Dr. Brandon Porter files bankruptcy; human fright doctor now selling insulation

Brandon Porter

Dr. Brandon Porter, 45, the notorious physician who conducted human fright experiments for Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Bronfman’s Ethical Science Foundation, has hit financial rock bottom.

Dr. Porter filed for bankruptcy on March 30, 2019, along with his wife, Jane Jeffries.

The couple has three children and a dog.

Frank Report obtained the bankruptcy documents from PACER::

Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

Voluntary Petition for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy

Dr. Porter declared, under penalty of perjury, a number of things that we will explore in this post:

Dr. Porter and his family live in Clare Bronfman’s former residence at 91 Button Rd. in Waterford, New York.  It is a 3100 square foot house.

The property is owned by Percenceo Inc., a corporation originally owned by Sara Bronfman-Igtet.  Clare Bronfman lived there for several years. Clare has claimed to Nxivm members that her sister, Sara, gifted her the house.

91 Button – is the house set back in the clearing in the woods.

According to the bankruptcy filing, Porter does not pay rent or utilities at the home.

He does not own any real estate. He formerly owned a home at 45 Oregon Trail in Waterford, which, records show, he bought in 2014, for $348,000. Porter sold the home for $352,000 in the summer of 2018.


On his bankruptcy filing, Porter lists assets of $28,075.  That includes two cars – a 2006 Honda Accord [$3,000] and a 2016 Odyssey Wagon [$10,000];  $2,000 in household goods; $1,000 in electronics; $500 in clothing; $500 in jewelry; $850 in bank accounts and $10,000 in a 401K retirement account.

His total debts are $170,469.

Porter owes various banks about $110,000 – including:

Bank Of America
Barclays Bank Delaware
Citibank Corp/Centralized Bankruptcy
Chase Card Services
Citibank/The Home Depot
Credit First National Association
Discover Financial
Quicken Loans
Saratoga National Bank
State Employees Federal Credit Union
Veridian Credit Union

Dr. Porter also lists $60,000 in debts to “family and friends” but does not disclose who those friends and family members are.

Sources who know Allison Mack and Dr. Porter say some or most of the $60,000 was lent to Dr. Porter by Allison Mack.

Did Allison Mack lend Dr. Brandon Porter money which he now seeks to discharge in bankruptcy?

Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy on April 9 – ten days after Porter filed for bankruptcy.

It is hard to fathom why Porter should choose to file bankruptcy.  He has few assets and few or none of them can be seized by creditors.

One expert on bankruptcy said Porter may be seeking to shield inquiries about the money he owes Allison Mack. By Porter discharging the debt, Allison will not have to list the money she is owed by Porter on her financial disclosure form with the court since Porter no longer legally owes the money to her. This may reduce her restitution amount since her assets will be lower.


Dr. Porter claims his income is $2,352.34 per month [$28,224 annually.]

He is one of few physicians in New York State who earn less than $30,000 per year.

However, he is no longer working as a physician. According to his bankruptcy filing, Dr. Brandon Porter has worked as an insulation salesman since December 2018.

He works for Global Dwellings Insulation of High Falls, New York.

Dr. Porter makes house calls. He will come to your home and give you an estimate for:

  1. Attic Insulation
  2. Basement Insulation
  3. Crawl Space Insulation
  4. Wall Insulation
  5. Floor Insulation
  6. Garage Insulation
  7. Blown-in Insulation
  8. Rigid Foam Insulation
  9. Spray Foam Insulation
  10. Sealing Duct Insulation
  11. Sealing Strategies Blower Door Test
  12. Custom Audit
  13. Infrared Diagnostic Testing

    A crawl space, when insulated, can save on heating bills. For more info, contact Dr. Brandon Porter.

Dr. Porter says, on his bankruptcy filing, that his $2300 a month income might soon go up. “Hope to make better sales with commission soon,” he writes.

According to his filing, he no longer holds a medical license.

“# 27  Licenses, franchises, and other general intangibles
Examples: Building permits, exclusive licenses, cooperative association holdings, liquor licenses, professional licenses
“„ No”


This would suggest, he has lost or surrendered his medical license.

On the same filing, he is asked if he had any administrative proceedings against him in the year prior to his bankruptcy.

“9- Within 1 year before you filed for bankruptcy, were you a party in any lawsuit, court action, or administrative proceeding?”

While he answered “no” to question #9, the New York State Department of Health’s medical oversight board accused him in April 2018 of showing “human subjects an actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four women by machetes; and violent film clips, including a male African American being viciously stomped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter; and a graphic gang rape.”

An administrative hearing was scheduled in June 2018, which suggests Porter had an administrative hearing within one year according to Dept, of Health records.

The New York Post reports that ’The DOH charges against Porter are still pending”.

But it seems likely he no longer has a medical license.


From medicine to human fright experiments to helping people save money on heating bills in their homes in the cold climate of upstate New York, Porter’s life has changed since Frank Report broke the story of the DOS branding and Dr. Porter’s human fright experiments.

It was September 13, 2017 – a month before the New York Times published their first story on DOS branding, that Frank Report published the first story on the human fright experiments with a story entitled “Dr. Brandon Porter conducting human fright experiments on slender young ladies… Why?”

In October, Porter was fired from his job as an emergency room physician at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany.

Porter’s income took a huge dip.

According to his bankruptcy filing, Porter made $170,675 in 2017.

In 2018, he made $1,320 for the year.

At his current income of $28,232, the Porters qualify for food stamps and are $1,000 below the US Poverty Level for a family of five, which is $29,420.

The New York Post, which broke the Porter bankruptcy story, reported that “Porter did not return a call seeking comment. A woman who answered the door at the Halfmoon home Friday but would not identify herself said, ‘The media has ruined our lives. We have been blocked from everything. Please give us our privacy. You can see this is private property.’”


Was it the media that ruined their lives? Or was it Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Bronfman?



In a testimonial for NXVM/Executive Success Programs, Dr. Porter disclosed how Executive Success Programs (ESP) helped him.

His testimonial: 

As a physician and scientist, my background is in science. I entered into my MD/PhD program with the hopes of learning the tools of science so I could use them to help humanity. It was during my training as an MD/PhD student that I was first introduced to Executive Success Programs. Initially, I was intrigued by the strength of the intellectual content and the philosophical concepts introduced in the model.

However, with time, I became even more impressed by the emotional strength I was gaining as the result of these unique and innovative tools.

Simply put, prior to taking this training, I was scared of experiencing my emotions (and other people who had emotions). You could say I identified very easily with “Spock” from Star Trek. However, as with Spock, this lack of emotionality made for a sterile and frustrating experience of life. I wanted to be emotionally present, but I felt more comfortable coming from a place of intellect and logic. However, (to my great joy!) with this new toolset I was able to craft an ability to have deep emotional experiences AND hone my tools of logic and scientific inquiry together. (It turns out, unlike in Star Trek, emotional strength and logical ability are not mutually exclusive.)

As a result, I feel more like a living, breathing, compassionate human being and I think my friends, family and patients experience me this way too. I also gained a greater capacity for scientific investigation, but, in hindsight, this seems like a pleasant side effect.


Dr. Porter compared himself to Sci-fi character Mr. Spock of Star Trek.

porter (1)
While showing intensely violent films to unsuspecting young women, Dr. Porter sat behind them and noted their reactions on his EEG machine.


If anybody has reason to suspect anything improper in Dr. Porter’s filing, please contact the trustee, Paul Arthur Levine− of Lemery Greisler, LLC. Phone (518)433−8800; email: plevine@lemerygreisler.com

d po
Dr. Porter went from internist to insulation salesmen in two years.


Image result for warning sign 

Did Dr. Brandon Porter have a scientific reason for showing slender young women horrific films without telling them in advance?

A scene from the Accused shown to slender young ladies by Dr, Porter.




The photo is blurred out, but the film Dr. Porter showed blurred out nothing. He showed actual snuff films featuring human decapitation of women. He did not warn the women in advance of what they were about to see. He needed to see their reaction in order to properly conduct his experiments.














Dr. Brandon Porter 










Here is one frightening monster, Keith Alan Raniere, who claims on his biography that he is a scientist.


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  • These films were shown to women in DOS as a warning to what could/should/might/will/can/and does happen to slaves who thought about or even tried to escape, having nothing to do with “observing” reactions.

    • That’s the impression I get to. We’re you ever involved? Could you shed any light on this, doesn’t the FBI SEE this as a direct threat to all DOS ?

    • That is the impression I get too. We’re you ever involved with this group and can shed some light on this subject? Do you think the FBI is investigating that angle ?

  • “Simply put, prior to taking this training, I was scared of experiencing my emotions (and other people who had emotions).”

    KAR gave people their own projects. Maybe the shock experiments served KAR’s purpose but also were sold as being beneficial to Dr P so he could experience other peoples’ extreme emotions?

  • Those images look suspiciously like they could have come from any number of massacres occurring throughout Mexico, the murderers could be cartel members or police.

    • “Those images look suspiciously like they could have come from any number of massacres occurring throughout Mexico, the murderers could be cartel members or police.”

      Around Ciudad Juarez across from El Paso there are huge factories called maquilladoras.
      Many of the workers in those factories are women who are subject to rape and murder.

      The phenomenon of the female homicides in Ciudad Juárez, called in Spanish feminicidio (“feminicide”) involves the violent deaths of hundreds of women and girls since 1993 in the northern Mexican region of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, a border city across the Rio Grande from the U.S. city of El Paso, Texas. As of February 27, 2005, the number of murdered women in Ciudad Juárez since 1993 is estimated to be more than 370.

      And other countries in Latin America are notorious for death squads brutally murdering civilians.
      Guatemala and Paraguay come to mind but there are several; others.

      The Guatemalan genocide, Maya(n) genocide,[2] or Silent Holocaust[3] refers to the massacre of Maya civilians during the Guatemalan military government’s counterinsurgency operations. Massacres, forced disappearances, torture and summary executions of guerrillas and especially civilian collaborators at the hands of US-backed security forces had been widespread since 1965 and was a longstanding policy of the military regime, which US officials were aware of.[4][5][6] A report from 1984 discussed “the murder of thousands by a military government that maintains its authority by terror.”[7] Human Rights Watch has described “extraordinarily cruel” actions by the armed forces, mostly against unarmed civilians

      There are 17 indigenous tribes in Paraguay with the majority having their territories in the Chaco region. Tribes in this region include the Guaraní, Ayoreo, Toba-Maskoy, Aché and Sanapan which according to the census from 2002 number an estimated 86,000 or roughly around 2 per cent of the total population. These peoples have faced persecution particularly under the dictator Alfredo Strossner that some observers call a Genocide of indigenous peoples in Paraguay.

  • Frank Parlato did the right thing by showing the images from the fright experiments. The public needs to understand how deranged Keith Raniere is and what a danger Nxivm is to society.

        • So not true. This is huge now and plenty of people are hearing about it now. Using these pictures now as an attention seeking strategy doesn’t make any sense. These pictures are not going to drive the public to learn more about NXIVM. Telling the story and describing what kinds of footage and images were shown is enough. Please have some regard and respect for the victims and their families and remove those pictures. They don’t need to be victimized again on the pretense of educating the public. Don’t be KR-ish.

      • Patience,

        If you follow the mainstream media they have not been reporting on Keith Raniere’s sexual abuse allegations just the salacious branding.

        • Niceguy, the difference is that pictures of that scar are about what NXIVM did but the pictures above are about what the mofia did. Also, the victim herself gave permission for the scar pictures to be taken and shared to the public. The mafia pics are not really necessary. NXIVM used them to see what kind of reaction they could get or to desensitize….lets not do the same thing with them.

  • The millions dollar question:

    If Keith Raniere never existed would Brandon Porter be living a normal life?

    Brandon Porter was a doctor working as an internest. Porter is hardworking and intelligent. Medical school is one of the most demanding academic majors.

    Porter is not a woman or an actor or rich a socialite or uneducated. He is basically the antithesis of most NXIVM members.

    Many of the male Frankreport commentators have been critical of the female members. I have been critical of many of the NXIVM female members.

    I believe Brandon Porter deserved to lose his medical license. I am also of the belief that if Porter had never joined NXIVM he probably would be living a normal life right at this moment.

    Anyone have any opinions?

    • It doesn’t matter the gender. Had people not met Keith Raniere or Nancy Salzman their lives would have taken a different path.

      Both Keith and Nancy are equally to blame. Without Clare Bronfman money Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman could have never have gotten away with with the criminal acts they did either.

      Had the State of NY stepped in when they were put on notice that NXIVM, Keith, Nancy and Clare were committing crimes, many people would have been spared the trauma they experienced also.

      • Generally, that’s probably true.

        But in some cases, the people ended up in the position they were in because they themselves were sociopaths, psychopaths, or pathological personalities or abusers of some type.

        For that matter, what would have happened if Nancy Salzman had never met Raniere? Or if Raniere hadn’t happened to find Salzman, who had the NLP and hypnosis tools he needed for manipulation? It’s all open to speculation, though in general, I’d say that they higher up the leadership chain, the more likely the individual would have been to have gotten up to something else if not this.

        And, yeah, NY state and other Albany-area authorities ought to have stepped in long ago.

        • AnoyMaker,

          My personal opinion about Brandon Porter is the that he possesses certain personality or character faults. He probably has always had certain tendencies or proclivities within himself. Raniere and Nxivm acted as a catalyst for Brandon Porter to act on his dark desires. I am quite sure that Brandon Porter enjoyed the experiments and relished the power he had over his test subjects.

          Dr. Mengele loved his power over his subjects as well as Brandon Porter allegedly did.

      • Many were responsible,

        You are right gender should not matter, however much of the discussion and debate on Frankreport has been about the culpability of the female members and whether they are or are not victims or villains or both.

        The good Doctor is an intelligent and highly educated white male. He is the antithesis of NXIVM’s average members.

        Many commentators have slammed the women members.

        I want to find out there opinion of a male member.

  • Did some digging into Brandon Porter new job. The link to NXIVM is Mike Bennett. He goes way back into NXIVM -the early years. Mike is part of the sales team for Global Dwelling.

    Now Global Dwelling has at least two NXIVM cult members working for them.

  • Does the owner John Kotsides of Global Dwelling know that the mad Ex-Dr Brandon Porter was experimenting on women for Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere for the NXIVM Cult?

    Maybe John Kotsides was/is a part of NXIVM.

    Anyone know John Kotsides background? Who’d want Bandon Porter in their house? Even if it was to sell insulation?

    Something’s creepy about that.

  • I agree that sharing these pictures here is really unnecessary. These are real people. What is the point, Frank, of posting these images (blurred or not)??The description was plenty. Not very thoughtful or caring of the victims or their families. Your readers don’t need emotional manipulation either, thanks.

  • Frank needs to understand a “spoiler” plugin for death scenes needs to be acted upon and one which stops swearing might help young people who may frequent this place someday. Those not of our generation.

  • In the Amazon reviews for Oxenberg’s book, there’s this comment by a Tom Porter. He wrote: “Never, ever in a gazillion years did I imagine that I would have anything in common with actress, author and now cult buster Catherine Oxenberg. But two years ago in a brief telephone conversation I discovered that like me, Catherine had unwittingly introduced one of her children to a self-help organization that soon mutated into a dangerous cult, NXIVM. . . .Shortly after publication of her book Catherine’s daughter, India, escaped from the cult and is currently safe at home, which is my wish and prayer for my son.” I’m guessing that Brandon is this guy’s son.

  • Is the owner of the company from NXIVM?

    Who’d hire this idiot to go into people houses to gives bids?

    Buyer beware.

    If the owner isnt NXIVM, will the Mad Ex-Dr Porter have a job come tomorrow?

  • When they were covertly experimenting on me back in 1999/2000 — flashing snuff film images online, along with the gaslighting or street theatre, the taunting, etc. when I was in Albany — Keith was very intrigued that I’m not someone who cries much.

    He may have interpreted that I am unfeeling — a natural born psycho narcissist so lacking in compassion that I am unmoved by violence — as I believe KAR and Nancy Salzman, if not the entire top tier of NXIVM, are. He may have paid me and wanted to recruit me for that reason among others.

    When he discovered that while my reaction was not tearful or self-pitying but not unfeeling at all— that I was in fact terrified, mad as hell and would have swapped his gonads out for his crooked eyeballs with my bare hands had I known he & Nancy Salzman were behind it (my ex and I were making a CIA movie at the time so there were other suspects around) — Keith rolled back on the recruitment effort and the experimentation on me stopped.

    So, I do agree that Porter may have been in search of female psychos for NX. I also suspect, however, that they were experimenting with making women less sensitive and more inerred to or tolerant of violence toward other women.

    • Heidi, I’m so sorry for all you have been through. At times I have not understood where you are coming from but sensed it was bad. I think you need to at least speak as a victim so maybe the judge will understand. These bastards need to pay.

      • Thank you, sk and GS Cookies.

        This isn’t “my” thread so I won’t expound much except to say after 35 years of involvement and observation near and far — these images of women being “snuffed out,” violated, destroyed in the most torturous ways imaginable represents what always has been and always will be the nexus of NXIVM.

        This malicious misogyny is not only the hidden psychosis of its founder — not a sideline —- but the central foundation on which KAR’s Rational Inquiry courses and all NX entities: JNESS / ESP / Girls By Design, etc. are based, built and sustained by leaders and members indoctrinated to accept, embrace and promote exactly what the unindoctrinated may unconsciously find disturbing in these film clips.

    • I’m so sorry Keith crossed your path. Would love to hear the story when you kicked him in the nuts. I would have slapped those silly looking glasses right off his face.

  • I bet he’s hiding cameras inside the homes he’s giving estimates to. He likes to watch girls. Rodent voyeur

  • Shall I weep?

    YOU and only YOU ruined your life, by your choices and actions.
    If others avoid ypu it is because you are no.longer trustworthy. You have violated more than just societal norms.

    We would rather you leave New York and go back to where you were born and raised.

    • Thanks for the reminder that other groups all over the country are perpetrating, and all too often getting away with, abuses and illegalities of the sort of that NXIVM was involved in. That case also involved immigration violations, probably abuse of religious worker visas, which Scientology also exploits:

      “young laborers from its two Brazilian congregations who say they were brought to the U.S. and forced to work for little or no pay at businesses owned by church leaders”

      Those sorts of group also often get away with what they do, because of the acquiescence or even complicity of local and state authorities – often political establishments with a very different orientation than the one in Albany.

      • While I’m sure there are some examples of the government cooperating with these crooks, it’s probably much more common that these scams are simply not known to them. The government depends on citizens speaking up, including getting organized to ensure the government follows up, and Frank’s website is a great example of this.

        • I’ve watched a number of groups like this over the years. Many of them make what NXIVM did in Albany pale by comparison. Nominally Christian groups in small towns in particular can gain so much influence, and infiltrate government and law enforcement so thoroughly, that they’re almost untouchable. Just look at the biggest example, what the FLDS did along the Utah and Arizona border, completely taking over a couple of towns for the better part of a century, including police deparments – there was no one to speak up to, particularly as county as state officials didn’t want to hear anything, or see anything. It’s not uncommon to hear stories, just like with NXIVM, of people taking complaints and evidence to law enforcement and other authorities, and nothing ever being done.

          Since the passage of RFRA, and the emergence of political trends towards giving nominal religious groups as well as other organizations free reign, even federal agencies are hesitant to step in except in the most egregious cases. And it was the feds, not local or state authorities, who finally moved against the group mentioned in the article.

          I do agree that Frank’s website is a great example. But I think that we have to consider that even so, NXIVM might still be operating, and getting away with the same things, if not for the celebrity angle that finally happened to put them in the spotlight. It shouldn’t be so hard – and it’s still not clear that the Albany-area authorities who seem long ago to have been co-opted if not corrupted, are ever going to do anything at all, even though there are significant crimes that remain unpunished.

  • As I commented earlier, this is the type of situation that “Dr.” Russell should be experiencing as well. If the law and government lets us down, there are other avenues of punishment, such as public protests.

    The media didn’t ruin their lives, their actions involving NXIVM did. The media merely exposed it, and that’s their job.

    I was wondering whether he introduces himself as “Dr.” Porter when he shows up at a potential customer’s home, but apparently that question has been answered, and the answer is no. Just the company shirt with “Brandon” on it.

  • “Dr. Porter makes house calls. He will come to your home and give an estimate for:”

    Who doesn’t want the suave and charming Dr. Brandon Porter to come to their house to give estimates on insulation?
    And if you’re lucky Brandon will bring some of his home movies for exhibition.
    Have the hot buttered popcorn ready.
    And make sure the wife and kids are available to watch.

    “Dr. Porter also lists $60,000 in debts to “family and friends” but does not disclose who those friends and family members are.
    Sources who know Allison Mack and Dr. Porter say some or most of the $60,000 was lent to Dr. Porter by Allison Mack.”

    “Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy on April 9 – ten days after Porter filed for bankruptcy.”

    “One expert on bankruptcy said Porter may be seeking to shield inquiries about the money he owes Allison Mack. By Porter discharging the debt, Allison will not have to list the money she is owed by Porter on her financial disclosure form with the court since Porter no longer legally owes the money to her. This may reduce her restitution amount since her assets will be lower.”

    If Doctor Brandon Porter is facing a reset in his life, Allison Mack faces an even bigger reset in her life.
    Her acting career revolved around science fiction and family friendly shows.
    And Allison was the quintessential “girl next door.”

    Allison worked for Warner Brothers which has distribution rights for her old show “Smallville”.
    Now Warner Media is owned by the phone giant A, T and T.
    The very same company that Allison’s boy friend Keith Raniere was trying to shake down in a bogus law suit racket.
    Give Keith money and his bogus patent law suit against A, T and T will be withdrawn.
    And Allison herself has a criminal history of racketeering and extortion not to mention sex trafficking and enforced servitude.
    What legitimate company wants to conduct business with a racketeer and extortionist?
    Is Allison Mack the only actress in TV and movies?
    What about the 80% of the Screen Actors’ Guild who are unemployed at any given time?

    Maybe Allison can get a job selling insulation from her good friend Doctor Brandon Porter.

  • The woman who answered the door claimed that the media “ruined our lives.” Uh, nope. But, your creepy husband’s sick, unethical actions terrorizing women sure did.

  • ‘The media has ruined our lives.’

    No, Executive Success, and the bad choices Brandon Porter made, ruined their lives.

    It’s been reported here that Porter was one of the real hardcore followers and true believers, so if that’s correct, it’s not entirely surprising that he ended up involved in some of the group’s more misguided and nefarious activities.

    I know that at least some general things have been said about the experiments, but in doing some research recently, I came across a reference saying specifically that it was essentially a physiological characteristic of psychopaths that they have almost no response to violence, or images of violence, the way normal people do. Whether Porter’s experiments had some strange unknown purpose regarding one of Raniere’s oddball theories, or, has been speculated, were a rather crude attempt to find people who weren’t squeamish, it seems that it would in fact have been just the right sort of targeted test for finding actual psychpaths.

    On a side note, I suspect that high control groups or cults in general, tend to select and self-select so that they end up with more than a normal share of sociopaths and psychopaths, people who are good at manipulating others and have no qualms about it or even relish it, in their upper ranks, though I’m not aware of research confirming that.

    • Not exactly. Brandon was a zealot, the same as Marc Elliot, Justin Elliot and Brian Elliot are. The same as the lingering men & women of SOP are. The same as the few DOS girls in Brooklyn are. The same as many of the women who ended up having relations with Keith. But Keith and others manipulated them into their way of thinking, they are just too egotistical to realize this. Love bombing, multiple people edifying keith before you even meet him, by then he’s already someone important to you, someone that couldn’t do wrong since so many people you trust have already said so.

      Brandon’s ego may have been involved as well, Keith said he was a scientist, and that brandon could be one too if he followed Keith’s path.

      Brandon’s downfall was really that he didn’t follow protocol and have an outside group vet the ‘scientific’ studies that he was involved with. I believe there is a legal requirement to disclose what you are doing and vet it with an outside agency, to see if the effects can be reproduced. His mistake cost him his career. And being told this was a secret, he bought into it like the DOS girls, kept it at secret until it blew up on him. Island of Dr. Moreau anyone?

      Brandon is not a bad man, but he blindly followed and believed keith, and he and his family have suffered for it. As a mother, I feel the worst for his wife and kids. And as animalistic as you may think Clare is, she is helping him, because deep down you know she knows Keith is bad news.

      • Generally, I’d agree. As to whether or not he’s a bad man, that’s a more difficult issue that we may not have enough information to judge – but I think it starts to get really fraught when those involved become perpetrators or even predators themselves, and do the sorts of things that we hope that good people (including ourselves) would refuse to do regardless of the circumstances.

        I’d thought of mentioning, that with the Bronfman’s money, he could have set up their foundation properly to perform medical search, and performed studies under proper procedures and protocols. However, he was either too unprofessional to do that – or knew that type of research he wanted to perform couldn’t be done ethically (according to real-world standards).

        Porter, at a minimum, violated society’s norms by doing things such as experimenting on women in possibly trauma-inducing ways without proper consent, and arguably also violated his Hippocratic Oath. So I don’t think that it’s necessarily unfair that his ability to practice medicine suffered as a consequence.

  • Oh really. The media has ruined your lives? Not the fact that Porter is a disgusting individual who traumatised people and hasn’t been held accountable. Take responsibility FFS. I’d say, in this case, he deserves his life ruined by the media considering nobody else is willing to bring any charges. Serves you right!

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