Italian Video Depicts Ease in Which Coronavirus Spreads

Coronavirus-Related Problems

The Ministry of Health in Italy released this video to depict how Coronavirus spreads.

While it is perhaps simplistic, it does suggest that it spreads incredibly easily and helps explain the drastic measures being taken to keep people apart – in Italy at least.

The virus!

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  • As an update, Italy’s fatalities dropped slight for the second day in a row to 602.

    I am late posting this, because I was waiting to see if there was a Fox News article about it that I could link to, since some here seem to object reflexively to other sources. Interestingly, they have yet to report on it, just keeping up their last story citing the more panic-inducing “nearly 800” number from a couple of days ago, even though other sources are publishing pieces like this:

    GLIMMER OF HOPE Death toll in Italy falls for SECOND consecutive day as coronavirus claims 602 new victims

    2 days don’t make a trend, so we’ll have to see, and unfortunately the most recent count is still 46% higher than that of just 4 days ago.

  • One nice thing about these anonyfaker panic threads is they eventually drop off the board like a rancid turd being flushed

    • No worries, now that I’ve convinced my deep state crypto-muslim left wing comrades and butt buddies at Fox News that panic is profitable, we’ll have 24/7/365 at

    • 24/7/365 coverage courtesy of News Corp’s (Fox, NY Post, etc.) friendly foreign owners:

      The headline as of right now:

      U.S. airlines prepare plans to virtually shut down domestic service amid outbreak
      Major U.S. airlines are drafting plans for a potential voluntary shutdown of virtually all domestic passenger flights, according to officials.

      From the panic scoreboard in the upper right:

      Latest Stats

      Total Confirmed
      Total Deaths


      Here’s another one they’re pushing that you gotta love:

      Concern grows for vulnerable prison populations and employees as coronavirus spreads
      FOX News
      5 hours ago

      I’ll have plenty of material going forward if I just copy Fox the way Shadow parrots Breitbart

  • Full article about the Surgeon General’s message from the White House briefing this morning:

    Surgeon general on coronavirus pandemic: ‘It’s going to get bad’

    ‘The surgeon general had a grim warning Monday that the coronavirus pandemic will get worse because Americans aren’t taking the threat seriously enough.

    “I want America to understand this week, it’s going to get bad,” Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said during an interview on NBC’s Today. “We really need to come together as a nation.”

    Adams said too many people—especially those who are young—aren’t following social distancing protocols and guidance to stay at home.

    “Right now, there are not enough people out there who are taking this seriously,” he said. “A lot of people think this can’t happen to them.”

    He pointed to people who flocked to beaches for spring break and others who went to the National Mall to view the cherry blossom trees.

    “When you look at what’s going on in New York…the numbers you see reflect what happened two weeks ago,” Adams said. “We don’t want Dallas or New Orleans or Chicago to turn into the next New York. That means everyone needs to be taking the right steps, right now. And that means stay at home.”

    In New York, more than half of cases involve people between the ages of 18 and 49.

    “It’s important for young people to know you can get this disease, you can be hospitalized from this disease, you can die from this disease, but most importantly, you can spread it to your loved ones.”

    Adams said “every single day, every single second” counts. He advocated testing for those who are at the highest risk, including front line healthcare workers.

    “Everyone needs to act as if they have the virus right now. So, test or no test. We need you to understand you could be spreading it to someone else. Or you could be getting it from someone else. Stay at home.”’

  • Relax anonyfaker, you screams of panic will be shown to be bullshit. This is a Chinese psyop. that is blowing up in their Communist faces

  • Just in, some sources are giving Italy’s most recent 24 hour death toll as 651, a possible break from yesterday’s 793, though my deep state crypto-muslim left wing comrades at Fox News are desperately trying to keep up the panic by pegging it at “nearly 800” in an article published within the last hour:

    Samaritan’s Purse opens coronavirus field hospital in Italy, receives first patients
    ‘Italy tightens lockdown restrictions, nearly 800 deaths from COVID-19 in 24 hours’

    “The unit is meant to help the overwhelmed Cremona Hospital, which the group says was forced to stop most other medical services, excluding maternity and pediatrics, to respond to the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 patients.

    None of the Cremona Hospital’s critical patients have survived, the group said, adding the hospital, like many others around the world, is facing a shortage of ventilators and medical staff.”

  • The World Health Organization was even worse. At a critical time, it was acting as a propaganda arm of the Chinese communists, praising the Chinese who obfuscated the news and lied about it.

    Experts have pinned the virus as starting possibly as early as October, months before the CCP alerted the world about the risks posed by the deadly disease. Rather than addressing the issue, China arrested journalists and doctors who tried to sound the alarm. In addition, the “People’s Republic” blocked information on social media and removed all news stories that attempted to report accurate infection numbers. The end result of this was preventable suffering, as countries were unable to take the urgent action needed to respond.

    Yet through all the CCP’s obfuscation and ensigning preventable deaths, the WHO consistently praised the CCP for its “transparency” and “leadership,” saying its actions were “making us safer.” To the incredulity of health professionals around the world when finally alerted to the seriousness of the threat in January, the WHO refused to declare it a public health emergency. It took until February 10 for the WHO to even send an advance party to China.

    At the same time WHO representatives gushed in praise of the regime’s response, noting the “Chinese people feel protected.” The WHO continues to lavishly praise China as they continued to downplay the threat of the coronavirus, taking months to classify it finally as a pandemic because that “might spook the world further.”

    China now claims it has no new domestic cases of the virus

    • You should credit the right-wing media source that this cut and pasted from.

      Typically, fact-checking turned up no evidence that the WHO said: “Chinese people feel protected.” What did come up was this:

      WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency
      JANUARY 30, 2020

      What POTUS said on that same day was:

      ““We think we have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment — five — and those people are all recuperating successfully. But we’re working very closely with China and other countries, and we think it’s going to have a very good ending for us … that I can assure you.” — speech in Michigan.”

      That ideologically biased article is probably an attempt at political cover for this uncomfortable truth:

      Intelligence officials’ early alarms about possible pandemic went unheeded

      “U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in January and February about the global danger posed by the coronavirus while President Donald Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen, according to U.S. officials familiar with spy agency reporting.”

    • A fact-check for what early White House messaging on China and coronavirus actually was, turns up these:

      Trump discusses coronavirus with China’s Xi

      “President Trump expressed confidence in China’s strength and resilience in confronting the challenge of the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak,” a White House spokesman said in a statement. “The two leaders agreed to continue extensive communication and cooperation between both sides.”

      The correspondence marked the first publicized call between the two leaders since the outbreak began in the Wuhan province.

      In a string of tweets Friday morning, Trump described Xi as “strong, sharp and powerfully focused on leading the counterattack” against the virus and predicted the outcome would be “very successful.””

      Trump not concerned China may be covering up full extent of coronavirus outbreak
      February 7, 2020
      ‘Trump said China is doing “a very good job.”‘

      ‘President Donald Trump said Friday he is not concerned that China might be covering up the full extent of the coronavirus after speaking on Thursday with China’s leader Xi Jinping, who he said has been “strong, sharp and powerfully focused” in his efforts to fight to the spread of the virus.’

      And a couple more headlines to frame things:

      Trump on coronavirus from China: ‘We have it totally under control …
      Jan 22, 2020 –
      ‘Trump says he trusts China’s Xi on coronavirus and the US has it ‘totally under control’.’

      Trump says China is handling coronavirus ‘professionally … .
      Feb 13, 2020

    • Yeah, helped out by my crypto-muslim “left wing comrades” at Fox News who have even set up a website devoted to promoting the hoax panic:

      They even have streaming live coronavirus coverage from Fox TV, and this big sort of scoreboard on one side:

      Latest Stats

      Total Confirmed
      Total Deaths
      Total Recovered

      Johns Hopkins University CSSE

      Note that comes to a 4.2% case fatality rate. The total confirmed cases worldwide is almost exactly 1/100 of the typical US annual load of 31 million influenza cases – so who can do the easy math on what the number of deaths would be at that rate, if coronavirus spread in the US just like the average flu?

  • I think it’s time to set aside the armchair theorizing, and acknowledge the heroic people on the front lines of this crisis who are already virtually on a war footing in a way that has not really been widely acknowledged, in some cases having to start dealing with situations that more resemble battlefield MASH units, and actually putting their own health and even lives at risk – plus that of families to whom they might bring contamination.

    Because COVID-19 results in such an exceptionally high number of contagious patients requiring hospitalization, there are already critical shortages of supplies and equipment, and casualties among the first responders and medical workers themselves.

    Worse than war: How coronavirus in Italy proliferated to a breaking point

    Italian doctor who warned of medical supply shortages to fight coronavirus has now died from the disease

    Former surgeon general says hospitals and doctors ‘struggling’ with lack of masks, protective equipment

    First responders face high risk as they brace for outbreak – Fox News

    At least 67 DC firefighters self-quarantined after 2 test positive for coronavirus

    Used facemasks and bandanas: How the CDC is warning hospitals to prepare for coronavirus shortages

    Despite federal guidelines, Trump suggests ‘sanitizing’ and reusing medical masks

    Nursing homes may run out of masks, gowns next week amid coronavirus outbreak, official says

    As cases of coronavirus rise, possible hospital bed shortage has some worried

    U.S. virus testing faces new headwind: Lab supply shortages

    Who gets a ventilator? Hospitals facing coronavirus surge are preparing for life-or-death decisions

  • Parlato, you need to tone down your fear of porn clown anonyfaker. It sure seems coincidental that the resident leftist blowhard is all of a sudden a mouthpiece on the China virus. My comment yesterday did not make it past your censorship.

    • As to the misleading title, they aren’t, it’s a strawman – the sort of argument Raniere made, that his duped followers like Mack fell for because they wanted (male) authority figures who stirred their emotions and gave them simplistic things to believe were the truth.

      Accurately calling it something like the Wuhan Virus – as is done with other viruses, naming them after their place of origin rather than country of origin – is not “taking China’s side,” particularly not in the big picture. After all, what are we going to call the next virus to come out of China, if this one is the China virus?

      As for the rest of the video, I’m largely in agreement – and have been for two decades, including during the worst of outsourcing and offshoring during the Bush administration, when I remember quite clearly, Democrats in Congress pushed against it, and Fox News reflexively supported the “conservatives” instead other than with a bit of lip service and the occasional Pat Buchanan interview.

      Your logical fallacy is: Strawman

      You misrepresented someone’s argument to make it easier to attack.

      By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate.

      Example: After Will said that we should put more money into health and education, Warren responded by saying that he was surprised that Will hates our country so much that he wants to leave it defenceless by cutting military spending.

    • Also, if you want big, splashy, borderline off-topic videos, here’s one to check out. If you consider yourself at all objective, take just
      a minute and a half (I watched all 6:12 of yours) to see how Fox’s talking heads have told you completely different things and different times – often just a week apart:

      Next week, if Trump decides it’s important not to offend China in order, say, to get supplies we need and keep up global trade to avoid economic collapse, will we be hearing a different message from the talking heads, about how it’s important to be accurate and call it the Wuhan coronavirus and that’s not letting them off the hook?

  • By way of an update to what I’ve been posting below, Italy’s death rate continues to increase exponentially, with 624 COVID-19 fatalities in the last 24 hours, up 46% from the previous day. If the US, with a 6.5 times larger population, ends up at the same point on the curve, that would equate to 4,056 deaths per day here – exceeding the worldwide total of 3,000 tuberculosis deaths per day on the outdated and misleading graphic posted by Bangkok/Pablo/Horacio, for example.

    Here’s a grim visual reminder of the the sort of system overloads that can occur – and that need to be avoided, if at all possible, by flattening the curve – even if younger and healthier people aren’t dying in large numbers (though when the healthcare system gets too overloaded, even younger people start to suffer as well). In Italy, the mortuary system is so overwhelmed, that the military has been called in to provide convoys of trucks to ferry bodies of the dead from hospitals to cemeteries and crematoriums – and even from overwhelmed crematoriums in the hardest hit areas, to those in other provinces:

    Article with photos showing convoy trucks actually at a cemetery crematorium:

    • “One reason that Italy has been hit hard is that many Italians took it.
      The current thinking is that ibuprofen can make the virus worse.”

      Ibuprofen cuts off the blood flow to the kidneys.
      It can even damage the kidneys of the healthy.
      Ibuprofen increases the risk of heart failure, kidney failure, and liver failure.

      Avoid ibuprofen for coronavirus symptoms, WHO says

  • The Chinese got rid of this, but did not tell us HOW they got rid of the virus – they used
    Quinine. The Koreans, French and Chinese all agree – this is the cure. For some reason a few people want to waste time and NOT get this out – I am writing about it and talking to a paper etc.

    The bark alone cured people, then it was refined, thus we got a cure for malaria. In countries with malaria – and heavy use of quinine – no corona.

    Trump is on the case – but not without opposition – could be some pols are in fact profiting from this and don’t want a cure.

    We need to INSIST on the cure – which is cheap and abundant and shown to PREVENT as well as cure.

    I am writing from NYC – once again, GROUND ZERO of a disaster. People here are really in a state of panic – yet the homeless with diseases are allowed to infect us and some crazy jerks insist on letting their dogs leave a mess – note that a dog just died of this. Dogs carry this. I forced the idiots who left the disease-ridden poop to clean it up.
    They left it right where people do yoga, watch birds and play with their kids step outside a children’s’ playground in Fort Tryon Park, upper Manhattan.

    Stay well, drink lots of tonic water – I just bought some – and am looking for quinine drugs.

    And get this word out, this is what we have been praying for – God did his part now we must do ours.

  • Time to Hold China Accountable for Unleashing Hell on the World

    CHINA is PANICKING about countries who now want to release the strangle hold they have on them. They are desperate to retain ownership of MEDICAL SUPPLY CHAINS

    Screw these Communist bastards. When will the fucking world learn. They poisoned your dog food and dry wall among many other things. They put lead paint on your kids toys. The fucking appliances and clothes they make don’t last. The steel they made was substandard and our Military was using it. They put fucking spyware in the electronic products they manufactured. They did not respect intellectual property laws. I could go on. Thank your globalist puppet politicians for selling out to the Atheistic Red Dragon.

    • No, and I don’t rule out faulty tests, or some plot to use this to get control – China and its puppets –
      the Humpty Dumpty congressmen (on board with Mark Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell etc at the Humpty
      Dumpty Institute with PR China agents, all refusing to answer questions for months) – look at what it is
      doing. Shutting down the US, this is bio and financial warfare.
      I say arrest Jeff Bezos.
      And arrest anyone trying to get in the way of quinine based medicines – big pharma does not like them
      yet China used them to stop this there.

      • It was the White House that delayed and suppressed testing, when they just could have gotten proven test kits from South Korea and the WHO.

        If you want to have a conspiracy theory that has any semblance of logical coherence, then you have to explain how Trump is doing this as a calculated “genius” move. I hear the Qanons credit it to preparations for those arrests of pedophiles they’ve been waiting for….

        How this South Korean company created coronavirus test kits in three weeks
        Posted Mar 12, 2020

        Special Report: How Korea trounced U.S. in race to test people for coronavirus

        “One of the country’s top infectious disease officials delivered an urgent message: South Korea needed an effective test immediately to detect the novel coronavirus, then running rampant in China. He promised the companies swift regulatory approval.

        Though there were only four known cases in South Korea at that point, “we were very nervous. We believed that it could develop into a pandemic,” one attendee, Lee Sang-won, an infectious diseases expert at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told Reuters.

        “We acted like an army,” he said.

        A week after the Jan. 27 meeting, South Korea’s CDC approved one company’s diagnostic test. Another company soon followed. By the end of February, South Korea was making headlines around the world for its drive-through screening centers and ability to test thousands of people daily.”

        • As usual you are a fucking DNC mouthpiece.





          • Widespread testing (and some other early proactive measures) is what allowed the Koreans to determine and track the problem, and keep it under control without significant loss of life or major damage to their economy, however:

            US, South Korea reported first coronavirus cases on the same day. How they compare now

            ‘Two months later, the U.S. has nearly 9,000 more confirmed cases than South Korea, according to Johns Hopkins University. And while cases in South Korea are on the decline, the number of cases in the U.S. is growing at a faster rate than any other country in the world as of March 19, according to Hopkins’ research.

            The difference, health experts say, is in the response.


      • Noone ‘likes’ quinine, even as a cure for malaria, where it has been successful, it has horrible side effects can effect your sight, will leave you with atrial fibrillation, low platelet count etc. Not useful against viruses.

        • Thanks for that reminder. Side effects can be so severe, that medicines can’t even be used for some patients. And vaccines can turn out to have side effects as well – that’s one reason it take so long to test them.

    • Yes. One + test on colleague tested week and a half a go on return to Australia. In close contact with a team of six, here in UK. One doctor friend, test hope is that I have it plus antibodies, rather than I dont have it yet..
      Not panic buying, the supermarket shelves are plundered, with the exception of Wholefoods and today on kensington high street, all the atm’s were dry..I am following all the guidelines but still venturing out everyday for exercise and a chance at herd immunity.. my Italian friends are at another level of awareness, reticent and evasive about sharing news from home..

    • Younger people still get hospitalized at close to the 20% average rate, even if they’re likely to survive – which is one of the reasons that hospitals in Italy are overwhelmed. There are also some emerging trends suggesting they may, in part, just take longer to show up at hospitals, and get sick, and that the death rates for younger demographics could increase over time – but regardless, it’s a further reminder for everyone to take this seriously:

      More young people are being admitted to hospital in Italy with coronavirus, as the outbreak continues
      ‘Younger people with lots of social contact are more at risk of contracting the disease if they do not stick to social distancing rules’

      ‘Luca Lorini, the head of anaesthesia and intensive care at a northern Italian hospital believes the type of coronavirus patient is changing.

      He said: “They are a bit younger, between 40 to 45 years old and the cases are more complicated.”’

  • Yet another reminder, to continue to take this seriously – there’s a lot we don’t know at this point, and perhaps for instance it won’t spread too widely, but then again we may discover something such as that those who do come down with it suffer more long-term effects than initially understood:

    Some children with coronavirus develop serious illnesses, study finds

    • Please get the virus yourself. You are nothing but a fucking fear monger. Go back to your fucking left wing comrades in Communist China.

      • If you note the source that I linked to, I guess my “fucking left wing comrades” are Fox News.

        You have been owned.

  • This is a not very new instruction video from the NHS. When showing this to trainee nurses in the UK, it is apt to point out that the effect they use (that spreading glow light) is only an approximation of the speed of the spread of viral replication. It happens even faster than that.

    • No, it’s not silly when you actually look correctly at what’s going on – and there are very good reasons that experts, governments, and even investors worldwide, people with training and expertise who are good at what they do, are all extraordinarily concerned about the situation.

      You’ve spammed this fake news several places, including where it’s totally off-topic – what’s up with that?

      To begin with, that graphic is based on information that is more than a month out of date, showing only 50 deaths per day from COVID-19, whereas the current rate has since rapidly increased to about 1,000 per day* – which itself demonstrates the real, growing danger that people are now responding to.

      But the basic problem is that it’s an erroneous attempt to compare data from the first couple of months of a pandemic expanding at a geometric rate whose endpoint is unknown, with annual information (divided into a daily “rate”) for other diseases.

      The implication of the graphic, from what I can tell, is that there are 3,000 deaths per day from tuberculosis.

      But there would ultimately be 54,800 average deaths per day from COVID-19 if it spreads like a typical annual flu season, to 1 billion people worldwide, and has a death rate of 2% of cases – and that may be optimistic, as China recorded 3.4% and Italy is experiencing 5%.

      * see, for instance,

  • Stock market soaring, Trump headed to second term, Left fearing prosecution for decades of criminality, and China’s economy slowly crumbling.

    Suddenly a pathogen emerges near (or at) a Chinese bio-weapons facility, and the globalist media quickly fan it into a world-destroying conflagration.

    The Western nations immediately panic and mass-hysteria begins. However, mass-hysteria is difficult to take hold in strong, masculine societies. It requires ‘willing minds’ such as those conditioned by mass-com propaganda, and it requires feminized/feminist societies that are prone to hive-mind, collectivist thought and action, easily manipulated by fear. And that describes the modern West.

    Female-ruled, hysterical societies value SAFETY beyond all else, as that is the Female Imperative.

    And just like cuckoo clockwork, America shuts down its entire nation based on . . . nothing, really. An empowered, cocooned, over-entitled citizenry is ripe for each and every panic that can be ginned up. Takin’ candy from babies.

  • Just out from the CDC (direct link in the article), an important reminder that young people need to take this seriously for many reasons, even if they are not at much risk of death themselves.

    New analysis breaks down age-group risk for coronavirus — and shows millennials are not invincible.

    ‘up to one-fifth of infected people ages 20-44 have been hospitalized, including 2%-4% who required treatment in an intensive care unit.’

  • “Dr. Deborah Birx: Coronavirus Mortality Higher in the Beginning, Especially Among Elderly”

    ‘Dr. Deborah Birx told Americans on Wednesday at the White House that the mortality rate for coronavirus would be higher in the early stages of the fight against the disease.

    “The mortality is higher at the beginning because you’re diagnosing the sickest, the ones who came in quite ill,” she said to reporters during a White House press briefing on Wednesday afternoon.”

    “Birx added that the risk for serious illness among the majority of Americans was low but that they could transmit the disease to the elderly.

    “I just want to remind the American public that still the risk for serious illness in the majority of Americans are low,” she said. “But that doesn’t mean that you can’t transmit it to one of those higher-risk groups, and that’s why we’re asking for all Americans to take responsibility.”

    The people currently dying from the disease, she explained, were diagnosed two to three weeks ago with the illness or where it had been contracted in nursing homes.”

  • It’s high time to end the policy of Open Borders.
    Before the Immigration law change of 1965, a law pushed by the drunkard Teddy Kennedy and a Democratic Representative from New York City named Emmanuel Cellar, the government would screen all wannabe immigrants and visitors and anyone who appeared to be sick was quarantined and possibly deported.
    And stop trading with countries that eat bats, rats, cats and anteaters.
    Not all cultures are equal.

      • Nice Guy:

        Do you think this is the last disease to pour out of China?

        “In 1993, Claude Hannoun, the leading expert on the 1918 flu for the Pasteur Institute, asserted the former virus was likely to have come from China. It then mutated in the United States near Boston”

        “In 2014, historian Mark Humphries argued that the mobilization of 96,000 Chinese laborers to work behind the British and French lines might have been the source of the pandemic. Humphries, of the Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John’s, based his conclusions on newly unearthed records. He found archival evidence that a respiratory illness that struck northern China in November 1917 was identified a year later by Chinese health officials as identical to the Spanish flu.”

        Coronavirus, bird flu, swine fever: Why China is still so susceptible to disease outbreaks
        Residents wearing face masks purchase seafood at a wet market in Macau, China in January. China’s wet market tradition makes it susceptible to disease spread.

        • Once again, you should use The Google, and learn more about the broad span of history.

          The plague also came out of China in the middle ages – so by your reasoning, there must have been too much trade and contact even then.

          Thus the only way to avoid such problems entirely, is to go back before the stone age (even then, STDs and tropical diseases spread), with humans living in small, widely spread tribal groups that have virtually no contact with one another.

          • The pox virus precedes humanity, isn’t it a possible contributing cause of Dinosaur extinction?

    • You need to use the Google to fact-check and learn your history.

      That screening still didn’t stop multiple epidemics and pandemics of influenza, bubonic plague, and encephalitis from reaching the US in the late 19th and early- to mid-20th centuries.

      You might also want to broaden your cultural knowledge. You’d be surprised how many countries have old practices of eating domestic animals that we might consider pets, and “bushmeat” or wild-caught animals that aren’t normally raised for meat, that still linger in smaller towns and cities, and the countryside – just like in China.

      In the North of Italy, some keep up the old tradition of making stew out of “roof rabbits” – cats – and will tell you that the Sicilians put dogmeat in their mortadella, though the Sicilianu will deny it (usually).

      TV chef dropped for cat recipe comments

      “Italy’s state-owned television broadcaster has dropped a popular chef for sharing a recipe with viewers to cook cat.”

      So, no more trade with Italy, either. A century ago, the Klan certainly would have agreed with you that theirs is not a culture equal to ours.

  • Let’s remember when George Bush was President. A FEAR EPIDEMIC: The CDC and Bush announced that more than 2 million Americans could die. Global death bets came to predict 360 million. For his part, Britain’s chief medical officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, said on British TV that “we are facing a massive epidemic that can kill 750,000 people in GB.” Fortunately, he later added that: “there was no need to panic.” What is obviously a tease. Psychiatrist Colin McEvedy established that some epidemics are entirely caused by fear, without any physical cause. McEvedy’s suspicions began when he worked at the Royal Free Hospital in 1955. While he was there, an epidemic struck the hospital, affecting 300 nurses, 200 of whom had to be confined to a hospital bed. After many years of follow-up, McEvedy was able to confirm that the epidemic was entirely the result of hysteria triggered by fear of polio, which was common in the 1950s. Subsequently, he was also able to identify other epidemics triggered by hysteria, including one in two girls’ schools. Most of the symptoms of those who suffered included depression, fatigue, and vague neurological signs – not unlike those of avian flu. Some also complained of paralysis and sensory disturbances. Dr. Marc Siegel, internist and professor at the New York School of Medicine stated, “We have created a situation where fear is created, and then we need to create a treatment for this fear. The population thinks that the flu will kill them and that the vaccine will save them. Neither one nor the other is true. ” Part of the hidden political agenda of chicken flu and all the threats of epidemics is based on always keeping the flame of fear active, so that citizens accept the manipulation of their lives. For example, the suppression of the individual’s rights to travel, to leave their home, to accept or not to be vaccinated. The right of citizens to contradict their leaders over anything can be canceled at any time, minimizing their resistance under the guise of a pandemic. This program compulsorily includes the submission of citizens to the truths defined by the experts who finance themselves against your interests and their health. The submission of individuals to these scientific aberrations can only be maintained if people are kept in ignorance and are afraid.

    • Let’s remember when George Bush was President. A FEAR EPIDEMIC:

      Sounds more like your democrap buddy blowhards screaming about the phony global warming

  • Thanks for that.

    Here’s a chart that puts this coronavirus in perspective, placing its transmission rate around double that of typical flu:

    (from article cited at bottom)

    And here’s a graph that asseses multiple factors including dangers, putting it in a box of ranges 3 of whose corners are traditional flu, polio, and Spanish Flu:

    As for Italy, here’s the current situation there – deaths holding around 350 per day for the last several days (in a country with a population about a fifth that of the US) but the hospital system increasingly overwhelmed to the point where it affects their ability to respond to other emergencies such as heart attacks:

    Italy’s doctors warn of ‘catastrophic’ situation as coronavirus death toll rises 345 to 2,503 and infections reach 31,506

    ‘Doctors on the front line of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak have described ‘catastrophic’ scenes in hospitals which are creaking with the sheer volume of cases.

    They tell of critically ill patients who should be in intensive care but are instead slumped in busy wards because of a woeful lack of equipment and staff.

    Worryingly, the doctors who have spoken out are from state-of-the-art hospitals which typically provide excellent care but were caught flat-footed by the virus which is stretching their capacity to breaking point.

    Italy’s outbreak – the worst outside of China – spiralled further today as infections hit 31,506 and the death toll jumped 345 to 2,503.
    Intensive care specialist Mirco Nacoti told the Wall Street Journal: ‘Until three weeks ago, we did everything for every patient.

    ‘Now we have to choose which patients to put in intensive care. This is catastrophic.’

    The hospital’s once rapid emergency response is also at breaking point, with even people reporting heart attacks waiting an hour on the phone because the lines are being bombarded.’

    The US is on a curve whose trajectory is not yet clear – and keep in mind, that there has been so little testing, that epidemiologists estimate that are large number of cases have yet to be detected:

    US sees highest 24-hour coronavirus death toll increase since outbreak started

    The hope, given the measures being taken, is to hold it to no worse than Italy (see graphs) though we may avoid the concentration of cases seen in that country’s North:

    The US has one week to enforce social distancing and ‘flatten the curve’ as the coronavirus outbreak escalates. Here’s why these days are so critical.

    This shows where we stand as far as testing:

  • Kim Snyder
    The Corona Virus is easily spread through a body that is stressed, fever, and most of all- the sense of TOUCH!!!!!!
    Touch is why the schools are ALL shut down!

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