Siobhan Hotaling Is Alive and Well and Teaching Nxivm Tech

There are some who have gone underground or changed their names.

But at least one Nxivm follower of Keith Alan Raniere is proud enough of her mentor to boldly proclaim she is available for life coaching – and her technique is Raniere’s own Rational Inquiry.

Bravo, Siobhan Hotaling.

Ms. Hotaling

Readers may recall Siobhan – one of Allison Mack’s slaves – an openly gay follower of Nxivm and lover of the concepts of DOS – who was a coach, therapist and salesperson for Nxivm. She also was a lead singer in Raniere’s a Capella singing group Simply Human.

Raniere told her that one day she would eclipse Beyonce in fame and musical accolades.

Hotaling accompanies sister songstress – and slave master Allison Mack

While many scattered after the Vanguard’s arrest – and went underground – while others left the noble Vanguard – even some of his longtime followers – Hotaling is true blue – and is even searching for new recruits – by advertising on her website  that she is available for life coaching and consulting.

Here is what she writes about herself – she was:

Regional VP / Professional Coach

Executive Success Programs  Sept 2004 – Oct 2017

She also writes about her important role in Nxivm saying that she was:

Member of the team that ran the New York City branch of the company; oversaw and mentored several groups of apprentice coaches, running multiple committees, teaching and overseeing ongoing classes…

Worked with clients from all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe on a weekly basis to move them on their personal and professional goals; one of the top practitioners in Rational Inquiry, a process to help people resolve inconsistencies in their thought and belief process.

“My primary fields of expertise are the following:

  • Human development/coaching: In my opinion, the most important skill I have is my ability to work with people. Over the past 18 years I’ve learned how to manage teams, run trainings, present to small groups as well as hundreds of people and mentor individuals. I’ve also spent 14 years as a professional coach, as well as a practitioner of an incredible tool for behavior transformation called Rational Inquiry.
  • Technology: I’ve been a freelance technology consultant for the past 20 years, working as an independent web developer, business consultant, UI/UX designer, SEO strategist, and project manager. I’ve consulted with startups, small businesses, and individuals to meet their technology needs as well as used my management and human development skills to lead teams of developers.
  • Music/performance/expression: I’ve been a singer-songwriter for 25 years and have released two albums of original material. In addition, I write poetry as well and perform at poetry slams frequently. I’m also an event producer and have put on events involving dozens of artists for corporate and public events.

She’s a gal that has it all.

But her specialty is teaching the tech that Raniere invented.

She writes she was in the past a:

Corporate Trainer

Executive Success Programs

Feb 2006 – June 2011

Taught intensive trainings across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Responsible for managing staff of up to 15 team members, created feasibility reports and budgets, coordinated all necessary components to run trainings, presented to and led groups of up to 40 students.


But happily, she is still teaching Ratinal  Inquiry – even though Nxivm and Executive Success Programs have suspended their classes.

Hotaling is one of the true diehards of Nxivm – a long-time recruiter, teacher and she helped get women into slavery under Keith Alan Raniere for their empowerment, she said.

She has also been alleged to have been one of Nxivm’s “money mules” who helped bring cash across the border – as part of the Nxivm enterprise – to help fund the worldwide mission outside the oppressive hand of government.

In addition to her coaching entire groups, Hotaling was one of the leading Exploration of Meaning therapists in all of Nxivm – from which she derived a significant part of her income. She charged upwards of $100 per hour to sit one-on-one while her clients explored their deep past and Hotaling made notes – to consult with Raniere over.

Often is the time, Hotaling told Raniere some interesting detail of some young and attractive slender Nxivm woman – solely for Raniere to have some insights on how he could mentor her better.

Filled with vivacity and verve, here is what one friend said about her “Never have I heard anyone describe you as less than amazing. You were always fun, insightful and confident. You did your thing and your thing is amazing. You were born amazing, you are still amazing. You don’t need anyone’s guidance. Follow your moral compass!”

You can hear her music here: 

Siobhan also helped Dr. Danielle Roberts, the famed branding doctor of DOS, run a yoga-type Raniere group [meant to lure in women who liked yoga] named Exo/eso. Siobhan helped ensure that any woman who took the course who seemed suitably slender and pliable – was introduced to Raniere for higher teachings.

She recruited yoga teachers.

And here is where Clare Bronfman helped out – before a woman first took the exo/eso course – which has elements of Hatha yoga [postures and breathing exercises- that are thousands of years old and have been available in written form since the Hatha Yoga Pradpika – ca 1650], they had to sign confidentiality agreements.

When women came to misunderstand that exo/eso classes were just overpriced yoga classes [the course costs thousands – yoga classes, if there is a charge at all are in the $20 range] and failed to appreciate the Raniere special teachings – including that Raniere should be the ultimate guru -and they quit – the women were often confronted with a serious problem.

Clare and Siobhan told them that they can’t teach yoga anymore because they stole it from exo/eso and they signed confidentiality agreements that forbid it.

Clare actually stopped one young lady from Canada – who I interviewed – a yoga teacher – form earning a living by threatening that her that the [ancient] yoga practices she was going to teach were derived from Keith Raniere’s tech as taught to her in exo/eso.

When she tried to argue that she had been teaching yoga for years before she took exo/eso and that she was only teaching the same thing she taught before, Clare told her that litigation is meant for those who try to steal Raniere’s tech.

She backed down and called me. Despite my assurances that Raniere did not invent the shoulder stand, she was too frightened to pursue it and chose not to teach.

In this way, Hotaling helped Raniere get a foothold in the world of yoga.

Ah, but such is the world of life coaching and enlightenment – as taught by Raniere and his followers – Raniere is in prison and exo/eso is basically stalled and, funny enough, yoga – whether inspired by Raniere or by its ancient roots – continues to be taught in nearly every city in America.

Simply Human performs on stage – at Vanguard Week – with Allison Mack and Siobhan Hotaling as lead singers for Raniere’s birthday August 26, 2016

She sang at Raniere-events such as Vanguard Week before the event was canceled due to Raniere’s imprisonment.

Here is a description, I wrote, pre-Vanguard arrest, of one of her singing events at Vanguard Week:

Miss Hotaling, scheduled to play on stage at Vanguard Week. Everybody is waiting. Raniere is an hour late. He comes out of his cottage, with some woman. The smell of “mentoring” that woman is on his face – and a hastily eaten hamburger on his breath. He is surrounded by more women who study his technology pressing near him as he strolls into the auditorium.

Pam Cafritz, Nancy Salzman and Keith Alan Raniere at Vanguard Week.

He is satiated and rests in his seat. His followers who waited for him to come in, also come in and sit down.

The concert starts an hour late. Miss Hotaling goes on stage and picks up her guitar. She is an old lady. She sings. Mr. Raniere is not listening. He is surrounded by adoring women waiting for a look or a gesture from him so they can squeal with inner delight.

Miss Hotaling finishes a song and it takes the audience a few seconds to realize it’s over. They were not listening. The silence awakes them. Then they dutifully applaud.

She starts her next song. Everyone is bored except Miss Hotaling. She is in love with the sound of her own voice.

If Keith Raniere is not laughing inside at the fools that he despises, he may have a kindly lesson: Don’t be Miss Hotaling…

In between posting songs on the internet that nobody will listen to, Hotaling is out selling this hot new yoga technology created by Keith Raniere.

A joke is told in Raniere village: “Keith’s new yoga technology is hot. Not like Hot Yoga. Hotter. So hot, it should be branded.”

No story about Hotaling could be complete without telling the story of her ethical breach.

Evidently, she and her gal pal wanted to have a child and Raniere offered his sperm – inserted personally by his wondrous member.

Hotaling did not immediately opt for the golden one’s seed – at least the way it was offered, according to the oft-told story – and confirmed at the trial of Ranier.

Without telling anyone the reason why, Raniere declared she had an ethical breach. Hotaling was not allowed to tell the reason she had committed her breach.

It is also reported that he was not really planning on getting her pregnant – he simply wanted to fuck a gay woman.

If you are thinking of a life coach that could help you become a lifelong slave – this is the woman for you.

You may contact her through her website


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  • Re Siobhan still recruiting the oddly incongruous paradox.

    When I think of Siobhan’s overall background as reported by the Frankreport, the fact that she is still recruiting seems rather paradoxical…..

    ….Siobhan is a seemingly intelligent gay woman. She is moving on with her life and is pursuing an education in Massachusetts. Siobhan is not with living with the DOS group in Brooklyn, New York doing readiness drills at 3:45 am in the morning.

    Raniere either attempted or was successful at manipulating Siobhan (a lesbian) into a sexual relationship.

    I would think that after so much time has elapsed, since Raniere’s imprisonment, Siobhan would have come to her senses. I am shocked that she does not despise Nxivm teachings.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that Frank does an incredible job at researching and obtaining information, I would have trouble believing she still is recruiting.

  • Aww geez. The delusion is so apparent with Siobhan. So unbelievably programmed. Sorta like Lucas Roberts who calls himself a “Thought Leader”. Wtf is that? I feel sorry for these losers who have no career prospects in sight because they were in this group. Putting this shit on your RESUME is actual career suicide.

  • While Allison Mack used Siobhan Hotaling as a punching bag for Allison’s own “bitchiness” Allison Pimp Mack also starved India Oxenberg in order to coerce India’s friend “Nicole” into having sex.

    “Allison Mack allegedly starved ‘Dynasty’ star Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter India”

    “The daughter of “Dynasty” actress Catherine Oxenberg spent a year on a 500-calorie-a-day diet while in Nxivm’s secret sex cult, a former slave testified Friday.

    Ex-member “Nicole” testified that “Smallville” actress and alleged slave master Allison Mack was so manipulative, she’d threaten to starve Oxenberg’s daughter India even further to ensure that Nicole remained obedient.”

    Now all of you NXIVM trolls and Allison Mack fans like “Truthseeker” and “All Them Witches” tell me how Allison Mack is not a Pimp and an evil, vile, wicked woman.
    Allison Pimp Mack behaves more like a Nazi than a human being.
    Allison Mack is the Eva Braun of NXIVM.

  • Must be hard for a gal like her to fit in as well she does amongst that very talented group of eunuchs.

    Only a matter of time before all the SOP’s would be carrying around their testicles — and can really get on top of those high soprano notes.

    Take Pride in that breach!

  • It’s interesting to start to hear about what those heavily involved are doing in the aftermath of NXIVM’s collapse.

    Those who did almost nothing but work for NXIVM indeed have a real problem with how to move on with their lives, and market themselves for other work. The experience they gained really isn’t directly applicable to anything except another organization that is rather culty, or an MLM.

    That she sees fit to mention “rational inquiry” on a resume, and thinks that means anything in the real world – or isn’t an actual detriment, if anyone does a search and figures out what infamous group it is tied to – is telling of her remaining essentially indoctrinated. She’d be much better off to acquire one of quite a number of certifications that at least have some recognition in the professional and corporate worlds, maybe even at least actual NLP trainer certification.

    And I wouldn’t call NXIVM’s programs “corporate training” by any stretch of the imagination – there’s a reason they largely gave up the name Executive Success Programs, as no actual successful executives, much less corporations, had any interest in their hokum after the 2003 Forbes expose’. Though I suppose an argument could be made that anyone experienced in presenting their materials to audiences probably could do real corporate training as well. NXIVM’s curriculum falls more in the category of motivational and sales training, to be generous.

    • Surely a higher degree in Psych. would teach her the error of her [and KAR’s] ways?

      Or are these nxivm retainers all Porter’s graduates, and psychopathic enough to think of everything civic life can offer (like University education) as merely grist to their criminal mill?

      • It would indeed require something like serious studies in psychology, or least a lot of reading and reflection, for her to really be able to understand and deconstruct what she was involved in. There’s actually an interesting example of a former Scientologist who is emerging as something of a brilliant scholar on the subject, including understanding of all the mechanisms involved, just from self-study, who has a blog at

        Some former members might really be too warped, or have too ingrained faulty thinking, to be good for much more than something like sales work (such as Dr. Porter). They don’t seem to have too bad an attitude towards formal education, unlike some groups, but it seems as if a lot of them didn’t even get undergraduate degrees, which would make it a long haul to acquire meaningful higher education at this point in their lives.

        I was addressing a more limited point, that I think former members might start to find their way in the real world if they just got some training and certification in a valid modality – or even a marginal but somewhat better organized and recognized subject like NLP. As long as their thinking wasn’t too disorganized, and they could avoid trying to overlay their remaining culty beliefs on new things, they could probably start down the path of doing work that actually contributes to the world.

        • AnoyMaker,

          Aside from the ex-dancers, actors, and other various artists many of the NXIVM community actually were educated and had professional occupations.

          I have come to the conclusion that Raniere’s conditioning methods are incredible effective. The efficacy of is technique is unquestionable.

          Its been well over a year since Raniere’s incarceration, and his people are still carrying his banner.

          P.S. I don’t believe your use of modality is correct. I have never found you to use vocabulary words incorrectly; But in this instance I believe you have committed a malapropism.

          Side note: No one, but the Trolls actually believes you are SultanofSix.

          You need not defend yourself to Bangkok’s many aliases. He just enjoys razzing you.

      • Hotaling will force, bend and twist her circular Harvard education to fit within the sick NXIVM square hole. Then she’ll be able to hang her “Master of Psych” sheepskin in front of everybody to show she is “highly eduated” and knows what she’s talking about. This is more dangerous than all of Raniere’s claims combined, in my not so humble opinion, of course.

        • If she is actually pursuing an advanced degree, particularly at a rigorous institution, her teachers and especially her dissertation advisor will ensure that she acquires a broader understanding.

          I just had a long talk with one of my academic colleagues about this and related matters, and it turns out that Harvard University actually considers psychology a field where such in-depth study and understanding is necessary, that they don’t even offer master’s degrees, just doctorates:

          That indeed puts her in the extension degree program, as someone already suggested:

          While that is not as in-depth a program, it still requires at least 3 courses taken on campus, as well as a supervised dissertation or practicum, and if she manages to successfully complete such studies, she’s likely to come out a well-informed critic of NXIVM. It would be somewhat like sending a flat-earther for a geoscience degree; either their perspective changes, or they crash out.

          • Ok, AM, I’m gonna cling to ‘ if she manages to successfully complete such studies, she’s likely to come out a well-informed critic of NXIVM.’ and discount entirely the whackiavellian notion she’s hoodwinked the admissions process, and thus – too cunning and stubborn to adapt – she dies, in that she crashes out.

            Here’s hoping, in Siobhan, given her non-fictional skillset, there are the makings of a well-formed and well-informed critic.

  • I am curious what an openly gay woman is doing in a sex cult where the ultimate goal is to have sex with a head man in charge. Maybe a gift for his top lieutenant Alison Mack?

    • That is exactly what my first thought was. Not to be cliche, the L women I know aren’t really fans of masculinity, much less masculine authority.

      • If Raniere suddenly had a cure for gayness then he could make a lot of money. Even in today’s age a lot of people would send their daughters to him for his magic penis cure,

      • Do you honestly think Raniere is masculine? His soft little voice, soft little body, with his long 1970s pixie hairstyle? Raniere is EXACTLY the kind of soy-boy that lesbos love to be around, as he is viewed as being non-threatening. Of course, he’s the exact opposite because that was part of his fake image, and you fell right into it. LOL

        Raniere had no authority of his own, his small band of evil women are the ones who gave him authority, and he used his head-games after the women set the hook.

        • Born this way. The wherewithal of this mingling Irish soul elucidated the evolution of that nickname straight away and upon it’s not very tentative introduction. Right here at Frank’s, Flabturd occurred to me, as Mr. Parlato has been an endless fountain of inspiration, albeit completely unobligated to enjoy the cornucopia of responses. Such as it is. He is a cosmic guy, no matter what.

          Like greased lightning, the nickname’s fabrication made sense to me at the time that it emerged. So I’ve kept using the Flabturd moniker for the poor sweathog, Keith Alan, and his Tom, Dick and hairy brain, anatomy and so much more. Notice that Keith has mislaid his tom-tom? Notice which of his spare parts he’s bound to lose next? Lice have assisted with relieving him of some of the hairier aspects, but he can always regrow. No wonder he has been hiding Dick, though!

          Yet astrally, Raniere has already been guillotined. Only his flesh is too dense to grapple with that cessation from where he squats now, like a buffo toad. Venomous,but now Keithie -Weethie is deenergized. This deenergization is bound to become more & more severe.

          It is one of the invisible price tags stapled onto his spirit, for misusing his hunger for power and his mediocre talents.

          This too shall pass. It looks as though Raniere will meet with many surprises, as he elected to choose to do harm and to rupture his potential creativity, via dedication to his gluttony for sadistic and conscienceless peverseness. Mighty steep falling he’s doing, accompanied by a multitude of shocking jolts.

          And as poor anorexic Karen Carpenter put it, ” we’ve only just begun.”

          But Flabturd’s appearance as a title happened quite awhile ago and darned if I remember the particulars of its evolution anymore, since its origin arose from nonseriousness, playfulness, even some rebelliousness. And it matters not!

          Maybe one day you’ll see a photo of me, which will reassure you. The only problem is that we gypsies aren’t fond of feeling cameras being pointed at us, but a close second glimpse of me can be found already, in illustrations of a combination of the tarot card #21 and a flamenco dancer. Perhaps.

          That kind of volition is a meditative yet passionate way to maintain one’s figure, along with sustained but gentle swimming. No matter what comes, I hear music like soundless sound and thankfully. Born this way. Totally not like Lady Gaga, who has already swallowed her exploding cigars. Hopefully she’ll be fine, but cocaine must’ve been a helluva hell for her, piano and all.

          • “Yet astrally, Raniere has already been guillotined. ”

            I said a while back that Raniere died the day he was arrested in Puerto Vallarta.

            Now, we face the slow task of rolling up NXIVM and making sure that its deluded followers do not revive this criminal gang.

            They’re on the run and they must be kept on the run.

    • Nxivm members didn’t discriminate against homosexuality. Sara Bronfman has openly written about transgender rights. Clare growing up wanting to be just like the boys isn’t a joke. Hence also the jock strap. She wore the pants in her relationship with Raniere. Miss “Daddy War bucks”. Lady Raniere lived on mass sums of endless Bronfman money. Head Nxivm leaders Alex Bentecourt and Emilio Salinas, Salinas last seen in Cuba, were openly gay. Emiliano’s beautiful wife has admitted to having an open relationship with her husband. Many SOP members are homosexuals.

    • To Curious Question — The reason an openly gay woman got involved with NXIVM is because Siobhan, like probably everyone introduced to the organization, thought they were taking personal development classes of some sort. It wasn’t advertised as a cult with the ultimate goal of sleeping with Raniere, you fool. Otherwise, all those 100s of men wouldn’t have joined. And other than the first line masters, the other women brought in to DOS didn’t know about KR.

    • Siobhan Hotaling’s main function at NXIVM appears to have been a “punching bag” for Allison Pimp Mack .
      She is college educated but still fell for the NXIVM scam.
      If Siobhan is still a true blue believer in the NXIVM scam, imagine how difficult it will be to reform the other cretins in NXIVM.

      • Shadowstate,

        Re My previous polemic comment post

        Actaeon & Shadowste,

        I owe you both an apology. I wrongly attributed the writings of PatrickBackup to Acteon.

        I am actually am quite sincerely sorry to you both.


        Scott Johnson can still screw off.


        I know how you feel about repeated posts. This is a sincere apology and I just want to make sure it reaches its intended audience.


        • Frank loves repeated posts, there are always new people reading this website. Otherwise, Mr. Shadow wouldn’t have his venerable plethora of Mack-related articles. You can screw off as well, coward-who-chickened-out-of-coming-on-my-radio-show. LOL

          • Scott,
            There is nothing new under the sun.
            Nothing in Raniere’s teachings is original.
            And nothing in the cruelties inflicted on the NXIVM sex slaves is original.
            Every punishment inflicted by Allison Mack on her sex slaves is committed all of the time in sex trafficking operations all over America.
            Every Ponzi or Pyramid scheme looks like every other Ponzi or Pyaramid scheme.
            Every RICO case resembles other RICO case.

            The specifics differ, the overall patterns are the same.

        • Niceguy:
          I generally post under the name Shadow State.
          My message tries to be as consistent as I can make it in dealing with a criminal gang of liars and terrorists.
          From time to time I don’t sign into the computer properly and it comes out as “Anonymous.”
          Sometimes I use the name “Silence DoGood, an old pseudonym used by Ben Franklin.
          I doubt that Ben would mind.
          I have also used the pseudonym “Theodosia’s Eye” which refers to Theodosia Burr, daughter of Aaron Burr.
          After giving birth to her only child Theodosia recuperated in Saratoga County.

          Nicki Clyne says it’s not important what name is used but in the case of NXIVM it is very important.
          Extremely important.
          If a person is still in the criminal gang they will try to do everything they can to obscure the real issues and protect the NXIVM wrongdoers.
          I noticed in one of Shivani’s posts back in August that it was no big deal if John Tighe’s computer was hacked and in her words “fun porn” was placed on it.

          “Mr. Tighe bitches and moans about getting railroaded into prison over some fun porn which Clare and the litigation hounds sent him as a present.”

          If Shivani is Siobhan, then she is still in the cult.
          She is laughing at an innocent person being set up on false criminal charges.
          And Siobhan, from her online resume has the technical skills to do all kinds of things with computers.

          Elsewhere in that same post Shivani says:
          “Why didn’t Rick Alan Ross get the joke and he could have saved himself about 14 years of Nxivm litigation and harassment?”

          That litigation, which Ross eventually won, forced Rick Ross into bankruptcy.
          That is not a joke.
          It is abuse of the legal process.
          It is using the court system to terrorize people.

          Elsewhere Shivani writes:
          “Mr. Parlato just doesn’t have a good sense of humor and has spent years being pissed off about some Monopoly money and the lawsuits he earned for noticing where the money didn’t go. Then he got fired, hounded and sued for saving $26 million for some zombies, you might say.”

          To set the record straight some 66 million REAL dollars were stolen in bogus commodities trading.
          That was not Monopoly Money.
          And Frank Parlato tried to recover some of that money for the victims but was slimed by NXIVM’s gangsters for his efforts.

          And former NXIVM consultant Joe O’Hara tried to expose NXIVM corruption but was also brought to grief.

          I don’t know if Shivani is Siobhan.
          NXIVM members are very deceptive and perfidious about everything.
          But if Siobhan is still in that criminal gang she better take a long hard look at what she is doing.

          Maybe Siobhan enjoys being Allison Mack’s punching bag.
          Maybe Siobhan enjoys being “Pea(d) Onyu.”
          After all NXIVM is a BDSM cult.

          • Shadowstate,

            Who ever Shivani is….. she chose that name so that we would make the Siobhan connection and she get attention; Or she happens to like magazines from India. Or she is of Indian descent. God only knows. 😉

          • Anonymous,

            Re satire:

            I have lossed the ability to tell what is satire and what is not satire on the Frankreport.

      • Shadow- what exactly is this “NXIVM SCAM”? If she is offering her own classes (which is a legitimate business) who is she scamming?

  • Not gonna throw any more kisses to Judge Garaufis
    on any bench, not right now. Not after studying video contents
    from “Swamp Creatures of the Pacific,”
    Where Nicholas Garaufis got a hit.
    Do you hear me, shadowstate?
    The thrill is going, going almost gone, re Garaufis.
    And me, I’ve been a fool again.

    Not to leapfrog to any big bad conclusions, but oh-oh. How are those sentencings for Nxivm defendants looking right now? Curiouser and curiouser. This particular story is complex to explain, and why bother, when those piqued can go hear Amazing Polly blow it all up beautifully, *included are her exemplary, pausable, detailed visual aids.*

    Amazing Polly was lit for driving points across, one after another, today (now yesterday) in “Swamp Creatures.” Human sex trafficking, its overlay with pedophilia,and reveals about purloined infants being trafficked and plenty of geography about using conservation fronts with deep pockets to achieve dominion over the high seas and certain ocean trade routes, plus many legalized incursions being used to stop fishing commercially as a revenue source for certain Pacific islands, who depend upon it.

    Ties between political figures all over the country and internationally are tracked. Industries, substructures and concealed motivations emerge. Plus, Polly keeps looking for any links between Nxivm/DOS and Epstein’s industries. Getting warmer.

    All of this could very well link to the murder of an American woman, Rachellle Bergeron, and her dog on October 14, 2019. She was shot on the island of Yap. Yes, “pay” backwards and part of Micronesia. She was Yap’s Attorney General, by the way. UNICEF has already called Yap a major human trafficking way station. Rachelle Bergeron, dead at age 33,was trying to help island people learn how to identify sex-trafficked, among other similar things she’d been doing and probably got caught between a rock and a hard place. The whole story is very strange around her murder, or assassination.

    This Polly video, in particular, is a deep research dive, with mind-boggling links shown between people whose names many here might recognize. Polly has her own conclusions, yes, her own thoughts, but really is amazing as a source of information. A fastidious hard worker, she calls it as she sees it. Her stuff about Edgar Bronfman is also amazing. Hahaha

    About Clare trying to hog yoga. Puke. The hot yoga guy who came east to west and at one time swamped L.A. with his schtick, ended his American career wrapped up in civil suits for what he was up to with female students, including against the wills of some. His hot yoga mumbo-jumbo was all over the U.S.A., coast-to-coast.

    In 2017, this predator yoga mogul ran back off to India rather than pay judgment(s). I think that one of his own lawyers won a $7 million judgment against him. His wife, also a weirdo enabler of his, reputedly, divorced him shortly before he ceded control of his business and jammed.

    That was Bikram Choudhury from Kolkata. Turds of a tether, Choudhury and Claire? Both leeching off of power trips over hatha yoga, postures from long, long practice, developed to ready a person’s body for meditation. Never were hatha asanas intended to be an end, in and of themselves; they were devised over a long span of time and practiced as preparation for the real yogic work, of silence and for long lasting, steadily-enduring periods of uninterrupted meditation.

    Choudhury implemented ludicrous 114° Fahrenheit yoga spaces. Bronfman chose to further her yogic pestilence with NDAs and threats. Ever the charmer, as shown in her mugshot!

    And the beat goes on, asq I’ve seen “society snaps” of one of Clare’s nieces posing with the latest avatar-of-blah blah, Sadhguru, who gets to lecture Harvard professors and the United Nations. He is the big kahuna with whom my ex-husband lives in India nowadays. Ex is now 76 years old. Cowabunga.

    • Sorry, Rachelle was trying to help, to teach islanders how to be able to identify sex-taffickers and how to try avoiding these kind of dangerous set-ups, or so it appears. Local people have expressed being devastated to lose her. Yet it could be too soon to tell, if it’s ever going to become known, what was really happening. What it looks like so far is that she might’ve rattled some heavies.

  • Frank, It is getting a bit tedious around here, wondering when you are going to discuss the Salzman tribe.

    It is a bit more complicated than a plea deal and the rather “sorry, boo-hoo sorry thing” where the Sallzmans have, according to your sources, “renounced Vanguard.” Nancy Prefect has to be in deep legal discussions regarding First Principles, not to mention NDNY (Capital Dist) stuff as Salzmans seem to be still residing in Halfmoon with the rest of the few.

    Have you given them a pass?

    • Do you have Salzman related information for Frank? He has sources, he doesn’t just make stuff up. Salzman already gave up First Principles, there is nothing to discuss. However, there is the issue of monetary fines, as I understand the judge can levy very heavy financial punishment for all of the NXIVM 6 defendants.

  • Hahaha, her bio is as much fluff as Clare and Sara’s she worked for Nxivm solely for 17 yrs. I guess singing at Nancy and Keiths birthdays makes her an event coordinator!
    She complained that her previous job as a computer programmer could never make her money again as technology had grown beyond her training! They knew how to spin every position into a multifaceted/multicultural/ international /editorial delight. The hanger-oners are delusional about their skillset and marketability.
    They did take advantage of her low self-esteem like a slave. I

    • As someone who has to routinely wade through CV’s for potential employees, I can tell you this piece of vague flummery wouldn’t get a look in.

      • Interesting to hear a pro’s perspective on it, thanks for that. It’s apparently just off her website, and so perhaps a longer form is somewhat appropriate in that context – plus her intended audience might actually be other former NXIVM people – but it does have that feel of just more word salad.

        Apparently the service former NXians need is a resume writer, specialized in translating – and scrubbing – their experience for presentation in the real world. This may also provide some hint as to why the other remaining diehards in Brooklyn seem to just be working menial jobs such as in restaurants.

        • It is not as if Siobhan cannot write or communicate, but she’s trying to avoid tooting her Nxivm horn, all the while that she is tooting it.

          It must suck to be so mired in the Raniere quicksand. Still, that seems to be her choice right now. Maybe she cannot bear peeling her own onion and feels less uneasy stuck than she would be if she could muster the inner fortitude and courage, about quitting her delusionary self-imprisonment.

          If you enjoy comedy, the statements written for Tekashi by his legal team are very funny indeed. Nothing of his vocabulary or of his “real talk” was able to survive those linguistic embellishments. Talk about ghostwriting!

    • “The hanger-oners are delusional about their skillset”

      The only skills NXIVM’s leaders have is lying and deceiving.
      And they have mastered those skills from the world’s greatest liar and deceiver, Vanguard Keith Raniere.

      • One of the things that is somewhat effective about groups like Scientology or NXIVM is that they do tend to teach some basic skills like public speaking – though of course those are the sorts of things that anyone could have gotten better and at less cost from some organization like Dale Carnegie.

        I’ve done a fair bit of work in training in the military and the corporate world, and I think it’s likely that anyone who ended up leading sessions in NXIVM would have some talent for training and teaching, and has enough experience in front of people preparing and presenting course materials, so that they could probably be turned into at least a moderately effective trainer in the real world – unless they’re really bogged down in sloppy, culty thinking.

        • AnonyMaker:

          I took debate in high school and there are groups like the Toastmasters who focus on improving people’s speaking skills.
          The link below shows various sites where one can learn how to improve one’s speaking skills.
          I am certain that almost every one of these services is cheaper and better than learning how to bully and love-bomb people in NXIVM.

          9 Places to Learn Public Speaking Skills for Free
          Up your speaking game and conquer your fear of talking in front of groups with these free resources.

  • Wasn’t Queef supposed to give her Gay Conversion Therapy?

    I guess that went up in smoke too. Just like Toni’s story that Keith made Toni quit smoking and was like the Concorde.

  • Teaching weird things isn’t illegal. Doing criminal things is illegal. The former is addressed by the court of public opinion and the latter by the court of law. Know the difference and act accordingly.

  • I would have hoped that Siobhan Hotaling of all people would have woken up from the NXIVM nightmare.

    A past story in the Frank Report detailed how Siobhan was Allison Mack’s punching bag.
    Whenever Allison Mack wanted to be bitchy, which was all of the time, Mack took out her meanness on Sibhan Hotaling.
    Here is the relevant passage:

    “Source: Siobhan Hotaling’s ethical breach”

    “Siobhan Hotaling is an EMP. She is also Allison Mack’s punching bag.
    Allison takes out her “meanness and bitchiness” on her just like Lauren Salzman takes her “bitchiness and meanness” out on Allison.
    Everyone knows Siobhan had an ethical breach. It was “non-integrity”, [lack of] loyalty.
    Her breach was she refused to fuck Keith.”

    Siobhan could have used the Fall of Raniere as an opportunity to break free of the cult.

    If one examines Siobhan’s website, assuming it is true, Siobhan is too talented to be a punching bag for the Gangsters of NXIVM.
    Siobhan Hotaling is a graduate of Skidmore college and supposedly is continuing her studies at Harvard.
    Far better than the high school drop out Clare Bronfman and the high school graduate Allison Mack.

    Siobhan has the talent to liberate herself from NXIVM.
    NXIVM is an impediment to Siobhan’s career.

    Going through her website Siobhan is a talented women.
    Here is her educational background.

    Graduate Degree Studies
    Harvard University
    Jan 2018 – Present
    Currently taking courses to pursue a degree in the Master’s in Psychology program

    Bachelor’s In Arts Degree
    Skidmore College
    May 1997
    Awarded B.A. in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry; graduated four-year program in three years.

    High School
    Columbia High School
    June 1994
    Graduated Summa Cum Laude, National Merit Scholar

    And here is Siobhan’s work experience:

    Digital Marketing Manager
    TSYS / Cayan
    Nov. 2017 – Present
    Works closely with the Sales and Marketing department’s creative team to develop and execute new digital marketing campaigns
    Consults with and advises the team on UI/UX best practices and implementation
    Builds landing pages and email templates to spec as well as upgrading existing pages and templates to conform to responsive and cross-browser compatibility frameworks
    Part of the team responsible for implementing a successful SEO campaign to boost page ranking for specific keywords and concepts.
    Currently part of the Cayan to TSYS rebranding team, responsible for migrating and optimizing all digital assets

    President / Founder
    Boing Media, LLC
    March 2011 – Present
    Freelance web development business focused on developing sites for clients as well as creating PHP-based applications. Frequently works with designers and other developers for larger implementations.

    Proficient in HTML/CSS/PHP/JS/Wordpress/MySQL with over 15 years experience in web development, specializing in front-end work, UI/UX design, WordPress template and plugin development, wireframing, ecommerce implementation. Clients include musicians, lawyers, photographers, online retail e-commerce shops, educational programs.
    Online portfolio can be found at

    Creative Director
    New York Artists Collective
    March 2017 – Present
    Responsible for creative direction of our bi-monthly New York City-based performance series; also part of the three-person production team responsible for soliciting talent, working with venues, producing and promoting events.

    Event Producer
    Jan 2011 – Present
    Produces entertainment performances for private corporate events as well as public venues; handles everything from talent procurement to coordinating and overseeing every aspect of performance departments, including sound, lighting, staging, scheduling, equipment, and talent management.
    Most recent role was producing a large-scale event, coordinating over 20 artists performing for an audience of over 300 people.

    Regional VP / Professional Coach
    Executive Success Programs
    Sept 2004 – Oct 2017
    Worked with clients from all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe on a weekly basis to move them on their personal and professional goals; one of the top practitioners in Rational Inquiry, a process to help people resolve inconsistencies in their thought and belief process.
    Member of the team that ran the New York City branch of the company; oversaw and mentored several groups of apprentice coaches, running multiple committees, teaching and overseeing ongoing classes.

    Corporate Trainer
    Executive Success Programs
    Feb 2006 – June 2011
    Taught intensive trainings across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
    Responsible for managing staff of up to 15 team members, created feasibility reports and budgets, coordinated all necessary components to run trainings, presented to and led groups of up to 40 students

    Computer Consultant
    Nov 2001 – Sept 2010
    PHP-based site development work including multiple long-term intranet sites; oversaw teams of graphic designers and UI developers from initial meetings through deployment.

    Consultant / Analyst
    CGI Information Systems
    Oct 2000 – Feb 2002
    Consultant and junior developer of large-scale health care application using Cold Fusion.

    And even musically Siobhan Hotaling is far more talented than her abuser Allison Mack.
    Maybe Siobhan should have used Allison Mack for her punching bag.
    Here is a 2008 video clip of Siobhan Hotaling performing with Farouk Rojas and Simply Human.

    • No comment on the music. The sad thing on reading the previous FR article you linked here, is reading comments from people who knew Siobhan and loved her, its difficult to imagine someone with loving support on the outside, choosing to remain still, to this day, with a destructive criminal racket, worse that she is a lesbian and allows herself to be subjected to slavery by such an odious man and his even more ridiculous ‘teachings’.

      I wonder what her supervisors at Harvard think? Do they even know? I doubt it. Given the fullness of her understanding of nxivm, and there can be no excuse for a defense of ignorant innocence by now, I can’t imagine she’d be open about her involvement in the criminal racket that is nxivm/executive success.

      • “I wonder what her supervisors at Harvard think?”

        One of the top Law Professors at Harvard is Alan Dershowitz, the very good friend of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein,
        Harvard ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.

        • Fair point. Although this news could only be worse if she was doing her work higher in the Law dept. with Dershowitz as her supervisor!!

          • Peaches,

            I attended college in Massachusetts.

            Many people that claim to attend Harvard University are actually attending Harvard University Extension school.

            Harvard University extension school is basically an adult continuing education school like a Community college. It’s not actually Harvard University.

            However, if Siobhan did well at Skidmore I can see no reason why she would not get into Harvard school for psychology graduate program.

          • I suppose that she did go to Skidmore College which is located in Saratoiga Springs.
            As for her supposed current course work in Psychology at Harvard I can not say.

        • Eh ya. Just like its pal, MIT. Lots of light and lots of other intentions, side-by-side. (I was born and raised right smack in Emily Dickinsonland, and am the only one of my siblings who ever left, for any amounts of time.) It is still heavenly there to me, always there’s no place for me like where my dad worked, struggled, laughed and walked his paths.

          I hope that Rusty knows, if you have a mama anything like Toni, but you have a real true dad, that can be the greatest blessing, the biggest angel wings around somebody. No Tonis can ever trample that garden a father makes for his child, and I am a witness and recipient of that solid love.

          • Shivani,

            By your personality, uniqueness
            and esoteric quirky comments……

            …… I’m guessing you’re not from Amherst, but actually from North Hampton Massachusetts. Right? 😉


            I bet I am!

            I don’t think you’re Siobhan, but you definitely have known her acquaintance.

    • No wonder Raniere put up with Hotaling’s lesbianism, she has a degree in creative writing, perfect for NXIVM. Soon she’ll be able to analyze herself, when she gets the psych degree. Talk about dangerous, a nutcase with a degree in a related field. The new NXIVM, with “credibility.”

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