Awaiting Harsher Sentence, Clare Bronfman Continues to Be a Danger to the Rest of the World

Clare Bronfman

By Shivani

Maybe there are more charges awaiting Clare Bronfman than just a charge for lying under oath, and her attorneys have probably informed her of what possible charges could be brought against her, as things stand now.

From what I can see, a federal perjury conviction wouldn’t add much time to her potential incarceration in a federal prison. At the maximum, she’d get potentially five more years.

Any more time that Clare might receive upon sentencing, due to the Judge’s informed evaluation of her, Clare is likely to appeal.

Clare could have a double whammy coming, wherein Judge Garaufis gives her a longer sentence in April, for what she took on with her disorganized plea bargaining, AND then more charges are still going to be heading her way later.

Already if Judge Garaufis decides to give Bronfman more time than she originally accepted, very likely Clare will be going into tougher incarceration conditions than she might’ve found “acceptable” while she’s been stagnating in her fancy apartment under home confinement.

I wonder how Judge Garaufis has been weighing whether it is better to lengthen Clare’s sentence while he can, versus if he’s aware that more criminal charges are probably coming to expand her legal challenges ahead.

What will he decide is the most practical and just way to handle his decisions?

He has seen so much more detailed info about every Nxivm defendant’s crimes and possibly chargeable offenses than any of us who are in the audience. The entire case has been expanding rather than finishing up or dwindling. Plus, as we’ve seen, in Clare Bronfman’s case, Judge Garaufis has fired a warning shot at her already.

Clare isn’t the only Nxivm defendant who made a plea bargain and who has, so far, avoided more charges.

She joined the monster and, hence, may face the consequences. Pretty ballerina, Kathy Russell, might also face additional criminal charges.

Of the six Nxivm members who have been convicted, every one of them could be facing more charges, even Kathy Russell, who has seemed like almost comically small change with her more minor role, cleaning up after Raniere’s sperminating while being his sneaky accountant and keeping herself dependent and stuck with years of Raniere’s occasional sexual attention, as long as she was ready to join in as an elderly, bisexual threesome dingbat.

The time has come for Nancy Salzman to sing.

Nancy Salzman appears to have put herself in the best possible position, yet I think that she has been one of the three worst offenders, among those who were convicted. To me, all that Nancy Salzman really represents is a lying and coldhearted, insane danger to others, just like Keith Raniere and both of the Bronfman sisters.

So far, Clare seems to be the only Nxivm co-defendant who has been given warnings that her sentence could be lengthened by Judge Garaufis, and it is most likely that he will address these matters with exactitude when he sentences her, if and when he sentences Clare to prison beyond what he had been considering initially.

The explanatory and decisive words of the Judge’s at the sentencing of Clare Bronfman are going to be of deep interest.

Raniere is a done deal and is extremely unlikely to leave prison alive.

Clare Bronfman has managed to get herself identified as the worst villain of the batch after Raniere. Meanwhile, Nancy Salzman has been much more clever.

Clare has kept herself quite invisible and unphotographed, even though she can leave her apartment a couple of times each week. What could her psychological state be like, by now? Does she still feel so entitled and so possessed by her Raniere conditioning?

My sense is that Clare is still a diehard Raniere follower.

Is Clare the actual “leader” of Nxivm in her mind now? Will she still be “a danger to society” if and when her prison term ends?

How does one see any hope for Clare Bronfman to even want to redeem herself? She has said and done nothing, since her arrest, to indicate that she is anything but an insanely devoted believer in Raniere and his sadistic “philosophy” and that she continues to practice Raniere’s (and her own) methodologies of chaotic thinking and cruelty.

Just my opinion, but what Clare has shown so far, is that she is very much still immersed in her dark waters and, thus, she continues to be a danger to the rest of the world.

The only changes we’ve seen in Clare so far are that she got her GED and that she’s aging more rapidly.

Clare could have been doing so much better for herself since her plea bargain but seems determined to keep on self-destructing. Clare could have been trying to improve her current image, but she hasn’t even tried. She could have finished off several of her questionable legal situations by now if she had wanted to improve her chances and circumstances.

One thing is for sure, though. Once in prison, if Clare ever really gets there, she is going to deteriorate even more swiftly.

Her increasing deterioration could be her only substitute for any authentic rehabilitation or redemption. Clare looks that lost and that hopeless. She has zero skill as an actor and doesn’t seem to be able to fake it, even.

Clare has behaved as if she hasn’t a shred of practicality and as if she has no insight at all into what would be best for her own long term well-being. She can hire the most expensive representatives and probably will still remain absolutely nuts, her own worst enemy.

Sara Bronfman

That photo of Sara at the lunch for “children in crisis” is a true bone chiller. Talk about a vacant, yet hypnotized and demonic stare.

Sara looks as if her she-balls were just about roasted. Put that photo of Sara up with Clare’s most repugnant crazed photo, which was used by the prosecution. Allow me to pause and to thank the prosecution team for that sage choice.

Dec. 15, 2015: Sara Bronfman-Igtet at the Saqqara Jewels Lunch For Children In Crisis at The Belgraves Hotel London. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images.


This photo of Clare Bronfman was used by the prosecution in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere for jurors to see what the absent heiress looked like.

The two ‘Afterthought’ Bronfman sisters look like a pair of maddened, satanically-possessed and treacherous ax-murderers, thirsting for blood in some horror movie.

Sara and Clare Bronfman, two stand-ins for Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Manson girl alert.

Image result for mary j. blige what's the 411

As Mary J. Blige put it so well in “What’s the 411?” – those Bronfman gurlz really thought they “got it goin’ on.” ( Is that still their 411?)

Yet they both wear facial expressions, exhibiting and exposing their batshit borderline personalities or whatever the hell it is showing from their naked faces.

Then Mary zeroed in where the Bronfmans fear to tread. “I don’t have no time for no wham-bam thank you, ma’am.”

Image result for bette davis joan crawford
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis


Clare [l] and Sara [r] Bronfman

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  • The NXIVM defendants thought that they could cut their losses by throwing Raniere under the bus.
    And, in the end, they all abandoned Raniere to face trial alone.
    After all, with that video of Raniere and the 15-year-old girl, Raniere created his own “collateral.”

    I believe that the NXIVM defendants miscalculated.
    With the hard work of Frank Parlato and Neil Glazer, many more victims were uncovered with horrendous stories to tell about the defendants, not just Raniere.
    And more names have been added to the mix as possible defendants.

    The US DOJ, EDNY and NDNY would be seriously remiss if they did not follow up all of the leads against the people who made NXIVM the horror show it was.

    • It’s possible Keith deliberately left the underage porno videos & pics of Camila Fernandez in Clifton Park to frame Nancy and anyone who didn’t flee to Mexico with him. IMO. (Not that they weren’t guilty.)

  • One of the many things we don’t know about quite a few of the important players in NXIVM, is whether or not they’re still loyal to NXIVM, its leaders and teachings, or to what extent. Even those maintaining some connections could be doing so for purely social reasons while they start to build new circles of friends and acquaintances, or in a cynical attempt to maintain good relations with people who know damaging information about them.

    I don’t discount that some may be diehards, I think we just don’t know and can’t really predict until we have better evidence. I suspect the greatest danger is that some will cult-hop from NXIVM to other things that may not even be on our radar – including possibly something entirely new.

    • Good point anony, I believe many of these important players (Kruek comes to mind) would come running back to the cult in a minute if there wasn’t bad publicity attached to it. You can tell they would by the way they dodged in and out when things started to look down. One has to wonder if they are still a little brainwashed, or in Kruek”s case, just a little or a lot stupid.

      • I wonder what the commonly held view that Kreuk is stupid is based on. She is just one of thousands of women who were brainwashed into Nx but she is labeled stupid more than most of the others. What in her personal or cult life would classify her as such, other than her succeeding in acting largely on her looks.

        There seems to be more “evidence” that she is an evil recruiter of girls than of her being dumb.

  • Good call Shivani. I was comparing Clyne and Mack to that Baby Jane movie. Obviously the 2 twisted Bronfman’s are definitely a better comparison.

  • “So far, Clare seems to be the only Nxivm co-defendant who has been given warnings that her sentence could be lengthened by Judge Garaufis….” That’s because Bronfman is the only one who had a sentence length mentioned during her plea deal. You can’t lengthen something that has never been mentioned.

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