Lauren Salzman Gets OK From Judge to Sell House Near Former ‘Harem Enclave’ Knox Woods

Lauren Salzman

Ex-Nxivm member Lauren Salzman, an admitted DOS first-line master who once had 21 ‘slaves’ under her command, is selling her house in Waterford, New York, with approval obtained from the Honorable Judge Nicholas Garaufis. This is the house where Salzman hosted a group of DOS recruits for a secret initiation ceremony attended by actress Sarah Edmondson, who tells her harrowing story in HBO’s ‘The Vow.’

Salzman is awaiting sentencing for racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges related to the Nxivm ‘sex-slave case.’ Despite her guilty plea, she could be facing as many as 40 years in prison. However, because Salzman was a cooperating witness for the prosecution, it is expected that they will recommend leniency for her.

Sentencing guidelines reportedly fall in the 3-to-5 year range, but the judge is not bound to follow the guidelines — in the case of Clare Bronfman, he chose to sentence her to three times the sentencing guidelines’ maximum.

Significantly, however, Bronfman chose not to disavow Raniere, while Salzman testified against him at his trial. This may have factored into the judge permitting her to sell her house, despite the fact that it is being used to ensure she does not flee the jurisdiction of the court.

The farmhouse-style home at 21 Lape Road was held as part of the bail package securing her release.

“Ms. Salzman would like to be able to sell this property and use any excess proceeds from the sale to pay off existing debts and assist her with her own living expenses,” says her request for bail modification.

Lauren Salzman in Court
A courtroom sketch shows Lauren Salzman on the stand as Judge Nicholas Garaufis holds court — and Keith Raniere takes notes in the foreground.

Judge Garaufis has a history of demonstrating kindness to Salzman — like when he halted her cross-examination at the Raniere trial because she was sobbing on the stand. “I am worried about her composure in this case,” the judge explained to an apparently perplexed Mark Agnifilo.

Agnifilo, Raniere’s lawyer, had been attempting to grill Salzman on her involvement in the Raniere-led women’s group known as DOS before he was cut short by the judge.

She Bought the House the Same Year DOS Was Reportedly Created

Salzman, the daughter of Nxivm president and co-founder Nancy Salzman, bought the four-bedroom, 1.5-bath house for $332,175 in the summer of 2015, and it was her primary residence in the years leading up to her arrest. (Another property she owns in Clifton Park is still included in her bail package).

The Nxivm women’s ‘self-improvement’ group DOS, aka The Vow, was formed in 2015. Prosecutors in the Keith Raniere trial alleged that Raniere created the group that year as “part of a scheme to provide him with a flow of submissive women.”

The home is situated a mere four-minute drive from “The Library,” a townhouse-cum-sex lair where Keith Raniere frequently mentored his female students. While located in Waterford-Halfmoon, Lape Road borders the back of Knox Woods, the neighborhood where Raniere lived in a townhome with several harem women, and amid many others of his harem who rented or purchased townhomes in the subdivision that he lived in for more than 20 years. [He later moved to a larger home just outside Knox Woods on Oregon Trial.]

Nxivm Knox Woods Google Maps Directions
“Physical proximity is crucial to Keith.” – Sarah Edmondson, in ‘Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM’. It was 4 minutes from Lauren Salzman’s Lape Road home to Keith Raniere’s hot-tub furnished “Library” on Hale Drive. (Via Google Maps)

Salzman’s unloading of the house takes away an asset that could have been seized to pay more than 80+ plaintiffs involved in a civil lawsuit against former Nxivm leaders.

The current asking price is $374,900, per where it’s listed by former Nxivm coach Franca DiCrescenzo, a real-estate broker with Armida Rose Realty Group. Salzman already had a buyer lined up when she made her request to the judge, and the current status is listed as ‘Sale Pending.’

Former best friends – DOS ‘master’ Lauren Salzman and ‘slave’ Sarah Edmondson.

The House Hosted at Least One DOS Ceremony

Salzman testified that when the time came for her DOS slaves to get branded, she invited the women to her house for a secret initiation ceremony. One such group included actress Sarah Edmondson, along with four others.

From Lauren Salzman’s court testimony:

“I invited them to my home… I asked them to come in staggered times [15 minutes apart] so they wouldn’t know who each other were, and I put them in different rooms of my house, and I asked them to remove their clothes and blindfold themselves, and then I led them downstairs to my living room, where they sat in a circle, and then they were able to take off the blindfold and see each other, and I did a candle lighting ceremony with them…to initiate them into their [slave] circle.

Then they got dressed. We all had dinner and we went over to Allison [Mack]’s house to do the branding.” That was in March 2017.

As is well known today, those women were branded not with Latin “symbols” representing the four elements as some of them claim they’d been told — but with Keith Raniere’s initials.

Take a Tour of Lauren Salzman’s Soon-to-Be-Sold House

Lauren Salzman Nxivm house
“This cozy + charming farmhouse offers charm mixed with modern aesthetics all set on 3.73 acres” – / The Vow’s Sarah Edmondson says she participated in a pre-branding initiation ceremony at this farmhouse with Lauren Salzman and four other DOS women, as she writes in her book ‘Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM.’


The home has four bedrooms. / On the night a group of Lauren’s slaves underwent their branding ceremony, she ordered each of them to go to a bedroom alone, get naked and put on a blindfold.


 Another bedroom in the 1928 home.


“The interior features gorgeous woodwork trim and hardwoods.” – / Sarah Edmondson writes in her book that on the night she was branded, she was led down these stairs blindfolded, holding the hand of her master, Lauren Salzman.


Lauren Salzman Nxivm house foyer
This appears to be the home’s foyer that Edmondson and other DOS women were led past while blindfolded on the night of a secret initiation ceremony.


Lauren Salzman Nxivm Kitchen
Sarah Edmonson writes that she was led through this kitchen to a sitting area on the night she was branded with Keith Raniere’s initials.


Lauren Salzman sitting room
This could be the sitting area/living room where Lauren Salzman held the pre-branding ceremony. Today, there is no sign of the sheepskin rug the women reportedly sat on during the event.


Lauren Salzman Nxivm modern addition
This sitting area is part of the “owner-modernized back addition to the house with clean, modern twist and elegance, radiant heat, new floor tile, skylights, lighting and new natural gas fireplace.” –


The dining area. / Lauren Salzman and her DOS recruits ate a potluck dinner together before departing for Allison Mack’s house on one fateful day in March of 2017. They were then branded one-by-one with a cauterizing pen.


Lauren Salzman Nxivm bouse bonus room
The bonus/music room in the soon-to-be-sold Lauren Salzman home.


Lauren Salzman Nxivm house for sale backyard seating
A sitting area in the back


The grounds. “Walk around and enjoy the fresh flowers, sit on the back porch and overlook the gazebo and koi pond, detached two-car garage with new concrete floor, heated barn for workshop, studio or home office/business.” –


The backyard gazebo

When this sale goes through, another chapter will close in the Nxivm story. The home where “the beginning of the end of Nxivm” began will transition into a place for a new family to form bonds and make memories.

For Lauren, she bought the house no doubt to have a home for herself and for the baby that she believed Keith had promised to sire for her. One Nxivm source told Frank Report that she had set aside a room in it for a nursery for the baby she never had.

And likely never will have. Lauren is over 40, and Raniere will likely be incarcerated for the rest of his life.

There will be no joyous sounds from the nursery and the dreams she had are broken to pieces; 20 years of her life gone as if in a dream.

She needs no house now; she will be sentenced soon and likely to be sent to a penitentiary, which some refer to as the Big House.

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  • Lauren.

    Just spend a teensy fraction of the proceeds at an actually good eyebrow groomer.

    But first, grow them back. Before it’s too late. Think of them as face pubes that vanguard demanded that you don’t groom.

    Leave. The. Eyebrows. Alone. For awhile.

    I am so sorry that none of your ” sisters” told you. I think they may have had a vested interest in sabotaging your appearance.

    Please, Lauren.

    Grow them out.

    • Agreed. It’s not the most important thing on earth, we all know, but to this day, every time I see her image I cannot help but notice the overplucked eyebrows first. Every time, I can’t help it. It’s like she’s disfigured.

    • You’re assuming she didn’t over wax.

      I let my wife wax my unibrow early in are relationship and the middle uni never came back.

      • That is my fear for Lauren! Eventually, the hair loss is permanent.

        I agree with the comment about it being so noticeable. It just detracts from Lauren’s natural beauty. That’s all. I see her face and immediately, ” eyebrows”, are the focus. Not her smile, shiny hair, pretty eyes, etc.

        It is like wearing an outfit vs. “the outfit wearing you”.

  • Sorry to post this at the top (not under Claviger’s recent comment below) but his comment is too far nested to receive a direct reply.


    I’d like to see Claviger write a post (or a stand-alone article) explaining WHY he thinks the US has 25% of the world’s prison population while representing only 5% of the world’s population.

    Why is the USA so different from Europe’s statistics? I admit that I’m curious.

    Can the US really modify our laws to match Europe’s laws, while solving this issue with the stroke of a pen? Is it really that easy? Are there no other considerations?

    Claviger is ‘implying’ that most people in prison (in the USA) are either ‘innocent’ or unworthy of their punishments.

    He’s also implying that many people in prison were framed (or grossly overcharged) by cops and prosecutors looking to feather their own nests by creating more arrests/convictions, for no sake other than their own career advancement.

    He’s basically implying that 95% of cops and prosecutors are bad ——– and that most thugs & convicts are not so bad.

    Claviger is not just arguing that probation & parole should be used more often. …Since he’s also angry about the huge number of people on parole or probation (allegedly 1 out of every 31 people).

    I’m trying to figure out exactly WHAT Claviger is arguing for?

    He seems to be arguing that only the most violent offenders should go to prison, while everybody else should either skate away entirely OR be given token sentences that wouldn’t serve as any real deterrent.

    I’d like to hear him propose PRECISELY how our laws (and enforcement of our laws) should be modified to make his dream of a ‘fair justice system’ a reality.

    Anybody can talk about statistics and generalities. I wanna hear SPECIFIC examples of how he’d change things.

    I wanna fucken hear DETAILS. If not, Claviger is just another blowhard liberal who has no DETAILS about how to fix anything.

    For example, I don’t just wanna hear about ‘generalized’ drug conviction statistics with no SPECIFIC solution to fix it.

    I wanna hear SPECIFICALLY how he would change our laws to handle each type of drug arrest and how his solution would impact the prison statistics.

    For instance, Claviger is ‘implying’ that most drug convictions aren’t major drug infractions —– but are really just casual pot users who were caught lighting a joint. I find that hard to believe.

    Also, does Claviger acknowledge that the US has a higher percentage of poorer minority groups (living in high crime areas of their own making) WHEN COMPARED TO certain European countries with more homogeneous populations and much lower crime rates —— like Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark?

    The USA has proudly elected a black president already. Have you ever seen this happen in countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark or any other wealthy European nation? Has Canada elected a black prime minister?

    What does that say about their own lack of diversity compared to the US?

    Does Claviger acknowledge that communities like Compton, Oakland and Detroit are inherently more crime-ridden and dangerous than Suburbia?

    If not, is he willing to hang out at a local park in Compton (or anywhere in South Central L.A.) with his own grandkids on the weekends, to see how long it takes him to be confronted for being a fish out of water, and possibly beaten for simply visiting that park?

    I always laugh at those liberals who claim that high-crime minority communities (like Compton, Detroit or Oakland) are no more dangerous than other communities, yet these same liberals REFUSE to take their own children to play in the parks of those communities ever.

    **My point is that violent crime is a REAL THING in poorer communities and police aren’t just ‘framing’ these people and locking them up for no reason.

    We need to have a debate and see what Claviger has in mind for SPECIFICALLY changing things in our nation ——- to reduce our prison population WHILE not letting crime get out of control.

    I challenge him to give us details.

    Or he can remain silent and be thought of as a GUTLESS PUSSY who’s got no real solutions for the very same problems he enjoys talking about. In which case, I’ll have a CREAM PIE (ready and waiting) to throw in his face the next time I encounter him.

    Have a nice day.

    • Why is the USA different? The answer to your question is quite simple if not obvious. Victimless crimes. 80% of the U.S. Prison population consists of arrests over victimless crimes and the USA stands alone in putting people in prison for harming no one but themselves.

      What are victimless crimes?

      Possessing drugs. Prostitution when both parties want it. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet, gambling, homeschooling without a license, drinking raw milk… do you want me to name every victimless crime enforced in the USA that other countries don’t bother with?

      As a matter of fact, most adults in the USA commit an average of 3 felonies a day. So is it any wonder so many are in prison? No other society does this. Guess which country most of the world considers the craziest and biggest threat to world peace? Google it. And by an overwhelming margin.

      • The US is incredibly heavily policed. City Police, County Police, state Police, FBI, ATF, TSA, School Police, College Police, Border Police the list just goes on and on… It’s a heavily, heavily policed population.

    • To dig deeper, why does the USA have millions of victimless crimes enforced and other countries don’t? Again the answer is simple if not obvious. Corporate lobbying. Most countries have outlawed it because of its corrupt nature.

      How does it work?

      Let’s say I am a big Pharma corporation. I give money to elect Congressman B. Then, Congressman B passes laws that help my business.

      Congressman B passes laws creating so much paperwork that smaller businesses could never do it.

      Congressman B votes to give my corporation govt contracts.

      Congressman B votes to outlaw marijuana and other natural drugs and remedies to enable my drugs a bigger market.

      I use these profits to get more Congressman B’s elected.

      In addition the USA has way too many people working for the government creating the need for high taxes. The high tax structure creates a black market and means drug dealers, sex workers and smugglers are fighting hard to keep their markets illegal and untaxed. Thus, the corporations, the police unions, prison guard unions, and “criminals” are all fighting to keep harmless behavior illegal.

      • You have Christianity mixed up, lol. A pious man can be a sinner.

        Banging a few women out of wedlock, here and there, is not a sin as long as you ask for forgiveness.

        Even some of Jesus’ disciples were forgiven for things like murder and gangbanging whores.

        I am still a pious man no matter my sins.

        Getting drunk and occasionally going out whoring doesn’t make me less pious, because I ask for forgiveness and try to minimize such behavior to less than a few times per month (pre-pandemic anyway, since most strip clubs are closed for now).

        Jesus loves me. He forgives me as long as I ask for forgiveness within 24 hours of committing each sin.

        It’s a good religion cuz you get automatically forgiven for every sin, except being a non-believer.

        I will pray for you, cuz you sure as fuck ain’t gonna see those pearly gates after you kick the bucket UNLESS you start believing.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • Bless you pious Bangkok!!!!

          I will share my wife with you if you share your mom with me. Sleep on it.

          This offer is not open to Scott Johnson unless he kicks in $30,000 for the disparity between the wives.

          I’m probably getting the better of the deal with Bangkok’s mom. 😉

        • –Banging a few women out of wedlock, here and there, is not a sin as long as you ask for forgiveness

          Actually, sex outside of marriage in all of the Abrahamic faiths is a huge sin. One of the biggest. It even used to be considered such in most pre-modern societies, even in Greco-Roman civilization until its “elite” became debaucherous, like the elite of today, and it spread down to the general population and eventually destroyed it–the history of civilizations.

          There was a practical aspect to the prohibition of adultery, i.e., social responsibility, due to the possibility of child being a result of the consummation.

          This was especially true in pre-modern times when “killing” babies, i.e., abortion, wasn’t so easy.

          Ironically, the Catholic Church predicted the social and political “free love” ramifications of easy birth control and abortion soon after it became available over a half-century ago. Now porn is freely accessible on the Internet and male/female relations are heading toward the shitter in general, if they aren’t already there (except in those societies that still have a semblance of tradition in them), and you have frauds like Raniere looked upon as “leaders”, and an ignorant guy named Bangkok labeling himself with the words of “pious” claiming Jesus loves and will forgive him.

          • Bangkok – please take note of what this commenter has to say… It may save you from eternal damnation which is something that I advise you to avoid if at all possible.

    • In the UK, people get shorter sentences which halves I suppose the numbers inside for a start. It means dangerous people are out sooner so there are pros and cons to both systems.

  • Lauren is part of the coven that backstabbed Keith and ran to the Department of Injustice because she was too afraid to stand up for the truth and her vow meant nothing to her. Now, she’s making money off of it and she’ll be trying to make more and selling a reality show about prison life or whatever. Clearly, she has the judge believing her tears and her “therapist” about how she’s so traumatized by Keith and brainwashed and boohoo I’m so sorry. Totally suppressive and Luciferian. She helped to destroy a community and even still Keith was generous enough to forgive her. Justice will be done and Lauren is going to see what happens to people who don’t keep their vows. Some people know a vow is forever even when the going gets tough.

    • Keith kept promising her an “avatar” baby and he never fulfilled his vow, yet she was willing to forgive him over and over again until her limits of self-interest taught by Keith were reached (Who wants to spend a decade or more in prison?). Therefore, it is only Karmaic that she returned the “favor” by not fulfilling hers.

      Remember, there are no ultimate victims. There is just cause and effect, so be at cause.

    • Hi Anthony/Joshua. You ignore one basic tenet of contract law: Where there exists an inequity of bargaining power between the parties, the “contract” is justifiably unenforceable. Such an inequity exists when one party has a distinct advantage over the other.

      Here, there is no doubt that Raniere was in a more advantageous position. He was the King of the castle who could easily banish anyone he deemed was not playing by his rules. Lauren was a slave. Even before she technically took on the role of slave. So, any “breach” on her part is not actually a breach, but rather a justified action.

      Raniere, on the other hand, did breach his agreement to Lauren by selling her a bill of goods throughout the entirety of their relationship.

      That aside, I find it particularly disgusting that you would consider the terms of Laurens’s vow legitimate and morally sound. Raniere can sleep with as many women as he pleases but Lauren must stay solely dedicated to him. When she finally meets someone she is interested in, he lies to keep her with him. She did not want to be with him anymore and his “ruling” caused her to suffer in ways that are not compensable. Your argument would be more sound if you based it upon Lauren’s own transgressions somehow making her ineligible for restitution.

      You cry that she destroyed your community. No, Raniere destroyed your community. I also find it particularly noxious that you would want such a community, rife with sexual abuse and child sex abuse, advocating for violence against women, to still exist and flourish.

      Once again, you Nxians have exposed yourself to be morally reprehensible, hypocritical misogynists.

    • In the Real World, people are allowed to change their minds unlike in the broken NXIVM cult, where someone else changes it for you. When a person realizes that they are in a contractual relationship with an illegal enterprise, the right thing to do is sever that contract and go to the police. She did the right thing in the end.

    • Why don’t you shimmy up your skirt and put your name on your takes? You puss.

      To take the bait and ask the obvious, how’s she making money off dis?

    • “Backstabbed Keith”???? You mean like when she had numerous rifles pointed at her head by Mexican Federales, while he hid in a closet? Yeah….what some women will do.

      Sorry, Peaceful Warrior, but your “vow” was only make-believe and not applicable in reality.

      “Justice will be done and Lauren is going to see what happens to people who don’t keep their vows.” Are you threatening Lauren Salzman on this site??

    • I am not making fun of her desire to have a baby. It makes me sad that she did not have a baby and was, she claims, deceived into thinking she was going to have one with the man she thought she loved – while she waited to be worthy of it for more than 15 years.

      • Tell this story, Frank!

        How far will some women go to have a baby?

        Why I voted for Donald Trump!

        Lisa Montgomery is set to die Tuesday night. If her execution goes through, she will be the first woman executed at the federal level in almost 70 years.

        Trump Races to Kill Lisa Montgomery In First Federal Execution of a Woman in Almost 70 Years

  • Has it been proven in court beyond a reasonable doubt that Lauren is a so-called good woman?

    Where is your objective data? You only give media hate bias and only use subjective concepts like “beautiful.”

    You claim she has “been defamed and unfairly judged” by others, but there are no ultimate victims.

    What do you get out of blaming others? What filter allows you to see fault in others? Why aren’t you in integrity?

    What are your [redaxted] Llorán?

  • Lauren may be one of the biggest victims of Keith. Where’s her baby? Where’s her husband? Where’s her freedom?

    Her crimes? Listening to, and believing the conman.

  • It’s always fun to look at homes and their surroundings. Built in 1928 and using window air-conditioners, the place still has some sweetness, perhaps.

    With what thoughts and actions has the house been inhabited, though? Why take on exorcising that kind of grimness?

    I would not choose to sleep there ever. It could be a brief and fleeting excursion, one borne out of curiosity, to look and to imagine. And then off to a superb hotel for a long, long shampoo. I mean yucko, pee-yew and ptoui, puteo.

    Imagine the odors of burning flesh and of burning but unfulfillable desires. Imagine the insanely logistical rattling swords of rivalries and misassociations and disassociations, of toxic jealousies and unkindnesses, cruelties. Think of the realtor who is handling the sale.

    Like dear Snaggletooth, it’s a matter of “exit. Stage right.”

    Dear God, is that another coon hound? Oh no, that’s just a Nxivm real estate purveyor. But I digress. Ah yes.

    Thank you for the virtual tour of something, from my bit of paradise.

    • I quite like the house. If I was given it, I would happily take it. I would need to burn sage and cleanse and clean clean clean it. I would also remember to look under the floorboards to see if there is a forgotten stash of cash.

      • Maybe even dig up the garden, and find the treasure that may be hidden. Maybe there are many hiding places, or maybe not.
        Wasn’t ballet luminary Kathy Russel a busy gardener and an expert in false accounting, tax evasion and money laundering in addition to her main occupation of double and triple bookkeeping?

  • It’s sad that a good woman like Lauren is going to prison. Women who act differently than what the social norm permits have always been defamed and unfairly judged.
    Her house is beautiful, it makes sense that she earn a house like that being who she was.
    The reason people enjoy this mockery of her house situation is envy.


    • If by ” act differently,” you mean commit crimes – then, yeah. Non-criminal citizens tend to frown on crime.

      • Spit-shining the palmate feet of a half-baked and failed loose goose. How gauche. The sidelines are entertaining, though. Maybe a man playing an accordion could help.

        Not much drives some of us away more swiftly than a rousing Polish polka.

    • Every dime she has ever earned is through a criminal enterprise in which she personally recruited slaves for a man to rape and kept one imprisoned for two years out of… JEALOUSY.

      No one is jealous of Lauren, you’re applying your own shallow values.

    • “Her house is beautiful, it makes sense that she earn a house like that being who she was.” Anonymous

      Too bad she “earned” her beautiful house by selling her soul to the devil.

  • With 375,000 dollars in the bank there is no reason for the deadbeat Lauren Salzman not to pay damages to Sarah Edmonson and the other 20 women Salzman tried to traffic sexually.

    • I doubt that Lauren owns that house outright — which means she likely will net a lot less than $375,000 from its sale. But even so, you’re point is correct: it’s appalling to see Lauren net any more money from her involvement with NXIVM.

  • If I recall, last time I checked the real estate records she also owned a condo that she had bought years before, and presumably was renting out. So I wonder, is she moving in there? And wasn’t her mother reported as living with her?

  • Alison McClintock-

    Thank you for the update!

    P.S. Pay no mind to the oddball commentators. I’m sure Frank warned you.

  • The huge difference between settling for getting a plea deal than fighting for innocence. So sad to see her go through all this when she knows she was not part of any criminal organization.

    • So, are you suggesting that Lauren should have gone to trial like Keith, call no witnesses to testify on her behalf, not testify herself, and then see how things turn out?

      Lauren will likely be out of prison sometime in 2023.

      That means she’ll only have to wait 97 years for Keith to join her.

      • K. R. Claviger,

        You have exemplary patience.

        Thanks again for enlightening us on the 13th Amendment. I wish there was something more we could do to change it.

        Looking at the history of the 33 Amendments to United States Constitution; I’d say history is not on our side.

        • With the current political split in our country, I agree that the chances of amending the 13th Amendment are not very high. But we may be able to get legislation passed at the state level — and perhaps even at the federal level — that will curtail some of the more abusive treatments that are currently allowed under the 13th Amendment. That’s why I’ve been primarily focused for the past two years on getting the right to vote restored for former inmates (There is currently a wide range of different rules in different states).

          There is also the matter of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment — which is likely to work its way to the U.S. Supreme Court in the next year or so. If you’re not familiar with all the issues concerning the status of that proposed amendment, it’s worth spending some time to read up on it. If nothing else, when you talk to your wife about it, she’ll probably give you a nicer Valentine’s Day gift this year.

          • Yes, please read about what’s happening to women’s rights and protections. Shockingly, it was President Trump that was securing women’s rights during his four years in office. I know, it’s surprising, but I suspect it was based on all the wrong reasons. It was indeed President Obama that signed away women’s rights with a stroke of a pen without open debate, research into the impact, or any vote.

            This is not a hate campaign and it doesn’t seek to take the human rights of trans-identified people. They have human rights; what is in dispute is whether they have the right to strip the rights of others to secure theirs, and to dismantle the sex-based protections that women fought for and still do to this day. Our physiology isn’t inferior, it’s different, and our protections exist for that good reason.

            Sports are a path to academic achievement that extends long after school. They are the path to academic scholarships and the key to realizing dreams and goals for many young women. Men understand this as it applies to themselves.

            Please consider signing this and supporting women and girls. It really is THAT important.


            “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act is a necessary piece of legislation to combat the systematic dismantling of women’s and girls’ protections under Title IX. Equal access to educational opportunities, including sports, is recognized by the United Nations as a key global driver of women’s empowerment. When men and boys are allowed to compete in athletic leagues designed for women and girls, they deprive female athletes of the opportunity to fair and safe participation in sports, and negate all benefits derived from athletic participation.

            “We’re glad to see that some in politics are still committed to preserving women’s and girls’ sports, rather than chasing the latest political fashion trend. We endorse the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, and we call on the Senate to represent the interests of the overwhelming majority of American voters who support fair play for women and girls,” said Natasha Chart, Executive Director of the Women’s Liberation Front.

            The act would make it a violation of Title IX for educational receipts of federal funds to “to permit a person whose biological sex at birth is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for women or girls.” [Read the full text of the proposed bill]

            “When transgender [male] athletes compete against women, women’s sports are no longer women’s sports – they become unisex athletic events,” Sponsoring Senator Mike Lee of Utah said in a statement. “This bill would protect the opportunity of girls throughout America to athletically compete against other girls.”

            The proposed legislation comes after President Biden signed an Executive Order on his first day in office directing federal agencies, including the Department of Education, to interpret “federal anti-discrimination statutes that cover sex discrimination prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

            Biden’s nominee for secretary of education, Dr. Miguel Cardona, told Sen. Rand Paul during his confirmation hearing that he would not enforce Title IX, making this bill more important now than ever. If the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act was passed and signed into law, it would affirm the position of the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights which says that Bostock is consistent with using biological sex to segregate sports teams.

            “Female athletes deserve a fair chance at competition-this means fair victories and fair defeats,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn (TN). “Allowing males to compete in women’s sports denies female student-athletes a level playing field to compete and achieve.”

            A one-pager put forward by the office of Sen. Lee, who sponsored the bill, included recent examples of how women have been harmed by being forced to compete against men:

            In track and field, male high school runner CeCe Telfer won three titles in the Northeast-10 Championships for women’s track, and received the Most Outstanding Track Athlete award.

            In softball, male player Pat (Patrick) Cordova-Goff took one of 15 spots on his California high school women’s varsity softball team.

            In basketball, a 50-year-old, 6-foot-8-inch, 230-pound man, Robert (Gabrielle) Ludwig, led the Mission College women’s basketball team to a national championship with the most rebounds.

            In mixed martial arts, male fighter Fallon Fox shattered female fighter Tamikka Brents’ eye socket and gave her a concussion. Brents said she “never felt so overpowered in her life.”

            In Connecticut’s state track and field championships, two male high school runners, Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, took first and second place in multiple events, beating out top high school girls from across the state. Yearwood was named Connecticut Athlete of the Year.

            The act is similar to a House bill proposed by Representative Tulsi Gabbard at the end of her term. Similar bills have also been put forward in state legislatures, such as a bill proposed in Georgia on Thursday.

            We’re calling on US Residents to write their senators to ask them to support the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act!

            Take Action: Tell your Senators to vote YES on Protecting Women’s Sports!





          • I agree with you 100% in terms of supporting the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.

            I would also like to see one or more states pass their own version of that legislation — and force a confrontation with the Feds over this issue.

          • Save Women and Girl Sports – Absolutely agree. We have two ex women’s basketball players in our netball team we play them at Goal Shooter and keeper -we can’t lose – its an unfair advantage, but hey, its a little old ladies league, so the naysayers can keep their hair on. Two years ago we played a team with a pre-op trans ‘woman’ none of us had any issue about getting her pronouns right, we even sat politely through the endless details of her struggles and felt a degree of sympathy – until we hit the court. It didn’t go well. Her defense strategy knocked the front tooth out of our wing attack. There is a clear difference between the physicality of males and females, as Serena very deftly explains…

          • To Save Women and Girl Sports,

            Science says otherwise!!!!!

            Science provides a clear explanation for why, in many sports, trans women don’t maintain any athletic advantage. Hormone therapy for trans women typically involves a testosterone-blocking drug plus an estrogen supplement. As their testosterone levels approach female norms, trans women see a decrease in muscle mass, bone density and the proportion of oxygen-carrying red cells in their blood.

            Scientists have repeatedly said there is no single biological factor that determines sex, and sex assigned at birth is not the sole determinant of gender.

            Trans women are 100% women. They’re not perpetrating fraud to dominate in sport, they’re looking to be a part of a sport, just like any other athlete. The reality is that trans women are very much “underrepresented” in sport.

            Read on and educate your mind!




            A trans-man struck me out in a softball game and I did not complain! Why are you?

        • Nice Guy

          Relating to your concerns about the 13th Amendment do you believe that convicted prisoners should enjoy a life of luxury behind bars while law abiding citizens have to work hard and pay taxes to maintain their leisurely lifestyle?
          Prisons are supposed to deter crime not reward it.

          • Do you seriously think that there are only two alternatives: i.e., treat prisoners as slaves — or have them “enjoy a life of luxury behind bars”?

          • Well, at least you’re willing to say what you truly believe without trying to disguise it with weasel words and lipstick. For that, I respect you — even though I vehemently disagree with your opinion about the way we treat inmates in our country.

            But taking what you wrote at face value, do you really think we don’t need to make any changes in our criminal justice system?

            Even though the U.S. currently has 25% of the world’s prisoners despite the fact that it only accounts for less than 5% of the world’s population?

            Even though the number of people incarcerated in the U.S. has gone up 500% in the last 30 years?

            Even though 1-in-every 108 adults in the U.S. was in jail or prison in 2012 (If you add in “on probation” and “on parole”, that figure becomes 1-in-every-31 adults)?

            Even though more than 70 million citizens in the U.S. have criminal records (The FBI’s database actually has more than 100 million names listed as having criminal records)?

            Even though conservative estimates indicate that between 2% and 5% of those who are incarcerated pleaded guilty to crimes they didn’t commit?

            I think those figures indicate we can do better…

          • I think it’s worth it to spend the money on programs that lift people up, rather than incarcerating them for non-violent crimes. Poverty and racism create a path to prison. Rehabilitation is the point of incarceration, other more progressive countries get it right, progressive countries with high gun ownership. Our country is made up of different cultures, so why is it offensive to adopt the best practices that work elsewhere?

            If you just want to throw them away and execute everyone, say so and own it. Torture and slavery isn’t a deterrent when you’re desperate.

          • Wouldn’t it be ironic if the U.S. BOP required collateral from Nxivm prisoners before their being assigned to slave labor?

          • Across America murder rates are skyrocketing.
            And every time I see a story about New York it involves a criminal who has been arrested one hundred times for punching out people on the street and he has never been sent to prison!

            Perhaps my experience is unique but I have a family friend who was murdered in an armed robbery at Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville.
            The murderer is still in Federal prison.
            Furthermore my mother’s cousin, who lived in Las Vegas, who was murdered in a home burglary.
            I have no sympathy for middle class women. who want to be criminals and pimps.

            A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.

          • Shadowstate-

            Do you believe Joe O’Hara deserved to live in a human gerbil cage? Can you remember any of Joe’s story about life in federal jail? Joe lived with rodents and rodent/insect shit in his food. He barely ever saw the sun. Do you believe a non-sexual and nonviolent offender, which is 1 in 5 inmates, like Joe, deserves to live worse than an animal?

            Keep in mind Joe was in Jail not prison.

            Think about this:
            If you kept a dog in conditions like Joe was kept in, you literally could be arrested for animal cruelty. I’m not fucking kidding! Watch an episode of Animal Cops. One last time, do you believe someone like Joe deserves to live in a human gerbil cage?

            When will you answer my question?


          • Lastly Joe didn’t even have clean water to drink. It was clouded.

            Shadow you wouldn’t keep a dog in the conditions Joe was in.

            If I told you about a dog owner who kept his dog in conditions like Joe was in you’d be outraged!

      • Shadowstate-

        I love the way you ask Claviger and me your rhetorical questions, and we then trample on them. Then you never answer our counter statements or questions with so much as a curt reply.

        Why is that?

        I wonder are your beliefs so flawed.

        (Cognitive Dissonance)

    • —when she knows she was not part of any criminal organization.

      Lauren Salzman visibly cried when she was describing her role in Daniella’s confinement. Lauren expressed sadness and guilt for the role she played.

      Anthony, do you recall the trial or trial transcript?

    • Lauren pled guilty and lied and lied and lied under oath. That’s a crime. She also destroyed her vow which is worse that a crime. That’s a breach against Keith. She deserves no sadness no pity.

      • What were the lies?

        IMO, she should have really spilled the beans. You’d really be screaming like a little bitch if she’d spoken freely…

  • “Salzman’s unloading of the house takes away an asset that could have been seized to pay more than 80+ plaintiffs involved in a civil lawsuit against former Nxivm leaders.” from the story

    Attorney Neil Glazer should move immediately to seize the cash proceeds of the sale.

    If Lauren has left NXIVM why is she using a NXIVM connected real estate agent?

    “The current asking price is $374,900, per where it’s listed by former Nxivm coach Franca DiCrescenzo, a real-estate broker with Armida Rose Realty Group.” from the story

    Maybe Lauren Salzman needs the dough to repurchase her soul from Satan.

    • Luckily, she had another house. When she was at this one, she had to rough it with only 1.5 bathrooms for herself. I can’t imagine the difficulties when having slaves over.

      • Yes. What an uncalled-for domestic dilemma. One and a half bathrooms and with poor Lauren’s slaves needing to go potty. How many awkward snafus must one rather unladylike spinster endurrrrre?

        Nancy Salzman never taught Lauren anything worth knowing, so maybe this is all Nancy Salzman’s FAULT, that shorthaired, helmet headed, fright-face harpie. Ye gods and little fishes. Pardon me for the colorful and ribald opinionating. But it is too late.

        The movie never ends. Will there be an apology tour?

        No baby, no enlightened lover or huzzband, debts being accrued, with her remaining assets now the fodder for Lauren’s imminently-approaching next act of “sacrifice,” if not contrition.

        What has Lauren got? A hairless cat and a small bungalow, with her mother still running her life? Blergh. What fun.

        Surely, Shirley. (do not call anyone Shirley?) Butt shirley, Lauren Salzman punished those dreadful slaves of hers appropriately, when there were too many potty needs. She might have had them branded, even.

        There seem to be at least 2 sides of her mouth which she can use, if and when she tries to forward her martyr act. As the dreadfully dispossessed, and possibly disenchanted, disciple of Keith Raniere, how reliable is the one who stuck by him for her whole adult life? Who knows what Lauren Salzman’s next act will turn out to be?

        Maybe a hermitess. A hoarder? Those hips don’t lie. Hips can nevah lie. Lauren, cut it out. Mmmm hmmmm. This is not some Nxivm/DOS happening, some fake it while you never make it.

        She, the daughter Lauren, is doing the wah wah waaaaahhhhh! walk, is how Itt looks. Quackity quack. Butt all in a tussle? Still?

        Over a damned Frog Prince who turned into a WHAT? Cry me a river, but I won’t swim there. Yuck.

    • That’s a fairly typical configuration for a house from around a century ago – in the “good old days” people got by with the stereotypical challenge of sharing a bathroom, and maybe even using a wash basin in their room for some things. It’s certainly not up to modern standards, but there’s little that can be done without either cannibalizing one of the bedrooms (which are often quite small) or putting a two-story addition on the house.

          • —is it true you only allow inny and not outy bellybuttons in your special FR gangs?

            Absolutely untrue! The only requirement is doing the elephant walk.

        • NutJob-

          I second that motion!

          Also I appreciate AnonyMaker’s insights into the ergonomics of turn of the 20th century living in North America.

          In addition:
          At the time the home was built as much as 30% of Americans were still using outhouses. So 1 1/2 baths was pretty good for the times.

  • Hopefully, it will be 20 great years in the Big House.

    And you can make as many new friends as you have followers on your private Twitter account.

    For sure. For Lauren quite simply.

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