The Greatest (COVID-19) Story Never Told: Pandemic Currently Isn’t Producing Excess Mortality!

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLE

By Dr. Nicholas Waddy

This week the BBC had the journalistic integrity and professionalism to publish a story that you can be sure that newsmen in this country would never touch.

It concerns the fact that Britain has reached a milestone in its battle against COVID-19: it has wrestled the disease into submission, such that the daily count of deaths in the U.K. has returned to the “normal” range.

People continue to sicken and die of COVID-19, in other words, but they are few enough in number that the overall impact on mortality is insignificant. No wonder, then, that the government of Boris Johnson is pushing ahead with plans to reopen the British economy and restart many aspects of daily life.

In the U.S., by contrast, the media, in its rush to lead with any story that promotes pessimism, despair, and/or panic relative to the coronavirus, has lost track of many of the metrics that ought to guide any rational, proportional analysis of the disease and its wider impact. More important than the facts, apparently, is the overriding imperative of weaponizing the pandemic against President Trump and Republicans, as well as frightening older Americans — the primary consumers of the news — into reading newspapers and watching cable news obsessively…as though their lives depended on it.

Among the indicators of little import to the U.S. news media is this one: how many people in this country have had COVID-19?

For a while, we were informed that numerous antibody studies were revealing that many more Americans had been exposed to the virus than the count of “confirmed cases” would suggest. These stories, however, had the unintended side-effect of undercutting the idea that COVID-19 “is death”, to quote pandemic superstar New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In other words, if the percentage of people who get the disease and then die of it is very small, then it would make little sense to live in constant fear of infection. Thus, because it is more important to scare the American people than it is to inform them, antibody tests are, ipso facto, no longer news.

The media doesn’t care how many Americans have been exposed to COVID-19. Instead, it focuses relentlessly on confirmed case counts. This is because, thanks to ever-expanding testing regimes as well as localized spikes in infections, these numbers are virtually guaranteed to titillate and alarm. Enough said.

Another under-reported metric is: what is the true fatality rate of the disease? You would think a basic question like this one would be of critical importance in navigating any epidemic, let alone a pandemic. As estimates of the actual COVID-19 fatality rate have trended steadily downwards, though, so has the news media’s interest.

The CDC’s most recent estimate of a fatality rate of about one-quarter of a percent is a real downer, from the perspective of news editors. And so, they conclude, the metrics be damned! Anecdotal stories of suffering and loss are far more captivating, not to mention politically expedient. Let’s lead with those, then.

Perhaps most importantly, we need to know: how many people have died of COVID-19, and, more specifically, how many more people have died, because of COVID-19, than would have done so in a typical day, or week, or month, or year?

Here is where the rubber meets the road. If the virus “is death”, then one would assume that it would produce a harrowing tidal wave of excess mortality. For a while, it did. There is plenty of evidence that, both in the U.S. and Europe, many more people were dying in April and May than would have been normal. And, back when the death toll was large, and particularly when the daily death toll was still climbing, the media was riveted. One couldn’t turn on the news without being treated to the raw numbers of the recently departed.

As the BBC has admitted with respect to Britain, however, we have long since passed the peak of daily deaths with respect to COVID-19. Here in the U.S., daily deaths have declined from over 2,000 to, most recently, around 500-600. Moreover, just as overall mortality figures have returned to normal in the U.K. and throughout Europe, they have done so in the U.S. as well.

Let that sink in: in the most recent week tracked by the CDC, overall deaths were actually lower than average. For all the media’s handwringing about the “worsening” of the pandemic, it currently isn’t producing any excess mortality at all!

Needless to say, this is a story that you will see nowhere in the U.S. news media. After all, no one tunes in to the nightly news to learn that it was just another typical day in terms of illness and death. The narrative that the gentlemen (and ladies) of the press prefer is that the sky is falling, that we’re all going to die, and that Donald Trump, super-villain, made it so.

The truth, however, is that, in the only sense that really matters — the ability of the disease to kill more people than would otherwise die in its absence — COVID-19 has already been beaten. The Great Pandemic of 2020 is over.

Thanks to the mainstream media, you simply were never informed.


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samir sardana
samir sardana
3 years ago

Like i said in My post dated the July 12, 2020 at 5:54 pm, in the last 5 words of Para 7 of the abovesaid post, the “cases will skyrocket”

On November 11,2020, the rocket crossed daily case count 200000

And the all time HIGH was reported on the 21st of November,2020 at 204000

The Month of November 2020

And the dates – 11/11 abd 21/11 – immortal dates – pointing to divinity ! dindooohindoo

Texas,California and Illinois are leading the pack at 13000 cases per day,which is NOT EVEN 0.1% of the population of each state

0.5% is the daily target BEFORE THE PEAK.

samir sardana
samir sardana
3 years ago

People are not understanding the COVID paradox

In the USA, the exposed cases are at least 20 times the number of the current detected cases, of 3.5 million, AND THE ACTUAL INFECTED CASES ARE AT LEAST 1O TIMES the current detected cases.

The current daily count in the USA is around 70,000 and was around 25-30,000, a fortnight ago. These incremental 35,000 were EXPOSED around 27 days ago (at the earliest) and were INFECTED ENOUGH, to take a TEST.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that for every 70,000 cases today there are at least 70,000 more INFECTED BUT NOT WITH SUFFICIENT SYMPTOMS TODAY plus some more WHO DO NOT WANT TO GET TESTED AT ALL.

Further, for every 1 COVID positive person WITH SYMPTOMS – it is safe to assume an EXPOSURE RATIO OF 10:1 IN A SPAM OF 30 DAYS – starting from the time when the COVID-positive person was 1st EXPOSED.

So for the 70,000 people who tested positive today, there are AT LEAST 70,000 more COVID positive people (based on 1 day’s data), which makes it 140,000. These people have exposed at least 1.4 million in the last 30 days!

So, if you look at the number of cases in the USA in the last 30 days at 30,000 a day, so you have a ROLLING stock of 6 million EXPOSURES just in 30 days – who will show symptoms in the next 7-30 days, and so the numbers will skyrocket.

Based on a population of 350 million – IT IS ONLY WHEN THE USA has 17-20 million DETECTED CASES – that the COVID saga will end. There WILL be NO CURE, AND NO VACCINE – just trial and error diagnostics.

So, we are a long way away.dindooohindoo

30 days ago, the USA COVID cases were around 1.5 million and so the EXPOSURES were at 30 million. From that 30 million – in the last 30 days – the USA has had around 35,000 cases per day, in the last 30 days – which is around 3% of the EXPOSURES, as of 30 days ago.

The rolling stock as above, WILL DOUBLE IN A MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS and the 3% will also DOUBLE IN EVERY 60 DAYS at the minimum. These are the coordinates of doom.

There is NO STATISTIC on 1 PARAMETER. How many COVID discharged humans in the USA were re-infected, and in what duration? That is the ONLY HOPE – id.est., to be infected and survive. Can it REALLY BE ZERO? Or does it show THAT releasing a COVID cured patient into the jungle – is the biggest disaster – a ticking neutron bomb?

USA numbers look devastating, as they have the infra, to test on that scale. The situation in other parts of the world is BEYOND redemption.

Even in the USA, the sharp rise in cases is NOT DUE to the re-opening of businesses – BUT DUE TO LACK OF TESTING. It is the people who WERE NOT TESTED, in the last 30 days, AND HAD symptoms – which is reflecting in the current data, of 70,000 a day.

You can imagine the CATASTROPHIC DOOM, in Brazil and India – where THEY WILL NEVER be able to test, on the American scale.

In essence, the entire population of 7 billion, HAS TO BE infected, and at least 10%, will die due to COVID, and 10% more will die due to other comorbidities, which will have no medical attention and another 10%, will die due to starvation

The persons who will die are those with a weak and infirm constitution, and low natural immunity – and whose body, is already damaged by medicines, steroids, nicotine, cocaine, adulterated food, and alcohol.

A Perfect Constitution is essential for a Perfect Brain

This is the Greek Formula, updated for AI + Robotics + Nanotech

The Greeks used to discard their defective samples, at BIRTH, on Mt. Olympus, for the ravens and vultures. That was the Priori Best Practice. 2000 years since then, AI + Robotics + Nanotech, has made Humans obsolete.

Thence, comes in COVID – just like Pure Providence. After the 10+10+10% culling – we will get the NEXT virus – which will be in action, by November 2021. That virus will target, in Phase 1, the clowns CURED BY COVID – as the COVID bird has laid its nest in them. Then, it will target those who were infected by COVID but did not show the symptoms.

Like a never-ending Geometric Progression – towards redemption and salvation, like Zeno’s Paradox.

3 years ago

“Another troubling phenomenon now coming into focus is that of “long-haul” COVID-19 sufferers – people whose experience of the illness has lasted months. For a Dutch report published earlier this month (an excerpt is translated here) researchers surveyed 1,622 COVID-19 patients with an average age of 53, who reported a number of enduring symptoms, including intense fatigue (88%) persistent shortness of breath (75%) and chest pressure (45%). Ninety-one percent of the patients weren’t hospitalized, suggesting they suffered these side-effects despite their cases of COVID-19 qualifying as “mild”. While 85% of the surveyed patients considered themselves generally healthy before having COVID-19, only 6% still did so one month or more after getting the virus.”

– Adrienne Matei

Fool me Not
Fool me Not
3 years ago

Frank, to grow and sort, you should a) be tagging articles by subject matter; b) take on almost like a drudgereport look ( but not yet)

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

If any of you MAGA had a heart you’d do something about Assange after Roger Stone ruthlessly used him, in my humble opinion, to curry favor (and land himself in jail).

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
3 years ago

IMO, MAGA peeps are short on anything related to matters of the heart.

3 years ago

“The Great Pandemic of 2020 is over.
Thanks to the mainstream media, you simply were never informed.”

The Dumb Democrats need the Pandemic to continue to keep the Sheeple in a panic.
What does it say about the Democrats that they need fear and pandemonium to win?

P.S. Joe Biden, keep hiding in the basement. No one wants to see your dog faced pony soldier!
Joe Biden calls student a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier’ at rally

3 years ago

FR desperate to stay relevant post NXVIM

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

I can’t decide which disgusts me more — the MAGA whiners who insist the President of the U.S. is the target victim of everything that goes wrong in the world on his watch or those who do hold him personally, singularly responsible for everything that goes wrong in the world.

But I guess that’s what you get with a narcissist — everything has always got to be about them.

Fool me Not
Fool me Not
3 years ago


No matter how you look at it, the media and the left has done everything possible to destroy Pres. Trump. They have.

We Trump supporters never knew why, but we do now. He uncloaked a massive left wing conspiracy to destroy our country.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Fool me Not

You mean that “leftist, terrorist” group “Antifa?” I searched far and wide for any sign of such an org and did stumble upon a newsletter from an Antifa group in Rose City, Oregon. One. That’s it. And their newsletter features a pic of Roger Stone dead center among a group of PROUD BOYS — white supremacists with no shame — flashing a Heil Hitler mutra (Hand sign). “Antifa” is a grass roots group of folks who mock the likes of the PROUD BOYS at rallies where white supremacists convene to display their weaponry and hatred toward everyone else on the planet. Antifa are not necessarily leftist, they are “anti-fascists” of any party affiliation. They are AGAINST violence and racial prejudice. They help publicly identify, call out, members of white supremacist orgs, especially those who resort to violence. Antifa DOES NOT use this symbol 🔻— as MAGA, the Trump admin is claiming. In fact, people who do use this 🔻symbol, SELF-IDENTIFY as MAGA, not Antifa. This symbol is the same the Nazi’s under Hitler used to identify political prisoners in concentration camps. It is offensive to anti-fascists such as “Antifa.”

Further, most, nearly all of the perps caught instigating and agitating violence at the BLM protests were NOT ANTIFA THEY WERE CONFESSED KKK, BOOGALOO, PROUD BOYS — WHITE SUPREMACISTS ALL save a few who said they were told to BLAME BLM or “ANTIFA.”

So, WTF is going on here and I do mean HERE on FR with the sudden discovery of a leftist terrorist cell, ANTIFA, allegedly in cahoots with BLM with a symbol NOT used by them but by neo-Nazi’s, with MAGA running ads – some banned by Face Book – rallying armed White Supremacists — against this phantom (IMO) foe?

This is a farce. Antifa is a red herring. White Supremacists are being called to arms 🔻all over the web faster than the FBI can catch up with them — before they wreak more havoc they’ll blame on BLM — or short of blatant outright racial scapegoating — on “Antifa.”

Btw, MAGA propagandists are also claiming a 95 year old Jewish billionaire philanthropist and activist, David Soros, is funding Antifa. This is false. Soros’ philanthropic group is “Open Society” — search the website. It’s liberal, sure, but not militant at all. Not Zionist, not communist, ‘free-thinking’ is about as political as it gets. IMO, Soros is being linked to Antifa by anti-Semitic fascists ratcheting up the Antifa fears by naming a powerful Jew as its alleged leader.

Just sayin'
Just sayin'
3 years ago

“Antifa, a loose organization of sorts, has its roots in Germany and the United Kingdom during the uprising fascist movements of the 1920s and ‘30s, NBC News investigative reporter Brandy Zadrozny says.

The modern movement came to the U.S. in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and they were known for fighting skinheads at punk rock concerts, she says.

Their ideology is based around a hate for fascism and a belief that people who are thought to be fascists are inherently violent, she says. Antifa believes violence is a useful tactic to combat violence from the alt-right.”

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Just sayin'

Thanks for the link, Jus Sayin. Especially enjoyed reading the facts that no one has ever been killed by Antifa nor were any Antifa arrested for agitating violence during the BLM protests.

Meanwhile, FB removed over 50 hateful, white supremacist sock puppet accounts unpardonably connected to Roger Stone, paid by MAGA.

The accounts were fakes but spewed racist hate and misogyny. ALL agitator arrests made for violent crimes during the BLM protests were self-identified white Supremacists.

It’s pretty clear to me who’s instigating what for what reason. And who’s making scapegoats out of everyone possible on both sides for their own ends, to save their own asses. And to hell with ALL the rest of US while we endure these 1968-style election theatrics, lose loved ones, jobs, faith in democracy, our health — to make way for a savior “law and order” candidate not unlike Richard M. Nixon. But more like Adolf Hitler.

3 years ago

Not all media is on the beer virus bandwagon, AONN and Fox are two examples. LOL

Fool me Not
Fool me Not
3 years ago

You are completely wrong.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the natural death rate in NYC was approximately a person every 17 minutes.

At the height In NYC , a death was occurring every minute.

Ditto in Italy.

So, the best argument is: the vulnerable in the herd have been groomed, possibly by a more potent strain than that currently circulating due to mutations. .

Absent a mutation–a less potent strain may now be circulating, a very strong possibility– those susceptible to succumbing, succumbed.

Your analysis is flawed in that you are taking a virulent initial death rate that culled the herd, and stretched it out 3 months when a possible watered down mutation attacking a less vulnerable group became infected.

F- professor!

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