Heidi Chastises Scott Johnson

TK wrote, “Being as coherent as you Scott, Your sentence structure needs work also. Or, maybe, you’d like to give us all a lesson on your precious radio show. However, I would highly doubt anyone would be willing to join you. So, how exactly did you get sucked into the Amway stuff. Was it because you thought you could make some easy money at others expense. How long did it take for you to decide you were just a stupid little puppet like you are. We all know you kiss up to Frank.”


Then Heidi chose to comment about Scott.

By Heidi Hutchinson

“Kiss up” is a gross understatement. Schlock’s got his tongue so far up Frank’s ass it tickles his belly button. Schlock’s thrusting that tongue so hard, Frank’s navel might just — look out — pop right out! Ding! Turkeys’s done. Lol.

It’s sad, indeed poignant, because Frank’s this machismo, Sicilian dude — a rightful born Don, a mensch even (farcas I know), who takes care of many others starting with the fam — in a very vulnerable place — trying to restore his family “honor,” move on with his life, maintain his means; but still in a huge legal mess, maybe facing prison himself — still trying to write his heart out of it, keep some sense of humor about it, and be concerned with not only entertaining but protecting his eclectic collection of FR readers…

And the last goddamn thing Frank (anyone with half a heart on the side of justice here) needs is this weasly, shameless, reckless, redneck so narcissisticly determined to steal and undermine this site, he’s on it practically 24/7 bashing commenters left AND right, while convincing Frank that he’s somehow a loyal “bro” helping to keep commenters in line with the alt-right party line. “Don’t let the libtards win, Frank!” WTF?

AND for his next stupid Narcissist trick SCOTT JOHNSON publishes Allison Mack’s home address along with detailed description of the neighborhood in the comment section on FR following a report of restraining orders being taken out by Ally against a stalker, peeping Tom!

Who wants to set up a go fund me for slander suit against Scott Johnson?

For the record, I never once ever joked about my sister’s suicide on here or anywhere and if you or anyone on here ever repeat that bald faced lie again, I will sue you… For the sake and in the best interests of the Frank Report to get you banned for real and for the good of everyone, but Scott Johnson. Except perhaps you could use some awareness that other people besides you do exist.


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  • The slander about you and your sister is hateful, the constant claim that you are not who you say you are is also hateful. I reckon Scott and his minions know full well that what they do is hateful and disruptive but clearly cannot control their overwhelming sense of irrelevance to this story, especially in the presence of someone with such an authentic connection. This seems to wind them up to the point where they imagine their own grievances are more important than anything anyone has to say here. Its a nasty and tedious business to wade through sweary, neurotic dross, so wide of the mark it beggars belief. I appreciate what you have to say Heidi and would like to know more about your sister, but I don’t recommend you publish that here. Write a book, or have you already done/started doing that? All the best 🙂

    • Thanks, One. Appreciate your clear-sightedness. Frank did ask me to participate on here to help edify the comments section, especially, and I owe him a few favors but it’s really impossible as you say to even read through the drivel to respond seriously to anyone. (I can’t even tell when anyone’s being serious or trying to be satirical and satire is my favorite genre.)

      Frank’s investigating Gina’s death for a segment on a popular TV show and I’m involved with some other Nx-related projects. I thought I might share some segments of a book I’m working on to help Frank out with content filler, at least, but a saying our Mom liked comes to mind: “Don’t cast pearls before swine.”

      • Heidi, I’ve also felt you’ve been mistreated, knowing how crummy certain people have been to you, I’ve been accused of being all kinds of different people to . I switched to my middle name a few months back and have been left alone I think I rarely go back anymore to be put down. This blog was the first and prob last I’ll ever go on and I was stunned at the behavior of people I assume are adults! It’s very unlikely that I will see the trial or the aftermath, but I pray that you get the truth and justice you deserve whatever that may be. Sincerely Heather Anne

        • Agree with you Ann. Considering the context of what Heidi has experienced and the personal toll it has taken on her and their family, It was shameful and disgusting to read some of the hurtful things that were said about her. In my opinion, she doesn’t have to be here, and yet chooses to do so. So, yes, she is making a difference.

        • Hi Heather! I suspected you were Anne but didn’t want to blow your cover. How are you?

          I’m so sorry “Heather” was so mistreated by Scott Johnson on here. Most baffling is the fact that “Heather” is a conservative Republican, well-versed in all the party issues, who makes Trump supporters like Scott Johnson claims he is look golden!

          When he slammed you even after you said you have cancer it became obvious to me what a low-life piece of shitscum Scott Johnson is and how dangerous it is for Frank to allow him to comment. Last week, Scott Johnson even went after a friend of mine (and Frank’s) whose house burnt to the ground in the Malibu fires. Someone whose done much to expose NXIVM and boost Frank’s “hero” role in the saga.

          I guess Scott is just out to drag down anyone who might outshine him in any arena regardless of whether they are on the same team or not, so please don’t feel bad about what he tried to do to “Heather.”

          Thank you for your kindness and I really enjoy the political chats with “Heather.”

      • Heidi

        Thanks for your clear-sight! And, thanks to Onewomanarmy and Anne.

        We are at a vulnerable point in history. It is important we oppose abusive, authoritarianism from no matter where it derives.

        I am deeply skeptical of leaders who promise to be enlightened angels because no such thing exists I never bought Keith’s line about himself despite seeing value in Nx technology. Success and “personal growth” are often selfish visions, true visonaries heal the sick, lift the poor and love their enemies.

        • Very true. I agree, this could be a really good opportunity for humanity to understand what makes us “followers” of such people as Keith. Let’s not forget that entire continents are ruled by leaders more ruthless and corrupt than Keith Raniere. In fact, totalitarian governments are becoming more prominent than democracies world-wide.

          Your insights on why that is, what compelled you to go along with the program even though you are obviously no dummie, would be very valuable.

          And, hell no, I’m not taking any abuse or letting anyone else be abused in my presence without putting up a fight.

          • I am a Nx nobody and that’s a good thing. I took a seminar, found it very useful but exhausting and saw no need to go beyond it. I was not fascinated with sashes, stripes, coaches, field trainers or the smartest man in the world. I found Nancy “cute” and that means I probably felt her loneliness and wanted to reach out to her. However, realizing that would be complicated I avoided it. Odato had not yet exposed Nx and I knew nothing about KAR’s evil deeds.
            That said, I’m sure I didn’t end there by accident. I was attracted to Nx because I was a damaged person who wanted to save the world. It’s kind of funny that I’m so idealistic and want to help others when I should really save myself first!
            I live in NYC / East Village, what about you?

    • You think Scott and his “minions” are jealous of Heidi? I find that a rather humorous stretch of the imagination.
      Who are his minions?

    • I think your analysis is absolutely spot-on Onewomanarmy. These posters don’t contribute anything worthwhile to the site. They have this attitude that it’s just a “blog” and can do whatever they like. Why doesn’t Scott do what Frank did and start his own blog exposing Amway? Instead of hijacking another blog and shitting all over the comments section and well-intentioned posters?

      I agree there’s a narcissistic impetus at work here; irrelevant people desperately trying to inject themselves into the story in the mistaken belief that they are entitled to be part of the story.

      I don’t understand Frank keeping them around. He says they’re attracting clicks / new readers. But are these new readers sticking around? Many of them will be sincere, and they’ll run screaming from the site as soon as they clap eyes on the comments.

      Thing is, people are judged by the company they keep. Sorry to say it, but many of the posters here come off as crazy as the NXIVM crew. It’s a fact, and it’s not a good look.

  • I never said women shouldn’t complain about abuse.Sometimes opinions and ideas need to be thoroughly thought about to extract the message. Such as there are plenty of things to be offended by without having to look for more or see offense in everything. Sometimes a remark is just a remark without hidden meaning or

    • Verbal/emotional abuse is still abuse Mitch. It’s actually worse than physical abuse in a lot of ways.

      Mitch Garrity

      November 20, 2018 at 11:58 am

      So called feminists are the weakest of women. Offended by everything and consider everything said abuse. They’re words. If words are considered abusive and an attack how can there ever be equality?

      • Flowers, please, for the sake of women who are verbally and emotionally abused everywhere without provoking such attacks on themselves, STOP IT.

        Maybe you were dissed on some other forum — though I can’t imagine anyone having it out for such a pure, gentle, sweet soul as yourself — but if you’re looking to make a case that you’re an innocent victim of some Gotham City gang all you’re proving on here is the opposite.

        • Well said Heidi. Thank you and thank you for continuing to comment here despite all the people throwing shade. I agree with OCD that you should keep further details about your sister to yourself for the time being and not share them here to be picked over by the vultures.

        • Excuse me? You’re one to talk about provoking attacks …that’s really quite amusing, Heidi. More satire?

          If Mitch (or anyone) can’ t stand by their own words, which they wrote only days earlier, then they should admit that they were mistaken or wrong. But to claim they didn’t say what they did, is only a bullying/gaslighting tactic.

        • And I should add that all you’re proving on here is that you are a bully who is trying to twist truth and impose your own fictitious narrative on other people. Your inflammatory statement :”for the sake of women who are verbally…..” is completely illogical and irrelevant and was added in just for pure drama. It makes no sense, at,all, in the context of the conversation , especially in light of your earlier remarks on the very same topic.

      • I agree. And again as you re posted my comment that’s not what I said.
        I will apologize for lumping all “feminist” in with what I’m talking about.
        ; example; offended if a man says “Thanks Hon”. A whole web article can be written about how horrible that is.
        I go to a diner every morning and the waitress calls me the same. I’m not offended. I’m not thinking she’s flirting etc

        Sometimes things are just what they are innocent.

        I think I’m done here. I’ll stop in to see what’s new but posting isn’t worth the time. The comments as many said have just deteriorated. It’s not even amusing anymore because it’s repetitive and I didn’t realize how mean spirited some of it could be ( making fun of a cancer patient)

        I really am just interested in human behavior and why they do what they do. Or how cruel they can be. I lost my taste for it here. Not because of you Flowers. Don’t think that.
        Because of the anonymity that the keyboard brings and how nothing is even attempted to be taken away from exchanges. Everyone is too busy trying to one up the other and somehow “win”.
        The other viewpoint isn’t even considered where even a slight understanding or kernel of another opinion could lead to changing a person’s viewpoint.

        There is so much trying to shut down people with different opinions. This idea they shouldn’t even be heard. I appreciated that Frank was willing to risk losing some readers for the principle of letting people share their opinion.

        Nobody is winning

        Good luck to those that got out

        • Mitch- I agree that women may be more easily offended than men over being called names like “Hon” or “Sweetheart “, probably because sometimes it is done in a condescending manner.(by some men)
          And that may be what you MEANT in your earlier post, but the way it came across was that you thought that woman should not complain about verbal abuse.

          Of course no one, male or female, should put up with verbal and emotional abuse,(which can be even more harmful than physical abuse.)

          But I assume now that was not the message you were trying to convey on your earlier post.

        • Wait! No, don’t go Mitch. We like you. Even Flowers likes you. Flowers was just teasing, right Flowers? She’s just been picked on a lot and doesn’t know, can’t fathom, you were really just trying to help, maybe flirt a little with her. She thinks everybody’s out to get her now and she has to get them first — actually, she kinda lures them in all sweet and then snaps on them, more like a Venus Flytrap than “Flower” per se — but the point is she’s overly defensive to the (maybe past) the point of being offensive.

          IMTO, however, she’s a bonafide nutcase or very slick, paid professional Nx trollup.

          She knows, for instance, that over 2 years ago I blocked someone by the name of Donald Trump on Twitter — as she announced to a room full of savage alt-right maniacs on the eve of the Kavanaugh hearing — and that I follow Clare Bronfman — something she also made public at an opportune moment. The petalhead is clearly putting liberal lives in danger on this forum!

          If you’re interested in human behavior, or carnivorous plant behavior, you won’t wanna miss this !

          Stay, Mitch, stay!

    • True, Mitch. “Flowers” is so reactionary that taken together with her outrageous stories and rapier-witted attacks, I really concluded “she” — along with Pea and maybe even a Schlock or two — were all caricatures representing extremists.

      You seem to have thought the same, yourself, that this is a “hoax.” But Frank reports that at least Flowers and Schlock are for real. I really think Frank should warn newcomers that while some who appear here may be literary devices, some ARE real however hoaxish they may seem.

      What’s your story, Mitch?

      • You changed your opinion rather quickly then, Heidi, from what you wrote to Mitch just a couple days ago.
        And if I’m an extremist, what extreme am I representing? I can’t understand what you meant by that comment.


        November 21, 2018 at 8:19 pm

        Sorry, Mitch but there is such a thing as verbal and emotional abuse and malicious intent to inflict emotional distress and that goes for ANYONE, male or female or whatEVER, regardless of the underlying reason or agenda for this abuse: misogeny, misanthropy, a “promotion,” “acting out,” etc.

  • What exactly was Frank’s purpose for creating Scotties corner supposedly to protect decent posters? Freedom of speech, he gave it to him and then apparently said to hell with the rest of you. Scott wants validation that he’s not at fault for being scammed by Amway and that’s not going to happen.
    Amway or not Mr Johnson would likely be the same creepy asshole he’s proven himself to be. In the time I’ve followed this site he’s been kicked off a time or two, it’s almost like he’s using blackmail. Why Frank let’s him remain I would like to hear Frank!

  • I don’t know who posted Allison Mack’s address or who posted Dawn Morrison’s address. It seems like a coordinated attempt to shut down FR by leaving Frank vulnerable to litigation. It also gives the impression that it is pro NXIVM. If it isn’t, someone is being incredibly thoughtless. Be cautious Frank.

    • Good observations. But I still think Schlock’s the culprit. It’s consistent with his Texas-hick style machevellian machinations.

    • Ok…I admit it, bitches. I posted Allison’s address. It was all part of a scheme to frame Shadow/Frank/Thomas and have his stalking ass thrown in jail.

      I’m the real Nicky, or Nicki, or Clicky , or whoever. I can verify that with a picture, which I will send to Frank, and then I will post on my private Instagram to verify that.

      • If you are the real Nicki, I urge you to cooperate with the FBI for your own sake.
        Cut a plea deal.
        Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

        FBI agents are professionals and they will not be rude or use torture.
        But they are well informed and know what questions to ask and what answers are true.
        Don’t play games with them.

  • Frank’s argument that he was well treat by Scott Johnson while appearing on his radio show, so somehow he needs to allow him free access here, always felt illogical to me. Just because he feels the need to keep his own house clean, doesn’t mean he can constantly piss all over Frank’s place. That’s not a friend at all.

  • Keith’s former girlfriend, Dawn Morrison is a wonderful person. She is available to talk
    203 Yorktown Drive in Half Moon, NY
    (518) 461-2424 (business phone).

    • Still bizarre to me how so many wonderful people were perfectly (prefectly) fine watching Keith’s horrible actions. By not doing anything and remaining in the organization, you all enabled this monster to ruin lives for 20+ years. If the real Dawn (who I always thought WAS a wonderful person) would like to help, a good way would be to post a public apology and/or explanation.

        • Thanks, W. I guess that’s what those above numbers are that lead into “business phone”? I wonder if she’s available to talk? And what exactly would you like me to pursue?

          • The tel number is real. What you talk about is your decision. You requested an explanation or apology earlier?

          • A commenter first mentions Dawn at 11:15 and posts her phone number, then at 11:52 Nutso asks Dawn for an apology, then at1:26 Anonymous posts “you requested an explanation or an apology earlier”. So the number was posted BEFORE the request for apology.
            Do you idiots think we are too dumb to not see that this is a fake exchange?

            I think I’ll give Dawn a call myself, and ask her if she knows her number has been posted here.

            Dawn Morrison

            November 24, 2018 at 11:15 am

            Keith’s former girlfriend, Dawn Morrison is a wonderful person. She is available to talk
            203 Yorktown Drive in Half Moon, NY
            (518) 461-2424 (business phone).



            November 24, 2018 at 11:52 am

            Still bizarre to me how so many wonderful people were perfectly (prefectly) fine watching Keith’s horrible actions. By not doing anything and remaining in the organization, you all enabled this monster to ruin lives for 20+ years. If the real Dawn (who I always thought WAS a wonderful person) would like to help, a good way would be to post a public apology and/or explanation.


            W. Doyle

            November 24, 2018 at 12:19 pm

            You know how to reach her directly by phone if you are really interested to pursue this.



            November 24, 2018 at 12:34 pm

            Thanks, W. I guess that’s what those above numbers are that lead into “business phone”? I wonder if she’s available to talk? And what exactly would you like me to pursue?



            November 24, 2018 at 1:26 pm

            The tel number is real. What you talk about is your decision. You requested an explanation or apology earlier?


          • To Fake Exchange – Stop being weird, Flowers. My 12:34 reply was sarcasm.

            I’m sure Keith’s ladies would love us to all give a call and let them know who we are and what we know.

          • Who would go to all the trouble of copying the contents of the post ‘ Fake exchange’

            Then add ‘Heidi’ at the very end? Who is this concerned with assassinating her character- and why?

          • She does a fine job of character assasination without my help.
            The name at the bottom of the cut and paste is the beginning of the next post. Obviously.
            If I had been attempting to impersonate her, I would have used her name in the name box.
            Quit playing dumb.

      • How? They were, are, many of them, rather selfless humans who “believed” they were changing, healing the world by setting aside their own egos and trusting a leader sworn and allegedly born with the “geniusness” to do so.

        Keith told, rather repeated, many truths to masque his most heinous weakness: his dire need to control and reshape the world to accommodate his perverse, uncontrollable secret sexual attraction to little girls.

        • Out of the gate, sure. But why stay as you see his actions not matching up with his words/mission? Some stayed. Some didn’t.

          • That’s a fallacy, I didn’t “stay,” and saying so is no offense to they who did, either. There was no “cult” or real program then, Keith was just this creepy, self-proclaimed genius RPI nerd supposedly madly in love with my sister who, sadly, came to worship him as her mentor. He experimented on her, on both of us, and others of course, and built his putrid pyramid around these early pedophile relationships he had with my sister and her friends, who were underage then. You could say my sister, Gina,“stayed” but that’s more complicated. She was more set on a mission directed by Keith et al but believed it to be her “calling.”

            I hope to some day feel comfortable enough to share more of Gina’s story on here.

          • I feel for you, Heidi. Gina is in a group all to her own. As is Toni. As is Kristen K. I’m referring to Dawn, Nancy, Karen U, Lauren, Pam C, Barbara J etc. The last 20 yrs were crazy illegal and insane. But some continued to enable even as it became clear that the emperor had no clothes.

        • From the start though, if Keith and Nancy were so good, why charge so much for the programs? Why only the elite get to benefit if this was really about humanitarianism? That would have been my first question

          It seems on one hand there was this distaste of capitalism but at the same time an embrace of Ayn Rand. So he/they could say the tech was theirs and they should profit. Yet the whole mission seemed to be saying we will change the world and rise up from such petty values.

          I’ve read of nothing that was being done by the group on a humanitarian level. Feeding the poor, blankets for the homeless or better yet Nancy or other coaches working with addicts to free them of their addictions. People speak of virtue signaling and identity politics yet no one in this group suggested “Let’s actually go help people”? People that needed it far more than some Vancouver actresses and those that had 5-10k to find what was missing in their lives.
          I’m sorry I just think if I find an amazing group of people that share love and kindness and seek joy and a leader I must address as Vangaurd that is god like. I’m going to be looking for accomplishments beyond Tourette’s and being a judo champion at age 12.
          A man that is above all others and wants to change the world is doing so by teaching acting and singing and dance. Or some may argue by changing people and they in turn will cause other people to be more “joyful and authentic”. All for the low, low price of $1999.99.

          At some point personal responsibility comes in. Even if the victims had their own personal demons they were dealing with. Because at the end of the day the majority that bought one intensive or EM or class never came back. If I recall Mack’s boyfriend that was involved for a substantial time never really bought into the nxvium vibe.

        • Good words Heidi. I agree with you. and please stay strong. When I first read a few comments on this blog by another who blamed you for your sister’s death, I was simply appalled. I’m so very sorry that you have to endure this all over again.

          • Thank you, TK. I’m anxious to see justice done and that no one needlessly suffers further, really.

    • Since we’re having a little fun here at others’ expense, why not call Raniere’s old cell phone? 518-461-8384. It was published here. I’m sure the feds are now answering…

  • Scott is not so bad. He went on the wrong direction he should have learned Rational Inquiry. The real problems are Shadow State and Frank. Both are disintegrated and in total disunity. shadow State may not be evil like Frank but he has many disintegrations. It’s funny the very tech he hates so much could help him. What does it mean if an EM could change his life for the better but instead he only runs away a from those who can help them by putting them down.

  • While I don’t know who published Mack’s address, it is one of the dumbest tricks I’ve ever seen.
    While Mack’s outrageous behavior attracts the attention of nut jobs, to post her address is giving those nut jobs a road map to cause trouble.
    Mack merits the harshest public criticism and scorn but leave the actual prosecution to the US DOJ.

    • “While Mack’s outrageous behavior attracts the attention of nut jobs, to post her address is giving those nut jobs a road map to cause trouble.
      Mack merits the harshest public criticism and scorn but leave the actual prosecution to the US DOJ.”

      You are living proof of your first sentence. The second sentence you wrote, you might actually shut the hell up for once and take your own advice.

    • Of course it was Schlock who “anonymously” published Ally’s address and added — under his own shameful, Scott (Tex) Johnson monicker — that she lives “next to an elementary school.” Something he “researched” on street view Google Earth, no doubt, along with the address he posted. And, btw Schlock, only the name of your city, not trailer park name or outhouse number you live in was ever published on FR. …That’s no excuse.

      It’s also obvious Schlock did it in large part to rile you (if not get you and FR in real legal trouble — and Schlock well-knows how to judging by his rap sheet) Shadow, as he boasted about yesterday along with trying to claim this latest revolting act of utter idiocy was no biggie for FR cuz Ally’s address is “already available on the web.”

      Schlock can’t stand the fact that your Ally posts — which Frank wisely separates out of comments for some who obviously are repulsed — gets quadruple the clicks of any Schlock Scott’s ever had featured — even anonymously.

      I have no clue why Frank insists on letting Schlock stick around to abuse everyone and cause trouble except as Frank told me once any vengeful “asshole” — as he’s publically refered to Scott — can post anonymously with a burner phone, constantly change the “blocked” number and even Frank suspects that’s exactly what this asshole will do if blocked.

      Well, he’s already doing it without being banned or blocked so, Frank, why not take a stand and do what’s right as your true friends and most valuable, true sources have urged you for months?

          • Yes Scooter would take the time to do it. The loser has no life after spending most of his worthless life trying to scam good people with his Amway bullshit.. As to your question why? It is Johnson…one of the bigger clowns in the world.

          • Really Winston?
            Scott, how could you sink SO LOW!?!
            You need to turn yourself over to the authorities, immediately!!

            *NOT sarcasm, “Nutty handjob”.

          • Dear Flowers. I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. How do you keep all your posts and different names orderly in that magnificent brain of yours? Nobody screams LIAR like you can. Of course you are the above “Fake exchange”. And you are also the one who calls herself “ShitOnYouTrolls”. Bravo, you little weirdo. Sorry, I won’t be replying to your denials of the above, and future posts calling me a weirdo.

          • Nutjob
            I guess you can’t understand the difference between lying about your identity(such as impersonating someone or claiming false credentials) and posting an obviously satirical story (such as the Pea Onyu posts.)
            I also wonder if you can distinguish between humorous intent and malicious intent. Ever since YOU started posting here (well after I did ) you’ve done nothing but write malicious comments towards me for no reason at all. When I asked why you did, you fabricated a story and said I had called you a liar regarding a post about Nancy. THAT never happened- I never commented about Nancy to you, ever. You’re a very sick person, “Nutjob”, if you need to do shit like that..

        • It’s Frank’s blog. Scott actually has a good idea about using names at least an online identity that needs to be registered with Frank Report. I don’t know if that is possible or not. One email for one identity.
          Sure people could use multiple emails but if the process is lengthy enough it might cut down on some of the silly post and multiple identities.
          I noticed I could post even if I had misspelled my email when commenting.
          That may have been why I was accused of posting under different identities.

          Just a thought since it does trouble a lot of posters. And a lot of people are being accused of being other identities. I’m not sure how prevalent it is. The content of the post is what I find valuable. Even if it is speculation or assumptions or even lies.

          • Mitch- finally I agree with you. You are so much more agreeable when you’re not saying stuff like “women should not complain about abuse…”

            (The content of the post is what I find valuable. Even if it is speculation or assumptions or even lies.)

            The lies CAN be interesting because when someone is lying it usually means they are trying to hide something.

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