Ivy Nevaras’ Complete Statement at the Sentencing of Lauren Salzman — ‘You Let Raniere Do What He Did, Even After I Begged You for Help’

Ivy Nevares

Two people spoke at Lauren Salzman’s sentencing today. One was Susan Dones, the other Ivy Nevares.

Nevares was born in Mexico City and in 2000, moved to New York City to work with PEN International. Two years later, she joined ESP as a professional coach where she coached hundreds of people. From 2002 to 2017, she worked with ESP as a writer, editor and publishing art director.  She managed the company’s communications, curriculum, various writing projects.

She also co-authored with Keith Raniere two books, Odin and the Sphinx (2008) with a foreword by former Ambassador and Permanent Representative for Mexico to UNESCO Dr. Luis Eugenio Todd and The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia (2009) featuring a foreword by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

From 2016 to 2018, she worked with The Knife Media, a NXIVM-based media analysis company that examined the bias in news.

She was a senior editor, lead media analyst and writer.

Since leaving NXIVM in 2018, Nevares says she has published two books—a biography of a prominent entrepreneurial family, written in Spanish, and a commemorative book for one of the world’s leaders in the hospitality industry and she is in the process of writing a memoir.

Here is Nevares’ statement, which was made on the record and heard by audio in court and is available also on her website.

Ivy Nevares

By Ivy Nevares

Thank you again for allowing me to speak during these proceedings. Today’s statement is especially painful for me because the defendant was not only my peer and coach—she was my best friend for nearly 17 years.

When I first joined ESP, Pamela Cafritz—one of Keith Raniere’s chief enablers—was excited that I was joining the harem because I would be Lauren Salzman’s friend and companion, given our age and intellectual compatibility. Ms. Salzman was smart, funny, kind and a seeming pioneer of the noble enterprise I too had just embarked on. It didn’t take long for me to love her, much less for her to earn my trust.

Ivy Nevaras with Keith Alan Raniere

She became my coach shortly after I moved to Albany in 2002—not by choice, but because I began putting up a resistance against Raniere and his lifestyle. She described her role as the inner circle’s “therapist”—a role she secretly told me she resented. That meant she constantly did EMs with Raniere’s women—especially the rebellious ones—condoning and furthering the physical, emotional and psychological abuses.

Looking back at our friendship, Ms. Salzman’s role was to keep me under control, to manage me. She was a hostage negotiator of sorts, and my goodwill and willingness to continue working for the company were the hostages.

She ended our coaching relationship around 2006 because of my insubordination to Raniere’s and the inner circle’s sick demands. She shunned me for about three years after this, punishing me for her inability to control me. To this day, I don’t know why she apologized and resumed our friendship. It’s possible she saw that her punishment eventually fueled my desire to defect.

Ivy Nevares [l] with Lauren Salzman. 

Once we resumed our friendship, Ms. Salzman was again called in as the last resort to contain me. When all other tactics failed—mostly others’ verbal and psychological abuse, exploitation and threats—she was brought in to “reason” with me. But her reasoning skills and appeal to my emotions were all gaslighting, manipulation and lies—tactics in what Raniere called “strong thought control” or “intellectual might-is-right.” Unfortunately, she mostly succeeded until the very end.

I have previously made the Court aware that Karen Unterreiner, Raniere’s longest-standing intimate relationship and a NXIVM leader, has since apologized to me for her role in keeping me from leaving. The event in question happened on the cusp of Raniere’s full-blown abuse of me in 2006.

Karen, the number three EM practitioner in the company, was tasked to talk me out of leaving just days before the company’s annual retreat at Silver Bay. By then, Raniere was already shunning me and further curtailing my personal freedoms, and Karen manipulated me into staying after a 5- or 6-hour long conversation in a Clifton Park parking lot one night.

I share this with the Court because that was Ms. Salzman’s primary role when all other means of control failed. But unlike Karen, Ms. Salzman never apologized.

She did not verbally abuse me as her mother did, which kept my trust in her somewhat intact. In hindsight, she groomed me to feel safe in the presence of a predator and his vicious pack.

Ms. Salzman could have stopped my forced labor, which I had rebelled against for years and years, yet she did nothing. In the very least she could have spoken out on my behalf—she knew how valuable I was to the entire network of companies under Raniere. On the contrary, she used her position and skills to try to force me to accept my exploitation and to do so with a smile.

A clear example is when she “graced” me with being my mentor during the last NXIVM workshop I took, ironically called “The Ethicist.” She made a clear point that she was deliberately taking time away from her busy schedule and prodigious responsibilities to help me.

The point of contention then was her mother’s absolute abuse of me as an employee, which I intend to detail in the near future. All of the EMs, sourcing and mentoring sessions revolved around my fight to end the exploitation—a fight that was met with objections at every possible point and angle.

And on the last day of the eight-day intensive training, Ms. Salzman didn’t show.

Instead, she sent me a text message, entrusting me to my other two supposed mentors—DOS members and Raniere loyalists Rosa Laura Junco and Sahajo Haertel (I had no idea DOS existed at the time). Ms. Salzman said she wasn’t willing to invest more of her precious time on someone who simply refused to grow.

 Lauren Salzman [left] Sahajo Haertel [2nd from left] and Ivy Nevares [far right]. 

Never have I been prouder—in hindsight of course—of my unwillingness to “grow.”

Your Honor, as I share this statement, I cannot help but flash between the abuses I’ve related and the times I treasured with the defendant—our stimulating conversations on mutual topics of interest, the heartfelt laughter we often shared and events where she stood by my side when I felt all was lost, such as the week she spent with me at the hospital in Mexico City when my father was dying.

I understand Ms. Salzman was the prosecution’s star witness and that she played a key role in bringing Raniere to justice. I also understand that because of this, she may serve a light sentence or perhaps no sentence at all. When I weigh the damage she did to me and others, I desire neither of those outcomes, but I earnestly respect the Court’s decision, whatever it may be.

All that is left is for me to address her one last time:

I trusted you above anyone else. You knew my weaknesses—my deepest fears and insecurities. You knew about my past trauma.

You knew my intent was not duplicitous or malicious. You knew me as I was, as I continue to be—yet you allowed so much damage, so much trauma and committed a great deal yourself.

You called yourself my best friend, you were a fellow woman, yet you did what you did. And you let Raniere and the others do what they did, even after I repeatedly begged you for help.

I imagine you’ve been living in fear since Raniere’s arrest. You knew it—we all knew it was a matter of time before you were arrested. I imagine today you’re especially terrified.

Reflect on that experience, on that fear—on that incessant stimulation to your nervous system, which can easily override the mind and emotions. Reflect on that feeling of powerlessness—of being trapped, with no way out and no light at the end of the tunnel. Think back on the nights you’ve lost sleep because of this, the nightmares you’ve had and the part of you that can’t help but think where you would be, had you only chosen differently.

That is the torture you subjected me to for too long. While you enjoyed power, clout and a lavish lifestyle, that was my daily experience while I was in Albany.

Pam wrote me this George Elliot quote on a birthday card once:

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person; having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but to pour them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

All I wanted was to do something meaningful in the world. In you, all I wanted was a best friend.

Lauren, of all the pain you’ve caused me, the greatest is my broken heart.

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  • They are difficult issues. If I feel exploited even for 20 minutes — e.g. someone wanting something done free — I stop. Others spend a lifetime saying yes to every request to look after their grandmother, mind a friend’s children, etc., etc. I am sure this cult and KR kept her sucked in and did break the laws for which the convictions have now occurred and no doubt plenty others, but this issue of when being persuaded to do something for nothing becomes exploitation is never easy. Even if we just take Roman Catholic closed orders where women make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and see no one…. never mind the FLDS united order or even basic communism and North Korea or a housewife set up where the man earns and the woman serves in return for her board.

    Anyway, the bottom line is try to ensure you teach your children to watch out for those seeking to exploit them. The Lord helps those who help themselves…as they say.

  • I wish Ivy had been more articulate about the damage that was done to her— aside from convincing her to stay and manipulating her to stay. I have no doubt that Ivy’s experience was a terrible one there. But it kind of sounds like—- well… why didn’t she just leave then? If there were reasons she couldn’t (aside from people telling her not to), she doesn’t share them. So all of her turmoil still seems like some inside suffering that is hard to understand to an outsider. Like an inside joke (but not a joke, obviously). Like a lot of the weirdness with nxivm it’s very hard to relate to. Too abstract to understand. In turn, her appeal isn’t as effective as it could’ve been. She just sounds like a disgruntled community member that wishes things had been different.

    • That’s because Ivy didnt write it for you, she wrote it for 2 people, the judge and Lauren. And believe you, Lauren knows the shit she put Ivy through. Stories about Ivy’s time in the cult are out there — I wish I could find a link.

      • OK. Ivy wrote it for the judge and Lauren. This text is not at all clear if it was for the judge. It seems just like a bad friendship, not a manipulative evil relationship that deserves prison time.

        I agree with Mary that this letter could have been much more articulate.

      • Right, of course, it wasn’t for me. But the judge was the one deciding Lauren’s fate. And if Ivy wanted to make an impact on the Judge, she should’ve been clearer. Lauren knows what she’s talking about, but the judge wasn’t hanging around NXIVM and doesn’t know Ivy or what she went through. In my opinion, she didn’t make it clear to the judge, who is an outsider.

      • “I can’t go on much longer.”

        “It is unclear if Keith meant he would die soon if she did not obsessively lose weight and think of his genitals.”

        A classic line from Frank.

      • Thank you for posting this. It is really disturbing. I knew that Ivy was terribly mistreated. My heart goes out to her. But none of this sounds like a crime to me. It’s a classic bad relationship scenario. She should’ve listened to herself and got out.

        Did Raniere have collateral against her? Is that why she didn’t leave? Was she afraid that they would come after her with litigation as they did with people like Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie? Did she have threats against her life if she left? And was Lauren complicit in these threats against her? If that’s why she didn’t leave, I could understand her making a statement at Lauren’s sentencing because these would be examples of illegal attacks against her by Lauren, if there were such examples.

        But I don’t see any examples of actual crimes against her. It sounds like she didn’t leave because she loved Keith. And she held on to the hope that she could make him love her back and treat her with fairness and respect. Bless her for having such a big heart and loving so fully. And curse Keith for being the evil asshole that he is. But where is the actual crime?

  • What I don’t understand is that Lauren was a smart girl. She even thought her mom was horrible. After 20 years, didn’t these women see things were very strange?

  • Congratulations to felon Allison Mack, who turned 39 yesterday, July 29, 2021, and who received the best gift before her birthday. Her serious criminal conduct, which instead of being assessed 14 to 17.5 years under the sentencing guidelines, was given a paltry 3 years in prison. A really great gift that Judge Garaufis gave her. But the story never ends and she should not rejoice too soon. Who knows what else will happen?

  • Frank, you dropped this gold nugget into one of these long posts. Give us some hints on these Coming Attractions. New developments — huge story!
    What, maybe SOP or GBD or???????

    Frank Parlato
    July 29, 2021 at 1:08 am
    The story is far from over. There will be some new developments very soon — and a huge story — coming soon. Sorry. can’t stop now.

  • Independent

    Larry Nassar spent $10,000 inside prison but only $300 on restitution funds for his victims, report says

    At this rate, disgraced gymnastics doctor may not pay his victims before federal law forgives his debts

    Josh Marcus, San Francisco

    [ … ]

    According to the filing, Nassar has paid approximately $8.33 per month towards his various obligations, even though he’s deposited more than $12,000 into his BOP account since entering prison in late 2017. At this rate, he may not ever pay back his full obligations, since some federal debts are canceled after five years.

    Lawmakers in the Senate had called on the Bureau to explain its policies regarding prisoner accounts, after the Post previously reported inmates can keep an unlimited amount inside their accounts, with some totalling more than $100,000, but so far the BOP hasn’t responded.

    An attorney for Mr Nassar and the BOP did not respond to a request for comment from The Independent.

    [ … ]


  • The Guardian

    Report: Nassar has paid just $300 in penalties but spent $10,000 in jail

    Disgraced doctor jailed after dozens of cases of sexual abuse

    Nassar owes more than $57,000 in restitution to victims

    Washington Post explores Nassar’s finances in prison

    Larry Nassar is serving an effective life sentence for his crimes

    Guardian sport
    Thu 29 Jul 2021 13.26 BST

    Disgraced former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar has paid just $300 in penalties since being given an effective life sentence after abusing dozens of athletes in his care and possessing thousands of images of child sexual abuse.

    According to a court filing obtained by the Washington Post, Nassar spent more than $10,000 from his prison bank account in the three years since he was jailed. But Nassar is only paying $8.33 per month towards the $57,000 he owes in restitution to the survivors of his abuse, the $5,300 he owes to the federal Crime Victims Fund, as well as $834 in court fees.

    Meanwhile, Nassar has had $12,825 in his prison account during that time, $2,000 of which came from a government Covid-19 stimulus payment. According to the Post report, he has spent more than $10,000 on emails, phone calls and purchases from the prison commissary.

    [ … ]


  • “She co-authored two books with Raniere.”

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that Ivy wrote two books and Raniere wrote two forwards or prefaces and put his name on the books as co-author?

  • Comment on Youtube about “The Unbearable Lightness of Allison Mack’s Sentence Ft. Stanley Zareff”.

    Amy Trottier

    Clare was unsympathetic, period. She never disavowed “Vanguard.” She consistently refused to acknowledge the damage she caused so many people by allowing her vast sums of money to be used by a sadistic psychopath to vindictively go after his perceived enemies. It was hard for the average person to work up any sympathy for this unsmiling heiress and devotee of a maniacal guru. Meanwhile, Allison Mack’s persona is that of a pretty, petite, “Girl Next-Door.” In other words, exactly the plucky, appealing young woman she portrayed on the TV show “Smallville.” From what I’ve read about how much she enjoyed her sadistic role in victimizing young, vulnerable women, I’m almost certain of her psychopathy. However, she played the system beautifully, by issuing apology letters to her victims, behaving herself during her house arrest and bettering herself by successfully completing college courses. She is as guilty as Bronfman, but she’s an adorable, convincing actress, it’s easier to believe her to be the victim of an evil master hypnotist. Yet this adorable little moppet didn’t need much convincing to become a willing participant in Keith’s evil, sadistic game. She’s dangerous.


  • WTH did I just read? Did I just read that this woman place seventeen years of bad decision making at the feet of Lauren Salzman?

    Despite the fact she mentioned multiple times she spent years NOT in contact with Lauren Salzman?
    Despite the fact she did little to explain why she didn’t leave at any point during those 17 years?
    Despite claiming in her letter she had doubts for the entire 17 years?
    Despite clearly only leaving with the branding came out and not before?

    No, just no. There is a point where personal responsibility does come into it (Clyne is right on that, she just takes it too far). She had EVERY opportunity to leave and chose not to. That is not on Lauren or anyone else at NXIVM. Its not even on Keith. That is entirely on her.

    The ability people have to absolve themselves & others of their part to play in events, re-write history, never ceases to amaze me.

    I hope the judge gave this statement the credibility it deserved which is absolutely none.

    Congrats on speaking up but this lady really needs to examine her part in things. I hear there are professionals that can help with that.

  • Roberta Glass True Crime Report

    The Unbearable Lightness of Allison Mack’s Sentence Ft. Stanley Zareff


    Roberta Glass True Crime Report

    Allison Mack went into the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse Wednesday facing a possible 40-year prison sentence and walked out with a three-year sentence.

    Stanley Zareff has been in the courtroom from the beginning of the NXIVM story. Zareff joins Roberta to discuss the most shocking moments of the hearing, Allison Mack’s irreverent behavior in court and why he thinks the punishment doesn’t fit the crime in this case.

    Correction- Allison Mack was given a concurrent sentence not a consecutive.

    The Roberta Glass True Crime Report is produced by Ati Abdo MacDonald

    Many thanks to the Patreon supporters who made this episode possible.


  • It’s so sad to see what Raniere did to these women. When I met Ivy years ago in high school, she had a ‘unique beauty’ and she was smart and talented. She’s been through a lot and he took advantage of that.
    Ivy, you still have a life ahead of you, Keith and the others don’t! I’m pretty sure your talent will lead you to great things.

  • Ivy, your point is well taken, Lauren ignored abuse which left you shunned and SOL!

    I’m disappointed the judge seemed to fawn over her.

    What’s done is done. It’s time for everyone to move on.

        • Agreed, He is too influenced by his own emotion – and by his own prejudices for weak, manipulative, “victimized” women.

          KR gets 121 years in prison but a leading proponent gets 0 prison time? Those decisions are all about emotion.

          • The judge totally bought Lauren’s victim story. Poor, little helpless girl, home from college, lost, didn’t know what to do with her life, fell in with the wrong person, had no choices or options to leave, didn’t bother to mention all the money and power she got from being associated with him and ESP/Nxivm, had no common sense or knowledge what abuse was, was forced to stay there, had no options other than abuse others because she would lose his approval, poor little rich girl…

            The judge is blind, he does not know himself very well, he’s narcissistic, not so different than KR. Raniere was attracted to helpless, victimized women. So is Judge Garaufis.

    • I loved this reddit. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t even know it existed. It is flattering to have haters. However, I doubt it is Sultan of Six who is writing this.

      This involves Lauren Salzman and does not even remotely concern Kristin Kreuk. So why would he care?

      As for fighting Sultan — I have always believed that it is the rightness of the fight that makes a fighter successful. If I was fighting Sultan over whether it was appropriate to publish the name of Lauren Salzman’s dog grooming business — I know I could win – for why in hell would anyone think that should be secret?

      After all, she runs it out of her home– and takes dogs into her home, – a woman who used to gather women to be branded in her home.

      OK let’s argue that she’s changed. Is she going to lie to people about her identity? Claim she is Lauren Smith?

      When you hire a dog groomer you want to know something about the person who is grooming your dog.

      So I think if it came to blows I would defeat Sultan in a fight over naming Lauren Salzman’s business in under 60 seconds.

      However, if we were to fight over Kristin Kreuk — I don’t know. With all that pent up ardor, stored over more than a decade, he might be very formidable.

      • The addresses of all defendants were also available in the court documents. I found them there, too. It is not a secret. And it should not be.

      • JRule31 is almost certainly the Mad Spanker.

        He has a long history with his Reddit posts attacking you, especially with you being called an “investigative journalist”. He does not like that and has complained about that on Frank Report.

        Why would he or someone else be so anti-you? If they are not supporters of Nxivm, then it can only be for one reason: you have said something about someone they have a masturbation addiction for.

        No one is going to attack you for things said about other Nxivm people, but Spanky will pull his pubes out in rage after reading a comment about Kristin Kreuk that displeases him.

        If you read through his posts as JRule31, he says the same things about you there as he has posted on Frank Report and his Twitter page.

        The reason he posts about Nxivm is because he believes Nxivm is the reason he did not get inside Kristin Kreuk’s genitals. He argues with Nxivm people on Twitter. Not because he cares about nxivm, but because of the Kristin Kreuk connection.

        And the “pent-up ardour” has been going on for more than a decade. More like two decades. That is why he wages soy-jihad against you online.

        • Why are you so obsessed with what Sultan says online? How does what he writes affect you? Can’t your hours hunting for his comments be spent on something healthy? Your actions are unhealthy and I’m worried for you. Seriously.

      • –if Sultan and I were to fight over Kristin Kreuk–

        Don’t hit Sultan below the belt. You could break your hand on his hard-on.

    • Bangkok of Seven-

      You and Sultan could have a contest of devotion to both your betrothed. May I be so bold, as to suggest a spank-off?
      A contest of who can generate more love by sheer volume! Which one of you has the biggest balls figuratively and literally.

      The winner gets to stay on Frank Report and the loser, merely, has to go back to being a total loser on Reddit. 😉

  • I can’t believe another one got it easy. Hated to believe that all these people can get away with all this. These are very lucky people.

    • Linda-

      We’re all lucky to see Keith and his ‘henchwomen’ finally be brought to justice. Most criminals are never prosecuted. They either skirt the justice system or take plea deals.

      Lauren was cut a deal for testifying:

      Allison Mack got off easy considering her crimes. She received the ‘female privilege’ treatment; had she been a man, everyone including Frank, NutJob, Heidi, and the rest of the public would be demanding blood.

      Allison Mack helped to blackmail women into engaging in intercourse and other sex acts. She took pleasure in emotionally abusing women.

  • Are either Rosa Laura or Sahajo still actively participating in the cult?

    Ivy is one of the most persuasive writers amongst ALL the exNXians. She is smart, well educated, and a gifted communicator. She’s written some stuff. But, what about her capabilities as a dancer and performer? Are those on the back burner?

    I am also waiting to hear Karen U speak. She is an anomaly. She was with Keith a LOOONG time and yet seems to have NEVER been implicated for bad, vicious behavior.

    • “NCGirl
      July 28, 2021 at 5:48 pm
      Are either Rosa Laura or Sahajo still actively participating in the cult?”

      Sahajo is with Nicki Clyne.
      In the Zoom video below, which is 3 weeks old, Sahajo is in the left hand column, second row below Danielle Roberts.
      Sahajo lives in or near Berlin
      Here is Sahajo’s photo of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

      #berlin #brandenburgertor #silhouette #clouds

      Rose Laura hightailed it to Mexico.

      She might be in NXIVM Mexico.

    • NC, hi. Sahajo is a second generation cult-inclined person, whose mother (definitely) was and might still be one too, but she is from a different and an older group. This is something that I found out researching Haertel several years ago, and it might as well be mentioned today. Why not, after all?

      It happened to show up in print and via me running across a letter written by Sahajo’s mother. It was in Artvoice.

      Evidently this has been a distinctively multi-generational affinity for whatever is being lost and found.

    • smtolle, you knocked me off being too altruistic about Ivy’s otherwise profound expressiveness. Gyad, that was good.

      Harum Scarum. Remember that? You found a doggone cherry pit in that whole pie. Ah yes.

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