Tragic Examples of Human Suffering and Death From Coronavirus Where There’s No 5G Debunk Nonsense Conspiracy Theory!

By AnonyMaker

The article The Emperor’s New Virus: COVID-5G: and Yes, 5G Does Have Something to Do with the Coronavirus! is an unfortunate distraction from the sad emerging reality that coronavirus is now – as experts predicted – starting to spread to parts of the world that are poorer and less advantaged, less connected physically (which is why the initial wave largely skipped them) as well as technologically. Many of them are much less able to cope as well, and are, and will be, suffering horrific tolls from COVID-19.

The Navajo Nation is among the latest such area in the US, along with the infamous St. John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana, and other rural areas often – but not always – with some sort of obvious industrial factor, such as meat-packing plants. Albany, Georgia was one of the unfortunate early examples, randomly hit by a pair of “super spreader” events in the form of packed funerals – and an area with no 5G.

COVID-19 now spreading fastest in small, rural counties

I see that the 5G theorists are now refining the spin of their faulty correlation-as-causation theory, trying to fabricate further twists of speculation to account for – or else, just to ignore – places where there are heavy COVID-19 fatalities but no 5G.

The inconvenient example of Iran is explained away imaginatively as “secretly trialing [5g]” – even though the toll spread well beyond major cities that could possibly have nascent 5G infrastructure, into rural provinces like Khuzestan, a COVID-19 hotspot though much of it has no cell service at all.

The sad case of Ecuador, which I’ve brought up previously, is ignored – it possibly has the world’s worst COVID-19 toll, so hard hit that it can’t even fully account for the deaths, and of course with virtually no 5G.

Brazil has ended up suffering as badly as Italy – in large part due to poor national leadership that has denied the problem and thus let it fester, worse yet possibly influenced to tragic indifference by pseudo-science and bogus theories. Wealthy areas with various advantages, including most of the country’s limited 5G, are largely being spared, while the disease ravages slums, and spreads to secondary cities and rural areas with less to no 5G if cell phone service at all.

Nigeria’s Kano state is now the site of that country’s second-worst, and emerging, outbreak – and, again, a rural one with no 5G even in its capital city, and little cell phone coverage at all outside of that downtown.

I actually find it rather sickening to have to cite these tragic examples of human suffering and death, in order to debunk the irresponsible imaginings of armchair theorists living comfortable lives behind computer screens. Shame on those on who have nothing better to do than indulge their own paranoid fantasies, while being willfully blind to the actual suffering of their fellow human beings.

And yes, typical of modern technological society, possible EMF risks of 5G – almost certainly minor – haven’t been as thoroughly researched as they might, prior to commercial deployments. That would be properly addressed through lobbying efforts, and the setting up of serious research think-tanks – but that’s not what 5G conspiracy theorists are up to. Instead, they are engaged in a sort of gratuitous moral panic that exists mostly for its own sake, and to allow a few thought leaders (almost all-male, just like in cults) hold themselves out as knowing better than all the world’s PhDs.

Finally, if there’s a real conspiracy around 5G, it’s more likely this – economic advantage-seeking and disinformation warfare of just the sort that the Chinese also engage in:

Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise

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  • AnonyMaker,

    I’m a fan of yours.

    You need to realize the motley crew of assorted crazies who plague the Frank Report will not heed your appeals to think logically and to look at scientific evidence or lack thereof. You are attempting to communicate rationally with a merry band of crazy misfits who aren’t rational unless they have taken their medication.

    The band of merry crazies always camped out on the Frank Report website are nonsensical, delusional, melodramatic… …lunatics.

    You’d have a better chance of “parting the sea” than getting this band of merry loons to come back to earth and listen to what you have to say.

    Stay safe and take care.

  • Anony’s entrenched pontificating tone is the sure sign of a weak and divisive pulse, and this dude cannot write w/o sitting surrounded by the stinkbombs of his own (chosen) limits. Observe the implacable rigidity of such misuse of one’s so-called intellect. How to turn one’s intelligence into a prison! Glom onto selective misinformation and add an insidious side of proffered guilt, as if one’s witnesses can be pressured into “agreement.” Weak, weak sauce. Tom Thumb, trying to look tall to an ant. Fuck it. I flew free of this bullshit back before I went to college. Never let somebody’s rotten, smelly, stale ass try to squash your light. Never.

  • “I actually find it rather sickening to have to cite these tragic examples of human suffering and death, in order to debunk the irresponsible imaginings of armchair theorists living comfortable lives behind computer screens. Shame on those on who have nothing better to do than indulge their own paranoid fantasies, while being willfully blind to the actual suffering of their fellow human beings.”
    While you did the same on other subjects, i tend to agree…
    But that’s the way the world goes now…especially thanks to the internet, conspiracy theorist have no limit and especially when it comes to decency.
    Until authorities punish this kind of things (but then conspiracy theorist would use that to “prove” their “point”.

    Doesn’t mean we have to accept it but look at the reply you got…
    See the bright side of it, they are just a (vocal) minority and luckily most of the world aren’t nutjobs (atleast to that extend) !

  • AnonyMaker is at it again trying to sound wise and berate other people. He says he worked at the Pentagon and was an officer in the US Army. Sounds like a Walter Mitty to me. Why does he not then use his real name and gain some credibility?
    Perhaps because his real name is a Chinese one and he worked not at the Pentagon, but at the MSS in Wuhan.
    I try to be up front with people and let them know who I am.
    As to his stupid crusade to get people to accept 5G, I am sick of it and I think others are literally sick of it.
    I doubt it CAUSES the cuomovirus – named such after a guy who ordered sick patients to be in nursing homes against
    the advice of medically trained professionals – and thus caused a disaster for NY – but I do think it weakens the immune system,
    Also, it seems to allow PR China to spy more on US citizens.
    That is why I think AnonyMaker works for the enemy and is an enemy.
    Give us your real name and stop hiding behind this stupid moniker.

  • 5G is just a relatively new technology for the IOT (Internet of Things), the release of which just happened to coincide (and by “coincide” I mean intenionally was put into effect) with the “Plandemic” Coronavirus to help further along the agenda of the global elite to maintain their systems of power via their monopoly money and other aspects of a financial system that are inherently unjust and bound to cause instability in the general mass of people which will lead to their rebellion against them unlesss they continue to clamp down on your freedoms. It’s just more fear mongering and another “war” they’ve created–just like the “war on poverty”, the “war on drugs”, the “war on terrorism”–the “war on viruses”, to enact more draconian laws that they are able to maintain their parastic lifestyles of control so that you can be debt slaves to them. What makes this more unique and a little more frightful is the advancement of technology provided by genetic engineering, now that these psychos can modify viruses (like they’ve already done with the obviously created in lab HIV virus and AIDS) to infect anyone they want whenever they want and cause a local to state to country to global “health crisis” just to get everyone off the streets and locked up in their homes fearful of dying so that they can continue to do whatever they want. Of course, all of this is just a “conspiracy” by a nutcase as told to you by their mass media (which they own) and government puppets (who they effectively own). But continue to wear your “stylish’ masks that make you look utterly stupid in the name of “public safety” (like fucking care) while they disallow you from stores unless you have them on. Now they’re telling you they can force you to be injected with vaccines and that you have to be tested constantly for threat to others and so they can contact trace you wherever you are. Might as well put a physical chain around your neck for the virtual one they’re literally enforcing on you. They’ve already started their fear mongering in their puppet media for the planned second wave and third wave of their genetically created disease to be more deadly to you who they couldn’t give a shit about. Wake up people.

  • I find it rather sickening to have to read a long story about retorting Fred & Co’s BS. LOL

    Leave it to AnonyMaker to bore us with a long diatribe. LOL

  • “And yes, typical of modern technological society, possible EMF risks of 5G – almost certainly minor – haven’t been as thoroughly researched as they might, prior to commercial deployments.”

    That’s a bit of an understatement…but I like your verbiage coining with “commercial DEPLOYMENTS,” AM!

  • I doubt that 5g plays much of a part in the spread of the Coronavirus amongst indigenous people in the Amazonian rainforests.

    • If it is indigenous peoples that tend to live very isolated from urban centers, the covid19 will also affect them as many types of viruses that they obtain from white men and from people who live in cities usually affect them, but if we talk about 5G you have to see the literature on artificial EM contamination

    • When exactly did Covid-19 testing begin among Amazon rainforest natives?!

      …Does Jeff Bezos get a piece of that for saving trees? 🤣

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