FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth Goes Dark on LinkedIn After His Bogus EXIF Data Testimony Scrutinized

Brian Booth told a little white one.

FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth has gone dark.

After several damning stories by Frank Report investigating whether Booth lied about EXIF data in the Raniere trial, Booth has become more anonymous on LinkedIn, now calling himself “Brian B.”

FBI Examiner Brian Booth was on LinkedIn

As of recently, Brian Booth had a publicly listed profile on LinkedIn that listed his full name.

When we first started writing about FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Booth and his bizarre testimony about EXIF data, it seems he offered his full name and title on Linkedin. See the Google search below.

FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth’s LinkedIn URL was https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-booth-969a243

After a few stories, it appears he changed his Linkedin to remove his title and only that he worked for the US Federal Government.

LinkedIn Page of Brian Booth, screenshot taken on 9/19/2021.

His LinkedIn URL was https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-booth-969a243

Frank Report Investigates Booth’s Testimony About EXIF Data

Then Frank Report began seriously investigating Booth’s claims about EXIF data, and allegations of FBI tampering:

September 23, 2021: Primer on All Evidence Showing Raniere Took Pics of 15 Year Old Camila – as We Wait for Motion for New Trial Based on Tampering

September 25, 2021: Raniere Rule 33 Killer? — ‘EXIF Data Hard to Remove!’ — FBI Forensic Examiner Brian Booth – on Cami Photos Dating to 2005

September 26, 2021: Someone Is Lying About EXIF Data; Is It Suneel or FBI Forensic Examiner Brian Booth?

September 28, 2021: EXIF Data Written Over, Under, Sideways Down on FBI Forensic Examiner Booth Testimony — But Is It Really Hard to Change?

September 30, 2021: Suneel Fires Back, Takes on All Commenters, and No Prisoners, Hitting Hard on Booth, EXIF Data, and FBI Tampering

Nicki Clyne Tweets About Booth

During this time, Raniere supporter Nicki Clyne tweeted about Booth’s testimony about EXIF data:

Many people made comments on Frank Report and in Twitter saying it is absolute nonsense that EXIF data is hard to change.

Brian Booth Goes Private, Now “Brian B.” on LinkedIn

It may be a coincidence but suddenly Booth went dark, just as if someone removed all his EXIF data.

Now when you go to Booth’s LinkedIn URL, it’s no longer available and you get the following message: “An exact match for brian-booth-969a243 could not be found.”

A search within LinkedIn reveals that Booth made his profile private – he is now known only as “Brian B.”

We know it is the same person because the new URL contains “brian-b” instead of “brian-booth” and contains the same LinkedIn identification number (brian-b-969a243) in it: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-b-969a243″


First, he took his job title away, and then he took his name away. We know him now as Brian B.

But seriously, why did Booth, a public servant, become a bit more anonymous on LinkedIn and change his displayed name from “Brian Booth” to “Brian B.”?

Why now?


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  • In addition to correcting this article, readership also requests a follow-up article on how law enforcement announced they were going to look into Suneel possessing copies of discovery materials, and suddenly Suneel’s own website was heavily edited.

  • Suneel was proven wrong about his claims.

    It’s all here in the comments.

    But the debunked headline remains with no correction.

    Suneel himself admitted that he was wrong. And Suneel bragged that he admits when he is wrong.

    But for sure, Suneel has not corrected it.

  • 10/16, no correction. It is not Suneel’s responsibility to issue a correction, it is Frank’s as the owner of the publication. That is what reputable news organizations do.

      • Please disclose that the author of this article also holds Raniere’s power of attorney, making this not an objective piece of journalism. Please disclose this is functionally an op-Ed from Suneel, as you have done with many past articles from him.I think it came across to some as duplicitous.

  • October 10th.

    No correction. No principles, Suneel.

    You threw away any chance of being taken seriously. Just a stalker and a fool.

  • Still no correction issued as of 10/9. Evidently Frank stands behind articles that have been proven to be untrue.

  • Pinocchio was 7 years old. Booth is an adult, so no matter what nose you stick on him, he isn’t 7 years old in that photo despite what the EXIF data says. Well done Nicki and Suneel!

  • Why hasn’t this post been taken down, had a correction issued, or prominently re-labeled an Op-Ed or guest view? Frank, you like to tout your site as a reputable information source. Reputable news sites would issue guardrails. Why haven’t you?

  • Still no change to the bullsh×t headline. No retraction added. No Pinocchio meme of Suneel (the actual liar). No apology to Booth.

  • Suneel,

    A few things to ponder:

    •You want Kieth tortured? Although I hate Keith Raniere, no man, no matter how despicable and heinous he is, should be tortured beyond imagination. I would take no joy in seeing Kieth in a SuperMax.
    A SuperMax is a giant torture chamber. I’m not being dramatic. Please read on.

    •The FED’s could decide Raniere is a threat or they might want to make an example of him. What will be like inside a SuperMax?

    •SuperMax, in brief: “Prisoners here—we’re talking serial killers, terrorists, mobsters, CULT LEADERS, drug kingpins, and those deemed too violent to live among a general prison population—live in near-continuous ISOLATION.” Years will go by, before Keith, is allowed to mingle, with other inmates — by then Kieth will have serious mental health problems.

    Quote from Atlantic Monthly:

    Please read the above article in its entirety.

    •If you and Nicki continue encouraging and fomenting all of your social media followers and unhinged men, like Alanzo, to direct their fury at one man, a tragedy may occur. You can see the truth in my words.

    •I implore you to attack the Federal government apparatus and not individuals – i.e., the cogs, of the government – before a tragedy ensues for Keith or a stranger.

    •Think about how you’ll feel if Keith is moved to the SuperMax in Colorado and/or a man is gravely harmed. The guilt you’ll feel will be unbearable and your own family will suffer.

    • Suneel-

      In summary:

      If You, Nicki, and the other miscreants keep harassing, individual employees of the DOJ and FBI – and they believe Kieth is inciting you or orchestrating things behind the scenes – the Feds will send Raniere to the SuperMax in Colorado.

      I am not being flippant, I’m being honest and truthful.

      Face it, you have as much chance of parting the sea, as you do of freeing Raniere.

      Do you want to be responsible for Keith being transferred to Colorado — he’ll end up spending the rest of his life in a living tormented hell.

      • If the Feds really want to punish Keith, they will not send him to the SuperMax prison in Colorado. Instead, they’ll send him to someplace like the prison in Beaumont, TX – where his life expectancy would be measured in weeks rather than years.

  • Dear Editor at Large or Whoever,

    Can you please label Op/Ed’s…..

    ….OP goddamn ED’s!!!!!!!!

    I’m sick of comments from the Peanut 🥜
    Gallery, assuming, the OP/Ed’s from Suneel are ‘actual’ articles.


    Yours sincerely,


  • I’m curious why Frank Report does not provide a correction article for Suneel ‘s post?

    The audience took the time to fact-check it and proved, via screenshots, that there were several lies in it.

    Could we create a Pinnochio meme for Suneel?

    It seems unfair that the FBI investigator is harassed with lies but Suneel is left alone to continue.

    There should be penalties for lying to the Frank Report audience.

    What about public humiliation along with an article explaining the corrections (hence the Pinocchio image of Suneel)? I think also the individuals caught lying should not be allowed to post articles for a while and in all their future articles there should be a disclaimer about how they have been caught lying.

  • ‘After several damning stories by Frank Report ‘

    This should read ‘after…..stories IN Frank Report’

    That you try to imply control of this publication’s editorial, or that Frank himself is the author of such drivel, is dishonest and dumb.

  • I guess it’s just me, but I don’t see how Suneel questioning the validity of testimony in a trial and noticing a public LinkedIn profile changed equates to stalking and harassment.

    But to Suneel, I’d say that since public opinion is obviously heavily skewed against the Nxivm 5, one might want to avoid posting insulting Pinocchio depictions of people, etc., or in any way appear mean-spirited. Frank can get away with it because his role in taking down the cult was seen as a positive and his readers here at his own blog mostly like him. It’s kind of like when a popular kid tells a mean joke and other kids laugh, but when the new kid tells the same exact joke, people accuse him of being an a-hole and tell him to go sit at his own lunch table. It’s not fair, but it’s just the way it is.

    • It is stalking because he is manually monitoring small changes to anything the FBI investigator does. In addition, Suneel lied. The LinkedIn profile of the FBI investigator is still public (I shared screenshots below).

      Suneel is lying to readers and expecting nobody to fact-check his claims

    • Do the popular kids all storm the offices of the school officials demanding they sign asinine affidavits? And cause teachers to need “a show of force” when they leave the classroom after being terrorized by those kids? Are those kids part of a cult that many deem dangerous and full of convicted criminals and evil deed doers?

      It’s not quite the same. But I like your writing style.

      It’s closer to gang thugs making a “joke” about a campus cop they are preoccupied with hating.

      Not so funny.

  • It’s proven here. Stop paying attention to this cultie dweeb. His mind is closed. He only does this to win favor from Keith, make Bronfman cash and stroke his need for attention.

  • Ah, hem. Not sure how it happened but that was the wrong link attached to my earlier message. It was supposed to be to Shirley Bassey’s 1957 tune, “Blues In the Night” as (hopefully) follows:


    Please make this correction and enjoy. Thank you, Heidi.

  • Hey Suneel, it doesn’t matter what Brian Booth did to his LinkedIn account. It is so irrelevant to everything in this case. He probably didn’t want to be harassed by you and your associates, nor the negative publicity of the cesspool that has become of NXIVM, tied to this particular public career-oriented profile of his, as he was only called to the witness stand by the prosecution to give his educated opinion on the subject matter.

    If the defense wanted to shoot down his testimony, the time to do it was on the witness stand (which I believe they tried to do), not several months after the fact with the findings of your goofy band of Scooby Doo investigators. No competent defense team that wants to maintain its current client base as well as grow it, will suggest what you clowns have — that the FBI tampered with the evidence to frame your obviously guilty leader — especially with so much other incriminating evidence against him.

  • Take it down. You are a liar. Horrible at fact-checking and research and you owe an apology to all Frank Report readers.
    You deserve a stupid meme showing you are a total BS’er and can’t be trusted.

    Everyone take note. Suneel, is in fact, the liar. Early post’s question answered. Again.

    Who’s lying? That would be Suneel.

  • Suneel,

    Before we go into this discussion. I’m still waiting for you to answer some questions I asked you.
    You already admitted that your attempt to criminalize this Brian B has failed.
    So I thought it’s time for you to answer some of the more, challenging questions.

    Seems only fair. Regarding the theories you have.

      • I know. But, eventually, there will be nothing left to talk about. I’m not expecting anything from Suneel. I do think it’s a good idea to keep opposing, let’s call it the nxivm-5 narrative.

        I said it before. Years of indoctrination/mind control need perhaps double the time used to get this far, to undo.

        Expecting that the remaining nxivm people will change their views overnight is called wishful thinking.

      • You would think that Suneel would be bright enough to move on, happy in the fact that he was not caught up in the same web as the five co-defendants or, if he was, that he was not caught or charged. But no, he chooses to harass someone that might bring legal attention.

  • I checked and Booth’s profile still looks exactly like Suneel’s picture, the link still includes his name just like Suneel described and to me, yes, it is private. So what?

    You really think he’s suddenly “gone dark” because of your opinion, Suneel?

    If you’ve really got a problem with his statement about EXIF data, why don’t you take it up with the government just like Frank did when he asked for Nancy’s supporting letters to be made public?

    Or are you just gonna post on Frank Report and Twitter and push motion 33 (or whatever it is called) for your dear leader?

    If you truly believed that Booth was outright lying and that you care about justice as much as you say you do, then you would take affirmative action and get him fired instead of whining that he has a private profile.

    It’s common knowledge that nxivm is known for profiling and investigating their supposed enemies. I’m not surprised at all to see you write a post that describes you doing it.

    So, boohoo. Booth has a private profile (as is within his right to do). Cry me a river. Cry some more wolf. Cry, cry, cry as much as you want to for all I care.

    Just don’t forget to mention at the same time how crying is despicable and there are no ultimate victims.

  • Suneel is presenting FAKE information.

    I took the time to take screenshots to prove this. He claims you have to be logged into Linkedin to see the profile of Brian Booth from the FBI. Here is a screenshot of Brian Booth’s profile without having to log in:

    His profile is STILL PUBLIC. Suneel is presenting incorrect information. he is lying to us.

    That is the page I get when I search “Brian Booth” FBI on different search engines (In all I get his public Linkedin in the top results):

    Suneel, do your homework. You could have easily done this testing. Not sure if it is incompetence or you thought nobody would fact-check your claims. I think likely both.

    Do searches when you are not logged in and you get personalized results. Come on, man.

    • I feel upset I wasted my time on this.

      It would be nice if, in exchange for my time and work fact-checking reports from cult members, Frank Report could provide privacy to sexual assault victims and not use sketches of their faces.

      That would be a nice exchange for my labor.

      Thank you.

    • Thanks for posting the screenshots.

      I only see “Brian B.” in the LinkedIn profile screenshots, no longer a “Brian Booth.” The search engine results you provided all reference the same link https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-booth-969a243.

      Did you try that link / did it work for you? That profile page, according to LinkedIn, no longer exists. As it’s a fairly recent change, I believe it may take a bit for the search engine results to reflect that.

      You’re right, though, (and I wrong) about Booth not taking his profile completely private, as sometimes the login screen doesn’t block the profile – he only got rid of his last name.

      • Yes, you are wrong and you lied in your article.

        It was something you could have easily investigated and tested yourself by LOGGING OUT of Linkedin and trying different web browsers and search engines.

        • When I make a mistake, I admit it. The LinkedIn privacy wall doesn’t always show up, but it did for me the various times I tried in logged-out Safari or Chrome. I take it we both agree, and as your screenshots show, Booth anonymized his profile to “Brian B.” and his search results point to a now unavailable profile page.

          • I disagree. I still see the full name, first and last and whether what I’m telling you is true or not, it doesn’t really matter.

            The truth is you are trying to push a logical fallacy. Such as: if Booth suddenly makes his profile private, then it means my opinion about him being a liar is correct!

            This is a logical fallacy and I can see right through it.

      • So delete your baseless claims

        Don’t bury the admission here. Delete your dumb post. With the stupid false headline.

        Delete it from Twitter too. Post an apology & retraction, you goon.

        By your own standards, you were LYING.

        And now you cannot be trusted AT ALL.

        By your own definition, you deserve an imbecilic juvenile Pinocchio meme and people blasting you on Twitter.

        Hey! Post a screenshot of your unredacted support letter for Nancy Salzman.

        • I agree with this. I think Frank Report should provide a post with the correct information also on social media, and use a photo of Suneel with a Pinocchio nose.

          Suneel cannot be trusted AT ALL.

    • Excellent, Mexican Lady. Suneel is a liar. And he needs to apologize. What a dirt bag.

      It wasn’t a waste of time. You discredited a real arrogant as×hole

      Thanks, ML

  • This is false information.

    Like other commentators, I just searched LinkedIn for “Brian Booth” and his page popped right up.

    It has not “gone dark” as Suneel claims.

    Suneel accuses Brian Booth of lying. Well what is this then?

    I’m disappointed that Frank posted this story without fact checking it. This is not reporting “both sides”, this is giving false information the same weight as the truth.

    Nxivm thrived for years because the fools who joined the cult didn’t check facts. They were told not to, and obedient little drones that they were, they never did a simple Web search on Keith Raniere or Nxivm.

    Well we are not fools. Who’s Pinocchio now?

    • Sausage, can you post a screenshot that proves your claim, and the specific URL that shows the public LinkedIn profile of a forensic examiner by the name of “Brian Booth”?

      • You can do it yourself, Suneel. You are a Harvard CS grad! Download different browsers and test with different search engines. You are logged in and it is likely presenting personalized results or you thought that nobody would, in fact, fact-check your claims.

        Do your homework, Suneel. Come on!

      • I can! But you guys creep me out too much.

        I never knew about the existence of EXIF data let alone whether or not it was easy to change. So now I’m worried that you might use such a thing to try and profile me.

        If I can prove your lie, I might be your enemy and on the possible hit list.

        Not taking that chance.

        I did take screenshots and copy the link (everything is identical to what you said it looked like before).

        But why not just go to a coffee shop, find a random stranger, and discover for yourself?

    • Suneel,

      I’ll paraphrase you:

      “Mr. Sausage, good chap, I demand you take a screenshot, this very instant, and then post it, all-due-haste, at once! God speed, my kind sir.”

      Suneel, you sound so absurd. You are demanding something from a gentleman by the name of Sir Aristotle Sausage…

      …..The alias sounds like a gay porn star, who moonlights as a professor at community college.

  • Watching this special on David Koresh on How it Really Happened.


    Mother thought it was an honor he chose the daughter, and so on.

    Ok to have sex with minors.


  • Suneel you lack irrefutable evidence.

    Possibility is not proof.

    A possibility is like Dark Matter. It’s theoretical in nature based off of observation. Your experts are only stating possibilities.

    What you’ve written isn’t even a treatise; it’s an op/ed. Why should anyone take you seriously when you offer nothing but opinion and conjecture? The courts will not grant an appeal to possibility.

  • He will be vindicated. Going after officials is what Scientology did particularly after all those poor IRS staff. It is a particularly nasty tactic to do it but it is all we can expect from cults – by their deeds are they shown to be who they really are. It is also how Nexivm h as always been – they go on and on and on after harmless people because they are so vindictive and nasty.

    • “Going after officials is what Scientology did particularly after all those poor IRS staff.”


      You completely swallowed the story that less than a decade after 11 top Scientologists were put into federal prison, the IRS granted full tax exempt status to the Church of Scientology and all of its front groups because those “poor IRS staff” were so bullied by them?

      Just think, please.

      How could an organization whose top members (Mary Sue Hubbard and 10 others) had been convicted of felonies and sent to federal prison less than 10 years earlier – get tax exempt status under a sealed agreement that no other Church in US history has been able to get?

      By blackmail? All those federally connected Harvard MBAs? Those federal officials like Commissioner Goldberg who had lunch every day with the FBI and the heads of the Dept of Justice?

      You’re gonna blackmail guys who go after the Cosa Nostra?

      Come on.



          • Nice Guy –

            This is now the 4th time in a week that you’ve admitted that you create multiple anonymous accounts to troll other commenters here on the Frank Report.


          • — This is now the 4th time in a week that you’ve admitted that you create multiple anonymous accounts to troll other commenters here on the Frank Report.

            Alanzo- I only ridicule assholes like you and occasionally rib NutJob.

            Only 4 times this week? LOL. Try a few dozen… 🙂

            How many times have you posted pretending to be an OSA secret agent, and trolled yourself? Some people on the web believe it’s one of your many M.O.s 😉

            I admit it when I use an alias, and it’s usually obvious. You, on the other hand….well, you know the rest… 😉

            Pop a Zyprexa and OSA will magically disappear. 😉

          • Nice Guy said:

            “How many times have you posted pretending to be an OSA secret agent, and trolled yourself? Some people on the web believe it’s one of your many M.O.s

            So you think I spend time trolling myself?

            Are you a gullible dupe, Nice Guy?

            Yes. I think you are.


          • Alanzo-

            Yes, I’m gullible I believe everything which comes out of your delusional and unhinged mind….. (Kidding)

            What’s mind-boggling to me is that after 20 years of family, friends, employers, and random people on social networks telling you, “you’re insane” — you still don’t believe you have any issues.

            Only people with serious mental health issues believe “it’s everybody else”.

            Countless people, over two decades have called you delusional, unhinged, bi-polar, schizophrenic, whack job, and so on. But according to you, it’s all of us or OSA.

            I hope one day you have a grand epiphany because your situation is very sad.

            BTW: The Xemu are coming, the Thetans want their fly-saucer back, and it’s the Boogie man’s turn to hide under your bed — so tell OSA to leave. 🙂

          • Alonzo and Nice Guy: such a weird affinity but an affinity nonetheless. Get jobs—both of you.

          • Anonymous 5:04am-

            You’re one to talk, ‘affinity’, you’re posting at 5:04am. 😉

          • Mrs Affinity 5:04am,

            “Alonzo and Nice Guy: such a weird affinity but an affinity nonetheless. Get jobs—both of you.” -Anonymous 5:04pm

            After pondering you’re sage advice and quasi-admonishment, I believe you are correct. I need a job and am suffering from Alanzo Derangement Syndrome. I

            I will take your kind/unkind words to heart!

            One more, last post before I go on sabbatical!

  • news10.com

    NXIVM co-defendants: A timeline
    Top Stories

    by: Giuliana Bruno
    Posted: Oct 5, 2021 / 10:38 AM EDT / Updated: Oct 5, 2021 / 10:58 AM EDT
    Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, two prominent figures in the NXIVM case

    Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, two prominent figures in the NXIVM case

    BROOKLYN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — We are coming up on the final sentencing in the NXIVM saga. The Clifton Park-based organization drew national attention for operating as a “sex cult” that engaged in sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering.

    NEWS10 has been reporting on the outcome of each co-defendant in the case: cult leader Keith Raniere, co-founder Nancy Salzman, ‘slave master’ Lauren Salzman, actress and inner circle member Allison Mack, Seagram’s heiress and money behind the cult Clare Bronfman, and, being sentenced last on October 6, bookkeeper Kathy Russell.

    Here’s a timeline of the sentence proceedings and related stories:

    September 30, 2020: Clare Bronfman sentenced to 81 months in prison

    October 23, 2020: Judge denies new trial for Keith Raniere again

    October 27, 2020: Keith Raniere sentenced to 120 years in prison

    January 20, 2021: Keith Raniere gets no presidential pardon

    June 2021: NXIVM branding process recording released

    June 30, 2021: Allison Mack sentenced to 3 years in prison

    July 20, 2021: Raniere ordered to pay for victims’ brand removal

    July 28, 2021: Lauren Salzman sentenced to probation

    September 8, 2021: Nancy Salzman sentenced to 3 &1/2 years in prison

    September 15, 2021: Allison Mack enters prison early

    October 1, 2021: NXIVM branding doctor loses medical license

    October 4, 2021: Kathy Russell’s lawyers ask for probation instead of jail

    October 4, 2021: Judge orders Nancy Salzman to submit unredacted memorandum

    October 6, 2021: Kathy Russell set to be sentenced at 11:00 A.M.


  • I just checked and I still see his profile. He just blocked you Suneel because you are harassing a citizen. Mr. Booth is not a public figure. He is a citizen.

    Einstein Suneel, you can’t even tell when you are blocked and do not know how to do searches without being logged in.

    Einstein Suneel, get a job and stop stalking people. Also, consider going back to school. Understanding how to do anonymous searches is pretty basic computer stuff.

    Why is Frank Report giving a platform for bullies?

    • Because Frank would have to claim to be an editorial platform and spend considerable time editing.

      Be kind to the jerks. No one wants to have anything to do with them, and they just long for attention. We do have some fine specimens posting here!

    • I can also see his profile. Without the Bronfman bucks to back them up, harassers might find themselves in quite the mess.

    • Dear Mexican Lady,

      Booth did not block me on LinkedIn. He still appears in my search results, only within LinkedIn’s site, which I included in my post, but now as “Brian B.”

      What Booth did is he unlisted his public LinkedIn profile and got rid of his last name.

      You’ll be able to see “Brian B.” on LinkedIn if you’re a member, but if you’re not or you log out and as of now visit the new profile URL (https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-b-969a243) you won’t see his profile but rather a login form for LinkedIn.

      I don’t know why Booth made these changes to his LinkedIn profile.

      Finally, I respectfully disagree. Booth is not merely a citizen. He is a public servant and member of the FBI.

      • Brian Booth is laughing at Suneel!

        The FBI l’s tech-guy outsmarted NXIVM’s savant.

        Apparently, Suneel is a liar like Brian Booth!

      • “Finally, I respectfully disagree. Booth is not merely a citizen. He is a public servant and member of the FBI.”-Suneel

        ….And you’re a servant of Keith Raniere, who’s utterly incompetent!

      • Hi Suneel!

        I want you to know — I sent Brian Booth a link to the Frank Report so he to can laugh at you. 😉

        I’m a nice guy after all!

          • Suneel claimed on Twitter he recovered evidence from Booth’s garbage. The tweet has since been deleted.

          • Suneel-

            You’re such an imbecile! You are a cult member, inciting your cult buddies and followers to attack and harass an FBI employee who testified against your leader. In addition, you are committing slander and libel against Booth.

            If anything happens to Booth in the short term, you better pray to God the FBI can’t in “some way” pin it on you, or you’re fucked. Not too bright — Harvard boy.

            If you’ve been sending this man threatening messages from a “rented remote server” abroad, they’ll track it to you.

            The only thing you and Nicki are accomplishing by harassing Booth is making life for Keith more difficult; the Feds can punish Raniere via Diesel Therapy, the SHU or something else.

            And finally, to answer your question, I sent Booth a link to your articles and Tweets, as well as Nicki’s. He didn’t respond and I didn’t expect him to.

            So Suneel, do the wise thing, and STFU!


      • Who cares?!

        Why? Why would we “visit his new profile”? Or his old one for that matter? Why are you? It is just obsession on your part.

        You’re such strange, cross-eyed stalker.

        Dear God. Leave the man alone. Ugh. This is just so immature. And pointless.

        Not only does it not further any kind of legal recourse action on Keith Raniere’s behalf – it reveals you to be just a pest. And a kook.

        Clumsy. Ill-advised. Total wackadoodle doo.

      • I took time out of my day because I thought you might have a point. I put his full name on different search engines and web browsers and I can see his profile even though I am not logged in o any of them. Did you try logging out and trying different web configurations????? 👀👀👀👀👀👀

        Basic CS 101…

        This was a waste of my time.

        It is not true that all people who work for the FBI are public servants: https://www.fbi.gov/about/faqs
        They also have partners, e.g., who can come from “National Cyber Forensics Alliance”, which includes NGOs, universities, and industry actors. Many tech workers are not hired officially through the government but rather outsourced to these partners:


        So not everyone who works for the FBI is a public servant. They could be outsourced.

        Even if they were hired directly for the FBI, they are not full public servants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_federal_civil_service

        But I got your point. You want public servants TO FEEL WATCHED…

        Seriously, read some books and get to work. You aren’t doing even basic CS testing. This is why I had stopped commenting or reading your comments. They are filled with hate, stalking, and incorrect information.

        • Mexican Lady, can you provide a screenshot to prove that you see a publicly viewable LinkedIn profile of a “Brian Booth” (not “Brian B.”) to back your claim that I’m wrong?

          • I don’t know how to add a screenshot here.
            You should seriously do it yourself. Download different web browsers, use different search engines and try it on each one.

            Using your own words: I believe you are lying or grossly incompetent, because it is easy to verify this.

        • Mexican Lady,

          “Basic CS 101!” LMAO!

          You have emasculated and neutered poor-poor Suneel Cuckoldravorty.
          I’m appalled and shocked you would ever poke fun at another human being.

          …….And I’m love’n it!

      • This: “You’ll be able to see “Brian B.” on LinkedIn if you’re a member, but if you’re not or you log out and as of now visit the new profile URL (https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-b-969a243) you won’t see his profile but rather a login form for LinkedIn”

        That is NOT true. When I click the link, I can see his profile directly without it prompting me to log in. I recommend testing with different web browsers and using the eincognito mode. You are likely blocked and can’t see his profile.

        So BrianBbooth blocked someone who was harassing him. Once again, nxivm harassing people.

        Nothing new here.

        But if you feel powerful because someone blocked you, good for you.

          • If you’re taking questions, Suneel:

            How’s Kay Rose from MDC?
            Who won the contest money?
            What about Rhiannon?

            Or maybe you’re just here to demand other people take screenshots and post them?

            How about you screen shot proof of “lying” that isn’t based on emotion, opinion and wishful spin? Take a screenshot of it and post it here.

          • I don’t know anything about seeing no Booth, but I do see a moron. You wanna wipe my hiney?

      • Ya. So convince the bosses he should be fired. Nobody wants a liar in the public office. Everyone agrees. Simple.

    • Mexican Lady-

      You just shot down, Suneel!

      Everybody’s favorite Harvard graduate just crashed to earth in flames.

      RIP Suneel! It was fun while it lasted.

  • I am disappointed. It looks like Frank’s aversion against the government outweighs his aversion against Keith at al. Why would he otherwise allow Suneel to use his platform, the FR, to voice his opinion this way? On twitter, this opinion of Suneel has now become (or seems like) Frank’s opinion:
    The reputation of the FR took a deep dive today…..

  • You are bullying an individual and you wonder why he had decided to go dark?

    The judge and prosecution also got the message that you are watching them, Suneel.

    You are actively harassing people and then wonder why some hide.

    Why does Frank Report give a platform to bullies?

  • There is no miracle coming to rescue Keith from prison. Even if the pornography evidence got thrown out, it does not magically erase any other evidence. Keith is going to die in prison, and desperate longings are not going to change that.

  • allaccess.com

    NXIVM Whistleblowers Bring Their ‘A Little Bit Culty’ Podcast To Acast For Season Two
    by Perry Michael Simon
    October 4, 2021 at 8:18 AM (PT)

    Now With Acast

    NXIVM survivors-turned-whistleblowers SARAH EDMONDSON and ANTHONY “NIPPY” AMES have taken their “A LITTLE BIT CULTY” podcast to ACAST for its second season. The show, a look at cult behavior hosted by the married couple who were featured on HBO’s documentary series about the NXIVM cult “THE VOW,” launched on MARCH 1st and will debut the second season on OCTOBER 18th. The first season included guests like LEAH REMINI and INDIA OXENBERG; guests for season two will include ROBERTA BLEVINS (“LULARICH”), authors ELIZABETH GILPIN and AMANDA MONTELL, “THE CONFESSIONAL” podcast host NADIA BOLZ-WEBER, and former prosecutor MOIRA PENZA.

    [ … ]


  • Pretty sure you can tell the identity of each person who’s creeped your LinkedIn profile.

    So, first the same Nxivm stalkers cruised Brian’s page obsessively and then all the new psychotic “interweb fighters” that they sicced on this (innocent until proven guilty) man showed an uptick in views.

    And the dude probably noticed it. Cause, you know, FBI computer analyst.

    It’s NOT a change in his profile because of the (now veering into libelous) pathetic content Suneel has generated. That’s so funny that Suneel even believes such self-important silliness.

    Anyway. Good call to harass an FBI employee – you cult members! And to make them feel unsafe. That usually ends well.

    • Suneel and his brilliant scooby doo cyber-analysis analysis not even realizing they are just personally blocked ….. 🤦‍♂️

      Why does Frank Report give a platform to stalkers?????

  • “Luv” how the NXIVM dead-enders are always whining about ad-hominems and how the NXIVM narrative is de-contextualized (remember the “rape-able” baby comment of their master which they continue to ignore?), and then they go and post an image on Twitter of a “Pinocchio” Booth with a small portion of words de-contextualized from his full testimony.

  • Could it be that our very own Nicki Clyne, de facto head of NXIVM, is more reliable and has more integrity than an FBI forensic examiner?

    Nicki Clyne’s fellow Canadian, 90 year old William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk, is scheduled to fly on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket in a few weeks.

    Maybe someday Nicki, aka Cally Henderson Tyrol of Battlestar Galactica, could fly on Elon Musk’s Space X Dragon capsule.

    Nicki, I promise you that Elon Musk will not shove you out of an airlock the way Cally was on Battlestar Galactica.
    In 2017 Nicki visited the Space X factory in Hawthorne California.

    just discussing who’s going to get the front seat when we fly around the moon

    • Natashka-

      FYI: Stalking is sign of devotion and a “restraining order” is the hallmark of love! 😉

      Ask Sultan or Shadow!

        • You are so right! The pets are in danger! I could see Suneel taking a selfie next to a dog in a pot.

          Suneel will be such a ‘woke’, Glenn Close.

          A gay man of color is the perfect 2021 casting.

        • Bangkok Update:

          Bangkok’s mom sent him to camp abroad this summer, and he has gained access to a car. Bangkok has flown the coop.

        • Natashka-

          I apologize to everyone and retract my homophobic and bigoted comment from 10/05 9:09 pm.

          Suneel is simply a man who lusts after another man. Lust knows no bounds, not color, nor sexual identity, not religion, nor common sense, or hairy chests. If Suneel wants to gain the carnal pleasure of the Blue Flame™️, so be it.

          P.S. You are right! Suneel would make an awesome Glen Close-type character.

  • Rainere.” Exhibit C at 4. In the end, at these darkest moments “even [Kathy’s] suicidal ideation and emotional distress was not more important than protecting Mr. Raniere.” Exhibit C at 9.
    Unlike many others involved in this case, who had wealth and/or powerful family connections, Kathy’s family was at a loss of what to do. They were deeply worried and afraid for her. As Kathy’s sister, Kelly, explains:
    [S]he was anorexic, lacked emotion, and spoke in a monotone voice. In talking to her, she appeared to have no control over her own life. I could tell she was being manipulated by others. I worried about Kathy. It seemed as if she was constantly being punished by others in NXIVM.

    Exhibit A (Kelly Russell Letter). Despite their concern, however, Kathy’s family didn’t know how to help. Kelly explains:
    There were a couple of times that our younger sister, Trisha, and I discussed how to get Kathy out of the cult. We didn’t have the knowledge nor the resources to intervene, and knew that it would be difficult to convince Kathy to leave because she had been brainwashed. Trisha and I felt hopeless, believing that one day Kathy would end up penniless and alone.
    Given these circumstances, that Kathy did not leave Raniere and NXIVM on her own is not surprising. She lacked the psychological or financial resources to craft a viable exit strategy; nor did she have sophisticated family members to intervene and assist her. While her arrest has brought unbelievable pain and anxiety, she is now profoundly grateful that it finally allowed her to break free of Raniere’s devastating grip on her life. The criminal case was, perhaps, the only thing strong enough to save her.
    III. The Indictment, the Plea Agreement and the Guidelines

    On April 20, 2018, the government indicted Raniere and Allison Mack. See ECF No. 14.
    Three months later, and 10 weeks after Kathy was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury, on July 23, 2018, the government superseded, charging a racketeering conspiracy and adding four


    more defendants, including Kathy. See ECF No. 50. Kathy was arrested by the FBI on July 24, 2018.
    On April 19, 2019,1 Kathy pled guilty to one count of visa fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1546(a). At the plea hearing, Kathy admitted to knowingly and intentionally presenting an employment letter to the United States Consulate in Mexico, in connection with a TN visa application for Loreta Garza Davila, that contained materially false statements regarding Ms. Garza Davila’s job description and salary. Specifically, Kathy admitted that, although she represented in the employment letter that Ms. Garza Davila was a management consultant for NXIVM, she was aware that Ms. Garza Davila spent most of her time working for a separate entity, Rainbow Culture Gardens. Further, Kathy admitted that she knew that Ms. Garza Davila was not keeping the full amount of the salary listed in the employment letter. Kathy accepted full responsibility for her actions, stating: “I know what I did was wrong, and I’m very sorry for the trouble I have caused. I compromised my own principles and I will have to live with that for the rest of my life.” Tr. of Plea 26:21-24, United States v. Russell et al., No. 18-CR-204-NGG
    (E.D.N.Y. April 19, 2019), ECF No. 756.2
    Pursuant to the plea agreement, the parties stipulated that, under the 2018 United States Sentencing Guidelines (the “Guidelines” or “U.S.S.G.”), the Guidelines provision applicable to the offense of conviction is § 2L2.1. The parties further stipulated that the following Guidelines provisions apply:
    Pursuant to U.S.S.G. § 2L2.1, the base offense level is 11.

    1 No significance should be attached to the fact that Kathy was the last defendant to plead guilty, compare ECF Nos. 473, 944, and 1084 with ECF No. 756, as counsel reached out to the government in the hopes of reaching a resolution well before any of the defendants pled guilty.

    2 As to the immigration fraud, Ms. Garza Davila is not a “victim” of the offense; indeed, Kathy filed the paperwork at her request. While Ms. Garza Davila was subsequently recruited into the “first line” of DOS, Kathy of course had no knowledge of DOS, nor of Ms. Garza Davila’s membership in it.


    Pursuant to § 2L2.1(b)(1), because the offense was committed other than for profit, three levels are reduced.

    Pursuant to § 2L2.1(b)(3), because Kathy knew, believed, or had reason to believe that the visa was to be used to facilitate the commission of a felony offense, four levels are added. Specifically, Kathy had reason to believe that Ms. Garza Davila did not keep the full amount of the salary listed in the employment letter and that instead, Ms. Garza Davila used some of the money to pay employees working at Rainbow Cultural Gardens, whose income was not reported for state employment
    Pursuant to § 3E1.1(a), because Kathy accepted responsibility, two levels are reduced.
    Accordingly, the total offense level is 10. Kathy has no criminal history, so her Criminal
    History Category is I, resulting in a Guidelines range of 6 to 12 months’ imprisonment, within Zone B. The Probation Department adopted the Guidelines calculation stipulated by the parties in the plea agreement. PSR ¶¶ 150-161.1
    There is no material dispute between the parties about Kathy’s crimes. As set out in the government’s letter dated September 29, 2021, Kathy did engage in other criminal conduct for which she also accepts responsibility. Her role in that other conduct, however, was relatively limited. In 2004, Kathy provided Daniela Fernandez with a false identification and drove her
    across the US-Canadian border. As both Ms. Fernandez’s trial testimony
    make clear, Kathy was not part of the planning at all. Ms. Keeffe, together

    3 Attached as Exhibit E are a copy of Kathy’s April 10, 2020 Objections to the PSR. We note that while we have certain objections to the findings in the PSR, we do not believe that this Court needs to resolve these objections “because the matter will not affect sentencing.” Fed. R. Crim. P. 32 (i)(3)(B) (Court may “determine that a ruling [on objections] is unnecessary either because the matter will not affect sentencing, or because the court will not consider the matter in sentencing”).


  • Another example of NXVM harrassment. Suneel, give it up. You bore us now with your unending, no fact based, personally drawn conclusions. Enough.

  • Sigh. They cult-die hards are always harassing people online. They brag about being blocked. As if that is proof of “something” other than that they are crazy & people think that they are dangerous.

    Keith wanted them to “make sure the judge knows he’s being watched”. Violence against federal judges and other law and order employees is way, way up. Those ominous words are not to be taken lightly.

    To you Frank, they are harmless collaborators on a quest to hold the legal system accountable. To most others, they are unstable cult members who storm law offices with ridiculous papers in an intimidating fashion. And required the prosecution in Keith’s case to be heavily guarded in a “show of force” leaving the courtroom ( look it up).

    One of their favorite online games is to set their followers after people. That is playing with fire.

    I only see this development as a very poor reflection on Suneel and the other dead-end cult members.

    It’s really unfortunate that a man just doing his job has to worry about his safety because of people like Suneel and Nicki. Really, really sad.

  • There’s a reason some of us who actually knew Raniere personally want to remain anonymous – we don’t want KR and his flying monkeys stalking our lives with their lunacy. I left him after 4 years of living together in a supposedly monogamous (hahahahaha! – I know better now) relationship. That was many many years ago – long before he had accreted his army of NXIVM acolytes. He pretty much stopped harassing me when I threatened a restraining order after a visit from his fledgling flying monkeys. He sent one more looky-looky after that – probably when he heard I was getting married. That “mutual friend” arrived on his recon mission when my fiancé and I were stenciling our wedding invitations.

    Brian B quite possibly doesn’t want you and your addle-pated partners harassing him. Sounds like he has a decent government job – senior forensic examiner for the FBI; maybe LinkedIn isn’t all that necessary for him right now.

    Think that’s all assumptions and skewing facts to fit my narrative? Sounds like a familiar technique, doesn’t it, Suneel – physician, heal thyself. Isn’t that how the adage goes? Luckily there are probably several senior forensic examiners on LinkedIn if you really feel a need for one.

  • Maybe the guy doesn’t want to be /has been harassed by the flying monkeys/trolls and has better things to do with his time than deal with crazies (not just Nxivm ones, some weirdos get in on the act as well for no other reason that they want to have a rant). Mr. Booth has not been ‘officially’ accused of anything. Some vague arguments by some unknown computer nerd named Suneel C would register as no more than an irritant – if he was even aware of it. On the other hand, the said Suneel is now casting aspersions on somebody’s reputation in an effort to sow doubt in the mind of FR’s readership and make it sound like what SC’s elucubrations are so world-shattering that an FBI man is running scared. How does the bottom of that barrel smell, Suneel?

  • Why don’t you guys show up at Booth’s office and demand he sign an affidavit?

    That worked wonders for Keith last time…

    Or maybe file the actual legal appeal? Nah, then this little hard drive game would be over.

    Does this win brownie points with Keith? It sure isn’t doing anything to get him out of solitary, let alone prison.

  • Suneel, it seems you have lost your rationality and judgment. This proves nothing. Posting something like this is pathetic.

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