Kristin Kreuk interested in ‘Smallville’ animated revival – but don’t count on Allison Mack

According to, Kristin Kreuk expressed interest an animated Smallville revival – but no word yet on whether Allison Mack would like to reprise her role as Chloe Sullivan.

In a July interview with, Kreuk said she’d be interested in returning to play Lana Lang in an animated revival of the “Smallville” TV series.

Kreuk said, “Yeah, absolutely! I’ve never thought about it, but that sounds like it could be a lot of fun.”

The idea of returning to “Smallville” in an animated series was also put to Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) in April when they attended a Q&A panel at Awesome Con.

Kristin Kreuk is an incredibly talented actress capable of convincingly playing a brave lawyer who risks her entire career to protect young women victims in the Canadian TV show “Burden of Proof.”

Kreuk is currently filming the second season of her Canadian taxpayer-funded CBC legal drama “Burden of Truth”, where she plays – entirely unlike her real-life persona – a brave woman who risks her career to protect young women — which only goes to prove what a great actress she really is.

Who will appear as Chloe Sullivan – if the Smallville cartoon idea gets off the ground – is unclear.

Mack’s voice was removed from the animated Lost in Oz daytime series. She was replaced by Grey Griffin, an actress who has not been known to operate a sex cult  – evidently one of the requirements for Mack’s replacement.

Mack played Evelyn Gale in the Lost in Oz cartoon.

Whether Mack will be free to be the voice actor for an animated Smallville series is anybody’s guess. One cause for uncertainty is that she may be in federal prison by the time the show gets ready for production. Mack has been charged with sex trafficking and numerous other felonies.

Her trial is now scheduled to start on January 7, 2018.  Currently, Mack is under house arrest and lives in her parents’ home in Los Alamitos, California.

Pleasantly cankled Allison Mack sports an ankle monitor as she steps out of her parents’ home.

Mack’s acting career took a nosedive when she decided to follow a man known as “the Vanguard.”

Keith Raniere AKA the Vanguard. [Image courtesy of The]  This famous photo is known in some circles as “Hairy Vanguard” and was originally taken by Toni Natalie, a former girlfriend of the man who created Executive Success Programs – a proprietary self-help teaching program – whose top members were permitted to be part of his harem.
The image shown is a fan concept drawn by artist Zakareer

Kristin Kreuk Interested in “Smallville” Animated Revival Idea

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  • Kristin betrayed Keith after being enjoyed lavishly by him. How pathetic she is now. Allison remains a brave lady and destined to go down in hoatory as a true pillar to the cause. And we will win you despicable deplorable enemies. And we will find out who you are and Clare will show you the path of rectitude. Kathy hold hard. Help is on the way. You have nothing to fear. We must use Frank Report the tool of ten opressor to communicate with each other. Karen is a scoundrel. Do not trust. Allison keep on. Clare awaits. Somehow we will inform Keith. We must sacrifice for him. None of us face serious charges. At most a few months – we
    Will reunite but we must fall for our leader on every sword and every venue.

    • Allison is an idiot. But you’re right in that she’s destined to be celebrated and go down for the cause. If it wasn’t for her helping to form DOS and acting in her greatest role to date as pimp to satisfy the whims of your fake leader he wouldn’t be in jail today. Well done Allison. Well done.

    • “Allison remains a brave lady and destined to go down in hoatory as a true pillar to the cause. ”

      Your direct quote, Pea Onyou.

      What is Hoatory?
      I have never heard of the word “hoatory” before.

      What does it mean?
      The history of “hos”?

  • I’m sorry I can’t get past the “Kristin Kreuk is an incredibly talented actress” –I get that your being sarcastic because you think she’s being cowardly in not talking about NXIVM but Kreuk hasn’t improved from Smallville at all. She still has only three facial expressions and she can still only get hired for Canadian based TV shows. Being beautiful didn’t help her break out of the CW/Canadian shows she’s entrenched in-at least she has a niche.

  • Really Frank. Supermanhomepage? Geez, you’ve posted so many pointless, repetitive articles about this one ex-member that whenever I see yet another post from you obsessing over this woman, I now have this nauseating image of you on your knees flagellating yourself and jerking off while watching videos of her in a room with her image plastered all over its walls.

    • You should see a doctor about your ‘nauseating images’ I think you may be developing a neuroses, which given the standard nxivm training, is not surprising…these must be terrifying times for you; the last thing you probably need is to be assailed by erotic dreams featuring Frank!!

    • A lot of people post messages without an original title to differentiate themselves from other posters. Which poster are you talking about?

    • And your interest here is ..what? To protect a sordid bunch of RICO crims from the grim wheels of justice? There is nothing your feeble-minded attempts could achieve now..

      • The US government has nothing on yu when it comes to stalking Mack. You probably would kill to share a cell with her.

        • I’m not within a thousand miles of Mack.
          And if you look up a name on the internet does that mean you’re stalking that person?
          If you look up Donald Trump on the internet does that mean you are stalking Donald Trump?

          You display the typical logic of a Raniere supporter.

          • By the way that wasn’t me.. Shadowstate, the flying monkeys are back! Swindling the Swindler’s Coin! you’ll know its me, by my on point unveilings of nxivm flying monkey shenanigans! by way of impeccable logic!

          • By the way for those not bright enough to figure it out yet, Shadow State and I are one

          • How you must fear the Swindler’s Coin Alert!! Shining a light on your shenanigans!! The name doesn’t matter Shill, the intelligence is all, and this you will never replicate because you lack the integrity courage and humanity to be anything other than a Swindler, swindling away for all your sad life is worth!!!

  • Allison is one brave lady. And if she had to use her feminine wiles to get the message out -what’s that to you ? The judge overreached when he denied her the right to speak with her wife and friends. Allison is a heroine.

    • – And if she had to use her feminine wiles to get the message out -what’s that to you ?…Allison is a heroine.

      Only if you conflate the meaning of the word “heroine” with “whore”, because if the alleged rumors are true, that is what she did – whored herself out.

    • Pea Onyou:

      Was Allison pimping out her wife Nicki Clyne to Clare Bronfman?

      Is that how brave and heroic Allison earned her BMW?

      August 5, 2018 at 12:34 pm
      Speaking of Clare, one commentor claimed that Clare Bronfman generously gave Allison Pimp Mack a BMW car as a gift.

      Now why would a female Grinch like Clare give an expensive foreign car to a mere TV actress, of all people?
      Could it be that the car was not a gift but instead a payment for services rendered to Clare?

      In the last couple of years two of Mack’s slaves in her stable of girls went on wilderness trips with Clare.
      Nicki Clyne (Mrs. Allison Mack) and Lauren Salzman both provided companionship to Clare on wilderness trips.

      Look at this picture of Clare resting her head on smiling Nicki’s shoulder.
      Clare’s expression looks like pure bliss.

      Don’t these two women look like love birds?
      Two healthy women enjoying all the wonders of nature together.
      All the wonders of nature.
      Hiking through the woods getting hot and sweaty together.

      Could it be possible that Clare’s gift to Allison is really a payment to the actress for her skills as a pimp?
      Could it be that Allison is a full service pimp who serves both male and female customers?
      Could it be that Allison and Nicki earned the car as payment for services rendered?

      Something for the US government to investigate.

  • Smallville was nice, escapist fun. Very different and much better than the garbage super hero stuff coming out of CW today. Smallville was never preachy. It didn’t push liberal lunacy. But crud like The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, and the terrible Supergirl, are more interested in preaching leftist ideology and PC crap than being entertainment. Which is why the shows are so low rated they have less viewers than some cities local news.

    It would have been cute to have a Smallville animated series but not with Kristin Kreuk and not with the Chloe character. It’s now hard to watch Smallville after knowing Allison Mack is a demonic piece of filth. And Kreuk is feces herself.

    Thanks to those two scum, WB will not be reviving Smallville anytime soon. I wish they could find a way to erase those two from the series.

  • CrazyDaysAndNights gossip blogger “revealed” this today about Ally Wack’s home detention:
    SATURDAY, AUGUST 04, 2018
    Blind Items Revealed #5

    Apparently the restrictions imposed on this former A- list mostly television actress from a very hit, long running almost network show now defunct do not state she can’t have sex with people. Apparently she has been using sex to get others to reach out and do things for her that would be impossible in her current situation. The people she has sex with then meet with others our actress wishes to be contacted.

    Revealed as: Allison Mack

    • Wouldn’t paparazzi have some track of visitors to the home? This in itself begs the question of whether her parents would accede to it.

      • They care about valuable photos. Now that the “Allison Mack ankle bracelet on the front porch while on house arrest” photo has already been sold, second or third photos won’t be worth much, unless something significantly changes.

        Also, many people don’t realise that the papps more often show up because they are called to show up so that people can stay in the tabloids and relevant.

  • …for keeping your worthless, juvenile, pointlessly insulting comments so brief. I wish other trolls were as considerate.

  • She should be able to do voice work from prison. They could say CW is helping imprisoned women and allows them to build a future life. Something something empowerment and so on.

  • I think in the best case scenario, Allison comes out of this as an Elizabeth Smart type of figure who advocates against sex trafficking. If that’s the case, perhaps the networks would still be willing to work with her

  • When it comes to prosecuting/persecuting Kristin Kreuk, Frank is like Superman, fighting “a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.”

    • Vanessa Grigoriadis has drank the kool aid. This woman is supposed to be a reporter? I think it’s time she changed professions. Imo

  • – a brave woman who risks her career to protect young women

    This is false. Kristin does not play a brave woman who “risks her career”. She plays a character that uses her legal skills that got her job at a big city law firm to investigate why a group of teen girls have become sick in her former home town. When she finds out the reason is due to wrongful action on the part of a billion dollar corporation she takes them to court to get financial compensation for them. There is no risk to her career involved.

        • Everyone on this site knows you are a creep and stalker. You are in no position to insult anyone dickhead. People have commented on you and your creepy internet posts before describing you as a self loathing brown person ashamed of his heritage, fetishes about half Asians, you even contacted Kreuks father at work. Was looking at Saratoga in Decline and reading the comments and there you were, stalking. John Tigue found you pathetic. You are the only person emotionally obsessed with a Nxivm member on this site. Everyone else just sees Nxivm members but you see an imaginary girlfriend. This NXIVM member would not give a shit whether you live or die. You come across as a weak, creepy, sad, sexless, emasculated virgin. It’s bad enough when Muslim women and girls are forced to marry scum. Imagine a woman forced to marry you… she would see you as a creep too.

          • What part of “Fuck off” don’t you understand?

            If you fucking know who I am you’re just as much a stalker as me you fucking pussy and a fucking hypocrite at that too.

            Go fuck yourself.

          • Whoa, hold it, stop everything: We got a couple internet badasses over here.

            Both of you idiots need to shut up, or else find a new site. Both you losers sound like a couple kosher pickle smoochers, oi vey.

          • Oh just shut up. This douche bag has been following me figuratively everywhere on the internet for years and says the same things over and over again: on KK forums, IMDB’s forum, a Vancouver blog I don’t remember the name of and haven’t posted on since 2010 or earlier, John Tighe’s blog, here, and where ever a Google search turns up my alias. He writes similar things that give him away. He knows me because I use the same alias in many different places while he cowers behind his made up ones whenever he wants to start shit with me.

            He’s a fucking hypocrite.

          • Creep
            EVERYONE on this site knows SOS is a stalker? …..uh…no they don’t . Just because YOU decide something is true it doesn’t mean everyone else believes it.

            How would you know where SOS has posted unless you stalked him to find that out?
            You sound like the creepy stalker to me, Creep.

          • Hey Creep! Did no-one ever explain that projectile vomiting racist hatred is no way to make friends and influence people? Oh, you don’t care? But you imagine ‘everyone’ will collude with your very creepy opinion? I definitely don’t, neither do I thank you for your blithe assertion that I would.

        • Literally only noticed you in 2018 on this very site you moron and have left you no more than maybe six comments, annoyed at your white knighting. Now you admit to being a stalker for years. Twat.

          • There can only be one reason for your boring, repetitive comments to Sultan–you are sexually obsessed with him, and jealous he prefers KK over you.
            Do you think you are some White Knight protected the rest of us from him?
            Go away. You add nothing to this blog

          • Yeah right you lying sack of shit.

            You can ignore my comments but you don’t. Your narcissistic “annoyance” doesn’t give you a free pass without ramifications to piss on me for what I’ve argued for just because you want to piss on a certain actress that I like and can’t stand the fact that I’ve defended her.

            You’re a fucking coward and likely a sociopath.

          • That’s all you’ve got? Third grade level insults consisting of derogatory name maiming and xenophobic trash?

            The irony is you’re the biggest coward and “kook” of them all. Kristin is a braver than a little pussy like you. At least she puts herself out there in the public eye to be publicly criticized for her beliefs and work.

            Who are you? No one. Just an anonymous little shit who is pissing on an alias.

  • If Allison Mack is convicted in US Court of the current charges don’t count on seeing her in any more mainstream entertainment projects.
    Particularly in shows designed to appeal to children.

    On the other hand Allison Mack could have a promising future in the adult entertainment industry which is headquartered in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California near where Mack lives.

    I could see her starring in a movie titled “Allison Does Albany.”
    It would be an autobiographical movie.

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