Recreational activities among inmates at MDC offers novel opportunities for the Vanguard

MK10ART portrait of Keith Raniere in prison.

Afternoon All,

Evonne Brossard here, your trusty travel correspondent. Today, I’m visiting the world-famous MDC or Metropolitan Detention Center located in beautiful Brooklyn, New York. I’m to here to report on some of the leisure activities available in American prisons.

Specifically, I’d like to answer these questions: 1) What exactly is a shit-bomb? 2) What does it mean to sugar someone? 3) Have you ever iced the brownie?

What do these fantastic terms mean? And how do prisoners of the US penal system entertain themselves? Well folks, here goes…



Shit bombing is when an inmate wants to prank or shit on another inmate. The first thing is to obtain a milk carton. Make sure the carton is empty and smuggle it back to your cell.


The next thing you do is pee in the milk carton. When it’s about halfway full, then you top it off with a nice steaming shit.


Close the carton. Shake and mix. Shake and mix again. The shit bomb is now ready.

So, now the prisoner will go to the cell of the targeted inmate. The milk carton full of piss and feces is then placed on the ground, next to the lower part of the bars. The tip of the carton is opened. The carton is placed on its side, over the bottom bar, and aimed towards the target.

As the contents start to ooze out, the assassin then stomps on the carton. The sudden pressure blasts the piss and shit in the milk carton all over the target inmate’s cell and person. It is stinky. It is hard to clean.


And what the heck do you do if this happens late at night? Oh well.




Another fun activity that prisoners will use to get back at one another is called sugaring. To sugar another inmate, the assassin will hoard sugar packets and take them back to his cell.

He will then take some water and boil it (using a hot plate or another device or the boiling water tap that are available som prisons like MDC)).


When the water is boiling, the assassin will add sugar to the water, and mix, to make a sticky boiling goo. The assassin will then immediately throw the goo on the target.


Sugaring is bad because the dissolved sugar becomes very sticky when placed in boiling water. So, when the mixture is thrown on the target, the heated sugar goo sticks to the skin and causes very severe burns.



Ouch! Sugaring is also done primarily to child sex predators as a way of  ‘payback’ because many of the adult prisoners were sexually abused as children.


Survival in America’s Penal system is tough. To survive, prisoners will sometimes join gangs for protection. To make sure the prisoners actually want to join the gang (and are not snitches), the gangs have various initiation techniques. One of the more well-known activities is called ‘Icing the Brownie’.


So, it goes like this. One of the prisoners will smuggle a cake out of the mess or keep a cake from a previous meal. The gang will then select about 5 members plus the initiate. The group of 6 will then stand around in a circle and pretend to be talking. In the meantime, the brownie is placed in the center of the prisoners.



The prisoners will then begin masturbating, in a circle, until they all reach orgasm and ejaculate on the brownie (or cake). The initiate will then have to eat the brownie to prove they want to join the gang. Hence the term, icing the brownie.

Until next time…

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  • OMG! 😂 There’s a first time for everything. I can see it now Raniere holding the record for the most iced brownies.

  • I think those women-dominating S.O.P. guys gathered round and did something like that. But not on a brownie.

  • The one who has the most joy wins. This is probably a universal
    sentence, which is certainly also valid in the US penal system. It’s
    amazing how easy it is to have so much fun. And the prisoners at
    top of the food chain have the most fun. Keith Raniere is not one
    of them, not even in the second row. He belongs rather to the
    omegas. If you belong to the omegas, then you are a loser, a zero.
    Keith Raniere has the least fun and is definitely not a winner.

  • As Scott and I have said both sides are covering their butts. The trust is much better than Clare directly paying for their defense. What is expected from each is obvious yet her hands are essentially tied. The trustee isn’t entitled to know the strategies of each. Paying the invoices is dependent only on relevance to reasonable work being done on the defendants case. Doubtful their allegiance could be known by such billing.

    In my opinion this isn’t unusual and shouldn’t be of concern for us that want NXIVM, Keith,Clare and the rest being taken down. My comments may sound as if I’m defending the defense or Mack or any of them. Im just looking at it from both sides without the emotion. Someone is going to defend each at trial. That doesn’t make the attorney a bad person. They’re doing a job. Whatever they are being paid few would risk their future earning potential by losing their license to do Clare’s bidding. Like other cases, Clare thinks she is in control but like the many others she’s not. They lost in court but by dragging the civil suits out she won because they were ruined financially. This case is about much more and her tactic doesn’t have that same relevance.

    My thought is many if not most of them are still faithful to the so called “mission”. Like Mack and her Joan of Arc bull crap she thinks she is “noble” and not guilty.

    The financial crimes are the hurdle for the believers. The sex crimes are the hurdle for the prosecution. I think the prosecution will focus on the financial and wise to do so. Maybe not as satisfying but like Capone it will serve justice

    • I agree. Let the law take them down for failing to render unto Caesar as we all must – if we don’t want to end up in the big house. Let their addiction to vexatious litigation, which really will prove to be their achilles heel (representing a level of delusion that won’t serve them at all well in the courthouse) result in a swift draining of that third party trust. Let their reputations, gained from morally dubious practices, be dragged minutely through the court of public opinion, something none of them will ever recover from, if not absolutely contrite.

  • This is simply information about the disgusting things that go on in most prisons. Now imagine you’re not a criminal but a man raising two sons on a guard’s salary? They do some of this shit to them. Any wonder they die of heart attacks at 48. Or commit suicide because they truly aren’t scum and can’t live this way.
    This has nothing to do with Frank. Neither does the ongoing scabies epidemic. The prison system needs an overhaul.
    Keep them all locked up til trial ! 0 contact would prevent a lot if problems. Take away all privaliges.
    Even the innocent awaiting trial are safer.

    • Guards are a big part of the problem. They are poorly trained, don’t have much education and take their own anger and rage out on prisoners. They facilitate corruption within the prison system and act as conduits for drugs.
      The worst aspect is the sadism they display that reinforces prisoners negative self esteem

  • Well is there anything more to say? frank report is the most degraded website in the world. Celebrating rape culture in prisons. Being jubilant over the suffering of prisoners and reveling in potty talk and excrement humor. You are the worst.

  • Ummh, you forgot about….

    Pearl Harboring: a sneak attack where inmate is held down while other inmates fly over and shit into the held open mouth of the inmate.

    Christmas Treeing: A brush shaved in the form a Christmas tree is shoved up your rectum

    Dark Chocolating; Inmate is forced to eat their own shit while in the dining hall.

    Tri-athaloning: All 3 activities commence within an hour of each other while inmates cheer.

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