Will Dr. Danielle Roberts Have Her Medical License Revoked?

Dr. Danielle Roberts

Now that the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has finally revoked the medical license of Brandon Porter, the question becomes whether the agency will do the same with Dr. Danielle Roberts.

MK10ART’s portrait of Dr. Brandon Porter working with a young woman on a human fright experiment – in order to create a more noble civilization.

Porter’s license was revoked after an NYSDOH Hearing Committee sustained 24 of the 25 charges of professional misconduct that had been lodged against him. The revocation process took more than a year.

According to NYSDOH, it revoked Porter’s license because he had conducted more than 250 unauthorized human research studies – and because he had failed to report what NYSDOH termed “an unusual disease outbreak” at the 2016 Vanguard Week.


Roberts Is Facing Different Allegations

Although Roberts has also been charged with professional misconduct, the circumstances surrounding her charges are very different from those concerning Porter.

Danielle Roberts

From what can be gleaned from various filings, all the charges against Porter are related to her role in branding 100-150 women with the initials of Keith Raniere, the leader of the NXIVM/ESP sex slave cult.

More specifically, the charges against Roberts are that she:
– Practiced medicine with negligence on more than one occasion;
– Practiced medicine with gross negligence on one occasion;
– Failed to utilize scientifically accepted precautions and infection-control measures during the branding procedures; and
– Is morally unfit to practice medicine.


Allegations Against Roberts Started in 2017

The current investigation of Roberts has been ongoing since at least January 2018. That’s when NYSDOH served subpoenas on eight “Jane Does” who were involved in – or had knowledge of – the brandings.

The Jane Does tried to have the subpoenas revoked on the basis that branding – also called “body scarification” – does not involve the practice of medicine and is, therefore, outside the purview of NYSDOH.

That is the basically the same position that NYSDOH initially took when Sarah Edmondson filed a complaint against Porter back in 2017.

Edmondson’s complaint was originally rejected by NYSDOH on the basis that her allegations involved conduct that “did not occur with the doctor-patient relationship and should be reported to law enforcement”. But the agency decided to reopen the matter after numerous published reports about the branding – and a likely call from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office.

Since the agency reopened the matter, Raniere and five other top leaders of the cult – Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, and Kathy Russell – were indicted by federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) on a variety of federal felony charges.

Nancy Salzman and her daughter, Lauren. 

The five women pleaded guilty to various federal felonies – and Raniere was convicted on all seven charges against him.

All of them are currently awaiting sentencing.


Roberts Also Worked at St. Peter’s Hospital

Just like Porter, Roberts was employed for several years at St. Peter’s Hospital.

During that same period of time, she also maintained a private practice at 7 Grant Hill Road in Clifton Park, NY.

At last report, she was working at Plainview Hospital in Plainview, NY.

Danielle Roberts – Still practicing medicine.

Her office address – and her telephone number there – are 888 Old Country Road Plainview, NY 11803 and 516/719-2546.

In addition to her medical practice, Roberts also appears as a panelist at programs promoting various health and wellness programs.

She also maintains an active Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DrDanielleRoberts


NYSDOH Also Needs to Revoke Roberts’ Medical License

As reluctant as it usually is to discipline physicians, NYSDOH stepped up big time in revoking Porter’s license.

Now, it needs to do the same thing with respect to Danielle Roberts.

To begin with, even if the branding itself does not constitute “the practice of medicine”, the treatment of the women who were branded certain does (Roberts reportedly advised each branded woman how to treat her branded pussy).

In addition, Roberts’ refusal to stop the branding process when some of the women asked her to do so means that she acted – at least in those cases – without permission from the women being branded.

Roberts also failed to provide any type of pain-avoidance procedure for the women that she branded. According to an Order issued by Acting New York State Supreme Court Judge Kimberly A. O’Connor in September 2018, “The complaint alleged that the subject physician participated in an initiation ceremony for a secret society, which involved the branding of female initiates with a cautery pen without anesthesia and under duress”.

In addition to the above, there is also the fact that Roberts was at the 2016 Vanguard Week festivities when hundreds of attendees became ill. And just like Porter, she failed to report the outbreak of “an unusual disease outbreak” to NYSDOH – which, as a licensed physician in New York State, she was required to do.

MK10ART. Keith Raniere and Brandon Porter MD – two scientists study reactions to illness at V-Week 2016. Where was Dr. Danieel Roberts when all this was going on? 

And lastly, there’s the “What the fuck?” criterion that has to be applied in cases like this.

Does anyone seriously think that a doctor who branded the vaginas of 100-150 women with the initials of a sex slave cult leader is competent to practice medicine?


In a state where declawing cats is now illegal, do you want someone like this making life and death decisions about other human beings?

I’m not sure I’d want Danielle Roberts to take care of my cat.

And I sure as hell don’t want her branding any more pussies with Raniere’s initials!

The brands

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  • To play devil’s advocate, isn’t it better done by a doctor than not just as we allow doctors to cut bits of the pensi of baby boys usually for religious reasons – in those cases without the consent of the babies – she maybe was doing the same except she thought she had consent and it was not such a drastic measure?

  • Hate for this physician’s gross medical misconduct is well placed. But just because you find it repulsive does not make it worthy to revoke her medical license.

    Now, if a NY physician is required to create a record for all patients she treats, this would be a chargeable offense.

    If the procedure she performed “branding” as a physician required certain documentation of disclosure of possible complications and consent of the patient, then this to could be a revocable offense.

    Can one reasonably assume she obtained her position of “brander” because she was a licensed NY physician?

    These issues could lead to her license being revoked.

    But just like Edmondson, the videos need to be “leaked”. It is a shame that the true essence of these acts either religious and/or medical has remained hidden. Because if they were made public, a real honest review could be realized of NY ability to license and monitors its physicians.

  • I have to ask, what did these women think was going to happen? The Dr just suddenly decided to brand their pussy? It’s not like they didn’t know what was happening. Revoke the Dr license and let it end there

  • […] When the state medical board receives complaints on a medical provider they go through a thorough process to determine whether a license should be suspended or revoked. An example of what the NYSDOH has done with one provider and is in the process of reviewing the other provider as to whether to revoke her license. https://frankreport.com/2019/08/26/will-dr-danielle-roberts-have-her-medical-license-revoked/amp/ […]

  • Is this really newsworthy? ‘Branking’ is akin to tattoo removal scars. Who knows what is trendy these days? Piercing ones tounge? Or other regions?

    • A doctor cauterizing the flesh of over a hundred women per the desire of a convicted sociopath –done under the auspices of a larger piece of brainwashing machinery–is clearly news worthy.

      My opinion, of course.

    • You make a very apt advocate for the quack-o Dr. Roberts. You really capture the depth of consideration, the breadth of understanding behind her decision to do branding. Your point that it’s no worse than piercing one’s tongue is particularly compelling.

  • Use of a ” Dr” was a measure to try and authenticate it all. Same as using actresses to lure other actresses in.

    No better way to manipulate and connive than having professionals vouch for your ideology.

    NXIVM girls: i believe you were vulnerable, for whatever reason, and I have sympathy for you all. I pray you find peace.


    • Dr. Mike Johnson:
      You are absolutely right.

      There was no legitimate medical reason to conduct cauterizing operations on over one hundred women.

      Especially without pain killers.

      On top of that, Dr. Danielle Roberts was being directed in these operations by Allison Mack who has no medical background.

  • Wouldn’t it have been wiser to go to a professional scarification artist? They seem to have gotten their jollies off by breaking the law. I think that’s what they meant by “bad asses”. I think its so disgusting how little regard these people had for humanity. For one Keith had herpes. That shit doesn’t go away, it lies dormant and pops out like a surprise party. Someone should have definitely contacted the CDC along with the health dept for V- week. Lastly, all the DOS slaves are transferring blood born diseases by using the same cauterizing tool. The whole lot of you need to get a well deserved check up. And for the love of God please just stay at home. Humanity, I promise will be just fine without your help.

    • Using someone from the outside would have been expensive and they may have reported it to law enforcement after the first few dozen times. How do you know they used the same tool?

      • A cauterizing tool can be purchased anywhere from 10 to 30 + dollars. I think the women held each other down and passed the same branding torch. They don’t seem smart enough to disinfect and or use their own. So allow me to ask, did the DOS slaves share the branding pen like they shared Keith?

    • Autoclave the instruments . MD -ing it doesn’t make it right. It lies outside the domain of a medical doctors job designation but if I wanted it done better a physician than a tattoo artist. Whatever-forgedda about it.

  • Malpractice is improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by a medical practitioner, lawyer, or public official. Wrongdoing, dereliction of duty, professional misconduct, breach of ethics, unprofessional behavior, unprofessionalism, unethical behavior; negligence, carelessness, and incompetence. DOS slaves are also victims of malpractice.

    The distinction between recklessness and criminal negligence lies in the presence or absence of foresight as to the prohibited consequences. Criminal negligence becomes “gross” when the failure to foresee involves a “wanton disregard for human life.

    Playing the dumb card isn’t going to work in the court of law. These are laws taught in medical school early on.

  • Does anyone know if she was a member of nxivm?

    Was branding her only interaction? Did they just find her in the phone book?

    More importantly, WAS SHE PAID????

  • During that same period of time, she also maintained a private practice at 7 Grant Hill Road in Clifton Park, NY.

    7 Grant Hill Road in Clifton Park?

    Isn’t that where Clear Bear Bronfman was living?

    Didn’t Nancy Salzman own that house before the DOJ took position of her assets?

    How can a MD have a medical practice in a private residence zoned for residential use only?
    I don’t know about NY State, but most states, that is illegal.

  • Yeah the branding aspect of the whole Nxivm story is freaky, but to me, it’s not the branding that’s so wild and crazy — other stupid culty people do this more than you know — it’s the psychological abuse behind the branding. Roberts herself was just a bit player in my mind. I mean, she shouldn’t be practicing medicine anymore, but she’s far from the worst perpetrator. I’m not going to call and bother her or her bosses.

  • I just don’t get that Nancy Salzman had no idea. No Porter, no Roberts. No Lauren. No Keith Gabe it up to Clare (lol). No Vow. No Dani. No Knox Woods. Russell was her bitch. No way.

    Nancy is just…hapless? Just got all into everyone’s head with her “love” for Keith,..but was clueless! Such a dummy! Everyone lied to her, EM after EM. and, lo, she has no history?

    We read the transcripts with the Mexican SOP men. They knew. The Vow was a thing, a module.
    Yeah. So can we just stop with the “secret” Ladies Auxiliary bs, bc the men, and, therefore, not a leap, the Prefect, all of the inner ppl knew about the bizarre type of bondage that Keith wanted and they taught.

    In fact, bondage was always the point. Monetary, spiritual, etc.

    And Prefect? Did Prefect “tear paper towels in half?” Omg, Vincente.

    Yeah, Vicente had jackshit to say about Dear Prefect, his homies, etc.

    Stupid, boob Keith was a figurehead. We fucking get it.

    Nice how dumbass Clare holds the bag.

    • Who has said Salzman had no idea?

      I don’t see how she could have not known about most of what was going on, given that she was around from the beginning and was a central figure. So I suspect she put up with Raniere as being the necessary organizational frontman, for her to try to do her work on a scale she could not have on her own.

  • It seems to me that she used her reputation as “Doctor Roberts” or “Doctor Danielle” as part of the atmosphere of influence and manipulation to get women to go through with the brandings, so she shouldn’t get away with claiming that the branding was somehow outside her practice of medicine and her role as a physician.

    Robertson has, at least until recently, had booths at alternative health type events, promoting her group related to NXIVM that is probably intended in part to be a pipeline into DOS for new slaves.

    • The government now owns NXIVM. How can anyone use any of it? They are stealing from the government according to their own mission statement.

      • That certainly puts a damper on any attempt to revive NXIVM itself and use the modules, including videos and training materials.

        Roberts could claim that whatever she’s been doing (if she’s still doing it) is derivative enough not to infringe on NXIVM intellectual property. The government is unlikely to go after anyone aggressively while it has possession of the “tech,” except possibly in the case of the most blatant attempts to revive NIXVM itself copying its original forms.

        The question, is will those intellectual property rights eventually be auctioned off, and who will the new owner be? Anyone hoping to get by with a derivative use unchallenged, would have to weigh the possibility that a new owner would pursue the rights aggressively if not vindictively, the way NXIVM did. The most likely new owners are the Bronfmans and some of the rich Mexican NXians, but they would likely pursue their own agendas and would not necessarily be on good terms with all the other former NXIVM members wanting to use some of the “tech.”

      • Since Rick Ross’ investigation revealed that NXIVM’s tech was basically regurgitated Scientology, it should be no problem to steal the Scientology tech all over again, and tweak it a little for a NXIVM 2.0.

    • Yes, she might have used her reputation to recruit to nxivm, but she is not the only one. K Kreuk also may have used her Smallville character’s reputation to recruit young teen girls for Raniere.

  • Since branding is a means sex traffickers use to mark their property, Dr. Roberts together with Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman should be indicted in the NDNY for sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking.

    The 100 to 150 women who were branded went through the process, for the most part in Clifton Park in the NDNY.

    The NDNY is the proper venue for these sex trafficking cases, not Brooklyn in the EDNY.

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