Kim Snyder: I Knew It Was Murder From the Moment I learned My Sister Disappeared

Kim Snyder 
By Kim Snyder
From the first moment I found out that my only sister, Kristin Marie Snyder, was missing, I realized my life would never be the same.
In fact, I realized my life would be a living hell.
Why do I say that? I realized, or suspected or intuited, more than anyone I think at the time, that this disappearance and death [yes, I thought it was death], was was not a suicide. Somehow I thought, though no one else did think so – that it was “murder”.
It just did not make sense that a bright, stable, successful woman committed suicide for no reason – other than what it said on the so-called suicide note.
There had to be a back story. But of course we were not given all the facts. We were not told that Kristin claimed, for instance, that she was pregnant with Keith’s child.
That would have changed everything.
Still, I learned she was missing. Then things started to unravel; stories didn’t make sense, and timelines didn’t add up. No one would listen to “MY CRY for HELP” however.
I as only a younger sibling. I never got to talk to the authorities, and to this day, it appears they are not working on this case.
It’s closed. It’s cold. But should this be a cold case? I don’t think so.
I really don’t understand. We have turned over all kinds of evidence to prove that this case should be reopened. The law is so slack on doing things.
The issues were compounded with things that were said to me, and to my family, at the time of Kristin’s disappearance that didn’t need or deserve to be said. This just made the air in Kris’ house much worse.
It seems that the Nxivm leaders had come up with a perfect deflection: That Kris said in some exploration of meaning therapy session that she was molested as a child. I don’t believe this is true – I don’t believe she said it and I don’t believe it ever happened.
I believe that it was a perfect ruse to put the blame on the family. Imagine how shocking this is:  Keith was the molester of my sister. He was her teacher and he evidently took advantage of his position to either seduce or rape her and instead of being told this, we are told that a family member molested her – and she recalled this.
We knew it wasn’t true but we faced not only the loss of my sister but terrible ugly allegations- the mere alleging of which is enough to blacken one’s character and destory a reputation..
We spend days in Anchorage. The days dragged on; it was cold, damp, rainy—-every day that we were in Anchorage. Hope was fading, and I began to understand, that I would never touch or see my sister, Kris, again. This was very hard to swallow.
My anger was growing- and to this day, I am very angry with the guru of this group- Keith Rainere- and the confusion, as to why, instead of lying about a family member, it wasn’t told that, “Kris was telling people that she was pregnant”. This investigation could have gone in another direction back then.
There are some folks that, since the first investigation, have changed their stories, into making more sense, but their timelines are still way off.
Due to the thick air in Kris’ home, we, as a family, moved to get away from the mess that was going on. Preparing to go home, I was hoping for a miracle, some glimmer of hope, that Kris would pop up.
It didn’t happen.
Time to go home!!!!   I was more than ready. I wanted more than anything to go home, but once we got home, I realized, I didn’t want to be there either. Memories were flooding, because home was where we had grown up most of our lives, and we were sisters.
Now, our sisterhood was over, and I was totally alone, to go through birthdays and holidays without my only sister. At times, I wanted to kill Keith Rainere. He had taken someone from me, that he could not replace.
As time went by, I had a lot of emotional problems that I could not explain, acting out, yelling, screaming, crying uncontrollably. I finally realized, not only did the devil have control of me, but Keith was in control of this house as well.
As time went by, years actually, I was told that this guru had done more heinous acts, possible poisonings, possible killings, claiming to cure cancer, (that didn’t happen), and other things. There were deaths of more women. I was outraged!
I want justice for my sister- and I am being ignored that this is murder!
Kristin Snyder with kayaking outfit
During the 17 years that Kris has been gone, I have had two episodes of attempting “suicide” but received the help that I needed.
Why suicide? Well, feeling alone, being the only sibling left, and during this time, the stupid guru, Keith Rainere, was on the loose.
All I wanted, was for him to be in custody, and get what he deserves, which is happening now.
I have said many times, they tell us we are going to sentencing, then, they jerk that away, and it is several more months away. It’s like you give a toy to a child, and keep jerking it away. It is totally unfair- they need to do away with the monster, and get it over with. I never want to hear Keith’s name again.
Where are we now in this journey?
Holidays and birthdays are somber, when they could be more joyous- but we make the most of it.
The tears fall, sometimes for reasons we do not understand, and other times, just out of frustration, for the fact that this guru took a chunk of our lives away, because he didn’t want her around anymore.  My thinking is, “he could have sent her back to us”, instead of killing her.
Again you ask where I am in this journey?
Kristin Snyder – was she murdered?
Well, I still have anxiety and depression problems, but those are under control. I still have days where I want someone to talk, to go to authorities and tell what they know, to give us closure. I know someone somewhere has the key to this murder- to put someone away.
Please- help us.
Do I sit around doing nothing all the time? NO!!!!  I have to be busy- because if I’m NOT busy, I am morbid- wondering if “I could have said or done something to change what happened to Kris”- this is a very dangerous area for me.
So I volunteer with our local VA office, making “flag bracelets” for our Veterans and active military, making sure they have what they need or doing other things for this office. This keeps me busy and out of trouble.
What have I learned for and through this 2nd post?
That Keith is NO longer running my life, that one day, there will be judgement day, before the “Throne of GOD” he will have to give an account of his actions, as will the other minions under his thumb.
I am also trying to curb my anger with him, but forgiving him for this crime- will probably never happen. He needs to confess what he knows- and give us closure. Until that happens, we will continue to wonder, but at the same time, we know that Kris is with her “Heavenly Father, in his care, along with my dad and others.
There is a popular Christian ✝️ song, by artist Michael W. Smith- “friends”- well, I changed the word from friends, to “sisters”. It talks about keeping the bond between people close- the bond between Kris and me, can’t be broken through death.
If you take one thing from this post- it’s suicide is the wrong answer- it is to “get busy for others- and keep people out of arms way, of people like Keith Raniere”.
I hope you will lean on God if you are going through the same thing that our family is.

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  • Kim Snyder
    Rat- A rat should hide: We would like for you to answer the following questions:
    We’re you on the scene of the crime? Who was there? What happened? We will protect you. Where are Kris’ remains? Did the crime take place in Seward? Mexico?
    Who was there? Can you prove your story to us? What is your connection to Salinas and why do you keep talking about him? Is he connected to Kris’ death?
    Why did Esther go to Seward? What is the motive of her death?
    My family deserves closure. Please give us that

  • Keith is a bad guy who deserves to spend many years in prison.

    But he didn’t murder anybody.

    Not a single person here has ever presented EVIDENCE to prove it.

    Gossip isn’t evidence of murder.


    *Kristin wrote a suicide note.

    If she really wrote the note, it’s a suicide and not murder. Case closed.

    I’m sure the police would have tested the note for her fingerprints.

    If she touched the note, she wrote it. If she wrote the note, it’s a suicide. Case closed.

    Another thing…

    If Keith had ‘murdered’ her, that means a NXIVM employee had forged the suicide note.

    However, the suicide note directly implicated NXIVM in Kristin’s demise —– by saying that NXIVM’s teachings had made her crazy enough to end her life.

    This is evidence that NXIVM did NOT forge the suicide note.


    Cuz Keith would NEVER have ordered a NXIVM employee to forge a note that spoke negatively about his teachings (and which drew negative attention to NXIVM in the police investigation).

    He’s 100% narcissistic and thinks his teachings are gospel.

    Thus, Keith could NOT have ordered that suicide note to be forged.

    Thus, if it wasn’t forged by NXIVM, Kristin wrote it herself.

    Thus, if Kristin wrote it herself, it was a suicide. Case closed.

    Another thing… If NXIVM had murdered Kristin, WHO did it? WHO planned it so quickly?

    Does anybody believe that Esther (LOL) actually did the dirty work herself? Yeah sure.

    Even that fat woman who was given $50k (by Nancy Salzman) could not have done it by herself, since killing somebody with your hands is not an easy task even for a man.

    Used a gun? Where’s the blood? Where’s the murder scene?

    Dragging her body into a car? Driving her car to a remote site to stage the scene? Getting rid of the body so that it was never found?

    …and planning all this stuff in a matter of AN HOUR after Kristin left the final class? Yeah sure.

    NXIVM employees were IDIOTS who could barely manage hosting classes.

    They could not have organized a plan like this in a matter of minutes after Kristin left the class.

    Another thing… Keith would NEVER have paid people to follow Ms. Clifford (in the years after Kristin’s death) UNLESS he was trying to get evidence of Kristin still being alive.

    This proves that Keith truly believed Kristin was not dead. Keith never had his investigators contact Ms. Clifford and they never tried to intimidate her into doing something. They simply photographed Ms. Clifford for evidence that Kristin was still alive.

    Guess what?

    A guy who had ‘murdered’ Kristin would never do that.


    Cuz he wouldn’t wanna risk re-opening the case (by having Ms. Clifford report this to police) “IF” they were truly guilty of murder.

    A real murderer would just MOVE ON and forget about the whole thing.

    Everybody here wants to promote the FALSE NARRATIVE that Keith murdered Kristin. But nobody here can refute these facts.

    There is ZERO evidence of murder and that’s precisely why NO OFFICIAL INVESTIGATIONS are happening for Keith murdering anybody.

    It was a tragic suicide. No amount of shouting at me will change these facts.

  • Nina Cowell has a place next to wheee the Toyota was found. Ask yourself what’s the odds of that ??(
    Then ask yourself did Kristin ever make it to millers landing?
    Suppose she did not ?

  • Esther took a trio to Seward. That’s all I can say. And The Aleutian woman is not an accomplice. She was a dupe.
    Don’t try to trace me by my IP address I change it every time.
    I spent enough time learning that they trace you everywhere.
    Follow the motive and Esther went to Seward.

    • Please, Rat, what do you mean by motive? We don’t need anymore games. Do you believe Kristin’s alleged pregnancy by Keith was the motive? Do you believe Esther Carlson had a motive to murder and/or ‘suicide’ Kris Snyder bc of Keith’s promise to Esther that SHE would bear Keith’s Avatar baby? Who else had a motive to either silence or supersede Kristin Snyder were she found to be pregnant with Keith’s child?

      Fact: Our family had a mini-autopsy performed on my sister Gina, mostly to determine if she was on drugs — there was a strange notation that read: “Speed Kills” on the NXIVM “EM” chart dated 8 weeks prior to her death and we suspected that note combined with her sudden weight lose may have indicated she was using speed. There was no indication she was pregnant but IDK if the examiners checked her blood specifically for pregnancy or not. Years later, while more closely examining copies of Gina’s journal notes and papers that I gathered for the Albany Times Union’s 2011 Expose’ on NXIVM, I came across evidence that Gina may have had an abortion within months before she died. This evidence also indicates that Kristin Keeffe directed Gina to meet her in August 2002 on a specified day and time and provide a “first morning’s urinate sample” — there is a “212” contact phone number for Kristin Keeffe on this notation.

      I believe Gina had an abortion arranged by or with Kristin Keeffe’s assistance within months prior to her death. I believe Keith and Kristin weaved this event into the fantasy they used to convince Gina that she was a reincarnated Buddhist Goddess and, as Keith’s consort, she would attain enlightenment through, ultimately, suicide. I believe Keith planned this outcome for Gina for many years. Kristin Keeffe DID admit that Keith discussed suicide options with Gina for years prior and there is evidence on Gina’s computer that Keith gave her when CBI folded (Gina worked for CBI as a programmer/hacker). She also worked in the warehouse after hours and witnessed Keith’s inappropriate activities with underage girls playing video games with Keith late at night.

      In any case, there are several potential similarities in these cases including cover-up activities.

  • Kim, despite your sorrow, your resolute determination to get to the bottom of this deserves the highest commendation. Are you single?

  • Please don’t let me die but this needs to
    be investigated: why Esther went to Seward and who she went with.

  • I’m keeping out of this going forward. Ask Keith and Nancy what happened. Nancy knows. It’s bullshit to sentence her to two years or something and not make her tell the truth about the woman he seduced and then silenced her forever because she was pregnant. It’s maddening.

    • Which part of Porter’s test was your particular favourite abfnt1? Or did you just adore all of it?

  • A great deal of factual information about this case appears to be withheld deliberately. I feel like I am reading a newspaper about a crime. Nothing has been made public. Just constant complaint and innuendo. It’s obvious there was some sort of fishy business, and I’m sure the authorities will act when they find something tangible.

  • Kim, Why haven’t you, or Frank, tried to Interview the people at the Intensive. Many of them are still around. Not Esther, or Clifford, the rest of them. They would have information. Is someone covering up for them?

  • Kim Snyder
    Rat 🐀 and friend of rat 🐀 you need to call Frank- go to a pay phone or to someone you can trust. This is something that our family has wanted to know for 17 years, and I need to have this chapter in my life closed. Please- you don’t have to tell us who you are, where you are, or anything else. Just give us who and why. Please??? !!!!!!
    Frank will protect your identity and we will grant you immunity in this case.
    Our family has suffered enough. Mom is up in age and I need to be able to move on with my life. Please give us the clues that we need to close this case.
    Please either post here or down on the 1st post that I put up, or call Frank. Please? We deserve this, we need this. Take a weight off of your shoulders- and drop it onto ours. Please?
    If not on the 1st post- please post here- just post the details and the names of the people involved- time and place- and where the remains are. Please???? !!!!!!
    I am begging you from the bottom of my heart.
    Thanks. Kim

  • Salinas is NO JOKE. And anyone who underestimates Salinas will be under ground. Trust me. I better be careful not to say more. I’m not a fink but I don’t want to end up like Kristen Snyder.
    I want you to find out but I can’t risk my life for this. Sorry.

  • I have a lot more to say but I am worried about retaliation. What can you do to protect me from Salinas – nothing.

    • Dear Rat, the only thing YOU can do to protect yourself from Salinas is fully expose the whole truth so they can’t bury their secrets by burying or otherwise silencing you!

      …From the bottom of my heart AND soul.

    • Salinas is happy on the beach with his children according to the new pictures posted on Instagram.

  • Kim, I want you to know that you are the most beautiful woman on this site – and I don’t believe Toni Natalie said about you. You’re the best

  • It’s pretty clear law enforcement dropped the ball. But what I don’t get is why did law enforcement not investigate Raniere for murder or assisted suicide? Kim, can you explain that?

    • My unsolicited, informed opinion — not to preclude Kim’s response at all — is that too many powerful people were already on the hook or in cahoots with NX when Gina and Kris passed away — a condition that only got worse in the ensuing years and persists to this day.

      • Another conspiracy theory from Hutchinson. LOL

        The real answer is that it was pure incompetence. LOL

        • Best be careful who you’re calling “incompetent,” Schlock — although I don’t doubt your expertise on that topic — Pam Caffritz’s (may she RIP) mumsie and popsie gave NX a leg up in the DNC shortly before Mexican elite’s and Nancy Salzman joined the posse.

  • I think it was murder too and I’m surprised Kim wasn’t murdered too, for speaking up. Kim, you’re brave to keep trying to dig into this. But be careful; these are dangerous folks.

  • I don’t think Kristin was suicidal either Kim. Cliffords journal, Kris’s notes from her classes and the writing on the suicide note (s) don’t add up. Why was her supposed pregnancy witheld for 16 long years? There’s not one mention of it in the journal. Why the accusation of molestation after the disappearance? And what ever happened to the black Toyota? Kris was paid up on her classes. She didn’t owe Nxivm a dime, besides she was kicked out of her last class never to be seen again.
    Best wishes 💌 to you Kim. Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸

    • Because Marie is like a praying mantis, Scooter wouldn’t have a head left when she was done with him.

      • Really, Frank?
        You post goofy comments by “Robert Jr.” and The Rat, but you won’t post my comments. I guess you don’t want to answer my question.

      • The comment was directed to Kim, but Marie is welcome to come on Scott’s show, too. So are you. LOL

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