Crybaby Jane: Keith Raniere getting a backfire dose of his own legal tricks – as he awaits in jail

By Crybaby Jane

Keith Alan Raniere is the man who for years tortured people using the legal system.  He told people he’d see them in jail or dead.

Raniere plotted with NXIVM’s Mexican leaders, Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro Alex Betancourt, to have defectors falsely accused of crimes in Mexico.

According to Kristin Keeffe — Emiliano Salinas and Keith Raniere paid off a Mexican judge to falsely accuse and convict several women of crimes they didn’t do in Mexico. Upon entering Mexico, they’d be arrested, put in a Mexican prison, tortured until they were willing to confess to lying about Raniere and NXIVM – to stop the torture. After these confessions, they would be disposed of, never to be seen or heard from again. Luckily, they saw through the plot to get them into Mexico.

Now, Raniere has the nerve to be a crybaby about spending time at the MDC to await a fair and due process trial. His time, since his arrest in Mexico, is far less than any legal torture he’s put anyone through.

Raniere/NXIVM is well known for data dumping in order to complicate legal matters. All that data at Salzmans was most likely planned.

Raniere/NXIVM also liked to drag out legal cases. How long was NXIVM vs Ross? 14+ years.

Raniere/NXIVM likes to file motion after motion that slow down any legal process. Now he’s being a crybaby when the shoe is on the other foot.

Raniere/NXIVM like to gang lie in legal proceedings so the truth is harder to come out.

Hasn’t Clare Bronfman’s claiming attorney/client privileges with every attorney who ever worked with anyone of NXIVM’s legal battles, procedure, legal matters or retained – held up discovery?

Isn’t it she who is gonna pay the legal fees holding up discovery?

Now everyone wants their own separate trial. Those motions take time away from working on discovery.

How about Kathy Russell taking the 5th over 75 times in a two-hour time frame. Isn’t that holding up the truth? How many others have done that?

Keith Raniere sure doesn’t practice what he charged others so much to take.

Nothing in the external world can mess with your inner joy, Crybaby Jane.

How about going to your happy place? Maybe it’s all just bullshit or you’re not evolved enough to apply your own training.

Someone call the wambulance.


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  • –How about Kathy Russell taking the 5th over 75 times in a two-hour time frame. Isn’t that holding up the truth? How many others have done that?

    LMAO. On Twitter there was a recent hashtag game trending #YouKnowTheyreGuilty (or something like that) and one tweet was “when they plead the 5th”. That couldn’t be more true.

  • If any of these NXIVM wise up they should trade all they know for immunity and a witness protection program.
    Cause once someone does give up the goods I would be mighty afraid I would be made to disappear.

  • KR in the picture above is saying…”In the name of the Father (Me), the son (Me) and the Holy Spirit (Me of course)…I shall forgive you as I brand thy pubic area with MY sacred Initials….!!!

  • People will eventually get reflected back on them the consequences of what they unjustly did to others in a similar and sometimes worse manner. So for example, if you cruelly destroy something that was important or valuable to somebody else, don’t be surprised if you receive its likeness in retribution.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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