The Right Side: DOJ Should Arrest St. Louis Circuit Attorney AND Police Officers Who Willfully Violated McCloskey’s Civil Rights

St, Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Did she break the law in prosecuting Mark and Patricia McCloskey?

By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired

From the Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

From Title 18 US Code Section 242… “Whoever, under color of any law… willfully subjects any person in any State… to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to DEATH.

Mr. Attorney General, I’m confused …as a three- decade FBI Agent, I believe we have a crime committed by the St Louis District Attorney by ordering St Louis Police to illegally confiscate a gun(s) from Mark and Patricia McCloskey, for exercising their Constructional Rights to Keep and Bear arms and their inherent right to Self Defense.

Mr. AG, you are allowed to enforce the laws when white folks’ Civil Rights are violated…it applies equally to all (please see the 14th Amendment, same document)!

Former President Obama had former AG Eric Holder (remember… the “I got your back”, AG? ) send his troop of Civil Rights Deputy Attorneys General [DAGs] to investigate possible Civil Right violations in Ferguson and New Orleans. They even altered evidence to help the nonwhite folks whose Rights weren’t quite violated … so they helped out…but just a little, so the Court Orders, that held Holder’s DAGs in Contempt were allowed to be ignored …by Obama and Holder…after all the victims were black!

You know Mr. AG… in a Conspiracy to violate Civil Rights, Section 241, you don’t have to prove overt acts like all other criminal violations.

So it looks to me that all we need to make an arrest is to just put the 2nd Amendment in a Federal Complaint along with  Section 241 and 242 …we don’t have to Indict first either… The warrant is enough…how about it…? Send the Marshalls!

GO ARREST … St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner AND the St Louis Police Officers who obtained the Search Warrant and obeyed that illegal Search Warrant, another, separate violation of the 4th Amendment (Illegal Search and Seizure).

Mark and Patricia McCluskey, both lawyers, brandish guns to try to ward off trespassers who they claim were threatening their lives and property. No one was injured.


Understand that I am very much pro… for…with…support — law enforcement but, it MUST be applied equally to all. W do not get to pick and choose who gets to have the law enforced and who doesn’t. These same police chose to obey their boss’ other illegal orders, to stand down, another illegal act, and not respond to calls for help from citizens who were victims of the Rioting… not Peaceful Demonstration.

Peaceful doesn’t include breaking down Posted Gates, breaking into homes, with guns and threatening the lives of Citizens!

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  • Nice Guy, I don’t know for sure, as I wasn’t there…we can only go by what we saw and heard from the videos. We did hear a purported 911 call with video…But if what McCluskey says is correct, Kim Gardner and whoever ordered the officers to file that search warrant…had better put their houses in their spouse’s names…The Right Side

  • Two lies the Mark and Patricia McCluskey

    1. Mark said they called 911 and grabbed their guns as they heard the crowd approaching their private, gated community on Portland Place. However, police told News 4 they received no 911 calls from that street during the time of the incident.

    2. Despite his claims, video circulating on social media shows protesters opening and walking through the unbroken gate. It is unclear when it was actually damaged or who destroyed it.

    In addition, the McCluskey’s outer home surveillance video system was oddly turned off when the protesters/rioters showed up

    Gary, by my count, that’s two strikes and a foul ball.

    If if you don’t counter my arguments, I will assume you believe I am correct.

    People have a right to protect themselves under the Castle doctrine but no one breached their property.

    I don’t think they broke the law per se but you don’t point a loaded gun with the safety off in your index finger on the trigger unless you intend to pull.

    “Mr. McCluskey needs to put his wife on a leash. Bitch is outa control.”

    • Mr. McCluskey needs to put his wife on a leash. Bitch is outa control.”
      —Frank P. ;).

      The above quote is from the raunchy film critic Frank P. Tomasulo. I hit post completely by accident before I finished typing. I am very sorry Mr. Parlato.

      Will not happen again!!!!!

    • 1. As if 911 is even functional, it was probably overwhelmed with all of the other calls coming in. LOL

      2. Where are the links to those videos? LOL

      Perhaps they run the surveillance video only at night. LOL

      Besides, not having video doesn’t prove anything, it didn’t help Epstein, the decision was still made that he committed suicide. LOL

      How do you know that nobody breached their property? LOL

      What constitutes a breach, crossing the curb? LOL

      If a mob is coming from different directions and making threats, some of them apparently were armed, I don’t think the curb definition applies. LOL

      Just admit that you’re a RINO and all will be forgiven. LOL

      Or are you just a plain ‘ole fashioned commie pinko fag? LOL

    • “wife on a leash” ? Where did that quote come from?

      Otherwise, completely agree with Niceguy. They’re caught red-handed in two big whoopers. No 911 call – why would the cops lie – no smashed gate — no break-in, no break-in crash outside…

      They’re busted. Their live ammo props are EVIDENCE of high treason — especially if you believe ChiCom is behind it all.

      And so, btw, is he who or they who tweeted this rebel rousing farce to agitate divisiveness in their own interests. “White Power,” indeed.

  • On Tucker Carlson tonight, Mark McCloskey said that the rumor is that he will be indicted by the criminal Communist Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.
    70% of Kim Gardner’s campaign was funded by the anti-American George Soros.

  • According to the Constitution of the US, where I live, and other legal documents, the St Louis circuit attorney and the cops STOLE PERSONAL PROPERTY that was in the legal possession of the owners.

    What country is St Louis in?

    • “What country is St Louis in?”

      Great question!
      Saint Louis is now in the People’s Democratic Republic of America.
      All of the former United States of America is now in the People’s Democratic Republic of America.
      All Hail Comrade Biden!
      All Hail Comrade Pelosi!

    • What country is St Louis in?

      The poverty rate in St. Louis is 25%.

      Basically it’s like living in Poland or West Virginia, with a lot less white people.

      So is Saint Louis another country?

      F*ck yes!!!! It makes Roosevelt Long Island look like a f*ck-en paradise.

      Have you ever driven through Roosevelt Long Island at night?

      Basically, it’s the only place I’ve ever been in the United States, where, I was happy to leave alive.

      Took a wrong turn one night before GPS.

        • Scott,
          I’d be happy if they built the wall, between Mexico and Texas, around your home so you end up on the Mexican side.

          You’d be able to start Amway Mexico.

          I know a wonderful person like you, would love to make a bunch of Mexican people rich by signing them up for Amway.

          An untapped market can be yours!!!!!


          • Trump would never do that. LOL

            Amway has been scamming Mexicans for decades, it is quite tapped. LOL

            I have no interest in scamming others, remember? LOL

  • [redacted] and every BLM terrorist/supporter. [redacted].

    Muhammad the *NOT A PROPHET* pedophile was a slaver. Will BLM terrorists try to topple mosques?


  • Special Agent Di Laura,

    The husband and wife have a right to stand their on their own property. The stand your ground law and the Castle doctrine are both Floridian laws.

    Brandishing a loaded hand gun with your finger on the trigger at people that have not breached your property is wrong.

    The couple more than has the right to stand on their with the weapons loaded, but pointing a gun at someone that has not entered your property is not the right thing to do.

    I think we both know if a finger is on a trigger of a loaded gun and the safety is off is very easy to accidentally shoot someone.

    The wife had no fire arms training at all.

    The wife’s index finger was on the trigger and not above it.

    • Not to mention that the couple changed their story twice.

      If the rioters breached the grounds, they would’ve had a right to shoot them. End of story.

      • Which two changes of their story are you referring to? LOL

        They broke down a gate on private property next to their home, and they never pulled a trigger. End of story. LOL

      • I agree, NiceGuy. And it’s good to see you, someone with some balls, on here, express your own opinion even if contrary to Special Agent DiLaura’s (and Pres. Trump’s, apparently) sometimes.

        If the couple felt their lives or property were in imminent danger, why didn’t they stay inside and call the police? Where’s the 911 call recording?

        You’d think they’d at least have called someone who knew how to hold or fire a gun properly if they required armed defense. I don’t know one sane woman who would rush out with a gun or no under any truly “life-threatening” circumstances outside. Especially when there were no children to protect inside.

        None of it makes sense except Trumpeting themselves as heroes of democracy and victims of “rioters” during a mostly peaceful protest march.

        Unless — Maybe the husband just gave his wife the tiny pistol hoping she’d accidentally shoot herself or get shot waving it around w/o the capability to truly defend herself.

        Hubby McClosky’s prolly bummed there were no Boogaloo or KKK or Proud Boys shit-stirrers in the crowd committing random acts of violence or hunting down “Antifa.”

        The Wife does look a lot like the rioter blond lady breaking windows in Trump’s MAGA re-election campaign ads. But not much like Mr. Gugino, granted — the ‘real’ “Antifa” spy they caught scanning riot cop gear in Buffalo, NY.

        (I can just hear Gary now, “Men…get her!” You may get a new, improved Bangcock yet to covertly represent the misogynists on here, Niceguy. Most White Supremacists put “women below dogs” (that’s a Proud Boys quote) though just slightly above blacks and Hispanics, I understand.

        • How [redacted] your reasoning is. You’re a [redacted] person. Proud boys quote is a joke. You swallow up the MSM like a sheep.
          I’d love to see yourself in the position that couple was. Call your social worker to deal with it [redacted]

    • Nice Guy, We don’t have all the facts but what you and I saw was those “people” trespassing private property. The gates they broke down were private property probably belonging to either the common ownership (an HOA) or the victims. Either way, they “those people” who trespassed “were committing criminal trespass. The threats they were shouting must be taken as real when they are displaying guns…two according to the victim, lawyer. Let me tell you something…when a crowd threatens violence, that’s the time to up the force, a click or two, for self-defense not after he shoots the gun in his hand. If somebody says, “We are going to kill you” while holding a gun…whether his finger is on the trigger or not… in my book on survival… if his finger is off the trigger, he just made a fatal mistake. You don’t have to be the one returning fire…not all situations are the same but a riot, prone to violence, carrying guns, turned violent by breaking down private gates…entering.. threatening to kill you and burn your house…? Really…you wait and see…not me…better judged by 12 than carried by 6. The Right Side

      • Gary.

        Three things:

        1. No gate was broken.

        2. The couple lied; they never called the police.

        3. There is no jury that will convict them and, technically, the couple did not break any laws on further examination of Saint Louis law. Kim Gardner is pandering to the Democratic electorate. I am sure she is planning to run in an election at some point in the future.

        I AM WRONG. If the mob had set foot on the couple’s property, they would’ve had the right to shoot them under the Missouri Castle Doctrine. YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

        I apologize for being a contrarian.

        Take care

    • The Castle Doctrine is the law in many states, not just Florida: LOL

      Please cite the Missouri law that was broken by pointing their guns with their fingers on the triggers. LOL

      The mob broke down the gate and were making verbal threats, how close should a mob be allowed to get, when they are coming from different directions and may be armed themselves, before you pull the trigger? LOL

    • I was on a jury in Texas several years ago, a criminal case where the Castle Doctrine was used by the defendant. They walked free, NOT GUILTY. LOL

  • Frank:
    I dare you to publish this story which the Main Stream Media won’t touch.

    Why doesn’t the DOJ arrest the Communist Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz and his Communist Rat of a daughter Hope Walz for fomenting an insurrection?
    President Trump offered to call out the National Guard to restore order to the streets of Minneapolis during a riot.
    Communist Minnesota Governor Tim Walz rejected Trump’s offer.
    On May 28 Hope Walz tweeted that the National Guard would not be called out to stop the rioting in Minneapolis.
    Hope Walz literally used social media to give her Anti-Fa and BLM friends the green light to continue the riot.

    Hope Walz’s tweet was deleted but here is what she said with a screen shot.

    “Could someone who has followers actually rel(a)y to the masses that the guard WILL NOT be present tonight??” Hope Walz

    Hope Walz goes on to Tweet, “the guard can not be sent in within minutes. it takes time for them to deploy because they come from all over the be clear, the guard will not be present tonight.”

    Hope Walz continued, “what I do know is the guard won’t be arresting people tonight.”

    So the guard won’t be arresting people and it is safe for you to riot says the Governor’s daughter.

    Screen Shot of Hope Walz tweet.

    Reactions to Hope Walz tweet.
    “Pete Hegseth
    May 30
    Why is the daughter of Minnesota’s Governor (
    ) sharing information about National Guard movements & capabilities to Minneapolis “protestors”?
    This Tweet is unavailable.

    Shari 🇺🇸
    May 30
    Replying to

    Says tweets protected.

    Replying to
    That is putting the national guard and police in danger. This needs to STOP

    LauraJane Turnbull (McGinnis)
    May 30
    Replying to

    She is probably getting paid by soros.

    Replying to

    She needs to be stopped.

    Replying to

    She won’t because she is a sympathizer with the insurrectionist communist and anarchist who want to over throw our constitutional republic.

    jerry schultz
    May 31
    She is scum

    Communist Governor Tim Walz rejected the Pentagon’s offer of military police,
    “As the events unfolded that night, the Pentagon placed members of the Military Police Corps from Fort Bragg and Fort Drum on stand-by, preparing for possible deployment to the Twin Cities if requested by Walz.[60] Walz later declined the offer”

    As a result of Hope Walz’s espionage for Anti-Fa and BLM about 1500 buildings in Minneapolis were damaged or destroyed with damage totaling 500 million dollars.
    One person was murdered outside a Minneapolis pawn shop during the riot
    Riots spread to over 100 cities with 26 dead nationwide.

    Why is this story important?

    Because the scumbag Communist politicians of Minnesota want all Americans to pay to fix their corruption and anti-American treason.
    President Trump has refused to fund any reconstruction of Minneapolis.
    No doubt the Communists in the media will try to demonize Trump over this issue.

    Let’s take a view of the damage caused by Communist Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and his demented daughter.

  • This is a fascinating situation that the McCloskey’s are in. I think they’re amazing. I would’ve done the same thing if I had to. Attorney Kim Gardner may be experiencing a push from the BLM bullies. I’m wondering what her track record is and how many other people have had their rights violated by her?

    • Peaches:
      It is time to recognize that the Democratic Party is infected with Communists who want to destroy America and murder the American people.
      We are all Roger Stone.
      We are all Michael Flynn.

      • Sen. Joseph McCarthy said in a famous U.S. Senate speech on Lincoln Day, 20 February 1950, during which he warned against the perils of Communist infiltration in the United States. McCarthy says, “When a great democracy is destroyed, it will not be because of enemies from without, but rather because of enemies from within.” The truth of this statement is becoming more clear.

      • And thank heavens, most of us are not in limbo (which has apparently been abolished) like that mealy-mouthed reminder of the yellow-bellied sapsucker, Dr. Fauci, or its wife.

        Yesterday I watched yet another transformation on video. Here Dr. F began as a small female who might’ve been raised as Jewish. (?)Its wife began as a dude and has (pretty or ugly much) stayed that way. Quite the tough-guy jawline on that there wifey, among other dead-on-arrival giveaways, such as the hip to shoulder ratio, size of hands and feet, etc.

        Little Dr Fauci could remind one of that spinster school teacher from the Archie comics, Miss Grundy, all sexy like an unpitted prune. Just add a thorough coating of deviousness.

        Who wants a bite of that?

        I had to pause awhile, due to being mostly Irish.

        And in this armpit of a story, there’s no one worth fucking with, not quite yet, and anyhow, much of the human race is busy napping. Trying on dreams wherein sex is no longer em- bare- assing? Heh heh

        Meanwhile, Fauci brings to mind an OCCUPIED sign, showing itself fixedly plastered, like mashed macaroni
        on the door of a vacant bathroom inside of a downwardly plummeting 747.

        This video that I saw is not the only film available making the same transsexual/transgender/transfender Fauci conjectures, either. As one takes in the skeletal and anatomical distinctions between males and females as a major part of this sort of examination, many things cannot really stay hidden, regardless of the typical trickery being used.

        How come anybody bothers to hide this part of one’s so-called primal identity for an entire lifetime anymore? Shoot, you can get shot for any kind of unreasonable excuse these days. Slowpokes.

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