Dennis Burke – Head of Arizona Mafia – Former US Attorney for Arizona – Has Much to Account for – Some of It May Be Criminal

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, - Does he post on this site anonymously?

A Friend of the Good Guys is someone who knows Dennis Burke – the former US Attorney for Arizona – who was forced to resign his position – to avoid going to prison.

Burke was essentially the fall guy for the very criminal government conspiracy called Fast and Furious where the CIA, the ATF, and others in what some might call the Deep State – purportedly worked with the Carlos Salinas “crime organization” to raise money [outside the purview of Congress] and exchange some needed guns.

While numerous people should have gone to prison for this treasonous act that resulted in murder – and drug runners getting their hands on some exquisite guns to carry out their trade – courtesy the US government – none of the perps went to prison. The main fall guy was Burke – he lost his job – and it seems he had to take the fall mainly because he stupidly got caught lying.

He was a top-ranking member of the Arizona Mafia and his high position – US Attorney for the drug-running state – Arizona –  was a major embarrassment for the Obama administration.

In return for his falling on his sword, Burke, however, was helped to bounce right back. He got an advisory board position with US Atty General Jeffrey Sessions – and went into lucrative private practice – representing [who else?] the Salinas organization.

Ostensibly, Burke also represented Clare Bronfman in her recent criminal woes in the Nxivm case. Many people believe that Burke was really in the game to protect Emiliano Salinas – and was willing to sacrifice Bronfman to help his true clients out – the Salinas family.

Bronfman was convicted and Emiliano Salinas has not been charged for his role in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise.

Now our guest contributor – who seems to know Dennis Burke awfully well – thinks Dennis Burke posts here under the name Bangkok [Aka The Retard].

Frank Report has no evidence of this – and has nothing to disprove it. Neither are we trying to find out because Frank Report permits anonymous comments and because of that, we do not make efforts to discover the identity of commenters.

However, what is really more important than whether Burke is Bangkok or not – in this post – is the wealth of information, ‘A Friend of the Good Guys’ has about the top fall guy for Fast and Furious – and top leader of the Arizona Mafia [a group of Democrats from Arizona – who served in DC under Obama -and who allegedly were coopted by the Salinas crime organization to facilitate the free flow of drugs for the youth of America – and the free flow of wealth to them all.]

Take everything with a grain of salt.

But you do not necessarily need to wear a tinfoil hat to believe there are drugs in America.  Most of them come from Mexico. There are people who profit from it. There are government agencies assigned to prevent the flow of drugs. They fail miserably – never ever getting the top guys. [El Chapo was a mid-level player – who, for various reasons, was convenient to put away and make it sound like a big deal.]  And that just maybe some people in government are corrupt enough to help the process along – and join in on the profit.

None of this means that Burke is one of those guys – he might be pure as the driven snow.

But here is an account from someone who knows him who suggest otherwise.

By A Friend of the Good Guys

Actually, I have a lot of things and people on my mind these days, Dennis (Bangkok).

The late Max Silberman.

One of the PEOPLE I have on my mind is Max Silberman, an at-risk young man who killed himself with a drug overdose after hearing his parents involved in a stressed, yelling argument.

Seems they were upset about being improperly threatened with criminal prosecution by a business colleague who was bullying, based on his wrong assumptions and his attempts to manufacture a nefarious history that didn’t exist. Who could that former “colleague” be? If you can bear it, take a look in the mirror for your answer about this and much more, Dennis K. Burke (Bangkok), a.k.a. the king of wishful thinking.

Former Arizona US Attorney Dennis Burke represents Clare Bronfman.

One of those THINGS on my mind is what is proving to be your well-established pattern of harassment and retaliation against your co-workers. That is bad, Dennis (Bangkok). Retaliating is bad. You come off like a deranged ex-husband stalker in a family law scenario.

Image result for brian terry fast and furious
Brian Terry – an honest ATF agent – murdered by the US-sponsored black op Fast and Furious.

Another of the PEOPLE I have on my mind, although I’m sure you don’t, is Brian Terry. His brother Kent told us that after Brian died as a result of your illicit weapons trafficking with Mexican cartels, you stood in his mom’s house with Tim Nelson and told the family there had been no gun running (and other things).

That was another one of your big lie incidents, and everyone knows it.

You lied to the Terry family, in their house, while nervously making stupid comments about bad coffee. Then you sent your goon buddies to ransack what was left of Brian’s apartment to destroy evidence. What kind of a sick, heartless bastard are you, anyways?

Alleged fellow Arizona Mafia – and Salinas puppet- Marco Lopez. Is he raking in the big money?

Something else I think about a lot these days, Dennis (Bangkok), is the Salinas regime that you and Marco Lopez have become so tight with; the murderous history of that group, and what both of you are willing to do, for money, without a second thought.

Marco and a certain friend of his and Marco’s mother used to talk about the Salinas regime being the basis of most of the bad stuff that has happened throughout Mexico during what was, at the time, the recent 15-year or more history of the country.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Marco’s mother, at the time, called the Salinas regime the biggest criminals in Mexico. Yet now you’re in business with them. Marco posts pictures of himself on social media, standing next to his mother who used to speak badly about the Salinas regime, and Claudia Salinas herself, the puppet leader of the Mexican PRI.

You know the Mexican people believe Carlos and Raul Salinas murdered Claudia’s dad, right? And now you work for her father’s murderers, as does Marco.

Marco had Janet Napolitano endorse Ricardo Anaya on U.S. soil in California, while Anaya was under investigation by the Mexican PGR for money laundering. Mexico’s new President AMLO called the Salinas “puppet candidate” for the Mexican Presidency.

Janet Napolitano – former head of the Arizona Mafia and former governor of Arizona.

Give me a break. You guys are in so deep with Salinas that you worked with not only one, but two Salinas puppet president personalities. Are there more?

In addition to helping Anaya, Marco was the U.S. campaign adviser to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, the biggest Salinas puppet in recent history – who, as you know, is now under investigation by the feds in Mexico in multiple money laundering and bribery cases, among other accounts of egregious improper conduct.

Image result for enrique Pena Nieto,
Former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Was he a puppet of Carlos Salinas?

You know damn well that’s your circle of interest, you corrupt bastard, Dennis (Bangkok).

Secret Service Connections

A little over a year ago, you guys brought in Mark Sullivan, the former head of the secret service, to try to help spring Vanguard [Keith Alan Raniere] out of jail. [Raniere failed to be granted bail conditions proposed by Burke to have Sullivan former head of the Secret Service oversee his home arrest with ex-Secret Service members as Raniere’s guards].

Are you kidding me? These are the best clients you could get? [Raniere and Bronfman?]

Something else I think about is the fact that the only damn thing that seems to matter to you is money. Because, apparently, you were persuaded by money to traffic weapons with Mexican cartels while you worked for Obama and former US Attorney General Eric Holder, and now Marco works for Carlos Salinas who is considered by the Mexican people to either be, or at least be in business with, Lucifer himself.

Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas is rumored to be the head of the Mexican drug cartels – the boss of bosses.

What’s the deal with NXIVM’s patent #US20130281879, about “rehabilitating Luciferians, anyways?

You took Clare Bronfman’s money to help fund your off-the-books representation of Emiliano Salinas, on orders to keep “Emi” from being indicted, while handing off your own client (Clare Bronfman) for prosecution.

Now, you trash your former client, Clare Bronfman, on this message board [as Bangkok], like the backstabbing fake friend you’ve always been. Not that Clare doesn’t deserve to be trashed — she does — but it’s extraordinary to watch you as her former lawyer violate ostensibly every duty you still owe her under the attorney rules.

Par for the course, Mr. “D”?

The University of Arizona law school must be proud of all you’ve accomplished!

Is it fair to say that Dennis Burke did a bad job representing Clare Bronfman? She was the second-biggest criminal [next to Keith Raniere] in the Nxivm organization – and she got off with a ridiculously light plea deal [sentencing guidelines 21-24 months.] Raniere is likely to get life in prison – and without Bronfman – Raniere could never have operated his criminal enterprise.
Turning back to the essence of your fakeness, your sophomoric fascination with money because you’ve never had any; as you complain about prior business associates, you repeatedly cite what you believe to be a lack of financial strength.

However right or wrong you are, it’s the central criteria you use to judge people. Nothing else matters to you. What a guy.

I have no doubt you don’t think about the people and things mentioned here, as you’ve proven yourself a heartless narcissist over time. I, on the other hand, do think about them. A lot. More all the time, in fact.

Especially Max. Did anyone tell you who was Max’s honorary godfather? Maybe not. Do you know who was there when Max was born?

I held him in my arms as a baby — something you don’t understand. Laugh all you want. I miss Max Silberman, Dennis. So does his dad.

You can call us “sick”, as you did in an email you wrote about Max’s death because it helps you rationalize things, you twisted fool.

You went back to threatening criminal prosecutions and trying to manufacture a case that didn’t exist a few days after he died. Your self-serving rationalizations will never make us miss Max any less than we do, every day of the week.

In the interest of decency, my choice of words is often cleaner than yours.

In conclusion, I’ll substitute truth for decency as neither seems to be an obstacle to the impudence of your vainglorious ethics.

You know who is sick? You are. You’re a sick, twisted son of a bitch, Dennis.

The Terry family knows it. Anyone familiar with your gun running work with Mexican cartels and involvement with the Salinas regime knows it. We know it. The Arizona Bar knows it.

Your posts on this message board give readers a brief preview of what you’re made of. You can continue to try to mislead, misdirect, and confuse readers about yourself and your identity here. That’s fine. You’ve been doing it for a long time now. You’ve been doing your best to cover things up in your world for a long time now.

Despite your continual efforts at misdirection and your constant self-rationalization of all things, Dennis, make no mistake about the following because you’ve proven it to us, and to everyone, over time.

We know, in every sense, who you really are.

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The Retard
The Retard
4 years ago

Okay Frank, I get to respond here.

I’m not even sure HOW this kinda paranoid stuff even got started in the first place.

I only remember that sometime last year that arrogant bitch (aka Hobo Heidi Hutchinson) made some posts claiming that she thought I was maybe Denny from the so-called Arizona Mafia.

After that, the other sycophants who worship bitch Heidi (aka Hobo Heidi) just started running with that idea and repeating it as though it was gospel.

This is how cults are started.

One delusional person gets worshiped by other sycophants. Then they collectively begin repeating the strangest things as gospel.

Kinda like how Keith claimed he’s a judo champion and holder of the record for the 100 yard dash in NY — and his sycophants actually BELIEVE HIM.

Kinda like how Keith claims that he can walk between the raindrops and not get wet while the women next to him get soaked — and his sycophants actually BELIEVE HIM.

That’s what happening here —- except its actually Hobo Heidi being worshiped, while every paranoid thought of hers is being spread as gospel.

Truth is, too many women here wanna spend one night in Bangkok, uhh, I mean one night ON Bangkok.

Sorry G. Sorry Flowers.

You’ve both clearly reached menopause so both of you are off limits. 🙂 In fact, pretty sure Flowers’ adult daughter will hatch a new chicken within the next couple years. She’ll be a granny before we know it.

As for the idiot writer of this story, I believe he’s not really a he.

I believe SHE’s posting in drag. lol.

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.

Not much between despair and ecstasy.

That’s why Niceguy hangs on Hobo’s every word as gospel. He’s used to taking orders from women. Probably cuz wifey is the breadwinner of his family and he’s become accustomed to taking orders from women.

Honey do this. Honey do that. Honey wash the clothes. Honey burp the baby. That’s a good little jobless loser. 🙂

I bid y’all a nice day. 🙂

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago
Reply to  The Retard

I’m just curious to know, Mr. Retard, how YOU seem to know that I, indeed, spent a rather restless HOBO night camped outside my son’s house with a badly sprained foot and twisted ankle and a couple weeks thereafter when I couldn’t drive on it hobbling around on the bus being followed — actually more chased — from hotel to hotel by gaslighting goons (along with, gratefully, some sympathetic do-gooders) — in a premeditated ploy directed and produced by my ex-husband, Mr. Jeff Apple and accomplices — and why, Mr. Retard, you insist on obviously trying to sic Dennis Burke on me by claiming it was I who have outed him as “Bangkok” when in truth I must defer that credit to another contributor here who originally, proudly and emphatically continues to do so.

Now, surely, if you are in fact Jeff Apple, couldn’t you just call in a favor from one of our former Secret Service or CIA movie consultants to get word to Burke more directly that I’m his public enemy #1 and being big buddies with Frank Parlato, you say (as does Jeff, btw) proves it?

Except Jeff Apple hasn’t made a feature since I left him and he fraudulently, covertly diverted all our film projects in development and produced under our jointly owned co., including “The Recruit,” to his own sole proprietorships, shamelessly using our disabled son as a weapon — a distraction and bargaining tool — just as Jeff is now — so I doubt if anyone, even Denny Burke, would take his call.

In fact, if Jeff had any talent without me and could actually draft a script himself, he wouldn’t be on here stalking me from the get-go trying to steal my material (and from our son) as usual. Ask Mark Canton who’s got the overblown, narcissistic ego in our former “Apple Entertainment” partnership.

Jeff’s your man, Denny. But if you really want to get a film done, call me.

4 years ago

Re Bangkok’s true home


I have mentioned on a number of occasions that Bangkok lives in your neck of the woods. Probably within walking distance (i.e. within 200 ft to 2 miles).

Bangkok is attracted to you on some level, either sexually or as a mother figure or both sexually and as a mother figure.

Bangkok constantly obsesses about you and therefore attempts to engage you in communication to thereby receive attention from you, both negative or positive.

I don’t believe Bangkok is necessarily a threat to you or your son. He would have already tried to make face-to-face contact with you if that were the case.

Bangkok comes from a reasonably affluent family, at the very least low upper class. He is white and between the ages of 14-20. Bangkok is either in the last years of high school or in college.

My guess is that Bangkok is a precocious young man and that is why he likes to converse with adults on the Frank Report.

I have stated that I believe Bangkok has a harmless infatuation with you. You are after all an attractive woman and I believe you are the first attractive woman he has conversed with.

However, if he does make face-to-face contact and crosses that line you will have to make a serious evaluation as to how to handle things.

I know Bangkok will be reading this comment. Bangkok, I believe you are harmless and simply enamored with Mrs. Hutchinson.


Bangkok, you definitely have observed her house and have tipped your hand. I am sure the home security cameras in Mrs. Hutchinson’s neighborhood recorded you. You do live there after all.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

Nice guy, would you please consider sharing your email address and intel with Frank or with me through Frank so we can discuss this by email, at least.

There have been rather serious stalking and harassment/gaslighting incidents including vandalism to my son’s durable medical equipment while at his program but I know Jeff Apple, himself, is responsible for at least some of the gaslighting — caught him red-handed at it — and Jeff is most certainly “benefitting” from the harassment by telling others it’s all in my head, etc. instead of acknowledging and helping protect his son from it — if you call dodging your support obligation to your own child by robbing him of his mother’s excellent care in favor of often uncaring, profit-driven govt., County-paid caregiver services — a benefit.

There’s a MONETARY benefit for Jeff Apple and, of course, the govt. subcontractor caregiver agency supplying the caregivers. Takes 3 of them on the same shift to do what I do alone without pay, too.

True that if Bangkok really dwells that close by and is a random stalker then he wouldn’t have to know or be Jeff Apple to know what Bangkok does about my hobo-ness, etc. Doesn’t explain the incidents at my son’s program, though. Doesn’t explain incidents that occurred at our last address when Frank Parlato was staying with us last summer.

Where do you get the age-range data? “One night in Bangkok” is even (slightly) before my time. Tech-profiling? What if it’s a shared computer or VPN? Or someone’s deliberately lying to evade profiling?

There’s a Thai restaurant called “Bangkok” not far from us, btw. I wouldn’t be caught dead eating there. Harmless as you say Bangkok is, Niceguy.

Finally, Jeff Apple may already know or could easily have connected with, shared hobo intel with Dennis Burke if “Friend of the good guys” is right about Burke.

4 years ago

Yeah, I’ve often wondered if Frank’s regular freak-of-the-week was your ex, J. Apple, Heidi.
Is it also the case that the ‘daycare’ being imposed on your son, is subject to some sort of controlling interest by his new partner?

I think I read somewhere that she was on the board of a daycare provider, having a disabled child of her own, that she made much of, “so busy with my charitable concerns, etc..”

I appreciate your dignity in the face of all these cruel shenanigans,H, it gives me confidence that you will prevail. All that matters is your freedom and the balance of mind necessary to care for your son and self. By keeping your focus, all that background bs will ever amount to is a blur.

4 years ago


I live on the East Coast. I do not have any info or conrete “intel”.

I just have noticed since around the time I started posting a few regarding Bangkok:

1. Bangkok always used to mention highschool or make references to high school…..Such as “This is so highschool” or “you are so high school”. He didn’t stop until I ridiculed him about it.

2. Bangkok has referenced your local a number of times. Bangkok knew you had pool problems.
“Hobo Heidi”, he knows you were recently camped outside your home. I can’t exactly what the other remember few times were.

3. Bangkok has researched your ex-husband and referenced his knowledge of your ex-husbands business.

4 Bangkok constantly tries to engage you so he can receive negative or positive attention from you.

Initially I started posting on the Frankreport when Bangkok and Scott were attacking individuals with incredible vitriol comments. Hence why I took notice of Bangkok.

4 years ago


seek mental help.

4 years ago


Seek mental help? LOL

I am not stocking anyone.

Bangkok clearly lives near Heidi.

I happen to notice Bangkok’s infatuation with Heidi.

Let me know what I need mental help with please and I will go stand in line behind 1/2 the posters on this website….

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

“niceguy,” you are invited to the front of the line, right behind Hutchinson.

4 years ago


Are you offering me your place in the mentally ill and retarded line?

Thanks good buddy!!!!

Hoping you have a morning brewski on me!!!!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

It’s hard for me to get too worked up over a story where the person doesn’t use their real name.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

To “IMO” — since there’s no reply on your post and skipping over Scott Johnson is always prudent — yes, “IMO,” you are correct.

My ex, Jeff Apple’s latest wife, Kym Karath, founded the “Aurealia” (named after Kym’s late mother) disabled adult day program both our sons attend.

Jeff Apple has claimed in court pleadings, however, that HE alone founded Aurealia and that he serves on its board of directors (indeed he does as its treasurer). It’s a “charitable (HA!) non-profit,” however the program receives govt. funding based on the number of caregivers required for each client — same as “for-profit” Programs. The programs get a portion of each of the caregivers’ pay from Uncle Sammy plus an administrative budget. And, since Aurealia does not offer certified LVN caregivers— the profit margin for LVN’s is much less for programs as LVN’s command higher pay — and since under California law only certified LVN’s (or parents) can administer medication — Aurealia clients who require LVN’s are provided with an additional govt. agency-paid LVN on top of the number of “caregivers” required to do the tasks for each client that LVN’s are not expected to, cannot “lawfully” be expected to perform.

In addition, the Aurealia program seeks to become a “transport vendor” whereby Uncle Sammy pays the program for the costs of transporting its clients in and around the community. The proposed cost to transport our son was $200 per day, which I’ve opposed on record for 2 years because it is societally UNCONSCIONABLE and because I want our son to learn to use public transport that’s readily available for the disabled in our community.

This is, in fact, robbing the kids of acquiring critical independent living skills (such as using public transport) and making them more dependent on caregivers, on drivers, etc.

Aurealia also charges clients additionally for “classes” held at a donated church space and any who cannot afford the classes cannot even be in the church during classes. That’s something I vociferously opposed for years since the day I saw Nathan, a heavy set black kid in the program, idle in his wheelchair parked outside the church sweating profusely in a heat wave during a “music class.”

And, of course, Aurealia board members may take a charitably generous salary draw — maybe that’s what Kym means by “charity.”

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Hutchinson, when there is no “REPLY” at the bottom of the comment, you merely go the “REPLY” above the comment and it will be placed at the bottom of the string, just like the several comments below IMO’s comment were placed. Stop fouling my comments.

4 years ago

I have a lurking suspicion that the NXIVM defendants, except for Raniere, will be indemnified for the time they spend in prison so long as they maintain their silence about the big money boys and girls.

The EDNY’s prosecution of the NXIVM crime gang only skimmed the surface and the real crimes, which occurred mainly around Saratoga County, will be covered up.

We will soon discover how dedicated the government is to really cleaning out the NXIVM rat’s nest.

Don’t expect the New York State government to do more than sit on its hands.

But the US Attorney’s office for the NDNY should pick up the ball and run with it and prosecute all of the NXIVM crimes that occurred in and around Saratoga and Albany counties.

Just An Observation
Just An Observation
4 years ago

I hope Mr. Burke is brought to justice. If there still is any to be found.

4 years ago

Re Dennis Burke Bangkok:


Burke is Bangkok or is Bangkok Burke?

I think it’s more likely that Bangkok is Quagmire from the television show The Family Guy or……..

…….As I have always stated Bangkok is Richard Branson.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

bangkok is not richard branson.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

Also, completely agree with your point about Clare. She and Sara (and their net worth, of course) are being used as human sheilds to protect the Salinas’ and at least allow them to get away with further harassment and unlawful activities against perceived mutual “enemies” — even at risk to Clare’s sentencing if, when, caught.

My ex is prol soon to be dangerously available, Clare, if you’re that into closet sado-masochistic narcissists like Bangkok and Raniere.

Karma, Clare Bear. Ye shall reap what ye (and what ye counsel) sow — or something to that effect.

Raniere’s probably only still alive to pluck your purse strings and play you girls like a gondola.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

One truly twisted motherfucker for sure, especially if — as my ex-husband, movie producer, Jeff Apple, hopes — Burke/Bangkok is behind any of the bullshit storm encircling my and my innocent, disabled son’s life — something which is quite literally being put at risk in these antics, btw — but I’m still not ruling out Jeff himself as the “deranged stalker ex-husband” posing as Bangkok trying to incite Burke’s and his clients of similar insanity to continue attacking me and my defenseless son with his father’s blessing and obvious instigation.

4 years ago

Bangkok? twisted fool? sounds right to me!

4 years ago

there is some heavy shit being discussed

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