Allison Mack Liked to Whack Women With Wooden Paddles – Stop Defending Her

By Shadow State

This is in response to Allison Mack Has an Unwanted Drummer and Researcher Who ‘Shadows’ Her by Shivani.

The story is in reference to me – as the drummer who researches Allison Mack.

Drummer is an old fashioned word meaning a salesperson or someone who drums up business.

Definition of drummer: “TRAVELING SALESMAN.”

The truth is that no one is “Drumming” for Allison Mack.

The truth is that Allison Mack would have a difficult time selling her dubious talents for free.

The truth is that Allison Mack Inc. was already in trouble before the branding scandal broke.

Ms. Mack was engaged in such activities as:

Comic Con Appearances.

That business has dried up forever.

“Come on, kids. Let’s go to the Comic-Con to see Allison Mack. If you pay her 50 bucks she will brand you with a hot iron.”

Cartoon Voice Acting.

Ms. Mack was doing a voice for the Amazon Prime cartoon “Lost in Oz”.

As soon as the branding scandal broke, Amazon Prime quickly redubbed the cartoon to eliminate Allison Mack’s voice. Another actress, with less personal baggage, replaced her.

Community Theater.

Allison Mack did some community theater in San Diego about a year before Keith Raniere was arrested and she was filmed at the scene.

When Allison Mack gets out of prison, maybe she can do community theater in neighboring Tijuana.

I understand that Tijuana years ago used to have some interesting live acts that brought in the tourists.
The less said about those live acts the better.

Running an Acting School.

Allison Mack’s Acting School, “The Source,” turned out to be a scam designed to lure attractive aspiring actresses into a sex cult.

Just ask witnesses Jaye and Nicole about that.

Shivani wrote in the article, “What you and I and several others have failed to understand is that this was all meant to be fun.”

I’m sure it was fun for the “slaves” while they were being branded with a hot iron. They’re screaming their heads off in pain begging for the branding to stop and Allison Mack orders Fraeulein Doktor Roberts to continue the branding.

It might have been fun for Allison Mack but not for the victims of her fun.

Shivani wrote, “Even Marc Agnifilo tried to say people just don’t understand Raniere’s lifestyle.”

Marc Agnifilo is a living example of why people refer to lawyers as “Solicitors.” Pay Solicitors enough money and they will say or do anything.

Soliciting the solicitors:
Picture of three Hong Kong Solicitors:


Shivani writes, “Stop picking on Allison Whack.”

Allison’s nickname can be spelled one of two ways
Allison Wack
Allison Whack

Allison Wack means Allison the crazy person.

Allison Whack means Allison the person who likes to whack women with wooden paddles.

Oddly enough both meanings are very appropriate for Allison Mack.

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  • The title of this bullshit article should be “Shadow whacks his tiny woodie on constant thoughts of Mack” It would be nice to see this sick obsessed perv go away.

    • The passive aggressive poster above is not me, Shadow…..
      Why do you allow gaslighting, Frank? And why do you find me so interesting, Tulips etc…

      • LOL you are one narcissistic crazy wacko. NXIVM did as much damage to you as anyone else involved with their evil.

  • Frank: “This is a representation of the paddling punishment imposed on the women of DOS who fail to meet their quota of slave enrollment. The man with the paddle in this picture is not Mr. Raniere. Sources say that the paddling is administered by women on women. ”

    Except that in court, it was disproved…
    First, Allison never paddled anyone (and it was more like hearsay as no one came forward with the paddling)
    Second, this source of yours proved to be nothing more than inaccurate as Raniere himself was quoted saying he just paddled someone…

    This is in the court document when Nicole explained that she was meeting with Raniere and he told her ‘he’d beaten someone with a paddle but didn’t like it’

    Can we stick with the facts? please?

    Lauren stated that she had to paddle for punishment but each people were choosing their punishment (Pod leader, I mean).
    Allison’s pod talked about….Cold shower (Nicole testimony when she explained that strange things happened before she entered DOS).

    • Mack wasn’t on trial, so just because nobody mentioned that she paddled people doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but just because it didn’t come up when Raniere was on trial is not determinative.

      • Come on, Scott, you are better than this…She was not on trial but was CITED FOR EVERYTHING LIKE SHE WAS…

        She was never referred as violent by Nicole, not once…

        Lauren also clearly said that punishment was a personal choice and she was using paddling while for Allison, Nicole pointed out, that it was COLD SHOWER.

        There is absolutely nothing that goes with the paddling by Allison, but in trial, it was said that Allison would receive the paddling if her pod was not doing what Raniere asked.


        And about addressing the accuracy of the source? We know that Raniere was doing the paddling while the source affirms “Paddling was done by the women”
        We know it’s not true.

        Just Don’t try to argue with me if you can’t give a good argument…I know you don’t give a damn but despites are different opinions, I respect you.
        Don’t be a shadow.

      • Shadow, yes, continue with your lies and defamatory stories…but slow down a bit because it’s starting to cost a lot of place on the drive I keep for the authorities.

        How about sticking with the fact, MR I can’t open my mouth if it’s not to say a lie?

        She was not a chief of anything and even less a PIMP. Let us look at her guilty plea (accepted by both the judge and prosecution)…

        Nope, I don’t see a line linked to this.

        Be careful old man, you are going WAY TOO WILD WITH YOUR FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

        I remind you that DEFAMATION PER SE isn’t a simple civil court matter and potentially will give you a prison sentence..

        • I remind you that you are an idiot.

          Mr. Glazer’s clients Jaye and Nicole testified in court that Allison Mack was a PIMP operating a SEX TRAFFICKING SYNDICATE.
          Under the civil provisions of the RICO Act, Jaye and Nicole can sue Allison Mack for TREBLE damages.

          • Look you imbecile piece of shit, I remind you there is an attorney moderating the defamatory comments people make about the people involved in this case. I would love to see your disgusting fat ass roasted.

  • “The truth is that Allison Mack would have a difficult time selling her dubious talents for free.”
    Funny how you go back and forth about this…when it fits your narrative, Allison is a talented actor and when it doesn’t, she is lame…continue to dig your own hole!

    “Come on, kids. Let’s go to the Comic-Con to see Allison Mack. If you pay her 50 bucks she will brand you with a hot iron.”
    You like to ignore systematically the reality of the situation and try to make a “joke” about it? advice, Mr comedian : Jokes are supposed to be funny.
    Don’t quit your dayjob , whatever it is!

    “Just ask witnesses Jaye and Nicole about that.”
    Hmm only Nicole could be asked and no the school was genuinly teaching (many of the student weren’t invited)…All it showed (in court) is how little Allison had in term of power…

    “I’m sure it was fun for the “slaves” while they were being branded with a hot iron. They’re screaming their heads off in pain begging for the branding to stop and Allison Mack orders Fraeulein Doktor Roberts to continue the branding.”
    Except she didn’t…Once again, ignore blatantly the facts that the branding was willingly accepted (some didn’t go branded), in court, it was stated!
    Allison didn’t forced anyone and was branded herself!
    It was also clearly showed that it was Raniere’s decision, design, creation and that he was deciding who was asked to be branded…but you prefer to make your own story, yet again

    “It might have been fun for Allison Mack but not for the victims of her fun”
    Once again , it’s VICTIM (no S), Jayes is not her victim but India’s victim…in court it was stated clearly that India played an important role (and she was recognized as the “Master” of Jayes.
    And excuse me but there isn’t even an attempt to do crime on her from Allison.

    I also will develop that while i consider India and the many other DOS slave as victims too, they are victims of Raniere (just like Allison)
    Allison didn’t abuse them sexually (proved in court)
    Allison didn’t threaten anyone (proved in court)
    Allison didn’t ask for forced labor (or Nicole did the same)(and India actually extorted Jayes, not Allison…Jewel paid for India)
    Allison did collect collateral…period and this while being collateralized herself!

    “Allison Wack means Allison the crazy person.”
    Says who? just so you understand the meaning of my question (because you are definately not the brightest), you are the least appropriate person to talk about sanity of others…
    Who is obsessed in trying to prove that Allison is a monster while the court disproved it FULLY? Who is so obsessive that he is stalking (digitally if you want) her family?
    Who is defaming her with fake crime that NEVER HAPPENED ? who is obsessed about the fact Allison was driving a cheap BMW? one of the lamest BMW of the market (and all this while not proving it’s hers…ignoring that the car was claimed by other JOURNALISTS (real one) to be Lauren’s car)

    “Allison Whack means Allison the person who likes to whack women with wooden paddles.”
    Except this story is proved to be absolutely untrue!

    Allison didn’t commit any violence crime…it was not even considered in court!
    She was victim of physical abuse (it was related vaguely in court) but she didn’t apply this on her “pod”

    Also it was said by Lauren that each were chosing their method of punishment and as far as i remember, Allison’s “punishment” for her pod was…cold shower.
    And the only victim (from Allison) , Nicole didn’t really respect the “rules” yet never got punished.

    She, Nicole, Clearly stated that contrary to what YOU and a few was human with her pod.
    Nicole said : She was a loving person
    Nicole said : I was crying and Allison was upset by it (as in she was feeling bad)
    Eventually, Raniere accepted that Nicole was not DOS material and released her (not Allison as she never had any power…she was just like Nicole, a slave)

    Nicole thanked Allison (court info)
    And Allison said ” I failed you”

    Funny how when you stick with the FACTS, your story doesn’t make sense anymore!

    The fact is that the Paddle story was real but not on Allison’s side!
    The fact is that you tried to link EVERY STORIES to her…

    Despite the fact that it was proved to be untrue!

    And after this you dare to question her sanity? who is living in a permanent (creepy) fantasy and ignore the facts?
    a clue for you , sherlock : It’s you!

  • Dear Editor,

    I believe the photo at the top of this article is Bangkok’s mother. Please stop posting it immediately!!!!!

  • Somehow I think the true story of Shadowstate’s obsession with Allison Mack could be every bit as fascinating as any story we have read about Vanprisonguard and his minions. Which is why (I suspect) that while other “correspondents” have come out from behind their screen names, Shadowstate probably will not…

    But then again, Shadowstate still believes NXIVM is an evil organization bent on world domination, and fears that one of the Bronftard sisters will send Nicki Clyne to creepy crawl his Chicago digs….

  • Poor Shadow so identifies as Mack’s antithesis, her anti-genius, that he equates any criticism of himself to be support for Mack. The ways of obsession are strange indeed.

  • Shadowstraight is just jealous and wants his ass to be paddled.

    He likely is reading this comment with a gag ball in one end and a butt plug in the other end; and his junk stuffed in a light socket.

    Foolish Shadows prank!

  • Allison used to paddle me and pour hot wax on my tits. Then Lauren would slap me and tell me that I needed to be more committed to my growth.

    • Yolanda:
      Just when I thought you couldn’t get more off the wall, you exceed yourself.
      I’ll bet you can’t wait for Allison and Lauren to get out of prison so they could subject you to new tortures.
      (I’m sure the both of them will learn new tortures to subject you to while they’re in prison.)
      “Happy Days” will be here again.
      Heat up the vats of bubbling wax!

    • Dear Yolanda,

      Do you still communicate with any other NXIVM members? If so, who?


      ps (please send pix)

    • There is an imposter Yolanda Cortez. I am the real one and Frank can verify it. Growth is important but Lauren never understood how this could be accomplished by merging the sex energy with the kundalini.

    • Yolanda—

      R U referring to hair growth or spiritual growth?

      Duz ur curtains match ur carpet?

      R U a 3 input lady?

  • She should serve her sentence adhering to all the rules, and pursue a quiet life involving some charitable service, when she gets out of prison.

    Instead of trying to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! she should just try to be good.

      • Mack could do a great service to others describing how she got cauht up in NXIVM and warn others about joining similar organizations. AND she should do it as an adult, using her real name and not a one-letter anonymous identifier.

  • Mr. Shadow, it was a tongue-in-cheek story that Shivani wrote. You don’t understand anything except the most extreme and literal meaning. It’s good to see that Mack is still living rent-free in your brain. You are HER slave. LOL

  • Who has less testosterone:

    ShadowSpank or SultanOfSpank?

    ShadowSpank reeks of resentment at Ally Wack for some reason or another, whereas the Brown Beetle Spanker has an obsessive infatuation for Kristin Kook that has resulted in incredible amounts of low-T ejaculate to be released from his short little pecker that looks like a stumped out cigarillo.

    It would seem age, plus low testosterone causes some to go mad. And spanking don’t fix it.

  • Mack was paddling “underperforming” slaves? Is this irony or truth?
    Sounds crazy although she’s demonstrated it’s nowhere near the lowest level to which she will stoop!

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