Kristin Snyder’s Disappearance: What Does Nxivm Head Trainer Ed Kinum Know?

Ed Kinnum - what does he know?

There are at least six people who know more about the disappearance of Kristin Marie Snyder than they have ever said publicly.

It may be necessary for law enforcement to finally get some of these people to talk.

They are:
1. Ed Kinum: Head Trainer of the Nxivm intensive in Anchorage, Alaska from which Kristin was ejected from and then disappeared.
2. Esther Carlson Chiappone: Kinum’s Assistant Trainer – who actually arranged to remove Kristin from the intensive.
3. [Name Redacted]: An attendee of the class, who seems to have coached Kristin and evidently lied to police about her whereabouts.
4. Karen Abney: Kristin’s Coach who spoke constantly with Kristin by phone during the days leading up to her disappearance.
5. Nancy ‘Prefect’ Salzman: She was in Albany at the time of Kristin’s disappearance – but overheard to be frequently on the phone with Chiappone giving her directions on handling Kristin.
6. Keith Alan Raniere: The leader of Nxivm – who allegedly raped or had sex with Kristin during her visit to Albany prior to the intensive in Anchorage. Kristin was claiming she was pregnant with his child.

Ed Kinum left Nxivm years ago. Perhaps because of the Snyder matter. Kinum got out without being targeted by Nxivm. He did this by remaining silent.

Still, he was a witness to the alleged derangement of Kristin and undoubtedly reported this to his superior, Nancy Salzman, and possibly to Raniere himself.

It must have been alarming to him and others that Kristin was claiming that the allegedly celibate leader of Nxivm, Keith Raniere, got her pregnant.  Kinum likely thought she was being a lunatic and this perhaps reinforced the idea that nobody should take Kristin seriously. They looked to Ed for direction.

Kristin was likely telling the truth.  It came out years later that Raniere was not celibate, but a sex addict and that he kept a harem and had raped girls. Back in 2003, Raniere’s reputation was clean. His women kept up the lie for him. The lie that he was a monk.

Whether Kinum knew or not about Raniere’s sex life, he ignored Kristin’s pleas for help. She was upset because of what Raniere had done to her.

Exacerbating this was that Kristin was a lesbian. She was in a committed relationship with Heidi Clifford. Now, she was telling everyone that she was pregnant with Raniere’s child.

Kinum, as Head Trainer for the class, probably should have arranged to have her taken to a hospital to get treatment. Instead, he followed the instructions of Nancy Salzman – who told him that Kristin was lying and that nothing was really wrong – she was just trying to get attention.

In her heart, Salzman probably knew Kristin was not lying. But the mission was to save Raniere – and that meant discrediting Kristin.

At the very least, Kinum could have called Kristin’s parents and let them know what Kristin was doing – that she was acting erratically.

Maybe he trusted Nancy’s superior judgment.

After all, the Nxivm tech was so powerful that it could create dynamic changes – and maybe Kristin was just working through these.

Ed failed to see the warning signs – and did not believe Kristin was pregnant.

Everyone seemed to prefer to not believe Kristin – to think that she was deranged and that her story was her imagination.

But suppose the reason for her derangement was her guilt and fear?

Suppose Raniere really did have sex with her and got her pregnant?

Her family is a devout Christian family. Kristin had deviated from the family’s religious ideals already by being a lesbian. She felt guilty about that, her mother told me.

But being a lesbian is not the same as having an abortion – which to the Christian – is the actual killing of a child.

Kristin kept saying, “I don’t know if I can go through this.” Which may have meant an abortion or maybe having a child.

At the time no one knew, but by February 2003, Raniere had already ordered more than a dozen abortions – demanding women he got pregnant get abortions rather than give birth to his child.

It may not be fair to blame Kinum. He is a practicing chiropractor and a successful businessman. He left Nxivm. He left Chiappone who he was dating for a time [and who would have definitely known Raniere had a harem].

Kinum escaped and wants to forget and be forgotten.

But he was there. He was the leader of the class and he was in charge on the deadly day when Kristin Snyder was removed from the class – driven away by a Nxivm member – Elaine Smiloff – and never seen again.

It would be sterling of him to tell what he knows:

Why the decision was made to remove Kristin and not get medical help.  Why Elaine was chosen to pick Kristin up.

What happened to Kristin’s pickup truck that was in the parking lot of the Westmark Hotel where the classes were held – and that mysteriously disappeared shortly after Kristin was removed from class.

What does Kinum know? I have asked him to speak on several occasions. He has declined.

Now, as we look closer, at the disappearance of Kristin Snyder – trying to find out what happened – it might be time for Ed to tell us:

Does he know who took Kristin’s pickup truck? Did he arrange that? Did he know that [Name Redacted] had been coaching Kristin on relationships and what she said to her?

Did he know that [Name Redacted]had access to a cabin right near where Kristin’s pickup truck was found?

Did he know if Kristin was being persuaded by Raniere to do something drastic?

Did Kinum’s Vanguard get on the phone with Kristin – ostensibly to help the poor woman – but really to protect his cowardly ass?

These are some of the questions I would ask Kinum.

He may be entirely innocent; he may know nothing other than that a poor woman was crying out to be heard and everyone ignored her because they thought she was raving when she claimed the man – then known as a celibate – now known as a sex trafficker, and child rapist – got her pregnant.

It was the total discounting of her authentic experience – and her cry for help, for she needed help – she needed guidance – that may have led to her undoing.

Ed was the Head Trainer who worked to ensure she did not get help that may have led her to her death.  He should answer for that.

It may be even worse.

Kristin Snyder’s sister Kim was one of the first to suspect homicide.  And that may be the real truth.

What does Ed Kinum know?

Stay tuned for our next in the series as we discuss Esther Carlson Chiappone’s curious role in the disappearance – including a strange ride she took to Seward with a group of Nxivm members shortly after the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.

If anyone wants to come forward with information about the disappearance of Kristin Snyder, please feel safe in calling me at 716-900-5740 or emailing me at I will protect your confidentiality – and if you are a coconspirator in a crime, I will help you obtain legal counsel who may be able to negotiate with law enforcement for a better plea deal or even immunity in return for truthful testimony.


Ed Kinum is a chiropractor in the Albany area, He was once a Head Trainer for Nxivm. He led the class that led to Kristin Snyder’s disappearance. What does he know?


The broken family – Robert Snyder, Kristin Snyder, Kim Snyder, Seated Jonnie Snyder – during a happier time when they were all together. Before Kristin joined Nxivm and met Keith Raniere.












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  • It seems most likely that Kinum would confirm, with additional detail, what was reported by the Times Union in 2004: that Snyder “seemed delusional, had stopped sleeping and was threatening suicide” and that “a NXIVM instructor told her and other students to ignore suicide threats Kristin Snyder was making, saying they were just attempts at getting noticed.”

    I’m guessing that he feels terrible about it and doesn’t want to talk about it – particularly since resurrecting the case could cause problems for his ongoing professional practice – and may well even be concerned about possible lingering civil liability (if any relevant statute of limitations has run out, that would be something important to point out). Unfortunately, it’s not exactly surprising that he and others would rather forget the case, particularly since there may be nothing to be gained by raising it – NXIVM is now completely discredited, and effectively out of business.

    I think the case is worth re-examining, because it’s a reminder of the subtle dangers of these sorts of groups and their amateurish, unprofessional and unregulated practices. The Times Union also reported, for instance:

    “Carlos Rueda, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in New York City, has said he treated three NXIVM students for psychological disorders related to NXIVM courses. One, a 28-year-old Manhattan woman from a prominent Mexico City family, experienced a psychotic episode in NXIVM’s New Karner Road facility and required hospitalization in January 2003, a month before Kristin Snyder’s disappearance, according to Rueda and Albany Police records.

    Rueda last year told the Times Union that ESP leaders are not trained to deal with potential psychological problems that can surface during its training.”

    Unless the paper’s reporting about Snyder’s being obviously suicidal, and having left behind a suicide note, are seriously flawed, there seems no chance that her death was anything but self-inflicted, though it seems that there is a high likelihood that one or more things that NXIVM and its staff (and possibly leader) did that contributed to a death that likely would not otherwise have occurred.

  • Was she actually ranting and raving or did she just claim she got pregnant and Raniere was the father? Was she acting deranged or was she emotional such as crying or upset that she wasn’t believed?

    This is some heavy insinuating directed at someone that quit. Way back in the day.
    Did I miss a link to her original story?
    I remember some of it. Saying outlandish things. But then it’s an odd cult of people. Kieth telling of past lives, they believing his bullshit. They all talk new age crazy.

    How does she get singled out as needing medical help and it should have been obvious when they all spoke the lingo.

    • Good point. And she wasn’t the first to flip out in a seminar. And she probably wasn’t the only one at that seminar claiming to be pregnant by Vanguard.

  • Here we go with the men in this strange puzzle. Thanks, Frank!

    Very curious if it was our Prefect who made the call to remove Kristin from the mtg (only following orders/after a conversation)? Right? Email trail?

    I do hope someone gets on this.

  • Frank, this could be a reach but, for many Christians suicide is also as great a sin as abortion so it makes me wonder if that’s the first route Kristin would have considered as an escape to a predicament of pregnancy. Things really don’t seem to be adding up to a woman who would choose to take, not only her own life but that of an unborn baby. Of course, that’s all contingent on her being pregnant but that seems to be what many people believe.

    The poster saying this body of water doesn’t lead to the ocean also raises a very interesting point.

    Did you reach out to Ed and ask for comment before publishing?

    • The commenter/bot making that claim about Resurrection Bay seems to be engaging in complete gaslighting – see my response and challenge to their claims. That body of water only “doesn’t directly go to the ocean” in the sense that it could be said that New York’s East River or the San Francisco Bay don’t – meaning not in any normally understood sense. The further claim that “Every missing person who disappeared in that body of water has been recovered,” seems like the sort of gratuitous fake detail intended to give a false imprimatur of precision and authority, though it’s harder to definitively falsify (but, most importantly, the author offers no evidence for it to begin with)*.

      Besides the unintentionally ignorant propagation of urban legends and falsehoods (which is possibly all that the commenter here has fallen in to), and trolling for various sorts of reasons from perverse pleasure to actual delusion, there are now professional disinformation actors working for states hostile to our democratic institutions, including journalism, working to discredit them by sowing doubt and dissension. Unofficial narratives being promulgated now merit as much, if not more, doubt and scrutiny than official ones or accounts in even the worst of commercial media.

      * I tried a bit more fact-checking and turned up these references:

      This genealogy site lists about a dozen drowning deaths from Seward as a result of the 1964 earthquake, and in most or all cases, no bodies were found:

      “Resurrection Bay, which flows into the Gulf of Alaska”

      “SEWARD — Two men were rescued from Resurrection Bay after their vessel flipped Friday night about a quarter-mile offshore at Fourth of July Beach. A third man who was with them was lost and is presumed drowned following a lengthy search Friday night and Saturday morning.
      Unfortunately, this type of incident is not a rare unusual occurrence in Resurrection Bay, Squires said. There have been quite a few drownings during the many years that he has served the city, including the drownings of two city electric department employees under similar circumstances during the late ’80s or early ’90s.

      The fire department trains in the bay for such rescues, and it’s often surprisingly difficult to find people in the water, said Squires. ”
      (I can find no follow-up story, that the body was ever found)

      • Anonymaker, I believe Trump had a wall built that now prevents the water in Resurrection Bay from flowing into the Pacific.
        True stoty- no need to fact check.

      • Anoymaker,

        You are completely correct regarding dead bodies and ocean currents in the area. There may be unique currents the day Kristin killed herself specific to the exact location Kristin was in when she flipped over. I have been on the water all life your theory is correct.

        Don’t let a troll bring you down. 😉

        • Nitguy, thanks for confirming that fits with your actual extensive experience. And if there was something specific to current or location, presumably the Alaska State Patrol investigators would have taken that it account. And, any thorough investigation should include tracking down copies of their reports if they really want to delve into what the investigators did – plus there must have been those or other documents filed in whatever legal action was presumably pursued to get her declared dead in the absence of a body, which should also be a matter of public record.

          And thanks, I try to maintain my composure and equanimity, and only respond to the trolls when it amuses me to do so, or suits a purpose such as calling out their shoddy and culty thinking.

          I want to further note that I think should be most troubling to use about the increasing amount of trolling by state disinformation actors, is that some of it – if not here, elsewhere, and perhaps coming here – is probably just AI bots, particularly the 1-4 line drive-by comment type, and soon even more of it will be as the technology advances. If there’s a real conspiracy to be concerned about, it is the plotting to use the internet to undermine the institutions of free societies – including through the promotion of spurious conspiracy theories.

          • AnoyMaker,

            Regarding ocean currents, I am no expert, but I have seen enough to know that ocean currents, winds and rises can do some odd things once in a while.

            In Kristin Snyder’s case, nothing special had to have happened other than cold water keeping the body below the surface and time for the “currents” to work their “magic”.

            One example I am actually familiar with is on Long Island. A man went fishing back in the 90s in late Fall his body did not show until Spring of the next year when things get warmer. He washed up on the shore of Port Washington, NY 2 miles from where he originally was.
            …..Other times there can be multiple dead bodies, and one will show up on shore in almost the exact same location as the accident, another will be a mile away and the other body will never be found.

            It happens all the time as I am sure you are aware. 😉

            Nothing about the woman’s body disappearing is unusual in cold water; it happens all the time.

            Regarding a dead body floating: The bacteria that fill up the lungs with air simply need a conducive environment to live and create the gases to fill up the lungs for her body to float.

            The other factor at play is the fact that Kim was skinny. Even dead skinny corpses do not float as well as fat corpses. It’s a fact.

            Alive, fat people actually have a better chance of survival in water than skinny people or muscular people. 😉 it’s the truth!

        • So, when I’m sarcastic about someone who makes a stupid comment claiming that Resurrection Bay is not connected to the Ocean, then I’m a troll? If I am, I wasnt trolling Anonymaker, I was trolling the person who made that claim.

          • Flowers, I was amused by your playful trolling 🙂

            I assumed Nitguy was referring to the original – apparently gaslighting – troll, in his response to me (your comment may not even have posted by then).

          • Flowers,

            I was not referring to you but to the Bot or the other idiot that calls AnoyMaker “slick”, who did not know that the ocean water emptied out to the sea.

            Clearly, we all know the ocean water enters out to the ocean; otherwise, it’s not ocean water…..

            I know that you Flowers are smart enough to know that fact. So, again, I was not referring to you.

          • Nitguy, I don’t think it’s just that someone “did not know” that Resurrection Bay emptied into the ocean, but rather that they deliberately misrepresented the facts of the matter – and then went on to embellish it with the cunningly deceptive false claim that the bodies of every other drowning victim had been recovered, as if they had local or thorough knowledge of the history of the body of water (in which case they would know that if flows into the ocean).

            It’s possible that the current commenter repeating bad information from another source, without any critical consideration or fact-checking, but ultimately it seems like a false narrative that almost has to originate in a deliberate attempt to deceive by spreading misinformation. It smacks of the sort of thing that Toni Natalie does, come to think of it.

  • Two woman Raniere mind fracked with and then raped “in Snyder’s case she alleged” are dead. Meanwhile Niki Clyne is still running the death cult while working at Izzy Rose in Brooklyn and the Boone brothers are recruiting in Mexico. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of Gina and Kristin. Burn in hell Raniere.

  • what was this rascal’s kidnapping defense story? Clare got a much better deal at 6M; this ‘lady’ Li paid $35M. The most I can find is that the defense alleged it was a kidnapping attempt that resulted in the murder of Li’s ex-boyfriend and father of her children. Li is ultimately acquitted. Clare Bear should consider Li’s attorney’s for her future defense needs. Who knows perhaps Bear could make a friend in Li. They seem to have some things in common. Li seems like the type who’d be in to the branding too. Potential match made in heaven. Seriously though, inquiring minds want to know what was the defenses narrative of the botch kidnapping?

  • Perhaps it is a simple repeated typo, or are you protecting him from appearing in internet searches as you have misspelled his name throughout the article — yet his own (embedded) advertisement shows how his name is actually spelled. Just an observation.

  • To Ed – When I said, “now”, I meant yesterday. Although you missed getting out in front of it, for many reasons, it still makes sense to give Frank a call. I know you know it’s the right thing to do. As so many other former NXIVM/ESP insiders have already done, take a deep breath, dial the 716 and start helping. Frank will give the help right back at you.

    • This is a cold case. Not because it’s Alaska, because the body of water Kristin Snyder went missing in doesn’t directly go to the ocean.

      Her body, the kayak and or the paddle would have shown up sooner or later. Nothing has ever shown up.

      Every missing person who disappeared in that body of water has been recovered, except for Kristin.

      Her truck was there but she did not die in that body of water. So where is she?

      Ed Kinnum was the man in charge in Alaska for NXIVM. The buck stops with him. PERIOD.

      Ed is a doctor of Chiropractic medicine and had an extra obligation to make sure no harm came to anyone in that training.

      Being in the medical field, Ed is trained on what to do if a patient has an issue beyond his medical training. He either sends them to the ER or calls 911. He doesn’t allow that patient to fricken go home.

      Ed, have you stopped long enough to exam your behavior that fateful day? How you passed the buck and turned your back on your owned medical training? WTF, Ed?

      How many more years are you going to let this eat away at your conscience? You know what I’m saying is true.

      The time has finally come to man up, Ed. Moral up, Ed. Be the Christian man your profess you are.

      You know you will meet God one day and you will have to explain this to God. Why not do the right thing now?

    • Hey jackwagon, do you plan on whining to Discovery about their Dec 8th documentary using anonymous sources? Well guess what, High Horse Boy, their anonymous sources very well may be anonymously commenting on FR. Stop doing your clueless best to scare them away.

      Easy to spew your shit when you’ve never had contact with anyone related to NXIVM. At best, you’re simply trying to pitch your buddy’s podcast and get everyone to remember your unique name.


        • No, shadow. I get your point. And I’ve even defended your point, at times. What you don’t get is your point is not always correct in the context of this website.

      • I don’t think anyone from Nxium wants to speak because they simply just want all this to go away. Keith brought them down. The worold has made them guilty by association. But, Raniere took away their self will. That’s a fact. He is the ” elephant in the room” so to speak. I think some people are guilty of bein co-dependent and following him down the rathole of behavior. But, most really didn’t see what was going on behind the scenes. I really don’t think if Keith was not a person that created their own realty, and had charisma, that these other people; nancy, her daughter , the dancing lady and that actress lady would have been arrested. They all wanted to please him and he was corrupt. Some people are simply broken to a point like Keith is. That’s unfortunate. I don’t think all these other people need to be attacked. They are victims as well. I think there was more than 6,000 people tha ttook their classes. They are all victims of Keith.

      • Nutjob,

        Regarding Scott using his real name…..

        All it shows is the fact that Scott has nothing to lose whatsoever……

        I haven’t used the word whatsoever in a long time. It would make sense “whatsoever” is applicable to Scott.

        Scott has no luck whatsoever.
        Scott has no smarts whatsoever.
        Scott has no job whatsoever.
        Scott has no dick whatsoever.
        Scott is not nice whatsoever.

  • Message to Nancy Pimp Salzman.
    (Nancy tried to Pimp her own daughter out to Raniere.)
    Murder has no statute of limitations.
    If you had a hand in the murder of Kristin Snyder or a role in covering it up as an accessory after the fact, you had better buy yourself a lifetime supply of Depends Undergarments for Women.

    Depends Undergarments for Women from Wal-Mart.

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