It’s Not Healthy to Lose Weight by Dropping Calories to Under 1,200 Per Day

This is in response to Actaeon’s It’s Not a Sin to be Thin

By Bangkok [AKA The Retard]     

Actaeon, you’re confusing two things.

1) Being healthy (not obese)
2) Starving yourself to look like a model (Unhealthy).

That is, you’re confusing being ‘healthy’ with forcing your body into ‘starvation mode’ (unhealthy) just to lose weight.

Guess what?

It’s NOT healthy to lose weight by artificially dropping your calories to starvation levels (under 1,200 calories per day is generally considered starvation dieting).

Find me a SINGLE doctor in America (besides Nxivm Doctors Brandon Porter or Danielle Roberts) who will publicly state that starving yourself like ‘models’ is what Americans need to do to become healthy.

LOL. 🙂

Those female models you used as proof of being ‘healthy’ are likely not healthy, even though they are thin. Many models starve themselves to maintain an ultra thin appearance, which no doctor would recommend.


1) While on a ‘starvation diet’ your body will begin burning muscle and organ tissue too, which is dangerous and UNHEALTHY on a long term basis.

2) Your body’s electrolytes and vitamins/minerals will become unbalanced and depleted and you’ll need to take daily measures to ensure they get balanced/replenished.

3) Your body’s metabolism massively SLOWS DOWN when you begin starving yourself. This means you begin burning fewer calories each day, which means you’ll need to cut calories even further to lose more weight (which is likely why some NXIVM gals were eating only 500 calories per day). This is a ‘protection’ mechanism by your brain. In short, your body senses that you’re in danger (of starving to death) and it begins burning fewer calories to delay your muscle and organ tissue from getting burned up.

Americans can lose weight safely and increase their metabolism (burn more calories) by simply exercising on a daily basis while slightly cutting out foods that raise blood sugar too high (certain types of carbs, not all carbs).

High blood sugar levels is why most Americans gain weight and get fat as a house, not merely excess calories.

FYI: Yes, if you pig out on 5,000 calories per day you’ll gain weight no matter what types of calories they are. However, if you’re a typical American eating around 2,500-3,500 calories per day then simply moderating your blood sugar (carbs) will make it very difficult to gain weight and very easy to lose weight.

Americans overeat ‘unhealthy’ carbs on a massive scale compared to Europeans and Asians.

If you drink non-diet soda or have Starbucks coffee every day then you’re spiking your blood sugar every time you do that with almost no nutritional benefits.

Virtually every breakfast cereal on American shelves will spike blood sugar and make kids fatter than they otherwise would be. Even most ‘low sugar’ cereals are fattening, since low sugar cereals are high in other types of starches which spike blood sugar.

FYI: Americans don’t need to go on a super low carb diet to lose weight. They don’t need to use Atkins or Keto.

They simply need to ‘moderate’ carbs (i.e, slowly reduce certain types of carbs) to keep their blood sugar stable — and they’ll lose fat and excess water weight without having to starve themselves.

(Every gram of carbs makes your body retain 2-3 grams of water)

Toni Natalie Was Wrong to Put Child on Keith’s Low Cal Diet

Putting a small child on any type of calorie restricted diet supervised by a maniac like Keith Raniere (even one which doesn’t go into full starvation mode) is one of the unhealthiest ways for a child to lose weight, since Keith doesn’t understand how to nutritionally balance meals nor does he understand how to properly exercise to lose weight without having to cut calories so much.

That’s why Heidi’s comments about Toni trying to make her kid healthy — are nothing but drivel. If Toni really wanted to make her kid healthy, she’d have consulted a pediatric doctor to supervise her child’s nutrition and exercise, not a maniac like Keith Raniere.


PS — Mr. Actaeon, if you’re in good shape without moderating your carbs or exercising at all —- it simply means you were born with a faster than normal metabolism. It doesn’t mean that other people should listen to your uneducated drivel about doing ANYTHING they can to lose weight, since most people were not born with a fast metabolism.


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  • This is pretty nonsense.
    It fundamentally comes down to calories then macros next. As long as you stay in deficit and hit your protein and fat minimums it really doesn’t matter where carbs come from. The key is adherence and certain carbs will just be less volume.

  • Losing weight is always good for overall health. My hubby and I have been brewing and drinking herbs for weight loss from Tibet ( loose natural herbs, not tea bags ) along with healthier diet since beginning of this year and can’t recommend it enough. We both lost more weight than initially were expecting. We feel great, have more energy and become fans of natural medicine ever since. The idea is that it will change your metabolism and it certainly changed ours. I would recommend it to anyone who never tried natural weight loss boosters before. You will find more about the herbs, just search for Zhnz herbal blend.

  • Rev. AL Sharpton went from 300lbs. to 129 lbs. with it later in the life too. He added more calories (1000) after reaching his goal weight. Which took over a year!

  • I never stated that starving oneself on a crash diet is good or healthy; obviously, it’s not. The right way to lose fat and keep it off is to eat a healthy diet in moderate portions and exercise. We’re agreed on that.

    “Those female models you used as proof of being ‘healthy’ are likely not healthy” here we go again, with the assumption that models aren’t healthy. This is a “fact” grabbed out of thin air. Is there any evidence that models are “likely” not healthy? Because if you can point me to a peer-reviewed study I will accept it as proof and admit my mistake. I don’t think it’s true; I don’t think most of them are medically underweight. I don’t think their health suffers. I think there is a deep-seated prejudice against looking like a model. I think it’s our Puritanical culture’s hostility to beauty. It’s the old “dumb blonde” thing: if a woman is young and “too pretty” she must be stupid. Or a slut. Or unhealthy.

    It can’t possibly be healthy to have a great body like that. Or can it?

    From the movie “When Harry Met Sally”, the classic line, “She’s tall, skinny, big tits… your basic nightmare”. Female intersexual competition. Let’s all hate her because she’s beautiful.

    Men do it too: the “dumb jock” stereotype. It makes the pudgy losers feel better about themselves to deride the guy who’s making a fortune and dating all the hot chicks playing professional sports while they… don’t.

  • “That is, you’re confusing being ‘healthy’ with forcing your body into ‘starvation mode’ (unhealthy) just to lose weight.”

    Starvation is the state a person enters when all their body fat has been burned up.

    As long as some body fat is available for burning, the person is not technically starving.

    Starvation is a pathological state with wholly negative consequences.

    On the other hand *temporary* very low calorie diets, when managed properly, are quite safe.

  • Bangkok writes:

    “Heidi’s comments about Toni trying to make her kid healthy…”

    “Heidi” (Hutchinson) however, made no comment about Toni trying to keep her kid healthy.

    Not on Frank Report, not anywhere online and not in real life ever to anyone.

    Just like “Heidi” never said that Dennis Burke and John Sandweg were stalking her — along with dozens of other words and deeds you continue to falsely attribute to “Heidi.”

    Your arguments with “Heidi” are only happening in your head, Bangkok.

    Your false attributions to “Heidi” — not to mention your stalking, gaslighting and other forms of harassment — are disturbing projections and indicative of an unhealthy, mad obsession.

    Perhaps you should check your own glycemic index level and, just maybe, slow down on the cocaine and Respiradone and other psychotropic substance abuse.

    Why not confront your gender dysmorphia sober, like a man?

  • Several years ago I read the Karen Carpenter biography “Little Girl Blue.”
    Carpenter would not only starve herself she would exercise herself into super thinness.
    And to increase the effect she would engage in anorexia and bulimia.
    And on top of that Carpenter would take pills to increase the metabolism to burn off calories even faster.

    This Triptych (a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together) demonstrates how Karen Carpenter deteriorated over a period of ten years.

    Anorexia and bulimia are eating related mental disorders that tend to afflict young women far more than young men.

    These recent photos of the singer Celine Dion also show the effects of extreme dieting.

    And here is the actor Johnny Depp who is also scary skinny.

    These Hollyweird people are supposedly mature adults and have the resources to avoid starvation.
    And they should be aware of the example of Karen Carpenter.

    Should I feel sorry for rich people who choose to act stupid and under eat?
    Should I feel sorry for rich people who drug themselves into oblivion?
    Should I feel sorry for rich people like Freddie Mercury who hop from orgy to orgy and wake up with AIDS?
    Should I feel sorry for rich people who drink themselves to death?

    In 1970 my family went to Southern California and I saw the once famous actor Robert Cummings. (1910-1990)
    At one time Cummings was a famous movie and TV actor.
    He starred in the Hitchcock film “Saboteur”.
    Around 1960 Cummings fell under the spell of Doctor Max Jacobson aka Dr. Feelgood.
    Doctor Feelgood was a drug pusher who hooked President John F. Kennedy on amphetamines.
    Doctor Feelgood got Robert Cummings hooked on amphetamines and destroyed Cummings health and career.

    “In the case of popular actor Bob Cummings, his addiction ruined his career, his status in Hollywood and ultimately his life. He died broke and unwanted, ravaged by his addiction.”

    Hollywood even put out a Made for TV movie about Karen Carpenter.
    You can see it for free on Youtube.

  • The Too Thin issue is pretty simple and there is a large amount of data to support this simple statement:

    “According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, the risks of a VLCD are too great for the average person. Only people who are not pregnant and free of cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, severe psychological problems, or active cardiac dysfunction with a body mass index (BMI) over 32 can be considered good candidates.”

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