Danielle Roberts Dog Is Dying; Asks to Be Excused From Court

Dr. Danielle Roberts, one of the defendants in the Edmondson et al vs. Raniere et al civil lawsuit, has asked – like the other two pro-se defendants, Brandon Porter and Nicki Clyne  –  to be excused from appearing in person in court on Thursday, February 17th, for a status conference.

Besides not having the money to travel from her home in Wisconsin to the EDNY Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn, NY – which is where the status conference will take place – Danielle has cited a more poignant reason. Her dog, RJ, which is short for ‘Arjuna,’ is dying.

Danielle Roberts’ dog, RJ.

Let us read her own words and you decide – just as Judge Eric Komitee must decide – whether to grant her request, primarily on account of a dying dog.

Even staunch NXIVM supporters, it seems, have human feelings too.

Roberts, who lost her medical license in NYS last year based on her branding women as part of the sorority DOS, filed two documents with the court.

Her first was this letter:

Dear Judge Komitee:

I am writing in response to Mr. Glazers letter (Dkt. 136 & 140) requesting for an order of protection for anonymous plaintiffs. I echo Ms. Clyne’s request “to reveal the names of the 59 individuals who, in his letter (Dkt. 136), he claims are prepared to use their full names”, in addition to the dozen left unnamed. It is important to know who is suing me, and if I’m interacting with someone who is doing so under

In addition, it is important to me that accusations in this country, especially those as serious as this, are made in good faith and full responsibility is taken by those choosing to make them.

I will of course, defer to your authority and respect any order you choose to put in place.


Danielle Roberts


Her second letter was a request to the judge to permit her to attend the status conference on Thursday remotely.


Dear Judge Komitee:

I am writing in response to your Preliminary Order of Protection and Order to appear at a conference held on February 17th 2022, and to provide some clarity to Mr. Glazers’ accusation in document 136.

First, I’d like to assure you that I am, and will, respect the temporary order you have put in place.

Next, I’d like to request to appear remotely on the 17th for the following reasons: my dog’s current end life struggle, my finances, and my own safety.

I no longer live in NY and my dog, RJ, is actively dying (ex-parte of his diagnosis and prognosis upon request). It could be any day, and I am not willing to leave him alone at this juncture. He is the one being who has been there with me through all of these trials, and it is my turn to be there for him. I can’t place the, presently, daily evaluation of humane euthanasia in a caretakers hands for the time I would need to be away. I also do not have the funds it would require to provide the significant amount of specialized care he currently needs.

As you know, I am representing myself pro se because I currently do not have the funds for legal representation. In addition, my appearance in person would cost me upwards of $1,750 dollars, plus a day of work, for travel, accommodations, and dog care in order to travel from my home in Wisconsin to the Courthouse.

I don’t have the points, miles, money or credit to cover this travel expense at this juncture (ex-parte of finances upon request).

As a woman who has earned her degree and fruitful career as a physician, medical director and entrepreneur from nothing, I am in this fragile financial position because of repeated defamation and “terrorization” (if we want to use that word) by the Plaintiffs who are claiming to need protection.

Over the past almost five years they have engaged in a relentless campaign against me, carefully spinning a false narrative and destroying my reputation, countless relationships, my life’s work, and my livelihood, for their benefit.

As a result, I don’t have the means to be in person, however, more than happy to make myself available by telephone or videoconference.

The following examples may more clearly illustrate the Plaintiffs’ fraudulent and defamatory efforts to further their material interests and the reasons for my current financial position. In major productions such as: the HBO docuseries “The Vow,” STARZ docuseries “Seduced,” various mainstream media outlets, books, podcasts, and the like, they have cast me as a caricature in part, by utilizing my name, credibility, and credentials to further their endeavors.

Lead Plaintiff Sarah Edmondson filed a complaint against me to the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). The OPMC issued a formal response to Sarah Edmondson’s complaint stating they would not pursue the matter further because “the issues you describe did not occur within the doctor-patient relationship… [they] are not medical misconduct as described by New York State Education Law Section 6530.”‘


In order to overcome this decision, Ms. Edmondson fashioned a media campaign to highlight and dramatize her branding experience, and tie my medical career to a personal endeavor we ventured into together. She created multiple falsities and exaggerations and shared them with The Frank Report, The New York Times, ABC News, HBO in the docuseries “The Vow,” and featured them in her book “Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM, the Cult That Bound My Life” without my permission.

She changed the names of other characters to protect their anonymity, but not mine.

Ms. Edmondson clearly and intentionally crafted a story across multiple major media venues that destroyed my reputation, my career, and my livelihood and incited fear and hatred toward me in the public for her own personal gain (see exhibits 2-5), leading me to the financial position I am currently in, and placing her in a position to extort further value.


Respectfully, my ability to defend myself is what needs to be protected, Your Honor, in this legal proceeding and in the public sphere.

Plaintiff India Oxenberg created, produced, starred in and premiered an entire STARZ docuseries, “Seduced,” on Oct. 19th 2020, during my medical hearing, which garnered hundreds of thousands of views. In this production, it is stated clearly by India’s mother, Catherine Oxenberg, India’s counsel, and (India herself that India needed to portray herself in the media as a “victim” in order to avoid being prosecuted [unethically] by the FBI like Allison Mack was.”

In this fictitious and defamatory production, India highlights me – the only other woman in her DOS circle that she reveals the identity of.

She does it specifically as “Dr. Roberts,” knowing we had no patient-physician relationship (she never once referred to me as “Dr.” while we were in DOS together), and knowing my medical hearing was underway.


In “Seduced“, everyone’s face in this picture was blurred out except for that of Danielle Roberts.

I, unfortunately,, am led to believe she did this for no other reason than to use my authority and credibility, as a doctor to create the appearance of imbalanced power between us, and further depict herself as a victim (to evade criminal charges and reap monetary reward).

Three DOS members: Allison Mack with two of her slaves, India Oxenberg and Danielle Roberts

India and I were equals in DOS. In fact, India earned and held more power than I, as she had built a hierarchy of women in her line, and was privy to more information and authority as such. She, nor STARZ, had permission to use my likeness, nor sought any.

No doubt, these are concerted defamatory efforts by many of the Plaintiffs involved to further their personal agendas. Productions as large as HBO’s “The Vow” and/or STARZ’s “Seduced” premiered footage that Mark Vicente sold without permission or likeness release, and featured many of the defendants, including myself, and others.

Bonnie Piesse appeared in “The Vow” many times, as did, Mark Vicente, Anthony Ames, and many others, named or anonymously.

Momentous and conspiring efforts such as these have led to job loss, reputation decimation, countless harassing emails, voice messages, and social media threats, not only to encourage me “to kill myself (Exhibit 4), but to threaten continual defamation “to make sure I can never financially support myself again” arid am “put in prison” (Exhibit 5).




This is “terrorization,” Your Honor, not a few tweets I made in support of the revelation of the identities of my accusers by others so that I may know who is making such egregious and bold accusations against me, and properly defend myself.

Respectfully, supporting public accountability in a day and age where trial by media can lead to wrongful convictions and legal overreach (in this case, revocation of medical licensure) is not only necessary, but responsible.

That said, Your Honor, I have, and will, respect any order you put in place during these proceedings shall this case be determined to proceed.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Neil Glazer

Lastly, over the, past four years, Plaintiffs’ counsel, Neil Glazer, reinforced this false and harmful narrative in multiple articles utilizing language that creates the appearance of a “malicious enterprise or cult,” and paints me as a brainwashed devotee.

When this many diehard Raniere supporters gather, it a cause for concern” said Neil Glazer to the Times Union, July 10th, 2020.

“If Raniere and his devotee had any… This is just more manipulation of his disciples. claimed Neil Glazer, July 14th, 2020 to the Times Union.

Utilizing language like devotees and disciples is a devious attack, as it implies the only reliable solution is to agree with Glazer… who is lying.

“Cause for concern ” aims to incite some sort of non-specific fear in the public related to my well-intended ventures. He now, similarly pretends that and words that come from the Defendants’ mouths hurt his clients (Although, sometimes the truth hurts this is not abuse or terrorization).

His arguments are artful, in that they lack factual basis, and cannot be taken seriously. They aim destroy my credibility, silence me, cut me off at the knees, and vilify me in some fantastical way to serve his larger monetary scheme, rather than provide any specifics of actual harm or wrongdoing.

The Plaintiffs support this type of behavior, as they hired this man and continue to support his efforts to vilify me, and cast them as helpless victims in need of protection.

For these reasons, Your Honor, I am in a very compromised financial circumstance (and have a very sick puppy to look after). I respectfully request to attend the conference remotely with your Honors permission and beseech these clarifications be seriously examined.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Danielle Roberts, DO, MS

Danielle Roberts and “RJ”




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  • Dr. Danielle Robert’s reports on Instagram that her dog Arjuna passed at 1:06am on February 18, 2022.

    Her court ordered in-person appearance in Brooklyn, NY was on February 17th, 2022.


    • Or cauterize/brand the dog. But if you cauterize a dog, it’s animal cruelty; but if you cauterize a human, it’s ok according to nxivm ppl.

  • —Shared them with The Frank Report, The New York Times, ABC News,

    I’d like to point out Doc Roberts gave the Frank Report top billing in her takedown, ahead of the NY Times.

    I bet it means a lot to you, Frank.

    Thank you, Danielle!

    • Additionally-
      I’d like to add that Vanguard himself, Keith Raniere, has stated publicly that Frank is the one who took him down. If I remember correctly, Keith said in a jail recording that Frank was “our greatest enemy.”

        • Frank-

          If I took down a cult leader and he told his flock, I’m his greatest enemy, I’d be honored.

          It’s like with Boris Badenov and Rocky the Squirrel. It’s Biblical! 😉

        • Frank you did great in taking them down.

          One of my favorite parts of the Vow was where you and Catherine were together with your buddy the lawyer. He was a cool character.

          I love those scenes and Debbie is so sweet and I liked her and all your friends.

          I loved the part when Catherine’s mother, the princess, was giggling about how impressed she was with you. I love the way she described you with great admiration. That made some riveting scenes to watch.

          I was cheering you and Catherine on and the rest but I felt like you two led the group. And weren’t gonna give up till you made sure to bring him down.

          I was sorry to hear Toni and you aren’t copacetic, since you gave her some major credit in the documentary for fighting Keith. That’s sad she has turned against you. By the way I call Catherine “mama Bear and I call you “the grizzly” cause y’all weren’t gonna let that coullion (fool) get away with what he did.

          And I thought your advice was so sweet with Catherine, when she was asking you what to do in the car about India if Keith started blocking her calls and texts you said, “well we will send a carrier pigeon then!”

          Your wit really was touching and eased Catherine’s mind by making her laugh and also it was your support that was touching, letting her know that Papa grizzly wasn’t gonna desert mama bear. That he would fight till the end with her! I wish they would do a documentary with the two of you talking and bring the princess in too for the interview. She saw who you were and admired you for that.

    • Danielle might hold the dog down naked and spread eagle and have it chant “I love Danielle” while being cauterized.

  • When it slowly begins to dawn on our good former doctor that her best days are long behind her and that she will never see or do her Vantard again, she will likely want to make her own snuff film.

  • RE Danielle’s Excuse:

    Danielle has the only good and reasonable excuse. RJ is suffering. Her dog shouldn’t be punished because she’s a nut. Seriously.
    RE “You’re Sick NiceGuy.”

    The other day I commented on the fright videos and someone said, “You’re sick NiceGuy.”

    Let me clarify, what I meant in my comment. The snuff video doesn’t cause me mental trauma/anguish/distress, because of all the awful things I’ve witnessed in my own life.

    However, I do find the Mexican video, in and of itself, abhorrent and evil.

    Lastly the male ATV driver was driving like an asshole and almost killed his girlfriend as well. She fell of the ATV and he went over the cliff. He almost got her killed. I feel bad about her, but don’t give a dick about him.

    I don’t quite understand how this makes me sick, but so be it.
    I’ve been commenting on this blog for a while, so I actually do care what longtime commentators think.


    PS Mr. RingDings (Alonzo) I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think.

  • Ouch. While I still disagree with Danielle, some of those emails she received were pretty terrible.

    I’d like to believe people would have more sympathy for her if she could acknowledge at least a little bit of where she went wrong. It’s likely that some of those messages would still have been sent, but maybe, in general, she’d have more support?

    I really don’t understand why, with what’s going on all around them (people in jail, licenses revoked, civil suit) that they all seem so unwilling and unable to see things from a point of view different to their own?

    It seems like to them? Their version of the truth is absolutely absolute. They have people in the court of public opinion, people sitting on judicial panels and an entire federal court of law pointing at many significant problems and clear evidence of lawlessness, and yet they insist on shoving their version of the truth down our throats! Like they get to decide the laws of the country or something!

    I really wonder how their minds became so inflexible and why they have became so defensive?

    Cruel hate mail could set someone off like that, I suppose. But Danielle? You’re a grown woman. Are you really so afraid about having been wrong about something or not properly have evaluated a situation or basically to have made a mistake?

    As you know from your successes, actions have a consequence. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes in the middle.

    I’m really sorry to hear some people were so cruel to you. But how can you not see that this DOS thing was a terrible idea to so very many people?! I’m not trying to force you to change your mind as your group loves to suggest was done in the plea deals. I’m just really honestly asking, is it truly impossible for you to see in any which way, shape or form that it might have been a bad idea to blackmail and brand women’s lives and bodies into a structure in which they were slaves?

    • The responses Danielle got from the public ARE tough. But unfortunately, when you reach out publicly for money, support or really anything – the public feedback is often a bewilderingly nasty mixed bag.

      If you dance for a convicted felon nightly, brand human slaves and live a very public life – some of the public inevitably will not like you or your actions.

      And they will let you know.

      People who run cupcake or gardening sites get horrible DM’s and really cruel social media comments, for goodness sake.

      Not condoning it. Not diminishing it.

      It’s just not at all unexpected.

      Another choice is to NOT be posting all over the internet and be a private person.

  • Danielle, I hope the judge hears your message and you can spend the time needed to make your dog feel comfortable and loved.

  • Why didn’t Danielle just give the poor pooch a couple of EMs — or better yet, take the pooch to Nancy Salzman and have her do the EMs? I thought those things were supposed to cure everything.

  • The Court denies the requests to appear remotely from the defendants whose conduct Plaintiffs challenged in their letters of February 4 and February 8 [136] [140]: Danielle Roberts, Nicole Clyne, and Brandon Porter.

  • Some people, like the retired ice dancer Mark Vicente, believe in “Narcissistic Psychopaths”.

    Put simply, Narcissistic Psychopaths are people who are incapable of empathy or compassion for their fellow human beings.

    I don’t believe in Narcissistic Psychopaths because I know that under the right circumstances everyone becomes a narcissistic psychopath – especially when it comes to their enemies.

    Everyone acts like a narcissistic psychopath to their enemies.

    So while you read Dr. Danielle Roberts’ examples of the inhumane and terroristic behavior she has experienced from anticultists, let’s watch to see how many narcissistic psychopathic commenters we have here on the Frank Report.

    Just note the complete lack of empathy and compassion for her in their comments.

    Clipboards out!

    Start counting.


    • Alanzo, get a grip. You are crying like a baby just anticipating someone says something mean about Roberts. You appear to be desperate to join their cult. The problem is I don’t think they are accepting men as slaves.

      • And he stole my description of Mark. Write your own lines, dude. Besides it only works with select photos of Vicente.

        Your comments smell of dirty feet and crazy.

      • Geta Grip-

        I agree with you!

        ALANZO says:
        “Everyone becomes a narcissistic psychopath – especially when it comes to their enemies.”

        I say about Alanzo:

        He clearly doesn’t understand how deranged his comment appears to anyone, save for fellow lunatic Brandon Porter.

        Something to consider:
        Are Mike Rinder and NiceGuy on Alanzo’s enemies list.

    • You don’t believe in narcissistic psychopaths because everyone can act like a narcissistic psychopath in certain situations. Is that what you are saying?

      I don’t believe in “bedwetters” because under the right circumstances everyone becomes a bedwetter.

      Keith checks off every box in the narcissistic psychopath checklist. A lack of compassion on FR makes certain commenters dicks and self righteous asses. But acting like a bedwetter in a certain situation does not make you one. Narcissistic psychopaths have the consistent history to earn such a pristine label.

      • “Keith checks off every box in the narcissistic psychopath checklist. “

        I understand that you believe, really hard, in Narcissistic Psychopaths. For you and the retired ice dancer, it explains everything you need to know about Keith Raniere – now. After NXIVM.

        But it is a mental construct only. It is a set of ideas you use to understand Keith. It isn’t Keith.

        You want this set of ideas to be really really real. But if you cut open Keith’s skull, you don’t see a Narcissistic Psychopath, you see the same brain everyone else has.

        Don’t ever forget the difference between a mental construct and reality. It’s a severe, yet very common, mistake in reasoning called reification.

        Don’t fall into the trap the retired ice dancer has fallen into. That guy has lived through many many lessons that should have taught him things, and all those lessons seemed to have flown straight over his head.



        • Alanzo, your reasoning is flawed. If you open up Keith Raniere’s skull and examine his brain it’s highly likely his brain would show the same kind of damages as others suffering from Psychopathy do. You’d have a better argument if you said that the psychopathy traits are not sufficient to determine if someone is good or bad. I recommend doing some research. Your ideas of about the belief of narcissistic psychopath as always some kind of evil entity, is though a belief, one that you possess as well, else you would simply be referring to the science behind it. As for “retired ice dancer” that’s a mental construct you have created, it doesn’t exist in reality.

          • Your ideas of about the belief of narcissistic psychopath as always some kind of evil entity, is though a belief, one that you possess as well, else you would simply be referring to the science behind it.

            Could you clarify this sentence?

            I don’t understand it.


          • I would rather recommend you to look up James Fallon on YouTube. He is a scientist and scores high on the psychopathy traits, though falls short of being categorized as full blown psychopath. He has some videos where he shares that Psychopathic traits do imply that the person will be a murderer etc. After he too has them. According to him there are three factors that play a role, brain damage, genes and environment. In his case his having been extraordinarily loved in his early years when he was growing up prevented him from becoming a murderer. Usually in colloquial language narcissistic psychopath is taken to believe that the person is dangerous or is a murderer or would be one etc. This is not true. It better to look at the person a being impaired in emotional empathy, though they are high in cognitive empathy.

          • Thanks for your good sense. I’ve worked for at least 2 CEOs that were openly known to have strong psychopathic traits. Surprise, surprise.

            They are not murderers, granted their wives seemed a bit sullen and definitely had all our sympathy! [They both had several divorces and remarriages]. Also one of them had good loving relations with their kids, acted completely differently around them. Psychopathy has a scale. Not all psychopaths are stupid, have poor impulse control, and are likely to murder.

          • “I would rather recommend you to look up James Fallon on YouTube.”

            I’m familiar with Fallon.

            He’s the guy who discovered a scan of his own brain in a pile of brain scans he classified as ‘psychopathic brains’. And, instead of questioning his own theory, he questioned whether he really loved his own children because his hypothesis (belief) told him “psychopaths are incapable of love”.

            It’s hilarious. It shows the degree to which human beings use their beliefs to make sense of the world – to the point of denying the world itself in favor of their belief.

            See? As a scientist, it was a case of the tail wagging the dog, the hypothesis denying the reality of the world it was supposed to explain.

            Some people are never going to get this. They’ve never had their own beliefs challenged enough to watch them collapse. They’ve always had a majority of people around them to prop up their beliefs, no matter how flimsy or false they are. They think that too many other people believe as they do, so their beliefs can’t be false!

            The hardest thing to do is to truly understand your own enemy. It’s usually why they’re your enemy. So you use beliefs like “Narcissistic Psychopathy” or “Suppressive Person” or “Witch” to substitute for understanding.

            If you’ve had trouble locating it, my argument is:

            But it [Narcissistic Psychopathy] is a mental construct only. It is a set of ideas you use to understand Keith. It isn’t Keith.


          • @Alanzo, ok, got it. Yeah, that’s always the case. However, that’s the best we have for working with, our hypothesis of what or who someone else is. The better our hypothesis becomes, the closer we get to understanding another person; however, it never becomes the same as the other person. So, while I agree with you in theory, at a practical level our hypotheses are what counts. So, if someone has a better hypothesis for working / understanding the situation, then that’s fine by me as well. So far, I haven’t come across better explanations.

          • @Alanzo, Something to note as well, while I understand and agree with what you are saying, it too is only a set of ideas you are using to communicate with me, but they are not a true representative of what’s going on in your mind, and would never be so. Yet, we rely on these inaccurate representations for communication, because without them, there wouldn’t be any communication. Hence while you have a point, without relevant grounding context, it doesn’t mean much practically speaking. I am happy to hear of any well rounded alternatives you may have though, for talking about stuff. Yet, none of it will change the facts that people with narcissistic psychopathic disorder have brain damage etc. as they have their own skin, even though one could argue that their skin or their brain is not that person.

          • @Alanzo here’s another example. If you go down to the quantum level, there really isn’t much solidity in what we consider as solid matter, yet we realistically experience walls as walls and liquids as liquids. So, while one could say walls are nothing but a mental construct, it would not enable that person to walk through walls. Similarly with people diagnosed with psychopathy. Regardless of what construct you use or not, it’s not going to fundamentally change the thing. If a person has narcissistic behavior because of physical changes in the brain, or early childhood trauma, until these are no longer there, he or she will continue to behave like one. I think your concern with labels is that many times diagnostic labels are used for unfairly discriminating against people. While this is true, it’s not necessary for labels to only be seen in a disconnecting manner. One could for instance see narcissistic psychopathology from the perspective of compassion and be driven to find ways to enable those people to be able to heal themselves get better and live better and more integrated lives as part of society. My point is labels are not something evil which are bad, and must be avoided at all costs. You and I have the capability to use them for creating connection and compassion.

          • February 16 Anonymous write:

            “Hence while you have a point, without relevant grounding context, it doesn’t mean much practically speaking. “

            But wait.

            There’s more.

            When it comes to other people, labeling is a cognitive distortion, as defined in one of the few scientifically tested therapeutic approaches to depression and anxiety CBT. Depression and Anxiety are a very common set of symptoms for Ex-cult members.


            So why use a cognitive distortion that causes depression and anxiety for ex cult members?

            There is simply no substitute for trying to understand another person, and why they did what they did to you. I presented this to Anthony Ames, Sarah Edmonson and Mark Vicente last week.

            Have you ever noticed that a “Narcissistic Psychopath” is always someone you’re pissed off at, or oppose in some way?

            Have you ever come to understand a person you’ve labeled this way, or overcome your upset with them, and they aren’t a Narcissistic Psychopath anymore?


            These 3, of course, are highly invested in the cognitive distortion of “Narcissistic Psychopath”. Mark Vicente has announced he’s publishing a book on the subject.

            So I don’t anticipate getting an answer from any of them any time soon.


          • @Alanzo, In case of Keith Raniere and others similar to his conditioning I don’t think https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_distortion#Labeling_and_mislabeling applies, as it’s not an overgeneralization. The only valid line of questioning there could be is, that it’s not clinically confirmed that he has this condition, at the moment the diagnosis is an educated guess. This means, there is a possibility that this could be wrong, but more than likely that is not so. It’s like my discussing whether water could be a solid, isn’t going to change the fundamental characteristics of the substance that I drink and call as well.

            In any case, have you personally come across people who are narcissistic psychopaths and that you have found that your view of them changed afterwards. If you do, that would give more credibility to your request. At the moment, I see no reason for any of them to respond to you, considering how terrible you have been at building bridges with them.

          • @Alanzo, putting it another way. Why should people bother understanding Keith Raniere, when they have their friends to take care of who are still hurting and traumatized? Have you bothered to understand Hubbard and has that changed your perception of him? Same with Mike Rinder?

          • @Alanzo Anyway, I don’t want to continue this conversation here. I would rather talk about this over twitter direct messages or some other private communication. It’s a lot easier for me to not get distracted then, while being able to easily refer back to previous communication when necessary. We were chatting on twitter using DMs a few months ago and if you wanted, I am sure you could find me there again.

          • @Alanzo, one last thing, in case we don’t speak again. One shouldn’t expect a person who is in pain to be willing to understand the person whom they deem to the cause of their pain. I hope you find this helpful.

        • == You want this set of ideas to be really really real. But if you cut open Keith’s skull, you don’t see a Narcissistic Psychopath, you see the same brain everyone else has.

          WTF? This is your argument for why Keith isn’t really a narcissistic sociopath? That his brain superficially looks just like the rest of our brains? You really are a buffoon, Alanzo.

          That label isn’t an imaginary mental construct created in a vacuum. It’s constructed based on attributes and qualities that are displayed in action by the one it is attached to. Sheesh.

        • “I understand that you believe, really hard, in Narcissistic Psychopaths.”
          I know I might come off this way, but I don’t. I use it like I’d call a waddling, quacking animal a duck. I probably wouldn’t even use the term if Nancy hadn’t used it to label keith.

          I do think that if the dead-enders would be open-minded when looking at the patterns of keith’s actions, they’d stop letting him ruin their lives. While I appreciate people who don’t use psychology terms as limiting beliefs and/or to limit your options for interacting with people, I do find it beneficial to recognize patterns in behavior.

          Maybe labeling keith a Narcissistic Psychopaths does not help awaken the dead-enders to keith’s behavioral patterns. I thought that Nancy using the term may help the term click with them. If nothing else, they should keep their guards up so that things like being ordered to NY stop happening.

        • Alanzo – I’d assume that the reification idea was hammered into you from Scientology. While Scientolgy hates psychology, psychology hates NLP. NLP was a big part of NXIVM. NLP defines reification as “the map is not the territory.” http://www.nlpls.com/articles/mapTerritory.php

          I had this hammered into me from different people (Nancy, who learned this from Grinder and Bandler, being one of them). This is one reason I took note when Nancy labeled keith a probable narcissistic psychopath.

          It doesn’t surprise me that you find commonalities with the dead-enders. Keith even stole ideas from Scientology.

          • “Alanzo – I’d assume that the reification idea was hammered into you from Scientology.”

            Nope, absolutely not. Hubbard USED reification on Scientologists. He would have never had them look it up and learn about it.

            In 1998, while I was getting on the internet and looking at all the things that Ex-Scientologists were exposing about Scientology, I bought a book called “The Art of Deception” it was a book on logic written for first year law students about how to craft your arguments to be able to sway a jury.

            That’s where I first learned about mental constructs. Since Scientology is nothing but mental constructs, learning about those made the whole rickety Scientology house of cards start to crash for me.

            Then, when I continued studying real logic (not Scientology logic) as part of my “recovery” in the early 2000s, that’s when I came across the logical fallacy of reification.

            I find commonalities with the “dead enders” because I understand belief better than I used to, and I understand mainstream cultures and their sub-cultures, and I understand civil rights.

            I also understand what it means to live in a free society.

            Narcissistic Psychopathy is a belief you use to make sense of Keith Raniere now. No matter how much you think you understand Keith Raniere using it, it does not mean you understand Keith Raniere.

            Remember it is your belief about the world, it is not the world itself.


          • @Alanzo the same holds true for your beliefs about Scientology, Mike Rinder, Hubbard etc. They are your mental constructs, not them.

    • Your argument on not believing in Narcissistic Psychopaths is weak. It’s akin to saying water and ice are the same and there is no difference because they are both made of water, or that Diamond is no different from coal. Psychopathy is a real thing. It doesn’t however mean everyone with it is dangerous or is a killer etc. And yes the traits which are quite high in those deemed as psychopaths are indeed present in all humans, and indeed many people are quite unempathetic. You could even say, that these people don’t even have the limitations Psychopaths have and are still unempathetic and hence perhaps worse. Or perhaps there is hope that they can be better. It really depends upon how you look at it. But ultimately what you are doing is analyzing everyone rather than empathizing with the human condition, without sharing that at times you too act like any of these unempathetic, and hence while I applaud you for your empathy towards Dr. Roberts, it saddens me that you cannot actually communicate your intentions in a truly empathic way. Are you capable of having empathy for the unempathetic ones?

    • Alanzo-

      Finally something we can agree on,
      Mark Vicente is narcissistic weasel who looks like he “competed” in the 1992 Winter Olympics as an alternate.

      WTF Bonnie P. is still with that twat of a man is beyond me.

    • “Everyone acts like a narcissistic psychopath to their enemies.” Plenty of people do not, and there are many historical examples that demonstrate this. Clinical narcissists don’t become narcissists when provoked, they have an illness. If you don’t believe in Narcissistic Personality Disorder and you believe anyone can have it under the right circumstances, you do not understand how NPD works or how it manifests from a clinical standpoint.

    • Re “I don’t believe in Narcissistic Psychopaths because I know that under the right circumstances everyone becomes a narcissistic psychopath”

      With all due respect, you display the typical ignorance about psychopathy most people suffer from. And Vicente, too, with his belief in “Narcissistic Psychopaths” which implies that there are NON-narcissistic Psychopaths when the proper understanding reveals that narcissism is a major trait of psychopathy, all psychopaths.

      It is false that “under the right circumstances” everyone becomes a psychopath because true psychopaths have distinct brain damage that non-psychopaths do not have. So, it is not a matter of “belief” whether they exist, they do.

      Yet, apart from true psychopaths there is a scale of “secondary psychopaths” and because the world is now controlled by true psychopaths, their sick “values” have made the entire world becoming full of these second-tier psychopaths — read https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

      Hollywood flicks and the entertainment industry at large have presented a deliberately erroneous picture of psychopaths which keeps the public misinformed about what and who psychopaths really are (see cited reference).

  • I noticed Alanzo tweets Roberts. He wants some branded leftovers to grab his junk it seems. So obvious he is desperate for physical touch, even from cult members with crazy eyes. Maybe she’ll brand you too you if you ask nicely, Alanzo.

    • “I noticed Alanzo tweets Roberts. He wants some branded leftovers to grab his junk it seems. So obvious he is desperate for physical touch, even from cult members with crazy eyes. Maybe she’ll brand you too you if you ask nicely, Alanzo.”

      All comments that have no other purpose than to sexually humiliate commenters here on the Frank Report were approved by the Frank Report “moderator”, KR Claviger.

      Always remember, she denies some comments, and lets others through. If you see it on here, Claviger approved it.

      Does Claviger deserve to be sexually humiliated on the Frank Report, too?

      Fair is fair, right?


        • So you do love to be sexually humiliated.

          Pretty clear before. Thanks for confirming it.

          Where did you graduate from law school again? And why should we trust a degenerate like you to have any accurate opinion at all on legal matters?


          • And where did you get your law degree, Alanzo? That’s right…all you have is ramblings on a blog that no-one reads.

          • Alanzo-

            I’m worried about Ex. Ex seems to have stopped commenting completely. The two of you seemed friendly. Is she okay? I don’t know if the two of you knew one another from a different web forum.

          • Trauma survivor? A real trauma survivor moves on with their life and doesn’t support a group of DOS dead-enders who traumatized several others for years. The irony of this is pretty great and the fact that you support Alanzo with his infatuation with Clyne and Roberts speaks more about you than me. Way to think about the victims of DOS.

      • Thanks for spewing the endless word salad like you usually do. Sounds like a cult member to me. Why do you worship these women, Alanzo? Are you that lonely?

    • Mr. RingDings actually flirts with one of the other DOS Project women. I’m not going to out her because she’s actually doing someone nice.

  • D. Roberts does not have a medical degree, yet she continues to be presented as such here. Why???

    There is a great difference between a medical degree and her qualifications yet that is permanently and totally overlooked.

  • Danielle. It’s one day. Get your ass to court and don’t use a dying dog as an excuse. Typical nxivm way of getting out of things. Pathetic woman. Or get a dog sitter like everyone else in the world. Why are you so different and special? ….My dog ate my homework excuse.

  • I do feel badly for the dog. You shouldn’t have an animal companion if you cannot afford to care for them as they deserve. And that includes unanticipated circumstances.

    The go fund me money Danielle raised for herself should have been raised to help her dog instead. Daniela CAN work. Maybe not as a doctor but she COULD get a job somewhere.

    The dog cannot earn a paycheck and is counting on its human friend. You need to come thru for them, Danielle.

    If your dog was “with you through everything,” then you owe it to your best friend to make those medical bills and proper treatment happen. No matter what.

    Here’s wishing this canine the best possible care and outcome.

      • @Pathetic, your comment says more about you, than about Alanzo. I guess you are capable of empathy on when you wanna sleep with someone and you see others as similar to you.

        • Just calling it like I see it. Alanzo is tweeting/retweeting these women all the time as well as supporting their viewpoints which in my book says a lot about Alanzo. Perhaps you can take him out and help him get over his weird obsession with the DOS groupies.

        • Hi. Alanzo. I’m glad you’re reverting back to anonymous sock puppets like your antihero NiceGuy.

          Did you ever stop to consider you could be friends with NiceGuy?

  • I have a few more questions about Danielle’s medical license. In addition to the branding, did the board look into her role in forced malnutrition oo forced sleep deprivation? Managing sleep and nutrition are definitely part of the practice of medicine even if branding is not. If she forced these things on her DOS slaves or even if, by staying silent, she gave her approval, this needs to be looked at. Also, Doctors in almost every state are mandated reporters of child abuse. If she knew about Cami’s sexual abuse, then she might have been legally obligated to report it.

        • Perhaps it shows she was trying on the hat of devotion and trust and being humble with no need of superiority to determine if it’s a purposeful way of living her life.
          Whether she was duped or not, her intentions were good.

    • And why is it rarely mentioned that she and Porter poisoned the food at V Week? This is just as disturbing and branding and forced snuff films.

      • Just Sayin-

        I thought 1/2 of the reason Porter lost his license is because of the mass food poisoning incident, wasn’t it?

      • Probably due to the fact You need proof. Stomach viruses are commonplace occurrences.

        Look how well reporting covid has worked out!!

        Mass panic, depression, isolation, gov’t mandates…hell, let’s shut life down!

    • No, but they also revoked her license because she failed to report the food poisoning at V-week, as was her duty as a doctor. This was also a basis for Porter’s revocation.

      Which means that even if she were to prevail on appeal regarding the branding (not going to happen), there is no way she can get around that dereliction of her duty.

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