Former Nxian: I Played Nxivm Volleyball With Raniere and Nobody Let Him Win

Volleyball player Keith Alan Raniere

By a Former Nxian

This is in response to the article More New Pictures of Nxivm Including the Dalai Lama With Nancy Salzman

There is a lot here, but I’ll only correct the volleyball mention.

Under this picture

you wrote,

“Here is Keith Raniere hitting the ball in volleyball and I am pretty sure the other players let him win most of the time.”

None of us ever let Keith win, or gave him an easy point. We all fought as hard as we could to win against, and with, Keith.

In your screen grab above, I know both people pictured, and both always fought to win points on Keith. He was very skilled and athletic, and we always enjoyed playing against or with him. We would often stop playing and he would comment on a muscle movement or injury he or someone else had and reflect on healing.

He always came across as caring and insightful.

I know it is hard for you all to see him in that light, but try and understand that for us, we were having fun playing a game together as friends. Sure it was in the middle of the night, but Keith was an odd duck, and we all understood that and made allowances for it.

But we never let him win.

Keith Raniere is the role model for all student athletes

“Keith Raniere” also anagrams to “Irate Kin Here”, which has oddly played out through all of this…

[Editor’s note: Scott Johnson has discovered another anagram. He writes, “My favorite of the first 500 anagrams of his full name: Anal Trainee Hiker.” With Raniere in prison and potentially a candidate to be a victim of rape, or perhaps a willing volunteer with another prisoner, this is a oddly apt anagram.]


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  • How in hades would this writer know what’s in the mind of everyone who ever played volleyball with Keith?

    …Is the author’s VPN from MDC? I wouldn’t put it past Keith to comment on here himself now that we know he’s oft had the means to do so.

  • Keith was an amateur at everything: volleyball, runner, philosopher, scientist. He is a professional child rapist con man!

  • One can only see a little from the video but his movements seem fluid and purposeful, indicative of someone who is athletic. Just because someone is a bit flabby doesn’t mean they don’t have good hand-eye coordination and have a powerful core.

    He appears athletic from the little bit shown.

    • Thank you for stating the obvious. Dude is a NYS sprinting champion and a Judo master. Of course he is athletic! I just want to know if he has ups, but nobody will tell me! My guess is no to the ups, cause if Keith can jump, he’d have another fact to add to his resume.

      Can jump = “won the slam dunk championship as an amateur”.
      Just like:
      Used to be smart in school and got into the gifted class = “smartest man in the world”.

      Beat a classmate in a karate showdown = “East Coast Judo Champion”.

      Won the blue ribbon for sprinting during 3rd grade field day = “Tied the NYS 100 yard dash record”.

      Graduated college = “the World’s greatest problem solver”.

      Said “mama” as a baby = “spoke in complete sentences at age 2”.

  • I would have loved slamming a spike down Raniere’s throat, he would have run off to the bathroom rather than get hammered from a 9+ foot-high spike with my gorgeous 6’5.5″ body. LOL

    I would have also blocked most of his shots before they even crossed the net. LOL

    But alas, he will probably never play volleyball again. LOL

  • No, he comes off as creepy as hell from the get go. It seems to be a common reaction. He also looks chubby in most of the pictures and clips I’m seeing, or is the perspective thrown off because everyone else is being starved through his control?

  • I played Volleyball w Keith. He wasn’t that good. Just had a lot of silly protective gear on.

    He wasn’t athletic. And he didn’t give me a personality analysis like Christine Collins said he would.

  • It might be a little late to offer any such faint praise. Screw Swami Amazeballs just as hard as he screwed at least one twelve year old girlchild. She said that he did this to her at least 60 times, and he had help from his Stepford wives, to get his hands, and more, onto that young girl.

    The humanity-embracing good will of volleyball games, full of pleasantries, friendly competition and with Flabturd, all too many moments of ribald, inculcating and patently unoriginal philisophications, crimes and punishments. What are these words which you deliver, language being used to spitshine a sexual predator?

    • ai yi yi, philosophications. Socrates, kindly excuse me. Until later

      Wait! Socrates has some gossip, and he’s being a riot trying to mime what he means, like Harpo Marx.

      Finally, I got what Socrates said. It was such a smackeroo, but here we go.

      Joe Biden is a reengineered clone, so beware his VICE President. Thus spake Zarathustra?
      Om. Peace. Amen.

    • Stepford Wives is a good comparison, but the hierarchy, classism and patriarchal supremacy are very close to The Handmaids Tale. I view the Bronfman sisters as Serena Joy, and the female inner circle an army of Aunt Lydias. In my own life, I refer to a certain kind of woman as “wrist holders”. It’s also a good example of Liberal Feminism, taken to the extreme.

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