Yet Another Suspected Lie of Toni Natalie’s, the Self-Proclaimed ‘Pretty Woman in the Green Scarf That Broke Raniere’s Heart’

Toni Natalie played an important role in the takedown of Keith Alan Raniere, her former lover.

Toni Natalie wrote in her book The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM, in Chapter 15, a story to illustrate how important she was as an enemy of Keith Raniere.

So much so that he even created, she says, a module about her, called “The Fall.”

During the early classes [ca 1999-2000], Nxivm [then known as Executive Success Programs or ESP] showed a video with various people in it. It happened to show Natalie in it – wearing her green sash – along with other people in the video. No particular mention of her is made in the video and she is not identified in it by name. Neither is any importance attached to her in the video.

But here is what Toni wrote:

“To hundreds of NXIVM students, I was Lucifer, the suppressive—the one he [Raniere] wrote the ‘Fall’ module about. In the classroom, in the module called “Persistency,” the proctor would say, “Who is the pretty brunette with a green scarf?” and then explain, “That is Toni Natalie. We don’t talk about her. She is the suppressive that broke Vanguard’s heart.”

When I first read this account in Toni’s book, I thought it was ridiculous and 100 percent untrue. It is preposterous, of course, that Keith Raniere, the ultimate egoist, would have his proctors [the teachers of his classes] tell the students that any woman broke his heart.

He was pretending to be celibate at the time. I also knew he was too prideful to ever make this kind of vulnerable and stupid admission – even if it were true – – which I doubt it is.

In short, I thought Toni was lying in her book. But just to confirm it, I asked numerous Nxivm members who were around at the time. Toni’s tale has been debunked by every longtime Nxivm person I spoke to – including former members of Keith’s inner circle.

One former Nxivm member was so incensed by the lie, that she took the time to write the following:

Toni Natalie’s book written with Chet Hardin.

By A Former Nxian

I was in ESP when the module called “The Fall” was written. It was never about Ton Natalie. There had been other issues that had come up within the company – and most people never knew who Toni Natalie was unless they had been in Consumers’ Buyline before.

It’s true, people sometimes asked who the person in the green sash was in a video that was shown to students.  However, the teacher or proctor never said about her, “Oh that pretty woman is the one who broke Keith’s heart, that’s Toni Natalie.”

What a liar Natalie is.

I’d like her to come forward and say who told her that she was mentioned in class!

One time, I asked Nancy Salzman who the woman in the green sash was in the video. I did that because, as far as I knew, there was no one living outside of Albany who was that high ranking at the time and I found it odd that this person who had a green sash was not around in Albany.

But I never said, “Who’s that pretty woman?”

Nancy did not refer to her as “pretty” nor did she ever say Toni broke Keith’s heart.

Most people in the leadership of Nxivm who had known Toni didn’t want to talk about her and would shut the conversation down if you asked questions about her.

I finally got Nancy to tell me that Toni had been part of Keith’s business, CBI.

Nancy also said that Toni had stolen $80,000 that Nancy had loaned her to build National Health Network and she skipped town and never paid Nancy back.

Because she had stolen Nancy’s money, no one wanted anything to do with her because, they said, Toni was not an honorable person.

After I left ESP/NXIVM, I first thought Nancy lied about Toni, but with things I experienced personally with Toni and what I have found out through others, I think Nancy, Keith and Toni are all wolves that turned on each other.

I glad to not have anything to do with any of them.

In my opinion, they all deserved each other. They have spent years trying to destroy each other, shit on each other – why do you think Toni spent so much time illegally on the NXIVM’s website – for which she was arrested?

All of them to this day will take advantage of anyone who will let them take them for a ride.

Toni wants to play the victim card but her true colors have come out now publicity and she cannot hide the wolf in sheep clothing.

Don’t be fooled.

That is why Toni doesn’t have longtime friends who will have a lot to do with her. She can’t hide who she really is.

As far as her repeated references to herself as pretty in her book, in my opinion, she is a VERY stupid woman who thinks because Keith Raniere AKA the CHILD MOLESTER, SLAVE OWNER, CULT LEADER, CON ARTIST told her she was PRETTY – so he could fuck her brains out – that means somehow she is SPECIAL.

No one needs to lie about their life to inflate who they are; lies are hard to keep track of.  What an idiot.

“Inside the Mind of Toni Natalie and the Rise and Fall of Who the Public Thought She Was” – is what really happened with her book.

Hope it was worth every penny you’re making, Toni Natalie.

Beauty is only skin deep, but when you have a nasty personality, it doesn’t matter.

You might have been pretty once, but your lies have been showing up on your face and now you look like the witch you have always been inside. An ugly witch with a dark soul.

Toni Natalie outside the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse gives an interview.



To many, Toni Natalie is still a comely woman. She has mentioned some two dozen times in her book that she and others think she is very pretty.


Editor’s Note:  In conclusion, the story about proctors telling Nxivm students that Toni broke Keith’s heart is likely untrue.

It is possible that Toni was not lying in her book, but actually heard this from someone and presumed it was true.

But who told her this falsehood?

Will Toni come forward and tell us how she learned that her name was mentioned by proctors in classes?

Toni was obviously not at any of these classes where proctors told students that Toni broke Keith’s heart – after asking students who the pretty woman was in the green scarf in the video.

So, if she was not there, she had to have heard this from someone else or simply made it up.

If she made it up, she is especially stupid, since hundreds of people are around who can dispute her story.

If she heard it from someone else – perhaps her publishers, Grand Central Publishing, should have vetted her story.

In fairness to the truth – Is there anyone out there – among our readers who were in Nxivm – – who ever heard a proctor say, “Who is the pretty brunette with a green scarf?” and then explain, “That is Toni Natalie. We don’t talk about her. She is the suppressive that broke Vanguard’s heart.”?

I suspect no one anywhere ever heard a proctor say anything to a Nxivm class about Toni Natalie – because it never happened.

Keith Raniere would never allow Toni’s name to be mentioned in class. Not because he was brokenhearted over her – but because she was irrelevant to the class.

He may have hated her personally – as much as she hated him – but he would not have permitted her name to be mentioned in class – let alone that he was brokenhearted over her.

The whole concept is ridiculous.

But let’s keep an open mind – anyone please – did you ever hear a proctor mention Toni Natalie in class?

Stay tuned for more suspected lies from The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM, and a special interview with Toni’s third husband and others who knew Toni.

Finally, some have asked why am I writing about Toni – even calling what I write attacks.

I am merely doing what I like to do – investigating – in this case, I’m investigating the veracity of all the unsubstantiated claims and statements that appear in her book.

I first came to doubt her veracity when she started telling lies about me – provable lies. And like Toni said in her book about Keith Raniere “And if he was willing to lie about something provable, how could he be trusted with anything else?”

The same gold standard holds true for Toni as well.

And more and more provable lies are coming out. That’s not my fault.



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Frank Parlato


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  • Flowers, you are correct in your responses below.

    Toni cannot be sued other than maybe by her publisher for writing a book of fiction when it was to be factual.

    Toni, I cannot tell the truth, she cannot be sued for claiming that she is pretty, that every time someone asks “who’s that pretty woman in the green sash” the response was “that’s the woman who broke Vanguards heart”.

    Your comment did make me laugh at how self-centered and rediculous Toni Natalie really is.
    Why tell a lie when it’s easily proven it’s a lie? Doesn’t Toni mention something like this in her book? Not that I waste money on buying such crap.

    Now she is being exposed as the baboon she really is.

    • Who cares?

      They’re both trying to spin the story to build their brands.

      Like a couple of 16 year olds on Insta in the bodies of 55 year olds. “I’m more famous than you!” “I’m prettier than you!” “Keith only loved me!” “People like my story better!”

      Barb wants her own talk show and Toni wants to start the next NutriSystem.

      They think being the voice of THIS will launch them into the fame they always deserved. (As life coaches, healers and tantric dakinis at the top of a pyramid scheme.)

      Harpies, the whole lot.

  • Methinks that Haven Monahan and Mr. Harris are related kin.

    Maybe they should sit down and have a cup of java together.

  • She looks rougher than a crack whore at a heavy drinker with that swollen, masculine face so I don’t know how she’s got the audacity to label herself pretty!!

    • It’s one thing to focus on her untruths, another to keep bashing her looks. She’s over 60 years old for God’s sake. I could line up a lot of gals over 60 who look 100 time worse. She was undeniably pretty when younger, but who isn’t? We all age, if we are lucky enough. She might have done a few cosmetic things that are not holding up all that well. If she thinks she’s pretty, WHO CARES?

      Those making horrible remarks in the comments section should post pictures of themselves so we can give an honest evaluation of YOUR looks, or lack thereof.

      Now if you think her focus on her own looks is evidence of superficiality, that’s another story.

      • Sorry dumb-dumb, but Toni herself made her looks an issue by constantly referring to herself as pretty in her book.

        This includes two different quotes attributed to two people who possibly don’t even exist (Mr. Harris and the green sash questioner in this story).

        Toni has started this topic. Duh. 🙂

        I’m guessing that you’re not very pretty or handsome yourself, which would explain why you take such offense to this topic. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ugly people in the world that you can connect with.

        I bid you a nice day. 🙂

      • You didn’t read my whole comment but I’ll indulge you.

        She’s a public figure so she’s fair game, first.

        And, I’m usually describing her soul through the use of dark humor.

        It’s to process my grief from watching people I care about struggle with daughters lost in NXIVM. Possibly branded DOS members now. People I never thought could shake entire communities and do such harm because older women enabled it, cultivated it, accepted it.

        Most women help other women without it being part of a Judas Goat routine with a man like Keith, too.

        We’re supposed to what shield her from gratuitous criticism? Easy solution, don’t gratuitously lie. Don’t be a Judas Goat.

        My opinions should be easily dismissed by healthy minded adults. They just scroll on by.

        I compared her, repeatedly, to beings in fiction and through history because of how I feel after reading about her for two years and seeing a pic of her, young and dressed like an ancient Egyptian. I got that one directly from her. And, it’s October. Halloween is everywhere.

        Pretty is subjective. I never said she was or wasn’t. I said who cares and then compared her to what I stated above for the reasons I stated above.

        I said they’re old harpies, posthumously fighting over a pedophile for a booby prize -to summarize my opinion that was missed in all my recent comments.

        I said her attempts to rebrand might not survive the critiques.

        Your last paragraphs are contradictions.

        Have a refreshing weekend and feel free to scroll past my comments like everyone else next time! Or you know, read it first.

  • Stop picking on Toni. Everybody lies. It’s called puffery. So the proctor did not actually refer to her by name. Or say that She broke Keith’s heart. She was in a video. So she added the part about being the pretty woman who broke Keith’s heart. That’s called writer’s embellishment. And if she wrote that she dropped out of high school at 10th grade when she really dropped out of 12 to grade what’s the difference ? She still dropped out of high school. Lay off her. She did nothing worse than what many so called true story movies do.

  • WHO truly thinks she is pretty?! I personally think she is hideous and looks like a dried up prune who smokes 2 packs a day. Look I’m not one to trash another woman’s looks BUT I’m so sick of Toni claiming she is “still pretty” and that being the whole premise of her book. Who were these editors and publishers that published that garbage?!
    Awesome job Frank! Is Nancy next on your list? I’d love to hear more about her and claims to be a therapist or psychiatrist? Can’t remember which one she claimed to be exactly.

  • BTW I don’t see you going about the lies in Cat’s book…granted it’s probably more “misinformation” than a lie she made up…but she is responsible for not checking the source she used for her book.

    Yet, you aim at someone who was harassed by Nxivm for years! Worse, you take the role of Nxivm and harass her now!

    • Anonymous,


      Ask Joe O’Hara how feels regarding is life being “shit down the toilet”, all because he trusted the individual you are now defending.

      Who gave Joe O’Hara a fraudulently obtained user login and password for the NXIVM computer server?

      And who lied and said that she had permission?

      Yes, who was that wonderful individual? Please remind me.

    • Which lies in Ox’s book? The source she used was herself, she doesn’t need to check herself. It makes no difference whether Natalie was harrased [sic] by NXIVM for years. She’s a liar, and liars need to be exposed.

    • You’re the same Anonymous buttkisser (of Toni) who posted at 1:46am, just below this current post. LOL.

      You’re posting twice in a row, trying to seem like 2 different people. LOL.

      You’re the same Nutjob who shows up in every Toni thread, trying to persuade Frank to stop reporting about her by attacking him personally.

      Look Chet (or whoever you are, LOL), you’re not smart enough to get Frank to shut down his stories about Toni’s book.

      This blog is focused on all things NXIVM and, at the current moment, Toni has injected herself into the national NXIVM conversation by publishing a book where she’s trying to rewrite history — while making herself the modern day hero Joan of Arc.

      That means for the foreseeable future (the coming weeks and months) Toni’s book will likely be reported on more than normal. Deal with it and stop crying, Nutjob. 🙂

      When Keith or Nancy do something that warrants more coverage then we’ll see more stories about them too, but for now they’re just rotting away waiting for sentencing, both in prison and on home confinement.

      So for now, your hero (Toni) is gonna be in the hot seat. Deal with it.


      PS — At least Heidi hasn’t chimed in to praise her beloved ‘Tones’ (that’s her pet name for Toni, LOL).

      Heidi already praised Chet (she hopes Chet makes a lot of book money) in a thread that was supposed to be about Rusty.

      Thus, I’m guessing that Heidi has some type of deep feelings for Chet which is kinda sick IMO — since that bastard is helping Toni to write this book.

      Heidi has divided loyalties and seems to be scared shitless of Toni and/or Chet, never wanting to say anything too bad about them. I’m guessing that they have the ‘goods’ on Heidi, LOL. 🙂

  • There are other targets to aim at then victims you don’t like, Frank….

    Say Kathy Russell…she was linked to several crimes (including a REAL immigration fraud)
    Or Nancy Salzman! She was also linked in several crimes and some not cited by the authorities.

    You might say “I’ll stick to the official” but that would be BS as you are not doing it for some…

    You could also attack those not concerned by the trial…but wait, no REAL ex-Nxians trust you anymore…
    You deride what they say, you give a public tribune for those who know nothing.
    You deify people that are criminally implicated (to some degrees)

    But you target some of the victims!
    Yeap, a real gentleman, a good person for sure!

    Between your vulgar and perverted article (which shows a serious problem on your side) and the BS article that you sometimes publish, they’ll soon be no more room for the few rare real articles that you post…

    Lately, this website looks like a conspiracy nest and you fuel their madness. You are accountable for this and if something happens (because you support the nutjobs (Sorry Nutjob, it’s not aimed to you but to the one who are really insane)), you, Frank, is gonna be considered as responsible for it!
    But this, you don’t care, click matter, lie matter (easier than investigate to get the Truth) but the rest…

    You are no better than Raniere in many ways! Maybe that is why you try to soften his role while it’s not disputable that he was the only one who was behind DOS…
    The court accepted it, the victims know it ….but you…you ignore it and prefer to go after the victims…

    • Anonymous,

      Lies were made up regarding Frank Parlato and disseminated by the person you are now defending.

      People actually went to prison because the person you are defending handed out fraudulently obtained user logins and passwords.

      So who are the victims Frank is “attacking”?

      Clearly, you are a poorly informed friend or family member, who means well even though your anger is misdirected.

      You feel Frank is “attacking innocent” victims?

      Ask Joe O’Hara how he feels about having his life upended based on the lies from the person you are defending.

  • Nancy Salzman the convict, Raniere the same and Toni Natalie still acting proud that they both screwed her over. She even co-wrote a book about how great she used to be and how hard she worked to be good-looking enough to get screwed over for years by them. And as a willing participant at that.

    The hyenas have sure enough turned on each other. The dust hasn’t settled. The judge hasn’t delivered any sentences yet. There could be more charges, indictments to come. These people could be swarming like bees do when they have to move on with a new queen. Only everybody wants to be Queen for a day.

    No doubt the more complexly involved people who still want to recruit, enslave and keep up the sex-trafficking business are fighting amongst themselves even more these days. It is a classic flaw in people who make deals with the devil that they can never get along with each other, not in the long run. Sick with jealousies and very bad habits, struggles for dominance and greed and the walls come tumbling down.

    This article, for me, is beautifully written by two voices of experience. As delicious as chocolate!

    Maybe Toni meant to title her book The Programmed, and somebody smarter talked her out of it.

    • Shivani, To me these people are not just hyenas but also vultures feasting on the carcass of NXIVM.

      “No doubt the more complexly involved people who still want to recruit, enslave and keep up the sex-trafficking business are fighting amongst themselves even more these days. ” Shivaniu

      That’s what makes the Fall of NXIVM so entertaining.
      All of the ghouls who want to revive the sex cult and continue the crimes are warring with each other in a real Game of Thrones.
      Who will win the Porcelain Throne of NXIVM?
      Will it be the Salzman family of Goblins who helped found the criminal gang?
      Will it be the Bronfman sisters?
      Will it be the wealthy Mexican elite that is now lying low?
      Will it be someone from the SOP (The Society of Putzes)?
      Will they form alliances to divvy up the spoils?
      Will someone use the devoted Nicki Clyne to serve as the public face of a reformed NXIVM?

      But NXIVM had more Devils than Keith Raniere.
      The entire NXIVM elite are Devils.

      Will someone please flush these devils down the Porcelain Bowl of NXIVM before they clog up the pipes?

    • Toni Natalie should agree to be embalmed in the ancient Egyptian way.

      Firstly, the beauty of Toni would be preserved for thousands of years for posterity.

      Secondly, when embalming in the ancient Egyptian way, the brain is removed through the noses. With Toni, this process is perhaps superfluous. There is nothing in Toni’s head. You should have a look.

  • Toni Natalie is a very sick woman.
    What is it with the women who had long term relationships with this Raniere guy?

  • “I was Lucifer, the suppressive…”

    Evidently this business of Luciferians, suppressives, is cribbed from Scientology. I want to get one thing straight about my man Lucifer. The name Lucifer comes from the Hebrew word for “the shining one” or Morningstar. The morning star is the planet Venus, and object of worship in early Middle Eastern religion. Aside from being an object of worship or deity alien to the Hebrews, and therefore blasphemous, there is nothing negative in the name.

    Lucifer is akin to the Greek Prometheus, the bringer of light, who stole the secret of fire from the gods and gave it to Man. Hardly a bad guy.

    To Christians, thanks to the poet Milton, Lucifer, identified with Satan (the enemy), became a nasty, ugly piece of work. Milton completely altered the mythology; Lucifer, the fallen angel, is in the Bible nothing more than a rebellious angel. Who was pissed at daddy for liking Jesus better.

    So, especially as Halloween approaches, I’d like to point out that Lucifer wasn’t really a bad guy. Keith Raniere, being an ignoramus, took the lazy route and went with the presumption than being a Lucifarian must be a bad thing. In fact, a Lucifarian, being a rebel angel and a bringer of light, in the context of the cult of Nexivm or Scientology, would be someone who rebelled against the idiot doctrines of the cult. Who exposed the lies to the light of day.

    The world needs more Lucifarians.

    Hail Satan!

  • In my opinion, her real problem is that she doesn’t understand how to ‘moderate’ her bullshit (i.e., how to make her bullshit more believable by not pushing it too far).

    Toni’s book kinda reminds me of the UVA rape hoax story, written by the disgraced author Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

    The UVA rape hoax was first exposed due to the ‘outlandish’ stories being told — which set off people’s bullshit detectors.

    The gal (Jackie) just didn’t have the ‘self awareness’ to understand that she pushed her lies way beyond the point where common sense ends.

    In my opinion, Toni lacks that same ‘awareness’.

    Frank is 100% correct that Keith would NEVER allow anybody to say or admit — out loud in a NXIVM/ESP classroom — that somebody broke his heart or dumped him.

    It simply doesn’t comport with common sense and reality. It’s simply a non-starter.

    BTW, catching Toni in the 10th grade LIE (i.e., her yearbook confirms she was still a student in her senior year) means that we can refer to her as a liar.

    Keep it up, Frank.

    • Hi there, gaslighting Bangie boy.

      Liars always get caught eventually. They might be able to fool certain people for a while, but their bullshit will always become apparent ….and there is always someone who notices that the emperor is naked with his d*** flapping in the breeze.

      Btw, I have to question Toni’s story regarding her picture being shown. If Keith’s heart was truly broken (which is doubtful since he seems to be a narcissist) why would he include a video with her picture, and try to make sure everyone was aware of his heartbreak? IMO, people who have suffered real heartbreak don’t keep publicly rehashing the the painful heartbreak, over and over.

    • As I recall, the UVA rape case author assumed because rape occurred on some campus at some time, it was okay to say it happened on the UVA campus at a particular time. Perhaps Natalie thinks that because her pretend high school teacher told her she was pretty that everyone else tells her she is pretty as well. I think she’s a pretty lame liar.

      • Scott, I believe in that particular case, no rape had even occurred. The girl invented a story (and invented fake assailants) in a bid to gain sympathy, and the author of the article failed to investigate her story. The author, and the magazine that published it, were then sued.

        I’m not sure why Bangkok even chose to mention that story, as it doesnt have any similarities to Toni Natalie that I can see.

        Toni cannot be sued by anyone for claiming that she is (or was at any time) considered to be pretty. She cannot be sued for claiming that someone told her that instructors mentioned her name in ESP courses. She cannot be sued for claiming that she broke Keith’s heart.

        While the type of bullshit claims that Toni writes in her book make her sound ridiculous, she cannot be sued by anyone for sounding ridiculous…just as Frank can’t be sued for posting the comment that Toni looks worse than a crack whore at dawn…(Though that author may want to explain how he has that much crack whore knowledge).

        Maybe Bangkok wants to sue her for the waste of his precious time spent reading her book? Good luck with that one, Bangie. Lol.

        • Yes, the UVA author made up specific details because she knew that someone, on some campus, at some time, had been raped. So it wasn’t a problem in her mind, but it is in the eyes of the law. It’s called defamation.

          The similarity in the stories is both authors are liars, they just make stuff up and write about it. When she makes false and negative factual (not opinion) statements about others, she can be sued.

          Rusty and others could probably successfully sue Natalie for defamation of character for lying about them, just as the UVA frat did:

      • The paranoia you exhibit here, Flowers, is really astounding and the fact that a comment was made a full day before yours and was clearly directed at Natalie flew right over your head. Why? Because, of course, it was directed at you because everyone is out to get you! How many other mistakes have you made? How many other comments have not been made toward you but you take them as such and add those people to the long list of the legions who are ‘out to get you’? Oh Flowers, that mind of yours…..

        Paranoia will destroy you.

        • Why do you care if I questioned why the comment appeared after mine? I’m sure Frank just made a mistake, right? But interesting that you care so much about what I think.

          • Pointing out a mistake is not gaslighting.
            Gaslighting would be something such as this:
            Trying to intimidate me with a bogus libel suit, then when realizing I’m not scared, writing comments here mentioning certain details & notifying me on other SM using their FR handles.

            Scott, people were sued in the fake rape case because their reputations were damaged. There was no proof that any rape had occurred, and the author should have investigated the story more thoroughly.

            But how can Toni be sued by her ex? If she made claims that he had, for example, been physically abusive or involved in criminal activity, then he could sue if there was no proof it was true. I haven’t read her book, so I’m not sure what claims shes made about him, but the article here doesn’t mention anything like that.

        • Paranoid Much,

          Stop Gas Lighting Flowers!!! Jesus Christ what’s wrong with you people!?!?!?

          Leave Flowers alone!!!!!

          • Lol, Niceguy. I forgot gaslighting is pointing out when someone is wrong. In the spirit of World Mental Health Day I will not make any further comments in regards to Flowers.

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