500 calorie diet creates ideal of female beauty; Master Raniere’s teachings and discipline lead the way [with photos]

The long term result of the 500 calorie diet is the ideal body, according to the new standard of beauty which DOS and Mr. Raniere are teaching the world.

Dietary considerations play a vital role in Keith Raniere’s teachings, especially for the women of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] the secretive women’s group.

The presence of excess fat can disturb transmission of Mr. Raniere’s energies to women. He encourages women to be vegetarian and offers instructions on overcoming bodily urges and “emotional viscera” toward food.

DOS women are aided by one of three diets, distinguished by daily caloric intakes: 500, [advanced] 800 [standard] 900 [women with defiance issues].

Allison Mack, the leader of DOS, helps oversee dietary compliance of other women in the secret women’s group.

The 500 calorie diet consists of plain low fat yogurt and a small quantity of fruit in the morning. Lunch and dinner consist of foods such as plain squash, kale, cucumber, zucchini, fermented cabbage and radish [Kimchi], and shirataki noodles [10 calories per 4-ounce serving.] Beverages consist of lemon water with stevia, probiotics and Zevias, a calorie free sparkling water. Sugar free gum is also on the menu and can be taken after every meal for dessert.

The 500 calories diet prescribed for women of DOS for advanced spiritual growth is less than half the calories prisoners at Auschwitz Concentration camp received daily.

Auschwitz prisoners daily diet was : Breakfast: Half a liter of boiled water with grain-based coffee substitute, or herbal tea. These beverages were unsweetened. Near zero calories.

Lunch: A liter of watery soup, with bits of potatoes, rutabaga, groats, rye flour, Avo food extract and sometimes meat bits: 350 –400 calories.

Dinner:  A third of a loaf of black bread [300 grams], served with a small piece [25 grams] of sausage, or margarine, or a tablespoon of marmalade or cheese.  900 – 1000 calories.

At Auschwitz, insufficient nutrition and hard labor contributed to the destruction of the human organism, which gradually used up its stores of fat, muscle mass, and the tissues of the internal organs. This led to emaciation and starvation sickness, the cause of a significant number of deaths in the camp.

The ideal body weight for an advanced woman of DOS
500 calorie diet.
aushwitz diet
The 1300 daily calories fed to prisoners at Auschwitz.
images (1)
Pre DOS, Allison Mack
Too few calories can lead to premature aging.
Keith Raniere has shown women that the ideal is the woman on the left, while the woman on the right is seen as grotesque in DOS. Ironically, many worldly people would say just the opposite. The woman on the right is attractive while the woman on the left is grotesque.

While some  scientists say the human body needs 1200–1500 calories a day for brain function, heart function, digestion, and other activities if one is immobile and more calories depending on exertion, Mr. Raniere says scientists are wrong.

If a woman is free of “disintegrations” and emotional viscera, she will not need to eat much.

Women on 500 calorie per day diets often stop menstruating. At first exhaustion, feeling cold, hair falling out, blood sugar drop, heart palpitations, fainting spells, sudden blood pressure drops, uneven weight distribution, are often noticed.

Mr. Raniere explains this is a temporary phase and prescribes long distance running to help a women get into better shape while on the low calorie diet.

Gallstones, fatigue, bone and muscle loss, electrolyte imbalances and possibly death are avoided by the supertvision of these professionals and also by the on call avaialability of Dr. Roberts D.O. who, as a DOS slave is available 24 hours.


col 5
Most would agree this woman might want to lose a few pounds
This woman is about 10-15 pounds overweight, according to standards of DOS.
Once a DOS woman gets to the ideal weight, she becomes joyful and buoyant.
When a person reduces his caloric intake either because he has no access to food or because she is on a special spiritual diet – all fat in time disappears from the body
emaciated 1
The long term result of the 500 calorie diet is the ideal body, according to the new standard of beauty which DOS and Mr. Raniere are teaching the world.
This full figure woman is not acceptable in DOS society. If she were a member she would be required to lose 60-100 pounds.
paloma mariella
This woman is at least 15 pounds overweight according to DOS standards. Yet DOS women admit it is hard to lose that last 15 pounds that makes all the difference between pleasing Mr. Raniere and being just shy of what he desires. This woman is too fat for Mr. Raniere.
DOS slave India Oxenberg has some weight to lose to please Mr. Raniere.
A ‘tubby’ India Oxenberg needs to lose weight to please Mr. Raniere. She has been branded and enjoys the slave life Mr. Raniere offers but too much weight spoils the spiritual transmissions.
emaciated 1
This woman has hit the DOS mark.
Keith Raniere wants people to stop misunderstanding him, he says.
nicki clyne
Nicki Clyne a slave of DOS shows that zero calorie water with stevia or other no calorie sweeteners can make one feel guilty – even though there is no calories.
bronfman running
Clare Bronfman completes a half marathon in New Hampshire.
At the right weight a woman will be as light as a feather.
Keith Raniere says fat on women disturb the transmission of essential energy to him.
skinny bvr
Clare Bronfman makes DOS possible is headed toward the right weight but has a long way to go.
bronfman running
Like many of the women of DOS their upper bodies are too fat, but their lower bodies seem to get close to the correct proportions through running and maintaining a 500 calorie diet, Clare Bronfman needs to lose upper body weight for Mr. Raniere.  
An overweight [fat face] Nicki Clyne, Basit Igtet [Mr. Sara Bronfman], Allison Mack [note her legs are close to the stick figure legs preferred by Mr. Raniere], Slyvie Lloyd, and Clare Bronfman [face and upper body too fat].

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5 years ago

I agree with a lot of what you said but could certainly do without the “overweight (fat face) Nicki Clyne” about a woman who is anything but overweight. I know that’s what you were saying overall but towards the end your captions got a bit crazy…. might want to revise.

6 years ago

This guy is a hypocritical clown. Has he taken a look in the mirror and seen his body shape and all of the fat that hangs off of it? Get out of here.

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