Is MDC Really That Bad? And Is It Intentionally Bad to Weaken, Demoralize Detainees Awaiting Trial?

The Metropolitan Detention Center

One our most admired commenters, Paul, in writing about Keith Alan Raniere, added that even he, despite his long list of crimes, does not deserve to be punished at Rikers Prison.

Paul wrote that Rikers:

This might be Raniere’s retirement home:

‘It’s the abuse and violence at Rikers that have received the most attention. But there’s another dimension to the ongoing disaster there: the dangerous environmental conditions. Rikers is built on a landfill. The ground underneath the facilities is unstable and the decomposing garbage emits poisonous methane gas. In addition to extreme heat and poor air quality, flooding and crumbling infrastructure pose a serious threat, especially when superstorms like Hurricane Sandy strike. As the violence and human rights violations worsen, so do the environmental circumstances surrounding Rikers.”

– Raven Rakia

Much as Raniere deserves long incarceration, nobody deserves to be in that place.

It is a disgrace that such a place should exist.

It’s like a little piece of North Korea in the US.

One of our most erudite commenters, Mr. K. R. Claviger, who is also a legal authority, wrote in reply:

Many consider the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) – which is where Raniere has been for the past 2+ years – to be just as bad as Rikers. Never getting outside, non-functioning heating and air conditioning systems, vermin-laced food, no educational programs, a third-rate health center – those are just some of the fun things that Raniere will continue to experience as long as he’s at MDC.

And BTW, New York City is in the process of closing down Rikers.

This naturally prompted Bangkok to offer a rebuttal suggesting the MDC is not so bad.

By Bangkok

Sorry sir, but your propaganda isn’t being fact-checked by Frank very closely.

The food at MDC is not ‘vermin-laced’ as you claim.

Just because a few people have occasionally had bad food there, that doesn’t make every meal inedible and/or disease-causing.

If MDC’s food was as inedible as you claim, we’d have huge numbers of inmates hospitalized for food poisoning and major congressional investigations underway.

Yet we don’t have that.


Cuz there’s no huge problem with the food at MDC, apart from the fact that it’s not very appetizing and doesn’t include steak and filet mignon on the menu.

Show me the STATISTICS for food poisoning at MDC.

Well, that’s assuming you’re not too afraid to let your readers be exposed to the TRUTH.

Frank needs to provide a COUNTER narrative which FACT-CHECKS Claviger’s claims for MDC.

Why won’t Frank do that for us?

Also… Even though Mr. Claviger scare-mongered about COVID at MDC a few months ago (and how it might kill or infect most every inmate, LOL) ——- the truth turned out far less dramatic than his predictions.

Quote from NY Daily News recently:

“The Bureau of Prisons has argued conditions are not nearly as bad as critics claims and that the virus is under control inside the jail. Six inmates and 40 staff at MDC have tested positive for the virus, according to the Bureau of Prisons.”

Only six inmates tested positive for Kung-Flu.

Got it?

Just six, LOL.

How is that the end of the world?

How many MDC inmates died of COVID?

Probably zero.

How many staff died?


It’s basically like the flu UNLESS you’re over 65 or have a serious health condition.

That doesn’t mean it’s harmless.

It simply means that if you look at the DEATH rate of the flu (for everybody UNDER 65 years old) —– you’ll see that Kung-Flu’s death rate is no worse for people UNDER 65 years old.

…and for people under 35 years old, the death rate from the Flu is actually HIGHER than the death rate for Kung-Flu.

That’s right. The regular flu kills far more YOUNGER people than Kung-Flu does.

It’s a fact. Look at the statistics.

Didn’t you know that, sir?

That’s the truth which you HATE to have published for FrankReport’s readers

As for the air conditioning system, it’s a fucken PRISON —- so what do you expect?

It doesn’t have golf or tennis either, but that’s hardly a human rights violation. LOL.

Guess what?

Hundreds of prisons in South America and Mexico have conditions 100x worse than MDC —— and yet you have no problems with that.

In many South American prisons inmates literally get no food unless they pay for it (the guards deliver food to gang leaders, then prisoners must buy it from the gangs or cut a deal to work for food).

Also, these same inmates (in South American prisons) can buy real guns and real knives, and often have small battles inside the prison.

Also, they often pack 50 inmates into a single cell designed for 10 people, where everybody must sleep just inches away from other inmates’ dirty, smelly feet.

Now that’s a far worse prison than MDC.

Yet you pretend as though MDC is among the worst prisons in the world ——- when the truth is that it’s not even close to being among the worst prisons in the world.

You’re just so disconnected from reality that it’s amazing you even passed the BAR exam (on your 6th try, as I understand it).

Nobody believes your propaganda about MDC except for the ignorant people.

I implore Frank to fact-check these issues and start a conversation to find the truth about MDC.

Why can we not fact-check Mr. Claviger, Frank?

Why is the TRUTH about MDC not newsworthy?

Have a nice day. 🙂


End of Bangkok’s comment.

By Frank Parlato

Bangkok has offered a challenge to readers: Is MDC as bad as some claim? I hope we get some debate on this.

One of the things that most people forget when discussing MDC is that the vast majority of its population is defendants awaiting trial. That means they have not been convicted and by law are innocent until proven guilty.

To subject these to more inhumane conditions than necessary is a crime committed by America. Someone should protest it. And if it takes minorities to suffer to spark any outrage, it is certainly true that the vast majority of pretrial detainees at MDC are minorities.

But are conditions bad?

They seem to be bad, and especially during the pandemic:

According to a report in BrooklynPape,com, 35-year-old inmate Jamel Floyd died after corrections officers pepper-sprayed him in the face.

Another inmate was reported dead at the prison, three weeks after he quietly died of unknown causes on May 19, according to the New York Daily News.

Last December, a power outage forced 1,600 inmates to bear below-freezing temperatures for an entire week, leading to a probe by the federal Department of Justice.

The coronavirus subjected prisoners to near-constant confinement. Reportedly, prisoners are locked in their cells almost 24 hours a day and are allowed to come out for 1 hour, three times a week to shower, use the phone, read and send emails, do laundry — all within that 1-hour period.

Since imposing restrictions back on April 1st, prison officials canceled routine maintenance of cells.  Toilets, which do not have lids, are not being cleaned, adding to the putrid smells already inside the facility known for its poor ventilation.

A lawsuit by six inmates at MDC filed on March 27, requested oversight of the facility’s pandemic response and the release of inmates with existing medical conditions. Federal Judge Rachel P. Kovner denied their request for a Preliminary Injunction on June 10 but the lawsuit continues.

Overall, even when there was no pandemic, MDC does not offer inmates natural light, air, or outdoor recreation spaces. What MDC does offer is an abundance of mold, blood-borne diseases, asbestos, and particulate matter.

Inmates do not breathe in anything but recycled air containing spore dust and bacteria that continuously circulate throughout the building.

Food Services

The Food Services areas are infested with rodent droppings, germs, and bacteria.  There is little to no effort to control rats, mice, cockroaches, and flies.  There are rat droppings in the kitchen area. Food at MDC is sometimes spoiled and moldy.  The food is cooked in the West Building and delivered to the units where it is re-heated and served to inmates.

Tight Quarters

The approximate square footage per inmate for Recreation Space is eight square feet.  The approximate square footage for personal bedding space per inmate is 21 square feet (this includes footlocker space); plus 14 square feet of shared-common space with adjacent inmates.

In the dorm-like open area where the female prisoners reside, ninety plus inmates share six showers; 3 urinal stalls and 3 shit stalls, 2 dryers and 2 washing machines. In the cell areas where men reside, each pair of “cellies” shares an open toilet and sink — and a set of cast-iron bunk beds.

Bad Air

The washers and dryers sometimes run almost 24 hours a day.  There is no circulation of air; one fan is provided for each unit.  The dryers vent directly into the sleeping, eating, and living space.  This introduces particulate matter which exacerbates colds, flus, asthma, coughs, and other breathing disease entities.

The supply air has clogged and filthy outlets indicating that the supply air itself is full of airborne matter (dust, organics and particles).  Inmates breathe dirty air that gets recycled without sufficient fresh air. Mold is present on ducts, shower areas, ceilings, and walls.

Sanitary challenges

There are no physical barriers between sleeping, eating, and restroom areas.  When they are not in confinement, men eat a few feet away from toilets, showers and dryer/washers. The kitchen area is also in the same physical space.

Men are also very likely made to sleep on a urine stained, worn mattresses.

Mold is visible on the floors and walls of the showers.  Most showers do not have working drains, so wastewater flows onto adjoining showers. The vents where air conditioning and heat come into the unit do not have filters.


At MDC, inmates are stripped searched (every item of clothing comes off) after every visit or trip outside the prison. There is zero independent movement outside the immediate unit and adjoining “Recreation Deck” – when they are not in confinement 23.5 – 24 hours hours per day during the pandemic.

In Orwellian America, the Department of Justice is aptly named. It is the opposite of its name. Its motto is a cruel joke.

Not Right for Convicts, Let Alone Pretrial Detainees

Whether or not there are worse facilities in the world, and there probably are, why is it necessary to subject Americans to these conditions?.

Keep in mind that most inmates at MDC are not convicted. Out of 1600 or so detainees, all but a few hundred are awaiting trial.

That means, by American law, some 1400 men and women are being held there who are innocent until proven guilty.

This means that the innocent are being subjected to health-destroying conditions.

Some have speculated that the Orwellian named Department of Justice, which runs the Bureau of Prisons, likes it this way.

Detainees, even totally innocent ones, would be far more likely to take a quick plea deal and spare themselves these horrid conditions, which are actually worse than convicts face in regular prisons, and get out to a regular prison, where they can at least breathe and go outside in the yard.

Talk about “I can’t breathe”? Here are tens of thousands of people over the years getting tortured and having difficulty breathing [some of them dying] and no one really cares.

They have been charged so they must be guilty.

An additional advantage for the Department of [In]Justice is that with the accused detainee’s health failing, as it must in such a facility, he or she will be less likely to be able to make a robust defense at trial. Sick people have less stamina and the Department of [In]Justice has reverted to the law of the jungle.

It does not matter if someone is innocent or guilty to them. Defendants are commodities. Promotions are won through conviction stats. Human beings being what they are – and that includes prosecutors – if conviction stats are the road to promotion, innocent people can fill the void when there are no guilty ones to destroy.

In this way, the Department of [In]Justice is much like the sociopaths and psychopaths they prosecute.  They have the power, and it is, unfortunately true, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Prosecutors in America, especially federal prosecutors, have near-absolute power. It is impossible that many of them will not abuse it.

It must be changed.

Just as senators and even presidents can be corrupt and must have checks and balances, prosecutors should also. What makes anyone believe that a prosecutor, operating with secret grand juries and in tandem with the police and the FBI [widely known to be corrupt], would be any more ethical than other species of government employees.

Yet, there are virtually no checks and balances for prosecutors.  There are no body-cams; no strong media watchdogs, no impeachment, no election challenges [for federal and most state prosecutors], and little to no review of crooked grand jury presentments.

In federal law, there is a presumption of regularity in grand jury proceedings that denies defendants the right to examine what actually occurred in the grand jury that likely led to the ruination of a defendant’s life.

In the world of prosecution, the reverse of Blackstone has been the new normal.

Blackstone and others opined that it is better that ten guilty ones go free, than one innocent suffer. The American system has now become, it is better that 10 innocents suffer than one guilty one go free.


This has been proven again and again by the Innocence Project, where it was shown that as high as 10 percent of DNA exonerees had pleaded guilty in order to avoid death sentences or very long incarceration periods. That means totally innocent people are pleading guilty to crimes they did not comment because of the coercive prosecutorial system in American.

This is certainly something that should get on the list of things to protest. It may be as important as toppling statues.

It may be time to defund the prosecutors [divert some of their budgets to justice and not prosecution] and stop rewarding them for convictions. Their promotions should be based on justice, not the number of convictions or lack of acquittals they produce.

Then perhaps we would see a glint of humanity at MDC and elsewhere in America.





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Frank Parlato


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  • This is my final post at FrankReport.

    Seeing that I’ve beaten down the likes of Mr. Claviger for the umpteenth time, as well as others who have dared to taunt me —— it has come time for me to gracefully exit this forum, on a note of victory. 🙂

    I always said I’d only leave on my own terms, and that meant in victory. 🙂

    I must move on and not look back, regardless of the intense sadness that this decision may cause to many here. 🙂

    But seriously guys, this will be my final post on FrankReport. No bullshit.

    I won’t be coming back ever, regardless of what’s written to taunt me to respond.

    Life in SoCal is slowly opening up again after the over-hyped panic of the COVID flu (aka Kung Flu).

    While there are still some restrictions and it’ll be a while before everything is back to 100% normal ——— the panic-mongers (who predicted millions dead last March) have been proven totally, and laughably, wrong. 🙂

    In terms of ACTUAL deaths, it was a bad flu season.

    Even with the brief uptick in reported cases last week, the actual death rate (as a percentage of infections) is still far lower than last March.

    For every ‘confirmed’ case of COVID, there are at least 10 cases ‘unreported’ —- due to symptoms so mild that they don’t even know they have it, and thus never get tested.

    That’s how it is for most people. Not even flu symptoms.

    We now know that this virus just isn’t anywhere nearly as dangerous as we once believed, except for the very elderly or sick people.

    We overreacted and acted like fools last March.

    That’s why even states like Texas (showing a brief uptick last week) aren’t going back to full lockdown, LOL, they are merely modifying the reopening rules for some businesses.

    Life is moving on and the leftists are having a hard time accepting this, well, except when they’re busy pillaging and rioting in mass numbers without masks, LOL.

    While I pity the ignorant folks who still live in fear and hide under their covers waiting for a vaccine or death, I also understand that such folks probably don’t have much in life to hope for — so I guess that’s just their way of dealing with their unhappiness.

    As for Mr. Claviger’s quest to release every federal inmate at MDC and every other prison, I wish him good luck with that (fool’s) errand —– cuz no amount of propaganda will change the fact that COVID did NOT cause massive deaths in our federal prison system the way that he predicted last March.

    Sorry, but he simply failed in his argument to release the criminals.

    We are safer to have such people behind bars. He’s a defense attorney who argues that every one of his clients are innocent, even though 95% of them are found guilty or plead guilty, so take his word with a grain of salt. 🙂

    Oh, I almost forgot…

    I was happy to see Mr. Claviger wishing the virus upon my own family members in his last post (which was his way of saying he wishes that my family would die, because he equates COVID with imminent death, LOL).

    I found that post a bit funny.


    …Because it means that when somebody disagrees with him, he wants them or their family to die (which is kinda the opposite viewpoint of a loving, caring person). It exposes his true character.

    That’s it. No more posts.

    No more posting under alternate names. This will be my final post here.

    PS — Please don’t redact anything, Frank, as it’s all fair commentary and I can promise you that I will never post here again under any moniker.

  • Re Prison Sentences During Covid-19:

    Until the Covid-19 pandemic is under control or a vaccine is developed, I personally believe nonviolent and non-sexual criminals, facing prison time, should be given home detention.

    Roger Stone, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Cathy Russel, and even Clare Bronfman do not deserve the death penalty. Anyone incarcerated in federal or state prison is likely to contract Covid-19. None of the people mentioned deserve the death penalty.
    If Roger Stone contracts Covid-19, he has, as the media puts it, based on his age group/cohort a 3% chance of dying.

    Doesn’t sound too bad or risky?

    The true meaning of a 3% mortality rate should be viewed statistically as…

    …Roger Stone has a 1 in 33 chance of dying in prison if he contracts Covid-19.

    Would you want/take those odds?

    The federal government will be playing roulette with Roger Stone’s life. The crimes Roger Stone allegedly committed are not capital offenses.

    The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution clearly prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

    Putting any non-violent and non-sexual offenders in prison at this point in time is cruel and unusual.

    Personally I think Roger Stone is innocent and is only guilty of having a big mouth. His defense should have emphasized Roger’s bravado, puffery, and over the top personality. I personally have quoted the Godfather, Goodfellas, and Untouchables movies during conversations with friends and acquaintances. No one took me seriously and went to law enforcement.

      • Lying to Congress does not warrant being put into prison during a pandemic caused by a viral that was previously unknown to humans and subsequently we have no immunity too.

        The liberal public and media at large have empathized the Godfather movie quote and not his actual crime. And he believes that he’s going to prison for threatening someone with a allusion to a movie.

        The main premise and thesis of my statement is still relevant despite your parsing of the third paragraph.

        You would have made a good proofreading editor.

        • Others are being sent to/kept in prison, why not him? LOL

          Stone lso made a big deal about the Godfather movie quote in order to take the attention away from the crime of lying to Congress. LOL

          I didn’t parse anything, I stated a simple fact. LOL

  • It does sound like an awful place. I can’t understand why they would cut down on cleaning in a pandemic. Toilets not cleaned?

    It must also be terrible to work there. I would like to hear from people.who work there and how they stand it because it doesn’t sound healthy to work in that environment, let alone live in it.

  • You once asked us what we would like to read more of. How can we see a list of all privately owned jails/prisons the United States has? I feel that it is only fair that people hold the shareholders and others responsible for inhumane acts. It’s sick to have for-profit inhumane organizations functioning in “free” America. Second, What are some of the things needed to create checks-and-balances for prosecutors? Are they all in reality the “true untouchables”? If those are boring questions, then I would like to know if officer Chauvin will be released due to Floyd’s tox screen.

    • Why all of this interest in the treatment of convicted criminals instead of the millions being scammed by Amway and other MLM scams? LOL

      What is needed to reign in the prosecutors is the same thing that is needed to bring rogue police officers in check – allow mistreated citizens to sue the organization they work for, which would provide an incentive to provide oversight and clamp down hard when they start misbehaving. LOL

        • I don’t know how many people I’ve helped, but people have thanked me. LOL

          I also know that for every person who bothers to thank me, there are hundreds to thousands who have been helped, just like very few people make comments on this website yet hundreds to thousands times more read it – it’s how the internets works. LOL

          I also ask people to help educate others, [redacted]. LOL

  • It can’t be that bad at the MDC, because Keith Raniere prefers to stay there as long as possible. Otherwise, he would have agreed to the sentencing via video conference. The MDC is the prison of his choice. It seems to be one of the better ones, how else does it explain that Raniere prefers this place? It probably has a five-star rating. We are laymen, let’s leave the evaluation to the prison testers – i.e., the inmates – to judge. Furthermore, the recreational and leisure facilities at the MDC are not to be neglected, as Evonne Brossard, the faithful travel correspondent, reported.


  • [redacted] me and all of the other ghosts of Scott, [are] the most numerous commenters on this website. LOL

    The solution is to send Bronfman and Mack to MDC and let their high-powered lawyers get some attention to this issue. LOL

    After all, both are menaces to the general population and are flight risks. LOL

  • Yes. It is that bad.


    “Judge Kovner did find that the Bureau of Prisons had spoliated evidence — that is, knowingly destroyed evidence relevant to the lawsuit — when it persisted in an evidently longstanding practice of shredding the requests for medical care submitted on paper slips by people held at the jail.”

    “The fact that the MDC engaged in the destruction of evidence during the litigation is unprecedented finding against a BOP facility,” lawyers for the incarcerated people wrote in a statement on the ruling, “one that should stand as a reminder to other prison officials that they are not above the rules.”

    – Nick Pinto

  • Setting aside the racist nature of your references to “Kung-Flu”, your observation that only 6 inmates at MDC have tested positive for COVID-19 demands a response. In this regard, why did you leave out the fact that the MDC staff has only tested 13 inmates since the onset of the pandemic? Did you not think that was relevant to the discussion – or were you, as usual, trying to baffle Frank Report readers with your own set of “facts”.

    For Frank Report readers who would like to know more about what’s really going on in prisons and jails with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic, I suggest you read these articles: – and

    PS/I learned a long time ago just how accurate that old saying is: “Never wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get filthy and the pig will love it”. That’s why I long ago stopped responding to your insipid opinion that the current pandemic is not a big deal. If there is any justice in the world, someone you care about – if there is such a person – will contract COVID-19 sometime soon.

    • You keep trying to imply things which aren’t true.

      FACT: COVID just isn’t a big ‘killer’ — except to very old people or sick people.

      Don’t take my word for it.

      Let’s look at the CDC’s own statistics on who is dying and how old they are.

      Why do REAL FACTS make you mad?

      Why do you refuse to acknowledge that 80% of all COVID deaths are from seniors over 65 —- and most of those deaths are from people over 75 years old.

      It’s just a fact.

      Are you saying the CDC is wrong?

      If you’re not super old (or sick with underlling health problems) then COVID is no more deadly than the flu.

      If you’re under 45 (and relatively healthy) then COVID far less deadly than the flu.

      …And NO, the term “Kung Flu” isn’t racist. It’s a country specific term, not a racial term.

      It signifies China as a country, the birthplace of both Kung Fu and Kung Flu.

      Just because you want to wrap the term ‘racist’ around your enemies (to silence their speech) doesn’t make it true.

      That’s what people do when they can’t win an argument using facts. I’m guessing you’re a terrible defense attorney, since you can’t even win an argument against a retard like me.

      Now don’t you feel a bit foolish, now that I’ve just won this argument? 🙂

      NiceGuy agrees with me on this issue too. Just ask him. 🙂

      I’d like Frank to weigh-in on my COVID death statistics, just to acknowledge that they are correct.

      If not, then Frank can kiss my pristine butt cuz he’s supposed to be a journalist and not siding with his friends when they are incorrect.

      • My dad and a number his friends, starting during the early 1960s, put a lot of long, sustained efforts into improving the living conditions of just two specific nearby “state hospitals.” At the same time, they were trying to get funding to implement a program called patterning, which could help the severely mentally handicapped to learn to walk and to be able to have some control over their physical motions. With this patterning aspect, there was some considerable success.

        All of this began because of seeing (up close and personally) the horrible impacts of the abuses which were done to two young fellows who were housed inside different institutions. One was a criminal psychopath who was in his early twenties, and the other boy was only eight years old and could not talk or even feed himself, talk about helplessness. It took amazing amounts of political crap even to begin to initiate incredibly simple sanitation and dietary improvements.

        The little boy was force-fed, without patience or concern for his actually being able to eat or swallow. He developed malnutrition. I will not even describe what was done to the man in his early twenties. Some of the abuse that he was subjected to was finally caught on film. That’s right, Dr. Robie, once and former emperor of Bridgewater State Hospital. Busted!

        I could (but will not) write a book about what circumstances or conditions I watched my dad and his friends, over time, try to improve and where and what they succeeded
        at mitigating and what could not be repaired. There was so much idealistic hope, so many “clever” roadblocks put up by officials, and there was almost overwhelming heartache.

        Most of all, most grim and awful, is the cruelty, some of it next to unimaginable, that was and is still snugly hidden within the prisons and state hospital systems, implicitly. These are complex and corrupt industries designed for profit.

        Now I am quite well aware that Yankcock has already commented that “nobody gives a shit about your (my) father.” So what? I do. Even now, I thank God for him every single day. It is only natural, as he was my first real teacher in this life.

        Plus, who in the hell expects this bang-bang Jackoff commenter to give a damn about anything beyond his own loud and impotent gruntings? He is the sound of one handful of solidly packed mental and emotional constipation clapping, enchanted by his personal bellowing, and dreaming that there really is an “us” and a “them”.

        This is a psychological and widespread hallucination of convenient but fatally stupid divisionism. Here we live with us. All of us. Right here and right now. There is no “them.” There is only us. Life is life, and life is precious. Please. At least give it a try. Be still and know. There is only us.

        The real killer behind any walls of incarceration is “man-to-man” and easily concealed behind closed or locked doors. The neglect and inhumanity rife behind any prison environment or so-called “hospital for ‘the insane,'” goes way beyond the lack of even a semi-sanitary environment. I think that anyone with a conscience who makes a genuine investigation into even some of these circumstances would hang down his or her head in deep sorrow and would feel very ashamed, to really confront how WE, the people, treat one another.

        The proliferation of prideful ignorance, unawareness, and lack of compassion for fellow human beings laced throughout Bangkok’s comments is the number one reason that these conditions exist or are tolerated at all. Indifference.

        “Jackoff” pukes out a barrage of weakness and insults, feebly disguised as partially humorous, as a full display of his own uncracked callousness and (to me) utterly useless, apathetic lack of authentic comprehension. Lost and staring fixedly into the mirror.

        Giving a damn might be too much work for poor Diddlecock to live and learn. However, the heavens have oodles of time and the “I-ness” of Bang-the-Cock-a Doodle is bound to catch up to him sooner or later. This is inevitable. For now, here he is, thanks to Frank’s fairness and marvelous humor. And possibly, thanks to his mercy.

        Sometimes my two pre-teen grandsons read here. Certain stories have their long-lasting interest and heartfelt concern. They both worry about justice for Kristin Snyder. Both are learning to do their own research. They want to learn to stand tall like Frank Parlato, to communicate and to have an effect. They know enough already to put much, if any, stock into the sputtering Hangcocks cluttering up our world.

        So they don’t bother parsing through any of its comments.

        In fact, the younger one said to me, sometime last year, “Bouji, just say this to some commenters: “I’m looking through you and there’s nothing to see.”. You can see how come his mama named after the Oceans. Even though he has gone from the world, my dad lives on!

        • “They know enough already, NOT to put much, if any, stock into the sputtering Hangcocks….”

          Please, please! With honey on top. A small but essential correction. (I got a “D” in typing, would be a fright as a secretary, and it appears to be kinda hopeless by now.) No edit button around here and no recourse to block commenters, if one chooses, is rather old-fashioned but what to do, beyond playing cards with the deck which is offered? Love anyhow, from a big-mouthed joker.

    • K.R. Claviger,

      In personal conversations; do you have a hard time getting people to understand how bad the conditions in federal prisons are? Do people believe you? Do they look at like a liberal bleeding heart?

      When I explain the conditions of prisons, my fellow conservative and even some liberals look at me like I’m crazy, and I don’t know what I’m talking about.

      Have you had the same general experience as me?

      • The point is not whether the people believe you, the point is they don’t care, just as people don’t care about millions of new people being scammed by Amway and other MLM scams in the U.S. every single year. LOL

        And most people joining Amway and other MLM scams aren’t convicted criminals. LOL

  • I won’t name names, but we have a number of commentators on Frank Report who are clearly in favour of ‘Cruel and Unusual Punishments’ for anyone convicted of a crime, and even those who are not.

    They would like to see people rounded up and incarcerated, on the flimsiest of pretexts, and treated very harshly and inhumanely.

    Thank God, the laws of the USA do not permit this.

    These ‘Cruel and Unusual Punishments’ are not permitted by the US Constitution, and should have no place in any civilised country.

    The mentality seems to be, “If they do it in China and North Korea, it’s bad, but I want to see it to happen here.”

    Be careful what you wish for.

    • You must believe that all of the judges are corrupt, otherwise they would have fixed the conditions at MDC decades ago. LOL

      • Well, Scott, the system is corrupt.

        The class-action lawsuit you joined resulted in you receiving more Amway products, which Amway was able to deduct from their taxes.

        You are older than me Scott, [redacted]?

        • The system is apathetic, otherwise additional funding would be provided to make the conditions better. LOL

          If the tax laws allow Amway to deduct the cost of the products they provided to the scammed IBOs, so be it. LOL

          I’m not only older than you, I’m FAR [redacted]. LOL

    • Paul, do a search for “Joe O’Hara prison”. O’Hara’s description of what he endured for over a year was unaltered hell.

      It’s amazing more inmates do not breakdown from the conditions within the prison.

      • Humans are very adaptable to various conditions. LOL

        The enlisted men on the ship I was on had less personal space than most prisons and aren’t sitting on their a$$e$ most of the time, so you won’t find me crying for the prisoners. LOL

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