Judge Rules: Clyne, Porter, Roberts Must Appear Thursday, Sara Bronfman May Phone Call in

It did not take long for the judge to decide.

Judge Eric Komitee

Judge Eric Komitee has ruled that Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts and Brandon Porter must appear in person on Thursday, February 17th, for a status conference regarding the Edmondson et al vs. Raniere et al civil case. Sara Bronfman does not have to appear but may call in by phone.

Judge Komitee ruled on February 11, that all defendants who are not incarcerated must appear in person at the February 17th status conference. The hearing arose out of an emergency request by plaintiffs’ attorney Neil Glazer concerning his earlier motion to prevent defendants from naming the plaintiffs who seek to be anonymous.

There are more than 70 plaintiffs – 12 of whom are seeking anonymity, while he other t59 are prepared to be named. Only nine of the 59 have been named to date.

Clyne has asked that all 59 who have agreed to be named be identified so that she can properly prepare her defense.

Pro-se defendants Clyne, Porter and Roberts asked to be excused because of financial reasons.

Roberts had an additional reason – her dog is dying.

Sara Bronfman sought to be excused because she is out of the USA and claims COVID travel restrictions prevent her from returning. The judge granted Bronfman leave not to appear.

Her attorney,  James D. Wareham wrote to the judge:  “…. Ms. Sara Bronfman lives outside of the United States and has not been in the United States since January 2019. She is unable to attend the conference in light of COVID-related travel restrictions, including the Health and Safety Protocols of the Eastern District of New York. However, Fried Frank attorneys will appear in person on Ms. Sara Bronfman’s behalf at the February 17 conference.

“We note that Ms. Sara Bronfman has no knowledge or involvement in the matters outlined in plaintiffs’ February 4, 2022 and February 10, 2022 letters. ECF Nos. 136, 140. Those filings do not claim otherwise. In addition, as the Court is aware, Ms. Sara Bronfman has not taken any position regarding the motion of certain plaintiffs to proceed pseudonymously in this action.”


Here is Judge Komitee’s order:

ORDER re [142] Motion to Appear by Telephone; re [147] Motion to Appear by Telephone; re [146] Letter dated 2/14/2022 from Danielle Roberts; re [145] Letter dated February 14, 2022 by Sara Bronfman — The Court denies the requests to appear remotely from the defendants whose conduct Plaintiffs challenged in their letters of February 4 and February 8 [136] [140]: Danielle Roberts, Nicole Clyne, and Brandon Porter. The other defendants who have requested to appear remotely may do so; those defendants are directed to call Courtroom Deputy Alicia Guy at (718) 613-2165 for dial-in information. Ordered by Judge Eric R. Komitee on 2/15/2022.

Frank Report consulted with an attorney familiar with this case, asking what would happen if the defendants did not appear.

The attorney replied: “Hard to predict – but the worst case would be bench warrants and fines. The fact that they acknowledged the original order, asked for relief, and were denied will work against them.

“At a minimum, sanctions are likely for anyone who doesn’t show up – along with an order to show cause why they should not be held in contempt, probably with a very short return date. And they’ll likely have to show up in person for that hearing too.”

Nicki Clyne stands in front of a Lamborghini sporting her $60 Rag & Bone sunglasses and Inspire FitBit watch.

Will Clyne and the others show up? That’s anybody’s guess, but considering that the reach of federal judges is long and powerful, my guess is that they will.

What will happen on Thursday is also anybody’s guess.  Glazer will probably have to defend his reasons for not sharing the ex parte request to keep plaintiffs anonymous with the defendants.

The judge may admonish the defendants about not disclosing anonymous plaintiffs’ names until he decides whether they can be anonymous to the public. They will, in due course, be revealed to the plaintiffs.

The three pro-se defendants may also have a chance to present to the judge their claims that it is the plaintiffs, as well as their attorney and not them, that is doing the harassing on social media, TV, podcasts and books.

It could result in gag orders all around, preventing the plaintiffs as well as the defendants from disparaging one another during the pendency of the case.

Frank Report will be sending a correspondent to the court on Thursday.

Stay tuned.



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  • United States District Court

    Eastern District of New York

    Judge KOMITEE , ERIC R.

    Thursday, February 17, 2022

    Courtroom 6G N

    01:30 PM

    Civil Cause for Order to Show Cause



    In-person proceeding

  • Brandon-

    All you had to do was explain to the Judge that you and your wife have trouble making ends meet, you’re in debt and you have children. Any Judge, or human being, would’ve sympathized.

  • The good news is ESP gave them the tools to be “at cause”.

    Enjoy your road trip, assholes. Perhaps Nicki and Danielle can carpool in that convertible they took on a recent road trip together. Ya know, to save a little money.

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    What is it going to be, Frank?! You’ve already proven yourself to be a fraud in regards to protecting people’s free speech!

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    This is going to to be interesting how this dumbass reacts to this situation! If you don’t do what’s right about this, then I’m really going to start considering that you need to be next on the chopping block in regards to being exposed like Keith Raniere and NXIVM!

    You’ve got a lot of skeletons in your closet and your website has point blank proven your patriotic fraudulence and hypocrisy time and time again! You must be brought to justice for the shame you’ve brought down on this country and the mockery and the mockery of soldier’s blood that shed for our rights! You must pay sincerely for that!

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      Will you call her out for her racist comment or run, hide, be silent, and censor like a coward!

      • Freedom of speech doesn’t have a maximum amount of words, Ginzo! Why don’t you try actually reading the U.S. Constitution

        [ed note: this asshole goes on for hundreds of words of blather which I cut out.]

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    • Nancy has not yet responded to the civil complaint (The same is true for Lauren, Allison, Kathy, Karen, and Keith). Although that makes her vulnerable to a default judgment, it also means that she is not subject to the order regarding Thursday’s status conference.

        • My understanding is that all the non-responding parties – i.e., Keith, Clare, Allsion, Lauren, Nancy, and Karen – were properly served at the outset of the civil lawsuit. But since they didn’t respond directly – or have a lawyer respond on their behalf – to the Summons & Complaint that were served on them, they are not automatically notified whenever there’s a new filing in the civil case on PACER (They could, of course, have a private PACER account – and check for new filings).

          Since it is the non-responding parties’ own fault that they are not receiving automatic notices of new filings in the civil case, whether they know about Thursday’s status conference or not is moot. Ultimately, their failure to make an appearance will result in default judgments being filed against them – which may affect them financially for quite some time.

          • I think there’s a high probability that most of her assets have been secured in trusts that will not be subject to judgments. Thus, I don’t think she’ll have to “ignore” them in the way you mean because she’ll be able to severely limit how much she has to pa on them.

      • Nancy is too busy packing for her trip to report to prison.

        She checks in on February 21,2022

        That is unless she has round three of another good reason why Judge Garaufis should give her another delay.

        Maybe her dog will be dying also like Danielle Roberts’ dog – and Lauren Salzman will be too busy to take care of it.

        You know, everyone going to prison should be able to spend the last remaining months of their dog’s life with them while they are dying.

        Maybe Nancy won’t be able to afford to travel to her prison and she should be able to do her time via a once-a-day telephone call check-in.

        Nancy should be like a cat and get nine delays. It’s winter. Who wants to drive that far in the winter?

        Of course, she could report to NYC and leave the driving to a prison van.

        We know COVID #s are way down, and prisons are no longer on lock down so that can’t be used.

        How long can she use her mom? Her family has had to set up arrangements knowing Nancy is going to prison.

        Hopefully, Judge Garaufis will after 2 lengthy delays send her off so we can close that chapter and move on with our healing.

        • Can’t the controlling brother-in-law, Steve Kass of Tofutti, whose work is in Cranford where Nancy’s mom lives help? Steve yells at everyone and tries to run everyone else’s life….why can’t he run this one?

  • Sarah Edmondson, et al,Plaintiffs,
    Keith Raniere, et al.

    CIVIL ACTION NO. 20-CV-485

    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that, pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(1)(A)(i), Plaintiff Jane
    Doe 28, Case No. 20-CV-485, voluntarily dismisses her claims against all Defendants without

    Dated: February 15, 2022

      • Alanzo,

        No one is biting the dust.

        Actually, Alanzo, Sarah Edmonson is either being empathetic to Brandon, Roberts, and Clyne, or Sarah has decided that with so many plaintiffs, and the ability of the Bronfmans to hide their money, the lawsuit is no longer worth her time.

        Since Sarah can be “deposed by all defendants” – meaning she would have to travel from LA to New York – why would she waste her time for a meager payout?

        Ask K.R. Claviger, I’m sure she’ll agree.

        The only knowledge you possess is Scientology fiction and dime store Philosophy. You know nothing about civil lawsuits.

        • This was “plaintiff Jane Doe 28”, not Sarah Edmonson. But thanks for your expertise on civil lawsuits.

          By the way, where did you find out:

          “Actually, Alanzo, Sarah Edmonson is either being empathetic to Brandon, Roberts, and Clyne, or Sarah has decided that with so many plaintiffs, and the ability of the Bronfmans to hide their money, the lawsuit is no longer worth her time.

          Since Sarah can be “deposed by all defendants” – meaning she would have to travel from LA to New York – why would she waste her time for a meager payout?

          Do you know Sarah? Did she tell you this?


          • You’re going have to wait and see. Maybe I have poor reading comprehension. Outside of social media, are you friendly with Nicki and Michele?

          • But why did you have, “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer?

            You are constantly demanding people answer your questions. And show you “proof”.

            But you won’t clarify your earlier statement

          • Neil got me tickets to an Andrew Dice Clay show at a nightclub in Philly. Got a great table right up front.

            After the show, Dice even autographed my girlfriend’s boob.

      • A) you don’t know anyone else’s conscience.

        B) it was a DOE who dropped out. Maybe they feel threatened by the cult loyalists.

        • There, someone is claiming to know what I know or don’t know. You are a mind reader. OMG! Maybe you are God himself who has descended on this planet!

  • Burning question for Mr. Porter: Did you take Pam’s pulse to make sure she was still alive before dumping her in a tub of ice to freeze her head after sneaking her out of St. Peter’s hospital?

    Say, maybe that’s what the beheading snuff flicks were about? Cryogenic tutorial?

  • Got to admit, surprised he did that. Really thought he wouldn’t care in this move to a post-COVID world. Seems pointless for what amounts to a paper pushing meeting but maybe he has info he wants to drill into their heads in person.

    Or could be a very traditional judge about all the formalities. They need to figure out which pretty quick because they have to lean into his tendencies, not push against them. Not fair but have to treat a judge like you would your boss – a certain amount of ass kissing is required.

    • Erasend, you are right. The judge is indeed drilling info into their heads and making sure they know who is in charge here. The message is simple. Nicki and them are in hot water for one reason only, they brought this on themselves. Don’t threaten plaintiffs. If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

      Of course, every single commenter on Frank Report (except Alanzo obviously) advised them otherwise.

      BTW – Michele, you totally have fucked over your friends and ensnared them into your cute attempt at revenge. Nicely done. Your friends are possibly going to jail, most certainly will be fined, and Danielle’s poor dog is going to die a lonely death.

      “Do you boo, but this is happening” – Judge Eric Komitee

  • Good news and bad for the defendants…

    Bad news: I sincerely feel sorry for Doc Robert’s dog.

    Good news: Doc Robert’s is going to crash at her parents’ place for free. Hopefully, she’ll let Nicki stay with her, so Nicki doesn’t have to bang Suneel 👽 again.
    Whacky Porter can stay at the YMCA in a $87 one bed with community bathroom and free WiFi. Poor Porter is on his own.

    Brandon, here’s the info:


  • Hmm. Weirdly, I have a lot of compassion for this group but I’m also very pleased to see this judgment.

    Despite what they claim? It’s nice to see that they can’t just plea out because of a dying dog or lack of money. It’s time to be accountable! Not tommorow. Not yesterday. Right now!

    • @my2cents, I am certain you’d appreciate the same kind of “accountability and compassion” if a loved one of yours, like your father or mother, was dying.

      • Accountability and compassion? I’ve actually lived a little. And I’ve learned that God willing, the dog will survive. Time for hope and no excuses.

        • @my2cents I see. So you’d rather that your parents die than for judges to show compassion towards you, if you were in a similar place.

          • No. I’m saying hopefully the dog will be just fine.

            She need only be away long enough to make her appearance. I don’t really know if she’s working an 8 hour day like most people or if she has an employer that allows her to bring the dog to work (a very nice privilege if so!) but if the dog is truly on its deathbed (which I’m not questioning), then this could happen at any time. While she’s at work, or getting groceries or taking a shower or while she’s making her appearance in court.

          • @my2cents I see. I think what you are saying makes sense if she can bring her dog with her while traveling to NYC, if she cannot because of the dog’s health, then it doesn’t apply.

    • What plea out?
      They respectfully asked for a tele conference and also offered the paperwork to back up their claims, ex parte

      Weirdly enough, I don’t think that’s compassion you’re experiencing despite what you claim.

  • What didn’t the dying doggy argument work?! 😲🤔

    A certain someone is drowning his sorrows in Ring Dings®, knowing that things aren’t looking good for his culty idols.


    Dear Bitter-Enders: reality outside your cult bubble is a bitch, especially in a federal court room.

    There are gonna be plenty of flights between SRQ and NY airports in the coming months.

    • Yep, with people like you in the world any argument based on suffering won’t work. You just find it entertaining when someone else is suffering. Perhaps it’s time you sought Psychiatric treatment for your schadenfreude behaviors.

      • Argument based on pity (a fallacy) in such circumstances usually don’t work. They’re typically used as an excuse mechanism not to own up to responsibility. Which is ironic coming from the “bad-ass” DOS women who chastised other women for supposedly doing the same.

        • You have a false notion that bad-ass means one is cold-hearted and doesn’t have human emotions. You are also falsely concluding this as an appeal to pity. An appeal to pity implies the reason is not true. Only a psychopath would exclude situations of life and death as an appeal to pity. I am sure the Judge has good reasons to deny the request despite the urgency of the issue; however, I am also certain that has nothing to do with him considering someone dying as a “sob story”. You are really illustrating your own psychopathic tendencies here.

          • No I don’t have such a false notion. I used “bad-ass” in the way you DOS girls do – as owning up to your agency and responsibility. I never said nor implied anything one way or the other about whether it means cold-hearted or one who doesn’t have human emotions.

            Your grandmaster would tell you to suck it up, you’re not entitled to your sadness or pity to break your vows or own up to your agency and responsibility. Which is “oh-so” ironic considering your reference to psychopathy.

            And if you could read, I said an appeal to pity “usually” don’t work. Because a judge is precisely in his position for the fact that he’s very good at [drum roll] judging, and knows when a “sob story” is being used as a viable excuse and when it isn’t. And whether it is or isn’t still doesn’t make it any less a fallacy.

        • Is it typical to offer PROOF ex parte, upon request, to the judge as well?

          Pretty sure the judge could decide all by himself if it’s an excuse based on the provided paperwork, no?

          The fallacy is your assumptions.

      • Don’t use big German words with Nice Guy, especially while he’s sneaking around in his anonymous sock puppet accounts trashing the comments section of the Frank Report.

        His brain is spooging too hard, like a child on Cap’n Crunch. He fantasizes that he’s playing a character for the ‘audience’ here, because his music career failed and he’s gotta get his spooge somewhere. His wife sure isn’t doing it for him any more.

        Nice Guy tries to play the tribal jester, so the more cruel he can be to the ‘enemy’, the more admiration he thinks he’ll get from the Frank Report.

        He has no idea how much the long time posters here, including Frank himself, are sick of him. He’s oblivious to how much they disrespect and are disgusted by him, and his loopy sock puppets.


        • Dear Alonzo-
          Commenter, “😂🤣🤣” 9:46 ain’t me. Believe it or not there is a boat load of [redacted] you. In fact, I promise you more people hate you than possess disdain for me.

          There is some pith to your words. I’ll be addressing them later tonight. On the “tic” thread that, no doubt, spawned this latest comment by you.

          You spew and I, as you say *sic spooge.

          Goodbye Mr. RingDings!

        • Schadenfreude?

          Alanzo’s big gestalt is that cultists are enlightened people and anti-cultists are evil do-gooders. He’s the crown prince of [redacted] dichotomy.

          LMAO @ Alonzo!

        • Dearest Alonzo,

          —while he’s sneaking around in his sock puppet.

          Sneaking? I’ve admitted it countless times; the majority of the time, I say nice things, unless it involves you.

          —His spooging “too hard”.

          I’m flattered you’re worrying about my masterbation habits. Should I use a lighter stroke or more lube? Give me your credit card info. and you can watch. ;).

          —Poopy, dah, poo, you’re a doo doo!

          I’m not dignifying that with a response.

          —People are sick of him [NiceGuy].

          Projection Alonzo, pure projection.

          —Frank is sick of him.

          Alonzo, are telling me, all the times I’ve kissed Frank’s ass have been to no avail? He’s such an asshole! 😉

          —Cap’n Crunch

          Actually, I’m a Sugar Smacks®️man. So, you cheat on your RingDings®️ with the Cap’n — you’re a dirty boy. 😉

          —Nice Guy is a triable jester.

          How can I be a jester and unfunny at the same time? That’s like saying Patriot God isn’t a God. And Let’s not forget you’re an anti-cultist tribalist.

          —Cruel to the ‘enemy’.

          If you mean mocking, child rapist-apologists, then yes there is no limit to my barbarity, via ridicule.

          —His music career failed…

          And you say I’m cruel. BTW, I’ve got groupies, so FU. Stop trying to dox me! NutJob, told you that he isn’t me. Seriously, leave him/me alone.

          —His wife sure isn’t doing it for him anymore.

          Could be, I’m not doing it for her anymore. Perhaps, that’s why the gardener is always working in my home. There’re grass shavings in my shower stall. 😉


          At the end of the day Alonzo, hardly anyone comments on my snarky comments. I simply enjoy writing them and bringing joy into your life.

          Tdodeloo, Mr. RingDings!

          • As per Alonzo custom, he’ll go skulk to lick his wounds and plot his grand revenge.

            Alonzo was so cruel towards me. 😉

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