Amazing Email Raniere Sent to Ivy Nevares Reveals Disturbing Closeup of an Abusive Relationship

Ivy Nevares at the 2016 V Week.

This post is part of an ongoing analysis of the conviction and sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere.

One of the women who read a victim impact statement at the sentencing of Raniere was Ivy Nevares. While it is not clear that Raniere committed any federal crimes against her, her statement was powerful and was delivered with the intent to enhance the length of his sentence.

Raniere, 60, was sentenced to 120 years in prison.

During his trial, Ivy was named as one of his inner circle. She remained loyal to him until January 2018, about two months before he was arrested. She had been with him for 17 years, as one of his lovers, his student, and an employee of Nxivm and some of the offshoot companies.

Let us examine a revealing email Raniere wrote to Ivy in 2008. It was published on her website as part of her written victim impact statement, and filed with the court.

Raniere’s email to Ivy [below] is printed in Bold type. My comments/clarifications are in normal type.

From: “Flintlock” <> 

Subject: Re: details

Date: October 6, 2008 at 3:27:16 AM EDT

To: “Ivy Nevares” <>

I want you to know I love you. I want the best for us and act toward you in a way to optimze [sic] that. I had planned to surprise you on our anniversary for I had hoped you would make this possible for me by losing weight etc.

For Raniere, and the women he had sexual relations with, their anniversary was often the calendar day they first had sex. The anniversary was considered a special day for the women.

In his email, he is letting Ivy know that everything he does is because he wants to optimize what’s best for them as a couple. He knows best, it is assumed, for he is the Vanguard of the community. He is informing her that he might not be able to present her with the surprise he planned for their anniversary and may not be with her at all on that special day, because she has not lost enough weight.

I do believe your habits are more important than “us.”

Her habit was eating. He wanted to teach her that this and other indulgent habits should not be more important than “us” – of them being together as a couple. Keith had previously determined that Ivy’s optimum weight was 95 pounds and in order to attain that, he advised her to consume 400-500 calories daily.

As Ivy relates in her victim impact statement, one day she offended Keith greatly by eating a handful of pumpkin seeds which potentially had about 125 calories. It was a reckless act and Keith realized how undisciplined and uncommitted she was to attaining her correct body weight.

We are nothing if you do not earn your way out of this ethical dilemma.

Keith is using the word “we” as in the two of them. He is saying they cannot be a couple if she cannot “earn”  – by losing weight – her way out of this “ethical dilemma.” The ethical aspect is that Ivy apparently agreed to his condition of low bodyweight.

For her part, Ivy wanted to be not only his student, but his wife, in a monogamous relationship, and to have a family with him. He had promised her before, she says, that she would be the mother of his firstborn child.

It should be noted that Lauren Salzman also claimed Raniere promised her that she would bear his first child.  Neither were to be successful at this. In fact, he already had a child when he wrote Ivy this email.

In order to prevent Ivy from learning that she could not possibly bear his firstborn child, Keith and his inner-inner circle women created an elaborate story about his then-two-year-old son with Kristin Keeffe.

The story they told about the male child toddling around Kristin’s house was that he was a foundling; that the lad’s mother died in childbirth and his father was unknown.

The inner-inner circle women knew that the mother was Kristin and the father was Keith, but for Ivy and some of the other women he was having sexual relationships with, who thought they were in a monogamous relationship with him  – and for the general rank and file students who were told that Keith was celibate – the denial of his paternity was essential to keep them loyal to him.

The mother was even forced to deny her maternity, Kristin was to reveal in a victim statement. Keith felt it was justified. If Kristin was known to have had a child – a woman who was long in Keith’s inner-inner circle – she would be obliged to disclose the father – which would either force her to reveal Keith or make up someone, which would then appear to be a betrayal of Keith to some of those in the harem who knew Keith was having sex with all of them.

All of the harem members were required to have sex only with Keith.  It was a tangled web the teacher weaved.

Kristin Keeffe told the court that Keith forced her to deny her maternity and that she had no choice, with a baby and no income outside what he gave her, to refuse to do what he required. When the child was a little older, Kristin took the first opportunity she had to flee from Raniere and she went into hiding for years.

Of course, Raniere felt this pregnancy was not really his fault. He would have certainly ordered Kristin to have an abortion, as he had done dozens of times with his other harem women, if he had only known she was pregnant.

She was so emaciated from maintaining her own low bodyweight that she did not show that she was pregnant and it was not until she passed out one day and was taken to the hospital that they learned she was pregnant and in her eighth month. In those days, there were no eighth-month abortions and the child was born.

To protect the teachings that Keith said would one day revolutionize the world, the deception about the child’s parentage was necessary. It was also necessary to prevent Ivy from leaving – which was important because she was one of Nxivm’s hardest workers, one of their best writers and teachers.

The point of this long explanation is to put the email in context. While Keith is writing to Ivy about her ethical dilemma – and offering her hope that she might be able to have his firstborn child and that he is monogamous with her –  he already had a child and a harem.

At this point, I do not know your weight and you have not written to me as you promissed [sic]: obsessively. 

Keith required of Ivy, as he did with other women, that she report her weight to him daily. He claims that Ivy promised to do this “obsessively,” a word Keith liked to use to show the commitment a person needed to have to achieve their goals.

It has been argued that he was obsessively preoccupied with the weight of women – to pander to his own deviant sexual desires, but Keith has said that thin women are more spiritually evolved and that even a little fat shows indulgence and lack of commitment on the part of women.

Even if you drank only water and walked many miles a day, I do not know if you can create the ethical permission for us to be together on our anniversary.

Keith called himself an ethicist – and he defined ethics as consistency and keeping one’s word. She has to lose the necessary weight if she wants to be with him on their anniversary. He doubts she can succeed and if she does not, despite wanting to see her, he will not be able to grant himself “ethical permission” since she had not kept her word and lost the weight they agreed upon.

I do not know what to do. Only you can create this, but it has to be more important in every moment than anything and I still [sic] there are no guarantees.

What she has to “create” is the chance for them to be together on their anniversary. However, he can’t guarantee that, even if she does succeed and gets down to the desired weight, that he will see her. There may be other ethical considerations that will have to be analyzed before he can see her on their anniversary.

On another note relating to this: in thought I am far more “faithful” to you than you to me. For example, I have never dreamt of having sex with another woman.

While Keith may not have ever dreamt of having sex with another woman, while he was awake he was having sex with many women. Among those he was having sex with around the time were Pamela Cafritz; the three Mexican sisters, Mariana, Camila, and Daniela; Kristin K; Karen U; Dawn Morrison; Barbara Jeske; Kathy Russell; Monica Duran; Clare Bronfman; Loreta Garza; Lauren Salzman; Svetlana; Barbara Bouchey; Sarah [not Edmondson]; and, according to a very good source, Nancy Salzman.

And numerous other women when the occasion arose.

Up until recently you said the people with whom you had sex in your dreams were faceless and genital-less or with my genitals. This is no longer the case and I see it as an additional problem.

Ivy had one or more erotic dreams, it seems, and told him about it.

It is a problem because of things you said and thought about my genitals amongst other things from the begining [sic] of our relationship due (I believe) to fear of dependency. I think you are obsessed in this area. If so, it is important you be obsessed with me/mine. Your dreams indicate otherwise.

This thought, which some intelligent people might be averse to putting in writing lest it might be published someday, suggests that, like her weight, Keith wanted Ivy to be obsessed with his genitals.

Based on things she apparently said about his genitals in the past, and how she described the dream genitals of her faceless lover in her erotic dreams, Raniere realized that her dream lover did not possess his genitals.

We saw in his texts to Camila, which were also of such a nature that some might have wondered why the self-proclaimed world’s smartest man ever put them in writing, and which were read at his trial, revealed that he required Camila to detail her preference for his genitals over the young man she had an affair with.

In the somber atmosphere of the court, some of Raniere questions and Camila’s replies provided a sudden dose of comic relief  – and caused jurors, prosecutors, spectators, and it seemed at least once, the judge, to hastily cover their faces to conceal laughter.

I want to help you and us with all my heart. My condition has gotten very bad where I hide it from Nancy and Pam.

Keith sometimes disclosed to his women that he had serious physical maladies, caused by the hard work he was doing for the world and from taking on the deep problems or “disintegrations” of various women because he loved them so much.

At times, he disclosed his condition might be fatal. Because of his closeness to a woman, her defiance could cause a condition that could end his life and, hence, end the great movement he started. [Several women in his harem told Frank Report that he told them that their infidelity could actually kill him because of his high spiritual connection to them.]

In his email to Ivy, Keith is revealing that his condition, possibly caused by Ivy, has gotten worse and because he does not want anyone to know he is suffering, he hid the dire nature of his condition from two women he worked closely with: Nancy Salzman and Pam Cafritz.

Nancy ran the company at the time – and he lived with Pam and Mariana in a ménage à trois. He told various women, including possibly Ivy, in explanation as to why he was living with two attractive women who were devoted to him, that Mariana and Pam were lesbian lovers and not attracted to him sexually. The reality was that Pam was his top wing woman, his best recruiter of women to his bed, quite often with her as part of three-somes, and that Mariana was Keith’s longtime sex partner and house servant, with whom he chose in the end, over Ivy and Lauren and others, to have his second child.

I can’t go on much longer.

It is unclear if Keith meant he would die soon if she did not obsessively lose weight and think of his genitals.

If you are to break this cycle, you must adopt a zero-tolerance, immediate policy with yourself. The moment you read this you must start, not tomorrow. You cannot use any excuse for any transgression. One single trangression [sic]–one single lazyness [sic] of writing or anything–and you have started down the slippery slope.

This was her last chance. She must diet, must write to him her weight every day, and must obsess on his genitals – or else she would go down that slippery slope where she would not only miss out on their anniversary, but he might shun her altogether or die from the illness she created in him out of the love he felt for her.

You need to obsessively incorporate all I have written here: miss not one word. I cannot tell you anymore [sic]; it is all up to you. You need to prove us to yourself and to me. You must live all of your past commitments, ideas of commitments, thoughts of commitments and anything else you can imagine: there are no limits; no idea, concept or practice is too much.

“Do or die” is his teaching and if she does she can win the great prize, a perfect, monogamous relationship with him and have his firstborn child.

This is a start. I do not know if it will be enough but this fact must not discourage you. Please do this. Make this right. I love you.

If she obsessively lives up to all of her past commitments, ideas of commitments, thoughts of commitments, and anything else she can imagine without limits; with no idea, concept or practice being too much, she will have made a start, but there is no guarantee.


Love apparently prevailed. At least in the short run. After receiving the email from Keith, Ivy did the near-impossible and got to see Keith on their anniversary.

As she wrote in her victim impact statement, after she received his email., “For the following five days, I put myself on 500 calories of maple-syrup sweetened lemonade (the ‘Master Cleanse’), laxatives and saltwater purges. I walked 4 miles to the gym, worked out for an hour, sat in the sauna for an hour and walked 4 miles back home—this doesn’t include my teaching dance classes 1-2 hours a day. I lost 10 pounds in five days to spend our anniversary together.”

But it did not last. After Ivy lost 10 pounds in five days by fasting, she started eating again.

“When I began eating,” Ivy wrote, “it caused an inflammatory response, and my body stored the energy as fat.”

Raniere did what ethics required him to do: She gained weight. After all, he had done for her she put on a pound or two of fat.

He now ethically shunned her, refusing to see her. She did not care enough about “us” he explained. She cared more about her.

Ivy stayed, however, following Raniere for almost another decade, much of that time falling short of the goals Raniere chalked out for her, oftentimes being shunned by him for lengthy periods of time and sometimes shunned by others in the community at Keith’s behest.  She continued to work for Nxivm assiduously and remained faithful to him.

Mariana and Keith Raniere pushing their child in his stroller.

For his part, Keith continued to offer Ivy hope that she would one day cure her ethical breaches, which were more serious with each passing year, and have his firstborn child. She never did succeed and so she passed through most of her twenties and thirties trying to achieve goals Raniere set for her, believing he was her teacher who wanted the best for her.

Today, Ivy says she believes she was manipulated by an abusive liar who took advantage of her love and his role as the teacher and leader of the community she lived in and worked for full time.  She went so far as to ask the judge to punish him with life in prison.

Now, none of what Keith did to Ivy qualifies as a crime – this fooling a woman for 17 years of her life, waiting for motherhood and the love of a husband.

Ivy is another voice condemning him and it is a sad voice, an angry voice, crying out for justice’s sake for someone to listen to her.

It is my impression that the judge heard every word she spoke.









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  • What would Jim Del Negro say of this? Do you think any of his staunch supporters have heard any of the embarrassing emails he writes to his lovers..?

    How could they possibly justify this?

    The bad grammar and poor spelling alone should make them question his intelligence — not to mention his whiny, pathetic, insecure sentiments…. ugh!

    So gross.

  • Could she not just have pretended she’d lost the weight for the anniversary. I bet he wouldn’t check. Anyway, he certainly managed to hook a lot of women in his net with this kind of thing. I was getting to know one man once and for 3 weeks I was unsure if he was lying or not. I hired an investigator (who only charged UK£150 to go to an address for me) who found he was living with his wife and child, not in the town he had said either. I then did an online search and found he had in fact been married twice. He seemed very good in those 3 weeks but I checked and he wasn’t. I bought the deeds to his property and even that had complicated ownership issues over it. He was a serial liar. Much later, I was in touch with another 1 or 2 women who had been taken in by him for longer. Even later, he was in trouble with his regulatory authorities and he had the audacity to ask me for legal help. I said no way. However, that does not mean any of could never be taken in but it does show that doing loads of checks on what people say is worth it.

  • I feel compassion for Ivy too. It seems everyone loses in this type of collective craziness. I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger though.

  • This letter actually made me feel compassion for Keith.

    To have him say or write semi-coherent misspelled drivel and the people around him then act like he is the smartest person in the world for it, of course that would magnify his already narcissistic, inflated megalomaniac sense of himself.

    It takes a village to make a megalomaniac.

  • More people won’t be happy about that. But my opinion is that, in addition to respecting Ivy for her courage, every woman, person, person is treated in a way that she allows others to treat. If you let him be a doormat because he’s so in love, he’ll be a doormat. In hindsight, you don’t mind, it’s not your fault that you loved someone so much who didn’t deserve it.

  • First time I’ve seen the word “optimize” along with love and what is best for a couple, it sounds very clinical and removed. LOL

    Her habit was eating? I think that is a “habit” we all share. LOL

    “It was a tangled web the teacher weaved.” Good thing Raniere wasn’t a spider, because spiders don’t get caught in their own web, but slobs do. LOL

    “In those days there were no eighth-month abortions and the child was born.” Wrong, and here’s just one example: LOL

    “In the somber atmosphere of the court, some of Raniere questions and Camila’s replies provided a sudden dose of comic relief, and saw jurors, prosecutors, spectators, and it seemed at least once, the judge, hastily cover their faces to conceal laughter.” As I recall, only the judge tried to hide his laugh, the rest of them simply laughed out loud. LOL

  • The ones who, for whatever reasons, lived this way for years and years certainly participated in their own individual victimizations. Who put the blinders upon these eyes? Who did not listen to the inner voice of one’s personal experience and decided to believe this SHIT instead? There’s a delicate balance.

    A woman not only has a right but an inner and outer requirement, as a living being, to decide what is tolerable and what is intolerable, as well as what or who one decides to love or even to like, or not. And so does a man.

    In that context, this kind of toxic devotion is that of a fool, possibly a deliberative one, who has chosen to stick to unexamined inner denial of what is true and what is not true, even for decades. No one can claim that these people were enjoying their lives. Chaos, misery, jealousy, egotism, lies, tragedies, crimes and disappointments. This was the stew. In the name of what? Spiritual advancement? God. Exhale the ridiculousness of mice and men. Fly.

    • you made a good point before Mr. anonymous, that politicians in Mexico are now claiming to be “victims” of nxvim and use that to disguise their abuse of powers against women following a nxvim agenda.

      It could be that Emiliano Salinas is a victim . I think he needs to differentiate himself from these New Mexican politicians who were in nxvim. The New Mexican politicians who were in nxvim look to be evil. Especially when you look at their life trajectory. Emiliano Salinas would gain and win from separating himself from those politicians .

      I think we should expose those New Mexican políticas because they do have the power to create harm. They appear to also be sharing the nxvim agenda anti women.

  • Ivy, I don’t know if you’re out there reading this, but you didn’t deserve this. This is heinous. This is narcissistic abuse. I’m so glad you are free of this jerk.

  • I am sad trump lost 🙁
    Is it fraud? What do you guys think will happen? Is it all lost?

    I don’t have friends to say that I am sad Trump lost. There is a stigma to show any support pro Trump.

    Biden hurt Mexico with the Fast and Furious operation (bringing in guns into Mexico). Trump was locking up big criminals like Chapo, or prosecuting big people in military Cienfuegos, Garcia Luna. I doubt they will be prosecuted now. I feel sad.

    Anyone else? :'(

    BTW, I saw Frank Report has a lot of news posts from 2017 doing really nasty bullying towards Ivy (mocking some of her life decisions etc). How do you guys feel about those news reports now?

    • Those posts were not meant to bully Ivy. Although she was at the time aligned with Raniere, writing for him and working to build Nxivm and its offshoots.

      The stories were meant to weaken the cult. More than a few women of Nxivm told me that it was my stories that got them out of Nxivm because it showed them how the outside world looked at them.

      Look at those stories from that light — that in 2017, Raniere was not arrested – that Ivy was still supporting him — and that he had done some incredibly mean things to her – he and Lauren Salzman. I wanted people to read this. I would do it again.

      In 2018, Ivy realized I was right about Raniere. You call it bullying, I call it trying to get Ivy and hundreds of others to leave Raniere.

      I am proud of my reporting work and, if you notice, from Ivy’s own statements, I was right in my reporting. She did grow her hair down past her feet; she was lied to about having a child with Raniere. Lauren was mocking her behind her back about the ridiculousness of her thinking she would have a baby with Keith, while pretending to her face, as her therapist, that she was going to have Keith’s baby.

      It might seem like I was mocking her life decisions but I was pointing out that her life decisions were unfortunate, largely because she was deceived.

      She finally agreed and turned against Raniere. She may have not had the full information in 2017, though I tried to provide that for her and others.

      She does now. Now she is making a comeback, telling her story and people can judge her, as she deserves to be judged, as a victim.

      • Thank you for taking the time to explain. It is complex.
        Hope you are doing well, Frank.

        BTW, I don’t think Ivy is stupid or was ever naive. For me, it is inspiring to see her because as a Mexican Lady, I can’t relate to India, or anyone on the TV show, The Vow. I identify more with the Mexican Ivy. It is inspiring to see Mexican women leading the way in exposing manipulative bastards like Raniere.

        I hope Ivy writes her own book. We need to hear more of the voices about Latinas!

        On other things…I am sad about Trump. Anyone else?

        • Without getting into a controversial debate, I think the matter of who will be the next president is not fully settled. I am, by the way, neutral and think that either Biden or Trump will be suitable for America.

          While I once favored Trump, I became neutral as I listened to both men. I grew to like Biden and I still like Trump – for different reasons.

          However it appears to me to be like this: Joe Biden is the apparent winner. The apparent loser is claiming significant voter fraud and the possibility of overtaking in Arizona. If his claims are valid – and I am no judge of this – the reversal of a couple of states might hand the election to Trump.

          I want the rightful winner of the electoral votes to be the next president. I personally take claims of voter fraud or voting machine fraud in an unprecedented election of mail-in votes seriously enough to want it investigated. I take the absolutes of the mainstream media who are for whatever reason highly partisan for the apparent winner with a grain of salt.

          Their certitude Biden won and that Trump’s claims are meritless may be true, but I cannot see why a touch of doubt – and the willingness to consider evidence of fraud can be in any way a fault – as long as there is true evidence and that the fraud rose to the level where it would have changed the election.

          There may be none, and then Biden will be president. There is time. In a week there will be more clarity. That still gives Biden plenty of time to prepare a transition. And if he is the winner, it will be far better to put the doubts of Trump supporters completely to rest.

          • There can be fraud and Biden will still be the next president, these are not mutually exclusive. LOL

          • I am prepared to accept that result once it is official. Then I will give my best congratulations and well wishes and hope to Biden.

          • Watch a 1957 movie that is really good, even without it also being the prescient tale of the rise and fall of a Trump-ish man popular with the common man who he uses but despises.

            A Face In The Crowd is eerily predictive of Trumpism…tho made just 10 years after WWII, it probably was a metaphor for Hitler, Mussolini, etc.
            Trump gave it Two Thumbs Up…because he didn’t realize it was about him

        • Anyone else.” I live in Hungary, which is a tiny country in Europe. Our prime minister has a great friendship with President Trump, which my friends and I are happy about because we sympathize with him – despite what may seem to be bad moves. I think the most important thing is that a president of your caliber is fair. I know it’s a difficult task in politics. Personally, I like President Trump’s sincere expression and commitment to his country. But obviously from this distance. I don’t see the whole thing. I’m a little disappointed reading the current results, but I’m confident that the truth has shown itself, whether it’s cheating or a legitimate victory. After all, it is the people who live there and in it who decide this, because they see what they are doing, but at the same time they bear the consequences. Let the Best win, that’s what I wish.

      • Admitting the truth is often a painful thing. (Ivy,) and I don’t think there’s such a time as late. But you have to take it with your head high that you loved this Monster so much that all thoughts were overridden by his views, his actions, and his treatment of you. As a woman, I don’t judge you because we’re different, we’re genetically coded differently. But you should realize that you can’t really be mad at the things the Beast did to you when you let it go and you haven’t opened your eyes yet. It was your choice,because you’re smarter than the average other woman (sorry about those involved) and yet you were hoping for a miracle. How? That I’m being humiliated even more? If you loved her, you really loved her, accept it. But in hindsight, don’t whin. I’m sorry to give you an unsolicited opinion.

    • Trump lost. No fraud. He was as bad as Keith Raniere. [redacted] Think about it. [redacted] a man who suggested injecting bleach into the body to kill COVID. [redacted]

        • —He was as bad as Keith Raniere—

          Puleeze is right! Trump was worse. Raniere didn’t cause the needless death of a hundred thousand Americans by mismanaging (or NOT managing) the pandemic…because he thought he would look weak wearing a protective mask that might muss his makeup.

      • But Trump seems so human, with all his flaws. And likable, just because he’s honest and outspoken. That’s what got him in trouble, and I think he sees things right. Even if sometimes it looks like he’s going to cut the tree down. Biden strikes me as a prefabricated sellable figure based on preliminary information. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone with this, but my nose says caution.

        • ==Trump seems…..likable, just because he’s honest==

          Yeah, honest, if you don’t count the 20,000-plus lies. And the pandemic is “rounding the curve” and in control.


    • Maybe Frank will start an article on Trump?
      He lost only by fraud. That man should absolutely have won, and he did wonderful things for our country.

      It’s not over yet. Bush v Gore–Gore won, Supreme Court ordered a recount, and 6 weeks later Bush won.

      Hang in there, Mexican Lady!

  • Here is a hypothesis: that letter was written by Mariana as an assignment from and to Keith. Les Liaisons dangereuses, homage to Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.

  • “From: “Flintlock” ”

    He was using Karen U.’s e-mail for this?! Or did she go so far in helping managing his relationships with other women, including ones he was grooming, as to author or help write communications to his other “fuck toys”?

    Either way, I think it shows he deliberately treated her like a doormat.

    And I think there was actually a time when what Raniere did to Nevares fell in the category of crimes now mostly recognized as just common law (civil) torts, such as wrongful seduction and breach of promise – though I believe they might still be considered civil crimes.

  • Here’s to hoping that Ivy is able, or has already found happiness away from this monster. What a beautiful woman to put up with that pudgy troll. She is way too pretty and talented for him anyways. I wish you all the best, Ivy. He never deserved your time or energy. The only upside is that she didn’t fall prey to DOS. Onwards and upwards.

    • I think there are laws now in the UK regarding coercive control. Section 3.1 in the link is interesting.

      ‘The Government definition also outlines the following:
      Coercive behaviour is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim
      Controlling behaviour is a range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating them from sources of support, exploiting their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means needed for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behaviour’


  • What a sick F*** Ranerie is. So freakin happy he is gone forever. Hope he becomes some big guys bitch in prison, taking orders instead of giving orders.

    • Raniere will become numerous guys’ b!tch – after all, he thinks he should have sex with multiple sex partners. LOL

  • “It’s all your fault I’m hurting.” Fake boohoo. Fake ethics. Man, he’s such a see-through, manipulative wussy. These women must have been brainwashed to become really dumb when they “fell” for this guy because that’s the only explanation as to why this clown’s letters and emails should’ve had any affect on them.

    • Raniere had plenty of help from others, mostly women, in his inner circle, he’s too much of a schlub to do this on his own. LOL

  • I wish Ivy sound health and healing.

    The 120 year sentence indicates the judge had been listening….to everything.

    It is poetic justice that Raniere has lost the ability to make choices about his meals FOREVER.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to go fix myself a snack. Decisions, decisions. 😉

  • Poor Ivy. Giving up so much of her precious youth and life to this POS and malignant narcissist. People with good hearts are such easy targets for master manipulators
    like Keith. I am so damn glad she woke the fuck up.

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