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K. R. Claviger recently posted an excellent story about the housing for convicted sex criminals in a broad overview in What’s Life Like For A Convicted Sex Offender?
While eating a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich at Subway, I thought of the same issue in a more specific context.
What has been the  experience of a recent celebrity sex criminal?
And who should come to mind but Jared Fogle.
Jared, who?
Jared Fogle, the 15-year-long spokesman for the Subway chain.
Starting around the year 2000, the world was introduced to Jared Fogle, a graduate of Indiana University at Bloomington. Fogle was a hefty lad who weighed 400 pounds or more.
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By eating Subway sandwiches without condiments like mayonnaise, Jared was able to lose over 200 pounds.
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Jared Fogle, born August 23, 1977), is an American former spokesperson for Subway restaurants.
What was not mentioned was that Jared had been eating as much as 10,000 calories per day before he went on the Subway diet.
Anyhow, with the help of a Chicago ad agency, Jared Fogle became the spokesman for the entire Subway sandwich chain, a company with over 28,000 restaurants worldwide.
Jared Fogle even became a movie star appearing in the Sharknado movies on the Sci Fi Channel.
Didn’t Keith Raniere’s girlfriend Nicki Clyne also appear in a TV show on the Sci Fi channel?

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Jared Fogle amassed a fortune of about $15 million from pushing delicious sandwiches around the world.
He even founded a charitable foundation that somehow never distributed any charity except to a man who provided Jared with children and child pornography.
According to Fogle’s defense attorneys, the once hefty lad traded one addiction for another.  He went from overeating to molesting children and collecting child pornography.
As early as 2007, the FBI began an investigation of the now-thin Jared.
According to Wikipedia:
Fogle first came to the attention of law enforcement in 2007, when reporter Rochelle Herman-Walrond told police in Sarasota Florida, that he had made salacious comments to her about middle school-aged girls at a school health event she was covering for a local news station.
She made recordings of Fogle’s remarks and saved text messages between them, and then went to the FBI, where agents asked her to wear a wiretap during her conversations with him.

Herman-Walrond befriended Fogle and, for the next four years, surreptitiously recorded her conversations with him as part of an ongoing federal investigation.

She recorded him making several remarks about having had sex with underage girls and asking her to install a webcam in her children’s rooms so he could watch them.
Ultimately, however, the FBI could not pursue a case against Fogle using the recordings, because they needed more substantive evidence against him.
Later, the FBI reopened the investigation into Fogle and, as in the NXIVM case, collected text messages.  Messages in which Jared admitted having sex with children as young as nine years old.
The FBI also subpoenaed a series of text messages made in 2008 between Fogle and Subway franchisee Cindy Mills, with whom he was having a sexual relationship at the time. In these messages, Fogle talked about sexually abusing children ranging in age from nine to 16, told her to sell herself for sex on Craigslist, and asked her to arrange for him to have sex with her 16-year-old cousin.
On August 19, 2015, federal prosecutors announced they had reached a deal with Fogle in which he would plead guilty to two counts, one of distribution and receipt of child pornography and one of traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor—specifically, from Indiana to New York City, where he was charged with paying to engage in sexual acts with a 17-year-old girl.
Prosecutors alleged that Fogle offered adult prostitutes a finder’s fee to find him younger sex partners.
I wonder if any of Raniere’s pimps, like Pam Cafritz and Allison Mack, received finders’ fees for procuring women and children for Raniere?
Fogle pleaded guilty to the charges on November 19, 2015, and was sentenced to serve 15 years, 8 months in federal prison, with a minimum of 13 years before becoming eligible for early release.

Judge Pratt sentenced Jared Fogle to more than three years more than what prosecutors had sought.

Jared was assigned to Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Englewood, Colorado, a low security prison.  His earliest possible release date is July 11, 2029, a month before his 52nd birthday.
Jared has had a rather active life in prison.
In March 2016, Fogle was assaulted by another inmate, Steven Nigg, reportedly because Nigg hates child molesters. The attack left Fogle with a bleeding nose, swollen face and scratches on his neck.
The parents of one of Fogle’s victims filed a civil lawsuit against Fogle for personal injury and emotional distress. Fogle filed a motion arguing that the parents are actually liable for the injuries because the parents fought and abused alcohol in front of the daughter.
Jared is suing the Feds and his defense lawyers for $57 million saying he was tricked into pleading guilty.
Hey, Vanguard, here is your next lawsuit.  Sue the Federal government.  Clare Bronfman will pay for the lawyers.
Some more recent photos of Jared Fogle.

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  • Fred DeLuca, of Subway did not do his due diligence from the get go.
    It was no secret Jared’s income, while in college, was generated by renting out porn videos.
    Secondly, Jared had a gastric bypass. That’s how he lost all that weight. It wasn’t from a Subway diet.
    I knew both of these facts from the start, when Jared started to be featured in Subway adverts.
    Just the porn involvement alone should have been a red flag.

  • “I wonder if any of Raniere’s pimps…..received finders’ fees for procuring women……for Raniere?

  • “later the FBI reopened the investigation”? REOPENED? So they closed their investigation on this paedophile piece of shit. What does it take to get these pervert scum off the street? May he be pummelled and hospitalized on a weekly basis.

    • It takes evidence. Two major thresholds are probable cause: and beyond a reasonable doubt:…0.0..0.102.1408.20j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i71j0i131.CwKfntXdvew It’s called the Constitution. You may want to take a look at it sometime. It’s why people have to come forward and present evidence, law enforcement can’t do it on their own. Sadly, too few people do the right thing and speak up and the bad guys get away with lots of crimes. You get what your silence and/or half-hearted effort deserves.

    • Natashka:
      Jared lost his 15 million dollar fortune for his peculiar interests.
      His second wife got half of it.
      In 2007, a female franchisee of Subway heard Jared talk longingly about his interest in Middle School girls.
      The franchisee immediately informed the FBI.
      How many women at NXIVM Village knew of Raniere’s interest in teen age girls and never thought of contacting the FBI?
      Everyone of them is complicit in Raniere’s crimes.

      Interestingly enough, one of Jared Fogle’s prison mates is the former Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, in prison for trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat to Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior.

      In the 1990s, an undercover FBI informant named Robert Cooley warned the FBI that Blagojevich, then an Assistant Cook County prosecutor, was running a bookmaking operation for the Mob right in the Cook County prosecutor’s office.

      It took 20 years before Blagojevich was caught on unrelated bribery charges.

      In the interim, Blagojevich became a Congressman and Governor.

      • Exactly right. They contacted the FBI straightaway. It shocks me that there are people whose first reaction isn’t to call law enforcement. Crazy world

  • It goes without mentioning – It would be very unusual for someone not to be eating 10,000 calories/day and weigh as much as Jared did. If Jared didn’t lose weight via caloric restriction by eating Subway sandwiches because he had an unusual condition, he never would have been famous. But thanks yet again, Captain Obvious.

    The real question is whether Raniere would have been able to detect if any of his sex partners had sneaked behind his back and eaten the new Subway Cheesy Garlic bread. Now we’ll probably never know!

    • My understanding is that Nancy and Kristin Kreuk were on good terms.
      But KK has been away from NXIVM and lying low since 2013.
      My guess is that Kreuk will not come anywhere near Albany or Brooklyn.

      • Does anyone really know how much time KK spent in Albany while she was active in NX? Proximity to Albany and KAR seems to be the major factor in how much one knew or did?

        • Ally Wack posted a picture of herself, Kreuk and Mark Hildreth in New York, to her Instagram page a few weeks after Kreuk and Mack were named in the Times Union expose that exposed Raniere as a pedophile.

          Kreuk was also in New York in 2016 while V-week was happening in August.

      • Kristin Kreuk was not away from NXIVM and lying low since 2013. She did not actually leave the cult, rather she was in Toronto filming a television series that finished filming in late 2015, a year she was still coaching.

        • Thanks, Anon, so you are saying Kreuk was only in the NY area (NY City?) a couple times (for personal or business reasons, maybe) since 2013. So you’re saying she was around NX or KAR very little since then. Hell, I was in NY more times than that in the last several years and I never met up with KAR even once while there.

          But my question really was about when she was active–2006 till she “left” in 2012/13–how much time did she spend around KAR and Albany, the nexus of NXIVM, where most bad shit happened?

          • Susan Dones was based in Tacoma yet knew about bad things in NXIVM, hence her leaving the cult, closing down her center and bringing people with her. Kreuk certainly spent a fair bit of time in NY as well as in Los Angeles and obviously Vancouver.

        • More proff! She was also photographed in NY in 2015!
          NEW YORK, NY – MAY 14: Kristin Kreuk attends the CW Network’s New York 2015 Upfront Presentation at The London Hotel on May 14, 2015 in New York City People: Kristin Kreuk

          • Shut up “sultan”. Nobody would piss on you if you were on fire. You are a truly vile obnoxious creep. You will never change facts.

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