Credited by Sally Brink for Saving Her Life, Dr. Danielle Roberts, in Turn, Credits Raniere and Lauren Salzman

Dr. Danielle Roberts

In her post Sally’s Shocking Story of How She Was Almost Destroyed By NXIVM High Rank and How Dr. Danielle Roberts Helped Save Her Life, Sally Gindel [formerly known as Sally Brink] wrote about her successful battle against breast cancer.

She said her victory was enabled immensely by two NXIVM physicians – Dr. Brandon Porter and Dr. Danielle Roberts —  but hindered, overall by the High Rank of NXIVM.

Sally especially praised Dr. Roberts who she said saved her life.

Sally Brink raised $42,000 on GoFundMe for her cancer treatment.

Sally’s story is dramatic:

Right after Pamela Cafritz’s services in January 2017, Sally found a large lump in her breast. Dr. Porter scheduled a mammogram through a local hospital and was there to assist Sally with the complexities of the health care system and to review the results of the biopsy and scans.

Sally wrote, “Never at any time did Dr. Porter suggest that I forgo chemotherapy or any treatments for that matter. He guided us with information NOT suggestions. I am forever grateful for his care and support.

Former Medical Doctor, Brandon Porter

The results of the biopsy and scans showed that she was at stage 2.

“I started looking at all my options with a team of people in ESP, led by Dr. Danielle Roberts. (This team also helped save my life.)” Sally wrote. “I also had two oncologists outside of ESP; one in Troy, NY and one in Long Island.

At the time, she was living paycheck to paycheck with no health insurance.

A Go Fund Me account was established for her and the response from the ESP community was divided. Some contributed directly to the Go Fund Me – where their names were displayed. Others reached out to her directly for her bank account information because, Sally thinks, they didn’t want to be seen on Go Fund Me by the “higher-ups” in NXIVM

“Some people told me they were told not to donate,” Sally wrote. “On the other side, many people donated from ESP not only their money but other resources.”

Help came mostly from the lower ranks of NXIVM.

“Many of them…  told me that they were told not to support me. Many higher ranks who I was close with, including the person who enrolled me into ESP, didn’t contact me at all…”

Sally continues, “By mid-March, I was told that if I didn’t start chemotherapy right away, I would die. It was an aggressive breast cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

“I was terrified…  scared that I was going to die. I was scared that this community [NXIVM]… was a sham…  People [in NXIVM] who I had been friends with or worked with for years just stopped all direct communication with me.”

But one person in NXIVM did not turn away. Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Dr. Danielle Roberts

Sally wrote, “Dr. Roberts asked me what my goal was so that we could measure how I was doing. I told her I wanted to be cancer-free in 90 days. I’ll never forget her saying, ‘OK. Let’s do it.’

“Dr. Roberts had no doubt in her voice when she said that to me. She and many others in ESP helped me achieve that goal.

“On June 1, 2017, my surgeon told me that my scans did not show any cancer. Dr. Roberts helped save my life. Do you know what it is like to owe someone your life? …. Do you know what it was like to find out that your Doctor was branding people while helping you cure your body of cancer?…. BUT, Dr. Roberts was an incredible Doctor and I owe her my life… That is why I have always offered to testify for her with her case with the State of New York.”

In response to Sally’s thanks to her, Dr. Roberts has written a reply for Frank Report.

By Dr. Danielle Roberts 

I want to take a moment to thank everyone that made it possible for me to help Mrs. Brink in the way that I did. I had two amazing RNs from the community (you know who you are) who were willing to step up at a moment’s notice to pull together a team and in-home clinic for her.

You both made yourselves available whenever she or myself needed you. You were my right and left hand; from making sure we had supplies for IV drips to making sure they were all mixed precisely and administered with care. Thank you.

I also want to thank Mr. Keith Raniere and Ms. Lauren Salzman. You both played a key part in helping Mrs. Brink overcome her resistance to using chemotherapy as a short-term tool to slow the progression of this very aggressive cancer.

Without your help, I likely wouldn’t have been able to persuade her to use the chemotherapy quickly enough to save her life.

Your EM technology allowed Mrs. Brink to resolve a confusion and internal struggle she was having between conventional and “natural” medicines. It bought the team and I enough time to help her get to the cause of her illness and set the stage for her body to heal more fully. It also allowed her to make the decision with more congruence.

This is a big struggle for many who believe chemotherapy is a poison (and rightly so).

I have seen patients who spite it lose their lives (when they didn’t have to) in order to adhere to a purely natural methodology – and, I have seen those who abuse their bodies just use the chemo (without looking to address the cause) further poison their bodies destroying their quality of life.

It is a tough balance and difficult decision.

One that, in this case, determined life or death. One that Mrs. Brink was able to make correctly with grace, less fear, less struggle, and less self-judgment because of your technology.

Strangely, while Keith Raniere was busy managing DOS, he was, according to Dr. Danielle Roberts, also helping, behind the scenes, to encourage Sally. He also provided the EM tech that Dr. Roberts offers as a great tool for help and possible healing.

What a gift. Thank you, Mr. Raniere, for suggesting I ask for Ms. Lauren Salzman’s assistance immediately and for your work and effort to create the EM technology that helped her.

Thank you, Ms. Salzman, for making yourself available so quickly and at no cost to Mrs. Brink, and for all the time, effort, and study you put in to build the precision and skill necessary to help her and so many of us.

Keith Raniere recommended that Lauren Salzman help out.

Mrs. Brink, I’m so glad you are doing well.

We were all so blessed to have experienced and been a part of such a skilled, dedicated and caring community. I love you all. Thank you.

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  • Frank, you need to perform a wellness check on Mr. NutJob.

    He always chimes on in threads like this one.

    • Nutjob believes ALL of the women (and probably all of the men, but that Del Negro puss is still making all the dudes look bad) were good people when they joined NXIVM. They fell victim to believing/listening to an evil psychopath. The fact that both doctors helped so much in the saving of a friend’s life, does not surprise me. I’d be surprised if they didn’t help.

      Sorry, Niceguy. Been busy watching all Tampa teams win and all Boston teams lose. Sorry about the Celtics (they play basketball). Really hope the Bruins don’t lose to the mighty Islanders cause it’s really fun when the Bolts send those face-licking rats to the golf course.

      • Nutjob-

        Two things:

        1. I am glad you are okay!

        2. You are [redacted]. You’d be the Pittsburgh Pirates [redacted] Boston.

        Islanders? New York Rangers? Yankees?

        …And don’t give me that bullshit, you’ve always have been a Mets fan. Nobody is a Mets fan, unless the Mets are having a winning season.

        • Niceguy-

          Three things:

          1. I am ok. I credit this to my decision not to talk to the intriguing couple in the kayak.

          2. Ha ha. You got redacted!

          3. Just cause I named my kid Teufel, doesn’t mean I’m a Mets fan.

  • is the DOS over?

    Nicki Clyne is still defending Keith Raniere. Does she have contact with women who were slaves?

    I believe that the only way for Nicki to “wake up” would be to happen to her the same thing that happened to Allison Mack, that is, to feel the fear of being arrested.

  • Frank, it is rather late at night, and excuse me for ringing at this hour, eastern. But tonight the word Nxivm eluded me, and I called it Neckbone.

    Since this is about an osteopath, as well as one who (purportedly) branded women without anesthesia, this lighthearted folly might

    the way it has me

  • I barely have words for this.


    Danielle is “making tribute” to the very same people who led her down a path that put the 2 of them in the prison system, and called into question as to whether she’s even fit to hold her medical license?

    What is the matter with her?

    She could have just said, “Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad my team and I were able to help and that you’re doing well and feeling better. It was a pleasure to serve you.”

    (Frankly, Danielle’s over-elaboration is unprofessional and boring, but whatever.)

    The worst part is that these nxians think themselves so praise-worthy for basic acts of human decency.

    Of course, a doctor is supposed to recommend the most effective known treatments. This is nothing special.

    Why are they all so self-aggrandizing?

  • So. if Danielle has no capabilities to influence a patient and needs Keith, she really does not need to stay a doctor. Keith should just mail her suggestions of how to do good in this world. Maybe she should also create an alternative medical school where Keith is the director and he teaches other doctors how to do good. Who needs Harvard Medical School when you have Keith?

    Hail Keith! Computer genius, medical visionary, billionaire. Is he the next Bill Gates?

  • “Your EM technology allowed Mrs. Brink to resolve a confusion and internal struggle she was having between conventional and ‘natural’ medicines. It bought the team and I enough time to help her get to the cause of her illness and set the stage for her body to heal more fully. It also allowed her to make the decision with more congruence. […] I have seen those who abuse their bodies just use the chemo (without looking to address the cause) further poison their bodies destroying their quality of life.”

    This gives me the impression that Dr. Roberts believes the root cause of Sally Brink’s cancer was an emotional issue and that without EMs, Sally would not have healed fully, even with chemo. If so, I would say this is a person I’d be very hesitant to get medical treatment from, although I’m glad in Sally’s case it was successful.

    • Wow anon! You make a REALLY good point!

      “This gives me the impression that Dr. Roberts believes the root cause of Sally Brink’s cancer was an emotional issue and that without EMs, Sally would not have healed fully, even with chemo. If so, I would say this is a person I’d be very hesitant to get medical treatment from, although I’m glad in Sally’s case it was successful.”

      • Excellent point Anon. KR has got to be the laziest cult leader ever – I don’t think the man ever had an original thought. The entire emotional issue and EM process is lifted directly from the Scientology textbook. (Right now, out there somewhere, there is some Sea Org member going through Kelly Preston’s file to try and determine what unabsolved sins she possessed that resulted in her breast cancer killing her last year.) I’ve done a lot of exit counseling with former members of a lot of different high control groups and I can honestly say that NXVIM is the only one I’ve seen that’s basically plagarized from A LOT of other groups to produce their basic belief systems. .(I have colleagues that continually debate on whether that is genius or stupid – I vote for stupid. If you’re going to be a cult leader and ruin people’s lives at least be original and come up with your own stuff.)

        I’m glad Mrs. Brink survived, I’m happy Dr. Danielle did her job (up to a point), but it doesn’t eliminate Dr. Danielle’s culpability in the brandings and any other NXVIM stupidity she indulged in. Mrs. Brink can praise the woman’s involved all day but it doesn’t erase that fact that Dr. Danielle took an oath and she blatantly ignored it. She should never be allowed to practice medicine again just on that fact alone.

  • Nicki Clyne’s Podcast

    NXIVM, Keith Raniere, Battlestar Galactica, & Justice | Nicki Clyne | One American Podcast #9

    Chase Geiser is joined by Nicki Clyne. Nicki stands for due process, free speech, and constitutional rights. She played Cally on Battlestar Galactica and doesn’t believe everything she reads.

    In this episode, we cover everything from her childhood, life-changing books, and her experience on Battlestar Galactica to her experience with Executive Success Programs, NXIVM & The Dossier Project.

    She is a staunch advocate for criminal justice reform and due process in the United States justice system as a result of her experience witnessing the wrongful conviction and unjust sentencing of those whom she considers among her closest friends.

      • Thanks for the link. I watched the episode.

        It’s interesting. You get some information on her background, family, education, etc.

        She didn’t want to talk about how she and Keith started a relationship. She feared it would be “taken out of context” and used against her.

        She said the story about the (in)famous recommitment session was not true. But she also said that consenting adults should be able to do it if they want to.

        Sarah Edmondson introduced her to NXIVM and she took a 5 day intensive. The rest is history……..

        • Nicki even denied that Keith invented ridiculous credentials like “world’s smartest man” — astrategy used to recruit people and all over the NXIVM promotional videos. She’s such a desperate pathetic liar.

        • “She didn’t want to talk about how she and Keith started a relationship. She feared it would be ‘taken out of context’ and used against her.”

          There is nothing to take out of context. Nothing to misconstrue. Keith constantly mixed business with pleasure. He is a sex addict who was free of conscience to abuse the power dynamic of a teacher/student and master/slave relationship and turn many of them sexual. Hence, the deserving cult designation. This all had its beginnings when he manipulated Rhiannon, a twelve year old girl he was supposed to tutor in math when he was in his thirties. Nicki slept with (sharing him with a number of other women) and continues to support the statutory rapist who is twenty years her senior because she’s enamored with him and the word salad that comes out of his mouth.

    • Pretty much everyone is pro due process. Big whoop.

      Is Nicki a staunch advocate for criminal justice reform? Or just a dirty dancing jail groupie for a party of one?

      That self-aggrandizing description makes it sound as if Nicki has actually done something besides tweet and make non-impactful and largely unread pro-Raniere websites.

      A more accurate resume…

      Nicki Clyne is a has-been actress in America illegally through immigration fraud. Nicki is using her limited popularity from Battlestar Galactic to promote her incarcerated lover, a pedophile cult leader who ran a sex slave ring and is a convicted multiple felon. She is also awaiting the outcome of a civil suit for serving as a “slave master” to women branded with the initials of this same man to whom Nicki has pledged a lifetime vow of obedience and subservience.

      When Nicki is not tanking as a stand-up comic, she enjoys giving group blow jobs with 7 other women to this same cult leader. Nicki likes growing out her pubes, asking women to lie about sexual and physical abuse from the men in their lives, blackmail, watching her friends starve, and taking very close photos of her vulva.

      In this episode, Nicki will lie about all of it.

      • Nicki Clyne loves to criticize the infantilization of women. Which is ironic because she seems to be as infantile as they come. Her “female empowerment” consists of constantly doing the bidding of her male leader, still dependently latched onto him and his conditioning as a puppet on a string mouthpiece for him via her Twitter account. Whatever her master says, she does. Whatever righteous cause he says to latch onto for his self-serving gain, she’s there with the buckle. How convenient it is for her that of all the causes and opportunities in the world there are to help the less fortunate and the wronged, the ones she “chooses” are those that just happen to line up with an estimation by her Vanguard that hopes to help free him. Has an original thought ever entered her mind since she’s been a part of NXIVM? How long ago was it when she was her own person, independent of and not bound to the social and mental chains of this “cult” and its ideology?

    • It’s too hard to watch. Nicki Clyne speaks kind of slowly and sort of looks like she’s always on the verge of laughing at you. Maybe she has a condition but it’s also very hard to listen to her self-praise, too.

      • Nicki is very duplicitous. She says that the slaves of DOS who had bad experiences are “unreliable” in their accounting of events. But then Nicki pretends to respect that all of the slave women had a range of personal experiences in DOS that are valid.

        Why aren’t she and the small dossier project contingent also “unreliable” in their accounts? It’s so slanted but under the guise of fairness.

        Nicki will never succeed in an interview that isn’t a male friend of hers for this reason. She would be called out and asked harder questions. The inconsistency would be pointed out too.

        Nicki is so obsequious. Her perma smile and constant affirming, ” yes, no, totally”. Do not strike me as sincere. It’s a calculated charm offensive. Nicki laughs everything off to distance herself from the emotional destruction of Nxivm and to diminish it all. Like it is just complete lunacy how seriously law enforcement took their criminal actions.

        No mention of young women kept alone in a room for 2 years at Keith’s direction. With her legal papers withheld. That’s kind of shocking for Nicki who is so opposed to false imprisonment.

        100% the group blow job was scheduled. Lauren was so humiliated by that concept. She would never have fabricated and lied under oath about something that would reflect so poorly on herself. Why? Why would she put an obvious shame to herself on permanent record? If it were false? It’s true. So, once again, we know that Nicki lies and her version of events cannot be trusted.

        Nicki pushes a narrative that’s either squeaky clean living with no planned sex dungeon, porn on demand, blackmail, kiddie porn, etc. OR an alternative lifestyle group that was unfairly targeted because they lived on the edge. It’s all dependant on what suits her target audience for manipulation in that moment.

        She comes across very phony, self-righteous, and personal agenda-driven.

        • She comes across as having prominent psychopathic traits, to me. Not all psychopaths are serial killers. Most get quite far in life on their phony, duplicitous charm.

    • Shadow-

      I watched some of the podcast.

      Nicki’s interpretation of events is incongruous with reality, to say the least.

      Thanks for sharing the link!

      On a completely shallow level: Was there a group blowjob on the agenda?

  • Its great to see when people of great talent like Danielle can go on to humbly find the others who also help

  • FrankReport talked with doctors and they revealed the dangers of branding near a woman’s ovaries and that it may be cancerous causing. Does Ms. Roberts care about the fact she might have caused cancer for slaves?

    Perhaps the reason Sally needed counseling to talk herself into chemo was because of NXIVM and keith’s bullshit teachings in the first place. For example, keith teaches that breast cancer is caused by low self-esteem. Does Danielle condemn keith for that? Nope.

    Danielle Roberts is a fraud and needs to lose her license.

    • She is a fraud and is even admitting it here. Keith is her main source of understanding.
      She needs to lose her license.

    • If the Times Union newspaper had not run a timely article on Roberts, she most likely would’ve walked away scot-free!

  • To Danielle Roberts Supporters,

    RE: Roberts Adherence to Keith’s Orders:

    Question: If Keith Raniere had told Roberts not to treat or help Sally Brink, do you believe she would NOT have complied?

  • Interesting Letter!

    My three thoughts on the letter:

    1. Doc Roberts is a good person who means well.

    2. Roberts is still captivated by Raniere to the point she thinks of him as a deity, and will follow his wishes blindly. She should never be allowed to be a physician, nor have the lives of other people in her hands.

    3. At some point, NutJob will jump in on this thread, and make an erroneous declaration that the good Doctor is a helpless female-victim, and should go unpunished. NutJob is more out-to-lunch than Dr. Roberts and even less credible than myself.

    Special message to NutJob: You can take your Kumbaya, “Que, Sera, Sera,” and shove it up your ass! 😉

    • I agree that this shows she will follow Keith blindly. That is dangerous. She should not be able to use her power as a doctor to serve Keith.

      • Thank you, dear lady. You see to the very heart of so many matters. And the commentary herein from Ice-nine means so much, of depth and of true essentiality as well. People simply care about one another. There is no reason to then write a treatise or even a single word regarding being able to offer anyone a few “good deeds.” To be here for somebody is a privilege, really. Even to have something to give! There is the faith and the joy of life.

        Instead, often one just feels so very thankful to have been able to be here for someone and to be able to give a hand or to be of help, even if it is only a little bit of support or comfort. We thank God that we might have been of some service.

  • Sorry, Porter’s fright experiments are simply unforgivable. You don’t go rogue experimenting on human subjects like that.

  • “We were all so blessed to have experienced and been a part of such a skilled, dedicated and caring community”
    Ms. Roberts apparently is still blind to the darker sides of this community, and there were plenty.

    However, it is interesting that, according to Ms. Roberts, Raniere and Salzman encouraged Ms. Brink’s chemo treatment.
    Ms. Brink said high rank opposed this treatment. What really happened here then? Of course, they could have encouraged treatment but not have donated to the Fund.

    “Your EM technology allowed Mrs. Brink to resolve a confusion and internal struggle she was having between conventional and “natural” medicines”

    The chemo saved Ms. Brink’s life. Let there be no mistake about that. If Ms. Brink had an EM with Ms. Salzman and as a result, Ms. Brink decided on chemo as treatment, then yes, it was instrumental for her recovery. But to thank Raniere for saving Ms. Brink’s life is to stretch it.

    • Shivani-

      I believe the general consensus is that Damon Brink is a liar.

      Raniere clearly told Danielle to help out because she did help out. It’s that simple.

      I thoroughly believe Dr. Roberts.

      • Really? Well, what I see is what I see, but always, I watch to see if and what I could have missed, so far as what is true or not true, through every possible change of tone, of truthfulness. What I know is that I do not know, but that does not stop anything, and it will never end my wanting to learn.
        So whatever someone’s perspective is has intrinsic value to me. Keeping open to continuing to learn is my preferred prospective.

        Alongside that openness, I am not the judge for anyone’s way of life. I am here to learn.

  • Got to give Keith credit, he seems to have excellent taste in woman. Dr. Danielle Roberts is smoking hot. The whole dancing outside of jail doesn’t do her any favors though.

    Any updates on if losing her license? I am conflicted on that but overall concluded she shouldn’t. She was within the scope of her medical license. Ill-advised but not illegal. If she refused to provide medical care during the branding and later the branding got infected to a life-threatening degree, she would be in the exact same situation for refusing to provide care (the branding was going to happen with or without her participation). So, it’s a damned if you, damned if you don’t situation. I lean to the choice that causes the least harm.

  • Wait. So Lauren Salzman did NOT charge a seriously ill, beloved and important member of the Nxivm community for the privilege of some stupid open-ended fake therapy questions?

    How generous!

    I do not know one person who has ever charged a friend with cancer to help them deal with the emotional or medical aspects of the terrible disease.

    It’s the kind of thing friends and even acquaintances routinely do for “no-cost”.

    Wow. Making a big deal of whatever Keith and Lauren allegedly did to help is ridiculous.

    It’s more damning with faint praise. 2 people who have nothing better to do than walk around Albany for hours — and take close-up photos of their wee-wees — were both able to spare a few minutes in a life or death situation “at no cost”.

    That is some funny sh×t.

    And the actual nurses shall remain nameless and uncredited.

    And are we to believe that Danielle, Keith, Lauren and 2 mystery nurses cured cancer? Was there no oncologist in there anywhere? Just EMs? And mixin’ up some IV fluids at home?

    This tale is twisted and incomplete.

    • Like Raniere’s bloated and pretentious CV, the acolytes have learned to make big deals out of things that are commonplace and occur daily by good human beings. I guess that is what happens when you’re so used to making a business of “ethics”, these wee bits of “sacrifice” look so much bigger when they’re attached to the self to magnify the self through your selfish goggles.

    • Exactly. No credit to the medical professionals that were NOT part of this depraved cult?

      Advising someone with cancer to get medical treatment is hardly exceptional humanitarianism. It’s what anyone with a brain in their head and an ounce of compassion ought to do.

      This is just more proof of how twisted and self-serving the Nxivm felons are. Next they’ll be expecting adulation for NOT kicking puppies.

      • LOl. Mr Sausage, please never leave. I hardly need to comment. You say it all better than I ever could.

    • Have you ever considered that people don’t want to be name and have their reputation tarnished? There are people that give out of care and don’t need the outside attention. People make all kinds of assumptions without all the information. Sorry but you guys don’t know everything certainly entitled to your opinion. The point is there were people that stepped up for Sally despite opposing views. This wasn’t about all that outside noise, it was about Sally and her family. These were the people I care about.

  • How charming and lovey-dovey. The broken clock is right twice a day? Yucko

    Some prefer a clock to make no noise at all. Zippo. Zero. Stfu.

    Tra la la la la!

  • I nominate Doctors Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

    “This is a big struggle for many who believe chemotherapy is a poison (and rightly so).”
    Dr. Danielle Roberts

    Actually, Dr. Roberts is right on this point.
    Chemotherapy works by killing cancer cells.
    Hopefully, the cancer cells die before healthy cells.

    After seeing what a pathological liar Dr. Anthony Fauci is, I must conclude that Doctors Porter and Roberts are more professional medical caregivers than the evil troll Anthony Fauci.

    Tucker: Why did they lie to us for so long

    • Brother Shadowsate-

      Roberts! Roberts! Roberts!
      She’s a bad Salem Witch!
      Egads! She is not of thy Christian faith.

      Fauci! Fauci! Fauci!

      Covid-19 was a hoax. Remember?

      This month, Covid-19 is a Chinese and DeepState, super weapon. Whatever would we do without you, agent Shadow….
      Do you by chance know AGENT-86 or AGENT-99?

      Stay tuned next month, when, COVID becomes a curse from God, to punish us sinners!

      • No. Shadow looks behind the corners and sees things that many do not notice at all. He is no fool. He is thinking out loud just like everybody does.

        I respect Shadowstate whether we agree or do not agree. He is a friend to me. That’s what he is. To me always a friend on the road. That is who he is to my mind and heart. Om, peace, amen.

        • —No. Shadow looks behind the corners and sees things that many do not notice at all.

          I like Shadow as well. I like jeering him on Men rib each other.

          —He is no fool.

          I never thought he was a fool, but PeaOnYou did get the better of him.

    • I have never once bought a word from out of the mouth of Dr. Fartface or his cohorts. And the evidence is mounting, to continue watching the fart dust from as afar as it is possible, here and now.

      I have seen up very close what chemo can do to a person. But sometimes it might have to be part of the only option left on the table. It is a tough ride whether chemo works or it doesn’t.

      The suffering is real, and that is what it would be so grand to END for anybody, anybody at all.

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