Damon Brink: ‘Penza and Frank – Perfect Bedfellows’

This article was published on the anti-Frank  Report website – ‘Let’s Not Be Frank’

As for me I like Damon Brink   He says what he feels and he doesn’t hide like a coward   He doesn’t like me and devoted a whole website to criticizing me but he does it in his own name   He fights fair and I respect him for it

I guess he doesn’t like Moira Penza either and that’s ok. He’s out front about it

He’s too much of a principled enemy to fight like the cowards do   So I respect him and disagree with just about everting he writes about me


by Damon Brink

I try my best not to promote The Frank Report.

Don’t get me wrong, I was an avid reader for some time. like the person who can’t look away from a horrible car wreck, I couldn’t (didn’t want to) look away.

That was before the damage became apparent.

Brink thinks that Parlato’s work causes ‘apparent damage’.

Regardless the job at hand is to bring a different perspective to bear and to do it with care and thoughtfullness of consequence, to remember that no matter how badly we treat people or how badly we are treated, we are all, still, people.

If this sounds sickly sweet and righteous and naive, it is. None-the-less, the idea that solving hate or violence with more hate or violence is the best way is worse.

Moira Penza appears in HBO’s The Vow, Season #2.

If you follow FR you know about the latest post on Moira Penza, the lead prosecutor in the NXIVM case. I think Penza is a fraud and a misandrist. I think she lied, conspired, threatened and coerced her way to a conviction. I think she’s an abuser of power and doesn’t care for civil justice one bit. I think what she cares about is winning, making money and looking good and as the evidence continues to come out about the alleged crimes of the FBI and the DOJ I hope that the pressure, ulimately, brings Justice. We will see.

The Frank Report – as those who are familiar with this site is a lot like Penza in the sense that there is no concern for civil justice, only Frank’s justice which is seeded in hate and immaturity. Penza is the latest to be drubbed around in the washing machine and FR stays consistent and true to it’s mission of inspiring the worst in people.

I have no love for Penza. I want her to be brought to Justice. But I’ll defend her personhood, like I would defend yours or Keith’s or anyone else who finds themselves slandered or gossiped. Because there are other ways to report. There are other ways to talk about injustice, there are other ways to get to the truth. After all, let’s not be Frank.

Brink has no love for Penza.

Whether or not a person has certain beliefs or takes certain actions based on those beliefs has nothing to do with Civil Justice. You’ve heard of the saying “Justice is Blind”, no? That’s the whole point, the entire point of Justice is to step outside of human frailty and choice into a system that allows for facts to be brought squarely to bear and to be evaluated, not because one side believes the other is guilty or innocent but because, only, that is what the process demands. Justice is a decision making process that must remain free, as free as possible, of human prejudice. It’s no easy task but it’s as simple as it gets.

What Penza and Frank do is to throw that system out the window in favor of their wishes, winning, accolades, money, popularity, vengeance…all have no place in a system of Civil Justice. They are perfect bedfellows, made for each other and maybe, one day, they will see the damage they’ve caused and do something about it.

In the meantime – Don’t be Frank and don’t be Penza. Consider what Justice actually is and if fear, hate, threats, gossip and abuse have any place in a system of Justice. If you need any extra motivation, consider your children or someone who is defenseless and consider what type of system you would like to judge them.

Thanks for reading. As always, comment and share and contribute if you can.

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  • I officially have been following this blog for 5 years and the three people, Heidi, Johnson, and Bangkok have all departed.

    For new readers the two men were harassing Heidi, a woman whose sister committed suicide.

    I commented on how disgusting they both were. Then I went down a 5 year rabbit hole.

    It’s time I should leave. I have nothing to contribute.

    I’ll probably be back tomorrow….

    • A man has to be what he is Nice Guy. You can’t break the mold. I tried it and it didn’t work for me.

      Frank Report is a tool, Nice Guy no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A website is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.

      There’s no living with a troll like Bangkok or Scott Johnson. There’s no goin’ back from one. Right or wrong, it’s a brand… a brand sticks. There’s no goin’ back. Now you run on home to your mother and tell her… tell her everything’s alright. And thanks to you there aren’t any more trolls like Johnson and Bangkok on the Frank Report.

        • You want to know about Bangkok. I am not going to say with whom, other than it was somebody’s mother. She told her son and he told me.
          I am not going to go into details. Let this suffice –nothing says awkward like coming in your pants while dry humping.

          • This conversation deeply troubled me:

            A certain Amway saleswoman: “Do you like to take long walks?”
            Bangkok “Yes”
            Amway Gal: “Do you like sex?”
            Bangkok: “Hot Ziggity Yeees!!!”
            Amway Gal: “Then take a fucking hike and leave me the hell alone.”

        • Ah, I spoke too soon. There is a troll still. A cowardly one at that -You.

          Of course, you mistook my little joke with Nice Guy, quoting the ending of the movie Shane, where Shane talks to little Joey, and changing the word “guns” to “trolls.”

    • Judging by the timestamp on NiceGuy’s post, I’d say it was another case of DrunkGuy taking over NiceGuy (my favorite form of NiceGuy). He’ll be back today.

      I don’t miss Scott at all, but I do sometimes miss Bangkok, at least he made me laugh from time to time. Was Bangkok also Patriot God? I never understood that. In any case I do not miss Patriot God at all, I hope Frank banned him.

      And I miss Pea Onyu, along the rest of the Onyu family, and the eloquence of lawyers accompanying them. I thought Vow 2 would make Pea come out of hiding, who knows, maybe she’s back in Bavaria.

        • Yes, of course it is and Kevin is the one that owned the charger426hemi instagram account with hundreds of Allison Mack pictues on it (which has now been scrubbed).

          But Kevin’s real nemesis is Aristotle’s Sausage. Those two idiots are STILL re-living Smallville message board fights from 20 years ago about Allison Mack and Erica Durance LMFAO. I mean seriously, wtf to both of them. Once you realize that about Aristotle’s Sausage you can see his resentment towards Allison Mack in nearly every comment he makes. He’s just sneakier about hiding it than Kevin.

          Kevin also used to have a beef with One Asian, but apparently he’s forgotten about that already ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Damon:
    Vanguard doesn’t love you. He doesn’t even like you. He’s using you just as he has used every other NXIVM, ESP, SOP, DOS member.

    Your responsibility now is to yourself and your family, and it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. If you start today you’ll have years of happiness and accomplishments ahead. Make your own vow to yourself.

  • “…we are all, still, people” – this part of Damon’s argument that we are all people is unimpeachable.

    “I’ll defend her personhood” – I’m sure she’s thrilled, whatever it means you’ll be doing.

    “Frank’s justice which is seeded in hate and immaturity” – I kind of think this is a compliment, especially the immaturity part. Ice-nine hopes he is contributing to this.

    “…must remain free, as free as possible, of human prejudice” – ‘human prejudice’ is the worst kind of prejudice.

    “It’s no easy task but it’s as simple as it gets.’ – someone please translate.

    “I try my best not to promote The Frank Report.” – Frank, Damon wants you to stop and he doesn’t want people to read Frank Report. Which I would gather also means your publishing, and promoting on keith’s behalf, all of the alleged FBI tampering articles, interviews, and court related documents that you, more than anyone on earth, has been publishing for him. (note: Ice-nine thinks those claims are all bullshit anyway, but whatever)

  • Mr. Brink sounds like a total idiot…does he even know what a prosecutor’s job is?

    Answer = put scum in prison for as long as possible. Which she does exceptionally well.

    • Anonymous, if she cheated to win what was seen as a slam dunk case, it’s likely that she’s cheated before to put people away who weren’t scum.

      • Pinning everything you have on wishful thinking that perfectly good enough people might have done wrong will never eclipse the reality of all the bad things done by very bad people.
        Your Pizza parlour has no basement, Kevin, no matter how many times you tell us it has.

  • I had no heard of him. Most lawyers like Penza working for the state tend not to be in for the money, to support the system (democracy is the best system on the planet) and do their work. I have no reason to think Penza has not done otherwise. It is very very difficult to prosecute pernicious cults as the process of brainwashing members tends not to be against the law but Penza managed it – very well done and justice was done – even if people think s ex with a 15 year old is not particularly bad it was about 1% if KR’s moral wrongs so no problem for me if the other 99% are hard to prosecute if his conviction is in the few areas with provable crimes.

    • I wish people would stop calling the U.S. government *just* a democracy. It’s technically a Republic, and at most, a REPRESENTATIVE democracy. The founding fathers were quite aware of the possibility of totalitarianism through democracy (think mob rule) and that is why the government was split up into three different branches for a separation of powers, all of which are supposed to further the common good of the people.

  • If Mr. Brink fervently believes that Ms. Penza has perverted the criminal justice system through her conduct in United States v. Raniere, he – like any other person, attorney or non-attorney – has the right to file a written complaint with the appropriate regulatory authority. Internet ramblings don’t suffice for such purposes.

  • Don’t throw stones in glass houses Mr Brink. Obviously since people hate pedophiles, except you, of course, maybe you SHOULD NOT BE AROUND CHILDREN! I’m not one to judge. You are literally going into battle with actual winners, for example Frank.
    Good luck

    • Give one example of Damon Brink, or any other former member, endorsing or excusing crimes against children. You can’t, because he never did.

      But make the same insinuation about people in the organization who had much higher rank than he had, and people lose their shit pretty quickly.

          • The difference between you and the trolls who use a name or moniker is that they are interesting. You are not.

            But you have one thing that distinguishes you. You are a coward; you have always been a coward. All your life, you have weaseled out of doing the right thing, by your cowardice, as you and I both know.

            I have no doubt you will continue to be a coward until the day you die. At that point, you will continue your coward’s tricks, but at that last moment, cowardice won’t help you.

            In our greatest hour of need, we stand alone. Remember that. Meanwhile, if you continue to troll and heckle on this site, use your real name. Prove how bad I am by putting your name behind it. Otherwise, who will believe you?

  • Damon Brink-

    Great story! I agree with you. Frank and Penza should bang!

    Aren’t you the guy who wanted to let his wife die of cancer according to news sources like The NY Times?
    YOU aRe a SCUm baG! What type of man would let his wife die?
    Justice? Justice would be you dying of ball cancer or diabetes. The latter seems the most likely because you are a fat shit. I take so much joy in knowing you read all of my comments. You and Raniere deserve the most joy. I can’t wait until your kid grows up and realizes what whack job dad he has.

    You actually believe in a man who can make it snow and spews out magical cum. Damon you’re a fuk’in loser’s loser. You clown.
    Are you living at the YMCA, a motor lodge, or shit trailer?

    Hope you have a great 2023!

          • I was not actually drunk, but when I saw your photograph again – after all these years — you know the one — I did take a drink to relax a little. Grotesque is not the word for your appearance. But after all, it is your fault for the way you look, and you know what I mean.

          • Yes. I got angry. Angry at God that He could make a person such as you – stupid, ugly and morally depraved. You never had a chance. And that wasn’t fair.

      • Frank, Damon is on team “bad guy.” For the average consumer of mass media, he’s like that mean wrestler the Earthquake when Quake attacked the heroic Hulk Hogan from behind and sat on him.

        That Quake was a nice person in real life and that Hogan turned out to be a jerk was something young kids couldn’t understand in 1990. Regarding the people in this case, it’s something grown adults can’t understand in 2022.

      • Frank-

        I get a strong sense too…..

        Damon Brink hates you. He’s deranged and you are the focal point of his rage.

        Don’t agree? Please try to remember the name of his website.

        Damon believes you and you alone took down NXIVM and ruined Damon’s life.

        In a way he’s right….

        …..You did take down NXIVM thus ruining Damon’s life.

        “No good deed goes unpunished.”

        “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”’

        • Society’s notion is that there is something wrong with Keith Raniere. And something wrong with a man who follows Raniere.

  • “Since leaving the Albany area with his family in 2018, Brink has sought to establish himself as a mentor and coach in north-central Vermont. He serves as president of Stowe Youth Baseball and Lamoille County Little League. He founded an indoor batting cage center called Go Baseball and is a DJ for Top Hat Entertainment. In August 2019, he was hired to run an afterschool program at Everyone Equals Morristown Community Center, or E=MC2. There, he helped secure a contract with the state Department for Children and Families to host supervised visits between noncustodial parents and their children.”

    “… a mentor and coach … president of Stowe Youth Baseball and Lamoille County Little League. … founded an indoor batting cage center called Go Baseball and is a DJ for Top Hat Entertainment … hired to run an afterschool program … helped secure a contract with the state Department for Children and Families to host supervised visits between noncustodial parents and their children …”


    “… Before resting their case after nearly six weeks of testimony, prosecutors played a video of Raniere, 58, talking about how the age of sexual consent differs in various countries and states.

    “Most people scream abuse, and a lot of times the screaming of abuse is abuse in itself,” Raniere said, facing the camera as he sat at a kitchen table. “Some little children are perfectly happy with it.” https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/14/us/nxivm-keith-raniere-trial-testimony-ends/index.html

    • If you’re holding Damon Brink to this standard, and suggesting he isn’t fit to be around children, then hold others to that same standard, including people who play the role of detractors but who played much bigger roles in the organization.

  • There’s nothing wrong with winning, making money and looking good.

    It’s kind of life goals for most people. Damon values; losing, going broke and looking bad? To each his own! But you don’t see Moira criticizing Damon’s life path…

    Lost count how many times the words, “I think” are used by Damon to speculate on Moira’s thoughts beliefs, motivations and whole internal world. Is Damon Brink a mind reader?!

    Dead-enders wouldn’t be okay with any prosecutors who worked the sucessful case against vanguard the dumpster fire.

    Where’s the proof that Moira Penza did anything other than her job? And did it very admirably too.

  • I respect Damon’s opinion, and I also agree with him he has a naive side:

    “I think she (Penza) lied, conspired, threatened and coerced her way to a conviction. I think she’s an abuser of power and doesn’t care for civil justice one bit.”

    This description is everything the real justice system looks for in a successful criminal lawyer. These people aren’t boy scouts or girl guides but sharks swimming in a sea of piranha fish (I realize piranha fish are fresh water).

    As Jesse says to Walter in Breaking Bad when they’re deep in shit: “We need a criminal lawyer. I mean a CRIMINAL lawyer.” Because what you need when you’re really in shit is someone who’ll go to ANY lengths to dig you out, get you off.

    You’ll pay whatever it takes for someone based on their RESULTS. I know – I’ve been there. And that means its tempting for the best lawyers to leave their ethics outside the door sometimes if they can get away with it, because in the end its going to net them more dough.

    In the same way, when you really need to nail someone like Raniere and his bandits you need a dobermann rather than a poodle. You may think they’re not going to play by the rules, and if you want a successful conviction you might be tempted to bend rules a little too (in the interests of an even playing field) and also a bigger pay check next time round.

    I’m not saying Penza bent the rules, but she was ruthless in her prosecution of the NXIVM senior management team I have no doubt. And she got her man, and then some. And she got her cushy job after that. I know it’s a shit world, but that’s just the way the game is played.

    • Anon 4:03pm

      Penza didn’t break the law to put Raniere in prison, you dickwad.

      You respect Damon. Let me take a guess, you’re the biggest NXIVM apologist out there:
      Mr. NutJob.

    • Penza wasn’t ruthless with the senior management team. She was ruthless with vulnerable, scared rank and file members who she tormented and threatened for hours in a one sided interrogation.

      She associated with, befriended, and appeared on the podcast of a woman who she should have prosecuted if the allegations are true.

      • “Tormented and threatened for hours” what a crock of shit.

        They agreed to profer and had legal representation.

        They are adult women. Self- proclaimed “bad asses.”

        If they had legitimate complaints they’d file grievances. They did not.

        Michele Hatchette even returned voluntarily for another meeting
        So. Much. Bullshite. Dead-Ender.

        Go put your sash on and self-sooth.

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