Smallville Reunion: Kristin Kreuk Joins Tom & Michael At MegaCon – but Allison Mack not likely to join them

Who's missing from the pretty picture?

According to the website Krypton Site, “As if Tom Welling entering the comic convention circuit was not enough…. three of the four actors who were at the heart of early Smallville are now reuniting!

“Kristin Kreuk has been announced as joining Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling at this year’s MegaCon in Orlando May 16-19, 2019. Tickets for the event can be bought here.

“This is the first time all three of them have been together since filming Smallville Season 7 over a decade ago!”

Kristin played Lana Lang in Seasons 1-7 of the young Superman series that aired on The WB and The CW; she also made appearances in a story arc for Season 8. She currently stars in a series called Burden of Truth.

One of the principle actors in Smallville who for years has been making the comic con circuit will not be on hand this year. That’s because she will likely be on trial for sex trafficking and other charges.

Her name is Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack and she played Chloe Sullivan. This talented actress switched from Smallville to join a sex slaver cult called Nxivm where under her grandmaster – the Vanguard – she became a front line DOS slave in their sub group DOS.

If she is acquitted or when, if convicted, she emerges from prison, it is hoped Allison will return to the comic con convention circuit.


From TV star to sex slaver – Allison Mack followed her Vanguard to glory and achieved new found fame where her fans least expected.


For aficionados of Smallville and the stories about the actors that starred in the show, check out Krypton Site and its publisher Craig Byrne. He’s been writing about Smallville online since 2001.   I don’t know how much Craig will be writing about Chloe – who  seems to have taken a beastly spiral downhill – since leaving Smallville. She found her real superman in a man named Keith Alan Raniere – and it seems he exposed her to an almost lethal dose of mind -altering kryptonite – from which she may never recover.


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  • Kristin Kreuk wont be on trial because of the following reasons:

    Kk is smart and is smart to know which guy to sleep with to benefit her but is not good goo/wise enough to choose which man gives the best offer. In which case sleeping with all of them is the logical right choice. Sleeping with directors, producers landed her a role which are either weird or they lack the potential to be blockbusters. But the guys she slept with are people who do not want to be in the NVIM scandal. These people assured her that she wont be on trial related to NXVIM. To make long story short.

    KK is not a superstar, Lana is the character she is most remembered. Being on of the executive producer of Burden of Truth. She has to attend the reunion ( smallville ) to attract more fans or as a act of good faith for the American network who airs BoT. Basically it’s all about the green.

    Nevertheless, she is not a innocent girl, she is also not a victim of NXVIM. Her involvement lead to a lot of girls and friends of hers joining the cult. Unfortunately for us the government have to arrest the crucial people in this complicated cult mess. She was smart enough to evade the disgrace thanks to her vagina and beautiful face.

    The world has its own way of doing consequences. Where she is now is not a happy place to be, her hitting the wall and her career is waning down. Hints that one day Karma will hit her hard that no money in the world can remedy the guilt, loneliness and anxiety looming in the horizon.

    She is well prepared on those NXVIM related questions coz its a threat to her at the moment. Those questions should be throw a Eric Putzer or Mark Hildreth. The best way to shatter her apart.

  • KK must be thanking her brain for never becoming a paid coach and leaving before the dark cultish stuff took place. Because though it appears the slave branding and abuse started a few years ago, she could have possibly become one of the harem forced to be with the creepo I truly believe she would have been a whistleblower if she had known what the set up of the whole group was for…. ewww I just hope everyone who has info to put these creeps away spills and is protected

    Brainwashing is real but i believe something was wrong with Mack or she was more susceptible due to childhood issues

    • “I truly believe she would have been a whistleblower if she had known what the set up of the whole group was”

      How do you know? Do you know her? She won’t even comment on what she did do and know about. She didn’t care about about being publicly named in a lawsuit for crime, the TU about pedophilia or the Necker Island expose. She likes to virtue signal about things that have zero to do with her but not a whisper about NXIVM. She don’t have the guts to be a whistleblower.

      • Poor Casper or should we call you Bizarro Sultan. At least Sultan stalks someone he likes. Do your wife and kids know how obsessed you are? All that hatred consuming you can’t be healthy and isn’t going to make Allison any less guilty or any of the assumptions you state as fact be taken seriously by discerning individuals outside the bubble of this blog inhabited by a number of sickos.

  • Muslim extremists?

    How the hell do they enter the picture on the Frankreport?

    I must have had too many beers and am I at the Alex Jones’s Website?

    WTF? Where did you get Muslims from?

  • Why hasn’t the media picked up on this story? Maybe someone should contact the Event Organizers and let them know they a sponsoring an actress that Virtue Signals, and was involved in a Sex Cult where the leader raped young kids.

    In the era of #MeToo you would expect people to protest celebrating an enabler of a child molester.

    Sickos. And of course, KK denies everything. Sure. Whatevs.

  • Maybe KK is raising money for defense funds for her friends or possibly herself in the future. Direct from Megacon’s website: $60.00 for Kristin’s autograph or table pic. $70.00 for a different pic with her. Yikes!

    • How on Earth can such a bit part kiss-porn actress possibly demand so much money for an autograph or picture? What a rip off. Then again, seeing as Kreuk had no problems with her cult doing financial crimes or being named in a lawsuit regarding said crimes, she would have no problem taking a days wages from loser soy-nerds. It would be awesome if that writer from the Daily Beast who was denied an interview went to a con event and challenged her on camera.

  • Hi new Frankreport readers,

    If you have read the above article you may have some questions.

    The following link is to a VanityFair Magazine article. The article will educate you about Allison Mack and her role as a top recruiter for a sex cult leader.

    Mack helped procure girls for a man that is both a sexual predator and cult leader.

  • Please allow me to point out the obvious to all those concerned with Allison Mack’s acting career…..

    Allison Mack’s acting career is far from over. Allison can now exploit her new found notoriety and use it to start a new career as an adult film star.

    ….coming to movie theaters and illegal download streams in 2021, Allison Mack in Cankles and the Vanguard…

    I bet I know of one man hiding in the shadows, born in 1958, getting very excited at the mere thought of seeing Allison’s bare ankles on the big screen.

  • It is very difficult to read that there’s going to be a reunion of original Smallville actors and that Allison Mack can’t be a part of it because of her own actions. Mack and Michael Rosenbaum were clearly the most talented out of the four and it rankles that she can’t get the kudos she deserves from her wonderful performances. Worse, we get to see Kreuk skating away from any involvement in the cult and I do hope there is a fan out there who can talk about how sad they are to see how Mack ended up–I wonder if Kreuk would say anything then?

    • All it takes is somebody with a video camera and enough information about Kreuk’s involvement from the Frank Report. Kreuk will continue pretending she is innocent and knew nothing, that she is SHOCKED! and that nothing has happened, as long as she isn’t called out on it. On camera, that would be priceless. Ask her what she was doing with the cult post 2013… on camera.

  • Was there any point to this snippet besides to call Allison a Pimp? My god this sites owner has way too much time on their hands!

    Obssessed with Al

    Perhaps you belong in prison!

    Why did you not just write 3 Smallville actors reunite? Much nicer than the shit you wrote! How has no one shut down this shit site? Does Trump only care about Berlin Wall No.2? Well if it keeps the Yanks out of England, go for it!

    • This article involves two women who were both actresses in Smallville and both NXIVM members.This blog’s purpose is to expose this cult. You can’t simply omit Allison Mack as her absence sticks out like a sore thumb. Frank deserves a medal, not prison, and if this is such a “shit site” you have a choice whether to visit it or not. It seems that when you do visit, that your sole purpose is to complain, to promote a holier than thou attitude to the US and to criticise Frank. As for Trump, I applaud his efforts to protect the border. If only the UK could do the same, instead of letting criminals walk in when they have been deported multiple times, allowing in unaccompanied “children” when they were men in their twenties and even thirties and enduring people smuggling from France, but we have a government that ignores the democratic will of the people that they are supposed to serve. Personally, I would much prefer the company of US citizens than the many EU citizens that are here in England.

  • Is the contribution cynical or ironic?

    If you know the backgrounds, it’s funny given the facts, but only for the uninvolved reader, because it makes a difference who reads it. But Allison
    doesn’t read this article because she’s not allowed to use the internet.

  • one of the anonymous KK anti-fans should go there and pay for some personal time then confront her about her true involvement in the cult.

    • No way. These cowards wouldn’t dare do that face to face in front of a crowd of hundreds of people. It’s easy to troll when you’re hundreds of miles away in the comfort of your residence or wherever. They can only act “tough” – aka whine and bitch – anonymously behind an electronic screen. They’re bigger pussies than the pussies their misogynistic attitudes get enraged over.

  • Watch the executives at Warner Brothers and the CW Network flush Allison Mack down George Orwell’s Memory Hole.

    Memory Hole
    an imaginary place where inconvenient or unpleasant information is put and quickly forgotten.

  • Arrogant is Kreuk. Like she is innocent pre-DOS. Question her at this con event on camera. Loser soy boys will hand over a days wages for this d-list actress to sign their hanky and take a picture. Kreuk will literally sit on her bony ass doing nothing for money, cashing in on her d-list fame that occurred from her kissing men on camera, including these two. Hold her to account. Will a photo emerge of Crook posing awkwardly, skin visibly crawling while Apu from the Kwikimart looks like his little banana slug will explode like a Taliban IED?

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