Roger Stone Clarifies Stance on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Roger Stone
Some readers think I should never allow my friend Roger Stone to be published on Frank Report. I disagree. He has a lot to say and the good thing is people either agree or disagree with him and that means a lot of clicks for me. Thank you in advance for understanding.
By Roger Stone 
Many friends, conservatives and strong supporters of President Trump are surprised that I have chosen to criticize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. I only ask that you focus on exactly what I have written, not what the fake news media has reported which has largely distorted what I am saying and how I feel.
I have outlined a number of public policy areas where the Governor’s actual performance does not meet his political rhetoric. Additionally, I think it would be disingenuous of the Governor to run for reelection without pledging to serve all four years of his next term and to specifically forgo any challenge to President Donald J. Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.
President Donald Trump, despite a concerted, illegal coup plot against him, utilizing both unlimited funding and the broad powers of his own Justice Department, fulfilled his promise to the American people to restore our economic vitality and strength, forged better trade agreements that actually benefit the United States as well as our trading partners, withdraw us from international multi-billion dollar agreements where we were expected to finance efforts for a cleaner environment while the largest polluters in the globe were required to pay nothing, rebuilt our military strength and, at long last, reformed our criminal justice laws which have disproportionately and unfairly destroyed the lives of poor people, African Americans and all people of color.


Donald Trump with Nydia and Roger Stone
To my mind, President Donald J. Trump has earned the 2024 nomination if he chooses to seek it. Let’s just say that in the event that he does not elect to run, let’s just say that Governor Ron DeSantis would not be the candidate I would support. Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters across the nation who are impressed with our Governor with his high-flying rhetoric, must focus carefully on his public policy decisions.
While I have lauded his efforts to end internet censorship, the legislation he ultimately signed was poorly crafted, incomplete and may not pass review in the courts where it is being challenged. On the question of election integrity, the Governor insists that we have just had the most honest and fair election in Florida’s history. I believe based on extensive work by Defend Florida and on the law of mathematical probability that there are at least 1.6 million phantom voters currently on the Florida rolls. The Governor needs to purge the rolls of voters who have died, moved out of state, are registered at an address where there is no residential property (usually raw land or a vacant lot) or who never existed at all.


Gov. DeSantis and Donald Trump
While conservatives across the country hailed Governor Ron DeSantis when he announced that he would ban mandates to force school children to wear masks in school, the reality is that 1.6 million are still being forced to wear masks and the Governors response to local insurgent School Boards who are breaking the law has been impotent.
No one can doubt that Ron DeSantis is clever. He did not support Donald Trump for President in 2016 and would not endorse the Trump candidacy even after Donald Trump was nominated and they were running on the same ticket as DeSantis was seeking reelection to Congress. Ron became a Trump supporter the instant Donald Trump was elected and made extraordinarily effective use of FOX television and conservative talk-radio to emerge as among President Trump’s most articulate defenders in the Russian collision hoax.
President Trump rewarded DeSantis with his endorsement in the Florida Republican primary for Governor, catapulting him from being a little-known provincial Congressman to being the Republican nominee for Governor over Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam who was the Republican establishment’s candidate of choice. Ron DeSantis owes his nomination for Governor to Donald J. Trump.
Unfortunately, Governor DeSantis did not run a very effective campaign for Governor and I believe but for two visits to Florida by President Trump in the closing days of November of 3, neither DeSantis nor former Governor Rick Scott – who participated in a $1 billion Medicare fraud, but who was nonetheless elected statewide by the brilliant Republican strategist Tony Fabrizzio – would have been elected.
Please take a moment to read what I have actually said about the Governor and why I fervently hope that he will act quickly to make his actions meet his popular conservative-sounding rhetoric and claims.

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  • Sorry Roger, but you don’t get to attempt to destroy or say horrible things about one of the BEST govs in order to “protect” Trump. You are part of the problem! We are all on the same team and if the 2 do run, DeSantis has my vote because Trump surrounds himself with mean, arrogant people like you who would destroy their own mother just to please Trump. That’s just NOT RIGHT! I’m sick of it!

  • Good to hear from you, Mr Stone!

    I’ve just been reading about some of Roger Stone’s early hits in the Washington Post’s book “Trump Revealed.” This biography was published just after Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016 and is an admirable hit job in its own right – it dredges up every bit of dirt it possibly can on Trump (although it’s curiously silent about his connections with the already-convicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, perhaps because of Epstein’s even closer ties to Bill Clinton. With Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial beginning, let’s remember that she used to trawl New York’s streets and parks with Ivana Trump, looking for “nubiles” to recruit for Jeffrey).

    Anyway, with regard to Roger Stone, on page 281 we read:

    In 2000, when New York was considering expanding Native American casinos in the Catskill Mountains, Trump played a role in a series of explosive TV, newspaper, and radio ads that accused members of the Mohawk Indian tribe of having long criminal records and ties to the mob. The ads showed pictures of cocaine lines and syringes and asked, “Are these the new neighbors we want?” … A group called the Institute for Law and Safety sponsored the ads; the group was funded by Trump and facilitated by his longtime lobbyist, Roger Stone. Stone, a Republican operative and fixer, had worked on Richard Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President in 1972, taking part in campaign high jinks that emerged during the Watergate scandal. Stone’s role in the affair was minor but colorful: he donated money to Pete McCloskey, Nixon’s rival in the 1972 Republican primary, under a fake name – the Young Socialist Alliance – then tipped off a newspaper about the rival candidate’s supposed communist supporters. Stone first met Trump while on the hunt for political donations on behalf of Reagan’s campaign in 1980. Stone visited Roy Cohn, Trump’s attorney at the time, and Cohn steered Stone to Fred and Donald Trump.

    Well, it’s good to see the Institute for Law and Safety still going strong. And I wonder who had more ties to the mob, the Mohawk Indians or Roy Cohn…

    All I’m saying is that Roger Stone knows a few things about dirty tricks in Washington, D.C. So when he talks about an “illegal coup” in 2020 and Donald Trump having earned the 2024 nomination “if he chooses to seek it,” heed should be taken. It’s much wiser to jump on a vast, roaring juggernaut, or at least stand to one side, than to stand in front of it, wagging a finger and saying you could do a better job of draining the swamp.

    However, it does seem these days that just taking part in a presidential primary has in itself become a qualification for high office. There was a story out of South Bend, Indiana, when Pete Buttigieg was mayor. You can’t find it on the Internet any more. The city had bought garbage trucks that were too wide to enter the servitude lanes set up for waste disposal. Residents made much of the fact that waste disposal lanes could not be penetrated by dump trucks that were too big, saying, this is what happens when you put a man who eroticizes back alleys in charge of city sanitation.

    This is U.S. politics, people. Don’t get cross with me, I’m only reporting what I hear.

    Nonetheless, just because Pete Buttigieg made one of the most inept presidential bids of recent years – right up there with Kamala Harris – just because he took part, he now has “political credibility” and is put in charge of the nation’s transport. Right in the middle of the single greatest transport crisis to hit the United States since World War 2.

    So what does Sneaky Pete do? To show his grasp of the situation? He quietly goes on paid paternity leave for two months, to show his sense of responsibility, to prove that two dads can also care for babies and take advantage of social benefits.

    This is virtue signalling gone mad, like with those appalling prosecutors in Kenosha, literally telling the citizens of the USA that when the mob comes for you, you should just shut up and take your beating. These thugs, all with nasty criminal records and including a serial child rapist, are “heroes,” unquote. Just roll with the narrative and it won’t hurt so bad.

    I’m really writing to comment on Roger Stone calling the Biden presidency an “illegal coup.” I followed the 2020 election very closely, watching the results right through the night of infamy, seeing the numbers magically flip after that mysterious two-hour shutdown. I’m in a different time zone, so I’m a night predator in the U.S. news cycle.

    I’ve watched elections around the world for decades. I was doing teacher training in London in 1979, the great Winter of Discontent, when Maggie Thatcher was elected. I lay on the floor with my eyes closed, listening through the night to the results coming in over the radio as a complete madwoman was put in power.

    I’ve heard the Irish incantation, get out, vote early, vote often, and watched it in practice.

    But I’ve never, ever, seen anything remotely as fishy as the 2020 Biden fiddle.

    My background is in applied math and statistics. For the last decade, I’ve edited statistical and econometric papers for publication in journals ranging from Cancer Informatics to the Journal of Production Analysis, my favorite abbreviation, J Prod Anal. I’ve edited many papers dealing with statistical methods of fraud detection. One Chinese paper tackled various real-life test datasets, including a fake banknote series used by many researchers to benchmark their systems. My guy’s cluster analysis beat all previous fraud detection attempts hands down. I told him in my letter from the editor that he was definitely on to something.

    So I can tell you that just at the most basic statistical level, there was something grievously obviously wrong with this election. I was watching when Biden’s total in Michigan went up by 138,339 votes, with exactly 0 going to Trump. This was later explained as a “clerical error” in Shiawassee County. Right.

    There were really obvious violations of a most basic law of natural distributions of numbers, this being Benford’s Law. It’s a very simple test of a dataset to see if it’s “natural” or contrived and is one of my favorite statistical laws. In any natural dataset, if you look at the leading digit of anything you’re counting, the most common number will be 1; then will come 2; then will come 3; and so on, up to 9.

    The reason is simple. If you’re counting sheep, you can’t logically have two sheep, unless you first have one sheep. You can’t have 20 sheep, without first having 10 sheep. You can’t have 300 sheep, without first having 100 and then 200 sheep. And so on. Just in the very nature of counting natural populations, you’ll see a greater occurrence of “1” as a leading digit, whether it’s 1,000,000 or 1,000 or 100.

    You’ll see in analyses of Chicago, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh that there were very clear violations of Benford’s Law in the exact counties that swung the vote. These violations were ONLY in Biden’s vote tallies, and ONLY occurred in the swing counties. In the other counties, Biden’s tallies showed the same Benford distribution as every other candidate’s.

    Fraud investigators – investigating suspicious payments into a bank account, for example – will routinely begin with a quick Benford analysis. The moment you see something really fishy, you can be certain that there is skulduggery and start digging. Those strange amounts being paid into a bank account – you can start checking the backgrounds of the people making the deposits and reverse-engineer a money-laundering operation. Think of people making lots of small donations to a cancer fund, as in Breaking Bad.

    However, anyone making a Facebook post or tweeting about these Benford deviations in the 2020 tallies was immediately blocked. And this was the other telltale sign of massive fraud: the total media coverup, which I’ll deal with later.

    Another major statistical anomaly was the number of Biden-only ballots, ignoring all candidates further down the slate. The proportion of Biden-only ballots was much higher in the swing states. Nearly half a million Biden-only ballots were cast, generally just where they were needed.

    There’s plenty of eyewitness evidence of such ballots appearing in batches, all seemingly filled out identically.

    In one state – I can’t find this now in my archive – the proportion of Biden-only ballots increased linearly with the number of Trump votes, as I recall. This could never happen by accident. You could literally reverse-engineer the algorithm they were using to tweak the vote.

    I can go on and on. Two little reports stick in my mind. One was an elections worker taking ballots out of a package clearly marked with the logo of a certain Chinese freight company, apparently they are the Fed-Ex of China. The only problem is that they do not deliver to the USA.

    Another was a report about fake U.S. driver’s licenses flooding into America from China and Hong Kong. Officials in Chicago confiscated a shipment of nearly 20,000 such fake IDs. This was just before the election.

    Everywhere you look, there is vast evidence of fraud. Dead voters, voters all born on the same day in 1901, mysterious people carrying backpacks entering voting centers in the early hours of the morning, hundreds of voters giving the same address (a vacant lot), it goes on and on and on.

    You know the meme, Joe Biden boasting, “I’ve got 95% of the dead vote.”

    Yet the media in lockstep kept proclaiming that these were all “baseless” claims of election fraud. One of my favorite memes said to journalists: Stop saying that these claims are baseless. “All your baseless are belong to us.”

    Just before the election, on we were seeing multiple clips from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, of him getting a “foot job” from two different angles while smoking crack (he obsessively records the exploits of his penis with a phone camera and selfie stick, he makes Antony Weiner look actively normal). We heard him boasting in a telephone call of his huge business deals with the “fucking spy boss of China” (sic). We saw plenty more images of him smoking crack. And we heard of even worse clips showing terrible abuse of underage Chinese girls, which were never shown, but which were given to the FBI. We saw that the laptop was actually signed for by Joshua Wilson, one of the FBI’s senior investigators of child porn and trafficking.

    Can you imagine if any such material was gathered on Eric Trump or Donald Trump Jr? It would have been splashed all over the news, we would never have heard the end of it. Yet the entire mainstream media contrived to hide the Hunter Biden scandals. Not least of these were the accusations from Hallie Biden, widow of Hunter’s brother Beau, with whom he had a public fling. She directly accused him in family emails of acting inappropriately with her daughter Natalie, his niece, and there were very suspicious images on the laptop to back this up.

    As if this wasn’t enough, the entire personal drug rehab diary of Ashley Biden, Hunter’s sister, was put up on the Internet, in which she writes that she “thinks” she was sexually abused as a child, and says that the naked showers she took with her dad Joe were “probably inappropriate”.

    There’s correspondence between Hunter and Ashley, the two addict siblings, in which Hunter’s only defense against Hallie’s accusations is that she’s using cocaine again, she’s crazy. And it seems the immediate Biden family always sticks together, no matter what.

    Can you just imagine how the media would have gone into a frenzy, if a diary from Ivanka Trump was found, saying that her naked showers with her dad were “probably inappropriate”?

    Yet all of this was covered up before the election. Now that the FBI is going after Project Veritas for this diary, we can be certain that it is real. Project Veritas never published it, because they were not certain of its provenance, and actually handed it over to law enforcement, yet now they are being raided at dawn and handcuffed by the Feds.

    You can say what you like. Donald Trump was impeached for allegedly offering a “quid pro quo” to the Ukrainian president to investigate the Burisma scandal involving Hunter Biden. No quid pro quo ever emerged. Yet Joe Biden boasted openly about how he used two billion dollars of U.S. aid to blackmail the Ukrainian president into firing the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, who had taken steps to freeze Burisma accounts in the United Kingdom, and who was now getting very close to Hunter Biden. Joe Biden gave the Ukrainians two hours to fire him, and “son of a bitch,” he got fired. And was replaced by “someone solid” (sic).

    That prosecutor who got fired was the most successful prosecutor of corruption in Ukraine’s history by far, in terms of funds recovered and investigations undertaken. Biden said that the European Union was unhappy with him – the EU never raised a single complaint about him, this is all lies. That prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was replaced by a totally corrupt puppet who had no law degree whatsoever (he was an engineer) and had previously been jailed for fraud. This was the person Joe Biden described as “solid,” meaning he wouldn’t rock the family’s crime boat.

    I could go on, and on, and on. For me, as a journalist, the main issue was the complete and total bias of the entire mainstream media, including Fox, and the massive manipulation of all social media. The collusion and the lies were just so obvious. Forget Dominion voting systems. If you Americans really want to fix your election process, you need to start with your totally corrupt media. You have to find some way to fast forward through the great wall of lies.

    However, you can safely end by totally banning all electronic voting systems of any sort. After this election, I will never trust any kind of elections software again. Of all the tales of technological jiggery-pokery, like algorithms that turn real votes into “fractional” votes, one tale really stood out for me. This was the case of Tarrant County in Texas, which mysteriously turned blue for the first time since the 1960s.

    The Tarrant County Elections Administrator was, and still is, one Heider Garcia. He was hired in 2018. He previously worked for the infamous elections software company Smartmatic for 12 years. He got his engineering degree in Venezuela, the home of Smartmatic.

    In 2010, he testified during an investigation into the operation of Smartmatic software in a contested Philippines election. It’s quite dramatic. He reveals that the Smartmatic software has no external synchronization, and – as happened in the Philippines election – can have its internal clock reset completely, erasing all the real-time information and replacing it with a new set of false “real-time” records.

    One Filipino city representative completely loses his cool and repeatedly calls Garcia a “son of a bitch,” saying that he had lied when he told them originally that the real-time record could not be altered:

    I am certain that this was what was happening during those two-hour “shutdowns” of the counting process in 2016. They were desperately backfilling the votes they needed to cover up a Trump landslide. And now you have a stumbling, drooling, babbling doofus calling himself the President of the United States of America, who still cannot stop groping children on camera and offering them personal tours of the White House, who is clearly on dementia medication, who can’t remember the name of the Prime Minister of Australia while he’s busy talking to him.

    During the campaign, there were stories from Biden’s team that his dementia medication was making him incontinent. Now these rumors are rampant. At the big climate conference, he’s supposed to have broken wind loudly in front of Queen-in-Waiting Camilla, which she couldn’t stop talking about. The truth is, Camilla can hope he only farted.

    John F. Kennedy, as a new president, went out of his way to woo the French and President de Gaulle, knowing the importance of France in world diplomacy.

    Biden delivers the worst shock to U.S. relations with France in decades, with the big submarine deal he negotiated with “that guy” who runs Australia. And then his own climate envoy John Kerry tells a reporter on camera that Biden “had literally not been aware” of the implications of the deal:

    I remember the Cuban missile crisis, my father listening to JFK’s speeches on the shortwaves. I honestly feel the world has never been on such a knife-edge, in terms of tipping into nuclear war. All with this complete moron claiming that he won 81 million votes, that he’s the most popular president in U.S. history. And now his popularity is in the toilet, while Kamala Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in the history of American political polling.

    Kamala “Heels Up” Harris does the impossible, she makes Hillary Clinton almost look likeable by comparison. Maybe this is The Plan.

    Meanwhile, inflation is skyrocketing, shelves are empty, and the government is spending trillions of dollars it doesn’t have. The fifth wave of the coronavirus is seeing America hit with lockdowns, vicious vaccine mandates and horrendous social conflict. The Taliban are holding victory parades in Kandahar with long lines of U.S. military vehicles and helicopters flying overhead.

    So yeah, are you missing the outrageous Donald Trump yet? I agree with Trump that “climate change” is a complete hoax, by the way. I’ve made quite a bit of money out of this hoax myself, I’ve edited lots of papers on the subject, including a book chapter with the entire model they use to allocate global carbon emission credits. The equations ran over several pages and the summations covered every country on earth. It’s a vast economic control and surveillance exercise, the carbon is just an excuse.

    There’s an astrophysicist called Valentina Zharkova who developed the most comprehensive solar model we’ve ever seen, based on measurements of the actual magnetic field of the sun, rather than counting sunspots, which is a very erratic proxy. She has made the first real long-range weather forecast, looking a thousand years ahead. She has also accurately retrodicted (reverse predicted) the global climate for more than two thousand years into the past.

    Her model shows global temperatures rising at around 1°C per century, starting about 200 years ago. This completely explains the slight warming we have indeed seen, which is her first big inconvenient truth. The model then shows the internal magnetic dynamos of the sun going out of sync, starting this year, and the magnetic fields falling over the next 30 years until there are no sunspots at all. Zharkova is thus predicting the dawning of a possible mini Ice Age. If she’s right, this will be one of the coldest winters in living northern hemisphere history. Brace yourself for another great Winter of Discontent.

    I’m an activist, trying to protect the world from electrosmog and the microwaves cooking the planet. I’ve often said that some of our worst enemies are actually the so-called environmentalists, who refuse even to see this issue. The Environmental Protection Agency is completely useless in this regard. I’m honestly glad Trump gutted them, they deserved it.

    The only thing that really worries me about Trump is his complete silence on the dangers of 5G, which he did his best to roll out as fast as possible without any health investigation or protection or regulation whatsoever. This is in order to “beat the Chinese” at a game they won long ago, the total surveillance state. Is this a game you really want to win? Won’t you ask Donald Trump to tell the world the truth about 5G, Mr Stone?

  • Please, can someone freeze and chop my hands off in the name of cryogenic science before I comment on this pitiful piece of…

    But, just one question, Mr. Stone, no offense and strictly out of curiosity: Are you or any of your proud security staff in support of publicly hanging the good Senator DeSantis should he dare run against Donald Trump in 2024?

    • Oops, sorry Governor DeSantis, not Senator DeSantis. Little shocked you ran this comment, Frank. Hope Nydia gets a good laugh at least.

  • All I read was, “Get out of the way, Ron. You owe Don. If you continue to stay in Don’s way, we’ll learn ya.”

    If I was Ron, I’d get out of the way. Ron is lacking in how to display charisma, and is only a pretender for 2024. Tighten up, become more polished, make nice with Donny, avoid the wrath of Donny’s supporters, and be happy with being FL Governor. That’s a pretty good gig. Chuck wants more of it, and you may want to not mess with happy.

  • Roger Stone, I salute you! You are the consummate political operative.
    Fuck Lee Atwater!!! You’re the best!
    I tip my hat to you, sir!

    “Stay gold, stay gold…”
    -Pony Boy

    “Nothing gold can stay…”
    Robert Frost

    Roger, they’ll never kill your legend!

  • Frank, you have just dropped to the bottom of my list of unbiased reporters.

    Trump is a felon-in-waiting for an indictment.

    Stone is a convicted felon you said is your friend.

    Tell me who your friends are – and I’ll tell you who you are!

    A bit of advice. If you want more clicks, don’t post articles promoting criminals and crooks.

  • Stone has some nerve to say “an illegal coup has been plotted against Trump”. It is Trump who plotted a coup to end democracy. I hope he and his cronies will be held accountable.

    I rather wouldn’t see these political rants on FR. Especially not from these convicted criminals like Stone or Flynn. But by now it is pretty clear Frank has a soft spot for extreme right-wing criminals. Enjoy your clicks, Frank…..

    • I’m happy to post extreme left wing criminals too. I do enjoy clicks. And I label the headlines to make for easy avoidance. Thanks for your input StevenJ — I do appreciate your comments.

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