Guest View: Crockett should provide proof he can’t make court for NXIVM

Guest Views: on Crockett files ‘Notice of Unreadiness of counsel for NXIVM Trial

Guest View: By A Crock of Lies:

What I find amazing is:

1. Crockett shows no proof from his doctor regarding his medical condition. It’s understandable that he couldn’t during his first request due to the holiday, but in this day of FAX, email etc, it’s hard to believe he can’t prove he even has a medical situation by now.

2. Why would you leave any attorney out of preparation for a trial? Things happen and this was just stupid on your part.

3. Crockett was Kristen Keeffe’s attorney in this case, not NXIVM’s.

4. Can he not drive the very southern route of the U.S. and stay at a low elevation?

5. The question is, who from NXIVM is going to testify? They are scattered like rats on a sinking ship. So is this really just a stalling game Crockett is playing to buy time until the heat is off?

What has happened to a right to a speedy trail? This thing has been dragged out for 15 years now. I can see why the Judge put her foot down.

It wouldn’t be the first time Crockett lied to the court and now he’s going to blame what was most likely going to be a loss anyway on him not getting his way with the Judge.

Should have done better in your prep, Bobby.  You never know when working for the evil ones will catch up with you.


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  • It sounds like Crockett is looking for a way out without getting sued by Raniere/Bronfman for defaulting on the case. He may have to go totally blind to avoid incurring the wrath of the litigation machine he has helped feed over the years. All that money, Bob, was it worth the cost of your eyesight?



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