Are We There Yet? – The Salzman Women Want A Road Trip

Lauren Salzman

Winters can be pretty bleak in the Capital Region. Day after day of blustery winds, cold temperatures, grey skies, and snow… So, it’s not unusual for local residents to take mid-winter getaway trips from all the bleakness.

Most go to warm and sunny places like Florida or one of the Caribbean islands.

Those who own their own Fiji island go there to play volleyball and frolic.

But not the Salzman women – Nancy and her two daughters, Lauren and Michelle.

They just want to go visit Nancy’s parents – who just happen to live three hours away from the Capital Region. No big deal, right?

Except when you’ve been charged with multiple criminal acts and you’re out on bail, you have to ask the presiding judge in your case for permission to travel outside your approved travel area – which, in their case, is the Northern District of New York.

So, Lauren and Nancy have each asked Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis for permission to travel to see Nancy’s parents, Lorraine and Milton Loshin.

According to the request submitted by Lauren’s lawyer, the primary purpose for her proposed trip is to “…provide them with any assistance they may need” (She describes them as elderly and disabled – and notes that Milton “…recently suffered a medical condition”).

In the request submitted by Nancy’s lawyers, it notes that Nancy wants to make the trip to belatedly celebrate Milton’s birthday (He turned 91 on January 16th).

Both Lauren and Nancy want to leave Albany on the morning of January 21st, spend the day with Lorraine and Milton, stay with them overnight, and then return home on the afternoon of January 22nd.

And guess who’s going to do all the driving?

None other than Michelle Myers, the wife of Ben Myers, the not-yet-indicted computer specialist that NXIVM used to hack into so many people’s computers (Michelle is probably doing the driving because she’s the only one of them who isn’t wearing an ankle monitor).

So, on its face, the proposed trip sounds like a perfectly reasonable proposal – which will most likely get approved by Judge Garaufis (It is not being opposed by the prosecution or the Pretrial Service Officers who supervise Lauren and Nancy).

But, could the trip have an ulterior motive?

Perhaps the Salzmans are making the trip to pick up the rest of the money that used to be stored in Nancy’s home in Clifton Park.

Although the feds did seize more than $500,000 from Nancy’s former home, there were insider reports indicating that there had been more than $2,000,000 stored there at one time.

And let’s not forget that Lorraine and Milton are both card-carrying members of NXIVM (Their low membership numbers would seem to indicate that they first got involved more than 15 years ago).

And Lorraine and Milton were also involved in one of NXIVM’s many tax evasion schemes. In their case, they “donated” their car to one of the numerous phony charitable organizations that were associated with NXIVM – and took a huge tax write-off for it.

So, as Ronald Reagan would undoubtedly suggest if he were around to provide advice to the prosecution: “Trust but verify”.


In other recent court filings, the team of attorneys representing Kathy Russell has pushed hard for all the charges against her to be dismissed. Those filings included a Motion To Dismiss, a Memorandum Of Law In Support Of The Motion To Dismiss, and a Declaration In Support Of The Motion To Dismiss.

Although this type of motion rarely gets approved in a federal criminal proceeding, it does provide a good excuse for defense attorneys to run up their billable hours.

And, depending on how the trial goes, it may provide one or more bases for a post-verdict appeal.

But looking over the filings that were submitted on behalf of Kathy, it does not appear very likely that she’s going to have all the pending charges against her dismissed anytime soon.

Unless, of course, she decides to become a witness for the prosecution – in which case she could probably talk herself into a plea deal that involved little or no prison time.


One other recent filing of interest involves Lauren Salzman’s recent request that she be allowed to make three trips to Phoenix, AZ to meet with her attorneys – and prepare for her upcoming trial.

The proposed trips would take place on January 20th–26th (which obviously conflicts with her proposed trip to see her maternal grandparents); February 10th–16th; and February 24th – March 2nd.

Since this request was submitted before Judge Garaufis granted the motion from Nancy Salzman, Kathy Russell, and Clare Bronfman to postpone the start of the trial until April 29th, Lauren will presumably be modifying it.

Regardless of what happens in terms of this particular travel request, it does raise the question as to why there are so many attorneys from Arizona involved in this case.

That is a topic that we’ll be exploring in depth in an upcoming post…

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  • If the Salzmans want and are allowed to travel, then Clare Bronfman should apply for a trip to France to visit her nephews.
    Sara can’t visit Clare in New York.

  • What I find shocking, but maybe it shouldn’t be, is that Lauren Salzman has not requested to visit her dad and stepmom who she turned away from in 2009. Lauren and Michelle Salzman were ordered by her mom Nancy Salzman and her Master KARaniere to never speak to her father and step-mom because they wouldn’t fire one of the NXIVM 9 who worked for them.

  • The up to 2.5 million dollars that Nancy has stashed will give up the stand about 10 years ago.
    It could be that the amount has increased to about 5 millions.

  • If Nancy’s parents are elderly and disabled then why did she have them post her bail?
    If Nancy’s lips are movin’ she’s lyin.
    Geez, these NXIVM women are so disgusting I am seriously thinking of a sex change😉.
    Oh…wait. 🤔 Isn’t Vanguard as reprehensible if not more so? I might rethink that sex change 😁.
    Can’t decide which is worse. A mother who not only pimps out her own daughters but also has sex wirh the same guy (gee, ya think they had a 3 some?) or Keith and his pedophilia.
    God, what a blight on both sexes this group is.
    Can anyone come up with anything good they accomplished cause I sure can’t.

    • It has nothing to do with what sex these demons are. Evil is evil. Please grow up sooner rather than later

  • One tip, Lauren, with your Schnoz, better make sure whatever they give you to snort in AZ has been stepped on a time or two. Whatever uncut shit Burke’s apparently doing will kill you in a single sniff.

  • Happy Birthday, Milton! Do hope you get to see your daughter and granddaughters before they’re otherwise detained.

    Interesting Lauren has to go to AZ to meet with her attorneys —3X’s over? Seriously?

    Whazzamatta? Maybe they’re all under house arrest themselves and can’t travel to NY? Or is AZ the only way out of the US without going through customs these days? Maybe Burke wants Lauren to run some guns across the border as part of a covert drug cartel sting operation? Maybe Lauren needs to replenish cash payments to the AZ dicks after a quick pick-up at Gramps?

    Boggles the imagination.

  • I wonder how gay men abuse their wives.

    Adults are disgusting wrecks of skin posing as humans because they want to always find ways to get closer to kids.

  • The level of arrogance Nancy and Lauren have is off the charts.

    To start, they must be going for a money pick up and are so stupid as to announce it to the world making them vulnerable to theft

    Second, why don’t the Grandparents come to visit the Salzman clan in Clifton Park? Michelle could go to NJ and bring them for a visit as they did when Nancy and Lauren needed to be bailed out of prison last July?
    Lauren needs to be in NJ to care for them overnight?
    Nancy is too ill to make court appearances and recovering from breast cancer and is present via phone.

    We have something called Skype. Does this mother/daughter dunce duo understand how foolish they appear. If I were the prosecutor, I don’t think an objection is necessary for such a preposterous request that the judge will deny.

    These women are living in a fantasy. How will they deal with their new reality prison?

    By the way Lauren, Allison has New York attorneys and is living in California. Too bad you cannot communicate with her directly. Perhaps she could give you some advice on how to communicate with attorneys long distance!

  • Some one needs to interview Nancy Salzman’s ex husband or an ‘acquaintance’ of his. Maybe a friend or family member? Maybe get somone of record. I can not imagine what he has gone through. He lost both his daughter’s to his crazy ex wife and a cult leader. I am sure he has plenty to say about Nancy.

    • If he is smart he’s keeping his distance and mouth shut or Claire bear will sue him. We know how litigious she is.

    • He is a gentleman and would not do this. I think he has distanced himself as far as he can from this mess. He and his wife have made a new life for themselves and to be brought back into this would be foolish and a waste of time.

      • I doubt the FBI is lacking in evidence. And I doubt the good Dr. and Sandy aren’t helping to bring down this lunatic. I’m beginning to agree with Tex that deals aren’t being offered because they don’t need you. (and anyone who has ever been near these bungling, yapping, hypnotized, amateur, world-beaters – realizes it’s a minor AZ miracle they made it this far)

  • Be very surprising if Lauren’s Arizona vacays are approved.
    It’s not the judge’s or pretrial service’s problem she chose lawyers a few time zones away.
    Use Skype like the rest of the world.

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