Danielle Roberts Doubles Down on DOS in Wake of Medical License Revocation

Dr. Danielle Roberts did the branding on most of the DOS slaves. She lost her medical license largely because of it.

It would be fair to say she’s doubling down on DOS.

Danielle Roberts offered the New York Post an interview, published this week under the headline, Doctor reveals how she branded NXIVM women — and why she has no regrets.

She also continues to publish her support of DOS on the website thedossierproject.com, taking her stand alongside seven other women trying to explain their view of the sorority led by the now imprisoned Keith Raniere.

Robert’s Dossier Project describes itself as “a group of eight women dedicated to setting the record straight about DOS — a sorority which sought to empower and embolden women — and about NXIVM — a company and community which helped people live more joyful, successful, and compassionate lives.”

On September 30th, The Office of Professional Medical Conduct of the New York State Department of Health determined that Roberts’ license to practice medicine should be revoked because, because, between January and May 2017, she branded 18 women with Raniere’s initials, which they deemed to be an unethical practice of medicine.

She has several appeal options.

Danielle Roberts receiving her white coat as a physician.

Roberts argued unsuccessfully that she was not practicing medicine since a non-physician can brand people – and that she was not acting in the capacity of a physician – she used a cautery pen to etch Raniere’s initials on 18 women. Most women were unaware that the brand was his initials.

According to the Dossier Project, DOS “was established in 2015 as a secret sorority designed to unite and empower women. Most of its original members were friends with and mentored by Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM.”

There were eight founding members of DOS plus the man in the middle, the master of the women.

DOS stands for Dominus Obsequium Sororum, and the Dossier Project states on their website that this means “master, allegiance, sisterhood.”

That may be one interpretation but is not what the words mean literally in Latin.

Dominus means master, as in the masculine. Obsequium means compliance, obedience, submissive. Sororum means sisters.

The Latin meaning is “the sisters who obey the master.”

Keith Raniere, the ultimate master of the women of DOS.

At its zenith, DOS had 106 members:105 women and one man, Raniere.

The New York Post’s story was written by veteran journalist Michael Caplan. He gave Roberts plenty of space to air her views.

Keith Kissed Her

“I think Keith is a brilliant man and that DOS is a tremendous organization,” Roberts told the Post.

Roberts said she and Raniere had a platonic relationship but that she was open to romance.

She said, “He kissed me romantically once. I loved him deeply in a lot of ways. I was open. I respected him. If something developed between us, I would have been open to it.”

Naked Pictures

Roberts was a slave to Allison Mack. She and the other Mack slaves – India Oxenberg, Michele Hatchette, and Nicole – would take nude photos together.

Roberts said, “As part of being together and being comfortable in our own skin, [she and her sister slaves] would be naked together and take photos of ourselves naked. I experienced it as more of a bonding and freeing experience than a sexual experience.”

Three members of DOS: Allison Mack with two of her slaves, India Oxenberg and Danielle Roberts.

About Branding

Roberts said the brandings took place in a bedroom in Allison Mack’s townhouse. She branded 18 women.

“We took the furniture and pictures out. There was ambient light. We had a massage table in there with sterile coverings, the cauterizing machine and other materials for branding,” Roberts told the Post.

“I wore a blouse and a nice pair of slacks,” she said. “I looked presentable because it was very meaningful to me.”

“There would be [four naked slaves] people stabilizing the person. On occasion, you can get a small electric shock from cauterizing. You wouldn’t want to be kicking or jumping, so as not to mess up the brand,” Roberts explained.

“The women getting the brand wanted to be secured.”

Roberts stenciled Raniere’s initials using carbon paper and the cautery stylus, “below the woman’s left hip,” she said, “for every line, there was an intentional reading. DOS was creating teachings to help us develop love and devotion. Love and care. There were [readings] about [the slaves’] commitments to their masters and to their selves.

“Tolerance for pain impacted the time I would spend,” Roberts explained. “It might be five seconds per line. Or three seconds. It was maybe two minutes of pain all told.”

“You can be excited about overcoming pain. This was a way to help women surrender and realize that they can take pain. They were empowered. They felt bad-ass after enduring the pain. That was the point.”

Roberts said, “It was beautiful. It was about trust. They would come in … and give me a hug. It was a very meaningful initiation ceremony.”

Roberts practiced what she preached. She got the brand herself by a branding artist.

She said. “Having a brand symbolized my commitment to the women of DOS and to myself. The brand symbolized permanence. It was a tribute to Keith. I thought it was beautiful.”

Roberts Condemns Edmondson

The Post wrote that in her book, Scarred, Edmondson describes the branding as “permanent trauma to my consciousness.”

Roberts insists Edmondson is lying.

She said “I have the video of Sarah [being branded] … She was so moved at the end that she kissed her teacher Lauren [Salzman]. Tears came down her eyes. Sarah makes it sound horrible, worse than childbirth, with burning flesh. Sarah was making fart jokes during the branding. She talked about being branded after going on a Hallmark audition.”

One issue Roberts did not address in the Post interview was that although she and the first-line masters knew the brand was Raniere’s initials, most of the women who were branded, including Edmondson, were not informed.

This was what set Edmondson off – when her husband found out that the brand was another man’s initials. He was not happy.

The women had been told the brand represented the four elements. Most lower-ranking DOS slaves were also not informed that Raniere was the founder and ultimate leader of the sorority.

Roberts explained, “A big part of DOS was learning to surrender, to overcome fears of letting go, to trust other women. Most of the information was confidential and on a need-to-know basis.”

Roberts said that Edmondson has “run a fear campaign and convinced [former members] that they were abused.”

She pointed out that Edmondson and some 80 former NXIVM members are plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit against her and 11 other NXIVM leaders.

“They took my medical license, which cost me $300,000 in schooling. They destroyed my career and my reputation. These are the hardest years of my life,” Roberts said. “But I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming by staying true to myself despite tremendous forces to turn against my friends or claim to be victims.”


Frank Report Played Sinister Role, Roberts Says

Edmondson filed a New York State Department of Health complaint against Roberts for practicing medicine negligently.

As the Post reports, “Edmondson took her story to The New York Times and a Web site called the Frank Report.”

Roberts said, “Before Sarah broke her word, went public and started scaring the daylights out of people, everything was fine. I was working my butt off on things that were meaningful. Then a patient [at the hospital where Roberts worked] saw what Frank [Report] had posted and sent it to a supervisor. I was mortified and told him that it was not truthful in how they spun it. [Consequently] My employer would not renew my contract.”

Porter Influence


Brandon Porter, Nancy Salzman, and Marc Elliot.  

One thing we learned from the article is that Roberts met Dr. Brandon Porter at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany in 2013 and he recruited her into NXIVM in 2014.

Porter had his license revoked by the New York State Health Department in 2019 for conducting human fright studies for Raniere and Clare Bronfman and her Ethical Science Foundation.

“At the time I was interested in what could measurably help people to be more joyful,” Roberts said. “Dr. Porter had moved from Iowa to Albany so he could work on measuring the emotional and physical effects of Mr. Raniere’s programs.”’

By 2016 she and Raniere developed a workshop series that claimed to relieve physical ailments, such as chronic back pain, “by re-patterning clients’ bodies through different postures, exercises and manual adjustments.”

Danielle Roberts


Roberts told the Post she sold her Westbury, NY, home in February 2019. That August, she lost her job as an aerobics instructor “after a client I tried to help with a shoulder injury said that I tried recruiting her daughter into an organization; this is untrue.”

She resides in Wisconsin, living rent-free in a friend’s home.

Roberts now sells life insurance.

Frank Report learned she sells term life insurance for Symmetry Financial Group, a multilevel marketing insurance broker.

Roberts Criticizes Penza

The Post story says, “Roberts has no regrets about the branding or her own involvement in the cult. In fact, she is miffed that she escaped prosecution during the cult’s federal criminal trial.”

AUSA Moira Kim Penza led the prosecution in the NXIVM case.

Roberts is quoted: “The fact that Moira Penza did not consider me as a subject of the investigation is somewhat of an insult to me. It means, in this court case, she considered me a victim. She did not consider the third possibility: that nothing wrong was done and that we were consenting adults participating with full agency. Some people were willing to take responsibility for that while others claimed to be victims of their choices.”


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  • Wow…is she playing the victim card? Soooo ironic. Take responsibility for your shitty actions, Danielle. Blaming Edmondson?? Give me a break.

  • Brandon Porter looks like if you see a clown without his makeup.

    Creepy? Yes. Also his most redeeming quality.

    He did some nefarious sh!t… all in the name of ‘jump-scare’ science.

    What a scumbag. Too bad he’s not jailed or worse.

    • I would most like to know his role regarding Pam Cafritz. The rest of the accusations pale by comparison.

  • Personally I believe she should get a lawyer, and let him do the speaking for her henceforth. There’s nothing she can say that won’t be assailed. It only feeds the beast. It will give her the time she needs to get away from the scandal, refocus and accept moving on.

  • I want to see a pic of the brand she got from a “branding artist”. I will bet it was less painful and less scarring. She had only practiced on oranges ffs. She had no idea what she was doing. Glad she lost her license. She is a complete wacko.

  • Sadly, Danielle doesn’t realize that Mr Raniere’s lechery, and criminal acts tainted all things Nxivm, including her simple and honest attempt to be part of an empowerment group.

    I actually consider her a major victim of Raniere.

    Now she’s trapped in a situation where she has to defend her actions which had no malicious intent. It’s appalling, and I hope she can start a “Go fund me” campaign to help defend herself.

  • I am a little unclear. Danielle and company say that you don’t need a medical license to brand. Do you need any type of license to purchase a cauterizing pen? Do tattoo artists have to have a license to purchase one? Surely I can’t go order one from the internet or walk into a store and buy one. If you do need a license, then she used her medical license for this purpose. Therefore, she utilized her medical license for the branding.

    • Great catch!

      Doc Roberts is as dumb as a box of hair. She admitted to a felony crime in the state of Wisconsin.

      Wisconsin law:
      At the state felony level, Gunderson said that a person could violate the statute of the unauthorized use of an individual’s personal identifying information or documents. That Class H felony could result in a $10,000 fine, up to 6 years in prison, or both (Wis. Stat. 943.201(2)(a)).


    • Thanks for that. A further example of the irresponsible attitude that demonstrates the medical board’s decision to revoke her license was well-founded.

      As is pointed out earlier, below, it may well be a criminal offense. At best, it’s an irresponsible misrepresentation of health care information, unbecoming a professional.

    • If you look closer, she did not create a fake card. They are the results of her actual lab report. This is how rumors and false accusations begin folks. Please don’t perpetuate lies.

      • You look closer: I showed that she wrote she “made” a card, not that she faked her vax status. Maybe her tweet implied anti-vaxers didn’t need a legit card and could also make a fake card and get thru security. without actually being vaxed.

        Dr. Danielle Roberts
        I went to the ballet To attend you were required to be vaccinated and masked…🤔. So… I made a “vaccine card”

  • What was Danielle Roberts’s motivation to grant the interview?

    Why did Danielle Roberts’s move to Wisconsin, assuming she is there?

    ….And why didn’t Danielle move in with one of other Vanguard groupies?

    • 1. Same as her every other motivation: Attention. Any kind is good.

      2. She moved to Wisconsin as a second choice. She kept calling to inquire about French Lick, IN until they had to stop returning her calls. (She misunderstood the, well, you know).

      3. She is spending time to re-evaluate her life. You know, do a little rebranding, so to speak.

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  • “Edmondson took her story to The New York Times and a Web site called the Frank Report…
    “Before Sarah broke her word, went public and started scaring the daylights out of people…”

    – and Sarah has been resoundingly kicking her ass ever since. It’s like Danielle thinks she is shaming Sarah, and the dossier nitwits continue to try and shame her. Don’t they see that their strategy is really ineffective and she just keeps winning?

    She has an immensely popular podcast with hundreds of thousands of downloads, an HBO series headed for its second season, she’s been featured on scores of major publications and broadcasts, and she making positive contributions to the world that Danielle could never make. After dropping the hammer on Danielle in her statement to the medical review board, she’s about to kick her ass again in the civil suit. Oh, and not to mention, she’s got a growing group of friends and family, not a shrinking one.

    The point of my rant is to give Danielle some advice: she needs to consider waking up and getting on the winning side. (She should also stop dancing outside of prisons and shave her hairy vulva)

    She’s pretty good-looking and has a killer bod. Too bad she is wasting her best years on keith motherfucking raniere.

  • I think this exemplifies why the medical board took away her license, rather than assigning her a remedial plan as they generally prefer to do: she’s incorrigible, unwilling to admit to and/or learn from her mistakes.

  • What in holy hell is Porter wearing in that picture?!? They appear to be on some sort of stage yet he chose his outfit from a middle school’s lost and found. He appears to make the late Jerry Garcia look the proverbial Sharp Dressed Man.

    Fifty bucks says Porter got shaken down in grade school for his lunch money. By an equally younger Danielle Roberts.

    • Snorlax-

      Middle school lost & found. LMAO!

      Whacky Doctor Porter update!

      A week ago everyone’s favorite whacky Doctor Brandon Porter Tweeted the following:

      “This is a truly moving piece about what it is like to be subject to the underlying medical authoritarian state that we live in and have lived in for years. IMO, medicine without humanity, humility, and measurement is not medicine at all.” – Doc Brandon Porter

      Please note the part: “Medicine without humanity…”

      This quote is from the man who led human fright experiments, á la Clock Orange – and watched dozens of people suffer from food poisoning.


  • She lost or should lose her license when she broke the Hippocratic Oath. First, Do No Harm. She needs to be gone, gone, gone from the medical profession.

  • I didn’t realize Danielle could read people’s minds.

    She claims to know that Moira considered her a victim and didn’t consider any different possibilities.

    This is an amazing talent! I mean, I’d pay top dollar for the services of a true mind reader and I doubt that I’m alone in this.

    Could be pretty lucrative for Danielle if this is really true. I’ve tried reading people’s minds before, but seems I’ve never been very good at it.

    • This said, I do feel bad for Danielle. She’s been stripped of her license and that’s
      a pretty big deal. Most of us have probably done something that seemed like a good idea at the time and I believe she’s paying a pretty heavy price for something she still seems to think was just a good idea.

      I believe the problem is in her refusal to acknowledge that DOS was toying with some very dangerous ideas regarding consent and general human conduct.

      First of all, the majority of people believe it’s wrong to lie to others. So, I dont understand why, under the law of the land, these women are surprised to be told and have judgement passed on them for lying. If your organization was as great as you say it was, then why lie about it?

      Second, sure. Have your weird polyamory group where you all brand each other and become sister wives that own all each other’s property. Whatever floats your boat. But why the refusal to acknowledge a dissenting opinion that would never want to participate in something like that? And get all upset that someone doesn’t agree with you completely? That’s just super weird.

      My last point is that branding and cataloging people is a common human trafficking thing. Probably happens more often to men in gangs that they receive a tattoo to mark them as members but it’s also an outright thing that is done to mark women as property. This group used the initials of a man to brand other women and lied to them about it. Not cool.

      And the worst part is? Danielle continues to beat the dead horse. She doesn’t appear to be growing or learning more. She’s not opening herself up to different points of view. She’s just claiming to be able to read people’s minds and feeling upset that they think she’s a victim. All the while crying that she’s a victim!

      Danielle!? Really? Which is it?

      Did you act in true agency realizing that people were being lied to or not?

      • You can’t lie about permanently branding a dude’s initials near a woman’s genitals and expect to walk away without a civil suit.

        People sue over bad hair extensions.

        At the very, least Danielle and the other liars gotta pay for the reconstructive surgery.

        Make the branded women physically “whole” as possible.

        That’s fair.

          • since Raniere and the salzman 3 gave their money to others and they these people took the money knowing it was dirty money, can’t plaintiffs and others get it back from those who received Keith’s and Nancy’s dirty money??? some people are hiding nancy and Keith’s money for them.

  • Two observations which I’ll make for the third time now.

    Danielle says “DOS is a tremendous organization.” Why is she taking about DOS in the present tense?

    The video they keep referencing as proof that the branding ceremonies were less scary than have been made out to be. That video was edited by Lauren and Nicki Clyne to be handed over to media. This is what Lauren testified to during the trial. That she’s using this as proof is absurd.

    • Did you ever consider the possibility that Lauren’s reference of editing Sarah’s video was the ‘blurring out’ of Sarah’s private parts due to respect for her ??

      But proof that she was a willing participant?

      • Sure, because a great sign of respect for one’s friend is taking a nude video of them and blurring out their genitals?

      • They edited it to remove a bunch of the dialogue and make it look less alarming and weird. It’s in the testimony.

  • Always makes me chuckle when I see American Doctors wearing lab coats. How exactly does dressing as a lab technician inspire confidence?

  • Most men have a former lover who was absolutely unforgettable in the sack, but completely unfit for any long term relationship due to being psychologically extreme in some manner. Danielle is what she becomes in middle age.

  • She ruined her own career by engaging in an unethical practice whilst holding a medical license. Didn’t she also take an oath to ‘do no harm?’

    I have to question the intelligence of a person when the evidence far outweighs the claim, yet they hold steadfast in their stance. Raniere hit the jackpot with those 8 women, loyal until the end smh

    • jackpot? many of Keith’s sex toys (people) were hideous…. and who would actually kiss or have sex with Keith? holy God they must have been delirious.

  • If Danielle Roberts really wanted to share prison time with her lord and master, she really is cuckoo.

    Her mind = Raniere > Blessed forever.
    Reality = Spent a fortune on becoming a Dr until this point > becomes a Dr > branded > became an internet sensation > lost friends/family >Dr job too >>>>>>> fast forward to …. can’t even keep a job in fitness industry.

    Danielle has some big decisions to make. Choose wisely.

  • Talk about putting a spin on things. The only thing she failed to mention were the rainbows and unicorns….

  • DOS is/was a sorority” like NAMBLA is/was a tutoring program for young boys…

    In other words. Not. At. All.

    • In the interview with Nicole Clyne, she says Harvey Weinstein didn’t get a fair trial because of all the prejudice…that made him look like a monster…..

      According to the interviewer, all these women were prostitutes because they happily engaged with Weinstein in order to advance their careers…

      • That’s absolutely not true. If they followed the Harvey Weinstein case at all, they would know that one woman went directly to the police and then wore a wire. Harvey Weinstein admits to forcibly sexually assaulting her. He should have been in prison after that brutal attack.

        And there are multiple other instances that cannot be interpreted as any kind of pay for play sexual prostitution – it was straight-up violent sexual assault. And not only did the sexually assaulted women NOT receive career advancement but they were blacklisted.

        Being sexually assaulted by Weinstein was a career killer. It was the total destruction of the victim in the press and on every professional level.

        Not going to relitigate the whole Weinstein case here but no one in history had the press paid off and in his pocket like Harvey. In the end, he couldn’t control one or two journalists and lost power.

        The narrative they are spinning is one Harvey would love and pay good money for – though it’s completely untrue!

        Overall, these arguments about well-known criminals not getting a fair trial often are just complete garbage. If you go around and commit a bunch of heinous crimes and act like a filthy beast and it’s reported on in the press – are you supposed to not go to trial then?

        And just get a free pass for your crimes? It’s almost like saying the worse you behave, the more you should be allowed to just go free. Because you have such a bad reputation. That’s ridiculous.

        And… OJ Simpson. Most publicized murder case in modern American history.

        Look at his outcome.

      • harvey weinstein was most likely in the nxivm click just like cuomo, trump, weiner, spitzer, and epstein were too. I heard they all socialized together…hence, why they were all protected for so long

  • ==“A big part of DOS was learning to surrender, to overcome fears of letting go, to trust other women. Most of the information was confidential and on a need-to-know basis.”

    In other words, deception in the name of secrecy was perfectly acceptable. This is Raniere gobbledygook which people like her have bought into. It’s similar to the rationalization that “collateral” is not blackmail because it’s “like a bank loan”, which to anyone with functioning mind knows it’s clearly not. Such closeted-ness is the opposite of what is required on the witness stand: “Do you swear to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth.” It’s a joke that the dead-enders such as Nicki Clyne like to call out the government’s integrity. There is no such thing as truth by omission. These women were trusted because that’s what Raniere relies on — the trust of others via organizational layers to get what HE wants. His intent was never the intent of the vast majority of the women who joined, and as the unknown to most founder and leader of the organization and the overriding influencer of it, that renders any notion of ethical consent irrelevant. He’s manipulative and gross — didn’t he refer to the collateral (and by extension the wome) as “All MINE!” in a text? — and any ethical person not under the influence of coercive control can see through the charade.

  • Roberts totally leaves out the DOS requirement that members give collateral, which is “French” for blackmail material. The issue of collateral complicates or nullifies the claim of free will.

  • There’s that word again, “agency”, they love it! There is rarely an interview or statement they make about DOS when they do not use it. It’s like it just comes flowing out of their mouths over and over again, almost reactionary. I wonder if they feel that it makes them sound smarter? Mostly makes them sound like fucking idiots since people rarely use that word. IDK just cracks me up ¯\_ (ツ) _ / ¯

    • Why do doctors say we need boosters? Because millions of MAGA-hatted anti-maskers refuse to understand that THEY are keeping the pandemic alive ongoing thus allowing Covid variants to develop (which could be worse than Delta) despite the fact that THEY are the ones who are most likely to spread the virus to those around them and despite the fact that THEY are the ones who are much more likely to end up in the ICU or the morgue.

      If THEY were smart, they would say Trump’s Operation Warp Speed created the vaccine and Trump took it so let’s all follow our leader and get vaxed and end the pandemic…but they aren’t and they don’t and they won’t. Sad…..

  • Truly mentally ill. Thank god she won’t be practicing medicine.

    The only valid point here is Sara Edmundson claiming to be a victim. She was “all in” as long as the cash came rolling in.

    • Agree. 12 years in a senior position in NXIVM and then in a civil case against NXIVM? Same with Vicente. It’s like suing yourself.

        • For what crime exactly? You’re a moron. If it wasn’t for Vicente and Edmondson, KR would still be ordering that more women get his initials on their crotches. Get your facts straight.

          • I salute Vicente and Edmonson for their role ad actions in taking Raniere down. I can even understand Edmonson being in a civil suit against Raniere and Lauren (for hiding that the brand was his initials). But a civil suit against NXIVM as a whole? Or against First Principles? They both were senior members of this organization for more than a decade.

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