Men of NXIVM – Farouk Rojas – Executive Success Failure

Farouk Rojas waiting for that big break that Vanguard promised.

Following Frank Report’s expose on him in February, NXIVM member, Farouk Rojas left the USA and went to Canada. He is one of the longest serving members of NXIVM. He had to flee the US because of his Visa problems. He stayed for several months in Toronto and Montreal then went back to Monterrey for a time. Recently, he returned to Canada and is now living in Vancouver.

Last year, he got permission from Vanguard to date DOS slave Lyvia Cohen of Canada, prior to Vanguard’s arrest in March.

One of Farouk’s masterful pictures taken from his cell phone. Although he may have not learned how to make money from his years in Executive Success Programs, he still has a cell phone, and a bike – and apparently he eats pretty well too – which is a lot more than some people in Bangladesh can say.

Farouk cannot return to the US. because he overstayed his Visa, sources say.

For those who would like to connect with Farouk – they can follow him on Urbanisticismo on Instagram where the NXIVM follower puts his mobile phone photography online for all to see – and gives clues as to where he is and when.

If you go through the pictures, you can see Farouk is quite a photographer of buildings and scenes in various cities he visits – all taken from his mobile phone.  Follow him from Albany to New York City to Toronto to Monterrey and, now, Vancouver where perhaps he is working to shore up membership in the Society of Protectors.

Farouk is a man who seems not to know what to do or where to go – now that his Vanguard [who does his thinking for him] is in jail.  Farouk has always been poor because of NXIVM. Although he is pretty bright, he never made Proctor on the Stripe Path – not because he was incapable of teaching or even recruiting. It is because he had “an issue’ –he was too fat.

He remains a Yellow Sash with Four Stripes [one stripe away from the NXIVM big money – $20,000 a year – minus cost of Intensives- as a Proctor -symbolized by the exalted Orange Sash].

He was told by Nancy Salzman and Keith“Lose that fat – and you could be a Proctor”, but somehow, the hapless slob never could do it.  But he had another dream to feast on.   He was going to become – following the NXIVM tech – a singing sensation. [more on that later].

For years, Farouk was seen riding a bicycle in Albany. This was not because he wanted the exercise and wanted to shed that blubber. It was because he did not have a car. Yet even that did not help him peddle off the pounds.

He rode a bike [and gee it was awful cold in winter in Albany on his bicycle]. He had to ride the bike because he lost his driver’s license, because he was completely illegal in the USA, and because he was too poor to afford a car.  He was an illegal alien in the USA for years.

Farouk is Mexican and many foreign born NXIVM members had fake marriages to remain in the USA. One was arranged for him also. He was to marry the niece of Esther Chiappone Carlson. That never happened. The bright woman backed off at the last minute [after the marriage license was obtained]. The woman, after reading about DOS in the Frank Report, left NXIVM last summer and she didn’t marry him.

Farouk remains a coach and expert in Executive Success. He has been a coach for nearly two decades and was one of the earliest of the Mexicans to join the group that promises to teach the secret NXIVM tech that will revolutionize a student’s life.

He recruited, among others, Ivy Nevares – a longtime Raniere harem member – who is presently waiting for Raniere to impregnate her with a promised avatar baby – a task which might be difficult if Raniere is not soon freed from prison since MDC does not permit conjugal visits. Nevares joined the group in 2003 when she was in her early 20s. She was promised an avatar baby shortly after that. She is now in her 40s and her avatar baby window is getting smaller every day.

As a member of NXIVM, Farouk dedicated his life to controlling as much of the world’s wealth that ethical people should – which, in his case, is almost nothing.  The years come and go and he’s as poor as ever.

Much like Kathy Russell, the aging ballerina wannabe, who was recently arrested for racketeering, Farouk too has a great dream – he wants to be a singing star.

Keith Raniere promised him that if he kept practicing his singing, kept serving NXIVM for next-to-nothing [or nothing] and kept paying, with all his available dollars, for more NXIVM classes, he would become the next great world-famous singing star.

He just had a few disintegrations to overcome and he would be the next Frank Sinatra.

To help him out, Keith let him join and help manage [for no pay] NXIVM’s A Cappella singing group, Simply Human – where Farouk performed as many as one or two concerts per year – as a near full time volunteer. But it was all done to get him to stardom – said Raniere.

Fulfillment: After rehearsing for hundreds of hours, Farouk went onstage at a NXIVM concert with Raniere’s Simply Human – where he sang for free before a tiny audience of NXIVM members.

Ah, cruel fate – just as Keith was going to make Farouk,  and Kathy Russell, and lots os others genuine superstars, he got himself arrested and likely faces life in prison.

Keith promised Pam Cafritz that she would win the Olympics for the Mile Run – but the poor girl also failed. She up and died.

It is not as if Farouk left nothing behind for his long years serving NXIVM as a coach and recruiter. He was good enough to stiff Paragon Way Inc. – a collection and repossession service [Farouk Rojas Judgment]. for $1386.24

Good luck collecting on that one.

Here is a sketch created for Simply Human and quoting Keith Alan Raniere. Farouk is featured in the sketch- he is the balding heavier set gent – the one who is going to be a great singing star.

Farouk has a page on Sound Cloud for people to listen to his dulcet tones, but lamentably there are no songs currently there for fans to hear.

All kidding aside, the invidious cult of NXIVM led by the deceptive Keith Alan Raniere – cynically took the time and money of people’s lives from them – cheating them at every turn – promising them impossible dreams – for money and their services.

Some of them still don’t get it.  They were fooled – like Kathy, Ivy, Pam, Farouk and many others.

Vanguard sold dreams to fools and loved mocking them behind their backs about their gullibility.

Now, Vanguard is in jail and some are mocking him for his gullibility. He actually believes his Bronfman-paid lawyers that he is going to be acquitted.

Soft man.


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  • Farouk does take beautiful pictures. And much better than Fluffy. And do you know why his pictures are beautiful ? Vanguard personally taught him about composition and color and theme. Fluffy never understood. And farouk has a beautiful voice and can enrapture an audience. But let’s face it he would not give up his addiction to food. People don’t want fat men singers. Women ar very privileged and entitled and want a singer to make them swoon. Listen to Farouk he is better than any modern singer. Keith said roll off the excess pounds and they’ll fight to go to your concerts. He was right. Keith himself is a wonderful singer and with his magnificent physique he could have been bigger than anyone. But he gave his life to solving the problems of the human condition.

    • What problems has Keith ever solved? He is very good at CAUSING problems, and for taking credit for things that he didn’t do. What is something that he actually did himself and didn’t “borrow” from someone else?

    • “let’s face it he would not give up his addiction to food. ”

      Pea Onyu.
      A woman needs around 2000 calories per day to maintain weight and at least 1800 calories per day to lose weight without
      Men need even more calories.
      Don’t you realize that the starvation diets of NXIVM were a weapon to keep you compliant and enslaved?

      don’t want fat men singers.
      Ever hear of Enrico Caruso?
      Ever hear of Luciano Pavarotti?

  • Casually, reading along in The Frank Report, learning, thinking, when suddenly “a longtime Raniere harem member – who is presently waiting for Raniere to impregnate her with a promised avatar baby” ! HA HA HA HA HA!!

  • Farouk is homosexual… the girlfriends have always been a fake face… but he’s still in the closet…!!

  • Boy, when I first saw that picture at the top of the post, I thought sure I was looking at Shadowstate, but apparently, that’s Farouk Rojas.

    From the article, we learn that Farouk dated someone named Lyvia. See that Shadowstate? Even a dorky looking guy like Farouk Rojas can get a date.

      • No, none of my relatives would be dumb enough to get taken by a 2-bit con artist like Keith Raniere, or any of his followers.

        You, on the other hand, continually obsess over Allison Mack; I bet if you ever met her, she’d have you obeying her every command inside of 5 minutes.

        By the way, I found a video of you, on your fantasy date with your favorite pimp:

        • “none of my relatives would be dumb enough to get taken by a 2-bit con artist like Keith Raniere, or any of his followers.”

          That’s what Edgar Bronfman said at one time.
          “I bet if you ever met her, she’d have you obeying her every command inside of 5 minutes”

          After a few years turning tricks in Hollywood, Allison Mack won’t be able to give it away. .

          • Shadow, at your age, you’ve got to take it from wherever you can get it. It’s hard to believe a man your age could still be a virgin. It’s a shame, you’re missing out on the best part of being human. And No, your blow-up doll doesn’t count.

          • Shlomo Finkelstein:

            To borrow a line from the Latter Day Saint Prophet Joseph Smith, “No man knows my story.”
            Of course Shlomo you aren’t really much of a man are you.
            Shllomo, Clare Bronfman is more of a man than you.

          • Really, you’d give your life savings at 60 for a sniff of that. The woman is constantly on your feeble mind and probably the little head too.

    • Wow I thought the exact same thing. Shadowperv has got to resemble that guy. No wonder Allie Wack chose Raniere and roundly rejected Shadowstate 1958.

  • Farouk said that he wanted to sing,
    But losing weight wasn’t his thing.
    Vanguard said, “You’re too fat
    so your vocals fall flat!”
    Farouk never will catch the brass ring.

    But he finds he’s in good company…
    no one birthed the renowned god baby
    or became a great star
    on the stage or at barre –
    It was all just a game to VG!

    • I got one for you, Limerick guy:

      Farouk said he wanted a date;
      But at 60, ’twas a little too late.
      All alone, he sighed,
      As he huffed and he cried,
      And posted as Shadowstate.

      ‘Twas a sad life he lead,
      Frank’s writings, he read.
      And he longed for his younger days back.
      For love he waited,
      as he masturbated,
      Thinking of Allison Mack.

      • Limerick gal. Well done and thanks for playing, but I don’t write Shadowstate – I just walk away while he keeps on talking to himself.

        • Ah, okay…my bad:

          The Limerick Guy’s really a she,
          Whose talents should earn a good fee.
          Her work’s written well,
          And although it could sell,
          She gives it away for free.


          • Shadow types link a fiend for free
            Thant’s why he has no Money
            He loves Alie Mack
            And Lauren’s hairless cat
            Just give me attention he pleas

      • I’ve got more hair than Farouk.
        Lots more hair.
        And more money.
        And I am not Hispanic.
        And I am a native born citizen of the United States.
        No one would confuse me with Farouk Rojas.

          • Shadow’s got more hair than Farouk
            But his grease & flakes make the girls puke
            So he studies Allie Mack
            Longs to grab her jungle sack
            And gets exposed as her stalker kook

            Shadow claims to have money
            SSI finds this funny
            Cause typing doesn’t pay well
            No running water makes him smell
            But Frank Report makes his days sunny

          • Gotta get that singsong cadence and that aabba rhyme scheme. Sarcasm falls flat over the Internet – limerick is an automatic “sarcasm found here” in a ridiculous way. Yeah – I’m poking at the mighty VG and his minions in my own way. Limerick Gal

  • Say what you want, this guy can and does know how to take a good picture with just his camera phone. I don’t know why he’s not making a living a doing it? Check out his Instagram if you don’t believe me.

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