Mother’s Plea: Who Will Hear Our Silenced Voices as Family Court Takes Our Children

By a Mother

Dear  Mr. Parlato,

Thank you for your the story: Is She Dead? Final Post From Mother Who Lost Her Kids Through Family Court to Wealthy Attorney Husband
Unfortunately this hit too close to home. The family court system almost seems rigged. Across our country there are endless stories of parents particularly mothers losing their children at an alarming rate due to a system that is supposed to be fair and impartial.

Yet the outcomes very much seem one-sided. What is behind this I wonder?

Is it corruption? is it about a money-making system?

Is it due to tilting the scales of taking away the rights of one particular parent and having us go back to a century where mothers had no voice nor vote.
I am unfortunately a mother whose child was ripped away by this system. I’m educated, a professional, never had trouble with the law.
I’m a law abiding citizen. I’ve raised another child from my previous relationship as a single parent while putting myself through school. I’m a proud parent of a professional well to do,  educated, kind, and caring human being.
For my young child I’ve been doing the same until family court became involved.
Trying to do the right thing; and abiding by the law to protect my young child from the neglect and harm being instilled turned out to be the worst possible thing that I could have done. I was punished for protecting my child. I lost custody in trial. Now I’m fighting for minutes to be part of my child’s life
The trauma inflicted upon children, upon parents, and extended family members is all too overwhelming and common.
My story, these stories are no longer isolated incidents. So why are our stories not being heard?
Is there a way to be heard?
Our children are our future. Part of our future is being destroyed by a system that supposedly is designed to bring order. Unfortunately its creating chaos.
Can you help us, we whose voices are being silenced?
A mother who is holding on to the hope for a better future for our children…

Family Court is no place for humans to settle their disputes.

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  • If tens of thousands of “family court” judges allowed hundreds of thousands of “family court“ lawyers and vendors to take trillions of dollars from millions of families through unjust enrichment for the past forty years: that’s a BIG CRIME.

    NPR told the public about Tiffanie’s case, but NPR didn’t mention corruption in family courts — because all news about corruption is to be framed around skin color, of course.

    “Tiffanie Drayton
    Oct 21, 2022
    Today, I was banned from phone communication with my children by Hudson County Superior Court. And I am about to give up on this legal fight for my kids. My story proves America’s Family court system is broken.

    A thread:

    … In January 2019, I relocated to Trinidad and Tobago with my ex and our two babies. We thought we could have a better life there and we did. As a young couple, we were finally able to afford an apartment together. It even had a pool and playground in the neighborhood! …

    … After another one of his angry outbursts during our NJ visit, we needed to take a break. In July 2019, He dropped me off at the airport with our kids and promised to join us after saving some money and getting therapy. He visited us in T&T twice that year. In Aug and Oct 2019. …

    … On January 2020, NJ took jurisdiction over our custody case. 1 year after we relocated. The judge said that despite the UCCJEA which says the home state is where the kids lived for 6 months, she would take jurisdiction because I did not have signed/written permission to relocate. …

    … My ex was given a free attorney and legal support to raise his Hague case against me. He had NO evidence except for New Jersey’s claim to jurisdiction. That’s how I became a legal kidnapper in the midst of a pandemic in Oct 2020 …

    … In November 2021, he flew down to Trinidad and dragged the children away, kicking and screaming and begging not to go, in the airport. They disappeared into a dark SUV and I did not hear of or see them for weeks. Worried, I booked a flight to NJ. Upon my return, he finally answered my text messages. He agreed to let me visit with the kids for a day to check in on them. I didn’t have anywhere to stay in NJ, so I slept on a friend’s couch just to finally see them. I was grateful they were ok, but I had no where to live.

    So I decided to crash with my best friend in FL pending this “custody trial” that would determine the “best interest” of the children and who they should live with. At this time, I had just sold my book and was finally able to retain a lawyer. The retainer cost 6k. The courts appointed a custody evaluator to conduct a “best interest” assessment. It cost 9k to be shared by both parties. Thus, I spent $10,500 to get a trial and fight for my children. After I left to FL, my ex decided to withhold contact with the kids yet again.

    I was forced to submit an application just to get to speak to my babies. It was not heard until January 2022, at which time I was granted video access on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun for an hour. I was told I could not physically see my kids because I was now a kidnapper. By sheer good fortune, yet again, a close friend offered me a place to stay in NYC so I could be close to the kids. I moved in there in January 2022 and put forth an application for parenting time. It was not heard until March 2022, at which time the judge decided I would have to pay for supervised visits. Meanwhile, all this time, my ex refused to comply with court orders to retain the custody evaluator or pay his evaluation fee. I spent another $4,000 in lawyer fees to address his non compliance. But by then, the judge ordered I pay child support to my ex.

    Yep. You read correctly. I was to pay child support to the man LEGALLY failed to financially support his children for 10 months while the children lived in Trinidad with me. We reached an agreement that I would pay his portion of the retainer for the custody evaluator if what I owed in child support was held “in abeyance.” So I paid the full 9k for the retainer fee to get the custody evaluation moving, after my ex had not comply with court orders for months. $19,500 later, the case had only just begun …

  • “Is it corruption? is it about a money-making system?“ It’s a political agenda using corruption in a money-making system. While I’d like to type “fortunately”, evidence tells us unfortunately:

    “The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.”

  • Catherine’s last text to me this weekend said “Live my life. You wouldn’t have lasted so long.” And she’s right … the unspeakable way her troubled marriage unfolded and her divorce made a living for so many while keeping her children from her and turning them away from her would make life unbearable for any mother:

    • How many industries sell children?

      “It is the fastest growing international crime network that the world has ever seen. It has already passed the illegal arms trade and soon it’s gonna pass the drug trade. Because you can sell a bag of cocaine one time — the child, five to ten times a day. God’s children are not for sale.”

      Children in family courts are for sale until they’re eighteen and “aged out of the system”.

      What kind of systems sell children?

  • Please be sure to read the MOU. Please research laws passed on fatherhood initiative in Connecticut . The inside investigator story definitely puts it in perspective. It’s 2023 to state of Connecticut appears to be using the fatherhood initiative and parental alienation to violate the civil rights of women in Connecticut. Dad’s getting a bad deal at times. The state is definitely not for women and equal rights. Based on the MOU.

          • Please refer to the inside investigator article in CT. There is a link. Please be advised that that there was also a law past last year for all Connecticut father’s. Fatherhood initiative. Funding. Custody for sale for abusers in Connecticut. Legal discrimination against women in the state of Connecticut in parental matters. Placing the best interest of father’s over children. Connecticut is violating the civil rights of women in Connecticut in parental rights.

    • Don’t be fooled it’s not for either. Gender
      it’s looking at the assets. And the case has a hole and seeing how they can swing it into what direction to maximize the profitability for all players involved they’re going to throw somebody under the bus it could be a dad. It could be a mom they don’t care it doesn’t make a difference maximize profits…. After they cleaned up and stuff their pockets, they surprise themselves with a revelation “ there were kids involved?”

    • They make it seem that way, but it’s not about gender it’s about how they can extract as much money as possible. They’ll throw any other parents under the bus leave it be mother or father as long as they can shift the case in such away to milk, money, and assets, don’t be fooled. They play the genders against each other. They use DV as a smokescreen just like they use PA as a smokescreen behind the scenes they look at the financials and determine how they’re going to shift the case to extract as much as possible.

  • Norway has the highest percentage of children removed from parents in the world. Clean, beautiful country. Highest number of taken children.

  • Family courts around the country and world have placed children into the custody of child-molesters.

    The United Nations wants to abolish age-of-consent laws. They believe 6 year old children’s civil rights are being violated by making it illegal for adults to have sex with them.

    The World Economic Forum wants to permit “age-gap love”, globally. This will decriminalize single digit age children having sex with adults.

    The Democrat Party wants to prepare ALL children in the U.S. to be groomed and ready once these policies are implemented globally by the U.N. and W.E.F.

    U.S. courts are already putting these plans into motion by helping groom children to be raped by pedophile parents, guardians and custodians.

    Epstein, Polanski, Allen, Biden, Weinstein, etc. All Pedos working on this 50 year project.

    • Looks like “fake news”:

      “The United Nations wants to abolish age-of-consent laws.”
      “The World Economic Forum wants to permit ‘age-gap love’, globally.”
      “Epstein, Polanski, Allen, Biden, Weinstein, etc. All Pedos working on this 50 year project.”

      Where did you see that information, Pilgrim?

      • “Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” wrote the Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists, with an assist from UNAIDS and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

        “The World Economic Forum is now calling for the decriminalization of sex with children, arguing that laws against ‘age gap love,’ more commonly known as pedophilia, ‘violate human rights.’

        Rather than being a scourge, the pedophilia epidemic that is sweeping the world is actually ‘nature’s gift’ to humanity, according to Klaus Schwab whose World Economic Forum has declared that pedophiles are being created by nature in increasingly large numbers for a reason.”

        “There are steps being taken to include pleasure in sex education curricula. On Feb. 8, Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack announced that she plans to introduce legislation to amend state sex education laws to include discussions of gender and sexual orientation alongside “affirmatively recogniz[ing] pleasure-based sexual relations.””

  • These moms are so whiny. Boo hoo the court stole my child. Here’s a tip. If child services are called on you, leave that county for 30 days. If they can’t find you, they have to close their case.

    • Dear Batty,

      You have no idea what’s been happening in family courts in Connecticut, the nation and all over the world.

    • What on earth would make you spew such hatred against mothers *here*? Can ANY parent leave a county for a MONTH? Can we afford the tens of thousands of $ for lawyers to defend ourselves when we become targeted? I don’t understand why a person would speak in such cruel absolutes when there are a million variables at play? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Like you’re smarter than everybody else? Asking sincerely. If you think victims are all “whiners”, why post on a site dedicated to helping them? Why not post your bs on your own site and leave this safe space to the people who need help?

  • “The family court system almost seems rigged” because the family court system is rigged.


    Inside investigator published an article. The author had to disconnect the phone because they were inundated with calls.

    But why disconnect the phone? Why not demand more coverage and resources because it’s effecting so many lives?

    This was a summary of the issues, well known to the legislatures and judiciary.

    Don’t kid yourself into believing they just need to be informed. Or that more laws are the answer.

    They are not. The laws are not followed. It’s lawless. Our children are being stolen.

    Where is the outrage? What greater crime against humanity can be done than to separate a child from his parent?

  • Family courts are functioning, intentional human trafficking businesses by definition. Any court without a jury that can criminalize and take people’s children with zero evidence is not a court. It is a business, designed to take as much possible then blame its victims for the trauma the court and bad actors cause, designed cover up for each other criminally out of a feeling of necessity. Anyone who challenges the corruption is removed, and often the whistleblower protection act becomes secondary to keeping up appearances. That would be the clusterfuck of Cluster B type personalities with no ethics running the show. Flagrant and unflinching in their actions, backdating orders, destroying transcripts and video recordings, all for the sake of your child’s best interests. While making 90% of all money made in courts.

    • Spot on. I’ve experienced all that you suggest occurs. The problem is few people believe our reality.

      The separation of parents from child at the hands of judges and attorneys leaves most traumatized with nowhere to turn. When you realize what’s happening, it’s too late.

      In reality, the outcome is predetermined. Public exposure is the only answer.

      Sadly so many are too frightened to come forward because of retaliation.

      I came forward and the retaliation has been brutal. However, those who haven’t come forward are not much better off for having stayed silent.

      “Behaving” and “submitting” to the coercive control of the courts does not yield a better result.

      You don’t ever get custody restored. Your children are never again in your care. Your money is not returned.

      The truth is irrelevant.

      Public exposure.

      And look at the history of parents like us who have walked in our shoes. Don’t repeat history. Learn from them and listen to their advice. The courts will keep you in their grasp for years to come – suffering for all.

      Frank Report is one of the few places where it’s reported on. But it’s a thankless, painful job because Frank Parlato has been targeted by the courts and sued and threatened those he has exposed.

      And there’s no financial gain. He’s one of the few who stand up to the court mafia – because it’s the right thing to do.

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