Dr. Danielle Roberts Defended

Dr. Danielle Roberts, D.O. who is a slave woman of DOS does the branding.

Frank Report has published numerous articles on Dr. Danielle Roberts, the DOS branding doctor. A friend of hers, who has written to me several times in the past, and as early as 2017, claims my articles on Dr. Roberts are  ‘slanderous, libelous and defamatory.”

By Laura

Dr. Danielle Roberts is a very good doctor who tries to help her patients.

She is also a victim, as much as victim as all the other women in DOS! She was not one of the “First Line Masters.” She was a slave of Allison Mack and was in love with Keith Raniere.  She left her long-term boyfriend for Keith. He deceived her totally. He never loved her.

If she lent her professional training to the women who were branded, she was at least making it significantly safer due to her medical training.

Without her, if the DOS women still wanted to be branded, they would have done it anyway and it would have been done by someone with less training and that might have done potentially greater, more extensive, physical harm.

She has not branded anyone since shortly after your branding stories came out in the summer of 2017. So, please do not suggest she is still branding women.

Still, do you realize that of all the women she branded, not one of them had an infection, not one suffered any serious injury from branding? It may have been painful but that is what the women agreed to. Danielle did her best to make it the least painful it could be.

Also, I want to correct you on one statement you repeatedly make. The branding did not take 40 minutes. The whole branding ceremony took that long but the actual time Danielle applied the stencil and pen was between five and 10 minutes.

She always tried to minimize pain and do it as quickly as possible. She did not want to rush either. She wanted to do the design carefully so that it would look good and not be too large or small.  At the time, she believed that this would be a worldwide mission for women empowerment.

Of course, she was foolish but please remember this is what she thought.

Whatever she did, she tried to be conscientious. She tried to minimize pain and be compassionate.

A lot of women who were branded were scared and Danielle was there to calm them and make them feel comfortable. She is credited with making the branding safe.

Dr. Danielle Roberts

As I told you before, Dr. Roberts moved to Albany to help people. She is a kindhearted, well-intended person that was misguided and manipulated by having her pure care and concern for others incredibly twisted.

Calling her out on your website as one of the main culprits is far more damaging than helpful and more isolating for her.  It is not only ruining her career but it makes integrating socially back into the rest of the world even more challenging from this point forward.

Please remove any slander, libel or spin from your articles regarding Dr. Roberts.  She was manipulated. That does not make her mad, deranged or psychotic. She is a victim!  It’s the boiling of a frog, slowly over time.

Confusing, manipulating, and defaming her isn’t helping her. You have become the exact tool then through which you helped Keith Raniere get more control.

Write about these women in truth. Start by stating that they are the ones who are being manipulated! Please consider that. Otherwise, the victims will be labeled as the culprits and not as the victims they are.

Why is Dr. Roberts a perpetrator when you consider most of the other branded women victims?

Just because she used her skill to make women safer? It is not fair.  Intellectually educated women are just as susceptible to thought reform as anyone else.

Please don’t be like most people and presume these women should know better. That thinking is a large part of what keeps groups like this going because everyone is thinking, “Oh, not me. I wouldn’t fall for that stuff.”

The same above can equally be applied to educated intellectual men as well.

Your writing is a beautiful tool. “The pen is mightier than the sword” as it’s said.  As such, how you literally “paint” and portray these female victims in your articles guides the readers’ opinion of these women. Consider that and maybe you’ll come full circle in your logic:  To break the cycle, the blame needs to be directed to the source, Keith Raniere! Not the victims of the source.

Keith Raniere, he damaged a lot of lives.

I want Keith Raniere to get a long prison sentence and his organization in Mexico and everywhere to fail as he sits in prison!

But the “followers”, “believers” and victims need to know they are not criminals or crazy or mad. They are victims. That’s how you take away a madman’s power – by taking away his followers, not blaming them. That perpetuates the cycle and keeps guys like Keith in power over his victims.

Will be you glad if she loses her medical license? Why, when she does so much good with her healing?

Stop writing about her.

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  • She did it because she liked to PERIOD. She could have numbed the area easily but didn’t because she wanted it to be as painful as possible. To her, pain = love. Both inflicting and suffering pain was a sign of love. Such a person is unworthy of a medical license and trying to excuse it by saying she was not acting as a medial doctor is intellectually, ethically, and morally reprehensible. She should live by the philosophy she espouses and suffer the full consequences, both foreseeable and unforeseeable, of her decisions and actions.

  • See, that’s just it.
    We don’t want her, Lauren, Nancy, etc reintegrated into society.
    We do want Danielle Roberts to be isolated, to lose her medical license, etc.
    Punished for what she did. Either legally or via public opinion.
    We, the general public, have the right of association and we don’t want the likes of her as a neighbor or our physician.
    Let her go be with Clare or Sara.

    • All these Leaders of the NXIVM Crime Gang should be isolated from society.
      They are all dangerous half-wits.
      Keith Raniere
      Allison Mack
      Clare Bronfman
      Sara Bronfman
      Nancy Salzman
      Lauren Salzman
      are all menaces to society.

      Good Riddance to Bad Trash!

  • You’re right, Shadow. Even though Roberts painfully seared Keith’s Monogram into the unanesghetized, delicate pubic flesh of dozens of unwitting, deliberately deceived, starved, sleep-deprived girls —while being forcibly held down and despite their outcries — and even though as an osteopath DR. Roberts must know she irreparably harmed them not only physically but permanently
    damaged those girls by inflicting mental and emotional trauma — not to mention the harm to their future relationships — it was not Roberts but Allison Mack —

    Allison Mack who killed Chloe Sullivan!

    And ruined ShadowState’s life and faith in love and humanity forevermore.

    • Shadowstate,

      I knew Allison Mack killed Chloe Sullivan!!!

      Mack is evil goddamnit! Cankles are the mark of the devil.

      Ru Shadow!!! Run!!!!!

      Perhaps you should hide in the library basement tonight?

  • This was disturbing to read.

    “Oh thank you, Doctor Roberts, for using your skill to ensure I get Keith’s initials done nicely on my pubic area without getting any infections”

    There are a lot of things Miss Roberts could have done with her skill to help humanity. Branding women is not one of them. She could have gone to homeless shelters and provided help to drug addicts, or helped low-income people with hard health conditions. Instead of branding Latinas, she could have gone to rural Latin America and helped these towns learn about medicine and become more self-sufficient.

    This is a grown-ass woman, who is a doctor. It is negligent to have used her skills in helping the criminal and pedophile Keith Raniere. So what if she was manipulated? She is a grown woman with free will. Doctors cannot be this negligent. She should be held responsible.

    Did she ever contact the victims to see how they were doing? Ask their forgiveness? It is disturbing she is not taking responsibility.

    • Doctors are this negligent all the time, and worse. For example, two of my former Amway upline are doctors, Dr. Charles (and Pricilla) Rudd and Dr. jim (and Jeannette) LaRose. The first is retired, the other still practices in Houston. Both made money from the ATS (Amway Tool Scam), which is RICO fraud, and taught their downline how to cheat and manipulate the Amway website to make a self-purchase appear to be a retail sale, which means Amway is an illegal pyramid as well. Both are responsible for many scars, financial, mental, psychological, and physical. But they couldn’t care less. LaRose even joined the now defunct CieAura body healing patch MLM scam and was a featured medial “expert” regarding the “miracle” patches. LOL

          • Nutjob,

            Why do you think Scott is always trying to get people to call him or Skype with him?

            Even before his radio show, he was trying to get people to call him on the phone instead of simply email.

          • Me too, Scott…syke! Hey Nutjob, when you ask him if he still wears the patch, are you talking about a hair patch?

          • No. He refers to that as his “piece”.

            My question was stupid because I’m sure the answer is yes. I asked if he still wears his CieAura body healing patches.

        • I don’t want sympathy, I want people to help educate others about Amway and other MLM scams, so that others don’t experience what I and 10s of millions of others have experienced.

          • That’s admirable. I hate it when drivers don’t use their turn signals. I’d like to educate people about blinkers so that others don’t experience what I and 100s of millions of others have experienced. Let’s do a JV!

          • Sounds good, that’s a big problem in Texas. Would you like to talk about that on Skype? I also have a freeconferencecall.com number and you can keep your phone number confidential there as well.

          • How about I just call the pod, tonight? Talk to you soon. Toodles.

            (There may be a tad bit of a chance that I pull a Mitch, Frank, niceguy, and every other person with a brain, and not call you. In fact, I’d rather have an enema than talk to you.)

          • “I and 10s of millions” LOL. Delusions of grandeur. Millions is even a lot. I suppose it’s how you define an MLM. In it’s broadest sense it would include most political parties.

          • Mr. Cricket, I do not include political parties as MLMs. Many, if not most MLMs are member of the DSA. There is lots of information available showing that 10s of millions of people have been ripped off by Amway and other MLM scams in the U.S. alone, and 100s of millions around the world.

          • Can’t believe I missed out on the fun of the ending of this thread. Even poor niceguy now knows Frank was on the pod. I believe S. Johnson promised a 2nd appearance by Frank a couple of months ago but… jiminy crickets…

          • I’ve offered to Frank that he can come on my show any time he wants. He can come on before the sentencings, after, or both. Even you can come on, Nutjob. But I realize you’re as scared as NiceGuy and Bangkok. LOL

  • The defenders of the female NXIVM perps all put forth a similar defense. “They were just doing what they were told. They thought they were helping. They loved the little troll and wanted to have his babies.”

    IMO, it is possible to be outraged and angry at these perps AND understand that what the defenders say has a lot of truth to it.

    • The irony of your comment on this site in particular, Nutjob —perhaps of this entire case — is that many of the male oriented trolls and such on here — along with Vanguard himself — firmly believe a woman’s place is obediently standing behind her man no matter what his flaws or where he leads.

      I don’t personally believe that is any excuse — or that there is any excuse for harming another person on behalf of anyone or anything — but if one puts female subservience over a woman’s right to independent decision-making and action, then Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman are the only perpetrators and, yes, the slaves have an excuse.

    • Nutjob,

      You remind me of the Master from 70’s tv show Kung Fu.

      “The victim of the perpetrator who is also a victim of a perpetrator is the victim of the perpetrator’s bad parents.”-Master Nutjob

      “Black man runs very fast, but problem runs faster.”- Eddie Murphy

  • What is a story about Dr. Danielle Roberts without a lecture from the woman herself?
    Without the wisdom of Danielle Roberts, none of us would know about the Placebo, that great new drug that cures anything.

    PLACEBO EFFECT: Creating the Belief Systems for Miraculous Healing by Danielle Roberts, DO
    Comments are turned off

  • I’m alarmed that Frank Parlato, our so-called journalistic truth-seeker, would take this bait without at least attempting to vet the source a little bit by asking some common-sense questions of them (to find out if they likely know Danielle).

    This so-called friend (“Laura”) is not likely a real friend of Danielle Roberts, as she purports to be.

    How do I know this?

    Cuz the entire article sounds like something a troll would cook up, from top to bottom.

    Firstly, if Laura is to be believed… She’s not only a friend of Danielle Roberts, but she’s such a close friend that Dr. Roberts has confided in her about the intricate details of what went on during DOS branding ceremonies.

    It’s highly doubtful that Danielle would do that.

    Why? Cuz admitting these details with such candor (even to a friend) would put Dr. Roberts in a position to be sued, indicted or even lose her medical license —- IF this friend ever spilled the beans or was subpoenaed before a grand jury or in a civil trial.

    Danielle’s attorneys would NEVER allow her to make such an admission to ANYBODY who’s not her legal counsel —– and FRANK KNOWS IT.

    I challenge Frank to dispute this.

    Secondly, if Laura is to be believed… That would mean Danielle Roberts has ‘disavowed’ Keith Raniere and declared that he’s basically a conman who conned her.

    If Danielle had REALLY given this information to Laura, she’d have known that Laura would likely leak it to the press (or possibly be subpoenaed) —– which means that by giving this info to Laura, Danielle would in essence be publicly rebuking Keith Raniere.

    That just isn’t very likely. According to Frank’s reporting over the last couple years, she has stuck by her Vanguard even after the DOS story broke. She has never issued a rebuke of Keith publicly.

    In fact, even if Danielle had disavowed Keith (which she’ll never do) she’d still NEVER admit any of this information to a friend.


    Cuz the legal ramifications would expose her to too much liability ——- civilly, criminally and also with the medical licensing authorities.

    Her attorneys would have advised her to say NOTHING about her participation in DOS. Period.

    Thus, Frank Parlato is being PLAYED by a troll similar to Pea Onyu or Monte Blu. Except in this case, the troll is rebuking Keith Raniere and praising Danielle (rather than defending Keith —– as Pea Onyu and Monte Blu often do).

    Frank isn’t being much of a journalist by pretending as though this source may be real.

    He’s failed to ask any common sense questions to his ‘source’ —– to vet if she’s at least likely to be a friend of Danielle Roberts (I’m talking about private questions which wouldn’t be printed on FR, just to verify if his source is real).

    Printing Laura’s story on FR is fine (since Frank prints lots of stuff). However, Frank’s failure to ‘vet’ this source is odd since he vetted the other source about Kreuk’s hoax.

    Why the double standard, Frank?

    This whole article is a troll’s story. It’s made up.

    PS — I have asked my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ) to ensure that Frank gets BUTT CANCER one day, cuz he’s pissed me off one too many times now.

    PPS — Laura can’t be a member of DOS who learned this info on her own (without Danielle as a source) —- since her comments about Keith indicate she’s an outsider.

    • “PS — I have asked my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ) to ensure that Frank gets BUTT CANCER one day, cuz he’s pissed me off one too many times now.”

      Nicki Clyne, Is that you?
      You are as sweet as a cup of vinegar.

      • You are easily amused. Maybe your feedback will give Bangcock the courage to re-use this original joke.

        I’m impressed at your creativity in bringing Nicki into your posts.

    • “I have asked my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ) to ensure that Frank gets BUTT CANCER one day, cuz he’s pissed me off one too many times now.”

      You don’t believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, Spanky. You believe in Muhhammed-Spank, the pedophile slave master! You really hate Frank Parlato because of the Kristin Crooked stuff LOL.

      • Ha Ha. Bangcock is Sultan.
        If I had had to guess, I would have said Bangcock is Nicki Clyne. Or Flowers. Or Dirt. Or Toni. Or Kathy Russell. Or Betancourt. Or Kinum. Or Scott’s stick skinny, effeminate, uncoordinated, tea drinking, best bud.

      • Uhhhh. I just read the post a 2nd time and I did find ONE point I agree with.
        “Secondly, if Laura is to be believed… That would mean Danielle Roberts has ‘disavowed’ Keith Raniere and declared that he’s basically a conman who conned her.”
        The rest is the work of a troll who tries really hard.

        • NutJob,

          Yes I agree with you.

          There is a new question for Bangkok. If Lauren Salzman is too short for Bangkok, is Dr. Danielle Roberts just right?

    • This doctor was branding women. Who does that? I would believe she would be telling her friends about this whole experience. She seems desperate enough.

  • It’s always interesting to see the defenders and apologists come out – or maybe even the former NXians themselves posing under aliases. Whoever is writing certainly seems to have access to some interesting details, like exactly how long it supposedly took to do the actual branding as versus all the prep and ceremony.

    I think it is a reminder that these cases are complex. Whatever the people did or didn’t do, with whatever intentions, they’re not pure evil – unlike perhaps Raniere himself – and have family, friends, acquaintances, and clients or patients to whom they’ve been good people doing positive things in the world.

    One of the things that stands out to me as damning about Roberts’ case, is that she apparently continued to promote the exo/eso front group (see logo on the t-shirt worn by the man standing behind her in the video captures above, or in the video at bottom) for months after the branding scandal broke. It shows that she was a diehard – though, then again, it’s in the nature of people in that position, that they are in denial and it takes time for them to come to terms with the reality of the situation even when confronted with uncomfortable truths (we see that here, for example in the cases of the fanatics or trolls who seem to remain unshaken in their belief that I’m Bangkok despite Frank’s clear statements that’s not true, and my providing proof of extensive and longstanding involvement focusing on cults other than NXIVM).

    I’d like to see some of these people make a full accounting in their own words – though they might need the help of a professional writer to really structure and organize it coherently. If they want to be exonerated to some extent, they need to make a better case for it than surreptitious e-mails to Frank.

    And, actually, the first brand was reportedly done by a professional body artist from a tattoo and piercing shop, and if they’d continued using someone like that with actual experience the brandings might have come out better looking. Of course, it would have been hard if not impossible to get someone not in NXIVM and DOS to come back time and again to brand women in strange ceremonies – which, in a way, may show that Roberts facilitated a dubious activity that the group might not actually have been able to pull off at all without her complicity.

    • AnonyMaker,

      If the perpetrators -i.e., Lauren Salzman, Dr. Roberts, and Allison Mack – were men, no one would be sticking up for them.

      Case in point: Dr. Brandon Porter…Who is sticking up for him?

      • Here’s my rough draft:

        He was just doing what he was told. He thought he was helping. He loved the little troll and wanted to have his babies.

      • NiceGuy, that’s certainly a good point. In general there’s definitely a bias in that regard which shows up, particularly in our criminal justice system.

        In the overall case of NXIVM, most of these complex examples are women; and the in the case of Porter, he did one of the most blatantly reprehensible things in engaging in human experimentation, when he’s a professional who should have known better. He probably gets less sympathy than the women, but he’s also arguably deserving of less – except perhaps for the inner circle of female enablers, the details of whose activities enabling Raniere and even helping procure young women for him, we just don’t hear much about.

        • Very funny. Now do your part and copy/paste this message all over social media (unless owned/operated by current Amway IBOs or the Amway scam company), and encourage them to do the same, and so on, à la network marketing/MLM. Also, submit a complaint to the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/?utm_source=takeaction#crnt&panel1-1 If you don’t, then you’re part of the problem. Amway has 2 major problems, and most MLMs have at least one of these issues:

          1. The products are overpriced, which makes them almost impossible to sell to customers and results in Amway being an illegal pyramid, according to the FTC and SEC websites and previous court decisions and settlements; and

          2. The Tool Scam is hidden profit for the top level distributors only, and the vast majority of distributors operate at a net loss as a result. This is RICO fraud.

          For recent examples, google “FTC” along with the following companies, one at a time: FHTM, BurnLounge, Zeek, TelexFree, Vemma, Advocare, Neora, and Herbalife. Make a complaint on the FTC website: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/?utm_source=takeaction#crnt&panel1-1

          Although there is no federal law defining pyramid schemes, the FTC has a long and successful track record of using its Section 5 law prohibiting “unfair and deceptive” business practices to go after MLM scams: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/multilevel-marketing which states, in part, “Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.”

          Read about these and much more at these websites: http://www.StopTheAmwayToolScam.wordpress.com and http://www.AllMLMFacts.org, and email stoptheamwaytoolscam@yahoo.com to help shut down Amway and other MLM scams.

          Watch this video about Amway and other MLM scams, then forward it to everyone you know, except for current Amway IBOs, and encourage them to do the same. When enough people know, these scams will collapse:

          English version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6MwGeOm8iI

          Spanish version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy-O4myeUzg

  • Laura,

    Dr. Danielle Roberts is brave caring. She made sure the women didn’t suffer. I I believe the Frank report has been vilifying her unjustly.

    “A lot of women who were branded were scared and Danielle was there to calm them and make them feel comfortable. She is credited with making the branding safe.”

    I was completely joking before up top! Dr. Roberts is an evil fucking cunt! And you, Laura, are just as bad shit crazy as she is.
    Fuck you and have a bad!

  • Dr. Roberts chose to brand women with hot cauterizing pens, devices that operate at temperatures between 1000 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
    The actions of Dr. Roberts were medically unnecessary and only part of a strange cult ritual.
    Dr. Roberts could have used pain killers to lessen the agony.
    For whatever reason she chose not to.
    When women screamed in agony from the torture Dr. Roberts chose to continue the branding under the orders of sadistic former actress Allison Mack, aka Brainiac, a proud graduate of Los Alamitos High School.

  • Made it safer.
    Hasn’t branded anyone recently.
    No one got an infection or had a serious injury.
    Didn’t take 40 minutes.
    Minimized pain.
    Is a victim.

    Why are you so sure….because she told you so? Of course she would say these things to achieve a ‘victim’ status, rather than admit that she did everything against her professional standards.
    I hope that Danielle Roberts loses her licence to practice her voodoo, and is indicted in any new round of charges.

  • She lacked basic human judgement at a time when she could have prevented the branding of dangerously thin women directly over their fallopian tubes. She has forfeited the trust she should be credited with as a medical professional.

    If i make a disastrous error of judgement on my own time – that would be my business. If I make a disastrous error of judgement within the remit of my profession, that results in damaging those I was charged to protect, I would expect to lose my licence. Standard. Stop whining like a little bitch on behalf of your friend. She needs to woman up, admit her mistakes and accept the consequences with grace. She’s fucking lucky after all, not to be facing incarceration, WTF do you want?

  • I don’t judge your friend or anyone involved, i hope every woman who suffered from KR will get back on their feet again. Good luck 😊🍀

  • From my observation, the main purpose of this website is mainly to humiliate, discredit, incite to hatred, defame, make fun of and ridicule people. And I’m sure and hopeful that it will eventually destroy itself!

      • No, it is not libelous. It was copying and pasting her own words from a website she co-started. She put those words up on a public space. She cannot then complain. Has she had the audacity to make a threat to Frank Parlato?

        • If you think it was just copying what was said without an interpretive and insinuating dance around it with certain implications, I have a bridge to sell you.

      • I’m glad you’ll be able to provide us an explanation, because I’m certainly curious.

        As I wrote a fair bit about in comments on the now-disappeared post, I thought things went too far in attributing intent to Voth that was not obviously, or necessarily, there.

  • Does this so-called “Doctor” Roberts also suffer from multiple personality disorder and call herself “Laura”?

    The thing I don’t understand is why she wasn’t arrested and charged with assault/battery.

    • There are lots of legal issues regarding Danielle Roberts’ involvement with NXIVM in general – and DOS in particular. But the charges that you’re suggesting – i.e., assault and battery – could not have been part of the original case because (1) those are state-level charges rather than federal-level charges; and (2) those “crimes” (if they are, in fact, crimes in this situation) mostly occurred in the Northern District of New York rather than the Eastern District of New York.

  • She chose to use her skills as a doctor to brand women who were called “slaves” on a severely restricted diet. The fact that many of these women on this diet stopped menstruating, were said to appear sickly and were sleep deprived from readiness drills should have been red flags. That calls her clinical judgment into question right there.

    Do I feel sorry for her? A little. Do I think she’s safe to practice medicine? Not really.

  • Frank, I don’t know if there has been anything submitted before that so clearly proved your need to continue your work. The only person dumber than Danielle is the person that wrote this piece. Like birds of the feather, I guess morons also flock together. Anyone could rip this letter apart, sentence by sentence, and I am sure it will happen in the comments.

    So Laura, if you really mean the things you wrote and Danielle is actually a good person. Where is her public denouncement? Where is her mea culpa? Why is she hiding? Why didn’t she testify? Well, I tell you. She is a coward, a liar, and a disgrace to medicine. Why don’t you ask Sarah Edmonson and the others if they felt quack Dr. Roberts was doing her best to make them feel comfortable and safe?

    It is hilarious that she is fat as fuck now. 200 lbs. Maybe that is for the best, all things considered.

    And oh btw, we don’t need you to tell us “he never loved her”. Yeah, no shit. It is rare to find someone this stupid in real life. But in NXIVM, I guess it happened all the time.

  • “I was just FOLLOWING ORDERS”

    Yeah right, you stinking Nazi. Take your alligator tears, swastika, and cauterizing pen and shove them up your ass.

    “I was only trying to help women”

    Okay, Nazi, that explains the lack of anesthetic. Do the World a favor. Take your hands, find a nice belt, wrap it around your neck and pull! And don’t stop until you see Queef’s Blue Light.

  • Roberts is a grown (and educated) woman, if she wants to be treated differently then she should step forward, minus the cauterizing gun. LOL

    Did Roberts ever have any slaves of her own, or was she a lazy slave? LOL

    She left her long-time boyfriend for Raniere? That’s NOT what I call good bedside/between the sheets manner. LOL

    I agree her training helped her cause less pain/less damage/less infections, but it stops there.

    The whole idea was to make the cauterizing painful, there was no anesthetic, it was on one of the most sensitive parts of the body, etc. Mack even said tattoos are for lightweights, burn baby burn. LOL

    I always thought the time to do the cauterizing was too long, even an ameteur weekend electronics nerd could solder Raniere’s initials in just a few minutes. LOL

    Frank has always been very careful not to slander/libel/defame anybody, he is smart with his words, stating them as “some people say…” or “people have told me…”, etc., which removes any chance at winning a lawsuit. LOL

    Did Roberts know the cauterized scar was Raniere’s initials?

    I think Roberts should lose her medical license. She is only one doctor, there are plenty of others who can take her patients, she won’t be missed. i understand she can help Porter with estimating house insulation jobs. LOL

    Raniere’s followers were taken away by taking him away and locking him up. LOL

    Isn’t Roberts one of the defendants in Glazer’s RICO lawsuit, and isn’t her medical license still be reviewed? I think she has more pressing issues than what Frank writes. LOL

    Laura, you’re a dunce. Sue me. LOL

    • Scott,

      You make Captain Obvious seem like an amateur! LOL

      You drink tea and sit on the toilet when you pee! LOL

      You use LOL, like it’s a f*cking punctuation mark! LOL

      You haven’t changed since the first weblog you were kicked off or the last website forum you were kicked off. Congrats! You have been a ignoramus for the last 12 year.LOL

      You’re more annoying than Bernie Sanders or Rachel Maddow. LOL

      You’re slightly less annoying than Pea Onyu!

  • Unlike other “victims” of KAR, she took an oath:

    “Do No Harm”

    Whether physically or psychological!

    Her oath, experience, and education gave her special privilege to prescribe, counsel, and advocate for those she cared for. As well as a nice paycheck.

    But when scammed, manipulated, or deceived, she chose to risk her license to improve her position and relationship with KAR.

    The first part of redemption is self-acknowledgment. Has she “presented” to anyone? I’m sure Frank would allow her to write her story of abuse and publish on Frank Report. Did the Dr aide the prosecution?

    And now that the doctor is shamed by branding practices and associations with NXIVM and DOS, she should be given a pass to continue treating and caring for others and presenting her self as a patient advocate for their health?


    Do no harm is a pretty high threshold.

    Life is tough but when you’re STUPID, it should be really tough.

  • “But the “followers”, “believers” and victims need to know they’re not criminals or crazy or mad. They are victims. That’s how you take away a madman’s power – by taking away his followers, not blaming them. That perpetuates the cycle and keeps guys like Keith in power over his victims”
    But around here, it’s easier to “point” at others than to actually reason…
    BTW, good luck trying to change the minds of idiots here…only a handful of people are worth attention here and will consider the facts…for some, it’s easier to blame some of the victims than blaming the only real culprit…Raniere

    Well, actually there are more culprits like the authorities who had several possibilities to stop Raniere from destroying more life but their wallets were more important than the wellbeing of a few American citizens…

    In 98 (if I recall properly), he should have been sent to jail (for 2 years) but avoided it and when he started his power play with Nxivm, many complaints started to happen…
    What did the authorities do? ignore those and let Raniere continue his destruction path (not destructive as he aimed his hate at others).

    Once again, at this point, you can see that the focus is on other members of Nxivm rather than Raniere…
    And even when you point out clearly that the victims (because there is no other way to call them) had no gains in their situation, they (people around here as much as authorities) will ignore it and continue to destroy further the life of those people…

    You can only hope that once this story is behind them, the local idiots will let those victims heal too.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong. Five others besides Raniere are convicted criminals, and there should be many more, but the prosecution has either stopped and moved on to other cases or hasn’t found enough evidence for a conviction.

    • I see it like this… Alcoholism is a disease; we do our best to support those trying to overcome the effects of that disease. But if someone injures another party while under the influence, the harm has been done. It is possible to struggle with being a victim of alcoholism or a victim of an evil intentioned cult leader and still commit criminal acts while “under the influence”. Raniere, vile as he is, is not the only one who caused harm.

      I’m sure family and friends would like to see victims recover, and I hope victims are getting help to repair the damage done to their psyches and thought processes. But some of these victims also caused harm, and there are consequences. Sometimes it’s painful to face yourself and what you’ve done. And sometimes you need to accept that there is no way to repair the damage you caused.

      Yes – there is a lot of over the top nastiness being tossed around here. It’s life in the real world. Choose to act as a survivor rather than a victim.

    • Your response has triggered two strong responses within me based on my own experiences about victimizing the victim, which seems to be blood sport for many to prop themselves up to feel superior.

      My first reaction is to my marriage; my ex-husband, whom I put through his final year of college and years of graduate school decided he didn’t want to be married or be a father to our two children and beat me, threatened to kill me and our children and then started being physically abusive to our children, which is when I left him and stopped trying to be a family and save our marriage (my dream since childhood was to be loved, be happily married and have a beautiful, loving, healthy and fun family);

      and later my fiance that I worked for and depended upon this work to support my children in every way on my own as the only parent, as their father never saw them again and didn’t care to be involved or help in any way, became mentally and emotionally abusive hurting me repeatedly with options to either stay, keep working and be the sole provider in every way to my children or go to a homeless shelter and risk my children being abused, sexually assaulted or even sex trafficked — not to mention myself.

      I grew up abused and worked to support myself from the age of 11. I was determined for my children not to live through what I have endured and to get their education. Most upsetting is how other human beings treated me like I was trash.

      People enjoy making someone a victim, especially those with so little resources to be able to put energy into sticking up for themselves, when they are so busy trying to protect their children, themselves and to create a better life and put food on the table and pay electric bill, phone bill, and buy gas to get to work.

      Certainly, i was a victim of being born into abuse and not ever being taught that i was worthy of being loved, treated with kindness, care, fairness or respect. Survival was the main focus each and every day. I wanted to live and I wanted a better life for my children with opportunities.

      People love blaming the victim — in this case me — that I should have known better.

      Being treated like I must be defective or worthless in some way and deserved what I had coming, that I should have just left and gone to live in a homeless shelter or put my children into foster care were daily judgements and comments i endured and still get should I ever confide or open up to a supposed friend or open up to injuries presented for treatment to most nurses and even some doctors.

      No one gives a damn and most don’t want to hear it or do anything providing meaningful, purposeful help. It is so much easier to blame victims and keep blaming them and not ever look at deficiencies in the lack of purposeful help offered or our culture to victimize victims over and over again until they shut-up, disappear, die or somehow get a lucky break and go away.

      The overall message when i did seek help that somehow I was flawed since the day I was born into an abusive, neglectful home were that I should have done better for myself — yet, I was the one working since I was 8 years old and became self-supportive by age 11 and was responsible enough to provide food for my family, help buy necessities and pay utilities, car insurance, gas, all my medical care, and talk my mother down from one of her drug induced mania episodes where she would be holding a knife threatening to kill me or commit suicide, for example, or my father killing my cat and telling me I am next as he beat me and kicked me repeatedly.

      In my experience most people don’t comprehend where I financially supported myself since age 11, and just wanted to be loved, accepted and respected. I wanted a safe place to call home where I could be happy, be myself, and be accepted.

      Society often takes delight in shaming the victim. It is difficult to understand how Raniere’s victims chose to be cruel to others, it is appalling how vindicated they puffed themselves up to be in cases like imprisoning Dani and keeping her papers; lying to instigate litigation; drugging people; pushing people into sexual situations; promoting DOS as a women’s empowerment organization; or branding women as licensed medical doctor.

      As someone who has lived my life at times desperate to be loved or seen as a person of value, i have often been used and disrespected by people and continue to this day to overcome worthiness issues and not be used. i can see how someone desperate for love, acceptance, care, kindness, respect, recognition as being worthy and of value could be manipulated by a sociopath, especially in these conditions where the accepting group of their peers are pushing and promoting specific actions/behaviors from them. The manner is how nasty and inhumane Kristen Keefe, who reminds me so much of my older sister, treated Dani demonstrates her own fear of garnering favor with Raniere and protecting her child by taking harsh measures against Dani. Kristen was in self-preservation mode from her own fear and insecurities, so she took whomever down to elevate herself.

      Lauren Salman reminds me of both of my sisters, who have always been willing to steal, destroy, gaslight and manipulate to protect whatever they can hustle and get for themselves. Self-preservation and the measures a victim will take or endure to protect what they fear most to lose be it their life, their children, love, acceptance, etc. has yet to be fully studied or even openly discussed. it does seem like Raniere used concentration camp conditions of control and even classifications of merit/superiority/usefulness (ie sash, compared to Jews forced to provide services to Nazis or go to gas chamber) to experiment on these women in DOS and his followers (fright experiments, Salinas being told he is bi-sexual and to have sex with Bentacourt, the black mail, nude photos, sleep deprivation, starvation, not being paid, passports confiscated, etc.).

      I hope it isn’t studied because life has taught me that people that treat others this way are not worth having in your life and are not people you will ever be able to build anything beautiful, magnificent, solid and sustaining with. Every human being seeks to experience; love, connection, kindness, acceptance, recognition, desire, care, a platform for creativity, shelter, food, safety, security and sense that there is more to behold in this life. This is what Raniere and his minions used to manipulate and control others. It’s as if they took Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and would bring people up then rip away the lower rungs to constantly be in survival mode physically, mentally, emotionally.

      Without knowing the childhood and early adulthood background of Dr. Denise Roberts, I am hesitant to maliciously malign her. She is a victim and a perpetrator. What she conspired to do branding these women — and without anesthesia in a sanitary environment — is appalling. She should lose her medical license over this. Why someone would invest so much of themselves to go through medical school and do something so heinous doesn’t make any sense. For this reason, I think judging her harshly condemning her to a box with no lid to get out is inhumane. Encouraging her to get mental health help (even if court ordered); get her life on a positive, solid path and use her education to benefit the world, as well as herself, is the more humane approach. The opportunity for redemption, Practicing medicine outside of prison or areas underserved is of better use to society compared to casting her away without a medical license, though I do not think she should practice medicine to the public at large until she has gone through several years of counseling and, perhaps, probation where she checks in with an officer and has her therapist and psychiatrist send status reports.

      Real estate is assessed for highest and best use, so why not evaluate some of the victims/perpetrators that could contribute meaningfully to society in controlled circumstances. Condemning people to be worthless to society or detriments to society are very different and both are subjective. Sarah Edwards is more culpable than Dr. Roberts for duping, gaslighting and manipulating people as she lined her pockets.. and Esther seems even worse, as do mother and daughter Salzman. None of them are medical doctors that could work in a prison or at the border or a quarantined center for Coronoavirus center, where Roberts could be of benefit, The others can scrub toilets in prison for their highest and best use. Keefe belongs there too because she harmed others to elevate herself and lied about being the mother to her own child, though not illegal seems immoral. Having taken beatings to keep my children sheltered and fed, it is very hard to understand other than she is a weak person and similar to my sisters wants life good for herself and will manipulate, gaslight and be extremely harsh and cruel to protect her own interests, as were both Salzmans. Claire is most depraved because she did all of this for sheer power and control, which was her issue for Raniere to manipulate to control her, which had nothing to do with her security, protecting a child or a promised avatar bay.

      Society often gives the wolves in sheep clothing all the opportunities, benefits and support. True victims rarely if ever get this. Power is just given without question until it’s often too late. Survival of the fittest breeds victims to become victimizers that don’t bat an eyelash over lying, stealing, harming and manipulating for their own benefit with the ability to cry victim as it serves their purpose. My older sister could easily be a Raniere and has people running in circles to please her, just like my mother did. Some people just have a twisted, sick gift to manipulate to get others to serve them with no conscience on what they take, hurt, harm, destroy in the process, and can always get a new, fresh audience for their faux compassion and interest that initially draws people in before they realize they are the new victim to be used and fleeced to the other’s desire and playing old victims against each other to get whatever it is they want or just the thirst of blood from the drama created. In reading about Raniere and his inner-circle, I see so many examples of people and situations in my own life and I feel revulsion for most discussed and compassion for a few that seen genuinely misguided and manipulated. If people are not taught they are of value, worthy, lovable and deserving from childhood, it is very challenging to learn how to get this state of mind for oneself. Throw in dependent children, abusive men, nasty family that will steal and take whatever they can while talking trash and criticizing, and all the insecure bottom feeders in the world that flock to take advantage of whomever they can with low falling fruit an easy target, please don’t underestimate the journey of leaving victim in the past. Humanism carries us forward into more.

      • Thanks for sharing your story and ideas. In particular the “highest and best use” concept was interesting in considering victims who are also perpetrators. I hope you find help and support for you and your children and some peace when it seems life is being lived in desperation.

        • Yes, thank you for those sage and savory remarks, Food for thought. I share your feelings somewhat about Dani’s treatment and those involved. It’s such a shame that any of this still goes on in a supposedly civilized world. Stay strong.

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