Part 8: Keith and Cami Texts: ‘If You Don’t Find a Virgin, The Genetic Advantages I Possess Will Be Lost Forever’

This is Part 8 of the Keith and Cami Texts.

It is October- November 2015. Keith Alan Raniere is 55, his slave Cami is 25.

He has already started DOS and has seven of his first line slaves already indoctrinated.

They are Cami, Monica Duran, Dani Padilla, Rosa Laura Junco, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, and Loreta Garza.  Lauren Salzman has not yet been recruited.

In these texts we find Keith pushing Cami to find him both fuck toys sex slaves to give him group blow jobs and to find him a virgin to deflower.

We also learn the reason: Cami was to have been his eternal virgin but alas she had sex with Robbie, the son of one of his followers. Now he is worried. He is growing weak. He has given so much to the world that his body cannot much longer endure and there is a possibility that if she does not find for him a virgin successor, his lineage may die out.

He then may not be able to purify the whole world.

This is so very sad.

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October 15, 12:51 p.m.

CAMI: Do you have any tips for me? I want to be the best [at oral sex with Keith].

KEITH: Unfortunately, the most intense stimulation requires two or three mouths [for collective blow job on Keith]. But as a single mouth, you’re fantastic.

CAMI: Okay. I need to warm up to the idea of two to three mouths, but if that were the case, could I be the one to drink you [Keith’s semen]?

KEITH: Absolutely. That’s what those fuck toys are for.

CAMI: Oh, goody. Honey, can I tell you something?


CAMI: I feel like I’m in a competition now, like I have to defend whatever I have left. I feel like I got a lot taken away from me yesterday.

KEITH: Not true.

CAMI: I believe you. I’m just sharing how I feel.

KEITH: But your needing to defend could be transformed into positive motivation.

CAMI: I thought we were still going to have a family. Gone. I thought I was the only one. Gone. Yeah, I am using it to be better, but it is not nice to feel like they are going to steal everything from you at any moment. I was excited about the slaves because they would understand the specialness of us and help protect it. I discovered the opposite yesterday.

October 17, 3:07 p.m.

KEITH: Which slaves? The general ones [first line slaves] or our more personal ones? [fuck toy sex slaves for Keith and Cami.]

A group blow job ceremony, involving the first line slaves and their master [in the center], was planned by the wondrous Keith Alan Raniere.

3:11 p.m.

KEITH: The more personal ones [slaves] allow you to stimulate my body so it can grow stronger faster. Multiple slaves allow you to never be worn. Also can do things to make me cum more than you. Also, the multiple pheromones of a highly-stimulated biochemical effect by preventing habituation. [Greatest word salad ever]

CAMI: Oh, I meant the six [first line slaves]. You are talking about the [fuck toy] slaves I will get, right?

KEITH: The six [first line slaves] can help me move the world because I’m not strong enough now to push with the other vehicles [Nxivm, SOP, Jness etc.] I’ve created. They can also be absolutely trusted and will not fight me no matter what. I have always done things democratically but there is not time. [his body is fading from giving so much to the world.]

CAMI: Ah, okay.

KEITH: Yes to your question [about the fuck toy sex slaves].

CAMI: I may ask for help in finding a successor and slaves. My methods are not getting me anywhere. Any suggestions on who I could ask?

KEITH: Dani or Rosa Laura.

“The multiple pheromones of a highly-stimulated biochemical effect by preventing habituation.” – Keith Alan Raniere.

October 18, 3:10 p.m.

CAMI:: I think Dani [Padillla] just accidentally revealed two other slaves.


CAMI: Nicky [Clyne] and Monica [Duran].

4:02 p.m.

CAMI: I know you said the slaves were to move the world because you didn’t have the strength. Did you get them also to have children? Just so you know, it stings, [Cami wanted children with Keith] but it doesn’t affect my love or commitment to you.

KEITH: No, I don’t need slaves to have as many children as I would want.

CAMI: What does that mean?

KEITH: … I do not need to have slaves. There are many women who would have my children.

CAMI: I know.

KEITH: I can probably name 20 or more. Slaves aren’t needed for that.

October 22, 1:45 p.m.

CAMI: Oh, I also have something else to tell you. I may have told you already, but I just want to be sure.


CAMI: I told you that I called and hung up on a domestic abuse hotline on or around Christmas Eve. I remember you had forbidden me from going to Nancy’s party. I don’t know if it was before or after that, but I created an account on this [domestic abuse] site that I am telling you about, that’s how I know of it. And tried connecting with people with the same problem. That’s what the site is for. You find people going through the same thing or support people going through hard situations. It’s anonymous and I never did connect with anyone.

October 23, 5:37 a.m.

KEITH:  … some of these [prospective fuck toys] sound like they may be good prospects. What do they think of me?

CAMI: They admire you. Idolize you. I don’t know sexually. They might not have even considered it because of your position, [as Vanguard] but I’m sure they think you are hot.

October 23, 5:46 a.m.

KEITH: What if you suggested they seduce someone (me) with you?

CAMI: Ooh. Like a game?

KEITH: Don’t tell them it’s me. Just see if they’re open. Or truth or dare.

CAMI: Okay. I like all these ideas. Let me see how I can make them real. I’ll think about it.

“There are potential successors but they are so young” -.Keith Alan Raniere

October 25, 2:00 a.m.

Keith is now looking for virgins

KEITH: There are potential successors but they are so young. This creates several problems. Will I live long enough? Will they stay pure? [not have sex with any other man.] Will they connect so deeply with me being so much older? Will I have the strength to put in the years once connected? Even if all that works, will any be viable? If so, will they remain true?

CAMI: How can I increase your chances of success?

KEITH: Maybe working with them.

CAMI: Anything, my love.

KEITH: It’s sad. Isabella was possible when I had you start looking.

CAMI: Are there any more like her?

KEITH: She’s older and could have started much sooner. One but she’s very unlikely.

CAMI: Because of age?

KEITH: No, personality and energy.

CAMI: Fabiola’s daughter?

KEITH: She’s a potential but might not be pure for long. Norma.

CAMI: She is?

KEITH: Norma is pure.

CAMI: What’s the problem with her energy?

KEITH: Not sure if it’s terminal. I’ll see. She’s mine.

CAMI: ? What do you mean?

KEITH: She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know that I am her Grandmaster.

 2:13 a.m.

CAMI: Please tell me there is something I can do to be your successor. Please.

2:16 a.m.

KEITH: The other candidates [for his virginal deflowering to make the girl his successor] so far are all 13 [years old] or so. So many years to wait even to start…. I have always protected you and made things better behind the scenes. I can keep you at your current purity level but I can’t restore what was lost [by her having sex with Robbie].

“No oral sex. No semen. Ideally, no penis at all.”- Keith Alan Raniere.

2:25 a.m.

KEITH:  I want you to be my successor

CAMI: Please let me be your successor. I don’t know who to consult. I want to find a way to be your successor.

KEITH: You would have to do all this and find a path. I don’t know if one exists except I know I need a pure vessel involved [a girl who never had any sexual contact in her life] We can have our love, but purity, both energy-related and DNA-wise, is compromised. [DNA was compromised because she was touched by Robbie’s semen.]



CAMI: I will fix it.

KEITH: I want that. Find a pure vessel for us. [a virgin].

CAMI:I want to be your vessel.

KEITH: You can. By finding the other [a virgin] and keeping her for me.

CAMI: I am looking for her. I am very sorry.

KEITH: She needs to be very pure. More than being just a virgin. At least as pure as you were when I first met you. [when she was 13 or so]

CAMI: What do you mean more than just a virgin? How?

KEITH: No oral sex. No semen. Ideally, no penis at all.

“I’m sure [the potential fuck toy slaves] think you are hot,” -Cami.

October 26, 1:29 p.m.

The few lineage in the world are set up on a type of evolutionary basis, survival of the fittest. There are no remedies if you’re not the fittest. If my existence is not worthy, no healer can fix that. Survival of the fittest doesn’t work if the participants can be fixed. The best hope is someone pure, qualified and devoted. [a virgin]

CAMI: Emoticon.

KEITH: I don’t know if I’m even strong enough anymore to build that energy. Once R [Robbie] destroyed that in you [by having sex with Cami], I was greatly limited and not as strong. It would take great strength for me to build that again over years.

CAMI: But you said I could help you. It is very painful, but I am willing to help you replace me.

KEITH: Yes. But I don’t know if enough of anything can reverse the extinction of my lineage. If anyone can help, it’s you. But I wish there were a guarantee.

CAMI: What kind of guarantee do you need?

KEITH: It’s not what I need, I just don’t know of any definite way to avoid what is happening.

CAMI: What can I do? What do you need from me?

KEITH: For example, even if the perfect pure successor [virgin girl] felt deeply enough for me to start today, I don’t know if I have the energy to put in for the next three to five years to build her body to where yours was.

CAMI: …. Hurts.

KEITH: Three to five years is minimum. More like ten. When the thing with R [Cami’s sex with Robbie] happened, so much was lost.

CAMI: I am very sorry.

KEITH: You were so perfect. It’s so hard.

October 26, 8:27 p.m.

CAMI: Hi, my honey.… I have been searching for candidates for a successor on the site. It is called and it connects people based on explicitly listed common values and experiences. My profile is carefully crafted by someone with a personality that you might be looking for and a virgin, of course. I can show you, if you want, so you can add or remove anything you feel would help. I have messaged a few women, but I haven’t heard back. I also wanted to see if I can find out if Chelsea [her brother, Adrian’s girlfriend] has friends that might be like her, if it is a thing or if her losing her V [virgin] card so late was a fluke.

KEITH: Has to be hard. Apparently Chelsea has a younger sister, 14, but that’s years away and her family would take it hard.

October 27, 1:42 a.m.

CAMI: I did. I may have not heard you because I was afraid. I really thought I was not going to be part of your life because I was so afraid that it looked like you were going to choose my sister [Mariana].

“My teachings will not last as anything in their own right and will be absorbed into other things.” – Keith Alan Raniere.

November 8, 1:41 p.m.

Keith explains that if does not find a virgin who is pure enough to be his successor his brilliance may not be handed down to humanity in the future which might cause his greatness to be lost forever.

CAMI:  Honey, I may not have other children.  == My womb is yours.

KEITH: I may not be worthy. My lineage may not stay.

CAMI: What can I do?

KEITH: Fix. Successor. Slaves. Even more quickly.

KEITH: As of now I have not been worthy to do what I do, be as I am and have a pure woman stay devoted to me. As of now I have no successor. This means my teachings will not last as anything in their own right and will be absorbed into other things, which also means the genetic advantages I possess are not worthy and will go away, which means there will be strong forces for me not to have many children. If my lineage does not withstand competition, my unique genetic combo will not be able to either. It will not be a basis of other generations. It will be absorbed and combined with others until a superior combination comes about.


Yes, it’s sad to think that if Keith’s lineage does not withstand competition, his unique genetic combo will not be able to either.

Then, alas, there will never be another Vanguard. 

“The genetic advantages I possess are not worthy and will go away.” -Keith Alan Raniere.


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  • One of the worst things he did to some of these women was ruin their chance of having children or made it much more unlikely. It is a pity they were prepared to be strung along for so long.

  • why are you sharing this? what is the point? I think it only hurts Cami. She is a victim.

    She is strong and will survive. I hope she and Daniela can unite forces. La lucha sigue. No paren!

  • Raniere’s second life is just beginning. I’m sure his hairy ass will soon be penetrated, if not already. Maybe he should try using the blue Bic pen hair dye treatment on his head again? Just for effect? Looking forward to another ringworm report. Please remind me, what season do the mites start biting again at MDC?

    • I imagine there is already a wide array of insect life burrowing and flourishing in all that hair on his body. Plenty of areas for them to build a gnarly nest and hide in.

  • Part 8 has me astonished at how warped, depraved, and transparent Keith Raniere was/is.

    Raniere’s messages to Cami are, to state the obvious, vile to the point of making the reader nauseous.

    To Cami’s critics and detractors:

    Cami was basically abandoned by her parents at 15 and left in the care of a sexual predator and his coven.

    Cami was co-opted into a cult. She and her sisters are victims.

    I hope that Cami’s father and mother rot in the Bowel’s of Hell.

  • What about his two, possibly three, existing children? Do they not carry his precious genes?

    I must be missing something here in his twisted logic.

  • texting is what “saved” KAR’s relationship with Cami for so long. The down time to think things through and craft his comments to be as targeted to her vulnerabilities – to carve it down to the essence of manipulation. If she had experienced his anger at her “failures” first hand and his amusement at her gullibility in real time, I think this might have all gone differently.

    He took another avenue of freedom – all of these women talking honestly with each other about their lives and feelings and circumstances in true community and closeness – and subverted it into DOS, the opposite. Just another trap. Turning “ethics” and “success” and “humanitarian” – all of them upside down and inside out. He’d probably enjoy being credited as the “anti-christ” but he is just so bottom-of-the-barrel and narcissistic as a failure of a human. What a small shrivel of a man.

    I’ll give him credit for making me want to vomit whenever I read more of his shit-spew statements.

    • He’s got a small mind that would be suitable for counting tiny little pins, slowly and carefully. He’s actually quite an impoverished thinker, with nothing of any usefulness going on between his ears. I think the one who doesn’t much – Nancy, probably played as as big a part as Raniere in the invention of ‘The Vanguard.’

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