or absolutely HATES them.

      That’s why we saw many articles, written between 2017 thru 2021, where Frank described most NXIVM members (like Allison, Nicki, Danielle, Del Negro, Kreuk, Kendra, etc) as total devils.

      Yet, after he befriended these same people (sometime in 2021) he then began heaping admiration onto them, proclaiming them to be either heroes, victims, or great people, LOL.

      Frank either LOVES a person or HATES a person.

      Frank lets his emotions guide his own logic.

      There’s no journalistic ‘neutrality’ in Frank’s writing. Not ever.

      Rest assured, this CT lawyer will have her appeal heard. And we’ll then find out the truth. Frank should rejoice in that.

      If she loses her appeal, will Frank accept the appeals court decision? Nope.

      He’ll likely claim that the appeals court is working in cahoots with the CT judge, LOL.

      That’s just how Frank thinks. He’s like a degenerate gambler who’s pushed all his chips into the pot.

      He’s ALL-IN on the side of this lawyer, regardless of what the truth is.

      Kinda like how Erasend, Nutjob and Claviger are 9/11 TRUTHERS (they honestly believe that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job by the US government, LOL).

      These clowns don’t care about how absurd that theory sounds to rational people. They simply hate George Bush so much that they lose control of the ability to think logically.

      Have a good day. 🙂

      • Frank literally let Cunha lie when she claims she has given proof as to where the $30k went, without him acknowledging that she was told not to take ANY money from the account. He won’t report that she broke the law when she took the money. Why? I think Cunha is more then just a lawyer – I think k she is the source of all his info. He isn’t supporting a lawyer, he’s protecting his source!

        • I believe Frank has many sources. All of you who are trashing Frank and/or Nickola are either worried because they are over the target or you have no damn idea what you’re talking about. I guess you haven’t been paying attention to what is actually going on in the Connecticut Family Court system. By the way, your opinion reminds of the other thing we all have…

      • Where did you get the idea that I’m a 9/11 Truther? Nothing could be further from the truth.

    • If any court in Connecticut would require financial disclosure of Mr. Ambrose- it would be proven.

      Let’s consider it follows the same pattern where women are denied access to marital finances, payments, “therapy” records- and the father is in total control of payments to the custody evaluator, the GAL, the family therapist, the parental supervisor – and whatever other hired strangers are contracted to silence children.

      There was no financial affidavit filed by Mr. Ambrose when entering litigation, nor when the sale of the Westport house went through. The gal was hired at $400/hr when marital assets were never filed in an affidavit with the court.

      These are the coordinated efforts of the family court players.

    • Well thank God you can’t read because the evidence is there. Are you Adelman’s Clerk? Or maybe you benefit from the money laundering?

    • Well thank God you can’t read because the evidence is there. Are you Adelman’s Clerk? Or maybe you benefit from the money laundering?

      • I think they are all corrupt – and I think Cunha got caught stealing and now they are using her to get everyone else to stop. Cunha was as directly as the rest of them – but I guess they were just better at it. anyways, she is totally corrup[t and not sure why everyone wants to defend her?

      • It’s all there,

        Are you seriously citing to one of Frank’s blogs as a factual source! That’s hysterical!

        Regardless, I have no idea if Adelman is corrupt. What I am talking about is Cunha, an officer of the court, making baseless accusations against a judge, alleging a RICO criminal enterprise, and a Jewish conspiracy where the Jewish judges and lawyers pull all the strings in the court. That’s simply crazy QAnon bullshit that has no place in the court.

        Cunha had no evidence yet she felt it was appropriate to make these serious accusations. Her measely five cases could most definitely be interpreted through a different (more rational) lens free of any conspiracies. But, Cunha wants to see a conspiracy. So, she has something to fight.

        For instance, although Cunha claims a Jewish RICO conspiracy stole Karen’s children, the true facts reveal that Karen lost her kids because of her crazy, hateful behavior. She’s clearly not well. If you truly love your children, you do not force them to hate their father. Period. She’s a danger to her children. No Jewish RICO conspiracy

        Karen had full access to the courts, as well. All of her witnesses at trial were excoriated on cross-examined. When it came time for her to testify, she did not show up to court. That was her decision. Also, her inheritance was about 50k and was used up during their marriage. Ambrose made all the money while Karen barely worked. Ambrose also made money available to Karen. But she won’t reveal these truths.

        I urge you to read Ambrose’s cease and desist letter. I was supportive of Karen until I read that letter. It was an eye-opener. It cites legitimate sources. Read it.

        • You’re inability to understand this case is worrisome because it sounds like you’re either Chris Ambrose (fired for plagiarism), an uninformed person, or someone with a financial stake in this not being outed. You don’t know if Adelman is corrupt? Funny how three CT State Reps believe he is and William Tong even brought it up.

          So you’re willing to take the side of a guy who has a thing for young Latin boys with short hair and gets custody of two adopted Guatemalan boys and a girl who do not want to be with him? And not only that but there is evidence that Chris Ambrose is an animal abuser. All of that and you don’t like Nickola Cunha. I was on her call with Judge Moukawsher and he shut her down and would not let her speak on her evidence.

          Besides she never said she believes there is a Jewish conspiracy… Get your facts straight. Frank Parlato is uncovering this corruption and it bothers you, weird.

    • Hi Sherizzy – I ran across this video that may interest you in learning more about of which you speak of… You will learn that William Tong confronted Judge Gerard Adelman about his reported bias towards women in cases. Bill Tong ain’t a Conservative. Let’s not forget Jocelyn Hurwitz, GAL billing of $187,000 to visit the Ambrose children a total of 4 times (an hour each time as understood) – I will do the math for you: $187,000/4 = $46,750 an hour. Nothing to see here. Who doesn’t make $46,750 an hour? All good, no corruption here. right? Watch thte video if you have time to learn a few facts.

      • It’s all there & Someone with a YouTube account, who are clearly the same person,

        You are confused. I am not supporting Adelman. I have no idea if he is corrupt but I am positive he is not corrupt through a RICO Jewish conspiracy selling children. That’s insane.

        I watched Adelman’s hearing and yes, three State reps had issues with his performance; one found him nasty. And all the other State reps, which were obviously far more than three, disagreed and determined he should continue on the bench. Your point means nothing. It certainly does not prove a Jewish RICO conspiracy. And, that IS what Cunha claimed. I read portions of her argument and honestly, it was embarrassing. She sounded like the QAnon crazy that she is!

        Clearly, you are too close to this case. Is this Cunha? Karen? Frank? Whoever you are, you are bias. You have an agenda. I have no skin in this game. I have no agaenda. I know none of the players. I have listened to the arguments from both sides and have concluded that one is more factual than the other. Period.

        Even if Adelman were corrupt in some way, Cunha’s behavior was appalling and she does not deserve to be an officer of the court. She should know that you need evidence before you hurl serious accusations at anyone, especially a judge.

        Also, please provide evidence of Hurwitz’’ fees. Talk is cheap. That is the problem I have with Cunha and Karen. It’s all talk. No evidence. I asked Frank to provide real evidence on an earlier thread and still, nothing.

        In contrast, Ambrose’s cease and desist letter, is based on facts with cites to court decisions. This is why Frank still has not published it on his blog. It destroys his narrative.

        Before commenting again, bring some evidence of what you claim. If not, you’re just making it obvious to all that you have none.

  • Moukawsher is merely dishing out jewdicial retaliation, nothing to do with law. Stating family court is a jewish racketeering operation is protected speech applied in the redress clause, the right of a free people. Moukawsher incites lawless action by an angry mob that grows in size and anger.

    • The answer is not violence. It is free speech and debate and remembering that power corrupts and that we need checks and balances. BTW Moukawsher is not Jewish he is a CINO – Catholic in name only.

      • Who runs the family court circus blog, any thoughts as an investigative journalist who actually puts his face to his website?

  • To Attorney Cunha: I have heard your story and logged into hear your court appearance. I can honestly say that I don’t feel you were prejudiced. I believe you were trying to show the bias and corruption of Judge Adleman along with the favoritism of GALs, psychological evaluators and other court players who turn a blind eye. It’s NOT you who’s prejudice it’s them. They are most certainly prejudice against anyone who’s not Jewish, anyone who speaks out against corruption, and definitely any protective mother!!!

    I’m also a casualty of their bias, prejudice and corruption.

    Please keep fighting. We need people like you who fight for the truth and justice when we can’t.

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